The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on Y&R
Olivia and Neil discussed whether Dru's focus was family or business. Jack and Diane got back together. Phyllis gave back Tim's ring. Grace tried to resist Tony. Cole and Victoria had a passionate evening.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on Y&R
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Monday, December 9, 1996

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Tuesday, December 3, 1996

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Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Sharon is going threw her Christmas list. She tells Nick that since this is their first Christmas together she wants to make it special. Sharon brings up the subject of Grace. She is bothered by the fact that she canceled her date last night and she is sure that Grace made up the meeting at work just to get out of it. She tells Nick that Grace has always been up front with her and she can't understand why she would lie. Nick suggests that she talk to Grace and find out. She tells nick that Grace is on her way over.

Phyllis is ready to pick up a book when her doorbell rings. Gina is at the door, she has a gift for Daniel for Christmas. Gina asks how her visit with Danny went. Phyllis tells her it was terrible and that Danny was in a really bad mood. Gina tells her that maybe she misread his mood because Danny left her office in very high spirits. After Gina leaves Phyllis wonders if maybe she did misunderstand him and wonders how she can find out.

Ashley visits with Kurt, he remembers her name and she would like to know his. He tells her that its not important. She tells him that she is concerned for him and would like to know what his plans are after his release. He skirts the issue and doesn't give her a strait answer. He wishes her good luck and she does the same for him and she leaves his room.

Neil visits with Olivia and asks about her son. She tells Neil that this is going to be a hard Christmas for him. They talk about Malcolm and Dru, he misses her and this is why he is glad she didn't sign with those agents because this would be what it would be like. Olivia asks him if he and his daughter would like to come for dinner. He accepts. She goes to look for Nate and finds him staring at the sky. He tells her that he is looking for heaven and that he wants to see how happy his daddy is. she looks out the window with him not knowing what to say.

Malcolm and Dru are waiting for some feedback from Sid to find out if the client liked their work. He is pacing the livingroom, very anxious and nervous. Dru pumps him up with a good attitude. Tells him that they are great together. The doorbell rings. Its sid, the client thinks the work is fabulous. Malcolm and Dru are happy and relieved.

Phyllis walks into Christine's office looking for some answers, she ask's for "Crickets" advice about Danny. Christine tells Phyllis that she is the last person to give her advise about Danny. She wants to know if Danny had told her how he feels. Chris tells her that he hasn't talked to her and that if he had she wouldn't tell her about it. She tells Chris that she just wants to know what she thinks about Danny reaching out to her. She asks Chris " won't you help me. Help us?

Grace shows up at Sharon's.She confronts Grace about the fact that there was no meeting, she used it as an excuse not to go out on the blind date. Grace admits that she lied. She tells Sharon that she just didn't like the guy and agrees to let Sharon fix her up again after the first of the year. Nick comes into the room and tells Grace hello. He gives Sharon a hug and a kiss goodbye say's goodbye to Grace and leaves. Grace gets real quiet. Sharon asks her what's wrong and she tells her that she just loves the way that her and Nick get along and it just makes her all mushy inside. Sharon gives her a hug.

Katherine shows up at the hospital and runs into Ashley. She asks her what's wrong. She tells her that she is concerned about him. That he maybe to strong for his own good. She is afraid for him. Katherine tells Ashley that she is going to invite him to come back home with her. Ashley is puzzled as to why Katherine sounds like she knows the man. Katherine tells her that she does and that Ashley knows him too. Katherine didn't realize that Ashley didn't recognize him and explains to her that he was her handy man. Ash remembers. She tells Katherine that she is going to find out everything their is to know about Kurt Kosner.

When Christine refuses to help, Phyllis reverts into old behaivior, she yells at Chris that she is just jealous. Chris reminds Phyllis that she is married to paul. Phyllis tells her that she is still in love with Danny and she always will be. She goes on to tell Chris that she and Danny will be together one day and she had better not get in the way. She leaves Christine standing their very puzzled as she storms out of the office.

Thursday, December 12, 1996

Nick requested that Victoria would please come to his house so that they could talk. He asks her where her head is at with Cole. She tells him that they are living together and their are trying to work some things out but they are far from over their problems. Nick asks her if she is still in love with Ryan. She tells Nick that she will always love Ryan and she doesn't know if she will ever get over him. He asks Victoria if the only reason she is trying to reconcile with Cole is because Ryan isn't available. She tells him that she has asked herself that same question many times and cannot come up with and answer to that question. She tells him goodbye and leaves.

Chris is at Paul's office talking with Lynn. She wants to know if Lynne has any ideas what to get Mary for Christmas. Lynne tells her their is one thing that she knows of. Chris tells her that she is not having a baby for Mary's Christmas present. Lynne agrees to go shopping with her tomorrow. Paul walks in, Lynne goes to her desk to answer the phone. Paul asks her what's up. She tells him that he will never guess who came by her office today. Phyllis. she proceeds to tell him about her conversation and can't believe that she told her that Danny was moving towards her again.

Diane is going over some sketches when her boss George walks in. He comments on what she is working on and how fond of this man she is becoming to be. She smiles at him and tells him not to tell that to Jack because she is playing a good game of hard to get, and she is winning! She turns around to look at a sketch behind her and Jack walks in the doorway and makes a comment on her beauty. They embrace and talk about the fact that they are back together, and that they agreed not to let Ashley come between them. He asks her how is "their lake home" coming along. She shows him and he tells her he likes what he sees. Correction. He loves what he sees and pulls Diane to him and kisses her hard on the mouth.

Victor calls Hope to see if she is home. She asks him why and he tells her if he tells her why it wouldn't be a surprise. She smiles and tells victor "thank you for calling."

Phyllis pacing the floor thinking about Danny. She want's to know the real reason that Danny stopped by last night. She decides to call him. She picks up the phone when the doorbell rings. She smiles hoping that its Danny. Its Tim. He wants to know if this is a good time for them to talk. She lets him in and asks About Daniel. She tells him that he is getting stronger everyday. He asked if he could come in because he needed to talk. She lets him in.

Chris tells him that if Danny is really interested in Phyllis again that maybe its time that they tell Danny all about their honeymoon. Paul reminds Chris that if Danny is indeed falling in love with Phyllis then maybe they should just stay out of it and not interfere. She agrees, yet she thinks its a terrible mistake if Danny got involved with Phyllis again.

Diane comments to Jack what a great kiss that was. She asks him if Ashley knows that they are a couple yet. Just then the phone rings and its jacks office. He gets a big smile on his face and thanks the caller. He tells Diane that he must go but that he likes the changes that she has made in the lake home. He tells her its almost as beautiful as she is and kisses her goodbye.

Victoria walks into Ryan's office. She asks him if its a good time for him to visit. She tells him that she only need to know one thing, What he wants for Christmas. Ryan tells her that it wouldn't be prudent for them to exchange presents. She tells him to lighten up, that she just wants to know what he wants. She puts her hand on his shoulder. He tells her not to go there. She tells him that she misses him terribly. She asks him how things are going at the home front and he tells her just fine. She doesn't believe him. She tells him that " things aren't going the way you hoped that they would are they?"

Jack enters Victor's office very excited about a business proposition. He tells him its a new innovation that everyone will be wanting in a few years. Its new and exciting and he thinks it would be a good way for Newman Enterprises to expand into the 21st Century. Victor looks over the perspectives and finds the bottom line and shoots it down. Tells Jack it is way to expensive and he is not interested. Jack tells him again that its the wave of the future and to please to take it home and just look it over. That he can't make a decision by just looking at the price tag. Reluctantly Victor tells him that he will read it.

Victoria gloats to Ryan that she is right . that things aren't going as smoothly as he would have liked. He tells her that he is not going to talk to her about this subject. she tells him " that's because you know that I'm right." She asks him if he is curious about what is going on between her and Cole. He replies " I'm sure your going to tell me anyway." She tells him that's because he is curious. She tells him that they are living under the same roof but their not having sex and she doesn't plan to ever have sex. Ryan tells Victoria that they both owe it to themselves to give their perspective marriages an honest shot He tells her that he is committed to Nina and to the reconciliation, including sex. Victoria asks him if it doesn't work out between Him and Nina will he give them another chance?

Danny walks into Christine's office and asks Chris what she wanted to talk to her about or should he tell her what she wanted to talk about? He tells her that Daniel is doing fine and that he is getting stronger everyday. He goes on to tell her that during the crisis with Daniel he saw something in Phyllis that he never knew existed. He had always looked at the negative in her. That their is another side of her that he really can appreciate. That he was blinded by what she had done to him. He looks at Chris and tells her that he lost her and that she had moved on. Don't people deserve a second chance he asks her. She looked at him and told him that she wouldn't know where she would be if Paul hadn't given her another chance, she certainly wouldn't be married now. She asks him what he is planning to do. He tells her he doesn't know but that Phyllis has become an appealing and attractive women to him. He asks Chris if Phyllis and him were to have a future together, what she would think of that.

Victor tells Hope that he is very curious as to the fact that she is going out a lot more, and if their is anything that he needs to know. She tells him that there is no mystery, She just wants to get acclimated to the city better. Victor asks if their is anything he can do to help. She tells him no, she needs to do it on her own and that she is searching for something and when she finds it he will be the first to know. The doorbell rings and Victor asks Hope if she was expecting anyone. She tells him no, but she bets he was expecting someone. He talks to the delivery person and tells him to leave it right there and he will call if their are any alterations that are needed. Hope asks what it is. She brings her over to the dresses. She tells him that it feels like a gown. He tells her that their are three of them. They are for the holidays. That he has made some plans for them. She begins to get weepy. He holds her and tells her that he understands that this will be a rough time for her and that he is going to be their for her. He tells her that Cliff would have wanted her to be happy. He asks her to pick out a gown for dinner and dancing tonight. She asks what the occasion is and he puts his hands over her head and brushes her hair down and tells her that she is the occasion.

Victoria asks again if Ryan will consider giving their relationship another shot if it doesn't work with Nina. Ryan, getting a little frustrated tells Victoria that he is not going to make any deals with her that he is going to give his marriage top priority. Victoria tells him that it won't work because he doesn't love her and he never did. That Nina isn't going to be happy till she is with Cole and that she isn't going to be happy till she is with him. Those are the realities she believes in. so think about your Christmas present she tells him and walks out the door.

Chris tells Danny their is one thing he hasn't said and that if he loves her. He tells her that he is still sorting out those feelings But what he does know that Daniel would be thrilled to have the 3 of them as a family under one roof again. That's the brightest future he could give Daniel.

Tim reminds Phyllis that he had given her a ring and she had not given him and answer. She tells him that she thinks that he knows without her having to say it. He tells her that it doesn't come as a surprise to him. He always knew that she wasn't over Danny, but it still hurts. He tells her that she has come to mean and awful lot to him and that he wishes her nothing but the best. because that's what she deserves: the best. Phyllis has a tear rolling over her cheek. She walks over to her end table and pulls out the ring box. She hands it to Tim and he opens it. She tells him that she hopes that he knows just how much that their friendship has meant to her and that she still needs him in her life. She continues by telling him that he is the most kindest, sensitive, and loving man that she has ever met. He looked at her and tells her that he had hoped that it would have been enough for her. He walks to the door opens it up, pauses as if he was going to say something, changes his mind and walks out the door.

Hope asks Victor to describe the gowns for her. As he is telling her about the sequences and jewels on the dress he stops and say's "I'll be damned, this is a very beautiful gown." Hope laughs at him and comments on how the designer would have described it just the same way. He tells her to quite making fun of him. They laugh together.

Phyllis is sitting quietly on the couch in deep thought. The doorbell startles her. She answers the door and is surprised to see Danny. He tells her that just so their is no misunderstanding that he is there to see her and that they have a lot to talk about.

Friday, December 13, 1996

Nick calls his dad to find out if he has heard from his mom, she is not back from New York yet and he is getting worried. Victor tells him no, but if she is not home in the next few hours he should contact him through his service. As he say's goodbye,Josh walks into the room. Josh ask's if Nikki is home yet? Nick tells him no, but could he please have his mom call him when she gets back. Josh tells him that he will and Nick opens the door to leave as Nikki was about to walk in. Nick hugs her and ask's about the trip. She tells him it was good. He asks her if it was productive? She laughs at him and asks him if he meant did she get any shopping in for her two favorite men. Nick laughs. Nikki tells him "yes" she did indeed. Nick looks at Josh and says "yes" and gives Josh a high five.

Victoria arrives home to Cole working on his book. She asks him if he is still working, he say's yes. She asks him how its going, he tells her " fine, give me a minute." (She has that look like yeah, right. ) She sits down on the bed and grabs a magazine to read. He finishes walks over to her and she is stunned that he quit for the night. He asks her if she would like to go out to dinner with him at the Collinade Room. She smiles and asks him if he has anymore surprises. He pulls a bunch of flowers out of the fridge. He tells her that he had a talk with a friend and that he has reset his priorities. He asks her to go slip in something to wear to the Collinade Room.

Victor And Hope arrive at the Collinade Room, They are greeted and shown to their table. after a moment or two Hope tells Victor that she senses that he is staring at her. He tells her that when they were coming down the stairs everyone in the whole place could not keep their eyes off of her. She tells him that is because she was on the arms of a most handsome gentleman. He tells her that it isn't so it was her and her sense of grace and style, that she has quite a special gift, a special aura around her. She looks sad for a moment and Victor asks her what is wrong. She apologizes,Victor understands that she might feel a little guilty out having fun. She was thinking of Cliff. But she knows this is what he would have wanted, for her to enjoy herself at the holidays. She tells Victor that Cliff told her that he was much more comfortable in the end that he was their for her. And that he was grateful.

Dru and Malcolm are flying home first class all the way. Malcolm tells her that he could get used to this. They talk about how successful That they are going to be now that they have hit the big times. The offers are going to be pouring in. They are going to have a bright future. The only problem is Neil. She tells Malcolm that she needs more time to make her point, she needs time to figure things out. Dru tells Malcolm that she ain't ready to tell Neil yet.Malcolm comes back to her with " you ain't never going to be ready girl."

Danny admits to Phyllis that he messed up the last time that he was there. That he was there to see her too. And that this time he wants her to know that he is their to see her. " To see me?" She asks with a stunned but excited look on her face.

Neil is at Olivia's apartment. He thanks her for dinner the last two nights. They share some stories about the kids. He tells her that Dru will be coming home tonight and he is going to talk to her about expanding their family. He tells Olivia again how much he appreciates the fact that she sacrificed that big contract for him and their family. It's time to talk to her about the future. Olivia agree's with him.

Josh and Nikki are seated at a lovely table at the Collinade Room and the host asks if he can bring her some sparkling water. She looks up and say's "please", Josh tells him that would be fine for him too. Nikki looks around the room and she spots Victor with Hope. She stairs across the room at him. Josh turns around to see what she is looking at. Meanwhile at the top of the stairs Cole and Victoria show up. Victor looks up and tells Hope that he is happy that he took his advice.

Danny talks to Phyllis about how they had both changed while Daniel was in the hospital fighting for his life. That the anger and bitterness has somehow disappeared. and that she is a different person to him. ( Phyllis is standing their with her mouth dropped not believing what she is hearing.) He tells her that it is time for them to become a real family. She looks at him and asks him if he is talking about moving back in here with her and Daniel. He asks her if she could agree to that. She smiles and tells him that there is nothing that she and Daniel want more. He tells her that they need to take it one day at a time and he wants to move into his old room. She tells him that it would be fine since she has the rest of her life free. What ever makes him most comfortable she is fine with. She goes to get Daniel so they can tell him the good news.

Paul walks into Chris's office and ask's her if she had talked to Danny yet. she tells him yes. He wants to know if she told him about their honeymoon and Phyllis. She tells Paul that he was right and that he is an adult and that she decided to stay out of it because she thinks that Danny is going to get back together with Phyllis. He tells her that it is Danny's life and she can't rescue him. She tells him that she is going to let it alone because Danny is her past and he is her future and gives him a hug.

Cole and Victoria are talking about their lives when she spots her mother. She can't believe she is here. Cole tells her to make it worth her while and to dance with him. Nikki looks at Josh and asks him " I wonder if Victor has seen them yet?" Hope looks at Victor and ask's him what's going on. He tells her that Nikki and her new husband are their, and Cole and Victoria are on the dance floor, dancing. Victor say"s to her "so much for having an evening out with no distractions." Hope laughs. Cole and Victoria go back to their table and she spots Victor. She tells Cole "great now my fathers here too." Cole tells her that he knew that Victor would be here. But he didn't want to mention it after her reaction to seeing her mother. Cole tells her that they should go somewhere that nobody will see them. Home. Victoria picks up her purse and they leave arm in arm.

Dru arrives home as her family greets her with hugs and kisses. Lily is happy to see her. She puts her to bed. She comes right back out. Neil comments on how fast that was. She tells him that Lily is brushing her teeth. Neil pours them wine and tells her that its so good to have her home where she belongs. He looks at Dru and tells her that it is time for her to settle down. That family comes first. He hopes another job doesn't come her way. Dru is getting more and more upset as Neil is talking. Lily calls out to her mother. Dru tells Neil she will be right back that she needs to take care of her little girl. Neil looks up to her and say's "yes you do." She stops dead in her tracks and gives him one of those if looks could kill stares. She walks into the other room and under his breath say's "Damn It."

Cole and Victoria arrive home. Cole tells her that it feels like old times. He tells her that he has missed her. He takes her face in his hands and slowly kiss's her, she responds.

Victor and Hope are on the dance floor. Victor tells her that he hopes Victoria and Cole will be happy and together through the holidays. He tells her that she should know that Nikki and her husband are on the dance floor. ( he is well aware of the stares he is getting from Nikki) She asks him if he would like to go over and say hello. He responds to her in french. She asks what that meant. He tells her that he said "He only had eyes for her." ( That is also the song that their dancing to.) Josh notices and asks Nikki if she wanted to say Hello to them. She doesn't respond to him, she just keeps staring.

Cole and Victoria made love, they appear to be asleep. Victoria raises her head and kiss's Cole on the cheek, then lays her head on his chest as big tears form in her eyes. Cole opens his eyes...

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