The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on Y&R
Danny moved in with Phyllis. Nina saw Cole in bed with Victoria, and Nina later regretted sleeping with Ryan. Neil put his foot down about Dru's modeling endeavors. Victor asked Kurt to keep an eye on Hope and Victor Jr.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 16, 1996 on Y&R
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Monday, December 16, 1996

The doorbell rings at the McNeil residence. Ryan walks out of the kitchen holding an apple and a knife. He sets it down and say's out loud to himself "forgot your key's again didn't you sweetheart," Ryan answers the door, its Cole. "Oh man, what do you want?" Ryan asks. "What do you think?" he replies. Ryan tells Cole that Nina's not home. Cole tells him "No, she's out at my place I came by to get some dry clothes for her." Ryan tells him "If my wife wants to get warm she can come home." Cole tells him "face it man, she loves me. Their is nothing you have that she wants anymore. You don't satisfy her the way I do." Ryan tells him to "get out." He will leave but not before he gets Nina's clothes. He turns to walk towards the bedroom and Ryan grabs his arm, Cole turns and he gets belted right in the face. Cole swings back, but Ryan gets the upper hand. He hits him in the stomach and then gives him a left to the jaw. Cole staggers back and spots a knife. Ryan realizes that he is going for the knife. Cole Grabs the knife, but Ryan kicks it out of his hand. Cole falls on the floor. Ryan lunges for the knife and jumps on Cole. He plunges the knife down.........a loud clap of thunder wakes him up from the nightmare. He is out of breath and sweaty. The doorbell rings. He tries to get himself together. He looks to his right and picks up the knife that is next to his apple and under his breath he say's "Oh, man." He sets the knife down and answers the door. Its Christine. She notices that Ryan is upset and asks him if there is anything wrong.

Danny enters Gina's office to tell her about his decision to move back in with Phyllis. He wants her reaction. She hopes he knows what he is getting himself into. Meanwhile, Phyllis it telling Joni the good news about Danny moving back in with them and living as a real family again. Joni gives Phyllis a hug.

Nina pulls up to Cole's house. It's dark and pouring rain. She gets out of her truck and leaves the lights on so she can see going up to the house. She runs up to the door and looks in the window to make sure nobody is home. She is shocked to see Cole and Victoria in bed, wrapped up in each other's arms. Her eyes open wide and her mouth drops. Tears come to her eye's. She turns to walk away and a dog starts barking. Victoria and Cole wake up. Cole puts on his robe and grabs his gun to see who is outside. He opens the door and yells, "who's out there. I have a gun and I will use it." Nina was hiding behind a rock pile. She didn't want to show herself but she knew that she really didn't have a choice. She stands up and announces herself. Cole was surprised to see her. He tells her to come in and get out of the rain. She tells him that she will just leave. He want's to know why she is here she tells him that she needed some research papers. He doesn't understand and makes her come into the house.

Nikki is trying to pay attention to her husband but keeps getting distracted by Victor and Hopes presents in the restaurant. Josh looks at her and tells her that "maybe we should go over and say hello." She looks at him and said "thought you didn't want to." He replied "it would be kinda weird if we didn't." They get up and go over to their table. Victor say's hello and tells Hope who has arrived at the table. Josh asks if they are intruding and Victor tells him "not at all Doc." Nikki asks Victor about their kids. Josh asks Hope if she would like to dance with him so they have a chance to talk. Hope excepts. Nikki asks if he would like to dance with her while they talk. He tells he "no." He asks her to sit and they talk about their Daughter.

Ryan tells Chris that he is fine and that Nina is not home and that she is out running errands and should be back any minute. He invites her in to wait. She asks him how it is going. He tells her that he doubts that he has to tell her how its going. He asks her if she would like a cup of coffee. She tells him no. They talk some more about how thing are going and Ryan tells Chris that " I am doing everything in my power to make this work. The question is, am I doing it alone."

Jill arrives home loaded down with Christmas presents. John jokes with her leaving some stuff for other people to purchase. He tells Jill that he would like to take Billy to see Santa. She informs him that they went yesterday. John gets upset that she would do that without telling him first, that he wanted to take Billy. . John is very disappointed. Jill tells him that it wasn't that big of deal. John asks Jill if she has anymore plans that he doesn't know about. She tells him that her and Billy are going to trim the tree tomorrow night. John is upset with her. She tells him that she can't believe that he's mad at her and that he is going to have Billy all to himself over Christmas. John tells her that all he has done is accommodate her and that he is tired of her taking advantage of the situation, and that he is sick of it.

Danny tells Gina that he is ready to give it a try. He wants to be a full time dad. To be a real family. Gina asks him about his relationship with Phyllis. He tells her that they will have separate bedrooms for now. Gina asks him if he is really comfortable with all of this. He tells her that he has no choice now, except to follow threw. He tells her that he knows what he is doing and that he is going to take it slow and cautious. He tells Gina " I don't want to get anyone's hopes up. Including mine."

Phyllis tells Joni that what ever she does not to come in to early tomorrow. But then she stops and looks at Joni and tells her that she shouldn't change the way she does anything. She doesn't want to push Danny and blow it with him. Joni tells Phyllis that she doesn't agree with her.

Ryan tells Chris that he wishes that Nina were more committed to making their marriage work not just for Philip's sake. but for their sake. He tells her that he will keep trying until he knows that their is no more hope. They discuss the whole situation. Ryan tells her that he wont wait forever, there is a limit to his patience. Chris can't wait anymore, so she decides to leave. Ryan walks her to the door. When she leaves he says out loud," where are you and why aren't you home."

Cole insists that Nina come inside with him. When she walks in Victoria takes one look at Nina and say's "Good God, what are you doing here?" She explains to them in her humiliation that she came to get some things she had left behind when they were working. She called and Miguel told her that nobody was home and they would be out late. Victoria tells her in a very snotty way, "we were anxious to get home and make love." Cole gives her a look and she said to him "What, she might as well know!" Nina gathers her things up. Cole tells her that if she takes the stuff tonight they will just get wet. She looks at him , she is so mortified she just wants to get the hell out of there anyway, she said " O.K., I'm sorry and she runs out of the house. She gets into her truck and it won't start.

Victor tells Nikki "I only want the best for you. I want you to be happy." She tells him that she is and he says " good." They sit at the table staring at each other.

Chris walks into her living room and asks Paul what he is reading. " A detective novel. He can tell she is disturbed by something and asks what is bothering her. She tells him that its nothing and to finish his book. He tells her that it is finished for now and pry's for an answer. She tells him of the incident over at Nina's and Ryan's house. She tells him how stressed Ryan was. She goes on to tell him that Ryan is doing his best but Nina is having a hard time getting with the program. She tells Paul "I wish I could have talked to her, get this she leaves to go run errands alone at night. She didn't even tell Ryan where she was going. Ryan wanted to believe her, I hope he doesn't find out it was something else because at this point it would be hard to take."

Nina is still trying to turn her car over, it wont start. Victoria said to Cole "It sounds like your friend is having problems." Cole puts on his coat. she asks him " where are you going!" "Well I can't leave her out there all night. I got some jumper cables so I'll give her a jump." he tells her. Cole helps Nina and she leaves. He comes into the house, he tells Victoria that his heart goes out to her. Victoria tells him that she can't believe he said that.

Joni tells Phyllis that she doesn't think patience is the way to go." The old Danny didn't liked being pushed, but he is not the old Danny anymore. He doesn't appear to want you to play it safe. He want's to be with you. He wouldn't be moving in if that were the case. Strike while the Iron is hot. Let him know that you want him." Phyllis asks Joni "what if its the wrong approach?" She tells her " Then back off and follow his lead." She tells her that he will be the most receptive when he walks threw the door. She tells her that she will check on the baby while she goes and gets ready.

Nina arrives home, mortified, devastated and soaking wet. She is sitting by the fire when Ryan enters the room. He turns on the light. He tells her that he had a dream while she was gone. He dreamed that she had gone out to the Newman ranch, and that it seamed very real. She tells him that he was right that she did go out to the Newman ranch. He asks her if he should be pleased that his dream came true.

Jill tells John that he is beginning to sound childish. He tells her if anyone is being childish and immature it is her. Billy walks into the livingroom. He tells his dad all about seeing Santa Claus and that they are going to trim the tree tomorrow. He tells Billy that it sounds fun, but he needs to go to bed. When he tells his dad that he doesn't want to go to bed John reminds him that Santa is watching. Jill tells him that she will be right up to tuck him in. After he leaves John tells Jill that she is to make no more plans with Billy without talking to him first. Jill tells him to stop being a "Scrooge."

Ryan asks Nina if she went out to the ranch to see Cole. She tells him that he is wrong and explains why she went and that she was told that nobody would be home. "So you did run into Cole, what a coincidence." he is being very demeaning to her. "What, did you and Cole have a spat?" She tells him what she saw , that she saw them in bed together and "all I wanted was to get the hell out of there." She explained the rest of the story to him. He tells her that it sounded like some scene. She says to him "Yeah, it was a real party." Ryan didn't look to happy about any part of her explanation. She looks at Ryan and say's to him "You know I'm sure you don't think I deserve this but would you mind putting you arms around me, please." He doesn't so after a few seconds she gets up and say's that she is going to take a shower. Ryan tells her that she is not going anywhere until she hears what he has to say. He asks her " what kind of an idiot do you take me for? " going to the corner to go get milk is one thing but you don't go out in the middle of the night for research papers that you can't live without and expect me to believe that." she tells him "O.K. it wasn't the smartest thing I have ever done in fact it was the stupidest thing I've ever done." He looks at her and asks "Tell me something, are you even interested in putting are marriage back together again or are you on the rebound since Cole is shacking up with his wife again?" She tells him that she wants to give their marriage a try for their sake and for Phillips. Ryan tells her she has a funny way of showing him." Running off to do errands." She yells at him " It was an errand and I won't have you telling me that it wasn't. I know what's in my heart and in my mind and the more I listen to you the more convinced I am that you don't want to know! I'm going to go clean up." she rushes out of the room leaving Ryan more confused that ever.

Victoria doesn't look to happy as Cole comes out of the shower. She tells him in her Victoria voice, "I never knew you were so handy with jumper cables." "Do you want to ask me something Victoria?" he asks. She tells him that she is not sure how she feels about this whole thing. That he goes out to help poor helpless Nina and now he is back with her. She can tell that he is still thinking about her. Feeling sorry for the little twit. One that is still in love with him. He tells her that he can't pretend that she has turned into a tree stump. That he feels for her. She was mortified and humiliated. Victoria tells Cole she is happy that at least she didn't interrupt them making love. She tells him that she didn't think it would have ever happened between them again. He tells her that he is sure that they can make it work with the Victoria that he is talking to right now. He leans down and kisses her.

Phyllis is pacing her livingroom floor waiting for Danny to arrive. She's giving herself a pep talk. She tells herself that God gives you one chance and your getting two. So don't blow it. The doorbell rings and it's Danny. She opens the door looks at him and they both exchange hellos. Danny picks up his suitcases and entered the house.

Tuesday, December 17, 1996

Danny carries his suitcase in and takes off his coat. Phyllis informs him that she had cleaned out a few drawers for him in his old room. He tells the thank you and that he feels that it is best this way and asks her if she agrees. She tells him that she just wants him to be comfortable. He tells her that they are in uncharted territory and that he almost feels like a stranger. She tells him that there is someone in the other room that can prove that they are not strangers. She goes to get Daniel.

Ashley Phones Victor and asks him if she could come and talk with him about the man who saved her life. He tells her that she is welcome to stop by.

Cole and Victoria are in bed talking about the events of this evening. She tells him that she doesn't believe that Nina showed up to get her research papers. That Nina was hoping to find him alone. She reminds Cole that Nina is still in love with him. He tells her that Nina was humiliated this evening, but he is with her now mind and body and he doesn't want to talk about Nina anymore. They start kissing. Someone knocks on the door and the phone rings. Cole answers the door and its Nikki.

Kay visits Ashley. Ashley thanks her for coming. She wants to find out if Katherine knows anymore about Kurt. Katherine calls him "my Kurt." Ashley tells her she can't believe that it is the same man who worked for her and she sounds like she has a lot of affection for him. Ashley asks her if anything was missing from her home after she left. She tells her about the ring that he had found when Nikki was visiting her. She tells her that after that he had become very special to her, like a son. She tells her about one day she had watching him and he had the strangest look on his face a very sad, sorry look. He was quite vulnerable. A private grief look in his eyes. She never asked him about it. Ashley tells Katherine that she has to find out more about this man.

After Nina got cleaned up she went out to talk to Ryan. They begin talking and it turns into an argument. Nina asks him to please "cut her some slack." He brings up what she did, and wasn't very nice. Nina tells him to quit with the mud slinging. He tells her that they either fight through this or walk away. He asks her once again if she is willing to try to save the marriage. She looses it. She tells him that the fact that he even has to ask that question makes her wonder if he has any trust at all. It is making her feel like she's suffocating. She grabs her coat and runs out the door.

Victoria answers the phone and its her dad. He asks her if Cole is with her. She tells him very much so. He asks if he could speak with him. Victoria hands the phone to Cole. Victor was wondering if he could come to his office, but it sounds like now is not a good time. Cole tells him that Nikki had just arrived so now would be a good time. He kisses Victoria and tells her that they have some unfinished business to attend to when he gets home. Say's goodbye to Nikki and leaves. Victoria smiles at her mother.

Danny, Phyllis and Daniel are sitting on the couch and Phyllis tells Daniel to give Daddy his present that they've been working on all week. Daniel looks at him and say's " welcome home Daddy." Phyllis asks Danny if he would like some tea. He tells her he would prefer wine if she has any. She gets the wine and Danny makes a toast to family.

Ashley shows up at the hospital. She asks how they have been treating him. He tells her its like a 4 star hotel, and it must be costing a fortune. She tells him that it doesn't matter, he saved her life. She asks him why he won't tell her anything about himself. He asks her why she wants to know. She tells him that she wants to help him. He tells her that he doesn't want her help " do you understand?"

Nina shows up at Paul and Chris's apartment. Paul excuses himself to leave the room so they can talk. Nina tells him not to bother, that she has nothing to hide. She tells them " my life is a mess, no, after tonight its a joke.

Jill shows up at Ryan and Nina's apartment with Christmas gifts in hand. She gets upset to learn that she didn't find a happy little family home together. Ryan tells her that Nina had things to do and that Philip was with her grandma Flo's house. She doesn't bye it. She tells him that as Philip's grandmother she has the right to know what's going on.

Nikki tells Victoria how wonderful it was seeing her and Cole out together. Victoria tells her that she was beginning to feel sorry for Josh and Hope because they were spending so much time scoping them out, that they had to be getting board. Nikki smiles . Victoria tells her mother that Cole was the man she had fallen in love with tonight. Very attentive, treated her special. Nikki hugs her and tells her how happy she is for her.

Kurt tells Ashley that he has his own demons to contend with. She asks him what he is looking for or what he is running away from. She tells him that she wants to find a way to help him find himself. That he wont find it being a drifter. He asks her " why? so you can pat yourself on the back for a job well done." She gets a little defensive and tells him that she is no "do gooder". He tells her that she is off the hook with him.

Cole enters Victors office. Victor tells him that he was glad to see that he took his advice. He tells him that as long as you are both willing everything else will fall into place. He asks Cole if he thinks it would be beneficial to them if Ryan were out of the picture. He could have it arranged for Ryan to be relocated. He asks Cole what he thinks about neutralizing Ryan for a while.

Nina tells Paul and Chris about what happened earlier. Paul and Chris convince Nina that it would be in her best interest to go home and deal with it tonight. Paul reminds her how much Philip is praying for them to get back to being a family.

Ashley asks Kurt if he would like her to leave and never come back. He tells her that he thinks that it would be best for her to go. She tells Kurt that he is not going to find what he is looking for on the street, that its not right and that he needs help. She leaves.

Ryan tries to get Jill to leave, she won't. He needs to make a call and goes to the kitchen to use the phone. Nina walks in and asks Jill "what are you doing here? They argue about the fact that Nina is not trying hard enough. That she shouldn't be so uncharitable. That she should go on the vacation she has given them. As the two talk, Ryan walks in the room.

Danny tells Phyllis that he was having second thoughts about doing this before he got there. She asks him how he feels now. He tells her that he is glad that he came. She tells him that he has made her the happiest women in the world. She tells him goodnight and takes Daniel to get him ready for bed.

Nina tells Jill that she can't help and to not even try. She tells her to leave. Jill gets her coat and tells them both that they had better not ruin Christmas for Philip. She leaves.

Victor tells Cole to " say the word and McNeil will be relocated." Cole tells Victor "with all do respect, I don't want to do it that way." Victor tells him that he can respect that, but if he ever needs a strong ally, that he would be here for him. Cole shakes his hand and leaves the office. Victors phone rings. Its Ashley. She tells him that she will not make it to his office. The police have some men in custody and she needs to see a line up. Victor tells her that he will meet her there. She tells him that it is unnecessary for him to go there. He tells her that's nonsense because she doesn't have to go through that all alone.

Wednesday, December 18, 1996

Ashley gets her coat on to go to the police station. She opens the front door as her father is walking in She tells him where she is going, she tells him and he insists on going with her.

Nina is really upset about Jill being there and prying into their personal life. Ryan leaves the room. Nina picks up the packages that she brought and chucks them into the closet. Ryan comes back into the livingroom with a bottle of champagne and pours two glasses. He tells her "compliments of Jill." she tells him that she doesn't want any. She asks him why he is drinking. He doesn't like to drink anyway. he tells her that it makes it easier. They start talking and it turns into the same argument about her going to the Ranch. Ryan asks Nina why she is so defensive and why she is so angry with him?

Nick and Sharon are at the main house wrapping Christmas presents and enjoying themselves. loving each other. Sharon tells Nick that they are going to have a wonderful first Christmas together. That's what she is praying for. Nick tells her that he falls asleep before he has a chance to pray. ( he chuckles ) He figures praying is for older people to do since he feels that he has nothing to pray for. That he has everything he could want. She tells him that they have a lot to pray for, like a healthy happy baby, our families and Cole and Victoria. ( Victoria just walked into the foyer of the room. She over heard Sharon and turned around and went the other way.) "Oh, yeah. How often do you pray for them?" Nick asks her. "Everyday" she tells him.

Victor is the first to arrive at the police station. He introduces himself to Detective Warren Bates. Victor asks the detective how many suspects he has. He tells Victor that he would rather not say. Victor asks him some more questions and he can't get any answers from the Detective except that he is pretty sure that they have their suspects.

Dru and Lily are on the couch coloring and talking. Lily asks her mom when she is going away again. Dru is startled by this question. She tells Lily that she is not gone that often. She asks her who has been talking to her about such things? Lily tells her " nobody Mommy." Dru can't believe that she came up with this all by herself. She tells Lily that she won't go anywhere during the holidays. Olivia and Nate come to visit. After they settle the kids down Dru confronts Olivia. "Have you been talking to my daughter about me going away?"

Ashley shows up at the station to ID the men. She is glad to see Victor. She looks as though she is going to be sick. The detective introduces himself. He tells Victor and John that they will have to wait outside. They protest. A man walks in and introduces himself as the attorney from legal aid. He is here for his clients and wants to stay to protect them. John tells the Detective "If he stays we stay." They are all told to sit in the back of the room and if they talk they leave.

Olivia tells her sister that she would never do anything like that. Neil comes home and greets his family with hugs and kisses. Dru is upset. Dru takes Lily into the bathroom. He asks Olivia what is wrong with Dru.

Nick tells Sharon that he never knew that Sharon prayed for Cole and Victoria. They can use all the help that they can get, she tells him. "Hope it works" he said. Sharon tells him "I just wants them to be as happy as we are. I care a lot about Cole and Victoria." Nick kisses her. Victoria walks into the room. Nick sees her and asks "what are you doing here?" "I came to steal chocolate. and you?" she asks.

Ryan and Nina are both drinking. Nina tells Ryan that she is so confused she feels like she has no power and she doesn't know how to take it back. no control. Ryan agrees, "like someone else is in charge making the decisions." She tells him that the last thing she ever wanted was to hurt him, and she is sorry for anything that she has done to hurt him.

Neil tells Olivia that he feels strange vibes, that Dru's attitude has changed so much, that she wont cut back on her work and once the holidays were over he will put his foot down, and that she will be cutting back on her work. Way back. He feels he has to for his family.

The Detective tells Ashley not to say anything until he asks her to speak. 5 men enter the line up. He goes through them one by one. asking them to step forward, then right, then forward. Ashley looks dazed and confused. She goes through some emotional turmoil with every man.

They talk a little bit. Sharon and Nick kiss and Victoria starts to cry. She tells them that the holidays are so emotional for her. Sharon asks her if everything is okay she tells them that she isn't having a crisis or anything. She tells them that seeing them so happy is just got to her. She admits to them that she over heard Sharon say that she prays for them. She is touched. Sharon hugs Victoria and she cries.

Ryan tells Nina that he knows she has been hurt too. She tells him that Victoria started this whole thing. She tells him she knows that Victoria went after him. He asked her why she didn't talk to him then. She tells him that she tried but he kept telling her that she was insecure. He justified. She just wishes that girl never existed. She tells him that she is not blaming, that's just how it was, and is. Ryan reminds her that he didn't file for divorce that she did. Nina asks him to answer one question honestly. "Are you still in love with her?" He tells her that their is an attraction and chemistry. He is fond of her. He tells her that love is lasting. it survives. Him and Victoria walked away when trouble hit. I don't want to do that. I want to fight for this marriage. Nina asks him in a quiet and trembling voice if he thinks their is a chance for them. He tells her that it depends on her and him.

Dru comes back in the livingroom with Lily. Neil is playing with the kids. Olivia asks Dru if she overheard anything. Dru tells her yes. Olivia gives her some sisterly advice to stay cool. Don't look for trouble. Olivia and Nate leave.

Victoria walks into her house and tells Cole how wet and cold it still is. She tells him that she ran into Sharon and Nick. he asks how they are and she tells them that they are full of Christmas spirit. "Do you pray." she asks Cole out of the blue. Cole looks at her kinda funny and asks her "where did that come from." "well do you?" He tells her most days that he does. She tells him that she doesn't have a clue. he and Nick were not brought up on prayer. She asks him if he thinks it works and he tell her he thinks it does. That prayer makes you feel like your not alone, gives you peace of mind and that it is soothing. She tells him that he overheard Sharon tell Nick that she prays for them. She tells him that it is interesting how it made her feel that someone is rooting for us. That it makes her feel like she wants to try harder because she doesn't want to let them down. That's how prayer feels. He tells her that she should take the time and introduce herself to God one of these days.

Ryan (still drinking) asks Nina (who's also still drinking) that she is awful quiet. She tells him that she feels so bad. That he is a good man, and a good father. She tells him that they had a good marriage and that they loved each other. But she doesn't feel that way anymore. She wants to know how you get something like that back. Ryan tells her that it will never happen if she doesn't try.

Dru tells Neil that she overheard his conversation with her sister. She reminds him that her modeling is not a hobby it is her career. Neil tells her that he and Lily don't like it when she is gone, and that Lily cried every night when she was gone the last time.

The Detective asks her if she recognize any of the men. She asks to have #2 and #5 to step forward again. That it would help her if they could say something about game playing. The Detective tells 2 and 5 to say "what kind of game are you playing. She tells him the men who attacked her are not there. She is distraught, and upset. She was hoping that this would be over. She say's to herself "they're still out there free, still out there."

Ryan tells Nina that he won't let go without a fight. She asks him if he means that . He tells her yes, he bends down to kiss her. She lets him. One thing leads to another. They slowly make it over to the couch and Nina pulls away slightly. He pleads with her to please not to turn away from him. They lay on the couch, Nina pulls his shirt off.................................

Ashley thanks Victor for bringing her home. She tells him that she is worried about Kurt. That their must be something she can do to help him. She asks Victor if their is anything that he could do to help her help him. He tells her that he will give it some thought, and that he would do anything for her. He kisses her cheek and leaves. She looks completely drained. Meanwhile at the hospital Kurt is out of bed and dressed packing his bag with his belongings.

Thursday, December 19, 1996

There is and empty champagne bottle on the table, and empty glass on the floor and a very hung over Nina on the couch. When she wakes up she is disoriented. She doesn't quite know where she is. She has a flashback of the night before. She tells herself it had to be a dream. She looks on the table and sees the empty bottle. The realization that it wasn't a dream comes over her. A very happy Ryan walks into the living room. He tells her what a wonderful time he had last night, that she was wonderful. He tells her that its a new beginning for them. He questions her about feeling the same way. Ryan makes a comment that they still haven't lost it in bed and what a wonderful lover she still is. He tells her that their upcoming vacation is just what they need. He realizes that she hasn't said a word. He asks her what is wrong and that she doesn't seam herself. She looks at him and tells him that she doesn't even know herself anymore.

Sharon stops at Victoria's home to ask a favor. She tells her all about how Grace isn't seeing anyone and how strange it is . She was wondering if Victoria new anyone from work that they could fix her up with.

Nick is in the coffee house reading and working on school stuff. Tony walks in and recognizes nick. He realizes that he is the same guy from graces wallet. He strikes up a conversation and joins Nick. Nick tries everything to get this guy to leave him alone. Point blank telling him to leave. Tony doesn't move. Nicks watch alarm goes off so he leaves. Tony tells himself that they will become friends.

Phyllis is wearing this hot sexy negligee. She knocks on Danny's door. She asked him how he thought his first night went. She is being really seductive. She lets the top of her robe slip off. She tells him that Daniel wont be up for another hour. She lets the other side of her robe fall off her shoulder. He tells her that he wants to get tuned in to Daniel's schedule. She tells him that he will get tuned into a lot of things. She crawls on the bed over the top of him. Starts kissing him. He doesn't resist. She tells him that she wants him so bad. He realizes what he is doing. He tries to pull away and she wont let him. He finally rolls off the bed and yells at Phyllis " you can't make a bargain and stick to it. That's it I am moving out!" tears come to her eyes. She keeps repeating to herself. "What have I done?" A knock wakes her up from her dream. Its Danny with a cup of coffee for her. She smiles when she realizes that it was a dream and Danny is still here. He tells her that he will be home for dinner and he leans down and kisses her right on the lips. Phyllis beams with joy.

Jill enters Victors office and he tells her that since Ryan is her assistant she needs to know that he plans to send him on an extended business trip. Jill tells him that this could be the worst possible time for him to go anywhere since he and his wife are on the verge of reconciliation. He informs her that he is also providing for him to bring his family. Jill is relieved. She leaves. A few minutes late Katherine shows up. He asks her if she can give him any information on Kurt since she lived with him. She tells him the same thing she told Ashley.

Chris stops by to talk to Nina. She can't believe it when Nina tells her what happened last night. Nina tells her that for her nothing has changed. The magic is gone. She reminds Nina that it was only one night. she needs more time. Nina feels that the more he tries the farther away she feels. Chris wants to know if it is Cole. Nina tells her that nobody has ever treated her the way he did.

Kurt gets a visit from Victor. He tells Victor that he tried to escape last night but a nurse caught him. Victor tells him that others know what's best for us better then we do at times. Victor tells him that he is glad that he didn't leave, for Ashley's sake. she would have worried. Kurt tells him that he appreciates everything that has been done for him. Victor tells him that sneaking out of the hospital is no way to show appreciation. Victor has a proposition for him. He tells him that he is going out of town for about a week and would he stay at his place and watch over his former wife and son. Kurt tells him that he wont leave until he gives Victor an answer.

Tony runs into Grace and tells her that he met her boyfriend. She tells him that she had a crush on him but that's over now. She proves it by ripping up Nicks picture. She tells Tony to give it up, its not going to happen no matter how much he wants it to. Tony informs Grace that he and Nick will become best buds.

Nick stops by to see Victoria. She tells him of the visit she had with his wife. She tells nick that Grace has a crush on him. He doesn't believe her and leaves. Victoria tells herself that she is just going to have to prove it to him.

Friday, December 20, 1996

Sharon and Nick walk into the big house. Sharon asks Nick if he is sure his mom doesn't mind them having the party at the house. He tells her that she was cool with it on the phone. "Well, who are we going to invite?" she asks. Nick asks her " would you mind if I stick you with the party details, I have stuff to do." "Just like a man" she tells him. He leaves. Miguel walks in the living room and she asks him if he could help. He has no problems with it. Victoria walks in. Sharon tells her " your Just in time, would you and Cole like to come to our Christmas party?" she excepts and helps her with the guest list.

Ryan is in Victors office as to his request. Ryan is kind of nervous. Victor tells him that he hopes he is in a good frame of mind. He tells him of the business trip he wants him to go on. He tells him that he is the right man for the job. "Jack nor Neil can get away right now. I have talked to Jill and she tells me of the holiday you and your family were to go on. She has agreed to give you a raincheck on that holiday. I don't want you to be away from your family so I will pay for your wife and her son to go with you. They can stay as long as they would like. This is an incredible opportunity for you. He thanks victor. Victor tells him he can thank him by doing a hell of a good job. He asks victor " are you sending me on this trip because it would be good for my career or is it because of Victoria?" He tells him that it is no secret how he feels about his involvement with her, but this is a major business transaction. He tells him that is all for now and Ryan leaves his office.

Hope is baking bread and Cookies. Nikki walks right in the apartment. Hope asks who is their. Nikki introduces herself telling Hope that the doorman sent her up and told her the door would be open. Hope invites her in. Nikki comments on the sent of her house. She say's to Hope " I can just close my eye's.". Sorry she tells Hope. Hope tells her " don't to worry about it, that is a human reaction." They have the nicest talk that they have ever had. Victoria invites them all to Christmas out at the ranch. hope tells her how lovely it is to include her. She tells her that she will talk to victor.

Cole answers his door its a delivery man to take a delivery to Nina. He tells Victoria that this is going to break Nina's heart. He wishes that their was another way but he can't see one. Victoria tells him that she never thought he'd go through with it. He tells her that he doesn't want to live without her. She tells him that more and more she is believes that they have a chance.

Victoria tells Sharon that they should invite friends that they can have a family get together anytime. So she tells he they should invite Neil, Dru, Olivia and Malcolm. Sharon tells her she is going to invite Grace and a few friends from school. Nick comes in. Sharon calls Grace first. She excepts. "Grave is in "she announces. Victoria looks at Nick and say's " of course she is "Victoria" Nick say's to her. Victoria reply's to him " of course she would, she wouldn't miss this for the world. She has a chance too see her crush under the mistletoe." She smiles at him like a Cheshire cat.

Nina gets a delivery, she asks him to set it on the table for her. After he leaves she opens the box. Tears come to her eye's as she realizes that it is her research material and other odds and ends that she left at Cole's. she say's to herself out loud, " this is what it all boils down to, this is it. I wanted so much more Cole, so much more." she lay's her head down and cries.

Kurt remembers the help that Victor asks for. Ashley walks into the room. He tells her she could have just returned his call instead of coming. She tells him that she has to get out of her lab sometime. He tells her that he needs Victors number because the card he had was misplaced. She pry's for information but Kurt wont tell her a thing. she tells him that "Victor Newman is not one to ask for help so if he asked for your help he needs your help." He comments on Victor being quite the manipulator. She agrees that some people see him that way. He thanks her and say's "good bye Miss Newman." She tells him that she hopes she sees him again.

Jack argues the points of acquiring this business that he feels strongly about. Victor points out to Jack that their are stipulations on the sellers part. 1) they want stock in Newman enterprises. "That's not going to happen" Victor tells him. 2) They want one of their men to sit as a board of directors. "That's not going to happen!" Jack tells him that he is being short sided. He tells victor that he is making a big mistake. Victor " so be it." Jack storms out of his office.

Nick tells Victoria "you she is so wrong, she doesn't have a thing for me!" She tells him to "stop and watch, see how long it takes her to corner you over by the punch bowl.

Grace stops by the coffee shop. She talks to the coffeetender. He asks her what she is up to. She tells him that she is going to the Newman ranch to a Christmas party. She takes her coffee and sits down. Tony is there. He sits with her. He asks her who the present is for. She tells him nobody he knows. He asks her if it is for her boyfriend. She tells him that's enough. She leaves to powder her nose and Tony snoops. He opens the present. When she returns he is holding up the sweater. She is furious with him. He tells her that it is not his style. She yells at him that he had no right to open that. She storms out. Tony asks the coffee tender how to get to the Newman ranch, Grace had invited him and she forgot to leave him directions.

Diane is in Jacks office when he returns from seeing Victor. He takes his frustrations off on her. He stops and realizes what he is doing. She tells him that she brought lunch and it is appropriate food too. Cold turkey. ( that was funny,) She asks him if maybe she should have brought wild turkey. "Yah," Jack says "maybe I could crack it over his head." And waist good bourbon," Diane replies. She tells him that he should "let it go." He tells her that he is not willing to concede. "One day this company will be apart of Newman Enterprises."

Ryan rushes into the house all excited and yells for his wife. She comes out of the bedroom. She is a mess, red from crying all day. He tells her that he has got a big break at in his career. He tells her to pack up her belongings because she and Philip are going with him. She tells him that she has laundry to do and there is no way she can be ready to go on the spot. She starts crying. He tells her that this couldn't have come at a better time for them. To get away from everything that has made them sad. He looks at her and asks what is wrong. She cries harder. She tells him that their is not enough time. He tells her that it is simple, just throw some bags into a bag. They leave tonight or first thing in the morning. She tells him that it is not simple, He doesn't get it. She tells him "I can't handle this! In my state of mind I am not prepared to go anywhere, a trip right now, there is no way!"

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