The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on Y&R
Dru and Malcolm took off for Tahiti. Olivia and Neil bonded. Victor threatened to fire Jack and Jill. Ryan returned home. Ashley found a letter to Kurt from his dead wife and learned that Kurt's wife had left him.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, January 20, 1997

Due to the inauguration of President Bill Clinton, The Young and the Restless did not air today. The regular broadcasting schedule resumes on Tuesday.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997
by Dee Stanley

Victor and Hope are having breakfast and he is telling her how angry he is over the betrayal he feels over the acquisition Jack and Jill pulled off behind his back. He gets quite loud and scares V.J. (Victor Jr.) He asks his mommy why he is yelling at her.  Victor takes him in his arms and tells him that he is sorry for scaring him.
Kurt  tells Ashley that going back seems like he is rubbing his nose in the past and it isn't going to help anything. The closer he gets the more he feels that this is going to be one big painful mistake.
Nick walks into Jacks office and they tell him about his fathers reaction.  Jack tells Nick that Victor doesn't know that he is involved and their is no reason that Victor need to know any differently.
Cole visits his wife at her work.  Victoria is very surprised to see him. He tells her that he really doesn't know what she does and wants to know why he doesn't know anything.  She blows off his question.  He asks her if she is free for dinner. She tells him that she is busy but she will call him in an hour to let him know where she is at.  He leaves.
Kurt and Ashley arrive at the Cape Cod home. (Everything is in order as if he had just left yesterday.) With tears in his eyes he walks through the door. He walks around the house and with every piece of memorabilia he has a flashback.  He sees his wife and daughter in the room as if he were living with them at the moment. He looks at Ashley with tears and tells her that it is all coming back, her face her voice, Its all coming back. The doorbell rings and it is Helen the next door neighbor. She tells him that she comes by once a week to dust. ( that's why the place looked so clean.) She tells Ashley where she can find her if they should need anything.
Cole is back at home and he opens the front door to walk outside and runs into Nina. She has the next batch of research done for him.  He is surprised at how fast he got this stuff to her.  She tells him that Ryan will be home soon and she doesn't know how much time she will have and wanted to make sure he had the stuff that he needed.  She had wrote some extra stuff and he asked her if she could stay while he went through it so he could go over it with her.  She tells him yes as she is glowing in his presents.
Nick and Victor catch up on the family news.  Nick brings up the acquisition that took place while he was gone.  At this point Nick is staying on the safe side to get at his point. Victor wants to know where he heard that?
Jack and Jill Wonder together why they should have to back off of this acquisition. Jack refers to Victor as the black night in his bantering with Jill.  He looks Jill in the eye and tells her that Victor is stuck with this deal  whether he likes it or not!
Victor's eyes practically pop out of his head when what Nick has just said registers in his mind.  He lays into Nick for allowing Jack and Jill to use him like that.  Nick stands up to Victor. He tells him that he was not used.  Nick tells him that he believes in this deal all the way. Victor has had enough and tells Nick that he does not like this deal. Nick looks his father square in the eye's and said "Your wrong, do something to get past that tremendous pride of yours and you would see what a good deal it is. With that he storms out of the office.
(Its another weird time warp today. Nina shows up at Victoria's office her clothes are changed and her hair is done.) Victoria wants to know what she is doing in her office. She asks him what her intentions are for her marriage. Vic tells her that she doesn't quite know and under no circumstances is Nina the right women for Cole.  She tells Nina that she could never satisfy Cole. Nina argues the point with her. She tells Vic that she has no clue as to how much in sink that her and Cole are. The chemistry that is between them, The fact that she cares for Cole. Victoria wants to know what she is planning to do about Ryan.  Victoria tries to rub the fact that she doesn't even know when Ryan is coming home.  Nina shoves the letter from Ryan in her face and said "I was the first to know." Victoria tells Nina that  she doesn't think that her and Ryan will get back together. "What are you going to tell him that you want to wait and see what happens between her and Cole first?  Have you seen Cole today?" she asks.  Nina gives her a sheepish grin and Victoria throws her out of her office.
Kurt is going threw a file. He finds his daughters report card, His marriage certificate, ect.. with every piece of paper he has a flash back. Its so sad.  Ashley wonders into the office and finds an envelope addressed to Kurt.  She assumes it is from his wife. She wonders what is in it, and wishes it wasn't sealed.  She walks out into the living room with it and sees how much pain he is in and puts the envelope in her pocket.....

Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Tony visits Grace with coffee. Small talk. Grace tells him to stay away from Nick and Sharon.

Victoria visits daddy and whines about feeling like an old married woman. Later, Tony brings Victoria a turkey sandwich and asks her just what she wants in life. Grace lurks outside Victoria's office.

Jack and Jill go to see Victor again. Nick wants to come too. No, better not. Nick shows up anyway and puts in his two cents. Victor tells him again that he was used. Ends with Victor telling Jack to find the loophole in the deal. Meeting adjourned.

Kirt relives more moments with his wife and daughter. He even brings in a bird feeder (into the living room!) to fill it up. We bird watched as a family. The neighbor brings coffee. It ends with Kirt telling Ashley to leave. She is on the plane and decides to read the letter addressed to Kirt. "Oh my God!"

Cole visits Nina to tell her that she is developing into a great writer. Ryan calls telling Nina everything is on schedule. He'll be home on the 23rd. Nina pleads with Cole to let her continue to work for him. He says okay.

Chris tells Paul that she is late. Late? Yes, your mother might just get her wish, I might be pregnant!

Thursday, January 23, 1997

Nick tells Sharon how Victor bashed him. Nikki overhears. She goes to see Victor. Can you stop being the all knowing Victor Newman and be human for once? Victor continues to rant about everyone going behind his back. He will never tolerate insubordination, especially from his own son. Hope enters and says she agrees with Nikki. Victor goes upstairs, again saying it's good Nicholas get his lumps now and learn to bounce back.

Jack is telling Diane about Victors reaction. Diane tells him that maybe it's time to leave GC. She would go anywhere with him. Jack says he isn't ready to give up just yet. Phone rings, its Victor. I'm deadly serious Jack, you had better do as I say.

Neil and Olivia have dinner together with the kids. Later, when the kids are watching videos, they discover just how much they have in common. Meanwhile, Dru and Malcolm are drinking and dancing in Tahiti.

Kirt remembers more. The neighbor stops by again. Where is Miss Abbott? She left. Oh yes Kirt, I did see Linda the day that she died. She didn't quite seem herself. Why didn't you tell me this before? Meanwhile, Ashely is reading the letter again and trying to decide whether to tell Kirt or not. The letter to Kirt says that Linda has fallen in love with someone else. She tried to fight it but her feelings for him have changed. It's not his fault. By the time you read this Kirt, I will have told our daughter my intentions to file for divorce. Ashely finally decides *not* to tell Kirt. Let him remember things as they were.

Friday, January 24, 1997
by Mike Horn

Jill meets Keith at Jabot, where they compliment each other's negotiating skills, she admiring how he drove a hard bargain, he liking her give and take. Jack interrupts the happy couple and informs Keith of Victor's disapproval.

Victor and Nick argue about the Dennison acquisition. "Jack showed me some respect. HE listened to me. HE appreciates me . . ." Victor won't hear it. "Once Dennison's torn up the contract, you, my boy, owe me an apology . . ." Nick fumes.

Victor meets with Keith, who pretends he doesn't know of Victor's displeasure. Victor sees through this and tells him that Jack had no authority. "I'm not interested in your company." Keith grimaces, says it's an enforceable contract and he's not walking away from it. Exits. Alone, Victor chuckles "This guy wants to spar with me! Good luck, my friend!" "Connie, get me John Silva!" (He hasn't had any lines yet this month.)

Silva dampens Victor's chortle-fest by saying Keith may have a case. It could take months, possibly years to settle.

Victor tells Jack and Jill that it looks like he's stuck with the Dennison deal. "You two better make it work, because if it doesn't, you're both out of here!" (you ignorant punks!) Glowerpuss leaves and Jack and Jill jubilantly embrace, then both look embarrassed by the hug.

Meanwhile, the Befuddled Four once more go into their repetitive dialogues, as Ryan and Cole both want answers from their wives.

Ryan returns from his gruelling TV-movie shoot, wondering if he has a home to come home to. He notices Nina's empty antidepressant bottle. "Why didn't anyone tell me!" Nina describes what a mess she was, but she's better now, since she's working again with Cole. Ryan's jealousy flares up. "Things are more confusing since I left. I want answers!" (Good luck!)

Over at Howard Manure, Victoria and Cole have The Argument (Take #257) "Where do things stand between us?" "Do you love me?" "How long can we stay in this state of limbo?" "Do you feel anything?" Blah, blah, blah. Victoria's bottom line: "As soon as I know something, you'll know. That's all I can promise." (At last, progress!)

Danny and Phyllis are doing a little celebrating over at his sister's restaurant. Gina, somehow sensing that John Silva may get more lines than her this month, rattles on about a bottle of wine that she was saving for a special occasion. And, to make it extra special, Danny's going to sing!

Phyllis (going for the Emmy) : "Do you know how sexy you look when you sing? I get all quivery inside just thinking about it!" (these are ACTUAL lines of dialogue!)

The Artist Formerly Known as DogBoy then does his best lounge lizard impression as he croons "The More I See You" to his wife. He glances once at Chris and Paul, who are lucky enough to be in the audience. The crowd erupts into wild applause when he stops singing.

The Romalottis then join the Williamses to share in their happiness, Cricket is reluctant to drink the wine. Phyllis immediately surmises that a little larva may be on the way. Chris admits the possibility and tentative congrats are offered. Separately the couples discuss the potential baby. Phyllis is happy, Danny is happy, Paul is happy and Chris has gas.

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