The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on Y&R
Josh found Nikki in Victor's arms. Katherine planned a dinner and invited Ashley -- without telling Kurt. Jill met Keith's daughters. Victoria went away to 'find' herself. In the hospital, Sharon began to bleed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 17, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, February 17, 1997
by Laura

Chris visits with Nina. You'd better do whatever you have to to keep Ryan. See my Valentine from Ryan? It makes me cry every time I read it. Chris leaves. Ryan comes back and says sorry for storming out. (Um, didn't he do this already? and find Nina on the couch crying with the Valentine?) Anyway, he sees that she has found the card. That was supposed to be for Valentines day (Um, did they miss it? Danny and Phyllis had Valentines day. It's still supposed to be the same night as he left in a huff...I can't figure this out!). He pours the wine and they end up in the sack. You are such a wonderful lover Ryan, don't every doubt yourself.

Tony tells Grace she ought to go for Mr. Newman. Just think, if you were to marry him and I was to marry Victoria, you would be my stepmother! ........ Victor tells Josh not to ever tell him what to do again, don't you interfere with my family. Nick sees and asks Josh about it. Josh tells him not to worry about it. Tests are back, everything looks okay for Sharon and the baby. Can go home tomorrow morning if all is well through the night. Doris visits with Sharon. Sharon gushes to Doris and Nick how she wants them both to stay with her. My family is so very important to me, it is just what I need now.................Later, at the ranch, Victor arrives to question Nikki about what Sharon was upset about before her fall. They end up sucking face and guess who arrives home?! Josh. He slams the door to make his presence known and proceeds to tell Victor to stop coming out to the ranch, it's not your house, you just cause trouble. Victor says, so you want me to stop coming do you......

Chris and Paul at the Collonade Room. (Let's see, for them it must be Valentines day as they were supposed to go out, I think, gosh I'm so confused as to what day it really is!?) Anyway, they do what they do best in telling each other just how wonderful the other is, they dance, they suck face. (Most of this I ff thru, it's just too much for me.)

Cole and Victoria finally find out about Sharon. Cole wonders if maybe it's time for them to have a baby, being as how life is so precious. Victoria can't believe he would even suggest such a thing in her state of mind. It ends with Victoria telling Cole that he's got to realize just how different each of their lives is, how two people couldn't be farther apart than they are.

Tuesday, February 18, 1997

Nikki gets Josh and Victor to stop fighting, for the family's sake. Josh goes to take a shower, you'd better be gone when I get done. Nikki whines to Victor some more about the family being torn apart. Meanwhile, Nick lays down with Sharon at the hosptial. Later, Victor visits 'my boy' and Nick actually talks to him. I love her so much dad, I don't know what I would have done.......I need to be alone with my wife.

Ashley is whinning to Hope about Kurt when Katherine calls. I need to see you. I won't be here when you arrive, but make yourself at home. Katherine instructs Esther to prepare dinner for two, but I won't be here. You just let Ashley in and keep quiet and make dinner for two. Ashley arrives, and who does she see?........IT's KURT!

Jill has dinner with Keith and meets Tricia and Megan (Keith's daughters) at Gina's.

Tony and Grace meet at the coffee slop.

Wednesday, February 19, 1997

It's Sharon and Nick's first anniversary; and he remembered! He gives her a card. They find out she can go home tomorrow, he leaves; flowers are delivered. Grace is helping Sharon pack, oh no! Sharon doubles over. Grace, get the doctor something is happening, something is wrong!

Ashley and Kurt go round and round about his wanting to be alone, her pressuring him, etc. It ends with her storming out, I'm through caring and worrying about you, Kurt Costner.

Malcolm brings sandwiches to Olivia. They talk about Dru and Neil. Olivia remembers with what looks like longing, her moments with Neil. She shoos Malcolm out. Dru arrives and sputters about Neil, how he went behind her back, calling Sid. Can Lily and I come and stay with you? No, you and Neil need to work things out. She sends Dru on her way and then places a call to Malcolm, I'm sorry for the way I shooed you out, it was really nice of you to bring me food, you are very important to me Malcolm. He wonders just where she is coming from.

Megan and Tricia tear apart Jill after dinner. She's nothing like mom was. But dad really cares about her, it's what he wants, etc. Keith comes home and questions them on their thoughts. Previously, John A. has walked in on Jill and Keith sucking face. Keith leaves. Are you really okay with this John?

Thursday, February 20, 1997

It's the next morning. Sharon is okay for now. Nick is there with her. Want to keep you here a few more days, just to be safe.

Josh and Nikki have words about Victor. He gets the news of Sharon's bad night, he calls Victor (who was just in the process of telling Hope about his and Josh's confrontation). Both Victor and Nikki go to see Sharon.

At the coffee slop, Grace is really worried about Sharon and the baby. Tony tries to help her calm down. Later at the hospital, Tony goes to the cafeteria while Grace grills Dr. Landers about Sharon. While they are talking, the nurse rushes to the good Dr. It's Sharon Newman, she's spotting again. Grace--WHAT DOES THAT MEAN DR.?! Doc rushes into the room.

Ashley arrives to tell Hope about her dinner with Kurt. Meanwhile, Kurt is preparing to go wandering again. Katherine tells him just what she thinks about him and wishes him God's speed. I guess Kurt decides to stay after all as later, he calls Ashley and asks her to dinner, or lunch. I guess it will take some time for you to tell me exactly what you think of me. I'll be at Gina's at noon. (BTW, this is the most animated I've see this guy since he's been on the show.) Well Kurt, I'm not sure I will.

Jack and Diane discuss their wedding.

Thursday February 21, 1997
font face="arial" color="#804080" size="-1">Courtesy

Neil wakes up to an empty bed. Calls Olivia. No Neil, she's not here. Dru is playing with Lily in the other room. They shoo the kid out so they can argue until Neil is summoned to work by the Black Knight. Olivia comes by later and Dru tells her that on her next modeling gig she is taking Lily with her. Meanwhile, Malcolm is visiting Neil and Neil is telling him to stay out of his family business. I just don't understand it Malcolm, Dru and I have never been so far apart.

Victoria tells Victor that she is leaving. Cole comes by the office, summoned by Victoria, and she tells him. I've packed a bag and I'm on my way to the airport. He can't believe she is just going to leave like this. More talk, they kiss and she goes. (What I can't believe is that she didn't tell Nikki or Nick. And Sharon is the *hospital!* What a caring daughter/sister she is.)

Katherine buys Kurt some new clothes. He puts his hair in a pony tail and goes to Gina's to wait for Ashley. She does show up. Kurt tells her thank you for your help. I'm not there yet, but I've decided to get a grip and move forward. Ashley asks about his previous career and he says "it's too soon for that." A guy shows up at the table who recognizes Kurt. Good to see you, sorry about your wife and kid. Give me a call so we can get together. Hands him his card and leaves. Of course, Kurt doesn't tell Ashley anything.

Sharon has another ultrasound. The kid is a boy. Later, with the test results, Josh tells her that she must stay in bed because of a slight placenta separation (that's why she is spotting). Sharon bellows, tell us the truth Josh, am I going to lose this baby? AM I? Grace is lurking at the door and hears that. Of course, the show ends with no response from the good doctor (of course, it's Friday).

Oh yes, there are superfluous scenes with John A. and Ashley and Jack and Diane.

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