The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on Y&R
Kurt found the incriminating photos of Grant and Linda. Kurt confronted Grant with a gun. Grace and Tony got closer to the truth about Sharon's first baby. Nina and Cole talked about how they had made love several months earlier.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, March 17, 1997
by Laura

Ryan asks Cole to help Nina while Jill is telling Nina that she is going to get her help, namely a doctor, whether she wants it or not.

Kurt begins to look at the photos. Ashley asks Katherine to get Kurt out of the room. Ashley gets the photos (that she has seen) of Linda and Grant and throws them into the fireplace, just as Kurt reenters. Ashley, what are you doing with my photographs!?

Grace finds out that the lawyer (whose name is on the paper Frank gave her) is in prison. She goes and pleads with the sick (literally) old man for information. He says he can't help her, he doesn't know anything...the guards wheel him back to the infirmary as he has a coughing jag.

Sharon and Nick baptize the baby. His name is Noah, Noah Newman.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997

Kurt gets the photos out of the fireplace. Demands to know what Ashley knows. He is ready to leave to go to Cape Cod when Ashley finally gives him the letter.

Jack and Neil/Olivia and Malcolm all watch Dru's interview on TV (in different locations). (I guess we are supposed to forget the scenes we saw of Neil lurking outside the door of *his own home* while they were taping the interview, because he acts like it is a surprise to him.) Jack tells Neil just how special Dru is. Malcolm tells Olivia that he hopes that Neil was watching.

Nikki, Sharon and Nick draw hope from knowing that each minute, hour, day that passes is that much more time that Noah has for development. It ends with Nikki and Sharon in an embrace.

Grace is summoned back the prison. Unfortunately, Mr. Becker dies before she gets there. But wait! The prison matron has a note for Grace that Mr. Becker gave to her before he croaked! He said it was very important.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997

Dru tells Malcolm about Lillie, how she asked why Mommy and Daddy are so sad, why don't you hug anymore? Meanwhile, Neil tells Olivia that he was proud of Dru and her interview, but......

Kurt tells Ashley she was playing God, keeping things from him. Ashley tells him, I'm so sorry Kurt. He finally gets her to leave as he begins to throw the letter in the fireplace, then crumples it up. (Yes, he did read the letter and wonders how he could have been such a fool, etc.)

Victor buys Jr. some boxing gloves and begins to teach him. He tells the kid to call him Victor. The kid goes to box in front of the mirror while Hope tells Victor how happy she is about Jr. and Victors relationship. He's our son, I promised you he would have a father. Oh Victor, you don't know how happy that makes me.......It ends with Victor holding her face (why does he always do this to women) and then kissing her.

John A. whines to Katherine about Ashley being involved with "this Kurt fellow."

Grace gets the note from the prison matron, from Becker. It says Alice? They go to his old office. I never worked with that man and his adoption scheme/racket. Yes, Alice was a women he lived with, here is her address. Tony and Grace go, but Alice doesn't live there anymore (ha ha). As they drive away, a school bus is dropping off a little girl (about five years old, what do you know!) and the kid goes into the house (where Alice doesn't live).

Thursday, March 20, 1997

Jill and Ryan discuss Nina and why Ryan left with Phillip. Just as Cole is visiting Nina to see what he can do to help her. She can't believe that he is asking! Nina spews.."ever since that night at that cabin you rented, where you were waiting for your wife, but I misunderstood the note you left and I came; and we made love..(now just wait a minute. I know that I didn't miss any shows and there was NEVER any scenes of them in bed, NEVER any mention of 'making love'.). Nina continues..I was an easy lay for you and you just tossed me aside. You still being in love with a woman who has abandoned you, gone God knows where and coming back? Who knows? Maybe you are the one who needs help. Think about that on your way out.

Danny is back! And he, Chris, Paul and Lynn make a lunch date. Paul never shows because he gets mugged. They took his wallet, extra set of keys....Chris thinks maybe it is someone out for revenge. (Maybe it's Jake coming back to get them because of Benita?!) Paul got 20 stitches in his side as a result of the mugging. (No Phyllis yet, she's gone to visit her folks with LD. They were all on tour with Danny.)

Diane asks Victor to lunch. He wonders why, and keeps asking her as such.

Kurt visits Ashley before disappearing. Ashley calls looking for him. She eventually calls Grant, telling him how Kurt knows everything and he is probably on his way to Cape Cod as we speak. Yes, he is. He arrives at his house, finds a gun, is sitting on a desk as Grant arrives (oh, such a smart move Grant!).

Friday, March 21, 1997

Danny invites everyone over for Phyllis's homecoming. Paul, Chris, Lynn, Joni, and Danny are waiting. Phyllis arrives. What are you all doing here? LD is tired, he goes to bed (a new kid in the role). Phyllis says she is not up to this and goes to lie down. Everyone thinks they should leave. Danny says, are you sure? (DUH!) (What a way to introduce the new Phyllis. She says about three or four lines and goes away. It will take some time for me to accept this new person. Phyllis was so unique, created by Michelle Stafford. The new kid looks cute, but of course, he drank some magical water while away, he's older.)

Diane finally tells Victor she wants to talk about Jack. Victor says what a way to ruin a good lunch. Later, after visiting Sharon, Jack visits Victor wanting to know how he feels about Jack asking Nicholas to work on the Dennison/Vanguard stuff. Victor says it just might be a good idea. Even though I hate to agree with you Jack Abbott. Much later, Jack and Diane suck face in Jack's office.

Nicholas receives news in the mail. He's been offered a job in Seattle. He gushes to Doris about it at the hospital. He will wait to tell Sharon till they are able to take Noah home, but he wants Mom (Doris) to think about moving out to Seattle with them.

Kurt and Grant go round and round. Kurt wants to call Grant's wife and fill her in. But then, the doorbell rings, what do you know! It's Rachel Long, Grant's wife. She was concerned about Grant and followed him. After chit chat, Kurt bellows for Grant to take his wife home. We're finished here. Kurt burns the letter.

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