The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on Y&R
Grace and Tony discovered that Sharon's daughter was living with Mildred, who promised to think about giving Cassie back to her mother. Neil and Dru agreed to work on their marriage. Noah's heart stopped.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, March 24, 1997

Victor offers Ryan the Brash & Sassy leadership role till Victoria returns. Ryan accepts. Later, Nikki visits Victor to tell him about how Jack wants to offer Nicholas a position in the Dennison/Vanguard acquisition. Victor says he already knows. It ends emotionally with Victor asking Nikki why she ever married that damn doctor.

Nick is seeking advice from Cole about the job offer in Seattle. (Wait till you check out Nick's hair, the bangs are all flipped up! Too funny. I don't know how Cole could do the scenes without cracking up!) :}

Danny tells Phyllis she was rude to their friends. She doesn't think she did anything wrong. Later, Phyllis is telling Joni how she just can't stand Cricket, 'that bug'. It makes me sick to be nice to her just for Danny. Meanwhile, Danny is visiting the fab three (Paul, Chris and Lynn) to apologize for Phyllis and to tell them he'll make it up to them. They tell him not to worry, they all know how Phyllis likes to 'shoot from the hip' and not really think before she speaks. (It looks like TPTB are going to resurrect the Phyllis get Chris story again, whatever for now, since she is MARRIED to Danny, him willingly this time.....)

Grace and Tony go back and quiz 'Mildred Johnson' (the elderly lady) again about Alice. Mildred tells them some stuff (lies by the look of it) and they get in their car to leave. But guess what, the school bus arrives and the little girl gets out and goes into the house. Millie, I'm home! Grace wonders if this could be Sharon's first baby?!

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

It's (re)hash day in Genoa City.

Dru and Malcolm. Olivia and Neil. Nikki and Sharon. Grace and Tony.

Later, Neil and Dru have a really good talk. He says he can see now just how important family is to Dru. They need to stop arguing about her career when they are together. They both love each other so much. Kiss, kiss.

Nina calls Flo, can you bring Phillip over? I really need to see him. Flo drags the kid over. No Mom, you don't want to see me, so I don't want to see you. They stay about two or three minutes and then they leave. Cole arrives later. Nina and Cole rehash. They talk about the cabin and 'making love' (something we *never* saw or that was even inferred). Cole says Nina needs to take some responsibility for what happened. Maybe she needs to tell Ryan the whole truth, get all the cards on the table. Should we call him Nina? so you can start to live a normal life?

Nick is real pumped about the letter and the job in Seattle. He goes to see Sharon, who misinterprets and thinks that he has talked to Jack about the "plan" for Nick to work at Dennison/Vanguard. Sharon is gushing about how happy she is and how happy everyone will be that they are staying in Genoa City. Nick doesn't have the heart to tell her different. (Give the guy some credit, he really loves his wife!)

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Another boring, slow moving day in Genoa City.

Nick and Sharon visit Noah. He moves! while they are talking about him.

Grace and Tony see Millie again and try for more info. Millie eventually gets them to leave telling them not to come back or it'll be the cops. Grace talks with Cassie (the little girl) before leaving with Tony.

Ashley fills Hope in on all the Kurt stuff. Hope tells her again that she thinks Ashley is in love with Kurt. Later, in the lab, Kurt shows up and fills Ashley in on what happened in Cape Cod. It ends with them sucking face.

Cole and Nina continue to go round and round about telling Ryan the whole truth. Nina says, maybe I just imagined the whole thing, maybe we never really did make love! (hey, now there's a concept!). Ryan arrives just as Cole is leaving; telling Nina to think about what he said, it may be a way to solve things. Ryan wonders what that was all about. Of course Nina can't say. I'm so messed up Ryan. Why would you want to be with me.......(This woman needs help! Now!) Ryan goes through his mail and eventually leaves.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

Jill gives Tricia a tour of Jabot and she even gets to meet Ryan!

Nick visits with Noah. Meanwhile, Grace and Tony are rehashing about Cassie and how Grace wants to snatch the kid. Grace calls for Nick to see how the baby is (she thinks the baby is dead). Of course Nick tells her that Noah is hanging on. But then, the monitor goes flat-line....They work on Noah, but it looks like he is dead.

Danny asks Phyllis to go see Chris. Phyllis does and tells Chris she wants her to do what she is going to do; discourage Danny from trying to forge a relationship between the four of them. (This new Phyllis might not be so bad after all!) After Phyllis leaves, Chris realizes her dictating recorder was on and that everything is now recorded. Phyllis, maybe you have just outfoxed yourself. Meanwhile, Sasha has called for Phyllis. Upon learning this, Phyllis begins a mini fit. Joni, don't you ever tell her about me and Danny being married. etc.

Oh yes, Diane and Kurt have now been added into the opening sequence.

Friday, March 28, 1997

It's a stormy night in Genoa City.

Phyllis lies to Danny saying Chris wasn't real receptive to the friendship offer. Meanwhile, Chris is playing the tape for Paul who recommends saving the evidence for the future. With Phyllis, you know you'll need it.

Grace and Tony visit Mildred again and try to convince her to let them take Cassie. (I still don't get where Grace gets off thinking that this kid can replace Noah. In this case, Tony is right (for once). Grace tells her the whole Sharon saga. Mildred asks for their phone number, she will think about it and give them her answer. (Oh yes, I've finally figured out what happened to Hope's farm house. It is now Mildred's house! They must have transported it from Kansas to Wisconsin. Ha Ha)

Nick tearfully tells Victor that Noah is dead. Victor leaves to tell a weaping Nikki. Nick breaks the news to Sharon who wants to flee the hospital. They drive in the storm for a while. Then Sharon decides it's time to go back to be with Noah. When they return, they get the wonderful news that Noah is ALIVE! The doctors were able to bring him back and get his heart beating again. For now he seems to be stable.

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