The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on Y&R

Victoria was not happy when Ryan would not step down at Brash & Sassy. Sasha returned to Genoa City and attempted to blackmail Phyllis, who paid her off. Victor invited Diane to dinner in his private dining room and offered her a big job.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 14, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, April 14, 1997

Victor invited Diane to lunch. She lied to Jack, but he figured out who she was dining with. He told her not to waste her time, trying to get Victor to change. She said she was going to keep trying.

Josh wanted to take Nikki to a tropical paradise. Nikki thanked him but said the time wasn't right. Veronica remained in the mental hospital. Later, Nikki visited Victor, upset about Nicholas leaving. Victor told her that they had to let the boy live his own life.

Victoria and Ryan argued about who should run Brash & Sassy.

Christine visited Nina with some names of psychiatrists. Nina finally called and made an appointment. Nina went to tell Ryan, hoping for his support. He said he hoped she followed through with things "this time." She ended up walking out after arguing with him.

Grace went to see Sharon and eventually got to the point. "You're not going to believe where I've been and what I've done," Grace said -- and the nurse was just about ready to take Noah into the room.

Victoria tried to convince Nick not to leave Genoa City.

Tuesday, April 15, 1997

Kurt said goodbye to both of the women he had saved. He was going back to Cape Cod to "wrap some things up." He gave Hope a big smooch before finally leaving, and Junior saw.

Phyllis continued to obsess about Sasha, who was on a plane, making sure all evidence of Danny was gone. Danny called from a plane to say, "I love you." Christine arrived to spend time with little Daniel. Phyllis told Christine that Daniel was ill and couldn't be with her that day. Phyllis and Christine sparred verbally with Christine telling Phyllis she wouldn't get away with keeping Daniel from her. The doorbell rang; it was Sasha.

Grace found out that Noah was alive. She couldn't believe it. Tony and Cassie arrived at the hospital but Grace whisked them away before Sharon saw them. After feeding Cassie pizza, Grace told Tony about the baby not being dead.

Nikki called Victor. Noah was going home that day. Victor went to the ranch to be there to greet everyone. He and Nikki became emotional about their family and embraced. Meanwhile, Sharon recalled all the wonderful times with Nick as he arrived to take her and Noah home.

Wednesday, April 16, 1997

Nick thought that Nikki and Victor needed to wait until the following day to see Noah. "You know, 2:00 a.m. feedings and all," he explained. Later, Sharon thought that it had been the wrong decision, and Nick called and told them that Noah had summoned Grandma and Grandpa. An elated pair showed up to see their grandson.

Victor called Diane to cancel lunch because of seeing Noah. Meanwhile, John and Jack were talking about Diane and her lunch with Victor. Diane showed up. John offered his take on Victor. Later, Jack and Diane kissed and talked about Victor while Victor called Diane's voicemail to reschedule dinner for that evening -- before Victor was summoned by Noah.

Grace and Tony talked about what to do with Cassie. They wondered if they should take her back. Cassie wanted to play house with Grace. "Gee, I'm not sure I remember how," Grace said. Cassie said not to worry; she would show Grace how. She said she had never had anyone to play with before.

Christine met Sasha. "You look so familiar, have we met before?" Christine asked before she left. Sasha began her torment of Phyllis. "I've still got the manuscript. You were too smart for me before, setting me up with Peter to distract me, but not now. Peter is gone, and I've still got the manuscript. Now Phyllis, are you going to pay me for it, or am I going to offer it to the tabloids?" Sasha asked.

Sasha said she was sure that there was someone out there who would be willing to pay big bucks to learn that little Daniel wasn't really Danny's son and that paternity tests had been switched. Phyllis kept looking at her watch, wondering if Danny was on his way home.

Meanwhile, Christine had returned to Paul's office and reported that Phyllis had been acting strangely. Paul said that Phyllis was always strange. Christine said, "No, I mean, usually Danny's music and stuff is all over the place. It was like he didn't even live there. No pictures."

Thursday, April 17, 1997

Danny called Phyllis. "I'm back, just got to get my luggage and I'll be there," he said. He realized something was wrong with her. He instructed her to just lie down until he got there. However, the reason Phyllis wasn't herself was because of Sasha. Phyllis convinced Sasha that Danny couldn't care less about her, so all that Sasha would get was a pittance from Phyllis.

Phyllis handed Sasha a check, and Sasha left. Danny arrived home to a happy Phyllis. The couple made love on the sofa. Meanwhile, as Sasha waited in line at the airport, she spied a newspaper photo of the happy Romalotti family. "Phyllis, you bitch. You won't get away with this again," Sasha declared.

Nikki complained to Nick about his leaving for Seattle and maybe moving away. Nick returned home to confirm that Sharon was with him on the move. Sharon put up a good front, but after he left, it was clear that she really wasn't so sure.

Hope asked Victor if he could remember the last time that he had kissed her. After Victor left, Junior told Hope that he had seen Kurt kissing her. Hope told Junior not to say anything about it to anybody else; they wouldn't understand.

Diane returned Victor's call, and they met for dinner at the private dining room. Victor wanted Diane to redesign/update all his buildings for the future. He said, "This could take you months, even a year, and for now, you are not to tell anyone about it, not even your fiancé." Diane was thrilled with the opportunity, and they had a glass of wine to toast.

Victoria tried to make some headway with Cole, but he was not buying. She needed to do more to prove herself.

Friday, April 18, 1997

Dru grilled Malcolm about his relationship with Olivia. Later, Neil summoned Malcolm to his office and basically did the same thing. Still later, Malcolm visited a hot and bothered Olivia -- the air conditioning was out on her floor at the hospital. He told her about being raked over the coals by Dru and Neil. Olivia said, "Well, Malcolm, act or no act, I really enjoyed that kiss the other night." She took a call, and Malcolm gave her a good looking over. He said, "Olivia, you are so beautiful."

Doris questioned whether Sharon really wanted to move. Meanwhile, Nick was being offered a job in Seattle, in the executive training program. "But wait, I want you to meet some other people before you make your decision," the company representative told him. Nick called Sharon with the good news. She was almost in tears after hanging up.

Phyllis wore black silk and lace while kissing Danny and feeding him. She was paranoid when there was a knock at the door. It was only a free pizza delivery offer. There was another knock -- it was Sasha. She entered, showing the photo in the paper and gushing to Danny. Danny left for the studio, and Sasha ripped into Phyllis.

Katherine visited Hope and got an earful from Junior about "the kiss." Katherine asked Hope about it later. Hope said, "It was nothing, Katherine, nothing. Let's not talk about this anymore because it was nothing." Katherine replied, "By all means. We wouldn't want to continue a discussion about nothing."

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