The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on Y&R
Sasha offered Christine information on Phyllis. Christine was shocked to learn that Michael Baldwin was up for a parole hearing. Dru and Olivia had words about Olivia's feelings for Neil. Sharon met Cassie, unaware that Cassie was her daughter.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 5, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, May 5, 1997

Jill visits Nina and is supportive of her efforts to get herself together. Later, Jill learns that Ryan has been promoted to VP at Newman Enterprises. (in charge of the Jabot Men's line) and calls Nina to share the good news. Nina, why don't you call Ryan for a celebration. JUST TRY!......Victor tells Ryan about the promotion and Ryan is overwhelmed. There's one more thing Ryan, now that you are VP and report directly to me, call me Victor.....Nina does call Ryan and he agrees to a dinner celebration with Nina and Phillip. A little later, Tricia arrives to congratulate Ryan on the promotion (how she knows??). She gives him her phone number and they suck face.

Chris decides that she will go to the parole hearing for Baldwin. Danny calls to confirm their dinner plans. Phyllis is trying to figure out what to do about Sasha. Danny convinces her to come to the dinner. They all arrive (Danny, Phyllis, Chris and Paul) and Phyllis is noticeable distracted.

Jack visits Nick and offers to find him a place at Newman Enterprises. where he won't report to Victor or himself. Nick says if you can find it, I'd be interested.

Katherine visits Hope and tells her of Kurt's return. Hope visits the future clinic site where Kurt is 'sweeping up' (kinda silly as when there is so much renovation work to do, sweeping would be one of the *last* things, IMO). Hope wants to be the first to volunteer. I know that no one would want me giving them injections or anything like that, but I can answer the phone and with the right computer fill out insurance forms, etc. Kurt accepts gladly and they embrace.

Tuesday, May 6, 1997

Victoria tells Cole she wants to move to NY. She was called by a woman there about a job. Victor summons Victoria. Victoria hands Victor her letter of resignation. Victor hands Victoria a memo which says that Victoria is returning to head up Brash & Sassy. After some more Victoria whining, she accepts the job.

Ryan, Nina and Phillip have a very boring (and sad) celebration. Ryan asks Nina to take Phillip home, he is meeting other people. Ryan calls Tricia who arrives later all smiles and with a gift for Ryan.

Hope calls Kurt, I'm on my way over to help you Kurt. Ashley arrives moments later with a work crew for Kurt. She takes Kurt away to look at office equipment and furniture. Hope arrives and no Kurt. Kurt and Ashley having coffee; he suddenly remembers Hope and Ashley gets in a snit. Go ahead and go, Hope needs her daily kiss. Kurt smiles to himself.

Nick is whining to Nikki about what to do. Sharon calls, has some great news, don't leave. She arrives to tell Nick that he can graduate the University by September if he takes accelerated and night courses. Nick is so pumped! Suck face.

Sasha is addressing a large envelope to Danny. Could it be the manuscript? .......... Meanwhile, the stilted dinner party continues. Phyllis goes to the 'powder room' to get a grip and Chris interrupts her pep talk to herself. Phyllis tells Chris that her distraction is due to the fact that she is so happy about trying for another baby with Danny.

Wednesday, May 7, 1997

Dru and Neil discuss/argue about having another baby. Neil wants it now, Dru wants to wait. Dru tells Malcolm about it later and Olivia just happens to visit Neil and he spills his frustrations to her. Dru returns and overhears the conversation (at their apt.) but doesn't interrupt. Later, she confronts Liv about it, questioning whether Liv wants Dru's marriage to fail so that she can have Neil.

Sharon discusses Grace and her not visiting much with Nikki while Tony and Grace talk about the same thing and what to do with Cassie.

Phyllis is warping about how to get the $30,000. She calls her mother, the answer is no. The envelope is delivered for Danny (the one from Sasha). Phyllis ignores it at first, then suspects it's from Sasha and opens it. She begins grabbing things to pawn and does so and gets $7,000. She takes a camera to another place. Sorry lady, all I can give you is $50. Phyllis inquires about a photographer who might want an uninhibited model. I need a lot of cash FAST! Malcolm just happens to enter the store to overhear this conversation.

Thursday, May 8, 1997

Victoria gushes her news to Cole about getting her job back. They begin to get a little closer when Nick drops by to tell them his great news about college graduation. Of course Victoria has to grab some of the spotlight telling him her news and then he leaves. Cole and Victoria kiss, kiss.....

Cassie has a stomach ache. Tony goes to the drug store while Grace begins to pack Cassie's things. Sharon arrives, Grace stashes all the evidence. Sharon wonders what is going on with Grace. What happened while you were gone? Tony returns and Sharon tries to get info from him. Just then, Cassie enters the room. Who are you? I'm Grace's friend, Sharon. Oh! I know you, you're the person Grace wanted me to meet!

Dru and Liv continue to argue about Dru having a baby, her priorities, and Neil. Dru leaves, telling Liv that she is glad that they had this conversation, so Liv knows that Dru is committed to making 'her man' happy and Liv needs to set her sights elsewhere.

Malcolm grabs Phyllis before she commits to doing something stupid with the photo shop guy. Malcolm tries to get Phyllis to open up to him back at her place.

Danny visits Chris and she tells him about Michael Baldwin's parole hearing. Meanwhile, Michael Baldwin and his attorney talk about Christine's possible testimony and their strategy.

Friday, May 9, 1997

Phyllis is just about to tell Malcolm the 'secret' when Sasha arrives. She barges in and wants Malcolm to leave. He gives Sasha a warning about messing with Phyllis, "she has more friends like me who will stand behind her", and leaves. Phyllis gives Sasha another $10,000 but needs more time. Sasha says no. The Phyllis reminds Sasha just who she is dealing with. You know what happens when my back is against the wall Sasha. I don't think you want that to happen. Sasha says okay, you've got two days....Later, Sasha goes over the conversation in her head in her room. She thinks of another way...Later still, we see her at Chris's office. I think we can help each other. You can help me out of a financial situation and I can help you protect one of your friends.

Previously, Chris receives an apologetic letter from Michael Baldwin. Her and Paul discuss it, the parole hearing, then Danny, Phyllis and Sasha.

Victor visits Diane and asks her to dinner. Sorry, I've got other plans. Jack arrives later in a tux. Thinking she will break the date because of her secret project. No way, we've planned this night for a long time. She leaves to change.

Victor asks Hope to dinner. She accepts. Where are we going? The Collonade Room.

Nina visits Jill and tells her that she thinks Ryan is seeing someone. Jill tells Nina to not give up, you are still married to the man.....Tricia is telling dear old dad that she has met someone great; Ryan. Later, Keith visits Jill. Jill tells him about Nina and her marital problems. Then Keith tells about Tricia probably being in love with Ryan.

Cole and Victoria are in bed. Telling each other just how wonderful the other is. Cole wonders if Victoria possibly wanted someone else. Victoria says no way, I know what I've got. I love you Cole.

Sharon chats with Cassie. Tony takes Cassie out. Grace tells Sharon that she is just watching Cassie during a family crisis. Cassie returns with flowers for Sharon. Sharon leaves. Tony tells Grace things are just getting more complicated. The car is gassed up, are Cassie's things packed? We've got to take her back to the old lady.

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