The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on Y&R

Sasha collected $10,000 from Phyllis, and then offered Christine the same information. At Michael's parole hearing, Christine insisted that Michael should not be released. Dru agreed to try to have another baby, but she secretly continued to take birth control pills.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, May 12, 1997

Jill tells Keith about Ryan being married. Meanwhile, Tricia is visiting Ryan who is packing up his office. Tricia returns home to be grilled by Megan about the new guy in her life. Tricia says she hopes things work out because if they don't she'll just die. This is all heard by Jill who arrived unnoticed by the girls. Keith and Jill decided she should be the one to tell Tricia about Ryan being married.

Phyllis wonders why Chris is so interested in Sasha. She goes to legal aid to see Sasha with Chris. Sasha has taken the manuscript from her bag and is offering it to Chris for $50,000. Chris wants more information. All Sasha will say is that it will wreck lives. Chris wants a number to call Sasha when she gets the cash. Sasha says she will call Chris. Sasha leaves. Phyllis hides at legal aid.

Ashley is confused by Kurt's 'signals'. She goes to the future clinic and questions him. They end up kissing a couple of times before she leaves.

Hope recognizes Diane's perfume and insists that Jack and Diane join them for dinner. Victor and Diane dance and he is noticeably lusting after her. When they switch dance partners, Hope comments on the familiarity of the fragrance on Victor's collar.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

Phyllis tells Joni about seeing Sasha at Legal Aid. Phyllis says she followed Sasha and knows the fleabag motel she is staying at. She wonders just what Chris and Sasha are talking about! She visits Legal Aid later only to find that Chris is gone; sorry I don't know where or when she'll be back. By the way, are you by chance Sasha Green? Mrs. Williams thought she might be calling or stopping by and I'm supposed to get her number. (Gee, just the kind of help I'd want, telling strangers my business.)

Meanwhile, Chris tells Paul about the Sasha encounter and then they talk about Michael Baldwin. Today is the hearing day. Later, we see both of them in a court room; Michael Baldwin enters, hello Christine.

Tricia calls Ryan. Ryan say he'll call her later, maybe get together. Tricia gushes to Megan. Downstairs, Keith and Jill talk about Tricia and Ryan. Jill tells Keith she just couldn't tell Tricia. She is so in love! I've got another way to let her know about Ryan being married. Jill leaves. She talks to Ryan at the office, but he is such a rush; stop modeling in my personal life Jill! Jill doesn't get a chance to tell him just how flipped for him Tricia is.

Hope and Victor banter. Victor leaves, Hope calls Nikki. Nikki will stop by. Hope asks Nikki "Just how far to you think Victor would go to get back at Jack Abbott?."

Nina visits Flo and Phillip. He is a little more receptive to her, but nothing like it used to be. Nina whines to Flo about her life, etc. More rehash.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

by Lady D and Laura Wagner

Nikki and Hope discussing Victor. Hope would like a little more attention from Vic and she doesn't know what to do. Nikki said if you are asking me if you should move I can't tell you that. You know how Victor treats his women. Victor is a mystery. That is what makes him attractive. Nikki said Hope I am married, Hope said you can't tell me you still don't have feelings for Victor like me.

Christine is at the hearing. The only ones against Michael are State Attorney,Paul and Chris. Everyone so far that has testified have nothing but nice things to say about Michael. Chris is very upset hasn't talked yet probably on Thursdays show.

Diane and Jack made dinner plans but a place that Mr.Mouschate, Mr Mumbles, and the Black Knight won't be there Victor shows up at Diane's office wanting her to try a new perfume. She says thanks but no thanks I am a one perfume woman. Vic won't be able to fool Hope the nose. Anyway Victor told Diane he wants the preliminary sketches on his desk first thing in the morning. Walks out. Diane calls Jack cancels dinner said I am very busy don't worry Jack said I will bring over Japanese and I will feed you with Chopsticks.

Sharon and Nick discussing Grace and telling him that Grace is taking care of a little girl. Sharon said are you going to take that job a Newman, I don't know I don't want Daddy watching over me. He leaves for school. Sharon just talking with her mother how happy she is.

Over at Grace's they can't get in touch with Millie, they think something is wrong because Millie was the type not to go anywhere. Cassie is asking questions. Tony tells Grace you got to go and tell Sharon now. Grace goes to Sharon all upset and she says, "I got to tell you something. "

Thursday, May 15, 1997

Grace is about to tell Sharon who Cassie really is but Nick interrupts. Grace finds out that Nick and Sharon won't be going to Seattle. Sharon offers to watch Cassie sometime so that Grace can have a break. Sharon asks Grace as she is leaving whether there wasn't more to tell. Grace says no. Upon her return to the apartment, Tony wonders if she told Sharon yet.

Dru tells Malcolm that she has decided to make 'her man' happy and try for a baby. Later, Malcolm tells a less than enthusiastic Olivia. Still later, Dru tells Neil that she is ready for a baby and they drop all her birth control pills into a glass of water.

Danny visits Paul's office, wondering if Lynn has heard anything about the Michael Baldwin hearing. At the hearing (most of the show was the hearing), Baldwin is giving a great performance. Chris questions his rehabilitation. Just how many women has he been around/had control of these past four years? He was an attorney, very capable of hiding his true feelings. I worked with this man, can you guarantee that he won't control, harass, stalk other women if freed? The parole board will advise of their decision. Michael tells Chris and Paul how happy he is that they are happy. It's good to see that people can have a second chance at happiness in their lives. (This guy is real smooth.)

Friday, May 16, 1997

Neil wants to celebrate with Olivia and Malcolm. They arrive, drink champagne and have sandwiches. Olivia isn't as happy as the rest of the gang. Later, back at the office, Olivia tells Malcolm she'll believe that Dru really wants a baby when she is pregnant. Meanwhile, back at the Winters apartment, Neil is off to the bedroom as we see Dru taking a pack of birth control pills from her purse.

Hope visits Kurt at his 'office'. Ashley arrives, Hope leaves. Kurt and Ashley talk about kisses and being jealous. Ashley doth protest too much. She leaves Kurt with a kiss, saying she isn't keeping score anymore, she just wants the best for him (which of course is herself, right?).

Victor visits Nikki, looking for answers about Hope. I don't think she is happy. What can I do? Well Victor, sometimes you are dense. I can't break any confidences I have with Hope. Maybe you need to do some soul searching.

Chris and Paul rehash and speculate about the Baldwin parole hearing then go to lunch. Phyllis gets a call from Sasha who wants her money. Phyllis tries to call Chris. Phyllis pawns her engagement ring for $5,000. Sasha calls Chris asking her if she has the money. Chris says yes, I'll have cash for you tomorrow morning. Chris wants to see Sasha to give her support. Why would you want to do that? I know what Phyllis is like too. Give me your address...the hotel where you are. Okay, let's see......the connection is broken by Phyllis who has pushed down the button on the phone.

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