The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on Y&R
Phyllis slapped Sasha, and Sasha fell onto the bed. Kurt saw smoke under Sasha's doorway. He took a scrap of paper from her hand and performed CPR. Christine and Paul interrupted Phyllis' confession with the news of Sasha's death.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, May 19, 1997

Chris had a "gut feeling" that something was wrong with Sasha. After some argument, Paul called his contact to try to locate Sasha Green. Meanwhile, Phyllis and Sasha were rehashing the whole blackmail thing. Phyllis said she had just stopped by to give Sasha another installment of $7,000. Sasha said she didn't want it. Phyllis told Sasha that if she was thinking of selling to the tabloid, there would be repercussions.

Jack was trying to get John Abbott out. He insisted John needed some kind of social life. Diane visited with Victor to show him her latest work. He was impressed, but asked why she had taken it to his office. He also asked about Jack. Diane explained Jack was in a long business meeting at Jabot, but said he'd find out about it eventually. Victor invited her to dinner so they could discuss it. Diane said she couldn't do it, so Victor suggested they discuss it right away.

Jill finally talked to Ryan about Tricia. Ryan hadn't had a clue that Tricia was "in love" with him. He called Tricia and arranged for her to stop by Jabot. She arrived with brownies and coffee. Ryan finally spilled the beans about his wife and kid. Tricia was really angry. She demanded to know how he could do that to her, and how he could have lied to her.

Cole visited Victoria at the office. They began to undress each other, and Victor walked in. He complimented Victoria on her latest report and reminded both of them that there were locks on the doors for a reason. He left saying, "As you were." Victoria ran to lock the door, and the clothes were off again.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997

Olivia visited Dru to remind her about her pelvic inflammatory disease and said the probability of Dru becoming pregnant was almost nil. Dru agreed but said she had gotten pregnant once, and she could again. Olivia said that by not telling Neil, Dru was, in effect, lying to him again -- after Dru had taken her birth control pill. Dru said to herself as she popped the pill, "Neil, I love you so much, but it would ruin my career to get pregnant right now." Later, Neil returned home to a candlelit apartment, and they started trying to make a baby on the sofa.

Paul received a call back from Jake. They had the hotel where Sasha was staying. Paul and Chris rushed from Legal Aid. Meanwhile, Phyllis wanted to know if Sasha had already sold her out. Sasha was telling Phyllis to leave. Phyllis pushed Sasha onto the sofa. Shortly after, Sasha was lying on the bed with the fax from the tabloid clutched in her hand; smoke rose from the floor.

A little boy summoned Kurt to the hotel. Someone he knew needed help; he wouldn't wake up, and the boy begged Kurt to help. They arrived, and Kurt noticed smoke emanating from another room. Kurt instructed to the boy to quickly get the manager and tell him to call 9-1-1. Kurt beat on the door.

Chris and Paul arrived and were trying to get Sasha's room number from the desk clerk. The clerk said he could not help them because of hotel policy. He called her room on the phone, but there was no answer. While he was still trying for the room information, the boy ran in with the fire news.

Paul called 9-1-1, and they rushed back into the hallway as Kurt was in another hallway with Sasha. He performed CPR. Paul and Chris returned, the medics arrived, and Sasha was taken away. Later, Kurt hung up the phone and reported Sasha had been dead on arrival. Chris wondered if she had said anything to Kurt. In Kurt's pocket was the fax that Sasha had been clutching.

Phyllis arrived at the studio, babbling about how her life was over and how things weren't supposed to end that way. She insisted to Malcolm that she was not a bad person. "Tell me, girl, what happened? Did you do something illegal?" Malcolm asked. Phyllis said she couldn't tell him, because then he would be involved. Malcolm tried to comfort Phyllis. Phyllis wailed, "What is going to happen to my little boy now? What is going to happen?"

Keith visited Ryan to be sure that he had told Tricia about being married. Ryan said he had. Meanwhile, Tricia was bawling at home. Jill tried to help. Tricia did open up to her about being na´ve but also wondered what kind of a guy Ryan really was. Jill played dumb about knowing about the whole thing already. Later, Keith returned home, and they all tried to console Tricia.

Jack pressed Diane for a wedding date. He had a calendar for the next two months. Diane said she just couldn't do it right then, not with her big project. Jack wanted more information about the mystery project. He asked, "Can't we just fly to Vegas?" Diane insisted she absolutely couldn't right then. Jack was really upset and went for the check, cutting short their evening out at Gina's.

Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Laura Wagner

Diane was back at work when Victor arrived. He ordered dinner in. After eating, he asked Diane where she would like to go. He said they could go anywhere, he would just call his pilot and they'd be off. Diane suggested London, not thinking he was serious. He called the pilot and they left.

The phone rang as Victor and Diane were leaving, and it went unanswered. It was Jack, who has been whining to Ashley about how Diane wouldn't set a wedding date and about her secret project. Ashley told him to get used to it, because Diane was a talented person and would have more of that type of job in the future.

Sharon whined to Nick about Grace and how strangely she was acting. She sent an invitation for Grace and Cassie to visit the next day, but there was no response. Grace received the invitation and shoved it into a drawer.

Tony returned and pressed Grace for a decision about Cassie. He insisted she couldn't raise Cassie herself, and she had take the girl back to Mildred. Grace said she couldn't do that. Sharon called and got Grace to commit to the invitation. Sharon hung up and told Nick that she thought Grace was keeping something from her. Nick asked how old Cassie was, and he left for the library.

Malcolm took Phyllis home to a worried Danny. As Malcolm was leaving, Danny asked him, "Just what is troubling my wife, Malcolm?" Malcolm said he didn't know, but Phyllis needed all Danny's love and support. Malcolm had convinced Phyllis that it was better for Danny to hear the bad stuff straight from Phyllis instead of from Sasha. Phyllis was going to tell Danny and even started, but then told Danny that she just couldn't tell him that night. She asked him to just take her to bed and love her, and she promised to tell him the following day.

Chris and Paul were at Kurt's clinic. They asked if there was any more information about the woman, but they learned there wasn't. Kurt took off his jacket as a kid arrived needing help. Chris and Paul left, but the crumpled fax from the tabloid was still in Kurt's jacket pocket.

Chris and Paul returned to the hotel, hoping to find the manuscript. They got into the room and didn't see it until the firemen took in a large box with the charred remains of the manuscript on top of it. Chris opened the cover and all the pages had been burned. Apparently, the secret had died with Sasha.

Thursday, May 22, 1997
by Laura

Nikki and Victoria shared girl talk. Nikki went to visit Sharon, who was getting ready for her party with Grace and Cassie. Miguel had baked cookies for the party. Meanwhile, Grace and Tony were rehashing. Grace said she hoped that Nikki wouldn't be there, as she could be very suspicious. They arrived and, of course, Nikki was still there. Nikki was indeed suspicious of Grace and her actions and reactions with the little girl.

Jack and Katherine set John up with Ellen at Gina's.

Chris and Paul went back to the hotel and got information from the clerk that he had given Sasha's room key to a good-looking redhead. After rehashing back at Paul's office, they concluded that it was Phyllis who had cut off Chris and Sasha's phone conversation, and they wondered what Phyllis's reaction would be to Sasha's death. They decided to visit her with the news.

Phyllis and Danny had spent the night together, and it was morning. Phyllis finally began to tell Danny, but just then, the doorbell rang. It was Chris and Paul with the news of Sasha's death.

Friday, May 23, 1997

Diane and Victor returned. She had done a large amount of shopping. She took all the bags to her office. Diane checked her voicemail and found that Jack was looking for her. Jack arrived. They embraced and kissed. Then he noticed all the bags, which were direct from London.

Diane explained that a client had taken her to London. Jack was upset that she had left the country and hadn't bothered to tell him. He also guessed it was the same client for whom she was doing the secret project. He let her know that the secrecy was becoming an issue between them.

Chris and Paul told Phyllis about Sasha. She had died in a fire at the hotel -- and then they told her that they knew that she had been there. It seemed that Phyllis was the last person to see Sasha alive. Phyllis was upset. Danny asked Chris and Paul to leave. Phyllis told Danny, "Everything I have, I owe to Sasha."

Meanwhile, back at Legal Aid, Paul and Chris determined their next move to discover first how Sasha had died and then what she'd had on Phyllis. Paul called Jeff the fireman, who said they had determined the cause of the fire.

Tricia was crying in her room, listening to "All By Myself." Megan entered and asked Tricia to tell her what was wrong. Tricia said, "Ryan and I broke up!"

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