The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on Y&R
Tricia vowed to make Ryan fall in love with her. Diane returned Jack's engagement ring. Grace began working at Crimson Lights. Sharon felt an instant bond with Cassie. Christine and Paul were convinced that the money found in Sasha's room was from Phyllis.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 2, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, June 2, 1997

Nick and Sharon get lunch together at the coffee slop, alone. Nikki is watching Noah. They don't stay long as they both miss Noah. Victor is there when they return and he and Nick talk a little. Nick and Sharon take the kid home and Nikki offers Victor some advice; about Hope and Nick. Don't smother them, let them emerge on their own.

Kurt arrives to ask Hope to be in on the purchase of a security system and cameras for the clinic. She is overjoyed. She tells him of her plans to move out. Hope, are you asking me for advice? No Kurt, I'm just letting you know what is going on.

Jill tries to get Nina and Ryan together at Jabot. You two need to communicate! It doesn't work very well. Ryan leaves. Nina places a call to her doctor. Not available. Please refer me to someone. The name she writes down is Dr. Tim Reid.

Tricia and Megan rehashing about Ryan. Tricia is bound and determined to get Ryan to fall in love with her. Megan says she is crazy, wanting a man with so much baggage. Maybe I should tell Dad. Keith does come in but Megan keeps her trap shut. Later, Tricia visits Ryan at Jabot. Telling him that she *isn't* in love with him. She was just in love with the *idea* of being in love. Let's just be pals! We had a lot of fun together. We can hang out. But no mushy stuff. I'm *not* in love with you Ryan. He says okay, but we've got to keep it under wraps. I don't need Jill finding out.

Grace can't find a job. She goes to the coffee slop. Jay gets her coffee, on the house. He takes a break and talks with Grace. She tells him about needing a job and he just happens to have one! Waiting tables! Can you start tonight? Yes! She is so happy. She returns to Tony who tells her that she doesn't have any goals in her life. She can't see past tomorrow. What kind of life is this for you with this kid? Being a waitress? Grace tells him to shut up. They argue some more and Tony leaves.

Tuesday, June 3, 1997

Diane returns Jack's ring. If you think that we are playing by different rules, then I think you should take this back. After some discussion and Diane declaring her love for only one man, Jack; and Jack accusing Diane of having 'feelings' for her 'mystery' client. He accepts the ring back and she runs crying, saying "Nooooo!", from the room. Diane then visits Victor and he finally says that she can tell Jack that he is the 'mystery' client, as long as Jack continues to keep it confidential. Meanwhile, Jack is filling daddy in about the ring return.

Nina visits Dr. Tim (who now sports facial hair). They have a nice short session. Meanwhile, Jill tells Keith of her fears about Ryan and Nina's marriage failure. She vows to do whatever it takes to get them together. Later she presents Philip and Flo with a baseball ticket package in Chicago. You better get moving Florence, so you don't miss the first inning. (I smell a Ryan/Nina set up.)

Ryan and Tricia at the coffee slop. (Bryan Adams, 18 Till I Die playing in the background.) They end up dancing (who would have guessed it!!).

Grace is amazed at the prices that babysitters want (from the paper). She can't find Tony and Sharon is busy (little Noah has his first cold says Miguel). Tony does show up and Grace plays all lovey dovey to him. He agrees to watch 'the kid'.

Wednesday, June 4, 1997

Thursday, June 5, 1997

Jill goes to see Nina to get her over to Flo's. Meanwhile, at Flo's, Tricia is coming down the stairs in a T-shirt and gazes at Ryan sleeping on the sofa. He awakens to the smell of bacon, eggs and coffee. They eat, then she leaves telling Ryan, 'thanks for last night, I'll never forget it. When will I see you?' Ryan says, 'I'll call you in a couple days'. After she leaves, Ryan tells himself not to get involved......Nina arrives with muffins. I thought we could have breaskfast.

Jack is leaving for Copenhagen. Victor thought it was a good idea. Ashley tries to get Jack to call Diane. He says that they both need space and tells Ashley to stay out of it. Jack leaves, Ashley calls Diane to tell her that Jack is gone. Victor just happens to be in Diane's office. They were discussing the fact that neither one of them has told Jack that Victor is the 'mystery' client.

Phyllis is all bubbly until she sees an article in the paper about Sasha's death. Danny tries to cheer her up. Later, he visits Chris to deliver a gift from Daniel. Chris questions Danny about the Phyllis/Sasha relationship. Did Phyllis maybe give Sasha money? Danny is upset that Chris is still suspicious of Phyllis. Danny tells Chris, when there are problems between a man's wife and his best friend, the best friend is usually the one left out!.....Previously, Paul and Chris were discussing the $30,000 that was found in Sasha's hotel room in a metal box along with Sasha's credit cards.

Dr. Tim's secretary questions a $20,000 withdrawal from the business account. She leaves and Tim pulls the promissory note from his drawer from Phyllis. Just then, Paul walks in. What do you want Mr. Williams. I'm here to discuss a mutual aquantence. Phyllis Romalatti.

Friday, June 6, 1997

Diane questions Victor's motives. He reminds her in business you take risks and sometimes the stakes are high. He insists that he isn't pursuing her. (There is more 'Victor' talk here, sorry, I >ff> through it.) Jack calls and tells Diane where he is and that he is thinking of her. She says the same. Victor leaves saying on his next visit he wants to see another drawing.

Tricia and Megan argue about Ryan. Megan tells Tricia that her and Ryan 'got away with it'. Tricia insists that nothing happened. Megan tells Trish to forget about Ryan. Tricia tells Megan no way. I'm in love with Ryan!......Meanwhile, Nina has brought muffins to Ryan. He says I've already eaten but you go ahead. I'll get you some coffee. They drink coffee together and remember old times. They laugh together. Ryan tells Nina thanks as she is leaving.

Tonight is the night for Phyllis and Danny, perfect for baby-making. Phyllis is ready for massages etc. Danny has to run out for a little bit. Joni says she'll take the kid overnite. Phyllis is on a high. But.......Paul is questioning Dr. Reid about maybe loaning Phyllis money. Tim says nothing. Paul leaves his card saying that this time she could ruin you for good. Tim calls, then rushes to see Phyllis. He wants to set up a repayment schedule. Phyllis has no time. Chris sees Tim in the other elevator as he is leaving. Chris visits Phyllis under the guise of thanking Daniel for the gift. Sorry, he's sleeping. On her way out, Chris mentions the cash that was found in Sasha's room. After Chris leaves, Phyllis tries to keep from being rattled. She talks to herself saying Cricket doesn't know who she is messing with when she messes with Phyllis.

There were superfluous scenes with Tony, Sharon, Cassie and Grace at the coffee shop.

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