The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on Y&R
Danny didn't believe Christine and Paul's allegations. Phyllis talked Danny into moving away. Diane finally admitted to Jack that Victor was her secret client. Nina discovered Ryan with Tricia and followed them back to his place.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, June 23, 1997

Jill goes to pick up Billy at the Abbotts'. Billy isn't ready and Jill is upset. John tells Jill that he wants to send Billy to summer camp. Of couse, Jill thinks that it's to get back at her (doesn't *everything* have *something* to do with Jill?). Anyway, Jack arrives and the banter begins. (Jill/Jack/John, these three crack me up.) It ends with Billy telling Mommy how excited he is to be going to camp and Jill relenting, but making sure that John knows she doesn't like it or agree with it.

Nick and Sharon talking. Later, Nick goes to see Cole and tries to tell him about his romp with Grace but just can't. He later calls the coffee slop to see if Grace is working. Jay tells him for a couple more hours. Great, I'll be right over. Of course Jay tells Grace who is already being grilled by Tony about her weird behavior. You are in another world Grace. What's up? He sees how anxious she becomes with Jay tells of Nick's arrival and wonders if Nick knows about Cassie. Grace says no way. Just please leave Tony. Tony says okay, but this conversation will continue later. Grace has told Jay she wants to leave. I don't feel well. Grace flashes back to her romp with Nick and recalls Nick calling her Sharon. You didn't even know it was me, what was I thinking?? Nick arrives. (Oh yes, Grace is wearing a halter top?, to work?!)

Danny tells Phyllis that she needs to open up about what is bothering her or there will be serious problems with their marriage. He also tells her of his encounter with Chris at the airport. He leaves telling Phyllis to be ready to talk when he gets home.......Later, at Eddies Diner, we see Michael drawing his bird sketch. Phyllis arrives and sits next to him. She lights up a cigarette (since when did she start smoking? Is this going to be tied back later to the dropped cigarette that started the fire that killed Sasha?). Michael kind of gives Phyllis a pep talk. Phyllis asks, what do you do for a living, give motivational speeches or something? No, I'm in the legal profession. He gives Phyllis a card from his work, no name, just ask for the guy who draws the birds.

Chris arrives to see Glenn Howserman at the World Inquisitor. Of course she finally gets him to give her his notes on his conversations with Sasha. Chris arrives back in Genoa City and walks into Paul's office "We've got her!," Paul says "Yeesssssssss!"

Tuesday, June 24, 1997

Victor asks Hope to stay. Hope asks Victor if they can keep his identity as Jr.'s father a secret. I don't want him in your world. She goes off on the your world/my world stuff. Victor can't believe she would ask such a thing. You don't know me at all! Hope tells him maybe he doesn't know himself......Victor then goes to whine to Nikki about Hope not wanting to tell Jr. that Victor is his father. Nikki advises that he needs ask himself this one important question. What is best for Victor Jr.

Nick and Grace chit chat at the coffee slop. Sharon calls and asks Grace to a BBQ at the ranch. Nick leaves. He goes to see Cole and spills about how he thinks he had sex with Grace. Cole asks "how could you be that drunk?" Nick says he doesn't know...he doesn't know anything for sure. (You should check out his facial expressions in these scenes. Nick is warping out.) Cole tells Nick he needs answers and quick or it will eat him alive, and ruin his marriage.

Chris and Paul talk about the explosive proof that they now have on Phyllis. Paul sees that the decision whether to drop the bomb or not is heavy on Chris. She doesn't want to play God. Paul says either way you will be......Meanwhile, Phyllis is trying to romance Danny with candles and wine. Joni sees that Phyllis is in a much better mood. Phyllis tells Joni about her encounter at the diner with a man. Danny arrives home, Joni leaves. Daniel is at a friends. Danny isn't in a good mood. Phyllis, I don't want candles, wine or romance. I want the truth. You have to be able to trust are going to destroy our relationship if you don't clue me in. He is ready to walk from the room and Phyllis says "maybe you are right Danny, maybe it is time for me to tell you."

Sharon realizes that it is Grace's birthday. Nikki suggests that Sharon throw Grace a party. You can use the pool! (That is the reason Sharon called the slop about the BBQ, it's a surprise.) Of course Miguel will do everything! Later, Cole, Victoria, Sharon, Victor (all in black of course), Nikki and then Nick say happy birthday to Grace. Sharon even gives Grace a babysitting coupon. Nick and I would be happy to give you a break from Cassie sometime, right Nick? Later, Sharon tries to get Nick to take Grace home. Isn't your car acting up Grace? Nick says maybe not a good idea, I've had a couple beers. Grace leaves and Nick assures Sharon he will be alright. "Just know how much I love you Sharon," he smiles.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997

Diane goes to see Jack. He tells her that he saw her with Victor. She confesses that Victor is the 'secret' client. Jack can't believe it. After some more arguing he yells at her to GET OUT! She does and goes back to her office where she is called for dinner with Victor. She says, tell me where, when, and how to dress. He says he'll send the limo. At the restaurant (maybe it's Eve's, where Ryan took Tricia) a photographer from the Chronicle wants to take their picture. Victor and Diane say okay.

Nina is recalling happier times with Ryan, then sad times with Ryan. Jill arrives and Nina tells her about seeing Ryan with the 'other' woman (girl IMO). Jill is stunned. She comforts Nina. Later, Jill storms into Ryan's office wanting to know what is going on with Tricia. Ryan says nothing, we're just friends. Jill wonders just how naive is Ryan to think Tricia can go from being head over heels in love with him to just pals? How blind are you Ryan? Ryan says go ahead and confront Tricia, she'll be walking out that door as fast.......Jill leaves, Tricia shows up.

Chris and Paul talk some more about whether to tell Danny or not. Paul's got a lot of work to do. Chris leaves to get take-out then go back to her office........Phyllis is going to tell Danny what she has been keeping from him. Well, it's like this, I went to see my doctor today and he has confirmed what I already knew, I'm carrying your child Danny, I'm pregnant! Danny says he loves her so much. Okay then, let's go on another vacation Danny. He gives in and goes to see Gina to get travel agent info. He tells Gina about the baby, then wonders if maybe he should check with Phyllis's doctor about traveling. He calls the doctor (Landers) who is in surgery and will call back. Danny gives the home number. Chris arrives for her take-out. She grills Danny and he tells about the trip, yes it was Phyllis's idea........Chris goes back to Paul who tells her that they have become obsessed with this Danny/Phyllis thing. Chris says that they have to decide tonight because Danny and Phyllis are leaving. Paul finally says let's go, let's go tell Danny right now......Meanwhile, Glen Howserman at the World Inquisitor in NY speculates on what a fool he was to be sweet talked by Mrs. Williams into giving away a story. He gets the Romalotti phone number and calls Phyllis. Of course she denies anything. He hangs up and speculates that it was the wife, the conniver herself. Phyllis hangs up and screams DAMN YOU CHRISTINE! ....... When Danny gets home, Phyllis doesn't want to do any trip planning, she wants to hop on the first plane out. Danny, I'd like to go and never come back. Let's be spontaneous. She convinces him and they go to pack.

Katherine visits Nikki and tells her about contemplating going to California for a new look. They put this chemical on your face and in 10 days, it peels off for a brand new look! But Katherine isn't too sure if she should.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Phyllis, Danny and Daniel are ready to go. They're just waiting for the limo. The doorbell rings, it must be the driver; but no, it's Paul and Chris. Phyllis wants them to go, Danny eventually let's them in. Chris tells about how Phyllis pawned her ring, shows them the fax from the World Inquisitor ($50,000 offer) and then tells of the notes in her possession stating that the paternity tests were switched. Danny can't believe any of it. "I thought you were my friend," Danny shouts. Paul looks him in the eye and accuses him of being in denial. "Shut up," Danny hollered. "I don't know you at all! Leave! Just get out! GO!"

Of course they do. Danny and Phyllis embrace, then Danny says he needs air. He leaves just as the phone rings, it's Dr. Landers. Joni tries to catch Danny but is stopped by Phyllis. Phyllis handles the call with ease. Later, Joni asks if Mrs. Romalotti is pregnant. Yes Joni, isn't it wonderful. Now if we could just get out of this place. Danny eventually returns after the limo has arrived. Daniel comes out with Joni (I suspect a little Swiss aging water here), Hi Daddy! Danny responds Hi son. Phyllis picks up the kid and is ready to go. Danny says I can't do it. Do what?! I can't go out of town, not now.......Meanwhile, Chris can't believe that Danny is so taken in with Phyllis. Paul tells her that they've told all they know, now it is time to stay out of it.

Tricia wonders if Ryan is getting flack from Jill. He questions her about their just being 'pals'. Are you playing games with me? No Ryan, we're just friends. They make dinner and movie plans for later........Tricia returns home to find Jill who wants a heart to heart with her. Jill says she knows about her relationship with Ryan and advises Tricia against it. Tricia tells Jill to stay out of it, starting now. We're friends, nothing more. Jill just can't believe her. Are you going to tell my father? Tricia advises against it, bringing up the living arrangements that were only supposed to be for a couple days. Keith enters and no one says anything. Later, Keith tells Jill how he is pleased that Jill is able to have such a wonderful relationship with Tricia. I know it will come later with Megan also.

Neil visits Liv who tells him maybe she wants to wait on the wedding. I would like to be able to do something more traditional.....Malcolm and Nate are talking about the wedding. Nate wonders if his daddy would think it is okay that Nate loves Malcolm..... Lily and Neil await Dru's return. After giving a gift to Lily and shooing the kid out, Dru and Neil talk about Liv and Malcolm. Neil tells her about how Liv wants to wait a while. Dru is suspicious of her real motives. Neil tells Dru he knows how she thinks that Liv is attracted to Neil but she is wrong. Liv has no feelings for me. Dru says we'll see...... Neil then visits Malcolm and thinks that maybe he and Liv are moving too fast. Malcolm can't understand why Neil would want to bring him down. Liv arrives home and begins to tell Malcolm that maybe they should wait. Malcolm says he thinks it is a terrible idea. Are you having second thoughts Liv? No, No, No.

Friday, June 27, 1997

Nina outside Ryan's office door, overhearing Ryan and Tricia plan to meet at the Jabot coffee shop in about 10 minutes. Nina waits for Tricia to leave and follows her there. Nina sits with Tricia and they have idle chit chat. Nina sees Ryan come in and says goodbye. Tricia tells Ryan she had a guest who seemed very lonely.(??) Tricia and Ryan both tell each other how good it is to see the other. (What's with Ryan's hair, his bangs wildly sticking every which way???!!! Day after day after day!)

Jack at home telling John and Ashley to stay out of things with Diane. If she wants to be vulnerable to the Black Knight, so be it........Diane at Victor's office looking at their photo in the newspaper captioned "Victor Newman's New Love." Diane tells Victor she is kinda turned on by it. He says, so am I. Diane goes to use the phone and Nikki arrives to grill Victor about the photo. Victoria saw it and was stunned. Victor tells Nikki she is just jealous. Nikki says no I'm not. Diane comes back in, Victor uses the phone and a small cat fight ensues. Diane leaves and Nikki says to Victor, you know what I'm thinking. Yes, but don't say it, it wouldn't be lady like. Victor and Nikki argue some more with him telling her, as she is leaving, that jealousy becomes her.

Hope and Kurt talk about the newspaper photo (Kurt told Hope about it). Hope says how much it hurts, even though she has known for a while that Victor isn't interested in her. Kurt offers to help Hope look for a new place to live. Hope says, Victor has asked her to stay, and now that she thinks about it, it would sure be a better way to find about what's going on with Diane.

Malcolm and Liv dancing. Him trying to convince her to keep the original wedding plans.........Dru telling Neil at their place that all Liv is doing is stalling and will keep stalling until she can't anymore.......Dru goes to see Liv, Malcolm takes Nate for ice cream. Dru says we need to have a serious conversation. She tells Liv that the only reason she is stalling is because she is waiting/wanting Neil. Of course Liv denies it. It goes on for a while and Dru leaves. Malcolm and Nate return and Liv tells Malcolm that she doesn't know what she was thinking. Let's get married as soon as we can, just like we originally planned.

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