The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on Y&R

Christine was surprised to learn that Michael was out of prison. Grace admitted to Nick that they had slept together. Danny told Phyllis that he wanted the paternity test repeated. Veronica called the ranch and learned there was a new Mrs. Joshua Landers.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, June 30, 1997

by Rachel Hyde

The Newman children (all four of them) discuss the picture in the paper of Victor and Diane. They are all shocked, and go to the main house to see if Nikki was there. Miguel said she'd gone out, and that she'd been in a hurry. All wondered if she'd gone to confront Victor. "Of course," they agreed.

After leaving Victor's office, Nikki goes to see Jack. "I know what you're here for." Nikki talks Jack out of leaving Newman Enterprises. Victor comes by to see Jack a little later. Jack is very curt with the "ol' boy." Victor wants Jack to know that he has grown quite fond of Ms. Jenkins and that their involvement has nothing to do with any type of vendetta against Jack. Jack is unconvinced.

Sharon asks Nick how much of his father is in him. Nick immediately gets defensive and starts ranting about "do you think I work and put my family last?" Sharon says no, that she spoke without thinking what she was saying first. They make up. (Of course, with a big hug, and Nick feeling guilty about his night with Grace, and Sharon still with no clue)

Jay talks to Grace about having a crush on Nick. She doesn't fully admit it, but listens to Jay. He starts talking about how he wished he had Nick's life, etc...and Grace gets upset and yells at him about money isn't everything. "No, but it sure helps." Grace asks for yet another afternoon off. (I wish I had her job. She asks off almost every afternoon for some reason or another....maybe to go watch her soaps...) :)

Christine runs into Michael at the courthouse. She confronts him and wants to know what he's doing there. She does not believe his explanation about his job in Genoa City. She leaves telling him, "Just stay the hell away from me!"

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

Chris rushes to Paul's office to relate her encounter with Michael Baldwin. After much discussion, Paul assures Chris he will always be there for her. Chris leaves for her office......Phyllis is assuring Joni that all that stuff that Christine said was lies. Danny is Daniel's father. Danny comes in with the kid, Joni takes him for a snack. Phyllis wonders if they are still going on their trip. Danny says yes, Phyllis rushes to phone the limo company. Danny says wait, there's something I've got to do first. He is waiting at legal aid when Chris returns. He says again how he doesn't know Chris anymore. They argue some more. Chris telling him that she cares too much for him to let him go on living a lie. If you really want the truth Danny there is only one way, another paternity test.......Danny returns to Phyllis. We can't go just yet Phyllis, there is one more thing I've got to do; have another paternity test.

Nikki tries to figure out what is wrong with Nick. Later, Nick calls Grace, we've got to talk; meet at the coffee slop. Tony wonders what's up with Grace. Can you stay with Cassie for me? Of course, what else do I do with my life? Before she leaves, Grace unknots Cassie's shoe, Tony reminds her to take her purse and off Grace goes to the coffee slop. Nick arrives. We both know what happened the other night. Grace????? Grace, you know I would never cheat on my wife, especially with her BEST FRIEND! What were you thinking Grace?! I wasn't. Well, I've got to tell Sharon. Grace wonders if Sharon will believe him. You might be destroying your entire life Nick. You have so much more to lose than me. Nick says he doesn't have any choice.

Cole visits Ryan to talk about Nina working for him again. They argue. Cole asks if Ryan has talked to Nina's psychologist? Not yet. Well Ryan, Nina needs to know that you are there for her. Are you?........Nina is meeting with Dr. Tim. Nina tells him about how Ryan is still seeing the other, younger, prettier woman. The session ends with Nina getting exactly what she needs from the good Dr. as he reminds Nina that she and Ryan have been separated for months but Ryan hasn't filed for divorce yet........Ryan calls Dr. Tim; he wants to see him to talk about Nina. Dr. Tim can't discuss anything without permission from Nina. I can call her right now and call you back. Ryan says okay. Tricia arrives to see Ryan.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

Nick---daydreaming (or daymaring?) about telling Sharon about his having sex with Grace. Sharon yelling 'how could you do this to me?! I HATE YOU! GET OUT!'--then Sharon *really* comes into the room. Are you okay honey? What's bothering you? Nothing Sharon, just know how much I love you. You are my world. Don't ever forget that.

Dr. Tim calling Nina. Ryan called and wants to talk about you. Is it okay? Of course, this is the best news! Ryan visits with Dr. Tim. Tim tells Ryan if you still want your marriage, then tell Nina not to work with Cole. If you don't want Nina, then you have no business telling Nina what to do with her life. Why don't you give Nina a month, not just occupying the same space, but 'be together with your son'. It's a mistake to move forward without settling the past first. Ryan goes back to his office and rehashes in his mind the conversation. Tricia arrives for coffee. I'm glad you are here. I want you to hear this. Ryan calls Nina and asks if he can come home for dinner, can you pick up Phillip? Great, I'll see you later. Tricia is in tears. I need to make this step, if there is going to be a divorce or whatever. But I want you to know what is going on. He wipes her tears away (aww) and embraces her.

Chris arrives home and tells Paul about her visit from Danny. It's all my fault! Paul tells her to let it go.......Danny is your past, the person standing in front of you is your future, I hope. Embrace.

Danny is telling Phyllis that they can't go anywhere until he gets the paternity test. Phyllis tries to take control, calling Joni in and issuing orders. Danny yells at Joni, 'don't pick up that phone!' Go with Daniel and shut the door so he can't hear this. Phyllis, we're not leaving until I have this test and that's final. Why are you resisting? Do you have something to hide? We can settle this once and for all with Paul and Chris by proving to them how wrong they are with this test. OKAY?!

Liv and Malcolm kissing saying this is why they should not wait to get hitched. Nate comes in with a drawing of their wonderful family. Malcolm reminds him of his new name, 'daddy'. Dru and Neil arrive with Lily. Nate persuades Liv to set a date, Friday, July 11th. Neil offers a toast. Later, the guys to back to Neil's place for a heart to heart while the girls begin to argue. Dru, you're parinoid, etc. Rehashing the stuff about Liv and her *real* feelings for Neil. As Dru is ready to leave, Liv calls to her. What is happening to us? I miss talking, laughing, confiding in my little sister. I love you Dru, can't we start over? Dru says she loves her too. Yes. Then Liv asks Dru to be her matron of honor. Dru says yes.

Thursday, July 3, 1997

Danny and Phyllis discussing the paternity test. Malcolm arrives to personally invite them to his wedding. Danny leaves. Malcolm tries to 'be there' for Phyllis but she leaves saying he doesn't really care about what happens to her.

Chris sees a newspaper photo with Michael in the background. She tells Paul when he calls. Paul will pick Chris up in an hour. Chris looks at the picture some more and has a flashback to an encounter with Michael. Chris goes to the office where Michael works. She rants to Kevin about how he might know Michael's legal case but that is just the tip of the iceberg. You need to issue a warning to all your female employees about Michael. If you don't, I will. Kevin finally says that he will. Chris leaves and Kevin tells Michael not to let him down, Michael says I won't

Phyllis goes to a diner where she is shredding napkins wondering what to do. Michael comes in and sits with her. Phyllis tells her whole story, or the story of 'her friend' to Michael. Michael says another time I could have been able to help you bend the truth to your advantage, but I'm not that kind of person anymore. He does help Phyllis realize that if she is able to get blood from the biological father, she could switch the samples. Phyllis figures out what Michael is inferring and says how he is such a lifesaver and plants a kiss on his cheek before rushing home.

Danny is seeking advice from Katherine. Katherine says if Danny feels in his heart that Daniel is his son then drop the paternity issue. Danny isn't sure that he can. He arrives home. Phyllis has been trying to figure out how she is going to get the blood from Brian. I'm not going to let a little technicality ruin my life! Phyllis tells Danny that if a paternity test is what he needs, then it's okay with her.

Paul arrives to pick up Chris. They wonder some more why the parole board didn't notify Chris. Paul says that they still state that they mailed Chris a letter. After talking to Gail, the two finally figure out that Phyllis must have taken the letter along with the package. (like DUH!)

Victor visits Diane and they look at sketches. Later, Diane receives flowers with a card telling her to look for something other than flowers in the vase. You are a rare breed, Ms. Jenkins, states the card. Diane finds a diamond bracelet. Later, she calls Victor. I'm so overwhelmed. Does it fit? Oh yes. Victor asks Diane for a get together over the holidays and they hang up. Diane looks lovingly at the bracelet.

Ryan arrives to see Nina. Nina asks whether Ryan is there because he has to be or because he wants to be. They argue. Ryan wonders where Phillip is. Nina says she didn't call because she didn't want Phillip to be in the middle of an argument. Ryan can't believe she would think that he would do that. Ryan is ready to leave. All of a sudden, Phillip arrives. Phillip talks Ryan into staying. Mommy will make spaghetti. I'm so glad we are together, a family again. He hugs them both.......Meanwhile, Tricia is whining, whining, whining, to Megan about how she might be losing Ryan. He is with his wife and son right now! I can't lose him. I don't know what I'd do without Ryan in my life. I love him soooooo much! etc. (so pathetic!)


Day Friday, July 4, 1997

Nikki is inviting everyone over to the ranch for their annual July 4th BBQ. First it's Grace, Tony and Cassie. Sorry Mrs. Landers, we've got other plans. Then it's Jack and Ashely. I won't take no for an answer. Josh is home today and is trying to get Nikki to the bedroom. I've got too much to do today. Later.......The mental hospital; Veronica is being quizzed by one of the patients about being married. Veronica sneaks into an office and calls directory assistance. She gets Dr. Landers service and then gets his home phone number.

Sharon wonders why Grace isn't coming to the BBQ. She tells Nick that it hurts her feelings. She's so distant and I don't know the reason! Sharon goes up to check on Noah and Nick calls Grace. You need to come. But Nick, it will be uncomfortable for me. Like it won't for me?! I haven't told Sharon, but she wonders why you are avoiding her. Okay, we'll come.

Victoria on the phone, crisis at work. Gotta go to the office. (A little cup cake for the guys here.) Before she leaves, Cole wants her to think about a little Howard to play with Noah. You could go right back to work and since I work at home, I could take care of the baby during the day. Victoria tells him she's got to go. Let's talk later, okay?! I'm serious about this Victoria. I know you are.

Katherine invites John over. He is suspicious, maybe another blind date? Katherine says no, you just get me. She tells John she is going to be away for a while; a clinic where they do face rejuvenation. Maybe you should think about coming with me!

Victor visits Diane at her office. She gushes about the bracelet some more and they embrace and kiss, kiss, kiss. Victor wonders if she is still ready for their date. He wants to take her to the ranch. She doesn't think is it a good idea, but relents to Victor and his wishes. The two arrive at the party (uninvited), Nikki dashes to the phone to try to catch Jack, too late, they should be there any time. Is that a problem? No, no problem, if you're ready for World War III that is. Nikki tells Ashley when they arrive about Victor and Diane. Ashley tries to get Jack to leave. He says, but we just got here. When he finally sees Diane and Victor, he refuses to leave, we're invited guests! Later, Diane comes over to talk to Jack but Jack ends up doing all the talking, telling her how Victor will romance her, but lacks when it comes to follow-thru. Look around you, you can't throw a rock around here without hitting an ex-wife of Victor's. Enjoy it while you can. Jack leaves, Victor returns to Diane. Did Jack upset you?

Party scenes: (Beef cake and cup cake) With oodles of extras enjoying the food, pool and dancing. Cole dances with Grace. The phone rang and Nikki answered. It's a distraught patient for Dr. Landers. (Veronica) Dr. Josh answers, but the patient says nothing.

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