The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on Y&R
Phyllis won temporary custody of Daniel. Jack toasted Victor and Diane's marriage. Keith threatened to have Ryan fired, but Victor refused. Neil asked Olivia for the name of a fertility doctor. Veronica was ready for laser surgery to get rid of her facial scars.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 8, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, September 8, 1997

Christine grills Phyllis on the stand about the paternity tests and Daniel's paternity. Phyllis tells the truth -- almost -- as she admits to everything, except having knowledge to the switch. She puts the blame on Sasha and tries to come across as a bit of a victim. Kevin interrupts the proceedings, claiming harsh chest pains. After the paramedics are called, the judge wonders if Michael is prepared to replace Kevin. Michael explains that he's not allowed, but the judge rules him to step in. Christine moves for an objection, but she's overruled. Phyllis' testimony continues until it's recessed for the evening. Danny mutters something about another day going by without seeing Daniel and the judge overhears him. He orders that Danny be allowed to spend the evening with Daniel at the apartment, and adds that Phyllis can be there if she wants.

At the Private Dining Room, Sharon convinces Nick to give his regards to his new stepmommy. He does, and Victor is very pleased with him. Later, he receives a telegram from Victoria and reads it to the crowd, which expresses her well-wishes and apology for not being able to attend. Meanwhile, the guests are beginning to notice that Jack has arrived. After Nick finishes his speech, Jack calls for a toast. To everyone's surprise, he has nothing but kind thoughts for the newlyweds and gives his blessing. Victor approaches him afterwards and notes he doesn't know how to take Jack's words. Jack tells him to take them any way he wants to.

Keith makes it very clear to Ryan that he is to stay away from Tricia. "If you don't, I'll see to it that you're fired," he growls. Ryan has a mini freak out, ranting and raving about how he can see Tricia if, when and how he wants and there's nothing Keith can do about it. Keith mocks his nerve before leaving.

Danny is reading Daniel a book when Phyllis calls to check in. Danny lies to her and says that Daniel is sleeping when she asks to speak to him. Daniel says that he wants to talk to his mommy and takes the phone. He asks her to come home but Danny pries the phone out of his hand and says, "I must hang up now," then hangs up on Phyllis. Phyllis comes home and Daniel is very pleased to see her, much to Danny's dislike.

The guests all give their well-wishes to the newlyweds before leaving. Diane and Victor take to the dance floor for a private dance as they coo to one another. Keith picks up Jill and says he's in no mood for a party so they go home. Josh and Nikki go back home and rehash the evening.

Ryan thinks about what Keith said as he gazes at a photo of Tricia that he has in his wallet. Meanwhile, Tricia gets out her wallet and gazes at a photo of Ryan too. Her phone rings and she answers it but no one is there. At the other end of the phone, Ryan hangs up without speaking.

Tuesday, September 9, 1997

Nikki and Josh rehash the party yet again in the morning. Josh is all giddy because now that Victor is married, he has Nikki's full attention. They kiss for a while on the couch until he gets ready for work. Ellie comes in and tells Nikki that it's definite that she's leaving. She wants to move into town and gives her two week notice as her sister found her a new job. Nikki tells her that she's sad to see her go, and wonders how she'll find a good replacement on such short notice.

Down at the tack room, Cole and Ashley return from an early morning horse ride. They discuss the party too, and Ashley notes Victoria's absence. She flat out asks Cole if he's satisfied in his marriage. He admits that Victoria's priority in life is Newman Enterprises and making her father happy. Ashley agrees, noting that Victoria wants to run the company one day. They decide that they are "confidantes."

In town, it's lunchtime. Neil goes to Ryan's office and asks why he didn't show up at the party. Ryan tells him about Keith's visit. Neil offers to take Ryan (or "Ry" as he calls him now) to lunch to take his mind off of things.

Jill and Keith discuss his conversation with Ryan and wonder if he had any affect. Jill tries to assure Keith that if Ryan gave his word to stay away, then he will. Only problem is, Ryan didn't give his word. Anyhow, Tricia comes in a catches them whispering. They tell her that they were thinking of going up to the cabin on the lake, and thought that she and Megan could invite Alec and Jeremy. Tricia says that she's going into town to meet Alec so she'll think about it and might ask him. After she leaves, Jill and Keith hope that taking Tricia out of town with Alec will help the situation with Ryan.

At the courthouse, Christine angrily confronts Michael before the hearing resumes, claiming that he has no conscience. Meanwhile, Gina drops by to offer Danny some encouragement and tells him that she'll save some tables at the restaurant for a celebration when he's granted temporary custody of Daniel today. Phyllis hears her and is shaken up. When the judge arrives, they begin their summations. Christine recaps the events of the hearing and points out that Phyllis has no credibility and is an unfit mother. Michael, on the other hand, points out that there was no evidence to prove that she was a bad mother, just a bad wife. The judge thinks about it for a while in his chambers. When he returns, he recaps the entire hearing then tells them all that he agrees there was no evidence to prove that Phyllis was an unfit mother and therefore sees no reason to take the young child from his biological mother at this time. Temporary custody is granted to Phyllis. After the judge leaves, Christine blasts Michael again telling him to get ready for a big fight as she and Danny are not ready to let this go. Out in the hallway, Danny and Phyllis are at each other's throats as well, although Phyllis points out that it doesn't have to be this way, and admits she'll still let him see Daniel.

Mary goes to Paul's office and wants Lynne to fill her in on all the gossip. Paul interrupts and tells his mother himself that everything is just fine. Mary, however, insists that everything is not fine, pointing out that Christine is spending too much time with Danny.

Tricia meets Alec at Yves and they have a nice lunch. He invites her to a party on the weekend. She's about to tell him about going to the lake when she spots Ryan across the restaurant and changes her mind. After Alec (and Neil) leave, she approaches Ryan at his table.

Wednesday, September 10, 1997

Phyllis goes to Michael's office and tells him that they should go have a drink to celebrate their victory in court. Michael tells her that they have a long way to go and she shouldn't take anything for granted yet. Phyllis tells Michael that he'll have to guarantee that she's going to win overall in court but he can't. Phyllis says she has every confidence in him, adding that if he loses, she'll kill him. "You don't mean that," Michael challenges. Phyllis doesn't waver as she tells him that they won't ever have to find out if she means it or not, because they are going to win. "Now, how about that drink?" she asks. "Sure, why not," Michael sighs. Phyllis goes back to being in a good mood and plants a kiss on him.

Tricia tells Ryan that everything in her life is going well now and she's over him. She blabbers on about school, etc., and convinces him that she's getting along quite nicely without him. Ryan returns to the office and tells Neil all about it.

Sharon tells Nick that she thinks Grace and Tony need some help in getting together romantically. She suggests that they have them over for dinner, and that Nikki can babysit Noah and Cassie. Nick agrees. Meanwhile, Grace comes home to find Tony working out in the living room, looking quite nice without his shirt on I might add. Sharon calls and invites them for dinner and they agree to go. After Grace gets off the phone, she and Tony begin making out on the couch.

Keith tells Jill about his conversation with Ryan again, this time adding that he threatened to have him fired if he didn't stay away from Tricia.

Phyllis comes home to find Danny with Daniel. After they send Daniel to his room, Phyllis pleads with Danny to reconsider the situation before it's too late. She tells him that they can work everything out and remain a family for Daniel's sake but Danny screams at her that she makes him sick and he wants nothing to do with her ever again. Phyllis screams back that if that's how he feels then he should get the hell out of her apartment and leave her alone. She adds that it's not helping Daniel any to see and hear them fighting this way all of the time. Danny freaks, grabs her and says through gritted teeth that he's had it with her games and he will be with his child.

When Neil comes home from work, he sits with Dru and Lily. Lily surprises Dru by asking if she can have a little brother soon. Dru thinks Neil put her up to that but he says he didn't. He gives them each a gift -- Lily gets a new doll. Dru and Neil discuss the baby issue some more then she opens her gift. It's a mother and child necklace.

Thursday, September 11, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Victor calls Nick wondering why he hasn't reported for work yet. Nick explains that he isn't due in until tomorrow but Victor tells him he's wrong so get his butt in there now. Nick does, and when he arrives, Victor has a surprise for him -- a new office. Nick is thrilled, Victor is proud, and it's quite the father/son moment. That is, until Grace interrupts. Victor leaves and Grace asks why Sharon is inviting her and Tony for dinner, suspecting it's a set up. When Nick admits that Sharon would like them to get together, Grace blows a fuse. Nick tells her to relax, come to dinner and enjoy herself.

Meanwhile, Sharon goes up to the main house and asks Nikki to babysit. Nikki agrees, and commends Sharon on her efforts to unite Grace and Tony, saying that it's a great idea.

Phyllis meets with Michael and they discuss how mean Danny is and how he should pay for ripping her family apart and hurting her so badly. Phyllis' eyes light up with dollar signs as they discuss alimony.

Danny meets with Christine and they discuss how mean and cruel Phyllis is. Chris warns Danny that he'll probably be audited for the alimony payments. Danny is outraged, but there's little he can do about it. He tells Chris that his main priority is Daniel.

Neil goes to see Olivia and asks why it's taking so long for Dru to get pregnant. She tells him not to push the panic button. Neil suggests going to see a fertility expert. Olivia seems uncomfortable with the conversation so Neil asks her to just give him a referral, which she does.

Meanwhile, Dru and Malcolm do a photo shoot. When they're done, Malcolm mentions how Neil's anxious to have a child. Dru tells him that there's no need to involve doctors or anything as when the time is right, she'll conceive. She encourages him to tell his brother to take a chill pill.

Grace and Tony show up at the Newman's. Miguel was helping out in the kitchen but conveniently finishes in time to take Cassie up to the main house with Noah. Once alone, the two couples have a drink and toast. Nick and Sharon go to the kitchen to check on dinner, and to give Grace and Tony a moment alone. While they're gone, Tony and Grace make out, while Nick and Sharon spy on them from the doorway.

Michael goes to Legal Aid as he heard that Christine had called Kevin's secretary, which of course means he must return the call in person. Anyhow, Chris warns him that the moment he starts acting as Phyllis' attorney, she'll go straight to the parole board so Michael is careful to repeatedly refer to Phyllis as "Kevin's client." They get down to the nitty gritty, with Chris telling him that her client is prepared to make Phyllis a substantial monetary settlement. Michael tells her not to leave out college tuition for Daniel as well as life insurance, royalties, etc. When Chris realizes that Phyllis is going for everything that Danny's got, she loses it. Michael warns her not to get too emotionally involved, causing Chris to repeat her speech about being ready for a big fight.

Friday, September 12, 1997

Jack drops by Nikki's and they discuss Diane and Victor. Jack is sure that Diane still has feelings for him, although Nikki doesn't agree. After Jack leaves, Ellie comes in and says good-bye (so much for her two week notice!) Anyhow, Nikki calls a maid service to ensure that she'll get someone to replace her as soon as possible.

At the hospital, Veronica is pleased when Dr. Archer tells her that they can start her laser surgery immediately to remove her scars. Realizing that she'll soon be released, she gets to work on the needlepoint that she's working on. Pam asks to see it and thinks it's a gift when she reads the name "Nikki" embroidered on it.

Jill goes to Ryan's office and tells him that Keith is serious about having him fired if he doesn't stay away from Tricia. Ryan doesn't see how Keith has that power, but Jill points out to him that Victor could be his ally, given that Ryan was in a similar situation with his daughter years ago. Ryan gulps.....loudly.

Over in Victor's office, Keith tells Victor what a smart-mouthed punk Ryan is and demands that he's fired on the basis that he has no morals and can't be trusted. Victor sympathizes, but advises Keith to keep his personal problems out of the office, unless he can convince him otherwise to fire him.

Christine goes to Nina's and is filled in on what happened between her and Ryan. Afraid that Nina is going to slip back into a depression, she suggests that she start writing again as it used to make her happy. Chris gives Nina her laptop and watches her to make sure that she starts typing something. Eventually she leaves, but promises to return and see how much she's written.

Sharon is pleased when Tony and Grace put on a good show at dinner. She thinks that her matchmaking skills were quite effective and is glad to see that the two are definitely getting much closer. After dinner, Sharon calls Nikki then tells Grace that Cassie fell asleep in the guest room and is welcome to spend the night at the main house with Noah. Grace and Tony leave, and Sharon and Nick make the most of their night alone. Meanwhile, Grace and Tony return to her apartment. Grace is shocked when they walk in and there's a new bed there. Tony explains that they need a new bed for their new relationship. Grace assures him that they don't have a new relationship, they've just been putting on an act for Sharon's benefit. However, moments later, they try out the new mattress...

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