The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on Y&R
Grace tried to make everyone believe that she and Tony were involved. Jack implied to Victor that Diane still had feelings for Jack. Michael and Phyllis had a romantic encounter. Tricia learned that Ryan had left Nina.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, September 15, 1997

Danny goes to the apartment expecting to pick up Daniel for the day but Phyllis tells him she completely forgot that he wanted him. Swearing it was simple mistake, she explains that Joani offered to take Daniel to the zoo for the day. Danny is furious and yells at her for playing games before leaving. Phyllis apologizes again, swears her innocence and offers for him to come back and spend the evening with Daniel instead. Danny says he can't be fooled twice in one day and storms back out.

At Legal Aid, Chris grumbles to Paul about how hard it is to work in the same courtroom as Michael. Paul gets frustrated and tells Chris to quit the case, this stress level isn't worth it. "Is that what you'll tell our godson -- that he wasn't worth it?!" Chris defends herself. Paul gets mad and leaves, knowing that she won't change her mind.

Neil drops by Ry's office to see how his buddy is doing. Ryan's deep in thought and obviously disturbed. He explains about his visit from Jill, discussing her conversation with Keith, about his visit to Ryan, about his threats to go to Victor. Neil keeps up amazingly with the story, then tries to assure him he has nothing to worry about. However, Victor calls and interrupts, asking to speak to Ryan immediately. When Neil remembers seeing Keith in Victor's office earlier, Ryan thinks he's toast.

Tricia tells Megan how she bumped into Ryan at Yves. Megan makes some sarcastic remarks but Tricia tells her to lighten up, claiming to be over him. Megan is doubtful so Tricia suggests that she should call Nina and tell her too. Megan tells her that the last person Nina would want to talk to is her, but Tricia tells her that she thinks she should tell Nina herself that she's no longer a threat to her marriage to Ryan.

Chris goes to Nina's but she doesn't answer the door so she lets herself in. She surveys the mess in her apartment and is picking up the junk food wrappers when Nina walks in. Chris asks her if she completed the assignment she gave her, and Nina admits she didn't. Chris tells her to have a shower and start over, promising to check in again soon.

Phyllis calls Michael and asks him over to talk. He tells her what Chris said about their offer for a settlement. Phyllis asks Michael if he finds her attractive. He says he does, but she's also needy. He advises her to focus on the case and getting custody of Daniel. When Phyllis appears overly confident that she'll get permanent custody, he tells her not to take anything for granted. He points out that if she overlooked even the slightest detail, it could be disaster and wonders if there's any loose ends she should tie up. "If they can prove you lied on the stand, it would be very damaging," Michael explains. Michael suggests that maybe there's evidence that she altered the first paternity test.

Back at Legal Aid, Danny races over to tell Chris of Phyllis' latest stunt. Chris advises him to start documenting everything. She tells him about her meeting with Michael and what was said. Danny rants about Phyllis and how much he hates her. Chris tells him if they can prove that she lied on the stand, it would better their chances at getting full custody of Daniel. Determinedly, they decide to try to find some clue that they overlooked that will prove how unfit Phyllis is and "nail her to the wall." Chris suggests that maybe there's evidence that she altered the first paternity test.

Neil goes to Olivia's office and tells her that he called the fertility specialist but was told they weren't taking on new patients. He asks Olivia to get him in. She doesn't want to but eventually gives in and gets an appointment in one hour for him. After he leaves, she calls Dru to warn her but she's not home so she leaves a message on the machine that they must talk ASAP.

Ryan goes to Victor's office expecting to get fired but to his surprise, Victor assures him that his job is secure. Ryan apologizes that his personal life was dragged into the office but Victor is surprisingly supportive. He even tells Ryan that he has lots of divorce experience and offers to lend an ear anytime.

Dru goes to the studio to review the proofs from her shoot. She asks Malcolm if he knows of any medical problems that Neil may be having and keeping from her. Malcolm doesn't know of any but wonders why she'd ask. Dru explains that she found a note by the phone with a Dr. Kline's name and number on it. After discussing the possibilities, she calls the number and asks the receptionist what kind of doctor Dr. Kline is. When she hangs up the phone, she says gravely to Malcolm, "He's a fertility specialist."

Nina is just getting out from the shower when the doorbell rings. To her surprise, it's Tricia. "Ryan's not here," Nina barks at her. "I'm here to talk to you, Nina," Tricia says.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997

Dru marches into Olivia's office and accuses her of interfering in her marriage. Claiming she must have an ulterior motive, she tells Olivia that she knows she referred him to a fertility specialist. They argue, and Olivia tells her to quit worrying about her, and to focus on her husband because he's blaming himself for her inability to conceive.

Meanwhile, Neil goes to Dr. Klein's office and explains that although he and Dru have been trying for a couple of months now, she's still not pregnant. Dr. Klein tells him he's jumping the gun, but Neil wants to make sure he's not shooting blanks and demands that he be tested.

Jill tells Keith that he was way out of line to go to Victor about Ryan. Keith insists that he'll do whatever it takes to keep him away from Tricia but Jill points out she's an adult and it's time to let go. They both realize that Keith fears they are in love and that they'll get together anyway. As their voices rise, Tricia comes in and overhears them. "Is there something going on with Ryan?" she asks.

Michael and Phyllis rehash the case again, repeating themselves from yesterday. Phyllis says there might be one little detail that she overlooked, but she'll handle it.

Christine and Danny review what they know again about the paternity tests. Danny remembers being in New York when they got the first results from DMS labs, and recalls that not only was Sasha the lab technician, but she was passed out on the floor when he arrived. In the flashbacks, it shows how that was overlooked before, but now it's worth pondering.

Mary drops by Paul's office and finds him disturbed again about Danny's case. He goes to Legal Aid and offers to help them.

Ryan fills in Neil about his meeting with Victor. Neil advises him to take this as a warning that it's probably not a good idea to get involved with Tricia. "He might not be so understanding if it happened again," Neil adds. Ryan tells him that he's going to follow his heart and if it leads him to Tricia, so what, no one can stand in his way.

Cole goes to the lab and tells Ashley that his publisher, Steve, recognized her as the heroine of the novel immediately and liked it so much that he wants him to pick up the pace. As a thank you, he gives her a gift -- a new leather jacket. Ashley tries it on and models it for him. When she asks him if he likes how it looks, he answers her with a long kiss.

Nina asks Tricia what she wants and why she's at her door. Tricia calmly explains that she has no desire to be a home wrecker and has backed off from Ryan. "Despite our feelings for one another, it's over," she says, "I support Ryan's decision to make his marriage work. You two have a lot of history." Nina can't believe her ears. That said, Tricia heads off, leaving Nina completely bewildered...

Wednesday, September 17, 1997

Tony drops by Grace's office to ask if she slept okay in her new sofa bed without him. She tells him that he's out of his mind if he thinks that she'll ever share that bed with him and reminds him that they've lost the spark that they once had and she's sure it'll never return. Tony, however, tells her that he doesn't plan on giving up on her anytime soon. He asks her out for the evening, but she tells him she's not interested.

Cole invites Ashley to dinner but she says she needs to think about it and will let him know later. After she leaves the lab for a moment, he tries to call Victor, but he walks in instead. Cole asks him if he's heard from Victoria and/or if he knows when or if she'll return. Victor is surprised to learn that she hasn't called her husband since leaving on her business trip. Cole explains that he left her a message at the hotel the night Victor announced his marriage, but she sent the telegram to Nick. Realizing that Victor doesn't know anything about the situation, Cole tells him not to worry about it, and he's sure everything will work itself out.

Sharon goes to the main house to pick up Noah and Cassie but Noah's having a nap and Cassie's down at the stables. Instead, she fills in Nikki about her dinner party, hinting that Tony and Grace are really hitting it off. Nikki is happy to hear it and encourages her to keep playing Cupid.

Grace goes to Nick's office and gives him the pen set she bought him for his new office. They get talking and he tells her that he wishes she could have the kind of love with someone like he does with Sharon. Grace tells him that she wishes that too. Outside of his office, she breaks down in tears.

Jack brings a report to Victor's office but finds Diane waiting for him there instead. He's stunned when she asks him to help her plan some dinner parties for Victor's corporate execs and their wives. He tells her that the invitation was inappropriate and blasts her for acting as though they have no history together. "Are you really that shallow?" he wonders. Before he can answer, Victor walks in and asks what he's interrupting. They say they were just talking, then Diane makes a quick exit. Once alone, Victor and Jack discuss business then Victor mentions that he plans to delegate more business to Jack in the future as he wants to go away with Diane more often. "Hmm, I got the distinct impression that she's interested in sticking around here, playing her new role of Mrs. Victor Newman, Reigning Social Queen of Genoa City," Jack smirks. He tells Victor that Diane even asked him to be part of the first of many Newman soirees but Victor wants to turn the conversation back to business. Jack then asks Victor if he ever wonders if Diane is really over him like she claims. "This meeting has concluded," Victor says, biting his tongue as he dismisses him. On the other side of the office door, Jack grins as he notes that he hit a nerve.

When Tricia catches them talking about Ryan, Jill and Keith don't bother trying to hide anything. Keith admits that Ryan has given up on his marriage to Nina, but assures her that he's not interested in Tricia either. Megan comes in, and she, Jill and Keith all try to convince Tricia that Ryan will be too wrapped up in his divorce to concentrate on her so she may as well give it up. Tricia tearfully tells them all to quit interfering in her happiness with the man she loves and runs out the door.

Grace goes to the main house to pick up Cassie. Nikki tells her that she called her at the office but was told she was in Nick's office for some reason. Grace assures her that she thinks of him as her best friend's husband, but Nikki flat out accuses her of having a crush on him. Grace denies it, pointing out that she's involved with Tony. She then takes Cassie back to the office where Tony comes to pick her up. Grace tells Tony that she wants to go out with him tonight after all. He's pleased to hear it and he and Cassie leave on cloud nine. Once alone, Grace calls Sharon and invites her and Nick along on a double date. When she hangs up, Grace says to herself that hopefully by being seen with Tony all the time she'll get everyone off her back about Nick.

Tricia goes to her favorite phone booth and calls Ryan's office but is told he's not there. She then calls Nina and demands to know his new number. When Nina refuses to give it to her, Tricia blasts her for withholding the information. "Why would I give it to you?" Nina asks, incredulous, "You're the whole reason I've lost everything that means anything to me!" "Oh, quit acting like I'm to blame for all of this," Tricia snaps, "It's your own fault that Ryan doesn't want you!" Nina hangs up, telling her not to phone again. Tricia takes another quarter out of her purse as she remembers that Ryan has a cell phone.

Thursday, September 18, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Jill finds Tricia waiting in Ryan's office and pleads with her to leave. She repeats Keith's speech about how Ryan hasn't come running to her and that proves that she should just leave him alone. She reminds her of all the baggage Ryan will have with an upcoming divorce, but Tricia doesn't care. Eventually, however, Tricia agrees to leave, but says she's not ready to go home yet. Jill leaves before her as Tricia says she's going for a drive to clear her head.

Tony watches Grace get ready, albeit she dresses behind a screen. To his disappointment, she tells him that she invited Nick and Sharon along. When he pouts that he wanted her to himself, she tells him that there'll be other nights.......and reminds him that although there'll be four of them going out, there'll only be two of them returning to her apartment. Tony's, uh, spirits, are instantly aroused.

Nick comes home from work and Sharon tells him that they're going on a double date tonight with Grace and Tony. Nikki drops by and they tell her about their plans. When she goes back to the main house, Nikki tells Josh how she thinks that Grace is putting on an act to cover up her true feelings for Nick. Josh is only half listening as he's reading a medical journal. Nikki notices when a picture of Veronica falls out of it. Josh tells her that he didn't know it was in there, and in case she has an insecurity attack, assures her that she's the only one for him.

Meanwhile, Veronica is having quite the night at the hospital. Dr. Archer tells her that her red marks from the laser surgery should be completely gone in a few days. Veronica tells him that's not soon enough and puts her plan in motion. She gets the doctor to bring in a make-up artist, then steals her make-up. She goes to the cafeteria and steals a lady's purse which just happens to have a whopping $432 in it. Then she goes to the Positive Appearance Centre in the hospital which was set up to help chemo patients. After finding the perfect wig and disguise, Veronica decides to leave the hospital tonight.

The Double Dating team arrive at the restaurant and a good time seems to be had by all. While Tony and Grace dance, Nick and Sharon analyze them. Nick has flashbacks to being in bed with Grace while he watches her kissing Tony. Later, Sharon and Nick dance while Tony and Grace analyze them. Alone for a moment at the table, Sharon excitedly encourages Grace to be romantically involved with Tony.

Ryan returns to his office to finish up some work and is surprised when Tricia comes in. She tells him that she knows that he gave up on his marriage and is hurt that he didn't say anything. However, she notes that she knows now that everyone was trying to protect her by keeping it a secret. Ryan is stunned when Tricia tells him that she feels partially to blame that his marriage didn't work out. She notes that he couldn't really give it another chance with her constantly in the picture. "Now that you're completely free, I think you should go back to Nina and give it a real chance," she announces. Before Ryan can answer, his phone rings. It's business call but he says he's busy. When he hangs up and turns around, Tricia is gone.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Ryan races after Tricia, but it's too late, she's gone. He calls her at home, but Keith tells him that she's not home. After some heated words, Keith hangs up on him.

Paul and Chris ask Danny to recount the entire evening that he went to the lab for the second paternity test so they can piece together what happened. They figure out that Phyllis must've some how gotten the blood from Brian, then brought it to the lab to make the switch. Danny leaves to see Daniel, but Paul and Chris continue the discussion and decide to obtain the phone bill to see if Phyllis called Brian in New York from her apartment.

Michael calls Phyllis and they discuss the case again. He advises her to play by the rules or she could screw up everything for herself. After reminding her to tie up any little details she could've overlooked, he tells her to pleasant to Danny when he picks up Daniel and not to play any games.

Dru fills in Malcolm about the note that Olivia had written with Dr. Kline's name and number on it. She asks him to help her by trying to talk Neil out of taking a fertility test. Malcolm sees no reason to intervene, but wonders why the whole thing is making her so upset.

Jill asks Keith about the phone call and he admits that it was Ryan. After complaining that the McNeil punk is badgering his daughter, Keith vehemently tells Jill that he will continue to get between them. Tricia comes in and asks what's going on. Keith tells her that Ryan called, but says it wasn't urgent and suggests she just go off to bed. Tricia is about to go upstairs when Ryan comes back. She hangs around a moment to see if the call is for her, but Keith fakes his side of the phone call so she thinks it's a personal call for him instead. On the other end of the phone, Ryan angrily demands that Keith put Tricia on the phone, but he gets hung up on again.

Sharon and Nick go to the main house and tell Nikki all about their double date. Nikki points out that Grace has a sudden interest in Tony, but Sharon chalks it up to Grace being preoccupied with other things lately. She says that Grace just needed a little bit of coaxing, that's all.

Meanwhile, Grace and Tony return to her apartment. Tony suggests that they jump into the sofa bed that he bought and cuddle but Grace isn't interested. Tony acknowledges that Grace was putting on an act for Sharon and Tony, but suggests that she's warming up to him after all. He points out that he's a better dancer than Nick, and they start to boogie in the living room.

Danny comes to pick up Daniel, and for once Phyllis doesn't play any games. Despite the fact that she's very cordial, Danny squints, glares, and pouts as he tells her off. After they're gone, Michael shows up, wanting to make sure that Phyllis played by the rules after all. Within minutes, Phyllis wraps his arms around her and begins kissing him. Michael doesn't pull away.

Jill tells Keith that she doesn't think it was too smart to brush off Ryan like that. Keith doesn't care, and suggests they go to bed. They start to head up the stairs when suddenly Ryan appears on the doorstep, screaming for Tricia, and threatening to break the door down. Megan and Tricia come downstairs to see what all the ruckus is about, but Keith warns Tricia to stand back.

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