The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on Y&R
Christine and Paul checked Phyllis' phone logs. Ryan and Tricia reunited, and Nina disappeared. Veronica was hired as Nikki's new housekeeper, 'Sarah.' Dru booked a gig out of town after she learned that Neil had taken a fertility test.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, September 22, 1997

Jack and Neil both return to the office and discuss their personal lives. Jack tells Neil that he and Diane stay in contact and despite what she says, he's sure she's not happy. Neil tells Jack about his and Dru's attempts at enlarging their family, and how he went to see the fertility doctor. Jack advises him not to tell Dru until he has the results of the tests.

Ryan threatens to break the door down so Tricia tells her dad to get out of her way. She warns him if he tries to stop her she'll leave and never come back. She goes outside and falls into Ryan's arms then agrees to leave with him. When she comes back in, she announces that she's getting changed then going out with Ryan. The family tries to stop her, but to no avail.

Alone on the couch, Phyllis and Michael steam up the apartment and undress each other. Meanwhile, Danny and Daniel have a quiet evening at Gina's. Chris arrives to meet Paul, but Gina gives her a message that he's running late. She takes Daniel into the kitchen to make himself a sundae, giving Danny and Chris a long time to talk. They chat about the case, and Danny apologizes again for letting Phyllis ruin their marriage.

Neil comes home and Dru admits that she knows about the fertility specialist. He explains that he didn't want to worry her, but stuns her with the news that he had the fertility tests already. Dru feels really guilty when he tells her that he only did it because he doesn't want her to feel bad if he's the one with the problem. He tells her that they'll have the results in a few days. When he leaves the room, Dru calls Sid and asks him to send her out of town for few days on an assignment. He says he'll see what he can do.

Jill tries to calm down Keith but he doesn't want her help. He rants and raves about letting Tricia leave, and says he knows that Ryan has one thing on his mind -- sex. Jill points out that Tricia is a grown adult almost out of college, so a sexual relationship wouldn't be that out of the ordinary, if that's what she chose. "So what are you saying?" Keith snaps, "That she should just jump in the sack with him?!" Obviously, Keith is not being reasonable so Jill is wasting her time trying to talk to him and gives up.

Danny brings Daniel home and just walks into the apartment. Phyllis runs out of the bedroom, quickly tying up her robe as Danny puts Daniel in his room and returns to the living room. She blasts him for not knocking, then invites him to make a quick exit. Danny decides to look for his missing sunglasses in the bedroom, but Phyllis tells him he's not allowed and offers to look for them in the morning. Danny realizes that she's got a man in her room. They argue but Danny leaves before she can provoke him into a full-fledged argument. After Danny leaves, Michael comes out of the bedroom and suggests they go for round 2. Phyllis tells him that she's glad that he's on her side in every way now, but says with Daniel home she doesn't think it's a good idea. Michael agrees and goes to get dressed.

Ryan brings Tricia back to his office and between kisses tells her that he wants a divorce so he can be with her. Tricia is ecstatic and says she can't believe they can finally be together. They get quite cozy on the couch and when the phone rings, she begs him not to stop to answer it.

Meanwhile, on the other end of the phone, Flo is getting desperate as Ryan isn't answering. "Oh Ryan, where are you?" she wails, "For all we know, Nina could be dead!"

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Ryan and Tricia find it hard to pry themselves away from one another, but eventually they do long enough to answer the phone. Flo is on the other end and frantically tells Ryan that Nina is missing. She explains that Aaron the doorman told her that Nina left earlier in the afternoon with a suitcase and she hasn't been heard from since. Flo adds that Phillip is with her, and he's very upset as well. Ryan promises to come right over. Hanging up the phone, he tells Tricia what's going on. She sighs that things were just going her way and now they're all messed up again. Ryan tells her that no matter what, they'll be together and says that he loves her.

Diane and Victor go to Gina's for dinner. After some dancing, Victor tells Diane about his conversation with Jack, and wonders if she still has feelings for him. Diane says she can't just shut off her feelings overnight so she still cares deeply for him, but assures Victor that he is the man that she loves. Victor tells her that he was thinking of asking Jack to work with and guide Nick over the next few years in preparation to take over the company one day. Diane thinks it's a great idea and they decide to go back to the office and see if Jack's still working so they can present him with the idea.

Veronica, in her new disguise, arrives at the Genoa City Job Placement Center. Luckily, they work all hours there, and the office is abuzz when she walks in. They tell her to fill out a form, then they'll see if they have a job for her.

Meanwhile, Nikki is stunned when her new maid, Ruth, abruptly quits. She explains that she doesn't like being so far from town. Nikki tries to talk her out of it, but to no avail. When Ruth says she'll be leaving tonight, Nikki blasts her for being so irresponsible and says that she's really leaving her in the lurch. When Josh comes home from work, she tells him what happened. He offers to call the job placement company for her, but Nikki says she'll manage.

Jill tries to calm down Keith but he is convinced that Tricia has been gone long enough for her and Ryan to have had sex. He rants and raves about it, blaming Jill for sticking up for Ryan. Megan comes in and tries to help Jill out but Keith refuses to be rational. Tricia finally comes home and tells them what happened. When Keith immediately begins to harp about Ryan, she retreats to her bedroom.

Diane and Victor find Jack in his office. They approach him with the idea of working with Nick, and he likes it. He swears he'll treat him like he was his own son, and Victor says he's sure he can depend on him to do the job right. Diane is pleased to see them shake on it.

Ryan goes to Flo's and tries to calm her down as she's downright hysterical by now. They accomplish nothing, having no idea where Nina could've gone. Philip comes in and Ryan promises to find Nina and bring her home.

Veronica is filling out her form but gets stumped on the first line when it asks for her name. She decides to go by the name of Sarah A. Lindsey and fills in the form. She overhears a woman talking to a very irate Nikki Landers, then listens as the woman repeats their conversation to another man that works there named Max. Max tells Veronica/Sarah about the position that needs to be filled immediately at the ranch and asks if she could go out there to meet her new boss in the morning. Sarah assures him that she's perfect for the job and can't wait to meet Mrs. Joshua Landers.

Megan goes to Tricia's room and asks for details. Tricia tells her about the whole evening, including how if Flo hadn't phoned, they would've made love. Despite the fact that they were on the couch of Ryan's office, Tricia swears it was the most romantic evening of her life. Jill overhears and comes in, adding to the conversation. When Tricia tells her that her heart goes out to Ryan and she wonders how she can help, Jill tells her she can't - this is a situation for Ryan to fix. "I just love him so much!" Tricia wails as Megan hugs her.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Nick goes to Victor's office and tells him that he's ready for his first big assignment. As Victor is explaining that he's handing him over to Jack, Jack himself walks in. He tells Nick that although he considers him a son, he won't be getting any special favors at the office and expects nothing but the best from him. After Nick leaves, Jack makes it clear to Victor that he won't be undermined by him. He says that he wants total autonomy, and doesn't want Victor second guessing him in any way. Victor makes it clear that he can see Jack's point, but have no doubt -- he'll be watching over his shoulder anyway.

Nikki sees Josh off to work as she explains that the potential new housekeeper should be arriving soon. Meanwhile in town, Veronica puts on her disguise, and prepares herself to report to Nikki.

Olivia drops by Dru's and quickly gets on her sister's back about deceiving Neil about her chances of getting pregnant. Dru tells her to lay off, but Olivia warns her that it will all blow up in her face if she continues to lie.

Meanwhile, Malcolm drops by Neil's office and asks him if he's having an impotence problem. Pointing out that Dru's already proven her abilities by having a child, Malcolm wonders if Neil is shooting blanks. Neil is quite embarrassed, but assures him that going to see the fertility specialist was just a precaution, not a necessity.

Ryan has a cop come to his office so he can frantically explain to him that Nina has disappeared. The policeman calmly explains that given the situation, there is a big difference between "gone somewhere" and disappeared. He adds that in these types of situations, the missing person usually returns on their own. Ryan insists that Nina is unstable and depressed, so they should be worried. As the cop leaves, Tricia enters, bringing breakfast for Ryan. Ryan tells her about the conversation with the cop, and whines on her shoulder for a while. Eventually, they discuss how they told each other they loved one another last night. Ryan tells Tricia again how much he loves her and they make out for a while.

Alec arrives at the Dennison's to pick up Tricia as they have a date planned, but Megan tells him that she's not here. When Alec asks what's going on, Megan breaks and tells him everything -- that Tricia is with Ryan, who is married with a kid, and that Nina has gone missing. Alec says that Tricia is too young to be dealing with this mess and Megan agrees.

Max brings Veronica/Sarah to the ranch and introduces her to Nikki and Miguel. Sarah and Nikki chat alone, and she explains that she has no references because the last people she worked for died. Nikki buys her likely story, and decides that she's homely enough to hire. Veronica/Sarah excitedly accepts the position and moves in. Later, she listens in as Nikki gets a call from Josh, who says he'll be late for dinner.

Ryan and Tricia are still kissing when Phillip walks into Ryan's office. "What are you doing here?!" Ryan gasps. "What are you doing?! Why is she here -- and why aren't you out looking for my mom?!" Phillip blasts back. Tricia kneels down and introduces herself, adding that she's a friend of Ryan's and that she's very concerned about Nina as well. "I know who you are," Phillip growls, "You're the reason my mommy and daddy aren't together anymore! I hate you both!" With that, he runs from the office as Ryan chases after him.

Thursday, September 25, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Nikki calls Victor and tells him that she's coming to see him, checks in with Josh at the hospital, then confirms with Miguel that Sarah is working out okay before heading into town. After she's gone, Miguel gives Sarah some more instructions on how to do her new job.

Tricia bursts into tears as Ryan chases after Phillip. She tells herself that she needs to leave, and writes Ryan a quick note explaining that before dashing out the door. She runs home in tears and tells Megan what happened. While Tricia admits that for the first time she can fully understand what Ryan is going through, Megan admits that she now sees how much Ryan cares for her sister. Keith comes in and overhears part of their conversation. Letting down his guard and biting his tongue, he gives Tricia a big hug and comforts her.

Ryan drags Phillip back to his office and tries to explain himself. Phillip is very angry and tells him that he hates him. Ryan tries to hold him, but Phillip pulls himself away and runs to Flo when she walks in. Ryan explains what happened and suggests that she take Phillip home.

Danny, Chris, Paul and Lynne frantically search Danny & Phyllis' phone records, hoping to find Brian's number in New York. Danny loses his temper when he finds out that Chris had to tell Michael's office what they were up to. He tells Chris that he thinks she should've waited until they had the opportunity to search the records, or Phyllis could be them to the punch. Paul defends Chris' actions, making Danny even more aGityated.

Meanwhile, Michael tells Phyllis about them searching the phone records and suggests that she tie up any loose ends with Brian. Phyllis calls Brian and tells him that she videotaped they're lovemaking from the last time he was in town and unless he wants her to send the cassette to his wife, he'd better not tell anyone that he knows her, if anyone calls and asks.

Nikki goes to Victor's office and explains that she's worried about Victoria's extended business trip and what effect it's having on her marriage. Victor doesn't know much, and tells her so. Nikki says if he hears from her, she wants to talk to her too and plans on telling her to come home. Victor says he supports Victoria's decision to put business before her marriage. Nikki isn't too surprised.

Ashley goes to Cole's and tells him that he totally blew the last chapter of his book by compromising the integrity of the character based on her. Cole doesn't want to rewrite anything, but Ashley encourages him to, claiming that the last chapter is unbelievable. After a mild disagreement, they flirt.

While Keith and Tricia are talking, Ryan comes by to see if Tricia is okay. Megan tells him that she's with her father, and they really need this time together so she won't interrupt. She promises Ryan to tell Tricia that he stopped by.

Josh comes home from work, and Sarah/Veronica is worried that he'll recognize her. However, he doesn't, so she spies on him as he works.

Lynne finds Brian's number so Paul calls him, claiming to be from a hardware store. He says that Phyllis has won a cappuccino machine, and that she left his name and number to contact. Brian assures him that he doesn't know her. Hanging up the phone, Paul tells the team that he's sure Brian is the guy, but he wouldn't admit anything. Danny angrily points out that Phyllis got to him first because Chris told them what they were up to too soon. Paul tells him that they'll just have to get creative now...........

Friday, September 26, 1997

Phyllis assures Michael that there's no other loose ends to tie up that will prove that she lied on the stand. However, she's so irate with that "bleached blonde bug" that she wants to tell her off. Michael demands that she has no contact with Chris. Instead, Phyllis decides to go see Paul. She marches into his office and tells him that he has to get Chris off the case. He suspects this is a ploy from her legal defense, but she swears she's telling him for personal reasons. Pointing out that Danny has never gotten over Chris, she warns him that by working so closely, the two might fall back in love. Paul blasts her for trying to make him insecure, but she correctly suspects that he already felt this way. Instead of admitting it, Paul kicks her out. "Don't say I didn't warn you," Phyllis says before leaving.

Tony goes to Nick's office and admits that despite how they act in public, Grace isn't that close to him. He asks for Nick's advice and points out that he thinks he's the problem. Nick can't believe his ears when Tony tells him that he knows Grace turns him on. Grace interrupts, and is shocked to find Tony in Nick's office. After Tony leaves, she demands to know what they were talking about. Nick tells her that Tony wants to get closer to her and wonders what her problem is. Grace insists there is no problem, but Nick isn't so sure.

At Megan's urging, Alec drops by the Dennison house. Tricia realizes she forgot their date earlier and apologizes. He cheers her up with funny customer stories from work.

Victor summons Ryan to his office. When he gets there, Neil admits that he told Victor about Nina's disappearance. Ryan explains how he's done nothing but try in his marriage, and how everything is Nina's fault for not being able to pull herself out of her depression. "It's been so long and now I've fallen in love with someone else," Ryan adds. He explains that although he knows it's killing Phillip and Nina that he moved out, he had no choice and now feels pulled in so many directions. Victor and Neil are completely understanding of poor Ryan and suggest that he take the rest of the day off to spend with Phillip.

Dru is on her photo shoot but can't concentrate. The photographer gets fed up and asks Sid to talk some sense into her. Once alone, Dru tells Sid of her predicament with Neil and getting pregnant. She admits that due to her medical condition, she probably can't have any more kids, and is worried that Neil will freak when he finds out that she's lied to him about it all of these years. Sid points out that she can pretend to have just found out and Neil never needs to know the difference. Dru feels much better.

Malcolm drops by Olivia's office and she tells him that Dru was called away to Cleveland for a catalogue shoot. Malcolm says that's strange because Dru usually only does glamour shoots, not to mention that he's usually the photographer. Olivia suspects that Dru was running away from Neil and their fertility problem.

Tony returns home and is about to call Sharon when she arrives at the door with a gift for Cassie. He tells her that Grace is much more relaxed around him when they're out as a group and wonders if she'd be interested in another double date. Sharon is more than happy to oblige and says she'll suggest it to Nick the minute he gets home.

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