The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on Y&R
An ill Mildred told Grace that she hadn't heard a word from Alice. Victoria spied Cole with a new woman in his arms. Nina was surprised to find Tricia in her apartment, and she reached for a gun.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 29, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, September 29, 1997

Nick comes home from work and finds Sharon and Noah up at the main house. Sharon tells him that she's made plans for another double date with Grace and Tony but Nick doesn't want to go out. He says that they have lots of other friends that they've neglected by spending so much time with Tony and Grace, adding that if Grace won't go out with Tony without them, that's not his problem. Sharon agrees to cancel the date. They snuggle up on the couch and look at Nick's baby pictures until Sarah/Veronica comes in with cocoa and introduces herself.

Grace comes home from work and grills Tony about his conversation with Nick. He tells her that he just wants to get closer to her, and says he's made reservations at Gina's for them. Grace refuses to go until she hears that Nick and Sharon will be going too. However, while she's getting dressed to go, Sharon calls and cancels. Tony doesn't say anything about it to Grace, and they go out as planned.

Diane tells Jack that she wants to discuss something with Victor, but perhaps she should run it by him first so he can speculate on what Victor's reaction will be. Jack is stunned when she says her biological clock is keeping her up at night -- she wants to have Victor's baby! Jack reminds her that Victor doesn't have a shortage of heirs, and that he's not the best father in the world when it comes to spending time with kids. However, he says if things don't work out, she can come knock on his door.

Paul is in a foul mood after Phyllis leaves, and Lynne suggests he'll feel better after a good meal. She's pleased when he assumes that Chris is working late with Danny and agrees to have dinner with her. As they're about to order in, Chris comes in with a bag of take-out dinner from Gina's. When Lynne leaves them to eat alone, Paul tells Chris about his visit from Phyllis. Chris freaks right out when Danny tells her that Phyllis accused her of falling back in love with Danny. She acts all defensive and makes him tell her how he reacted. Realizing that she's overreacting, Chris apologizes and they make up, swearing that no one including Phyllis, Michael or Danny will ever split them up.

Grace and Tony go to Gina's. Once seated, Tony admits that Nick and Sharon canceled. Grace is furious and throws a temper tantrum, embarrassing him in front of the waiter and threatening to leave. She finally agrees to stay, but is completely rude. Tony manages to get the piano player to play Unchained Melody, and gets Grace on the dance floor, where he sings along! The entire restaurant watches in fascination as he tries to sweep Grace off of her feet. She tells him that she's completely embarrassed by the show. After dinner, however, they go back home and Grace admits that he's starting to grow on her.

Diane goes to Victor's office and he tells her about Nina's disappearance and its effect on Phillip. After rambling a while about parenthood and the responsibilities, Diane is taken aback when Victor tells her how happy it makes him to know that they can pick up and leave town anytime they want without having to worry about a child.

Tuesday, September 30, 1997

Jack goes to Victor's office to tell him about a project that he'd like to assign to Nick. After he gets Victor's blessing, the police call Victor to tell him that they have a possible lead on Nina. Victor hangs up and tells Jack that the police have found a woman's body in St. Louis and she matches Nina's description. He asks for Jack's advice as whether or not to tell Ryan about it.

Christine marches into Michael's office and blasts him for sending Phyllis to Paul. Michael of course doesn't have a clue as to what she's raving about, so she tells him in detail what happened. Michael swears his innocence, but riles Chris when he asks her if she is resurfacing feelings for Danny. She tells him off before leaving.

Tony reminds Grace that she's enjoying his company, but she is still playing hard to get. Cassie comes in and says that she had a bad dream that Millie died. Convinced something is wrong, she asks if they can call her. Grace finds the number and calls. Millie is okay, and glad to hear from Cassie. However, her age is showing and she's really slowed down a lot. After talking to Cassie, Grace takes the phone. Millie tells her that Alice still hasn't contacted her and thinks that Grace must've been a godsend. "If it wasn't for you taking Cassie, I don't know what would've happened to her," Millie sighs, "How can I thank you enough." Grace assures her that the whole situation is no problem, and that she's happy to have Cassie with her.

Tricia drops by Nina's apartment to lend some support to Ryan in his time of crisis. They discuss Phillip and how upset he is with the whole situation. Neither of them know what to think when Victor drops by. He tells Ryan how he called some friends at the cop shop, and that they have found an unidentified woman's body in St. Louis. When he adds that they might not know anything until the next day, Ryan says that just won't do. He staunchly decides that he's going to the airport immediately, and just prays that there's a flight to St. Louis. "I thought you feel that way," Victor says, "So I have the Newman jet on stand-by for you. I wouldn't have told you otherwise if I thought you'd have to wait overnight." Ryan is grateful and races off to pack. After Victor leaves, Tricia offers to go with him but Ryan says that given the circumstances, it's best that he go alone. Tricia asks if she can wait for him at Nina's apartment as she can't bear to go home to all of the questions, and wants to be there for him when he returns. Ryan reminds her that he doesn't know how long he'll be gone, but says it's okay for her to wait there.

Phyllis comes home to find Danny going through more paperwork. She tells him that she know that they're looking for Brian, but warns him that the last thing Daniel needs right now is his biological father being forced into his life. Danny yells at her about being an awful human being and storms out. Michael waits until Danny's on the elevator before making his presence known in the hallway. He comes into Phyllis' apartment and chides her about making Christine angry. When he asks if she thinks she's right about Chris and Danny, Phyllis suspects that he has feelings for Chris and asks for an explanation. Michael insists she reading something into nothing and they get sidetracked when he starts to undress her.

Now that Cassie feels better, Grace and Tony send her back to bed. They discuss the situation and how Sharon still doesn't know Cassie's true identity. Tony says he feels so guilty about their secret that he wants to tell Sharon. Grace says she can't stop him but warns him that she'll never forgive him if he does. Just then, Cassie reappears, saying she can't sleep because of their fighting. She fears that Grace is mad at her because she wanted to talk to Millie. "I don't want you to think that I love Millie and not you," Cassie explains, "Because I love you a lot, Grace. Please don't let anyone ever take me away from you!" Tony gulps loudly as Cassie's words tug at his heartstrings..

Wednesday, October 1, 1997

Danny shows Paul and Chris some more phone records and says he's hit pay dirt. He shows them that the day before and the day of the paternity test, Phyllis called the Genoa City Hotel. They deduce that she must've had Brian fly in from New York, stay at the hotel and get his blood somehow. Chris and Paul go to the hotel to get some information. Danny wants to join them but they say he's not allowed. At the hotel, they have incredible luck when the desk clerk remembers Phyllis and that she was visiting a man staying there. After he checks the records, he tells them that the man's name was Brian Hamilton.

Joani notices that Phyllis is extremely on edge and asks what's up. Phyllis explains that Danny, Chris and Paul are doing everything they can to bury her in court. Phyllis tells her that she has a bad feeling about the whole thing. She decides to call Chris and see what she's up to but Danny answers the phone at Legal Aid. She's even more worried when he tells her that she's interrupting them.

Nick and Sharon cuddle up on the couch. Sharon asks Nick if he wants to give Noah a in a second child.

Katherine comes by Nikki's and shows the results of her facial rejuvenation procedure. What a success -- she looks awesome!! Nikki introduces her to Sarah/Veronica, then they discuss surprising Josh with a long weekend to Paris for their first wedding anniversary. Sarah listens in, but ears really perk up when Josh comes home from work.

Paul and Chris return from the hotel and tell Danny all that they learned. They try to piece together more of the Phyllis puzzle with their recent clues, then Danny asks about going to New York to look up Brian Hamilton. Chris calls the airport and makes reservations for two.

Neil joins Ryan on the airplane as he and Victor agreed that Ryan shouldn't go to St. Louis alone. Ryan bends his ear with "what-if" situations while worrying that the Jane Doe is Nina. Neil tries to get him to think positively, but he's too worried.

Meanwhile, Victor tells Diane all about the Nina situation. He tells her that this has really hit him hard for some reason, and notes that he really cares about his employees. He calls Tricia at Nina's apartment to see how she's holding up. She thanks him for letting Ryan use the jet. He then calls the jet to see how Ryan's doing and give him some encouraging words. He also tells Ryan that he checked in on Tricia for him and Ryan is grateful but still worried.

Tony and Grace and Cassie. Cassie asks them if she can call them Mom and Dad so she can be like the other kids at school. Tony and Grace are taken aback, and explain to her that since that's not who they are, it's a not a good idea to call them that. Cassie understands, but makes it clear that she loves them like her parents. After she goes to bed, Tony lays into Grace. He tells her that Cassie is needing a proper mother and her real mom is right across town. When he gets into it about telling Sharon, Grace bursts into tears and tells him she can't hear any more.

Thursday, October 2, 1997
Erin Goldsby

Grace goes to Victor's office and shows him the report she's finally finished for him. She does a great job of flattering him and sucking up before leaving. Back at home, Tony and Cassie are playing checkers when Cassie accidentally calls him "Dad." When Grace comes home, Tony watches her stroke Cassie's hair and remembers their conversation about telling Sharon the truth. His thoughts are interrupted when Sharon calls and asks him to come over ASAP.

Ashley gives Cole some great ideas for the last chapter of his novel at the tack room. Their conversation drifts, and they sputter many innuendoes before locking lips. They're so busy kissing that neither of them see Victoria in the window.

Danny is preparing to go with Chris to New York when Paul comes in. He offers to pick up Chris for him on his way to the airport, but Paul stops him. Much to Danny's surprise, Paul tells him that he doesn't want him to go with them. He gives him plenty of reasons why he should stay behind, but Danny thinks they're just excuses. Paul admits that this case is taking over his marriage, and wants to spend some time alone with Christine. Paul goes to the plane and meets Chris, but to his surprise, she's very disappointed that Danny isn't coming and tries to convince him to let him come. However, they end up going without him.

Michael takes Phyllis to Gina's for the evening. He tries to make it a romantic dinner, but Phyllis is more interested in kicking up her heels on the dance floor and just having some fun. Michael's easily swayed and soon they reach a compromise -- by smooching up a storm on the dance floor.

Neil and Ryan continue flying to St. Louis, speculating the entire time about whether or not the Jane Doe is Nina. Finally, they arrive and go straight to the morgue. Ryan holds his breath as he goes to view the body.

Victoria goes to Victor's office and gets a warm welcome home. She tells him all about her business trip and how well it went, then they briefly catch up on Victor's new marriage and its affect on Nikki. When Victor asks her if she plans to stay in town for a while, he's surprised by her response. "I'll see how much I like being home before I make any decisions," Victoria says, not letting on about what she saw at the ranch.

Tony arrives at Sharon's, and she quickly explains that she's been thinking about him and Grace and wants to help him win her heart. Pointing out that Grace likes a man with ambition, she advises him to get a better job, something with advancement. Tony agrees, but adds that he needs to work part-time to care for Cassie. Sharon tells him that if he had a better paying job, they could afford a sitter, and she'd be happy to help out in the meantime.

Friday, October 3, 1997

Ashley and Cole discuss some more about the novel at the tack room, and then Ashley asks about Victoria. When Cole admits that he's lonely, Ashley empathizes.

Danny tells Gina how upset he is that Paul wouldn't let him come to New York. He says he can see why Paul thinks he's disrupting his marriage, but points out that he's doing this for his son. Gina advises him to let it go and suggests they go get a bite to eat.

Sarah/Veronica spies on Nikki and Josh as they cuddle up in the living room and talk about their romantic getaway to Vermont that they're planning. Nikki then looks out the window, and suddenly claims a need to go to the tack room. Once there, she tells Cole that she saw a car leaving with a woman and wondered who she was. She points out that Victoria has been gone for a while, but reminds him that she will be back soon.

Meanwhile, Josh asks Sarah about her background. She stutters and stammers, so he apologizes for being intrusive and quits questioning her.

Ashley goes home but Jack lays into her about being with Cole so much. When John comes into the room, he wants to know what they're arguing about but they don't tell him. Jack offers to walk Ashley to her car as she leaves from work, but once outside, he warns her not to fall too deeply for a married man. Later, Jack tells John all about it.

Michael and Phyllis continue their evening until Michael spots Gina and Danny walking into the restaurant. Within seconds, Gina sees them, too.

Cole is stunned when he turn around in the tack room. "Hi.....remember me?" Victoria asks softly from the doorway.

Ryan looks at the body in the morgue, and realizes that it's not Nina. Relieved, he and Neil return to the plane, where Ryan rants about Nina up and leaving and scaring them all like this.

Meanwhile, Nina comes home to find Tricia waiting for her in her apartment! She loses it, and demands to know why the silly twit is there. Tricia tries to tell her how Ryan went to St. Louis, and that she's waiting for him. Nina freaks out on her, blaming her for not leaving them alone and taking Ryan from her. Tricia tries to defend herself, but then has the audacity to say, "You know deep down in your heart that Ryan doesn't love you. I'm sorry to have to say this, but he hasn't loved you for quite some time now." Nina goes over the deep end with that comment. While screaming at Tricia to shut up (but she doesn't), Nina reaches into her purse, and pulls out a gun.

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