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Diane wanted to have Victor's baby, but he had just had a vasectomy. The police felt that Nina's account of the shooting was tainted. Ashley admitted to Victor that she was the other woman in Cole's life.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 27, 1997 on Y&R
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Monday, October 27, 1997

Erin Goldsby remains on maternity leave. We wish her and her new bundle of joy the best. Gladys will assume recapping responsibilities for this week.

Victor is home. He calls Diane's office but is told by the secretary that Diane isn't in. She was there earlier, but has since left the office.

Jack is conducting business on the phone when Diane enters the office. Once off the phone, he greets Diane. She is hesitant about conversing with Jack so he makes an educated guess that she is there to discuss getting pregnant. How does Victor feel about a baby, she asks. Diane tells him that she hasn't discussed it with Victor yet. Jack is surprised. Don't you think you should discuss this with your husband? he asks. You told me to wait when we spoke before, Diane accuses. Jack reminds her that she doesn't always take his advice. Diane says that the time hasn't been right to talk with Victor. Jack wonders what it says for the marriage when she is afraid to talk to her own husband about a subject as important as a child. He encourages her to go to Victor as soon as possible and let him know her feelings on the subject.

Nick comes downstairs in a happy mood and greets his wife as "Cupcake." Sharon is tickled at his thinking up a new "nick" name for her. They do a little married chit-chat and Nick thanks her for marrying him. Sharon suggests that when he gets to the office, he should go talk with Victoria.

Lynn is reading a letter back to the boss but Paul isn't listening. He is gazing out into the distance. When Lynn calls him on his behavior, he tells her that Chris went to Atlanta after all to do the depositions for the other client. He can't help wondering what made her change her plans. There was something about her mood . . . something in her voice that sounded strange. But Lynn tells her boss that she knows what is bothering Paul.

Danny visits Katherine. Esther rattles away about Danny and his career. She thinks he has been out of town on another concert. She loves his music and plays his latest CD all the time. Katherine rescues Danny and sends Esther away. She then asks about his trip, but before he answers, Danny makes a point of asking if Katherine has been drinking from the fountain of youth.

Paul is astonished that his secretary thinks she knows him so well! You are suffering from "wife withdrawal," she tells him. But Paul reminds her that he and his wife are independent of each other and living different lives separate of each other. Lynn reminds him that he and Chris have been putting in a lot of hours on Danny's case; it is just natural that he would miss her. Paul suddenly decides that he has something important to do and asks Lynn to cancel his appointments.

Nick tells Sharon that he knows what his sister wants to talk about---her marriage. Sharon remarks that his sister thrives on one lifestyle while Cole thrives on another. Cole is content to sit at home and work at his "damn computer," Nick responds angrily. Well, that is his life, Sharon says. Nick is sure that there is more to this than his sister is saying. Sharon convinces him that Vicki needs a sympathetic ear from her little brother, so Nick tells her that he will "give it a shot." As he leaves he tells her: Have a nice day, Cupcake.

Jack offers Diane his services but she laughs him off. Still, Jack is adamant that she should talk to Victor. If you want a rug rat, you have to talk to your husband, he states. Diane decides that she will go home and talk to Victor right now.

Paul visits Legal Aid and asks about Christine. No one has heard from her yet today. Paul asks why did she change her mind about going to Atlanta. The secretary tells Paul that Tom was all set to go to Atlanta, but Chris called and said she would go. Did Chris fax anything from DMS? Paul asks, but is told no. As he is about to leave, he sees that there is someone in Chris' office. He is told that John Silva is helping with some of Chris' work. Paul enters the office and asks John if he is taking over his wife's law practice.

Ashley is preparing for a meeting when Jack enters. He wonder what happened with Victoria and Cole the night before. Ashley admits that she hasn't heard from Cole today. Jack is astonished at Ashley's cool demeanor; if it were him, he would be pacing the floor. Ashley admits that she is curious but she wants to give the two young marrieds time to talk over their problems. When Cole is ready to tell me what happened, he will let me know she tells him.

Danny tells Katherine all that happened in New York and all that they discovered about Phyllis. Katherine is appalled that Phyllis could be so devious. Danny also discloses to Katherine how Phyllis actually tricked him into believing that he had made her pregnant. That is the only reason I divorced Chris, he says. Katherine says that she hasn't known anyone so evil since her association with Jill many years ago. She proceeds to give comfort to Danny.

Nick enters Vicki's office. He is sorry that he wasn't there the night before when she wanted to speak with him. They begin discussing Victoria's marriage. She tells him that she doesn't regret the marriage; they have some fabulous memories and have had some good times. But, things are not the same. Nick cautions that she has just been away a long time and only returned a couple minutes ago. Give it time. Make it up to Cole, he advises. But Vicki thinks it is too late. Nick tells her not to panic. He reminds her of her habit of running away from trouble.

Diane arrives home and is warmly greeted by her husband. He gets her some coffee and she compliments him on knowing how she likes it. He assures her that he is trying to learn all that he can about his wife so that he can please her. They share a warm embrace, then Diane tells him that she has something serious she wants to talk to him about.

When Jack cannot convince Ashley to call Cole, he backs down. Maybe Ashley is right; Cole has enough to deal with without having to answer her questions also. As Jack leaves, he tells Ash that he will be there for her.

Nick wonders if there is more than Vicki is telling him. Victoria admits that there is another player: Ashley Abbott. Nick is surprised. Vicki tells him that Cole was consulting with Ashley about the cosmetics industry which is the subject of his new book. Nick tries to point out that Cole was lonely and Ashley was just being "a friend." They aren't having an affair, are they? he wants to know. Vicki admits that it hasn't gone quite that far, but they are more than friends. Nick tells her that she should fight for her man. We are Newmans, he tells her. Don't just hand him over to Ashley Abbott; come out swinging!

Ashley is still preparing for a meeting when Vicki enters the room. Ash greets her warmly and congratulates her on a successful trip. Vicki tells her she is glad to be back; she then asks how Ashley is doing. I hear you and my husband have been working together.

John Silva tells Paul that it is amazing how Chris can juggle all these cases. He admits that Chris called him from Atlanta and ask him to do her a favor. He is preparing the paperwork for serving DMS. Paul is confused. Didn't Chris go and see the man from DMS? Did he turn her down again? John doesn't think that Chris even went to see the man at DMS; she just asked him to prepare the papers for what they need. Once he is served, he will have to give us the information we need, John tells Paul. That makes two things Chris changed her mind about, Paul says. John tells Paul that the rules say that women can change their minds any time they want to. A thoughtful Paul leaves the office.

Victor tells Diane to go ahead and talk; he is listening. She stumbles with her words but finally gets it out that she wants to have his baby. Victor is stunned.

You and Chris should never have broken up, Katherine tells Danny. You had a perfect marriage. Now you are telling me that because of this woman, you have lost all your hopes and dreams? What are you going to do about it? But Danny tells her that there is nothing he can do. Chris has already gone on with her life; she is married to Paul now. But Katherine will not accept this. As she goes on and on about Danny and Chris, he remembers the kiss they shared in New York. Suddenly he tells Katherine that he has to leave and he rushes out of the house.

So Cole told you, Ashley says. Of course, Vicki answers, but I am a little fuzzy about the details. Ashley explains that she was helping him understand the ins and outs of the cosmetic industry. Vicki wonders if that was all. Ashley tells her that her husband missed her very much but he did have his work to occupy his mind and time. Ashley continues to talk about the special "friendship" that developed. Oh, I am sure, Vicki counters. Lots of late dinners, cozy little lunches. Are you accusing me of something? Ashley asks. She then reminds Vicki that she was gone for a very long time. Was she alone that entire time? Didn't she meet a lot of new people? Were there no special dinners? No lunches? Nothing of a social nature. While she admits that all that did occur, Vicki won't let up. Ashley tells Vicki that there are two people in the marriage and they need to sit down and decide what they do and do not want. No, Vicki says, there are three people and I know what you want. You aren't getting my husband without a fight. As she leaves the office, she smiles and wishes Ashley a "nice day."

Are you shocked? Diane asks Victor. He isn't shocked but he is surprised. He realizes that Diane's biological clock is ticking, but he had no idea that she wanted children. Is this the only reason you married me? he wants to know. No, Diane tells Victor. I married you because I loved you! Well, I hope that love is enough, Victor tells her. I am about to disappoint you. You won't even consider it? she asks. I might have but now it is too late, Victor quietly tells Diane. I didn't know you wanted children. I thought you were as happy with our lifestyle and I was. So, I recently had a vasectomy.

Paul is in the office when Danny arrives. I got your message, Danny says as he enters. What is up? Paul faces Danny. I want you to tell me what happened with you and Chris after I left New York, Paul tells Danny.

You had a vasectomy? Diane is dismayed. So I guess that explains your distance in the bedroom recently. Victor tells her that it was still a little painful. Diane cannot believe that he would do this without even discussing it with her. It should have been a decision that the two of them made together. Why didn't you talk to me about it? Victor tells her that she had given him no indication that she wanted a child. But I was on the pill. Didn't you trust me? Diane asks. Again Victor says he is sorry. He thought they had a wonderful life and had no idea she wanted a child. Not a child, Diane tells him. Your child. We should have discussed this before you did anything. Victor embraces his wife and tells her that he is sorry---really sorry. Diane weeps softly while Victor tries to comfort her.

Tuesday, October 28, 1997

Paul's office
Paul and Danny face off. Danny is confused by Paul's demand to know what happened with Chris in New York. Paul tells Danny that Chris did not go to DMS but Danny has no answer for him. I told Chris that I was coming home and offered to have her come with me, Danny says. However, she didn't show up at the airport so I came home alone. Where is Chris, Danny asks. Paul tells him that Chris is in Atlanta. Why would Chris just take off, Danny?

Phyllis' apartment
Phyllis and Michael enter the apartment. Phyllis tells her that they are alone; Joanie has taken Daniel out. As Michael makes overtures, Phyllis stops him. She doesn't know when Joanie and Daniel will return. I'll just have to owe you one, she tells him. Michael isn't upset; he tells Phyllis that he needs to talk to her about something important.

"Cupcake, I am home." Nick calls as he enters his home. He is greeted by his wife with a kiss. He tells her he had a good day. I am so proud of you for going back to your father's company to work, Sharon tells him. Well, he tells her, they have me on a strict training schedule. They aren't treating me like "the bosses son" and it is "sink or swim" on my own. Did you talk to your sister? Nick tells her that there is more to it than they had thought. They are in serious trouble and need help. Nick tells her that he has a plan and will need Sharon to bring it about. Sharon is willing to do anything. Nick wants to have a small intimate dinner party---just the two of them with Cole and Vicki. The problem is how to get the two of them there for dinner. Vicki tells Nick that she will call Vicki and she won't take no for an answer.

Ryan's office
Ryan calls John Silva. John is very busy but Ryan tells him that he has to see him; it is very important. John tells him to come to the courthouse and he will see him whenever he has a chance. Ryan hangs up just as Victoria comes into the office. How are you holding up? she asks sympathetically. He tells her that he can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. She asks after Nina and Ryan tells her that mentally, she is better, but physically, they still are not sure. Vicki is happy for Ryan and wishes Nina well. Ryan asks how she is doing. When she answers that she is fine, Ryan doesn't believe her. Come on, Vicki, I know you. What is wrong?

Keith's home
Tricia enters the house. Megan sees her and is overjoyed to see her sister. Have you come home? How are things? Tricia tells her that she isn't home for good and she hasn't seen Ryan. She has been hoping that he would come to her, but that hasn't happened. Doesn't that tell you something? Megan asks. Tricia tells her sister that she has decided to just wait. She will give Ryan time and space to decide who he wants in his life. Maybe he will decide that he has room in his life for her. Megan hopes that there isn't room for her. All the problems won't just go away. Some of them are there for a lifetime.

Paul's office
Danny and Paul stare at each other. Danny says he doesn't know why Chris went to Atlanta without coming home, but if Paul really wants to know, he should ask his wife. Paul tells him that he is asking HIM (Danny). I know something happened after I left New York and I want to know what it was. I don't like your tone, Danny tells Paul. And I don't care, Paul tells him. Now, out with it Romalotti. What is going on with my wife? Nothing happened, Danny insists. I left and she didn't. End of story. She did not discuss her plans with me. Danny reminds Paul that Chris is a lawyer and lawyers have more than one iron in the fire. But Paul is not convinced. We have worked too hard on your custody case for her to just drop it. You are keeping something from me and I am sick and tired of it! Paul shouts. I am not keeping anything from you, Danny shouts. I didn't even know she didn't return to GC. "You had better not lie to me," Paul threatens. Why would I lie? wonders Danny. Chris is my lawyer, Paul. She is also my wife, Danny declares. Then you should talk with your wife, Danny says as he leaves Paul's office. Alone, Paul whispers, "Chris, what the hell is going on?"

Ryan's office
Talk to me, Vicki. Ryan encourages. You don't have to hide things from me. Vicki tells him that she does not want to burden him, but she is so confused. She doesn't know if she really wants to be married or not. You enjoyed your trip, didn't you? Ryan asked. Vicki admits that she loved her trip. She felt so free and in control of her life. Ryan tells her that it is because she is a free spirit and feels things deeply. Now that she is back, Vicki says, she feels that everyone is closing in on her. Everyone disapproves of her. They are interrupted by the phone. It is Sharon and she invites Vicki to dinner. At first, Vicki declines the invitation but Ryan encourages her to go. Finally she agrees to the date. Sharon hangs up the phone and says: one down and one to go. Now it is my turn, Nick says. Back in Ryan's office, Vicki tells him that she has moved to the main house. It is that bad? Ryan asks. I don't think I was cut out for marriage, Vicki says. I don't even know if Cole wants to stay married. She is hoping that distance will give her some perspective because right now, her life is in chaos. She remembers one other time when she felt this way. "When we were married?" asks Ryan. "No," she tells him. "When we got divorced." "We were too young," Ryan tells her. Vicki tells him that she believes that their divorce was a mistake. "Do you ever wonder what it would have been like if we had stayed together?" But then, she sighs, I am glad that we are divorced so that we could be such good friends. I need a friend more than I need a husband. You could have a friend AND a husband, Ryan tells her. In a more cheerful note, Vicki suggests that they go on the road together. You could represent the Men's Line and I would speak for Brash and Sassy. Then at night we could compare notes in our hotel room. When Ryan laughs, she tells him that she is not kidding. She then kisses him on the cheek and leaves.

The Newman house
Nick calls Cole and asks him down to dinner. Cole says that sounds good and Nick doesn't have to twist his arm. Nick hangs up and tells Sharon: Mission accomplished! Now Sharon gets busy preparing for the dinner. When Nick asks what he can do, she tells him to think up something clever to say when Cole and Victoria realize what they are up to.

Keith's home
Tricia doesn't know how she can let Ryan go. Meg tells her that a good start would be to move back home and start seeing other guys. Alex would love to see you again, she says. Jill enters and is happy to see Tricia. You're home! It is wonderful to see you, she exclaims. When Tricia says she hasn't returned home, Jill asks Megan if she can speak with Tricia alone. After Megan leaves, Jill apologizes for putting so much pressure on Tricia about Ryan. I took too hard a stand when I should have had more patience. I know it is partially my fault that you moved out, Jill admits. Tricia isn't mollified. I guess my father wasn't happy with you when I moved out, she says. He is worried about you, Jill tells her. We both regret that we came down too hard on you. If I came home, how would it be different? asks Tricia.

Phyllis' apartment
Michael tells Phyllis that countering Danny's charges are only half the battle. They need to take the offensive. I am sure that Danny is no saint, he remarks. After all, Danny is a rock star and frequently goes out of town for concerts. What is he going to do with Daniel when he is out of town? Leave him with a nanny? Or will he drag him along from hotel to hotel. And Daniel will be ready for school soon. How is that going to work. Meanwhile, he has a mother who will be there for him---fixing lunch---taking care of him day and night. They decide to make a list. When Michael mentions that rock stars and concerts are notorious for drug use, Phyllis tells him that Danny has never used drugs. But that doesn't mean that Daniel wouldn't be around those types of people. Then there is Danny's marriage history. He seems to go into and out of marriage too frequently. And now here he is getting closer with his ex-wife. They will get expert witnesses to testify as to that kind of influence on a child. Michael decides that they will let Danny's side take their best punch. After they have put on their case, we will deliver our knock-out punch. Our case will be uppermost in the judges mind when he goes in to deliberate, Phyllis says. She tells him that he is brilliant---and brilliance turns her on. They kiss. Michael picks her up and they go to the couch. Just then the door opens and Joanie and Daniel are home. Quickly Joanie pulls Daniel back out into the hallway. As they redress, Phyllis tells Michael that she still owes him one.

The courthouse
Ryan is pacing. Finally a courtroom door opens and John exits. Ryan is excited. I've got good news! he tells his lawyer. Nina has her memory back! She remembers everything that happened. That is great! John says. How did you find out? Did she call you? No, John, I was there. We talked it out. WHAT!! John shouts. Ryan tells him how they had constructed the entire night of the shooting. He had taken her step by step through the happenings and it all came back to her. John is angry. I told you not to go to the hospital. I told you not to go anywhere near Nina. Did you just ignore everything I told you? Ryan is deflated. He doesn't understand where John is coming from. John tells him that he has to go talk to Nina right away. Ryan wonder why he has to talk with Nina. It isn't just that he has to talk with Nina, explains John. He has to take a court reporter along and get it all documented. It has to be documented that she really remembers and it wasn't a case of Ryan planting the memory in Nina's mind. He then finds out about the two orderlies who tried to throw him out of the hospital room. John says he has to go to the hospital right away but he orders Ryan to STAY AWAY FROM THE HOSPITAL. STAY AWAY FROM NINA. Does he make himself clear? Ryan promises to stay away. The bailiff exits the courtroom and tells John that the Judge wants to see him. John tries to get away but the bailiff insists that the Judge wants to see him right now.

Phyllis' home
Daniel is in bed. Joanie prepares to leave. Phyllis thanks her for keeping Daniel out of the room while she and Michael readjusted themselves. Joanie begins to chastise Phyllis, but Phyllis interrupts by saying that from now on she will be more discrete. As she sees Joanie to the door, Danny is there. Phyllis tells him that Daniel is asleep. He insists on seeing his son. Phyllis tells him to come back tomorrow but he shoves her aside and enters. He goes straight to Daniel's room.

The Newmans'
The house is beautiful and the aroma of good food fills the house. Nick is bragging on his wife and she loves it. She wonder how Vicki and Cole will react when they find out they were setup. Will they be at each other's throats? Will we have made it worse? The door bell sounds and they decide that they will soon find out. Cole arrives. He tells them that he needed a break. Nick asks how the book is coming and he says it is going well. Nick wonders if he ever gets lonely. Are you kidding? he laughs. All my characters do whatever I tell them to do. They pour the wine and toast to a terrific evening.

Phyllis' home
Danny comes out of Daniel's room with the child in his arms. Daniel is happy to see his daddy back from his trip. He asks when he can go listen to the band with his dad. Phyllis reminds him that they had a good time today when she read to him. And we baked cookies, too, remember Daniel? Daniel remembers more; he remembers that a friend came to visit. Who? asks Danny. Phyllis tries to pass it off as a girlfriend but Danny tells his dad that mommy is teasing. It was Michael. Danny gets mad. Daniel says that Michael is a nice man and Danny gets even madder. How could you do this, Phyllis? Daniel says that his mommy likes Michael a lot. How do you know? Danny asks his son. Because I saw her kiss him, answers Danny. Danny grabs Daniel and starts out the door. Come back, Phyllis demands. You can't do this. Just watch me, Danny says. Bye, bye, mommy, Daniel says. After Danny leaves, Phyllis says: You may think you have won, Danny, but it is too easy to push your buttons.

The Newmans'
Miguel brings over appetizers. Nick pours more wine. Cole wonders if he is delaying dinner but Sharon tells him that she made a mistake judging when the vegetables would be ready. They wait a little long. Conversation drags a little. Finally the door bell rings. Sharon answers and there stands Vicki and a date. Nick comes up. Vicki introduces her friend, Darren Murphy. They welcome him but do not move from the door. It becomes a little awkward. Vicki wonders if she got the day wrong. If was tonight, wasn't it. We can come back. Well, well, Cole says. It should be a fascinating evening. How are you Darren?

Wednesday, October 29, 1997

Victor's office
: Ryan visits Victor and thanks him for posting bond for him. I'm sure it can't be good for the company having one of your Vice Presidents arrested for attempted murder. Victor tells Ryan that he knows that there is no way he could do such a thing. I always had faith in you, Victor tells him. He then asks how Nina is doing. Ryan tells him that Nina is doing much better and that she has finally remembered what happened that night. Well, it looks like things are looking up, Victor says.

The Chancellor Mansion
: Katherine opens the door to find Danny and his son. She is happy to see the two of them and welcomes them into her home with hugs, especially for Daniel. I need to talk to you, Danny tells her. Esther comes in and takes Daniel with her to the kitchen for cookies. I am ready to explode! Danny tells Katherine. He tells her that he just came from Phyllis' home. I am so mad! She tried to keep me from seeing my son and then I found out that she is seeing that snake, Michael Baldwin. She has been KISSING that snake in front of my son! Katherine is aghast. How could that woman take up with the likes of Michael Baldwin.

Phyllis' home
: Phyllis opens the door for Michael. She is very upset. "Danny has kidnapped my son!" she announces. We have to call the police! Wait, Michael says, trying, unsuccessfully, to calm her down. She goes on to tell Michael that Danny came unannounced and took Daniel. He doesn't like what is going on between us, she tells Michael. Michael finally gets Phyllis to calm down and begins to carefully question her. Danny doesn't like what is going on between us or doesn't like what we are doing with Danny? Phyllis cannot see the difference, but she explains that Danny hates that you, Michael, are in my life. Daniel mentioned that he saw us kiss and Danny just went wild. Michael says he was afraid that kiss would come back to haunt them, but they will just have to deal with it. We are wasting time, Phyllis tells Michael. We have to call the police.

The Young Newman's
: There is an awkward moment as Vicki introduces her "date" for the evening. Darren is a business associate from New York that Vicki met on her trip. Cole walks up and welcomes Darren. Vicki makes the introduction. So, I take it you two know each other, Darren says. Oh, yes. Cole is my husband, Vicki answers sweetly. Your husband? Darren gulps. Oh don't worry about it. Cole is very understanding. Nick offers wine. Cole announces that he was going to invite a date but changed his mind. As an embarrassed Sharon goes to get the table ready, Cole tells her to put him anywhere since he is the "odd man out" tonight.

The hospital
: The doctor is examining Nina's feet and legs. Nina doesn't feel anything even though she realizes that she should. She is slowly getting more and more upset. This doesn't look good, Nina cries. The doctor tries to reassure her. The doctors have told you that it takes time, she says. When the spinal nerves are bruised, it takes a while to get feeling back. As the doctor leaves, the police are there to question Nina. They reintroduce themselves: Detectives Bates and Wylie, also Mr. Richards from the DA's office. We have a few more questions for you, Detective Bates tells her. Nina tells them that now she has answers for them.

Victor's office
: Ryan tells Victor that he is looking forward to a fresh start. Nina continues to be paralyzed, he explains, but we don't expect that to last much longer. She is recovering very well. I have a lot of decisions to make. I know my marriage is over, but I just cannot walk away while she is in this condition. Still, I can't deny that I have feelings for Tricia Dennison. You want Tricia in your life? Victor asks. I cannot make that decision just now, Ryan tells him. I know you are at a cross roads right now, Victor tells him. Just stay the course; take it one step at a time and you'll be okay.

Nina's hospital room
: You now remember what happened that night? Nina is asked. You remember bringing the gun into the apartment? Nina tells them that she does remember. She had been gone. When she returned home, she found someone in her apartment. She argued with this person and took the gun from her purse. They ask who was in the apartment and Nina answers that it was Tricia. Why did you have the gun? They want to know. Nina hesitates. I cannot imagine ever committing suicide, she tells them. But my mind was a mess. I didn't want to hurt anyone else. How did you feel finding Tricia in your apartment? They want to know. I didn't like it, she tells them. I was angry that she had the nerve to be there. Ryan had gone to St. Louis to identify a body. Did you want to shoot Tricia? No, I don't think so. I just wanted to scare her a little. We argued, then Ryan came home. He got Tricia out of the apartment and I picked up the gun again and aimed it at my head. Ryan tried to stop me, we struggled and the gun went off. Everything is quiet for a while. Then Mr. Richards ask: When did you remember? When I talked with my husband, Nina answered.

: Can my son and I stay with you? Danny asks his friend. Danny, Katherine says. I share your concern about having your son anywhere near that man, but what evidence do you have that any harm has been done to your son? Danny is shocked! You know we cannot trust Michael Baldwin! Danny, you may not want to hear this, but you have to return that child to it's mother immediately. You are right, I don't want to hear that! Danny tells her. I cannot take my child back to that woman. But Phyllis has custody, Katherine reasons. Maybe it is temporary custody, but custody nevertheless. If you ever want to get permanent custody, you have to play by her rules. You know that Phyllis plays to win and you are risking getting permanent custody if you keep Daniel away from her.

Phyllis' apartment
: Phyllis doesn't understand where Michael is coming from. He explains: We can't call the police. How long has Danny been gone with Daniel? An hour? It isn't reasonable that he would have the boy home yet. But I didn't give him permission to take Daniel, she cries. Right now, it is just your word against his, Michael explains. Wait; give him time to bring Daniel back. If he doesn't, then we go to the police. But that won't work, Phyllis tells him. He probably headed straight for Christine's and she will just convince him to bring Daniel back.

Nick and Sharon's
: Dinner is going well. Vicki explains that Darren just popped into the office as she was leaving and invited her out. So she just invited him along to her brother's home. Everyone is complimenting the cook on a fabulous meal. Sharon is a wonderful cook, agrees Vicki. I am hopeless in the kitchen. But you make a mean reservation, her husband quips. Vicki laughs. Just wait until you taste her soufflés, Nick boasts. Cole wants to challenge everyone to a duel for the soufflés, but Vicki doesn't want any. Darren offers to share his with her, but Nick tells Sharon to bring him a whole one and he will eat what Vicki leave on the plate.

Jill's office
: Tricia enters. Jill is happy to see her. Tricia is sorry that she walked out on Jill earlier, but she cannot come home yet. She has to sort things out first. Jill promises not to put pressure on her, but Tricia knows that her Dad will pressure her. Jill finally backs down but tells her that if she changes her mind, they want her home. Please tell my father that I am okay and that I love him. As Jill promises to do so, she sees Ryan enter the office. Ryan, how is Nina? Jill asks. I'm hopeful, he answers. I have a positive attitude about the future. Were you looking for me? Tricia asks hopefully. Ryan asks Jill if he can talk with Tricia alone.

Your husband was here? The detective asks Nina. Yes, she tells them. He stopped by after his bond hearing. Were you aware that he was not supposed to come here? They want to know. I think someone mentioned that, but Ryan wouldn't hurt me. Obviously there is more to this story, Mr. Richards tells Nina. So, tell me. Did you remember before he arrived or while he was here? Nina tells them how Ryan walked her through the entire night of the shooting.

You are right handed, aren't you? the detective asked and Nina acknowledges that this is so. Did you know that the gun was found by your head on the left side? they ask. Nina is confused. Why does that matter? Ryan would not hurt me. He didn't do anything wrong. Well, they say, that is all for now. We will be in touch.

Outside the room, the DA says that McNeal should not have been in that room. They approach one of the orderlies. He tells the group that he heard a lot of noise coming from Nina's room. When he went in, Ryan was "pitching a fit." He tried to get him out of the room, but then Nina said he could stay. They get his name. The DA looks at the detectives and ask: Makes you wonder, doesn't it? I think we need to have a little talk with Mr. O'Neal.

The two stare at each other. You look good, Tricia tells him. He apologizes for staying away, but Tricia knows that he has been overwhelmed. He tells her the good news about Nina. We talked it through and the memories came flooding back, he tells her. So now you won't be punished for something you didn't do, she tells him, relieved. I can move on with my life, says Ryan. I'll soon be free. Then what? asks Tricia.

Phyllis' pad
: Michael smiles. Trust me, Phyllis. Danny isn't going to Christine's. How do you know? Phyllis wants to know. "I know something you don't know," Michael sing-songs to Phyllis. He then tells Phyllis that Chris is out of town. So, his guardian angel won't be there to rescue poor little Danny, Phyllis says. Michael tells her that this little incident will cost Danny in court, but Phyllis is still worried. Still, she tells him seductively, you are good at reassuring me. They kiss.

Jill's office
: I don't know what happens next, Ryan tells Tricia. She tells him that she understands. It is great to see you. I've missed you so much. I love you, Ryan. Soon all of this will be behind us, Ryan tells his love. They embrace, then kiss. Later, he tells her that he has to go check on Nina.

Nick and Sharon's
: Dinner is over and everyone is finishing up with coffee. Darren has an early flight so he and Vicki get ready to leave. Sharon takes Vicki aside and tells her that she is sorry for trying to set her and Cole up. Cole decides it is time to leave also. When Vicki tells him not to stay up too late, he tells her that he is going to knock out a couple of new chapters on his book. After tonight, I have tons of new material. Outside, Darren tells Vicki that she has one heck of a family. Back inside, Nick tells his wife that there is one thing about tonight---it sure wasn't dull! Talk about plans going haywire! Sharon says. But, maybe it all worked out for the best. Did you see the way Cole was watching Vicki? Maybe he will take a closer look and see what he is losing. Yeah, agrees Nick. Maybe Cole remembers why he fell in love with my sister.

: Danny tells Katherine that thinking of his son with Baldwin makes him sick at his stomach. Katherine assures him that it would only be temporary. Just for now, you need to work with Phyllis. She is in the drivers seat at the moment. Please don't give her any more ammunition than you have to. Danny looks at her for a moment. NO, he states. I cannot make myself do it.

Nina's bedside
: Nina tells Ryan that she has told the detectives all that she remembered. Thank you, Ryan whispers. Nina begins to cry. I am so sorry, she tells him. He begins to comfort her. A hospital worker enters the room and tells Ryan that there is someone outside who want to speak with him. It is the same people who was talking to your wife, she tells him.

The detectives tell Ryan that he should come with them. We have more questions for you, they say. What are you talking about? he demands. My wife told you what went on. What are you trying to pull? They tell him that there is a conference room at the hospital they can use or he can go to the station with them. Not without my lawyer, Ryan tells them. I'm not saying anything more without my attorney present. Of course, the DA says. You definitely should have your attorney present.

Thursday, October 30, 1997

The hospital:
John Silva enters the hospital and is directed to the conference room where Ryan and the police detectives are waiting. What is going on? he asks. The DA tells John that one of the conditions of Ryan's release was that he would stay away from his wife. Yet, as soon as he is released, he makes a beeline for her hospital room. Ryan immediately jumps in: I had to see her. This is my life we are talking about. He begins telling John in a very aGityated voice that these people are still trying to pin the shooting on him. It is very odd that until you talked with your wife, she could not remember. This is such a joke, Ryan tells them. Listen to Nina; she will tell you what happened. John interrupts Ryan and tells the authorities that he and his client haven't had a chance to discuss this. Until we do, I don't want him answering any questions.

Phyllis' home:
Phyllis is very antsy. She thinks Danny should have been back with Daniel by now. Michael hopes they will stay out all night. Phyllis says that it is amusing how Danny has shot himself in the foot. Danny is a hothead, Michael tells her. I am just glad he doesn't have his little nursemaid here to hold his hand. Hopefully, the next time you see Danny it will be in jail.

Katherine's home:
Katherine tells Danny that he must take Daniel back home. Danny says he cannot turn his son over to Phyllis and a convicted felon so that they can corrupt him. Michael Baldwin is sick, he tells Katherine. Just think a moment, Katherine encourages Danny. You cannot fight Michael Baldwin. Then what am I to do? asks Danny. You wouldn't take your child back to that home!

Neil's office:
Neil is having a difficult time concentrating on work. He picks up a picture of his family and gazes at it. Malcolm comes into the office and tries to lift his spirits. He invites him to come along to the gym but Neil tells him he is working under some major deadlines. All work and no play, begins Malcolm and Neil continues: makes Neil a dull businessman, I know. No matter what Malcolm does, he cannot lift Neil's spirits. Since he can't get a "ha ha ha" with his poor jokes, he will leave.

Katherine tells Danny that he is in an extremely difficult situation. She agrees that he must keep a very close eye on Phyllis but he should not do anything that will jeopardize getting custody. Even though Phyllis is a poor role model and she has a poor choice in men, she does love Daniel. She would not let anything happen to that child. If Michael were making any abusive moves on that child, she wouldn't let him anywhere near Daniel. I am concerned about you, she tells Danny. She reminds him that Phyllis may have already called the police. Danny should think of his future with Daniel. He has to take him back now so that there will be a future with him---a future full of joy and love. But that future will never happen if he doesn't take Daniel back now---that is the only way---take him back NOW. Danny walks around the room, thinking; then he goes into the entry way and calls for Daniel. When the child arrives, he tells him that they are leaving. Say good-bye to Grandma Kay, he tells Daniel.

Hospital Conference room:
Mr. Richards tells John Silva that they are having some real problems with Nina's story. Ryan shouts that Nina backs him up! Why can't you just believe her?

Olivia's office:
Olivia is finishing with a phone call when her husband arrives. This is a surprise, she tells him as they embrace and kiss. He tells her about his visit with Neil. My brother is seriously depressed. Olivia tells him that all they can do is be supportive. Malcolm doesn't buy it. He knows that there is technology out there that can make his brother's dream come true. He wants Olivia to go to Neil and tell him all about that technology. Olivia tells him that it isn't that simple but there are things they could consider IF they choose. But there is a lot of let-downs and sacrifices. Then go tell Neil all that, Malcolm pleads.

Phyllis' place:
How much longer before we can call the police, she asks Michael. He tells her to have patience. They have to wait long enough for Danny to torpedo Christine's case. Suddenly Phyllis panics. What if Danny goes away with Daniel and never comes back? Michael reassures him that that will never happen. Danny is too easily recognized all over the world. Then he tells her to go ahead and call the Police. Phyllis tells the police that she wants to report a missing child; her son has been abducted by his father, Danny Romalotti.

Talk to my brother, Liv. Tell him he doesn't have to give up; they still have a shot at that family. Olivia tries to discourage him but all she accomplishes is making him wonder why she doesn't want to talk to Neil. I don't get why you wouldn't want to do this, he tells her. Think about it.

Nina's hospital room:
Nina is alone when Jill enters. They greet each other happily. Jill notices a large arrangement of flowers. They are from Katherine, Nina tells her. A lot of people care for you, Nina. Nina agrees. She tells Jill that she is so happy that she has been given a second chance.

The Conference Room:
The police continue to question Ryan. They think it is convenient that suddenly Nina remembers what happened. They want to know if Nina regained her memory in a flash or was more going on.

Olivia's office: Dru enters the office. Okay, she says. I am here. What is going on. Olivia tells Dru about Neil's depression. Dru tells her sister that she doesn't have to tell her; after all, she lives with Neil. She knows him better than anyone. Olivia tells Dru of Malcolm's request. She also tells Dru that the scaring on her tubes doesn't mean she can never have another child. There is artificial insemination, invitro fertilization . . . Dru tells Olivia to stay out of it. She is making it her business to remind Neil just how lucky they are. Well, you better get started, Olivia tells her sister. Time is running out. Dru picks up the phone and calls Neil. She invites him out for some dining and dancing. Even though he isn't in the mood, she finally convinces him that it will be good for him---for both of them. After he tells her he will meet her, Dru hangs up. She turns to her sister and asks if that was fast enough for her.

Phyllis is telling the police that her son has been missing for hours. Just at that time, Danny arrives at the apartment with Daniel. Never mind, she tells the police. There are angry stares all the way around. "Hi Mommy," Daniel greets Phyllis.

Nina's room:
Jill wonders if by "second chance" Nina is referring to Ryan. Nina tells her that yes, but she is also referring to her son. Jill tells her that she didn't deliberately neglect Phillip; she was depressed. Nina tells her that she really hit rock bottom. But now she has another chance. She doesn't believe she could have thinking of throwing away her life---that she could actually think of doing something like that to her son. She lays up in bed and thinks of her son. She misses the small things: asking him about his day at school, reading to him, kissing him goodnight. She will never take these things for granted again. Even though Ryan has been great to her, she doesn't know what will happen. She doesn't know if he will want to build a life with her or not. Only time will tell. Just remember this, I will always be there for you and Phillip, Jill assures Nina.

Phyllis cheers up and greets her son with kisses. Well you are finally home! Daddy and I had lots of fun, Daniel tells his mother. Did you have fun? What did you and daddy do? Danny doesn't even try to hide his anger. He blasts Phyllis for trying to spy on him through his son. Phyllis puts Daniel down and tells him to get ready for bed. She will be in to kiss him good night in a little. As Daniel heads for his bedroom, Michael calls out: Sleep tight, Daniel. Daniel waves at everyone from the doorway. Danny attacks Michael. What is that supposed to mean? Michael tells him he was only wishing the child good night. Danny tells him that he had better stay away from his son. I know what you are trying to do, he tells them. But I won't let you screw up my case. We are going to nail you buddy, Phyllis tells her husband. Who will believe you? sneers Danny. I believe her, Michael says in a quiet, menacing voice.

Olivia's home:
Olivia paces about her apartment. How can you do this, Dru? she murmurs. You say you love your husband. Malcolm arrives home just then, loaded with packages. He sends his wife for Nate. When Nate enters the room, Malcolm jumps out from behind the couch wearing a "monster mask." He tells an excited Nate that he has a Frankenstein costume for him.

The Lodge:
Dru has a table at fireside. She is waiting for Neil. When he arrives, he apologizes for being late. Jack needed something from him at the last minute. They order wine. He tells her how beautiful she is; she tells him he is handsome. She tells him that she feels so blessed. She has him and their precious little girl. Neil agrees. God is smiling down on me, he tells her. You are an amazing woman, he continues. You have courage and sensitivity. I have never loved you more.

The Conference Room:
How do I make you people believe me? shouts Ryan. Nina told you what happened. Nina doesn't want a trial. It is obvious that your wife loves you, the detective says. But you wanted out of the marriage and she knew why. But now we have problems with anything Nina tells us. Everything she tells us now is tainted, they tell John. How do we know it wasn't coerced or manipulated? If you had only gone through the proper channels . . . But now I strongly oppose having this case dismissed. Yeah, John says. I have a big job ahead of me.

Malcolm says he loves Halloween. You are a wonderful father, Olivia tells him. I love Little Nate. Don't ever forget that, Malcolm tells his wife. She walks away quietly and Malcolm wonders if he has said something wrong. She tells him that she is thinking of Neil. Malcolm asks if she will talk to him, but Olivia tells him that she cannot.

The Lodge:
Dru convinces Neil to dance with her.

Stay out of this Baldwin, Danny threatens. You are a snake and I don't want you anywhere near anyone who is important in my life. It was just a kiss, Phyllis tells him. Sure, he says. By now I don't doubt you two are shacking up, but I don't want it around my son. My life is my own, Phyllis tells him. You gave up the right to tell me who I can and cannot see when you moved out. Michael tells him to back off. Danny goes off about the morals of both Michael and Phyllis. He wonders how his son could grow up normal with Phyllis as a mother. Michael tells Danny if he doesn't stop these vicious attacks on Phyllis, he will get an injunction against him and he will never see his son. Danny marches out of the apartment. Phyllis thanks Michael for defending her. What if he comes back tonight? she wonders. Michael tells her that he won't but Phyllis isn't convinced. Will you stay with me tonight? she asks.

Olivia tells Malcolm that the subject is too personal to talk with Neil about. She doesn't want to get into the middle of all this. She reminds him that he didn't ask her to talk to Dru, her sister, but to his brother. Malcolm says that there is more that Olivia isn't saying but the phone interrupts.

The Lodge:
On the dance floor, Dru and Neil whisper sweet nothings to each other. They talk about how important each is to the other.

Nina's room:
A nurse enters the room and checks on Nina. She mentions all the visitors Nina has had. She tells her that she is lucky. Not everyone has visitors. Nina wonders where Ryan is. She expected him back by now, but obviously he has gone home. The nurse tell her that he is still here; he is in the conference room talking to the detectives that had been talking to Nina. Again? Nina asks. Why? The nurse asks her not to get upset. It will not help her. After the nurse leaves, Nina figures out that the detectives did not believe her. They still think that Ryan shot her on purpose. She has to make them understand. She throws back the bed covers and struggles to get out of bed. She lifts each of her legs and moves them to the side of the bed. She finally stands by the side of the bed, but her legs will not hold her up. She falls to the floor.

Friday, October 31, 1997

Christine's office:

Danny arrives in preparation for a meeting with Phyllis and her attorneys. Tom is taking Christine's place at the meeting. He has something he wants to talk to Danny about before they leave. I have something to talk to YOU about, Danny tells him. He begins to rant about Phyllis carrying on with Michael Baldwin. He can't stand to think of his mother with "that scum" Baldwin. He is concerned about the kind of influence "that sicko" will have on his son. He wants to know if there isn't something they can do to keep Baldwin away from Daniel.

Michael's office:
Michael is busy when Phyllis arrives. She tiptoes over and blows in his ear. Michael jumps up startled and yells at her for frightening him. But Phyllis isn't worried. She wants to talk about last night. She is tickled that it bugs Danny so much that she is now with Michael. She snuggles close and kisses him. He stops her; we have to be careful, he says.

Hospital conference room:
Ryan wonders why he suddenly feels like he is on trial and the police are his judge and jury. They tell him that they have problems with his story, especially since he went against orders and went to see his sick wife. Why did you go to see her? they want to know. John Silva stops him from answering. You don't have to answer that question. You would be smart not to answer it.

Nina's room:
Nina realizes that the police did not believe her. She struggles to get out of bed but once her feet hit the floor, she crumbles. She lays helplessly on the hospital floor.

Victor's office:
Ashley and Victor are closing a business meeting. Victor asks how Ashley is and she tells him that she is fine. Everything is coming along fine---business is great, she has a new perfume, etc. He wants her to be happy in both her professional and personal life. And are things good for you and your new bride? questions Ashley. Victor turns away and Ashley becomes concerned. What is wrong? Victor tells Ashley that it appears that he may have disappointed his wife. How? she asks. I can't see you disappointing any woman. It will pass, he tells her. What he is really concerned about is his daughter. More and more he is convinced that the problem in that marriage is another woman.

The tack room:
Cole is taking a break from the computer when Vicki arrives. Is it safe to come in? she asks. Cole tells her that it depends; is she alone or with her "date?" She laughs and tells him that she is only there for some of her clothes. Cole tells her to help herself; he wasn't planning on wearing any of them. Vicki thanks him being such a class act at the party the night before. She thinks he handled it like . . . a class act.

Neil Winters' residence:
Neil rushes to the door dressed in his pj's and bathrobe. It is Malcolm wondering if he is running late. Neil tells him he was planning on going in to work late today. He and Dru had a late night. His beautiful wife took him dining and dancing last night. Malcolm is glad to see him so happy and upbeat. He has something to show his brother that will make him even happier. He then tells Neil about reading this article about alternative medical techniques. Cool, says Neil as he begins to read the article. Thanks. It is good to know that there are other options. Dru is going to be so excited!

Christine's office:
Tom agrees with Danny about the moral character of Michael Baldwin and he wouldn't want Michael around his kids either. But, Danny cannot stop Michael from seeing Phyllis and even Danny. He then tries to reassure Danny by telling him that Baldwin is too smart to do anything that would jeopardize Phyllis' case. Tom then tells Danny what he needs to speak to him about. Today is the day when they have to present their discovery items: witnesses they will be calling, evidence they will present. We will have to list Brian and the toxicology report, he tells Danny. He and Christine feel that it is best to delay the hearing. This will give Phyllis and her attorney's less time to counter these surprise items. Danny agrees. We need to win here. Danny then asks how Chris sounded. Tom says that she sounded distracted. Then it is time to go. Can't keep Phyllis and company waiting.

The conference room:
Ryan says that he isn't afraid to answer Mr. Richards question. Be certain, Ryan, John cautions. I am certain, Ryan tells his attorney. He turns to the DA and tells him that he went to see Nina to "bring some sanity" into this situation. All they needed to do was talk it out. Then why did two orderlies have to drag you out of her room? asks the DA. But Nina wanted me to stay, insists Ryan. That doesn't sound like a terrified wife, John tells the police. Unless she was afraid of what he would do later, the police answer. Have you people lost your minds? screams Ryan.

Neil's place:
Neil and Dru are waving good bye to Lily as she leaves for school. We have a perfect daughter, Dru says. Like her Mommy, Neil replies. They remind themselves how lucky they are. Dru offers to make anything Neil wants for breakfast. First, he tells her, I have something to talk to you about. When you hear what it is you will smile from ear to ear.

Michael's office:
Phyllis is kissing Michael. We cannot do this now, he tells her. We have to maintain some decorum. We have to stay focused on the case. He tells he that he needs to update her on the case. Their counterattack is coming along great. He has found a psychologist to testify about the detrimental effects on a child when the main caregiver is always away. Then he has found a musician that once played with Danny. He is willing to testify about Danny in an unflattering light. He possibly could talk about drug usage. Phyllis tells Michael that she wants to paint Danny in a bad light, too, but it is very unlikely that Danny ever used drugs. Michael doubts that also, but if someone wants to say it is so, who are we to stop them.

The conference room:
It all comes back to the same question, Mr. Richards says. You knew you were not supposed to go anywhere near your wife. Now we hear that you came here and engaged her in a very heated discussion. We were just talking, Ryan told them. If I raised my voice it was to make a point. Or to make her see things your way, the detective says. Ryan looks at John. Can they really take this to trial? he asks. John calls Ryan aside. You really messed things up by not following my advice, he tells Ryan. I don't see how we can NOT go to trial. Nina's testimony is now tainted and I don't know how to get around that.

Nina's room:
"Help me, please," Nina calls. "Can somebody help me, please?" She tries to reach the call button but it is too far away. "I need help," she calls louder. "Hello. Help." One of her doctors rushes into the room. "What happened, Nina?" he asks. I need to find Ryan. Take me to Ryan, Nina demands. No, Nina, we have to get you back into bed. Nina continues to beg to be taken to Ryan, but the doctor is worried that Nina may have injured herself worse. He can't get her into bed alone so he calls for orderlies to come and help him.

Olivia and Malcolm are finishing breakfast. Olivia wonders where Malcolm was earlier. He tells her about taking the medical article to Neil. He is bursting with pride at providing his brother with hope. Olivia tries to hide her disappointment. Mal has a big shoot today so he has to leave.

Michael's office:
The new lawyer, Patrick, is in the room. They wonder why Danny is late. Phyllis can't help getting in a few digs much to Patrick's disapproval. Danny and Tom arrive and the conference begins. Tom wants a delay due to Christine's "court appointed business" while Patrick makes angry noises about the delay. However, in the end, they agree to a one week delay instead of two weeks.

Dru and Neil's place:
They are finally dressed and having after-breakfast coffee. Neil tells Dru about the options open to them for having more children. He rattles on happily while Dru stews. When Neil gets a call, Dru uses her cell phone to call her sister. I have to see you right away, she says. When she hangs up she lets Neil know where she is going. Dru races out of the house leaving her purse wide open on the table.

Michael's office:
Danny brings up his problem with Michael. Michael denies that neither he nor Phyllis have acted in an inappropriate manner. Michael will not allow accusations like that to be flung around. Tom tells him that if they get proof of any such behavior, they will certainly deal with it.

When Danny, Tom, and Patrick leave, Michael tells Phyllis that the delay can work in their favor also. This means that Danny's attorneys won't have time to check out their witnesses once they learn who they will be. Phyllis makes overtures again, but Michael tells her that this is a public place. They have to be careful. Phyllis goes to the door but instead of leaving, she locks the door. She comes back to Michael; she sweeps everything off the desk, sit down on the desk and pulls Michael to her.

Later, Michael and Phyllis redress. Phyllis' mind is far off. She is suspicious about who may have something on her. Michael brings up Brian but Phyllis is sure he won't say a word. Phyllis kisses him again but he tells her it has to wait. She asks if he will be there tonight. He asks if her son will once again be with the nanny and she tells him yes. She promises him a night he will long remember.

Christine's office:
Danny is still upset but so is Tom. He wants Danny to try to control himself. Danny doesn't want to get so worked up, but the most important thing is that they got their extension. He just hopes Michael doesn't push him into doing something he will regret.

The tack room:
Vicki is finishing up her packing. Cole offers to carry her bag up to the house. He wonders if she really meant what she said. Yes you are a classy guy. They talk about the night before. It was anything but dull! Cole was happy to see her but he can't help but wonder who the show was really for. Cole tells her they may do it again sometimes when her "date" is back in town. She leaves, wishing him a good day. He can't imagine having any other kind.

Victor's office:
Nothing is more important to me than my children's happiness. He is afraid his daughter is headed for a serious fall. Victoria is not a little girl. She is a grown woman and she knows her own mind. Victor wonders what Vicki told Ashley. Is the woman still in the picture? Ashley tells him that the woman has stepped back to give them more room. How do you know that, he asks. I know, she tells him, because the other woman is me. Victor is speechless. Are you serious? Yes, she tells him. And you might as well know the rest. I may very well be in love with your son-in-law.

The conference room:
John approaches Glenn Richards. You don't really believe you can get an attempted murder charge to stick, do you? Mr. Richards reminds him that Nina is very in love with her husband who wants to leave her. This is the classic set-up for a woman to allow herself to be used. We are just trying to get to the bottom of this. If it comes out that he is telling the truth, then fine! Just like you, all I want is the truth.

Nina's room:
Nina is getting hysterical. She wants Ryan but the doctor wants her to calm down. If she doesn't calm down, she will be sedated. She continues to beg. Then she begins yelling for Ryan. Find my husband and I will relax.

Dru enters angry. I warned you not to get involved with my life. She accuses Olivia of getting her husband involved by sending Neil the article. Olivia is tired of all the little games Dru is playing to deceive your husband. You don't want another baby! What games? Olivia challenges her to deny that she doesn't want another child. Dru says she DOES want another child. And who are you to question that?

Neil's apartment:
Neil is preparing to leave but he can't find his keys. Maybe Dru's keys are in her purse. He digs thro the purse and comes up with the packet of birth control pills. "What the hell is this? he wonders.

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