The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on Y&R
Neil and Dru got back together. Nina's short story was published. Nikki searched 'Sarah's' room and found a satchel with three padlocks in place. Ashley dumped Cole, who asked Victoria for a divorce. Victor accused Sharon of seeing another man.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday February 2, 1998

SHARON stands outside Legal Aid and wonders if she is doing the right thing. She can't take a chance on losing her daughter, but is this the right way?

VICTOR visits Grace to tell her that she is doing a fantastic job. He doesn't believe in delivering good news by memo. He is glad he took a chance and hired her.

Nick enters the office but stops Victor when he starts to leave. He wants to talk to him about something personal. As Grace is leaving to give them privacy, Nick stops her. He wants her to hear what he has to say; maybe a woman's perspective will help.

Nick tells them about how Sharon has been acting lately; first being on a tremendous high then coming down really far. She is on a roller coaster. Now she is tense, upset, and touchy. It isn't something between the two of them; things are great. But, something is wrong and he wants to get to the bottom of it.

Grace tells Nick that his wife has said nothing to her about being upset. They are best friends and sometimes they talk about personal things, but there is nothing she can tell them specifically. Maybe he should just trust her to let him know what is troubling her when she is ready, she suggests, clearly uncomfortable with the discussion.

Victor tells him to just be there for his wife and don't ask too many questions. After Grace leaves, Victor wonders if Grace is covering up something for Sharon.

SHARON knocks on Christine's door and enters. She mentions that she read about the big custody suit she just won. She isn't sure she has a legal problem and doesn't know how to get into it. She rambles on without making sense. Chris is clearly confused and asks her to try to be more specific; then she will tell her whether there is a legal approach or not.

Sharon is afraid something might happen. Someone has something that belongs to her and she is afraid of what they might do. It isn't something she wants to take to the police; she thinks that having the person followed is the best thing to do. Christine says that if that is what is needed, she knows a detective she can recommend; one that she would trust with her life.

SARA is in her room writing in her journal. "Nikki does not deserve you, Joshua. She cannot satisfy you as a woman like I did. I'm your wife. Remember us together? Before you know it, you will know that I am here and you will realize that Nikki is nothing but an immoral tramp." She closes the journal and puts it inside her suitcase and locks it.

When she goes downstairs, she overhears Nikki asking Miguel if he has asked her out yet. Miguel says that last night she wasn't feeling up to it, so Nikki encourages him to keep trying.

How could you think I would want to go out with that man? Sara asks herself. I hate you, Nikki!

When she joins Miguel and Nikki, she tells them that she is still feeling a little under the weather. Nikki thinks that the perfect thing for her is to go for a ride with Miguel. It is a beautiful day outside. Sara is worried about getting behind in her work, but Nikki releases her of that responsibility. Finally, Sara agrees to go as soon as she gets her purse.

Immediately, Nikki goes to Sara's room. She unlocks the door and slowly enters, looking all around. She begins going through the drawers, but doesn't find anything. She goes to the closet and brings out the suitcase. She puts it on the bed. She wonders why there is a lock on the case. As she tries to force it open, the door opens and Sara walks in.

Sara is appalled! "Obviously you thought I had left already," she accuses. "It is a good thing I had to come back for my gloves. What are you doing in my room?"

DRU is in Olivia's office. She makes a call to Sid's office and leaves word for him to call her. Malcolm comes in and overhears her. He is angry that Dru is talking about going on another shoot. She should be here taking care of business with her man. How much time are we talking about, Dru wants to know. A month, three months, a year, five years? How long does she have to sit here twiddling her thumbs? She refuses to put the rest of her life on hold on the off chance her husband will decide to forgive her.

Angrily, Malcolm tells her to get her priorities in order. It takes time for trust to be rebuilt. He is tired of her and all her excuses. He is giving up on her. All she wants is what makes Dru happy. She is selfish and he is washing his hands of her! He slams out of the door, leaving a defiant Dru staring out after him.

In the hospital lobby, Mal meets Olivia. He tells her that he is through with her sister. She should go to her office and talk some sense into her.

When Olivia walks into her office, Dru is writing her a note in preparation to leave. Olivia accuses her of arguing with her husband, but Dru says that Malcolm didn't like it that she didn't want to take his advice.

The phone interrupts them and when Olivia answers it, she finds it is for Dru. It is Sid on the phone and he is excited that she has agreed to do the tour. It will be fun, exciting, and good for her career. It will last at least a month. Dru gives him the go-ahead to sign up for the tour.

Well, now you don't have to tell me why my husband was upset," Olivia sneers. You say that you want to make up for all your mistakes, but your actions tell a different story. You can't wait to run away on another modeling tour and get your picture taken a thousand times.

Dru thinks that her sister and Malcolm are so self-righteous. Everything is all her fault. Sure, she made a mistake; she lied. But how long does she have to pay for that. It isn't fair that she have to wait forever for something that may never happen. She has done all she can do, but it hasn't been enough for Neil.

And how dare she belittle her career! You have your career, she says.

Olivia says it is an old, old story. Any time she doesn't get her way, she runs away. When she and her mother disagreed, she ran away. When she and Neil disagree, she runs away.

This conversation is over, Dru tells her sister. I'm going home to pack. I will see you when I return from my tour. She gathers up her things and leaves the office.

JACK is really jazzed about sales figures from the holidays, but Neil is barely paying attention. Any chance you and Dru can patch things up? He tells Neil that nothing will change if he doesn't give things a chance. Why doesn't he just sit down with Dru and talk things through?

Neil says he doesn't believe he is holding her to an impossible standard. All he asks for is honesty. She looked him in the eye for months and lied until she got caught. Now she wants to put their marriage back together by having a baby. How can he go back to her if he doesn't trust her? And why must he be the one to ask her to sit down and talk? Why can't she come to him?

Jack wonders if it will matter who goes to who first when the marriage finally goes down the tubes. It may be something he will regret the rest of his life. Suddenly, Neil decides that Jack is right. He grabs his coat and says he is headed for his home to talk.

PAUL arrives at Chris' office wanting to help Sharon if possible. Again, Sharon says she can't get into details. Chris explains the problem as she understands it, which isn't that much.

This "possession" is so precious to me, Sharon says. It isn't anything they can sell or throw away, but they could take off with her---it. As long as they are in town, she isn't worried. She just wants to know if she can have them followed, if she decides to do that.

Paul tells her that this would be a sensible answer, but she must be careful not to wait too long. By the time they are about to take off, it could be too late.

Chris tells her to keep in touch. Paul will have his best operatives on the job whenever she says the word.

MICHAEL arrives at Phyllis' apartment just as she was about to call him. She is so angry! She needs a hit man---or woman---whichever, just as long as it doesn't lead back to her. She begins to rant about her run-in with Christine. Naturally, Michael is angry with her for going to see Christine at all. Phyllis can't believe the horrible things Chris said to her, especially that she didn't have a maternal bone in her body simply because she hadn't visited Daniel.

To be honest, Michael says, he wonders the same thing. Why hasn't she gone to see Daniel? Phyllis tells him that she can't humble herself to have to call and beg for the chance to see the son Danny stole from her.

You are playing right into Danny's hands, Michael warns her. The longer you stay away, the easier it is for Danny. He doesn't have to face the fact that Daniel loves his mother.

Phyllis walks immediately to the phone and calls Danny. She wants to come visit her son and she doesn't want him to argue with her. Danny tells her that she is welcome to come. She will be right over, she says.

Danny lets her in and they seem to be pleasant to each other. Danny explains that since he wasn't sure she would show up, he didn't tell Daniel that she was coming. He calls out to Daniel that his mother is here. Daniel rushes out of his room and straight into his mother's arms. I missed you so much, he says. And I missed you, Phyllis tells her son. I am sorry I didn't come sooner. She has brought Daniel a gift; she also has a gift for Danny. He is reluctant to accept it, but finally does.

Daniel mentions that Chris has been to see him---a lot. Danny hastens to say that she has only been there twice. She and Danny begin to have words and Danny asks her to leave. Daniel cries and begs his daddy to let mommy stay. Let her spend the day with me, he asks. Danny says that Mommy has to leave, but Daniel continues to beg for Mommy to stay. Phyllis offers to read him a book. Daniel says that he wants to show her a book that he and Chris made. Phyllis tries to get out of seeing the book, but Daniel goes to get it anyway.

"Why are you in my room," Sara demands.

"I don't have to explain my presence here," Nikki calmly informs her employee. "This is my property. I routinely inspect the help's quarters. I have to protect my family. I check for alcohol, drugs, and stolen property---anything that shouldn't be there. It is good that you hadn't left already. Perhaps you could unlock your suitcase so I can inspect it?"

Sara refuses to open the suitcase. "Perhaps on another day you will feel differently," Nikki says as she walks out of the room.

"I hate you, Nikki! You are going to pay for this. You are most definitely going to pay!" Sara says angrily.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

VICTOR is telling someone on the phone that they have to get on the ball or they can forget about ever doing business with Newman Enterprises again, when Nick comes in with a new report. Victor is interested in the figures but Nick is completely distracted. Victor guesses that it has to do with Sharon, so he asks if he has talked to her yet. Nick hasn't had a chance yet, but he did call home just now and the babysitter answered. She had been given Nick's number as an emergency contact. So, it looks like Sharon doesn't want anyone to know where she is going.

Victor advises his son to go home early and insist that Sharon go on a trip with him. Don't ask her, tell her, and don't take no for an answer! Book a flight to someplace warm and romantic and don't give her a chance to talk you out of it. Make sure your marriage stays intact; there is nothing as important as your wife and family.

NINA is busy at her laptop when Ryan rings the doorbell. He wonders why she asked him to come over. Nina tells him it is about him and Phillip. She wants them to get back to that wonderful, caring relationship they once had. She hasn't interfered before because she wanted Phillip to have some time. But, since he isn't doing anything to get the relationship back on again, she feels it is time to intervene---if Ryan really wants to continue the relationship.

Ryan definitely wants to continue being a father to Phillip. He will appreciate anything Nina can do, he tells her. He loves Phillip and will always care about Nina.

NEIL comes home to find Malcolm sitting in his living room. Malcolm assumes he is there to pick up more of his belongings, so he tells him to get them and hurry out before Dru comes home. Both you and Dru seem determined to throw everything in the toilet.

Neil admits that he is there not to pick up his clothes, but to talk with Dru. Then I am glad you got here when you did, Malcolm tells him. When Neil wonders what he is talking about, Malcolm just wishes him good luck and leaves so he won'' be in the way when Dru does come home.

OLIVIA won't let Dru leave without a few more jabs. When Dru reminds her that Neil isn't beating a path to her door, Olivia reminds her that what she did broke Neil's trust. Neil doesn't know whether he would be walking into a minefield or not. You can't get him back by running all over the world on a modeling tour, she says. It takes a long time to get trust back; Neil wants to take it slowly. You should think long and hard before taking this job.

Dru wonders why no one can understand that she is being given the opportunity of a lifetime.

I know how much you love your work, Dru, but I don't know how much you love your husband, Olivia says.

I would give my life for my family, Dru tells her. But, when it is over, I have to get on with my life. And Neil is telling me by his silence that it is over.

SARA is reliving her confrontation with Nikki. She tells herself that she has to do something. She can't let that woman get to her. If she isn't careful, she will be gone before she can get her husband back. She has to think of something and quickly.

JACK visits Ashley in the lab and accuses her of burying herself in test tubes and formulas so she won't think of what happened last night. Ashley tells him that she is trying to get on with her life. She has given up on Cole; yes, she loved him and thought he was estranged from his wife, but now she knows better. She feels so stupid, especially since Jack tried to warn her. She took a gamble and lost, but she won't make that mistake again. She is never going to let a man do this to her again! She is swearing off romance for good.

Jack wants her to give it some time; things could change. Maybe she read the entire night all wrong. However, Ashley tells him that whatever involvement she had with Cole is over. "Cole has his wife and I have my work. It was meant to be. I will be fine."

NIKKI is staring out the window when Josh walks up behind her. He wonders where her mind is. She tells him that she has serious misgivings about Sara. She can't exactly put her finger on what is bothering her, but she wonders if they know this woman at all.

She tells Josh about searching Sara's room. There was something about Sara's reaction when she asked her to open the satchel. She refused to open it and it was locked with three padlocks! Josh tells Nikki that he doesn't blame Sara; he would object to having his things gone through by other people. He would lock his suitcase, also, if he were living in a strange household. He is sure it doesn't contain liquor or drugs---not even guns, as Nikki suggests. He tells her she is making something out of nothing.

SHARON is deep in thought when Nick comes home. He tells her immediately that he has plans in the works for a trip. He insists that she go with him. He thinks that all the plans will be ready so that they can leave tonight. This trip will be good for them; they can focus on each other.

Sharon interrupts him. "Hold on!" she shouts. "I am not going! I already told you it is a bad time for me to be away. I would love to go away with you any other time, but I can't go now. Please drop this!"

"NO!" Nick insists. "We are not going to drop it. Something is eating at you. You can't keep it bottled up like this. I am worried that you are going to have a breakdown. This isn't good for you or our marriage. I can't stand by while something is upsetting you so much that you are climbing the walls."

"I will be fine," Sharon insists. "Stop worrying. Please don't press me about this. I can't take it right now. It is too much." Sharon runs out of the house leaving Nick wondering what is going on.

ASHLEY has another visitor; it is Cole. He wants to talk about what happened last night.

"You don't owe me any explanations," Ash tells him. Besides, she probably already knows what happened. Victoria spend the night, didn't she?"

"Yes, she did," admits Cole. "But it's not what you think. We---I---had a lot to drink."

"And that excuses everything," Ashley says. "I was under the impression that the two of you were estranged. I guess I was under the wrong impression."

Cole tells her that he only invited Vicki out to the tack room to celebrate her promotion. He has always been very proud of her success and just wanted to congratulate her. Ashley tells him that usually when you want to celebrate someone's success, you made reservations at a fancy restaurant. How is it he had the celebration in the tack house where the most dominant piece of furniture was the bed?

"Do you think I had it planned?" questions Cole.

"Oh, I'm sure she took full advantage," Ashley tells him. "You say you had too much to drink. How many times did she freshen your drink, Cole?"

"You think she got me drunk on purpose?"

"I think Vicki is the most selfish and manipulative person I know and she will do anything to get what she wants. Right now, she thinks she wants you, but how long will that last? How long before she gets bored and looks for excitement somewhere else?

"I still care about you," Cole tells her.

"No, I don't believe you," Ashley tells him. "I refuse to spend one more minute on you. Good luck; you are going to need it."

"I am sorry I hurt you. It was the last thing I wanted to do," Cole tells her as he turns to leave.

Ashley tells him good bye and turns her back on him.

SHARON opens up with Doris, telling her how worried she is that Grace will take Cassie and run away. She is also worried about Nick and how he will react when she tells him the truth. She hopes Nick will be able to forgive her for keeping this from him, but she doesn't feel that he is ready for the truth right now.

Nikki thinks it is a female thing. She believes that Sara has a crush on her husband. Josh says that she is nothing but polite when she is around him. Josh has to leave for the office, but he wants her to take it easy. Don't let your imagination run away with you, he tells her as he leaves.

After Josh is gone, Nikki thinks about the situation and decides that Sara definitely bears watching. Behind her, Sara enters the room carrying the satchel.

DRU rushes into the apartment saying she has gotta get out of here---she has gotta get moving. She is startled to see Neil standing there. She wonders why he is there and he tells her that it is time they stepped back and tried to talk calm and rational about where things stand between them. They need to see if there is any hope of having a marriage again.

Wednesday, February 4, 1998

SHARON sits alone in her kitchen, pondering her problems, when there is a knock at the door. It is Victor. She welcomes him into her home, but tells him that she just put Noah down. That's okay, Victor tells her, I'll see plenty of him at Nikki's while you are on vacation with your husband.

Sharon wonders how he knew that Nick asked her to go on a vacation. Victor tells her that her husband has been worried about her. Nick feels that something is troubling her and this is a good way for her to get a handle on it. Sharon tells him that they aren't going away. When Victor tries to change her mind, she begs him not to pressure her about this.

"Is it another man?" Victor asks her. A shocked Sharon denies the accusation. Please, please drop this! She pleads. It doesn't help to badger me like this.

Victor cannot understand his daughter-in-law. Doesn't she know that she has an entire family that will go to bat for her? Please reconsider the vacation! But Sharon is adamant; she cannot leave right now!

NICK enters Grace's office and accuses her of knowing what is wrong with his wife. This is tearing him apart. Tell me why she can't leave town with me, she demands. What the hell is going on? What is wrong in our marriage?

Grace tells him that he should never doubt that Sharon loves him, but she can't get into the middle of this. Nick declares that he is going to make Sharon tell him what is wrong.

Grace is looking panic stricken when Tony comes into her office with Cassie. They are on their way for ice cream and hope she can join them. Before she can give them an answer, her secretary comes in with an express package. Grace sends Cassie with her to the penthouse on an errand.

Out with it! Tony says when they are out of the room. What is going on?

Grace tells him that Nick has a lot of questions. Tony tells her that Sharon cannot keep everything from her husband forever, but Grace says she had better keep quiet. She knows it would be a mistake and she knows what Grace would do. It was a mistake going to Sharon in the first place. She can't keep her mouth shut. Before long, the whole town will know and that child will be devastated! Imagine how traumatized Cassie would be. She thinks they should reconsider leaving, but Tony tells her to calm down.

NIKKI is remembering the conversation she had earlier with Sara. Sara entering the room with her satchel interrupts her reverie. Sara tells her that she is sorry for what happened in her room. She doesn't know what got into her. She overreacted and should not have spoken like she did. She was out of line and asks for forgiveness. She has brought the satchel for Nikki to go through, because if she had a lovely home like this, she would want to keep it safe. You have nothing to fear from me, she tells Nikki.

Nikki goes through the bag. There are some clothing, some personal things, a book and a bundle of letter, which she explains to Nikki are love letters from a young man who once loved her very much. She still hears from him occasionally and hopes that one day they can get back together. Nikki wishes her the best as she puts all Sara's things back into the satchel.

Sara leaves with her bag and Nikki goes to the phone and calls her husband. You were right, she tells him, I was overreacting. She then tells him that their meek, unassuming housekeeper has an admirer.

Upstairs in her room, Sara busies herself collecting all the items she has taken from the satchel and hidden around the room. She puts them all back into the satchel. "You held my love letters in your hands, Nikki, and did not even guess. Wouldn't you "split a gut" if you had known they were from your husband. Only he isn't your husband. I'm not dead as Josh thinks and he is going to be mine again---soon---very soon, before you realize what has happened.

JOANIE arrives at Danny's saying that Mrs. Romalotti is out at the present. Danny asks her not to call his exwife by that name. He then asks if she has made up her mind about working for him and he hopes the answer is yes. Joanie tells him that Phyllis still need her help, but Danny objects to this. Joanie has been more of a mother to Daniel than Phyllis ever was. Wouldn't it be wonderful to know that she had a hand in controlling Daniel's future. Joanie finally gives in and tells him that she will come to work for him.

MALCOLM enters Olivia's office in high spirits. He tells her about Neil being at Dru's apartment. He has high hopes that they are finally going to talk. Neil is finally ready and he sees this as a positive step forward. Olivia doesn't think it is possible; they are operating on different wavelengths. How do you think Neil will take it when he finds out that Dru is about to go on another modeling trip?

Malcolm says that Dru just wants it all and he can very well understand that. Olivia, however, insists that Neil understands that but cannot live with it. Then who must compromise? asks Malcolm. His wife says that the future of that marriage depends on the answer to that question.

JOANIE greets Mrs. Romalotti when she comes in the door. "Don't call me Mrs. Romalotti!" Phyllis snaps. "I hate that name." She then apologizes for snapping at Joanie, telling her she has had a terrible day. She finally went to see Daniel. It was so depressing; Danny barely let her spend any time with her son. He isn't wasting any time in lording it over her that he has the upper hand. He has Daniel and she has nothing and no one---except Joanie. Thank God she has Joanie!

Joanie has difficulty in coming out with her announcement, but finally she tells Phyllis that she is going to work for Danny.

Phyllis crumbles when she hears the news. How can you do this to me! She asks. How can you go to work for the man who took my son away?

Joanie explains that she is doing this for Daniel. "I know how much you love your son and I know you want what is best for him. You know it is best for him that I am with him now. I don't want to hurt you. Besides, I'll be there when you come to see Daniel and I'll call you often. But, I have to do this. Goodbye and I'm sorry."

Phyllis wanders listlessly around the apartment. She is deeply depressed. She falls on the couch and curls up into an almost fetal position. When the doorbell rings and rings, she doesn't move. Eventually, Michael uses his key and lets himself in. He tries to talk to her, but Phyllis shows no reaction. When he asks how her visit with Daniel went, she crumbles up in tears. It was awful. She was happy to see her son, but it tore her heart out to have to leave him. He wanted her to stay all day, but Danny wouldn't allow that. All she could do was read to him.

"Then I came home to find my trusted friend has decided to go to work for Danny. Part of me is glad Joanie will be with my son; he needs her influence, considering Christine is always hanging around. Danny has Christine and my son and I am totally alone!" She sobs uncontrollably on his shoulder.

"Look at me!" Michael says as he pushes her from his shoulder. "You are not alone. I am moving in."

Phyllis is elated at his announcement.

NEIL wonders if he is interrupting Dru; does she have to be somewhere? Dru tells him that this is where she wants to be at this time. Her marriage is the most important thing in her life. She says that she had just about given up on him. She loves him, but wonders what he is feeling for her.

Neil tells her that a part of him will always love her, but sometimes, love is not enough.

"You are talking about what I have done," Dru tells him. "I want to be honest with you. You are the most centered person I know, but that isn't true with me. I've always been at loose ends. I have spent most of my life searching for my purpose in life. Then I met you; I fell in love and we married. Our family filled a part of my life. But there was another need that I had. I was a good model; I was respected for me---not for being someone's wife. You never understood how much my work meant to me. You would not, or could not, see my point. If you think back on it, you will know that I am right."

"I want to be totally honest with you," Dru continues. "When you saw me rushing in here, I was getting ready to go on another modeling gig. It is a big deal and will last for about a month."

"Then why are we talking?" Neil asks as he walks away. "It sounds like you have made up your mind. You want to take up right where you left off."

"I took the job because I didn't know what to do with myself," Dru explains. "I had waited and waited for you to decide what to do about us. I thought I was never going to hear from you."

"I can not live with a part-time wife," Neil states, emphatically. "I have tried it and it does not work for me."

"We have a lot to try to work out," Dru tells him. "We are still talking. Neither of us have raised our voices. That is a start. I have to believe that there is still some hope for us."

Thursday, February 5, 1998

SHARON visits Doris and tells her about Victor's visit. She doesn't know if she can stand up under this constant pressure. She wants to get to know her daughter, but how can she when Grace keeps putting up roadblocks. If she tells anyone, she takes the chance that Grace will run away with her daughter. Finally, she goes to the phone and calls Grace's office. She learns that Grace probably won't be out of the office before six tonight. She leaves right away. "I'm going to visit my daughter," she tells her mother.

VICKI surprises her mother by coming downstairs with a suitcase. She tells Nikki that she is moving back home. Nikki didn't know that they had worked things out.

"Things have changed," Vicki tells her mother. "Now I know that I want to be with him, and after last night, he wants to be with me. I love him, Mother; I know that now, and that is all that matters."

"And you are sure that Cole feels the same way?" Nikki asks, concerned for her daughter.

"Oh, yes," Vicki answers. "He proved that last night. All the passion and love is still there."

Nikki tells her that she cannot solve many months worth of problems in just one night, but Vicki insists that her mother just smile and say she is happy for them. Miguel enters the room and Vicki orders a romantic dinner to be served at the tack house tonight.

OLIVIA AND MALCOLM arrive home and Olivia wonders why Neil or Dru hasn't called them. She runs to the phone and calls her sister. Dru tells her that she has called at a bad time. She will get back with her later.

"They are not working things out," declares Olivia. "I could tell by her voice. Too much damage has been done already. Dru doesn't know how to put her family first. She has clawed her way through life thinking of herself alone. She has never learned to put other people's needs first."

NINA is typing away when Phillip comes home from school. She takes the time to talk to him about his dad. "He loved you very much," she tells him. "He was a really good Dad. You need a man in your life. I can do a lot of things for you, but I cannot be your Dad. Please, do not turn your back on your Dad; give him a chance."

After Phillip goes to his room, Nina checks the mail. She is disappointed that she hasn't heard from the magazine---not even a rejection slip. There is a knock at the door and Ryan is standing there. He wonders if she has made any headway with Phillip; maybe he would like to go somewhere with him right now---maybe even supper? Nina tells him that it will take a while for him to get over his bad feelings.

The phone rings and Nina answers it. It is the editor of the magazine. He tells her that he likes her short story and wants to publish it in next month's issue. She should be getting a check in a few days.

Nina is elated when she hangs up the phone. She is dancing around the room with excitement. Ryan tells her that he is proud of her. Phillip comes in to see what the noise is all about. He exchanges a few words with Ryan before Ryan leaves.

TONY is surprised to find Sharon at the door. He doesn't know if it is a good idea to have Cassie go to the ranch with her, but she promises to have her home before Grace gets home. When she gets home from school, Cassie is excited to go to the ranch to see Noah.

At the ranch, Cassie is enjoying her visit, but wishes it wasn't snowing; she would like to go for a horseback ride. Spring will be here soon, Sharon tells her, and then you can go for a ride. You are always welcome here; don't ever doubt that! When Noah begins to cry, Cassie goes in to comfort him. Sharon wishes she could tell Cassie that Noah is her little brother.

Tony is surprised, again, when Grace comes home early from work. They got an extension on the report she was working on. When Tony tells her that Cassie is with Sharon, she explodes.

"How did this happen?" Grace shouts. "What the hell is going on? Why did you let her in? You just let her walk out with our little girl?"

"She isn't our little girl," Tony reminds her. "She is Sharon's little girl. She loves going out to the ranch with Sharon."

When Grace goes to the phone to call the ranch, Tony puts his foot down. No! he tells her. Stop this. I don't want to hear another word!

VICKI sets the scene for a romantic dinner and seduction. There are flowers, candles, soft music and the perfect dress. Cole comes home and wonders what is going on.

"We are having another celebration," Vicki tells him. "We are going to celebrate my homecoming."

"You are moving back home?" Cole questions.

"I know what I want now, Cole," Vicki tells him as she caresses his face. "I want you. It shouldn't be such a shock. We have been getting closer these past few days. After last night, I knew it was time I moved back. I want us to get on with our marriage."

"I told you that last night should never have happened," Cole says as he moves away. "It was a mistake. I got carried away, and I am sorry about that. But your moving back in is not the answer."

"I'll do what ever you say," Vicki tells him as she comes up to him and puts her arms around him. "I want you back. Just tell me what you want and I will do it."

"I saw Ashley earlier," Cole tells her. "She made it clear to me that she wants nothing more to do with me. Ashley may not want me, but I want her and I want to do anything in my power to get her back. I know it seems like I couldn't make up my mind before. That is because I didn't know what I wanted until today when she said she didn't want me. Vicki, I didn't mean to hurt you." He approaches her and tries to put his arms around her.

"Don't touch me!" She cries. "Don't touch me. Leave me alone. Leave!"

As Cole leaves, she dissolves in tears. Shortly, Miguel comes in with the supper. She sends him away. Alone, she begins to blow out the candles. As she approaches the table, she suddenly sends all the tableware crashing to the floor.

NEIL wonders why he is wasting his time here if there is no hope for their marriage. They have to be completely honest with each other if they are going to get back together. That is what he wants, but he cannot be hurt like that again.

Dru tells him that she wants to salvage their marriage; she wants that with all her heart and believes that it can be done. But it will take some time. Do they have time?

That is up to you, Neil tells her.

"Everything always comes back to me," Dru answers. "Everything is in my hands. I know I messed up; I would change that if I could. I have tried all I know to show you how much I am willing to change. I offered to go to the fertility doctor and have another baby."

"We have to work on us before we even talk about having another baby," Neil tells her. "Every minute, I expect the phone to ring. I expect your agent to call and tell you to pack your bags for another shoot."

Ever so slowly, Dru turns from her husband and walks across the room to the phone. With shaking hands, she lifts the receiver and dials. When Sid answers, she tells him that her husband is here with her.

"We are talking about our marriage. I have told him that from now own, I am making our family my first priority.

"So you are going to get back together?" Sid asks. "Dru, I am going to miss you. I wish you all the luck in the world."

"That could not have been easy," Neil tells her. "I know how much your career means to you."

"I mean it, my family is my first priority," Dru repeats. "My life has been very empty without you."

"Mine too," agrees Neil. "One day just dissolves into another. There is no joy, no feeling, just emptiness."

"I know we have had some bad times lately," Dru tells her husband. "But we have had so much good in our marriage. We cannot throw it all away, can we?"

"I don't know," admits Neil. "Let's not let it be too late." Slowly the two meet and their lips touch. Then they kiss each other hungrily.

Friday, February 6, 1998

JACK does not offer a warm welcome when Cole shows up at his office. Cole tells him that he is there to talk about Ashley. Jack tells him that Ashley doesn't want to see him again and he can't blame her for that. "You were a married man who was stringing two women along," he sneers. What a jerk! I'm glad my sister has thrown you out.

"I know where Ashley stands, Jack," Cole tells him. "But she doesn't know where things stand for me. I was hoping you could put your dislike for me aside and tell her. I have talked to Vicki. My indecision is no longer an issue. I have told Vicki that our marriage is over. Talk to her, Jack, it could mean the difference in Ashley's happiness.

DIANE stops by Victor's office. He tells her that he is having a hard time keeping his mind on his business. He was about to talk to Nikki about what is bothering him, but he is afraid it would upset her too much. Diane tells him that she is a good listener; why not talk to her about it?

Victor tells her that "My Boy" is having the problem with Sharon. He goes into detail about Nick's complaints. He even went to see Sharon and his talk with her only confirmed what he had been told. He believes Sharon is involved with another man.

Diane thinks this is impossible. In my experience, Victor tells her,

"nothing is impossible." Diane offers to talk to Sharon. Her position as a "new Newman" could work to their advantage. Victor tells her that he is afraid that if she talks to Sharon, it could just upset her more.

WEARING MATCHING APRONS, Sharon and Cassie are busy baking cookies. The oven timer goes off and the two ladies take the cookies out of the oven. Sharon gives one to Cassie with the advice to "blow on it" to cool it off. They take the cookies back into the front room where Cassie helps to feed Noah his bottle. Nick calls and invites Sharon and Noah into town for lunch. Sharon tells him about having a visitor, Cassie. Why doesn't Nick come home and have lunch with them? He could get to know Cassie better.

Nick wonders why she is spending so much time with the little girl; what is the big deal? She is a special little girl, Sharon tells Nick that she is a wonderful little girl; she loves having her here and so does Noah. Nick decides that he has too much work to do; he can't have lunch with his family after all.

There is a knock on the door and it is Nikki. She is going into town and wonders if Sharon needs anything. She is happy to see Sharon in such a good mood. When she enters the house and sees Cassie, she tells Sharon that now she sees what has put the sparkle in her eyes. As Nikki is leaving for town, Sharon realizes that it is time to get Cassie back home. Nikki suggests that she leave Noah with Miguel; even if he is busy, he can put his work aside to take care of the baby.

GRACE is pacing the floor waiting for Sharon to return Cassie. Nobody has more right to Cassie than me, she mutters. She goes to the phone and calls Sharon, but Sharon has left already. She tells Tony that there was no answer. He suggests that Sharon is already on her way to the city with Cassie. Stop sweating it! He tells her. Grace is ranting about Sharon. Sharon could be taking off with Cassie right this minute and she would never see her little girl again. Why is Sharon doing this to her?

Sharon arrives with Cassie. Cassie offers Grace some of the cookies she baked. Grace worries that she has had too many cookies. She tells Cassie that she needs her help in the kitchen, but Cassie says she needs to do her homework. Sharon tells them that Cassie has already been "cooking up a storm" in her kitchen all afternoon---Cassie agrees and says that she had lots of fun. Grace continues this "tug of war" by suggesting that she should have taken her schoolwork with her; they don't want her falling behind. Sharon says they were too busy having fun to study. When Grace hints that it is late, Sharon leaves. But first, she tells Cassie how much she enjoyed the day.

After Sharon leaves, Grace feels of Cassie's forehead and pronounces her ill. What was Sharon thinking? She has gotten Cassie so tired out that she got sick. Tony feels the forehead and tells her that it is cool; Cassie is fine. Cassie wants to go to her room, but before she goes, she tells them once again that she had a great time. No wonder Sharon is your best friend, she says. She is a great person.

Grace continues her ranting and pacing. She calls Sharon irresponsible. This is the woman you want to take over as Cassie's mother? Tony reminds her that Sharon is a wonderful mother. He tells Grace that he is beginning to think she is paranoid. What is wrong with you? He asks. You did a wonderful thing bringing Cassie back to Sharon. Now it is time to finish what she started. The time has come---no, it is past time. Grace says she cannot do it. She only wants what is best for that "precious little girl."

About that time, Cassie comes out for some help with her spelling. When she is ready to return to her room, she asks Grace never to leave her.

VICKI returns to her office just as Nick is about to leave. She is in a

really bad mood, something Nick has a problem understanding since she has everything. She doesn't have everything in her personal life, she tells him. She tells Nick about last night. She was so sure they were going to work everything out; she really loves Cole, and he is the only man she wants. She guesses that Ash is the big winner. He made it loud and clear that he wanted her and not Vicki; no translation was needed.

Nick tells her not to be a quitter. She is a really special person. Cole

will come to his senses and be back begging for her to take him back. No, Vicki says, she has lost.

NIKKI stops by to see Victor. She has some good news. She stopped by Sharon's and she was in a good mood. She was bright and cheerful. She had Cassie over and they were baking cookies and taking care of Noah. Whatever was bothering her is over; everything is going to be okay.

Victor tells her that she is being totally unrealistic. Problems don't go

away overnight. He goes on to share with her his theory about the "other man." This would explain everything, even her mood swings. Someone is responsible for her behavior; the question is who?

JACK calls Ashley to his office pronto. When she arrives, he tells her about his talk with Cole. All is not lost after all. Ashley tells him

that she has heard all of this before, but whatever holds him and Vicki together is a connection much too strong for her. Jack says that he believed Cole, but Ashley says that is the writer in him---he has a way with words. No, she says, she is not going to get on that merry-go-round again. But, don't worry, she will survive.

COLE stops by Vicki's office; he thinks they need to talk. Their lives

have been on hold for too long; he wants a divorce. It has been a long time since they have had a real marriage. He is sorry and hopes she understands.

"You can't wait to get away from me," Vicki accuses. "When I saw you at the door, I thought you were going to say we should give it one more try. Well, Ashley must be jumping for joy!"

Cole tells her that Ashley has had it with him; she doesn't want to see him again. He is sorry because he has hurt both of them with his indecision. After spending the night with Vicki, it was too much for Ashley. She doesn't want him any more.

"Cole, I am your wife; she is the other woman," Vicki protests. "Don't

expect me to feel any sympathy for her. And I don't believe you are sorry for one minute."

Cole offers to let her file for the divorce; he is sure she wants a minimum of fuss, just as he does.

"If this is what you want, I can't stop you," Vicki tells him. "But, I

won't make it easy for you. If you want this divorce so badly, you file

for it! The truth is, I don't give a damn. Now GET OUT! I need to be alone."

After Cole leaves the office, Vicki slowly goes to the desk, tears in her eyes, and picks up the picture of her and Cole from her desk. After looking at it for a few moments, she slams it down on the floor, breaking the glass.

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