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Cole and Ashley reunited. Christine warned Sharon that Cassie could end up in a foster home. Tony and Grace finally made love. Jack flirted with Jill. 'Sarah' devised a plan to get Josh alone. Neil discovered that he was impotent.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday February23, 1998

SHARON is in Christine's office prior to going to see Tony. Christine wants to be sure that she doesn't mess things up; this is a delicate situation. We cannot move too quickly, she tells Sharon, much to Sharon's dismay. She wants her little girl right now. Don't go to see Tony if you can not control yourself, warns Christine. In the eyes of the law, neither you nor Grace is Cassie's mother---the adoptive mother, no matter how bad she is, is still the legal mother of Cassie.

But I gave birth to her! Cries Sharon. How can this be?

It is to protect the rights of all adoptive parents, explains Chris. Now, if you go through with this, you have to find out any thing you can about the adoptive mother, no matter how insignificant you think it is.

TONY brings Grace a cup of coffee just the way she likes it. "Some night we had, wasn't it?" Tony asks.

"We got carried away," agrees Grace. "We didn't even use birth control. I can't believe we were that careless, but I plan to do something about it today." She then goes on to tell him that she is going to the clinic and get the day-after pill even though she realizes that there is only a small chance of her being pregnant.

Tony tells her that what they had was an act of love, not some one-night stand. Even though it may only be a small chance, why don't they let fate decide?

"Cassie is going to be with Sharon," he tells her. "Even though she can never be replaced, it would be incredible to have our own little boy or girl---one that no one can ever take away from us. We can have a great life together. Maybe what happened was for a reason and we made our own little miracle."

‘You are the greatest, Tony," Grace says as she goes into his arms.

NIKKI is talking with Josh who is stuck at the hospital waiting for a baby to decide to be born. S/V is listening. As he hangs up, Josh asks if she knows how much he loves her.

"I think I have some idea how much you love me," Nikki smiles. "After all, you have shown me often enough."

"Bitch!" S/V mutters.

Entering the room with Nikki, S/V suggests that she clean out Mr. Lander's dresser drawers today. The last time she was in there, they were a mess.

The phone rings and it is Nick looking for his wife. He went out riding this morning and when he came back, he found Noah with the babysitter who didn't know where Sharon had gone. "I am coming down!" exclaims a concerned Nikki.

IN THE LAB, Cole is saying good bye to a radiant Ashley. They are talking about the fantastic night they just had. Without Victoria, we wouldn't have had last night, Ashley tells him. You are the woman in my life---now and always, Cole tells Ashley.

Not long after Cole leaves, Victor comes in the lab to find Ashley busy and looking happy. Has something happened since we talked yesterday? Victor wonders.

Victoria did something incredibly selfless, Ashley tells Victor. She tells him about the visit she had from Victoria and how she encouraged Ashley not to deny Cole. It was a truly generous thing to do.

Victor can't believe Cole would ask Victoria to come to her on his behalf. How can that man be so insensitive? Ashley agrees that it was insensitive, but she loved her husband enough to want him to be happy. Victor is enraged at the pain his daughter was in because of Cole. So you two are together now? He states more than asks.

I never stopped loving him, Ashley agrees. I wish no one would have been hurt, but I will always be grateful to Victoria for what she did. I will never forget it and neither will Cole.

VICTORIA is in her office when she looks up to find Cole standing there. Well, well if it isn't my soon to be ex-husband, she says, sarcastically. What do you want now? Or have you had a change of heart and want me after all? Or maybe Ashley is still giving you a cold shoulder and you want me to talk to her again?

Cole tells her that he and Ashley have things on track again and things are better than ever. He has her to thank for that. It was a generous thing to do. After their last conversation, he never expected her to go to Ashley; it was so unfair of him to put her in that position, he realizes it now.

She tells him that she has always had a soft spot in her heart where he was concerned.

They talk about their marriage and realize that they had some good times. It was a wild ride, Vicki admits. They both made mistakes and took each other for granted.

NIKKI gets to Nick's house and asks if he has heard from Sharon. Nick says he has no idea where she is.

"Why would she take off without telling anyone?" Nikki asks. Nick admits that they had words last night and when he brought up Cassie's name, Sharon just flipped out. Sharon even slept in the nursery all night. Nikki is horrified at this. "Something bizarre is going on with my wife," Nick declares. Jack suggested that Sharon needed professional help and now he is beginning to agree with him.

"This is more serious than I thought," Nikki says.

TONY is about to leave his apartment when Sharon arrives. She is concerned about Grace not letting her see Cassie, but Tony tells her that she should work it out with Grace. Sharon mentions that it really was a miracle that Grace was able to find Cassie. She was just so in shock when Grace told her about it that she didn't really absorb it all. Would Tony tell her about it? Help me put all the pieces together, she pleads.

Tony agrees that it was a miracle that Grace found the little girl, but he feels that she should talk to Grace about all that. But what about the adoptive mother? Sharon wants to know. Tony tells her that she had taken off years before leaving the child with a grandmother who could barely take care of herself. But what is going on? Why is she asking questions about the adoptive mom? Anyway, he says, there is only so much he can tell her.

Tony then begins to tell Sharon how much Grace loves Cassie. She is a good mother to that little girl. Wouldn't it be best to leave Cassie with Grace?

"Are you suggesting I give up my child?" gasps Sharon.

"We all want to do what is best for Cassie," Tony says. "And Grace is an amazing mother. Think about it Sharon."

Sharon stumbles out into the hallway, a look of shock on her face.

SARA/VERONICA (S/V) begins emptying Dr. Landers' dresser drawers. All the while she is muttering to herself. "How do you tolerate that woman, Josh. Why do you stay with her? Is it the money? You can't love her, can you?

She finds a little black box hidden in one of the drawers. She puts it aside, but later picks it up and opens it. She gasps. Inside are two identical rings. "He still has our wedding bands," S/V says. "He kept them all this time! Oh, Josh, you still have the rings that made us one forever.

"But how could Joshua have my ring; I gave it away. Everything was falling apart; Joshua was leaving me. I didn't want the ring any more. I didn't want a reminder of what I was losing. I remember it like it was yesterday."

S/V remembers the past. She is walking in a park beside a river. There is a young homeless girl there going through a waste basket. She feels sorry for the girl. The poor woman could be me, she realizes, wondering if she was brought down by a lover's rejection. S/V walked up to her and handed her some money for food. The girl mentions the ring she is wearing. She takes it off and hands it to the homeless woman hoping it brings her more luck than it has to her.

Below stairs, Josh has arrived home. Hearing that his wife is with Nick, he says he is going up to shower and shave.

As she puts the rings back into the box, she is still in a semi-dream state. He kept our rings, she says. He must still love me. He still loves me!

"WHAT IN HELL ARE YOU DOING?" Shouts Josh. "What are you doing with those rings?"

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

COLE visits Victor's office to tell him in person that his marriage to Victoria is over. Victor cannot accept that as true. My daughter means the world to me, he tells Cole. I have been aware of your problems for some time now, but you have always been so good for each other. I cannot accept that it is over even though you say it was mutually agreed upon. I just wish you wouldn't move too quickly, Victor continues. Take some time to reconsider.

At that moment, there is a knock at the door and it is someone is looking for Cole. He hands Cole some papers. After looking them over, he shows them to Victor. "A petition to end your marriage," Victor says with resignation. "A marriage I thought would last forever."

Victor then wishes Cole good luck and tells him not to lose touch with the family. Cole tells him that it was an honor to be a part of Victor's family then he departs.

CHRISTINE is checking up on Nina and is satisfied to see her looking so well. Nina says that everything is going fine except for Philip. He still refuses to reach out to Ryan. She wishes she could break through the wall he has built up. Christine advises her not to push too hard.

VICKI wipes away her tears and gets back to work just as there is a knock and Alec comes in. He thanks her for the advice she gave him before and tells her that he is a trainee with Brash and Sassy---"which makes you my boss," he adds. He tells her he is eager to learn and will give the job all he has got. "You damn well better," Vicki tells him. "Or you will not last past the end of the week."

Alec goes on and on about how he feels about the work; finally, he notices that she isn't paying him any attention. He asks her if she is upset; maybe they could go to the commissary and have lunch. At this Vicki turns her "I don't believe I heard this" stare on him. "I don't plan on knowing you well enough to share a meal with you," she tells him.

Alec says he wasn't trying to put the moves on him; he wants this job too much and he is too smart to hit on his boss----even though she is a beautiful boss. He was only trying to be a friend. Vicki breaks down and tells her that she and her husband are getting a divorce.

CHRIS is on the phone with Sharon when Paul stops by. Sharon is on her way over from seeing Tony. She tells Paul that she hopes that Sharon figured out how Grace and Tony found Cassie or she will have to give Sharon some bad news. This whole situation could become very ugly.

NINA is working at the computer when Philip comes in with a glass of milk. He is looking so sad that she stops her work to talk to him. She guesses that he is thinking about his father. "You miss him don't you? I can tell, and he misses you a lot also."

"He has a girl friend," Philip says. "It doesn't matter how I feel."

"It will always matter how you feel. I have an idea. The nicest thing you could do today is go by the office and visit your dad. He would be happy to see you. I'm not telling you to go, just saying you can if you want to."

MILLIE is busy when Alice comes in. She complains because she can't sleep any more and says that it is all Millie's fault. She can't forget her little girl and can't believe her mother gave her little girl away.

You have had no trouble forgetting your little girl for the past four years, Millie accuses. All that time, you never wrote; you never called. For all I knew, you would have stayed away forever with that bum.

I was exploring a new relationship, Alice says. Now tell me more about these people to whom you gave my daughter. Who are they and where are they? Cassie belongs to me and I have the adoption papers to prove it. Cassie is mine and I want her back!

SHARON arrives at Legal Aid very upset. She can't believe that Tony would suggest that she leave her daughter with them. She tells Chris and Paul that she is sure that Grace hasn't got any legal papers. She wants to go right now and get her daughter. She wants to call the police or go to a judge---whatever it takes to get her daughter right now!

Chris points out that neither she nor Grace have any legal right to Cassie. If she brings this up to the police or a judge, she will only get Cassie put in a foster home. She has NO right to Cassie, and she can only make things more difficult for everyone, especially Cassie. For the time being, she has to leave Cassie right where she is.

JOSH repeats his demand. What are you doing with those rings?

S/V stutters an explanation. She is obviously frightened that she was caught. Josh apologizes for being so short with her. He tells her that the rings belonged to his first wife who drowned. He is upset because he never knew exactly how she drowned since they were separated at the time. It was a long time after they separated that he found out that she had drowned. Now, he tells her, I am tired. Could you finish up in here later?

Out in the hallway, S/V tells herself that Josh still loves her. She was afraid that he didn't care, but now she knows she was wrong. He kept the rings; he has loved her all along!

TRICIA brings coffee to Ryan. As they are chatting, Philip quietly comes into the office. I have an unexpected visitor, he tells Tricia. Would you mind if we were alone?

Come on in Philip, he says. This is the most wonderful surprise of my life. He goes to Philip and kneels down on the floor in front of him. "You have no idea how much this means to me. We have had some bad times, but we can make this a new beginning for both of us." He gives Philip a big hug. "I will always be your father and I will never stop loving you."

Dad, I love you, Philip says as they both break down and weep.

CASSIE is just about to go to visit Elizabeth when there is a knock at the door. She opens it for Nick. Nick wants to talk to Grace---alone. After Cassie goes out, Nick turns on Grace and demands to know what she knows about his wife. He says that things are worse than ever; he can say nothing right. Last night, he pushed too hard and she ran out of the room in tears. "Do you think she needs a shrink?" Nick asks.

Grace is flabbergasted! No, Sharon doesn't need a shrink.

"Funny, everyone else thinks she does," Nick tells her. "You know what is wrong and I want you to tell me what is bothering her. This is my wife we are talking about and she has a serious problem. I think I know what it is; for some reason, it has something to do with Cassie. The only time she is happy is when Cassie is there. Now, tell me what it is with this little girl."

Grace tells him that Cassie has that effect on a lot of people. That is all there is to it. She has nothing to do with how Sharon is acting.

"So you will not help me," Nick says. "You are my last hope and if you think I am going to give up on this, then you are wrong. This isn't over!"

Wednesday, February 25, 1998

DIANE stops by Victor's office with a set of the revised drawings for Newman Enterprises, but Victor has a hard time focusing. His mind is on his children and their problems. Diane sympathizes and wishes that she could help; she hates seeing him so worried. You have already helped, Victor tells her. Just seeing you makes me happy. Diane has to leave, but she will see him very soon. Outside the office, she thinks hard about something then smiles.

S/V is lurking and listening while Nikki tells Miguel that she will be in town for several hours. Miguel will also be out shopping; does Mrs. Landers think that Mr. Landers would like him to pick something up in town? Nikki tells him that Josh is sleeping; he had a rough night, so don't bother him.

S/V slips away. In a few minutes she shows up at Joshua's bedroom just as he steps out of the shower. She gets his attention and tells him that she heard he had a rough night, so she has brought him some chamomile tea. He thanks her; this is his favorite. She pours him a cup and brings it to him. Josh turns away and is lost in thought while S/V stares at him dreamily while thinking about how much she loves him. "We are all alone in this big empty house, Joshua," she thinks. As Josh turns around, he is surprised to find her still there. He tells her that he is ready for bed and she leaves the room.

Out in the hallway, S/V is thinking about Josh. "I'll be back soon, Joshua," she whispers. "Very soon, my darling."

DRU pops into Olivia's office, an ecstatic look on her face. Right away, Olivia begins telling her she is worried about her and Neil. She wants to know if Dru has made an appointment with the fertility doctor yet. You told your husband that you would give him another baby. Have you changed your mind? Are you falling back into your old habits?

Dru explains that she is rushing things. Her husband wants to wait until things are well on track before having another baby. Olivia doesn't appear to believe her. She thinks that Dru is rationalizing. She really doesn't want to get pregnant and isn't being straight with her husband. Dru tells her angrily that this is none of her business and slams out of the office.

MALCOLM visits Neil and wonders how the second honeymoon is going. Neil tells him to slow down; he is still gun-shy. His wife broke his trust and lied to his face. He is not about to let himself get hurt like that again.

Malcolm tells him that Dru is doing her best to make things right; she is trying to make amends. Don't rehash the past, he tells his brother, focus on the future. Set some goals---like starting work on a new little brother or little sister for Lily.

Neil tells him that it is way too soon to be thinking about another child---way too soon! He isn't sure Dru understands about trust; he doesn't know if she will ever understand why honesty is so important to him. He isn't going to let the past come back and haunt him.

DORIS admits Nikki to the apartment. She gets right to the point: she needs to know what is going on with Sharon. She knows that Doris knows and is withholding that information from her, but there will be serious problems with their children if she doesn't tell her. Nick feels shut out by Sharon and that isn't good for the marriage. He has tried to reach out to her over and over but he is getting nowhere. They are even considering having Sharon see a psychiatrist. So, either tell me or tell Sharon to talk to her husband! She then gathers up her fur coat and rushes out of the apartment.

S/V goes to her room and says that now is the time; this is her perfect chance. "It is time you see me, my darling," she says as she removes her glasses and wig. "I am coming, Joshua."

S/V combs out her hair and makes up her face. She dresses in a sexy negligee and sets off for Josh's bedroom. She stands at the door watching him sleep and she begins to imagine climbing into bed with him. He awakes and discovers that it is her, Veronica. He tells her he has missed her and has never stopped loving her. They begin to make passionate love. Slowly, she comes out of her daydream. "Get ready for the most incredible moment," she tells his sleeping back.

GRACE is home. Tony tells her about Sharon's earlier visit. He says that she seemed to be snooping for information about how they found Cassie. Instead of telling her anything she doesn't already know, he told her to go to her, Grace. He also told her that Cassie is better off here with them. Grace is overjoyed that he took her side, but he tells her that there is more. He had the feeling that Sharon was acting on legal advice.

"She is coming after Cassie!" Grace gasps. "She is coming after me with all the Newman high-powered lawyers. How could she do this to me. She has been scheming behind my back. I want to protect her child, but she wants to make me out the bad guy. Well, I won't let her!"

SHARON goes to her mother. Things are getting so out of hand, she says. Doris tells her that she knows this; Nikki was just by to see her. She has to do something or she will lose her husband. Sharon is afraid it isn't time to tell Nick; she wanted him to get to know Cassie better before she told him. You don't have the time anymore, Doris tells her.

Sharon tells her mother about going to see a lawyer. She is so upset to know that neither she nor Grace have any legal claim on Cassie. If she does anything, Cassie could end up in foster care. Doris tells her that she had better listen to her right now. She may not like what she has to say, but she had better listen carefully to a different perspective! She tells her that she knows that Grace loves Cassie and wouldn't hurt her. It is better for Cassie to stay with someone who loves her than to stay with strangers. Right now, you know where she is; you may not be able to see her at all if she goes into foster care.

Sharon says that now she knows what she has to do. She will tell her about it later. She grabs her coat and rushes out of the apartment.

VICTOR is interrupted by his driver. He tells him that he has to come with him right now; his plane is waiting. Victor refuses to go anywhere unless he knows where and why. The driver says that "she" will have his job if she tells. Victor thinks he knows who "she" is and says he will be down in a moment.

Cassie comes in and Grace takes her to the kitchen to make cheese and crackers. There is a knock at the door and Tony opens it to find Sharon there again. Cassie sees her and is really happy to see Sharon. She invites her to share her cheese and crackers, but Sharon suggests that Tony take her out for a snack. She needs to talk to Grace.

SHARON tells Grace that she would like them to start acting like best friends again. She has been more than patient, but she is not giving up on Cassie. All Grace has been doing is putting every obstacle she can in her path. Cassie belongs to her and it is time for her to know. It has to be done eventually. She knows Cassie isn't ready now, but she wants to take her to the ranch for a few days; then she will be ready to be told. She isn't going to take no for an answer; she is not leaving here without her daughter.

VICTOR walks aboard his plane. Here is your tuxedo, Diane tells him. I am all dressed for a wonderful evening. We are going to dine then find a host of ways to leave your troubles behind. When Victor asks how she is going to accomplish that, she tells him that they are going to make love at 30,000 feet. Why don't we go all the way and do it at 40,000 feet? Victor asks as he takes his wife in his arms and kisses her.

S/V goes into the bedroom and slips off her transparent robe. Dressed in a short gown, she approaches the bed. Just as she reaches for Josh, she hears Nikki calling out that she is home. "Are you up there, Joshua?"

Grabbing her gown, S/V rushes out of the bedroom and up to her own room. Damn you, Nikki! She says. I am not giving up on you Josh. You cannot have him Nikki. You are nothing but an obstacle and obstacles can be eliminated.

I need to be near you, Josh. I need to let you know that I am here, that I am alive. Now can I do that with Nikki constantly fawning over you? I need time to be alone with you, but how do I make that happen?

I know! Joshua is a doctor and I am about to need a doctor, she smiles as she lays her head down on her pillow.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

NICK/ visits Brash and Sassy to commiserate with his sister. When she doesn't want to talk about her marriage break-up, he insists she tell him how she feels instead of putting on a show. She finally breaks down and tells him that she is having a rough time, but trying to get on with her life. Wallowing in self-pity is not her style. Now, she tells him, tell me about you and your wife. Nick goes on about not know what to expect when he goes home. Sometimes he doesn't even recognize the woman he finds at home. For some reason, she is at her best when that little girl, Cassie, is there, but he has tried his best to discourage her visits. "So she is in a good mood when Cassie is around," Vicki says. "And that bothers you?" "I would like to be the one that makes her happy," Nick says. "I admit that it isn't the little girl that bothers me---actually, she is a cute kid---but having her around all the time isn't good for Sharon." VICTOR/ tells Diane that she is full of surprises, and he likes them. They forego desert and go instead to the bed. After making love, they talk about Vicki's marriage. He says the marriage is over and the sooner he accepts it, the better it will be. NIKKI /and S/V are discussing the household chores when S/V suddenly grabs her right side. Nikki is concerned, but S/V tells her that it isn't anything serious; she hasn't been feeling well lately. It is just a female problem. Nikki tells her to go lay down and maybe she will feel better later. SHARON/ and Grace are still discussing Cassie. Grace can't believe that Sharon would expect her to willingly send Cassie to the ranch with her. She accuses Sharon of threatening her. Sharon reminds her that she had promised to help her and Cassie build a relationship, but so far that hasn't happened. She doesn't want this to turn into a "tug-of-war" for Cassie, and it isn't about jealousy. It is about doing the best thing for a little girl who lost her mother and has found her again. "The bottom line is that it has to work out between the two of us or we both will lose Cassie," Sharon tells her. She tells her that this information comes from her lawyer. Grace doesn't believe her and accuses her of using the legal system as a threat. Sharon finally convinces her that she is being totally honest with her. She WILL have her daughter, but if it has to go to the legal system, they will both lose her to a foster system. Eventually, the system will know that the adoptive mother is unfit, but in the meantime, Cassie will be exposed to more bureaucracy and red tape than anyone should. Talk about shattering one's life, she says. So do you still insist on fighting me on this? She asks. MALCOLM/ welcomes Olivia home and they begin talking about Dru and Neil. Olivia continues to think negatively about their chances of working things out, mainly because Dru is unable to face things and is always looking for a way to escape. Malcolm is convinced that they just need some fun and to remember how good it was. He begins to make reservations for four at a restaurant, but Olivia stops him. She thinks it is best if they step back and let the two of them work it out. Besides, he needs to spend a little time with his wife! DRU,/ dressed in a tight black leather dress, is lighting candles in the bedroom when Neil comes home. She tells him that Lily had a busy day and is sound asleep. She begins to undress him, but Neil holds back. Realizing that he doesn't seem to have his heart into this, Dru tells him that if he doesn't want this, just to say so. Neil relents and tells her that he does want her. Later, in bed, Neil rolls away from Dru, saying that he is sorry. He doesn't know what is wrong. He wants to be with her, but he guesses that he is feeling more pressure than he thought. Dru says that she isn't putting any pressure on him; she loves him. Suddenly, he has an idea that might work and turns to her once again. But, even that didn't work. I am so sorry, he tells her. Dru tells him not to be sorry about how he feels about her. She is the one who is sorry she can't turn him on any longer. It seems that the man she loves doesn't love her any more. NIKKI/ welcomes her husband back home. Their long kiss is interrupted by S/V who says she is having a lot more discomfort. Josh tells her to go back and lay down and he will check her temperature in a little while. As she turns to go, she doubles over in "pain." S/V is laying on the couch and Josh tells her that she doesn't have any fever. She insists that it is really hurting, so Josh thinks the best thing is to go to the hospital. If he thinks that is best, she say, then she will go pack a small bag. Nikki turns to Josh and asks if he is going to take her to the hospital personally. He tells her that he will check her in, then turn her over to one of his associates. In her room, S/V is triumphant! It is happening! Finally I will be alone with my husband and there is nothing Nikki can do to interfere. JACK/ receives a lot of praise from Jill concerning a report he has presented her. He thanks her for the compliments then gives her one in turn. He asks her if she is doing something differently because she is looking terrific! Jill is totally unbelieving this and is looking for the punch line. However, Jack insists that she is one heck of a businesswoman. He is the first to say that she has done better than he ever expected. She was such a naïve, inexperienced girl when she first came to Jabot. When he says that she has always been the "Queen of Manipulation," she takes offense and asks if it ever crossed his mind that his father and she were really in love when they married. As far as her success goes, she brought a lot of brains and good ideas to this company! Jack says he cannot forget the past, especially the times they spent together. He gets her to admit that they had fun together, but when he says she was crazy about him, she tells him to get over himself. He says that the amazing thing is that they never got together again. As he starts to leave the office, she thanks him for the walk down memory lane. He tells her that it was his pleasure---then and now. CASSIE/ and Tony return from the ice cream parlor. After greeting her "Mommy," Grace asks her if she will go with her into the bedroom. She needs to talk to her privately. After they leave, Tony wonders what is going on. What does she want to talk to Cassie about? "I don't know, Tony," Sharon says, looking worried.

Friday, February 27, 1998

CASSIE can see how upset Grace is, but when Grace tells her that she is going to the ranch for a few days, she agrees because "she will do anything for you, Mommy." Sharon is overjoyed when Grace tells her. After Sharon and Cassie leave, she breaks down in Tony's arms.

S/V is laying in the hospital bed. "My plan is working," she says. "Soon you will be here, Joshua, my love. You will examine me with such tenderness and you will know it is me, your darling Veronica. We will be together, far away from that horrible Nikki."

Where are you? S/V continues. I cannot wait to see you when you see my face and realize that I am your wife---not that tramp that you married when you thought I was dead. Oh, Joshua, waiting is such torture.

JOSH talks with another OB/GYN doctor named Oliver Kendall. Even though his book is pretty full, he agrees to take on Veronica for friendship's sake.

Oliver leaves and walks into S/V's room. He begins to ask her about her illness, but she is resentful of him being there. She wants Joshua! Oliver explains that this is Dr. Landers' wants; he doesn't want to treat a member of his household. No, insists S/V, go talk to him. He will take care of me.

After Dr. Kendall leaves, S/V tries to get over her panic. Josh has got to come see me. He would not turn me over to another doctor. He will be here to take care of me; I know he will. Hurry, Joshua, I am waiting for you.

CASSIE seems sad and withdrawn, while Sharon is bubbling over with joy at having her there at the ranch. Despite telling the little girl what a good time they are going to have, Cassie is still sad.

VICTORIA drops by to see Sharon and is surprised to find Cassie visiting. When Cassie goes to unpack her bag, Vicki remarks on how quiet she is. Sharon explains that it is because she wasn't expecting to come out to the ranch at this time, but she would be okay. Tomorrow she would have the time of her life with her, Noah---and Nick. Sharon leaves to help Cassie unpack. "Something is going on with you, Sharon. What could it be?" Victoria wonders.

CHRIS AND PAUL are making out in his office. He tells her that his most sincere desire is to have a child as soon as possible. Is she cutting back on her work so that they can get started on that project?

Chris tells him that she is cutting back, but she needs more time to think about a baby. The telephone rings and it is Sharon. She tells Chris that she and Grace have come to an agreement about Cassie. Chris is afraid she will get too complacent, but Sharon says she will keep her guard up. She then tells Chris to stop the surveillance on Grace.

Hanging up the phone, Chris tells Paul that he is fired. He tells her about the call, but his feeling is that they need to keep the private investigator on Grace's tail. They decide that they will continue the surveillance going for a little longer, regardless of what Sharon thinks.

VICTORIA arrives home and tells Nikki that she just came from seeing Sharon. Something is definitely going on there, she tells her mother. That little girl, Cassie, is visiting again and my brother doesn't know about it yet. Nikki says that this is becoming an obsession for Sharon; she seems to focus all her attention and energy on Cassie. Vicki thinks Sharon has a screw loose. She should be concentrating on making her husband happy instead of playing with children.

SHARON finishes a bedtime story for Cassie and hopes it gives her sweet dreams. Is she sure that it is okay to sleep in the same room as Noah? He might wake up in the middle of the night. Cassie is happy where she is, she says, however, she doesn't look very happy. Noah loves you so much, Sharon tells her. She then kisses her good night and leaves the room.

Nick comes home and is surprised and happy to see Sharon in such a good mood. After kissing hello a few times, Sharon tells him that tomorrow is going to be a special day for everyone---especially Noah, as he has a special visitor.

Oh, no, Nick says. Is Cassie here again? How did that come about? Whose idea was it to bring her here? How long is she staying? Why do I have to fall in love with this little girl? Are you planning on adopting her or something?

Please, Sharon begs, please accept her being here without asking questions and worrying about what it means. Can't you just accept it, for my sake. Nick finally says that he will accept it for now since he likes seeing such a wonderful smile on his beautiful wife's face.

MARY drops by to see Paul and the first words out of her mouth is wondering if he has something to report. "Something to report?" Paul asks, confused. A baby! Insists Mary. Lynn decides that this is too personal and tries to leave, but Paul won't let her. This conversation is over!

No, it is not over, Mary says. Paul tells her that she is starting to bug him. "Chris and I joke about it, but it isn't funny any more. Every time he sees her, she wants to know if they are having a baby yet. If and when Chris is pregnant, she will be the first to know.

When Paul finally assures her that they haven't changed their minds, she leaves---reminding him that she is to be the first to know.

CHRIS is busy at work when she hears a song on the radio. It is Danny's song, Rock On. She remembers the concert and the video of Rock On. When the song is over, she finds that Danny has been at the door watching her. When he asks if she was a million miles away, she tells him that it was more like another lifetime ago.

Danny has a picture of Daniel and Chris that was taken at the birthday party; he gives the picture to Chris. He tells her that he just had to see her. Think what might have been---should have been, he tells her. "I am not trying to hurt you," he says. "But you owe it to yourself---you owe it to me---to give some serious thought to your true feelings. Think of the incredible times we shared. It will never be over between us. Just think about it for both our sakes. I have never been more in love with you than I am right now. No man will ever love you as I do!"

DR. KENDALL tells Josh that S/V wants to see him, but Josh would rather stay removed from the case. He will not go to see SV, but he would like to be kept posted on her condition.

SHARON cracks the door to the nursery to peek in on the sleeping children. Cassie is on the phone with Grace. "I can't sleep, mommy."

Grace tells her to take a few deep breaths and begin counting backwards from one hundred. She will be asleep in no time.

"I miss you, mommy. How long do I have to stay? I love you, mommy." She then tells Grace good night and crawls into bed. "Why are you doing this to me, Mommy?"

A stricken Sharon backs out of the nursery and quietly closes the door.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Mommy who?


Y&R EDITORIAL: Mommy who?
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