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The authorities stopped Grace at the airport just as she was about to leave the country with Cassie. As Veronica listened, Nikki told Josh that she was ready to have his baby. Sid called Dru with a job offer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday March 9, 1998

SHARON arrives at Nick's office ready for the big night out with her husband and his associates, but she is surprised to find that he isn't there. His secretary, Sherry, doesn't know where he is, now does she know what this evening is all about. Sharon asks, "Aren't secretaries supposed to know these things?" Sherry tells her that she usually does, but this came up totally out of the blue.

Sharon takes a seat to wait. She flips through one magazine after another. Finally, she gets tired of waiting and asks Sherry to call Nick. Sherry doesn't know where to begin. Sharon asks about this couple that they were supposed to meet. Once again, Sherry hasn't heard even the first word about the couple. Finally, Sharon gives up and tells her she has to get home.

NICK is working when Nikki comes back to check up on things. She is surprised that Sharon isn't home yet, but delighted when Nick tells her that Grace came by and picked up Cassie. "You must be relieved," she tells her son. Nick admits that he is. He thinks one kid is enough for his wife to be contending with. "Two, counting you, dear," Nikki tells him. Okay, he admits, I am being childish, but I just want my family back the way it was.

While Nikki is out of the room, Sharon comes flying through the door. Surprised at seeing Nick at home, she asks him what the hell is going on. Nick is totally confused and wonders why Sharon is acting so strange. Sharon reminds him that he is the one who called for her to come to his office, but Nick tells her that he never left a message for her to be called. What about this business couple you wanted me to have dinner with? She asks. There was no couple that he knows anything about, he tells her. Then why did his secretary call her to come to town? She wants to know. Maybe he should fire her.

Nikki thinks it is about time she left and let them iron this out alone. Sharon thanks her for staying with the kids. She tells Nick that it doesn't look like they are getting anywhere. She is going in to check on Noah and give Cassie a hug, then she will come back and they can try to make some sense of this.

Nick tells her that Cassie isn't here. "Not here?" Sharon explodes. "What do you mean she isn't here?" Nick tells her not to bite his head off. Grace came and got her. And you just gave Cassie to Grace? Sharon gasps. Why not, Nick wonders, she belongs with Grace. Grace said you had talked it over and you agreed that it was time Cassie went back to Grace and Tony. We never talked, Sharon tells him. And it was Grace that told Sherry to call me about meeting you. She just wanted to get me out of the way so she could come out here and get Cassie.

Nick is totally confused, and accuses Sharon of being paranoid. Before they can get into it any further, the phone rings and it is Connie, Victor's secretary. Victor wants Nick in his office as soon as possible. Nick insists that he can't leave now, but Connie tells him that this is important. He tells Sharon that he is sorry, but he has to go into the office.

JILL tells Ryan about Keith's proposal and he is surprised. He can't see someone like her, so full of joy, spending the rest of her life with someone so set in his ways.

CHRISTINE sits at her desk wondering if she did the right thing talking to Paul. He was so hurt, but she had to tell him. How do I choose between them? She wonders. The phone rings. It is Paul; he tells her that he loves her.

PAUL knocks at Danny's door. "This is a surprise," Danny notes. "What brings you by? Do you have something to say to me? Because if you came to cause trouble . . . "

"Me! Cause trouble?" Paul asks, innocently. "Do you have any idea how much trouble you have caused? Do you even have a clue what you have done, not just to me, but to Chris? You have taken a woman who was happy and content, who was at the top of her form career wise, and you have pulled the rug right out from under her."

"My relationship with Phyllis was a tragic mistake," Danny insists.

"That was YOUR mistake, Danny, and the way you handled it nearly destroyed Chris. You did not even have the decency to see her and find out how she wanted to deal with it. Now you come at her with all these feelings and memories. You have made her totally confused and scared. In my opinion, that is a hell of a way to show someone you care."

"I love her," Danny insists. "I never meant to mess things up for Chris. But I see us at a crossroads and I just cannot walk away without telling her how I feel. You would have done the same thing, Paul."

"You would do anything to take back the woman I love all in the name of love. You play mind games with her. Is this any way to show your love?"

"It only goes to show that you don't love Chris as I do," Danny tells him. "If you loved Chris as much as I do, you would understand. I'm sorry, Paul." Danny shrugs.

"You'll only be sorry if she stays with me," Paul states, as he walks out of the apartment.

TRICIA wonders if Megan has heard the big news? Their Dad has proposed to Jill! Megan is outraged. She thought their relationship would run it's course and Jill would move on. She never expected them to marry.

JILL comes home and is sorting through the mail when she hears the girls talking about her. Megan is ranting about Jill. She never expected her to be their stepmother or Billy to be a stepbrother. She is totally different from their mother who was warm and kind and caring; whereas, Jill is cold and self-centered. She thinks everything should revolve around her and her precious career will always come first. She must have forced their dad into this marriage.

They look up to find Jill staring at them angrily. How long have you been standing there? The girls ask her. Long enough, Jill says. Now I am going upstairs to pack my bags; that should just make your day! And, by the way, if either of you had had the guts to tell me how you felt, I would have been gone a long time ago!

The girls are staring at each other open-mouthed when Keith comes in. He asks Megan if she has heard the good news? He hasn't been this happy in ages. He never thought he would be this happy again after the death of their mother, but he is. As he continues to go on and on about how good he feels, he is surprised to see Jill walk down the stairs with her bag.

"Where are you going?" He asks. "Are you going on a business trip?"

"I will let your daughters do the explaining," Jill says, then she tells him that she will pick up Billy after school.

Megan tries to explain what happened in a glib sort of way, glossing over the hurtful things she has said about Jill. However, Jill won't let her get away with it. She has them bring out every thing that they have said about her. Then she tells Keith that those words really stung her. "Your daughters don't want me around," she says. "I intend to accommodate them. Don't blame the girls, they were only saying what they felt."

Keith is beside himself. How could the girls be so cruel and hurtful to Jill. The things they have said were petty and selfish. But he begs Jill to stay; we can work it out, he assures her. Tricia asks Jill to forgive her; they never meant to hurt her. She would give anything if she could take the words back. "That is the problem," Jill tells her. "Once the words are out, you cannot take them back. I need time to think," she tells Keith. "I am going upstairs for a few minutes alone."

When NIKKI returns home, she finds S/V dusting the mantle and daydreaming. Nikki tells her to be careful with her things; they are precious to her, especially that crystal vase. S/V picks up the vase and is dusting it. When she goes to put it back on the mantle, she drops it and it shatters into a million pieces. Nikki is furious. Her ex-husband bought that for her in Vienna years ago; it is irreplaceable!

S/V apologizes over and over for breaking the vase, but Nikki will not hear it. She tells her she is clumsy and these past few weeks, she hasn't been up to par. Frankly, she says, I am not pleased with your work. You are not as conscientious as when you first arrived. You are distracted, forgetful and your work is sloppy. I do not like being uncomfortable in my own house, so unless things change, I will have to make other arrangements.

S/V promises to do better. She leaves, sobbing, just as Josh comes down stairs. Nikki tells him what has happened, but Josh takes S/V's side and talks Nikki into giving the girl another chance. After Josh goes back up stairs, Nikki calls S/V in to the living room.

"I was on the verge of firing you," she says. "You have my husband to thank for changing my mind. I am giving you a second chance, but there are some ground rules. I don't want you spending all your time making small talk with my husband. And, you need to watch your smart mouth. Your job here is hanging by a thread."

As Nikki leaves the room, S/V says, "You are wrong, Nikki. It is you that is hanging by a thread!"

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

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PAUL stops by Nina's apartment to ask if she knows what is going on with her best friend, Chris. He knows she must be aware of everything that is going on with her. Nina tells him that she should not be talking about this with him, but she will tell him that Chris is not sure about what the future will hold. "Is she waiting for me to let her out of this marriage?" Paul wants to know. "Is she waiting for me to make the first move?" Nina tell him that Chris loves him and when she decides what she wants to do, he will be the first person she tells.

VICTOR tells Nick about a proposed strike within the company. He is planning to be away, so he needs to have someone at the company that he can trust to look after things. "That is you, my boy," he announces. Nick is honored to have this responsibility. When Victor tells him that he may have to go to Denmark if there is a strike, Nick tells him that he isn't reluctant for any reason except for leaving Sharon.

"Things aren't any better?" Victor asks. "I am sorry to hear that, but if there is anything I can do, all you have to do is ask."

"I wouldn't know what to ask for," Nick admits.

JILL leaves the house and goes to her office where she can think. Keith follows her there and tells her that even after he has heard his girls' reactions to his proposal, he still wants to marry her. The girls will survive, and he is sure that they will come around to accepting her. Even if they don't accept her, they are grown up now and their opinions don't change the way he feels about her. They embrace just as Jack arrives at the door. He leaves until Keith has left, then returns.

Jack wonders if Keith is ever going to make an honest woman of her. She tells him that Keith has proposed but she hasn't accepted. He warns her not to hesitate too long or she will find herself all on her lonesome again.

Teasingly, Jill wonders if he is still having his "little problem," to which he replies that it wasn't his problem. This reminds him that he needs to make a call. He calls the urologist's office and tells them that if the doctor checks in, he would like him to call.

SHARON paces the floor thinking about the lengths that Grace went to to get Cassie out of her house. She knows that Cassie learned to love Grace, so she can learn to love her also IF they are given the time. But Grace is determined not to give her the time. She goes to the phone and calls her babysitter.

THE CAB is winding it's way out of the country and into the city. Inside, Grace is telling Cassie how wonderful it will be on their vacation.

CHRIS is surprised when Danny walks into her office with a wide smile on his face. He tells her that he had a visit from Paul. He is excited that things are now out in the open and she has told Paul that she has feelings for Danny. She warns him not to make too much out of that. She loves her husband and has a wonderful marriage; she just can't deny that she has feelings for him. Danny tells her that he has never stopped loving her; she means the world to him, and it means so much to him knowing that he is on her mind and in her thoughts. "You are in love with me, Chris," he tells her. "I know you don't want to hurt Paul---I don't either---but when we are alone, I know you can feel it. We were meant to be together for always." They kiss just as Paul opens the door. Seeing them, Paul slowly withdraws and leaves the building.

VICKI is working at her desk when she accidentally tips over a rose vase. Tony arrives just in time to rescue the files she has on her desk. "My hero," Vicki says, as she gives him a small kiss. He tells her to be careful or her husband will challenge him to a duel. She tells him that he has nothing to worry about. Her husband is throwing her over for her stepmother. Does she look any different now that she is about to be twice divorced? Tony tells her that she does look different---she is more sexy than usual, if that is possible. He asks her for a date, but she has something to do tonight---maybe another day? He says that he also has to see someone tonight and even though he isn't looking forward to it, he had better leave.

RYAN drops by to see Tricia and walks right into the turmoil that Tricia and Megan are feeling. They tell him about Jill overhearing them talking about her. They are upset that she overheard the things they were saying, but at least now it is in the open. Now she knows that no one could take their Mom's place. Ryan reminds them that Jill has been living there for months with her son, so why is things so different now? They explain that Jill has only been a guest in the house. Once she marries their father, she will no longer be a guest but family. That changes everything! She is so different from their mother. Both of the girls were close to their mother. Their mother and father built this house; they have lived their entire lives here. Every nook and cranny reminds them of their mother. Jill will change things to make the house hers.

Ryan tells them that it may be different; Jill could become someone they could be close to. She is a terrific, fascinating woman. They tell him that they do not want any advice from that woman; Megan says that she could not stomach that. When things get heavy, Tricia could go live with Ryan, but she is stuck her in the middle.

Ryan reminds them that Jill is a proud woman and may not stick around. The girls think that would be for the best. The best for whom? Ryan asks. Will it be the best for their dad? Megan says that nothing will be the same ever again if she accepts her dad's proposal.

IN THE CAB, Grace tells Cassie that they are going to the Bahamas where it is pretty and warm. They can swim, lay on the beach, build sandcastles and just let their troubles drift away. Cassie says she doesn't have any troubles, but it sounds like exactly what Grace needs. Grace says she hopes nothing or no one will ever come between them. Cassie assures her that she won't LET anything come between them!

NEIL comes home for some papers. He has to work late again tonight. Dru tells him that this is getting to be a habit. Is he trying to stay away from home? She tries to talk with him, but he keeps putting her off. Is it just me? Dru asks. Neil reminds her that there are a lot of things they have to work out, but Dru wonders how they will work them out if he is never home.

After Neil leaves, Dru is deep in thought when the phone rings. It is Sid; he just wanted to call to see if things were working out well for her. She tries to keep up a brave front, but finally breaks down and tells him that no matter how hard the two of them try, nothing is working out. Sid tells her that he has some news; she may not want to hear it, but he will tell her anyway. The model on the big shoot has taken ill and everyone would love to have Dru. Dru tells him that she needs a few days to think about it. He agrees but warns her that in a few days, he will need an answer for sure.

IN THE CAB, Grace has a sandwich and ice-cream for Cassie, but Cassie is too excited to eat.

PAUL returns to Legal Aid and wonders if this is a good time to talk. He wants her to be straight with him. Do they still have a marriage? Or, is Chris just going through the motions until he lets her go?

Chris wonders where this is coming from and Paul tells her about stopping by earlier. He saw the kiss, he tells her. She says that she tried to pull away, but Paul says she didn't try very hard. She tells him that she knows he went to Danny earlier. Paul says that he will not stand by and watch Danny walk off with the woman he loves without saying something.

Chris begs him not to give up on her. I will never give up, Paul says as he pulls her into his arms.

IN THE CAB, Grace wonders why they aren't moving along fast enough. The driver says that traffic is a bottleneck. He asks permission to take a different route. He does a U-turn and then takes a right. It is obvious to the watchers that he is not being followed.

SHARON is giving Lisa instructions for caring for Noah while she is in town getting Cassie. As she is leaving, there is Tony at her door. She accuses him of coming by as Grace's spy; she tells him that if he is there to defend what Grace has done, she doesn't want to hear it. Tony is completely in the dark about what she is talking about. She tells him about the elaborate plan Grace concocted to get Cassie from the ranch. Tony remembers how Grace was dressed and how she acted earlier and tells Sharon that they have to get into town and find them.

As Tony and Sharon enter the apartment, it is obvious that there is no one home. Tony goes into the bedroom and returns with a note. "They have gone," he says, unbelievingly. "They have left."

"They have left? With my daughter?"

"Yes, with Cassie," Tony mummers.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

The Y&R Primetime Special

NIKKI, dressed in a sexy outfit, visits Victor at his office. When he sees her enter, he tells her not to close the door; she won't be here that long.

"Sorry about that little argument," Nikki sweetly tells her ex. "All right, I will make the first move."

"And I will make the last move. I don't want to see you any more ever again."

"Then maybe we should agree not to talk about our respective spouses when we get together," Nikki continues, unfazed.

"No more get-togethers!" Victor shouts. "I resent your attitude toward my wife. You only want to cause trouble."

"What about Diane's attitude toward me?" Nikki pouts. "I cane to apologize. What more can I do?"

"Not a damn thing! From now on we will see each other when there is a problem with the children and that is all. DON'T STOP BY; DON'T CALL! NOW LEAVE!" But Nikki refuses to leave.

Victor tells her that because of the advice she gave about the vasectomy, his wife is upset. He blames himself for believing that she truly cared. He thought she was there to help him, but she was only trying to get back at Diane for marrying him. From now on, he tells her, I do not want to see you ever again. Unless there is an emergency with the children, he does not want to see or hear from her. Now get out, he yells.

Finally believing that he means it, Nikki stumbles out the door in tears.

VICTORIA reminds Nick of the big party and warns him not to be late. Where is Sharon, she asks. Nick tells her not to worry; his wife will be there.

SHARON is reading the note Grace left with Tony. She can't believe that Grace has run off with her daughter. How could she do this? She has stolen my little girl. I will never see her again.

IN THE CAB, Grace is telling Cassie that they are going to the Bahamas by way of Miami. Cassie wants to know if Tony knows where they are going. When Grace says that he doesn't, she wonders if Sharon knows. She begins to cough, then she tells Grace that she is glad they are going alone---just you and me.

DANNY is sitting in Gina's remembering the kiss when Katherine comes to his table. He tells her that his plan is working; Christine is falling in love with him all over again!

OLIVIA visits Dru and wonders how the "romantic" afternoon went. Dru tells her that it went nowhere. Her husband didn't even want to touch her. She was every man's fantasy, but her man didn't want her. She has done everything she can to show him how much she loves him, but the more she tries, the more he draws apart from her. It is over, she tells her sister. She might as well set him free while there is something left for her. She tells Olivia that she has a chance to revive her failing career, so she might as well do that.

Olivia berates her heartlessly about her career. She is just using her husband's problem as an excuse for getting back her career. She is willing to give up her husband and little girl so that she can have her picture taken. She is selfish as always; she has not learned anything!

"Don't you understand? I repulse my husband. He doesn't want me; he won't forgive me. I need to know that I am worth something and taking this job will do that for me.

MALCOLM drops by Neil's office to bring him something. He gives him a packet with some pictures he has taken of Dru. Neil isn't interested in looking at them. Take them away! Get rid of them! Do what ever you want to do with them but get them out of my office!

Malcolm tells him that he is just being bull-headed. But go ahead and hang on to your anger; grow old with it, because the way you are going, that is all you will have.

CHRIS AND PAUL are talking when Lynn calls. Dave, the PI is on the line and needs to talk to Paul. She patches him through. Dave says he is following Grace who has taken a cab. This is unusual as she usually drives her car. Is the child with her? Paul asks. Dave isn't sure but he will keep Paul posted.

CASSIE is so excited about the trip that she throws herself in Grace's arms. She begins to cough again.

In the car following, Dave can see Cassie. He calls Paul again and tells him that there definitely is a child in the cab. Not only that, it looks like they are headed for the airport. Do not lose them, Paul orders. We are on the way. Lynn will call our contact at the airport and see what information she can get.

As he and Chris rush out of the building, Chris says that she prays they make it in time to keep Grace from taking the child out of the country.

We will, Chris, Paul assures her as he drives away.

SHARON calls Christine's office and Lynn patches her through to Paul's car. She tries to tell them that Grace has taken Cassie and is running away, but they tell her that they are on to her. They explain that they didn't discharge the PI. They are on their way to the airport to stop Grace. Sharon wants to go to the airport also, but they tell her to stay where she is and stay calm and rational.

NIKKI visits Nick's office. She wants to know how he would feel if she were to have a baby with Josh. Nick wonders what his dad has to say about it, but Nikki tells him that it hasn't anything to do with Victor. This is between her and her husband. Then how would you feel if Dad were to have a child with Diane? Nick asks. That won't happen, Nikki assures Nick. His dad has had a vasectomy. Nick is surprised that Diane didn't want children, but Nikki tells him that she very badly wanted children, but she wants to get rid of Nikki even more.

As she starts to leave, she sees Nick's tuxedo. Why do you have your tux out? Nick hesitantly admits that Diane is throwing a birthday party for Victor in the private dining room.

"She didn't say a word to me," Nikki says. Under her breath she says that Diane is trying to isolate her from the family.

LYNN calls Paul and tells him that Grace has two tickets to Miami with a connecting flight to the Bahamas. She gives them the airline and flight number.

DAVE pulls into the airport; he calls Paul and tells him that she is getting out at Vanguard Airlines. Paul orders him not to let them get on that flight no matter what he has to do.

GRACE goes to the counter and tells the receptionist that she needs to get on the very next flight to Miami. Since the computer is down, the girl has to go to another terminal. While she is away, Cassie begins to examine Grace's wallet. She must be looking at a passport, because she likes the picture and she likes her name---Cassie Turner. Will that be my name when you adopt me? Before Grace can answer, Cassie begins to cough again. Grace tells her that they need to get her some water.

JACK asks Ashley if she thinks he has lost his mind. He is thinking of doing something for Victor that will assure that the marriage will last. He tells her about the possibility of reversing the vasectomy. If Diane doesn't get a baby, he is sure that marriage is doomed to fail. Ashley says that if he does tell Victor this, it will be a totally selfless gesture on Jack's part.

After Ashley has left the room, Nikki shows up. She is dressed in a black gown that is elegant and sexy. The neckline is very low and there is a side split that goes to the waist. She invites Jack to come along with her; she is going places. He of all people will appreciate the night she has planned. She won't tell him where they are going, but she promises he will be thoroughly entertained.

CHRIS, PAUL AND DAVE meet up at the correct gate, but Dave has no idea what happened to Grace while he was parking the car. They spread out to look for her.

MEANWHILE, Sharon is paNikking. Tony does all he can to keep her calm, but to no avail.

CASSIE takes the water from Grace and tries to drink, but she has a sore throat. Grace is finally becoming concerned.

GRACE takes Cassie to the first aid station in the airport. The doctor examines her and says that she has tonsillitis. She should postpone her trip. I can't, cries Grace. Looking in Cassie's ears, the doctor says that she can still fly if she has to. He asks if she is allergic to any antibiotics. Grace doesn't know, but Cassie knows that she isn't allergic. The doctor gives them a funny look, but sends the nurse in to give Cassie the injection.

DIANE, VICTORIA, NICK AND KATHERINE are awaiting Victor's arrival. They are all dressed beautifully in evening dress. When a waiter lets them know that he is on his way there, Diane goes out and closes the door. She greets her husband and he exclaims that she is beautiful. He kisses her and the doors slide open. Everyone shouts happy birthday to him and he is very pleased.

As Victor enters the private dining room and greets his guests, Nikki and Jack enter the outer room. Jack sees that it is a Newman family party going on and tells Nikki that there is NO way he is going in there. Are you out of your mind? He asks her. Jack tells Nikki that Victor made it perfectly clear that he was to stay away from Diane. Anyway, this is a family gathering and he has no intention of intruding. Nikki tells him to leave if he wishes, but she is going in there. She has a message to deliver.

DRU is sitting alone with a sad, forlorn look on her face. She looks up as her husband is at the door. He has roses and champagne. Coming in, he picks up his wife and begins to kiss her passionately. He lays her down before the fire and beginss to make love to her.

VICTOR is proposing a toast to his enchanting and beautiful wife who has given him everything he has ever wanted. He just wishes he could give her what she wants. "But you have, Victor," insists Diane. "No, I haven't given you what really counts," Victor says, as everyone clicks glasses and drinks.

Diane proposes a toast to her wonderful husband, whom she adores, and for whom she thanks God every day that she is allowed to share his life.

As they are drinking, Nikki walks in. "I would like to propose a toast, also," she announces.

Nick tries to stop her, but she tells him to sit down and be quiet. "I won't overstay my welcome; I just stopped by to deliver a gift for you and Diane."

Vicki tries to stop her, but Nikki will not be stopped. "This is for you, Diane. You may be able to shut me out, but you cannot shut me up. I have an announcement---a baby announcement. Next year this time there will be a new baby in the family. We will start it tonight; my gynecologist tells me tonight is the perfect time. I wanted to be sure you knew about it, Diane, because you are trying to cut me out of Victor's life. I just wanted to tell you just how unimportant you are to my life."

"YOU BITCH!" Screams Diane, as she rushes toward Nikki. "You are the reason I cannot have a baby." Victor grabs his wife while Katherine rushes to Nikki and pulls her out of the room. Victor pulls his weeping wife into his arms and begins dancing with her while his children look at each other with raised eyebrows.

SHARON calls Paul again. He tells her all that he knows, but assures her that they will stop Grace from leaving. Just as he hangs up, they hear the final call for Miami. Looking at the gate, they spot Grace and Cassie rushing up to the exit door to the plane.

"I have to get on this plane," Grace says.

"Don't even think about it!" Christine tells her.

"I want to go on the plane, Mommy," Cassie cries, afraid.

Christine tells Grace that she wants to talk to her. They can do it privately or in front of Cassie. It is up to her. Grace leaves Cassie with Paul and steps away with Chris. "Who do you think you are?" she demands of Chris.

"I am Sharon's lawyer and you are not going to take that child anywhere. Don't even think about calling security or Cassie will be in a foster home before dark. You have waited long enough. Cassie is going to be told the truth and NOW! Will you tell her or will I?"

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Don't forget to review our recap of Tuesday's Y&R primetime special!

AT THE AIRPORT Christine is telling Grace that she is not going anyplace with Cassie. If she dares to call security, by nightfall, Cassie will be in a foster home. "It is over, Grace," she says. "There is a mother waiting and there is a child who deserves to know the truth. Cassie IS going to be told the truth and I mean NOW. "

"Who do you think you are? You can't do this. Cassie is happy with me. Why don't you go away and leave us alone?"

"Because you are kidnapping Sharon's child. If you really love that child and want to do what is best for her, then tell her who her real mother is."

SHARON is pacing the floor at Tony's apartment. He tells her that it won't do her any good. She should have faith that everything is going to be all right.

"Have faith? I have had faith," Sharon responds. "I had faith that Grace was going to help me get close to my daughter. I trusted her to keep her word. But it was all lies. All the time she has been setting me up. I have to get out of here." She grabs her coat and, despite Tony trying to stop her, she leaves.

A visitor, who happens to be Cole, interrupts NINA. He is checking up on her, but she says she has hit a roadblock---no, she says, it is more like a dead end. Cole tells her she is just feeling overwhelmed and he is here to offer some distraction. He tells her that now that she has written some short stories and had some success, he thinks it is time for her to stretch her wings and move on to something bigger----a novel.

As he is leaving, he tells her to call him when she has an outline ready and he will take a look at it for her. Just then the doorbell rings; it is Ryan. Ryan is surprised to see Cole and offers to leave, but Cole leaves instead. We are still friends, Nina answers his unspoken question.

Ryan only wants to talk to her about the divorce. He hopes that she doesn't blame herself because the marriage didn't work; he was the one to blame. No, she tells him, they are both to blame. Ryan wants them to remain friends despite the divorce, but Nina tells him that that is never going to happen. They are both headed in two different directions. From now on, all they have in common is Phillip.

AT THE BIRTHDAY PARTY, Victor is proposing a toast to his enchanting and beautiful wife who has given him everything he has ever wanted. He just wishes he could give her what she wants. "But you have, Victor," insists Diane. "No, I haven't given you what really counts," Victor says, as everyone clicks glasses and drinks.

Diane proposes a toast to her wonderful husband, whom she adores, and for whom she thanks God every day that she is allowed to share his life. As they are drinking, Nikki walks in. "I would like to propose a toast, also," she announces.

Nick tries to stop her, but she tells him to sit down and be quiet. "I won't overstay my welcome; I just stopped by to deliver a gift for you and Diane." Vicki tries to stop her, but Nikki will not be stopped. "This is for you, Diane. You may be able to shut me out, but you cannot shut me up. I have an announcement---a baby announcement. Next year this time there will be a new baby in the family. We will start it tonight; my gynecologist tells me tonight is the perfect time. I wanted to be sure you knew about it, Diane, because you are trying to cut me out of Victor's life. I just wanted to tell you just how unimportant you are to my life."

"YOU BITCH!" Screams Diane, as she rushes toward Nikki. "You are the reason I cannot have a baby." Victor grabs his wife while Katherine rushes to Nikki and pulls her out of the room. Victor pulls his weeping wife into his arms and begins dancing with her while his children look at each other with raised eyebrows.

Should we go check on Mom, Nick asks. NO, Vicki says. She is fine. This is our Dad's birthday and we are going to stay and celebrate with him.

GRACE tells Christine that telling Cassie will tear her apart. Christine says that that is the reason she should do it, not Christine. So will you do it, or shall I? Christine challenges. Cassie walks up to Grace and asks if everything is okay. Can we leave now, Mommy?

NICK AND VICKI approach the couple on the dance floor and apologize for what their mother did. Vicki tries to explain why Nikki pulled this stunt, but Diane is accepting none of it. "Nikki can never make up for what she did," Diane says. "No," Vicki replies. "But, remember that you have Dad now. He is your husband. Never forget that now you are his wife."

"What she did was cruel and uncalled for," Diane declares. "I will never forget and I will never forgive."

"I won't excuse her actions, either," Victor says. "It was cruel of her to lash out at you and talk about babies. She was just trying to make trouble and she succeeded. But it is my birthday and I won't let her spoil it." He calls for the music to start so that they can start dancing. "But first, another toast. The best gift is to be surrounded by the people one loves the most."

KATHERINE pushes Nikki into the ranch house. How could you pull such a stunt!

"I don't regret it one bit!" Nikki says. "It serves that BITCH right!"

"Nikki, you have to use your head. When you lash out at Diane, you lash out at Victor and you know what Victor means to you!"

"Not any longer. We no longer have a relationship of any kind. Any relationship we may have had is over. Victor made that perfectly clear when he made his "Grand Decree" this afternoon. He never wants to see me again, and if that is how he feels, so be it!"

Sara is listening in. Katherine won't believe that Nikki means what she is saying. Now she sees what is going on. She wasn't lashing out at Diane, she was lashing out at Victor because he cut her out of his life. Meanwhile, the phone is ringing and ringing. "WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GET THAT PHONE!" Nikki screams.

Sara answers the phone. It is Dr Landers. S/V tells him that Nikki and Mrs. Chancellor are into something serious, but she will interrupt them if he tells her to. No, Josh says, just tell her that I will be home early. I am leaving now. I will be home soon.

"Josh is my number ONE priority now!" Declares Nikki, just as S/V interrupts. She tells Nikki that Dr. Landers will be home soon. Nikki snaps at her. Why didn't you tell me it was my husband on the phone? After S/V slinks out of the room, Nikki goes on to tell Katherine that from now on she is going to focus on Josh. She is planning an incredible evening for him. It will be a night that her husband will never forget.

CASSIE is crying. "Why are you doing this to me? Let's just go on our trip. We can have so much fun."

Grace tells Cassie that she needs to talk to her about something important. We aren't going on our trip, she says. I need to take you to see someone. Cassie, I know who your mother is, your real birth mother. She lives right here in Genoa City. I am going to take you to your mother."

"No, that isn't true," Cassie cries. "I don't want another mother. You are my mother."

"You know that isn't true, Cassie. You have always known I wasn't your mother. I know you are frightened, but trust me. I love you and I would not ask you to do anything if I didn't think it was for the best. And don't worry, I will be right by your side. It is time for you to meet your real mother."

NIKKI greets Josh with a big kiss. She tells him there is more where that came from and he wants it now. However, she tells him that first she is going to make him dinner, then he is going to relax. Then, she has some fascinating news for him.

S/V sneaks a peek. "What kind of garbage are you filling his head with now, Nikki? I have got to find out and I have just the thing!" she smiles.

GRACE walks over to where Chris and Paul are waiting and she asks to use Paul's phone. She calls Sharon. "I am coming over, Sharon, and there is someone I want to bring. We will be there shortly."

"Thank God!" Sharon says. "Cassie is coming! Cassie is coming home tonight. Tonight she will know the truth! She will find out that I am her real mother."

Grace tells Cassie that her real mother is expecting them. She tells Paul and Chris that they don't need to come with them; she can be trusted. However, Paul tells her that he thinks they will tag along anyway just to be safe.

S/V is talking to herself again as she enters Nikki's bedroom. Thank God I went to town yesterday. You think you can hide things from me, Nikki, but I am always one step ahead of you. You can whisper all you want, but I have ways of finding out what you are up to. Now for the perfect place where I can hear everything that is going on." She looks around and moves to the head of the bed. She plants a "bug" behind the headboard. "No more secrets, Nikki. Now I'll no your every move."

Nikki comes into the bedroom and almost catches S/V, but she covers up. She tells Nikki that she was just turning down the bed. Nikki dismisses her but tells her to hold all calls. She wants complete privacy tonight. "Oh, yes," S/V assures her. You will have your privacy tonight."

SHARON rushes to the door when there is a knock. It is Chris. Sharon starts to freak out, but Chris tells her that she only came ahead to let her know what is happening. Cassie hasn't been told yet, but she has been told that she will see her real mother tonight.

Grace and Cassie walk in and take a seat. Cassie doesn't look happy.

NIKKI AND JOSH relax in the afterglow. That was a pleasant surprise, he tells his wife. Now are you going to share the big news with me? Nikki tells him that she has made a decision. She has given something a great deal of thought and now her mind is made up. She wants to give him a baby! More than that, she also wants a baby.

S/V is in her room listening in to the conversation. She hears Josh tell Nikki that she has made him the happiest man alive. Our own family, Josh goes on. You cannot know what this means to me. I have always loved you so much, but never as much as right now.

S/V puts away the speaker. You will never have his baby, Nikki. NEVER! I WON'T LET IT HAPPEN!

Thursday, March 12

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Friday, March 13

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