The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on Y&R
Cassie reacted badly to the news that Sharon was her mother. Nick stormed out of the house. Danny kissed Christine. Paul told Christine to move out. Josh rejected Veronica, and she shot Josh and Nikki.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday March 16, 1998

IN THE PRIVATE DINING ROOM, the party continues to swing. Just as Victor tells the group that this is the best birthday party of his life, the waiters wheel in the birthday cake and everyone sings Happy Birthday. As they cut the cake, Diane makes one more toast to her wonderful husband. Vicki wishes a happy birthday to the best father in the world---and the youngest. Nick tells his father that he looks happy and he deserves to be. Victor makes the announcement that he and Diane will be doing a lot of traveling. They will take the private jet and go wherever they notion takes them. Diane and Victoria hold hands and walk away talking about what to pack while Victor and Nick talk. Seeing that Nick and Sharon are still having trouble, Victor invites them to come along on the trip. Before answering, Nick needs to talk to Sharon. Victor also thinks it would be a good idea if he talked to her also.

Meanwhile, Victoria gets a call from Tony. He wants to get together with her later, so she invites him over to the private dining room. The party is breaking up now, so they will be alone. And don't worry, you won't need a tux; come as you are, she tells him.

TONY arrives and he and Victoria dance. He tells her that he got dumped today and Grace has gone for good. So you are a free man and I am soon to be a free woman, Victoria says. Tony can't figure out what is wrong with her husband to let someone such as her get away. A new bottle of champagne is brought in and they drink to each other and their freedom. Tony wants to take the bottle to his apartment, but Vicki doesn't want to get in too big a hurry.

SHARON is waiting for the knock on the door; it finally comes and it is Chris. She tells Sharon that Cassie knows she is coming to see her real mother, but she doesn't know that Sharon is she. Just then, Paul arrives with Grace and Cassie. Since their work is done, Paul and Chris leave. Sharon kneels down in front of Cassie as Cassie asks why she is here.

Grace tells Cassie that Sharon has something to tell her. "You know Grace is not your mother, don't you?" Sharon begins. Cassie tells her that it doesn't matter to her; she loves Grace. "It does matter," Sharon says. "I am your real mommy." Cassie covers her ears and begins to yell. "It's not true! Stop saying that! It's not true."

Sharon tells Cassie that it is the truth; she is Cassie's real mother. She gave birth to her. Cassie tells her that if she is her real mother, then she gave her away when she was born. You didn't want me then, so why do you want me now? She asks. "Grace found me and now we have each other." Sharon tries to explain that she didn't want to give her up when she was born, but sometimes you don't have a choice. Then things in life changes. This is one of those times. Now she is going to be Sharon's little girl. She will be living here at the ranch with Sharon and Nick and Noah.

"You have Noah," Cassie says. "Grace doesn't have anyone. I want to go home now, Grace. Please take me home."

Grace tells her that she is home. This will be her home from now on. Sharon tells her that she will be her little girl, but Cassie says that Grace is her mommy---not Sharon.

"I'm not your mom," Grace says. "I wish I was, but I'm not. Sharon is your mother."

"Then I wish you were my mother," Cassie cries.

NIKKI AND JOSH, still in bed, continue to discuss having a baby. Josh tells her that it means so much to him that she is going to have his baby. He has delivered many babies, but until now, he has never loved a woman enough to start a family. "Maybe we made a baby just now," Nikki whispers, to the horror of S/V who is listening in.

Nikki tells Josh about all the little stages that a child goes through once it is born. He can't wait to experience every moment. In her room, S/V is angry. "He doesn't love you Nikki. You cast a spell over my Joshua. I cannot listen to any more of this." She reaches for the speaker, but can not make herself turn it off. She continues to listen while Nikki and Josh discuss whether they want a boy or a girl. Finally, S/V turns off the speaker. "You will never have a child with my Josh," she declares. "No, I don't think so. It will never happen; NEVER! I will not allow it!"

PAUL AND CHRIS go to Gina's to unwind after their full day. They can't believe what they were a part of tonight. This has to be the best thing for Cassie. She and Sharon will form a bond one day.

"Sounds a little like you and me," Paul observes. "We are forming a bond for the rest of our lives."

Paul wonders if it was a mistake coming to Gina, when he notices that Chris keeps spacing out. He doesn't like hiding; he likes to take life straight on.

VICTOR AND DIANE return home and Victor once again thanks her for the best birthday party he has ever had. They discuss the trip and Victor tells Diane that he has asked Nick and Sharon to come along. Diane doesn't mind as long as they have time to themselves. He promises her that they will have plenty of time to themselves. He then tells her that he has made a decision to cut Nikki completely out of his life. Diane wonders if he can accomplish that, but he assures her that he loves her and anyone that cannot accept that has no place in his life. Meanwhile, they have better things to talk about and better things to do.

Danny comes in and asks Gina if he can try out a couple of songs. Gina points out that Chris and Paul are there; will he be joining them? No, not just yet, he tells her. Gina announces that Danny will be singing, and he takes the stage. He sings "Every Breath You Take" while never taking his eyes off Christine. Chris turns completely around in her chair and gazes right back at Danny. She is dreamy-eyed and cannot take her eyes off Danny. Paul sits there totally ignored and he doesn't like it one little bit. After the song ends, Chris continues to stare at Danny. In disgust, Paul tosses him napkin on the table and walks out. When Danny sees Paul leave, he comes over to the table and asks how she liked his song. When she tells him that it was great, Danny tells her that it was for her. He bends forward and the two of them kiss. Chris doesn't even try to pull away.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

TONIGHT IS THE NIGHT TO BE AT GINA'S. Paul and Chris are there to relax, but they do anything but relax after Danny takes the stand and sings directly to Chris. Paul leaves in disgust. After the song, Danny comes to Chris and asks her how she liked the song since he was singing it to her. They kiss, and Danny tells her that he needs to talk to her. You don't need to apologize, Chris tells him. I wasn't going to apologize, Danny answers.

AT ANOTHER TABLE, Cole is just finishing his dinner alone when Ryan approaches and asks if he can join him. Ryan tells him that he didn't expect to see him at Nina's earlier, but he is glad that Cole is stopping by occasionally to check up on his soon to be ex-wife. Nina is still a hell of a woman. The two agree that they are glad things have worked out the way they have. It is good to start out fresh and that they aren't enemies.

VICKI AND TONY arrive for coffee. Gina warns Vicki that Cole and Ryan are there also. Looking around, Vicki is curious to see both her ex's sitting at the same table and having dinner together and here she is with a sexy date. Tony tell her that he can live with them or without them; it is her choice. Vicki decides that in that case, why not live with them.

NICK, however, is still in his office thinking about his homelife. Jack is surprised to find him there, but since he is, Jack has a report that Nick did that is totally unacceptable---it stinks! They need to have a heart-to-heart about this sloppy work that lacks any insight.

Nick agrees that it is sloppy work; his home situation has been interfering with his work. He tells Jack that Sharon is still involved with "this kid, Cassie," and still will not open up to him. He tells Jack about his Dad suggesting they go away with him and Diane so that Sharon can get a better perspective on where they are. He is going to tell her about it tonight. If that doesn't work, then he is going to suggest outside help.

PAUL is at home agonizing about what happened at Gina's earlier. The doorbell rings and it is his mother. She was in the neighborhood and wondered if Paul and Chris would like to have dinner with her. She notices right away that something is wrong. Paul tells her that Chris is not home and he doesn't know when she will be there. What is going on? Mary gasps.

Even though Paul doesn't want to get into it, he tells her about what happened at Gina's. Mary says that she saw it coming; Christine still isn't over Danny. Now she understands why Paul is upset; his wife is betraying him and he doesn't deserve it.

Paul tries to explain that Chris is only confused and she is trying to sort out her feelings. She was up-front with him. Not many women would come to their husbands and tell them, this is what I am feeling; this is what I am going through. She is trying to be fair, he tells her. But Mary doesn't think she is being fair at all and she is not showing any kind of loyalty.

BACK AT GINA'S, Danny is telling Chris that he doesn't want to mess with her head, but he needed that kiss. Not a day goes by that he doesn't think of her and what they had. He believes that they could have it all again and if she were honest with herself, she would realize that they could have it all again. He tried to settle for life with Phyllis; he tried to shut out all the memories of life with Chris. But once he found out what Phyllis had done, he realized that he had never stopped loving Chris. Phyllis pried us apart, he says, but we don't have to live with it. Say you want it as much as I do, he pleads.

Just as Chris opens her mouth to speak, Gina runs up with the phone. Danny has an important call from his agent. Danny tries to control his anger as he loosens his grip on Chris's hand. He tells her to take a message. Just then, Chris looks around and suddenly realizes that she and Paul are alone. "Where is Paul?" she asks.

VICKI AND TONY waltz over to Cole and Ryan's table. "I couldn't pass up a chance to say hello to both my ex-husbands," she purrs, as both Cole and Ryan rise.

"Speaking of odd couples . . ." Cole says, looking at Vicki in her evening gown and Tony in his leather.

"It's called casual sheik," Tony answers.

"I can't believe you two handsome guys are all alone," Vicki says. "And husband number one is dining with husband number two---or almost number two, right Darling?"

"Does that mean that Tony is going to be husband number three?" questions Cole.

"Strange you should mention that," Vicki purrs without missing a beat. "Tony and I was just talking about that tonight, but we haven't made a decision. It is a bit premature, don't you think? It is so tacky jumping out of the divorce and right back into marriage."

"Touché, Vicki," Cole answers.

"Besides, marriage is so stifling," continues Vicki. "I have been thinking that marriage and I don't agree."

"What do you think about the Holy Estate of Matrimony, Tony?" Cole asks.

"I don't know," answers Tony. "I have never tried it. Vicki tells the "boys" that their coffee is ready. They will leave them alone, but if they see a couple of hungry blondes hanging around, she will send them over.

PAUL tells his mother that he doesn't want to talk about it any more and he would like her to leave. As Mary opens the door to exit, Chris is standing there. The two women look at each other without speaking. Mary leaves and Chris hurries into the apartment. She is glad that he is there; she has been so worried about him. "I am sorry," she says. "I know I hurt you. I am not trying to make things harder for you. You don't deserve what I put you through tonight."

"You could see the connection you and Danny have," Paul tells her. "You could reach out and touch it, and there isn't a thing I could do about it. I am trying to be understanding about this."

"It is incredible how you are dealing with this," Chris tells him. "All I can tell you is, I love you. Please be patient with me."

BACK AT THEIR TABLE, Vicki and Tony continue to flirt with each other. He thanks her for cheering him up, but she admits that she needed cheering up also. She tells him that they are good for each other. She accuses him of hitting on her and warns that he better be careful or she will hit right back. Tony rises and leans across the table and kisses her full on the lips.

GRACE tells Cassie that she is going to live here at the ranch now, but Cassie doesn't want to live here. She looks at Sharon and tells her that Grace is her mommy. Grace turns Cassie toward her and patiently tells her that she is not her mother. She wishes she was, but she is not.

"I love you and want to give you a wonderful life," Sharon pleads with her daughter. "You like spending time here with Noah and me. This is your home now and Noah is your little brother."

"I like visiting, but I don't want to live with you. I have a home. I don't want to be your little girl! You gave me away!"

"Oh, Cassie, that was the hardest thing I ever had to do. But, I did it because I loved you so much. I didn't have any money; I didn't have a job. I was only sixteen. Even though I loved you, I knew it wouldn't be fair to keep you. I had no way of taking care of you."

"But you did give me away. I never had a Mommy until Grace found me. Doesn't it matter what I want? Grace tucks me in at night; she says my prayers with me and helps me with my homework. I used to pretend that I was a fairy princess. I lived in a big house and had lots of pretty clothes and lots of toys. Now I know that was do dumb. Those things don't matter."

Sharon pleads with Cassie to give her a chance. She didn't love Grace at first, but she learned to love her. You will learn to love me if you just give me a chance, she pleads. Grace tells her that she is hurting Sharon so much when she says these things. Sharon is her real mother. Cassie wonders how long Grace has known that Sharon is her mother. She is surprised to learn that Grace has known all along.

Sharon suggests that it is late; Cassie should sleep and they will talk tomorrow. Cassie is shocked to learn she is supposed to sleep here. She asks if Grace can please sleep here also. Sharon leaves it up to Grace who says she will stay. Cassie wants to sleep in the same bed as Grace. "What will it hurt?" she asks Sharon. Then to Cassie, she says that they can cuddle up together all night. "I love you, Mommy," Cassie says as she embraces Grace. Sharon is left alone with tears in her eyes.

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

SHARON tells Cassie that everything will be different now; she has a family. She understands how Cassie feels; she loves Grace and Tony, but she would never take them away from her. Now she has Sharon and Tony, but she also has a real mother and a baby brother who loves her. When Cassie asks about Nick, Sharon explains that Nick doesn't know about her yet. She wanted Cassie to know first. She also wanted Nick to have a chance to get to know Cassie first. Cassie says that sometimes Nick doesn't seem too happy to have her there at the ranch. Sharon assures her that Nick will get used to the idea. Cassie doesn't care if he likes her or not. She goes to the kitchen for a glass of water.

"Well, you can see how happy she is now that you have unburdened yourself, Sharon," Grace says sarcastically.

"We both knew it would be difficult after you spent months letting her become attached to you," Sharon answers.

"You are so self-righteous," Grace sneers. "You are the person who put her up for adoption in the first place. You never wanted her . . ." She stops as Cassie comes into the room and accuses them of arguing over her. Once again, Cassie calls Grace "mommy," so Sharon asks if she will do her a favor. Will you try to stop calling Grace "mommy?" she asks. Grace isn't your mommy and she has never been your mommy. I know that you are used to doing that, and sometimes you may forget and call her that, but will you try to stop? Cassie agrees but says she still thinks of Grace as her mommy.

Grace and Cassie go to bed. "At least I have my daughter with me," Sharon whispers. "Finally, I have my daughter!"

VICTOR finds Nick still in his office and talks to him about the trip. Have you presented the idea to Sharon? Nick decides that he will go home now and tell her about it. He just hopes his wife will be in a receptive mood.

TRICIA calls Ryan to wish him luck tomorrow at the divorce hearing. She won't come over tonight so that he can be alone to prepare himself for the hearing. Jill overhears the conversation but tells Tricia she wasn't eavesdropping. She realizes that it isn't her place to approve or disapprove; she isn't her mother. But she wonders if Tricia isn't letting her expectations get too high. Ryan hasn't made any commitment to her, has he? Do they have definite plans? Tricia admits that they have no plans or have made no commitment, but she knows Ryan and he will be making a commitment to her.

JOSHUA AND NIKKI continue to make love. Nikki tells him that she is in awe of his stamina and thinks she should nominate him to the Guinness Record Book. Josh tells her that he is just doing his duty and the night is still young. He is determined to make their baby tonight.

S/V is listening in, but she is in agony with every word spoken through the speaker in her room.

NICK arrives home and is greeted by a long kiss from his wife. He is skeptical, but happy that she is so happy. Since she blew off his father's birthday party, he figured she would be a mess when he got home. Sharon explains that there was a problem but now it is solved. She will personally call Victor and apologize. Nick wonders what the "miracle" was that brought about this change in his wife, but Sharon isn't ready to talk about it yet. So you are still being mysterious, Nick says, resigned to that fact. It is just great to be home with no extra people hanging around, he tells her. He then begins to tell Sharon about the trip his dad and Diane has planned. His dad has invited him and Sharon to come along. This is going to be a wonderful world tour. They need it badly. It will give them a chance to enjoy each other once again.

Before Sharon can say anything, Cassie comes out of the bedroom and tells Sharon that she is still thirsty. Sharon takes her to the kitchen for water, leaving a fuming Nick alone. DAMMIT, he says after he is alone. He finds the doll that Sharon has hidden under the pillow on the couch. He starts to throw it into the fireplace, but changes his mind and tosses it onto the couch. Sharon comes in and takes Cassie back to the bedroom.

"What is she doing here?" Nick asks when she returns to the living room. Sharon tells him to calm down and she will explain, but Nick says he will NOT calm down. He thought they had a deal about NO MORE Cassie at the ranch. He doesn't want her here, but it is obvious that Cassie is her priority. She doesn't give a damn how he feels and he is sick of it. I'm GONE! He says as he grabs his coat and slams out of the house.

PHILLIP wonders what is for dinner; he is hungry. Just then the doorbell rings and Nina tells him to answer it. Ryan stands there burdened down with a paper sack. Nina tells Phillip that the three of them are going to have dinner together and Ryan has brought all his favorites. They all sit around the coffee table and share the food. When Ryan asks if Phillip is enjoying the food, he doesn't get an answer. Nina says that he should be able to see for himself; Phillip is eating like she never feeds him.

Nina asks Phillip knows what tomorrow means and Phillip answers that tomorrow is the day Ryan divorces his mother. They try to assure him that they will have many more meals like this and he will be taking Phillip to ballgames, movies, and such. It won't be the same after tomorrow, Phillip says

After the meal, Ryan gives Phillip his fortune cookie. It reads: Your greatest wish will come true. This puts him in a very sad mood. While Nina and Ryan try to cover the moment with talk, Phillip suddenly throws himself on his dad. He grabs Ryan around the legs and begs him not to go through with the divorce. Stay with us, he pleads. Make it like it used to be.

Nina tells him that it isn't all Ryan's fault; she wants the divorce also. They both will always love him. Ryan promises to always be there for him. He gives Ryan a big hug and Ryan leaves.

JACK finds Nick back in his office. Nick tells him what happened when he went home, saying that the kid put a monkey wrench in his plans to take Sharon away. She had better get it together or he is walking!

NIKKI AND JOSH are talking about the timing being so right. Josh wonders why she has finally made the decision and she explains that the children are adults now and don't need her so much. Also, they are involved in Victor's life where she isn't welcome. This is pleasant news to Josh and they begin to make love again.

S/V is outraged! NO NIKKI! You will never have Joshua's baby; never! I will do what I have to to make sure of that!

JACK is worried about Nick. He calls the ranch. Nikki answers; Joshua is taking a shower. Jack tells her that Nick is in a bad way at his office and if ever there was a time when he needed his mother, it is now. I'm on my way, Nikki tells Jack.

While she is dressing, she tells Josh that Nick needs her. She won't be gone long. He makes her promise to be careful; there is a terrible storm going on outside.

In her room, S/V is listening in. We will be all alone, she says. Joshua, we will have the house all to ourselves. She goes to her closet and takes out her satchel. She brings out her negligee. "Bitch! Joshua and I are all alone. It is time to make my move. You will not be lonely tonight, my love; you will never be alone again. Tonight you are going to get the surprise of your life. In a few moments you will know that your wife is still very much alive."

NIKKI arrives at Nick's office despite the storm that is raging out side. Nick is angry that she is there, but calms down long enough to tell her that he and Sharon had another fight. She was in a good mood until Cassie strolled in looking for a glass of water. Nikki is surprised that Cassie is back at the ranch. Maybe she should have a talk with Sharon, she suggests, but Nick tells her that it is his problem and he will handle it. "I've had it," he tells her. "Something has to change and soon."

S/V, dressed in her white negligee, looks at herself in the mirror. "I'm coming, Joshua. I'm coming, my love."

Thursday, March 19, 1998

VICTOR AND DIANE are aboard the private jet winging their way to . . . where? Victor still won't even give a hint of their destination. "You are an amazing and infuriating man, Victor Newman," Diane tells him. "But I am going to make you talk," she adds in a KGB accent. Victor smiles and tells her he is looking forward to her "friendly persuasion." He opens another bottle of champagne and she tells him that he is spoiling her much more than usual. "That is because I appreciate you," he tells her. "And I will tell you this much. Wherever we land, you will be very happy." Diane tells him, "Wherever I go with you will be the most wonderful spot on earth."

NIKKI continues to talk with Nick about his problem with Sharon. They go over and over the same thing that they have gone over before. Nikki wants to talk to Sharon, but Nick is adamant that he handles this problem himself.

Beyond the window, the lightening flashes.

VICTORIA AND TONY arrive at Tony's place. "My mother always warned me never to go home with a man on the first date," she says, coyly. She goes on to say that she doesn't feel safe going home in this storm. "Is Grace really taking Cassie and leaving you?" she asks. She cannot believe she would be so stupid. Tony can't believe that she is being dumped either. What is wrong with that guy you are married to? "At least there is a bright side," he tells Vicki. "At least we don't have to be dumped alone.

Vicki looks out the window at the storm that is picking up in ferocity. I would never make it home in this weather, Vicki says, shivering, as another clap of thunder breaks the silence.

"Then don't," Tony tells her. "There is plenty of room here for you to crash for the night. I promise, no funny stuff, at least for the night. I can keep my raging male hormones under control."

While listening in, S/V hears Miguel knock and enter the bedroom. He tells Josh that he is planning on going into town for the night if it is all right with him. Josh warns him that a powerful storm is brewing, but he can go if he is careful. This pleases S/V very much. She begins to wipe off her heavy makeup "Tonight we will be alone, Joshua," she whispers. "After you realize I am still alive, you will never want to be with Nikki again. This is going to be the most incredible night; one that neither of us will ever forget."

CHRISTINE has changed her clothes and is back in her office at Legal Aid. She is surprised when she looks up from her work to find her mother-in-law at the door. Mary tells her that this isn't a social call; she knows what happened earlier at Gina's. It had to be the most humiliating and painful experience of her son's life. You are in love with another man, she accuses. If this is so, do the decent thing before you hurt him any more than you already have.

"You have some gall," Chris tells her. "Don't judge me. You can't even imagine what I am going through. I love your son!"

Mary tells her if she is going to break her son's heart, then make it quick and clean while he still has a chance to salvage what manhood he has left.

Just then, Danny comes into the office. Mary tells him she was just leaving. But do my son a favor and get this woman out of his life, she tells Danny.

Heavy rain pounds the earth while the thunder and lightening gain in intensity. Winter is throwing one hell of a goodbye party!

JACK is surprised when Katherine walks into his office. She tells him that she is reluctant to drive home in this storm---country roads, you know. Jack tells her she is welcome to wait it out in his office. "You are working a lot of overtime these days, aren't you, Jack?" Katherine asks. "It must play hell with your love life. When was the last time you went out on a date?"

"Are you making me an offer?" Jack asks, intrigued. Katherine tells him that he needs to get out of the office and find himself a personal life and the sooner the better. He is wasting his best years in work. Just then, a beautiful young woman comes in asking if she is late. Jack tells her that she is just in time. As he leaves with her, he tells Katherine to feel free to wait out the storm in his office.

JILL comes into the office just as Katherine is getting comfortable. What are you doing here? She asks Katherine. Katherine says that she could ask her the same thing. Jill explains that she was just finishing up some reports, to which Kay responds that it sounds like a lovely way to spend an evening. Jill wonders what she is doing with her life these days.

"I am living alone and loving it," answers Katherine. "Meanwhile, you are wasting your time with Keith Dennison. He is never going to marry you, Jill. You are just a dalliance for him."

"For your information, we are engaged," announces Jill.

"Then where is your ring?" questions Kay. Jill tries to tell her that she just isn't wearing it at work, but Katherine isn't buying that excuse. "You aren't wearing the ring because you don't love the man, Jill. If you marry Keith, you will be bored to death!"

"You are just jealous," Jill responds. Just then, the lights go out. Jill says that if the lights are out, so are the phone and the elevators. Great, she says. We are stuck here until the emergency power comes on. They wonder if Jack has any food in the office, since they are both hungry. Kay finally finds a box of chocolates and begins to eat, telling Jill that she has found her supper, but Jill should keep looking and maybe she will find something. Jill calls her a wart hog too selfish to share. The two settle down to a "supper" of mixed chocolates. Soon, the lights come back on and Katherine takes the opportunity to leave.

DANNY continues to tell Chris what a wonderful life they will have together if she will only say the word. "I will love you like no other man ever will. What's it going to be, Chris? Do you want me?"

JOSH is engrossed in his book. He lays down on the bed and continues to read. S/V knocks and enters before he has a chance to tell her to come in. She announces that she has brought him his favorite tea. Without looking up, he tells her to put it down anywhere.

Sara puts the tea down, then walks over to the bed and sits down beside Josh. Startled at her familiarity, he looks up. "What are you doing?" he demands. She just looks at him and smiles a little Mona Lisa smile. "I mean it, what are you doing? Leave now!" He tells her.

"You don't understand," she tells him. "You don't have any idea, do you? You are going to be so surprised when I tell you."

"Leave NOW!" Josh again demands. "Have you been drinking? You are going to feel foolish in the morning. Now I am asking you again to leave." He gets up from the bed and walks across the room.

"2303 Cherokee Lake," Sara says, continuing to smile as she watches her "love." Josh is confused and doesn't know what she is talking about.

"Yes you do," she tells him. "Remember that little apartment on the second floor where you took your wife after your honeymoon? You had to leave because you were on call. You were just an intern."

"How do you know all this stuff?" a baffled Josh asks.

"What happened to your wife, Josh?" Sara goes on.

AS THE STORM CONTINUES TO RAGE, Vicki comes into the living room where Josh is sitting on the couch. She is wearing one of his shirts which comes down to about mid-thigh. "Wow!" He exclaims. "You look sensational! Don't worry, I'm not losing control; I'm just paying you a compliment. Sit down, there is a great old movie coming on.

As the lightening flashes and lights up the room, Vicki shivers. Tony puts an afghan around her legs and she lays her head on his shoulder just as the movie begins.

MARY arrives at Paul's office. She tells him that she went to visit Christine. While she was there, Danny arrived, she tells Paul. She tries to talk to Paul about the situation, but he won't listen. He orders her out of the office.

JOSH tells Sara that she is being ridiculous; he isn't going into any of this with Sara.

"You believe she drowned," S/V goes on as if he hadn't spoken. "But she didn't. Here, let me show you." She reaches up and removes the wig. Then she shakes out her hair until it is falling all around her shoulders.

"OH MY GOD!" Josh exclaims. "This is not possible!"

"Yes, it is me, Josh, your wife. I am not dead, my darling. I came back to you. It is so wonderful being with you again like this. There is so much I have wanted to say. Oh, Josh, I have never stopped loving you!" She throws her arms around Josh's neck.

Josh pushes her off. "They found your body. They gave me your ring."

"My wedding ring, yes. But I wasn't wearing it. After we separated, I became despondent. I gave the ring to a homeless woman. It was her body that they found."

Josh is beside himself with disbelief. "Dear God!" he gasps.

"I never thought I would see you again until one day when I saw your picture in a medical journal. Now I have found you. You don't know how hard it has been all these months being so close to you and not being able to say anything." She throws herself into his arms again.

Josh pushes her away, roughly. "I am not happy to see you!"

"I haven't changed that much, have I?" Veronica asks as she removes her negligee. "You used to tell me how much you loved my body. You used to love making love to me."

Josh is horrified.

CHRIS arrives at Paul's office. Lynn tells her that her boss is in a foul mood. Chris goes into the office anyway and asks if he is ready to call it a night. When Paul isn't ready to go home, she tells him that his mother visited her earlier. She had a great deal to say. Of course, she is usually happy to see his mother and isn't upset at anything she says; however, tonight Mary wasn't able to be fair and objective. I guess she told you that Danny stopped by? She asks.

Paul tells her that he has been pretty understanding with her situation. He knows she has a lot to sort out, but so does he. He thinks it would be best if they spent some time apart so that they can sort things out. You should move out of the apartment, he tells her.

Chris says that she had no idea he felt this way; she loves him. Love isn't the issue here, Paul answers. It is more complicated than that.

"And you think living apart will make it less complicated?" Chris asks.

Paul doesn't know, but it is what he wants. Chris doesn't know who she wants to be with and he thinks she needs time to figure it out.

"I'll go home and pack a bag. I will be out of the apartment tonight."

VERONICA is in tears as Josh tells her to stop this right now! "Have you forgotten how incredible we were together? Nikki is not the right person for you. Remember what we had, Josh!"

"We did not have a real marriage. We didn't love each other. You are out of your mind. Leave! Now. Pack your bags and get out of here tonight. I want you to go far away from here."

"You don't mean that!" Veronica cries, as she rushes toward him.

"I love Nikki!" Josh says as he once again pushes her away. "You have no business here. GO! I did not love you then, and I do not love you now. GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD, ONCE AND FOR ALL"

In tears, Veronica grabs her negligee and backs out of the room. She rushes to her room. Once in her room, she takes down the satchel as if in a trance. She takes the key and unlocks the satchel. Putting her hand into the satchel, she pulls out the gun and, staring off into space, cradles the gun to her chest.

The lightening brightens the room while the thunder crashes all around!

Friday, March 20, 1998

VICTOR AND DIANE have landed in some tropical-looking paradise. They are enjoying their second honeymoon, but Diane wonders how long it will last. Victor tells her that it will last as long as his beautiful wife desires. The world is truly at your disposal, he tells her.

"We can really go anywhere in the world?" Diane asks. Victor tells her that they have a jet at their disposal and an open flight plan. "And no emergency back in Genoa City can lure you back?" Diane asks. Victor tells her that the only emergency he cares about is taking care of their honeymoon. "So, where do you want to go next? Paris? London? Rome?"

"Where do I want to go now? Back to bed," Diane tells him. He gathers her up in his arms and carries her inside to the bed.

PAUL'S OFFICE: Lynn tells Paul that his mother is back. Paul says he doesn't have time to see her, but Mary hears from the door and tells him to make time. As Lynn is leaving, Paul tells her to stay. He has something to tell them both. He then announces that he asked Chris to move out. He is tired of her "conflicted emotions." For all he knows, Chris has moved in with Danny. Lynn thinks Paul is making a mistake, but Mary disagrees. He asks Lynn what he should do. Should he get down on his hands and knees and beg her to forget Danny and stay with him? He knows there is some kind of connection between the two of them, but he is sick and tired of trying to fight that connection.

NINA welcomes Chris to her apartment with a hug. She is happy to lend a hand to her best friend. Chris has been there for her so many times that it is the least she can do in return. She can stay as long as she needs to, but just remember, this is not the answer to her dilemma.

Back in her room, VERONICA has put her uniform back on. She remembers how Josh pushed her out of his room while telling her that he never loved her. She screams and begins talking to herself again. "He hates me now and it is all because of you, Nikki. Nikki did this to me. It is all because of that bitch, Nikki." As lightening lights up the room, she reaches into her uniform pocket and pulls out the gun.

OLIVIA'S OFFICE: Malcolm surprises Olivia at her office. He tells her that he hasn't been seeing enough of her since she has been working every night. I can't wait forever, he tells her. He then tells her that since she is staying at the office, he has brought a romantic interlude to the office. Olivia is quite pleased as he puts out the silverware, opens a bottle of non-alcoholic wine, and puts two plates of filet mignon down on the table. To top things off, he lights candles and turns down the office lights.

DRU AND NEIL talk about how nice things are now. Dru asks him to promise that they will never let anything separate them again. They begin kissing, but Neil remembers that he needs to go to the hospital and pick up a prescription before they close. He promises that he will be right back and they will pick up where they left off. Dru watches the storm outside the apartment.

After he leaves, Sid calls and reminds Dru of the offer he made her a couple of days ago. He can't wait forever, he tells her. Dru passes on the job even though it is a chance of a lifetime; however, she can't completely tell Sid to stop calling.

OLIVIA'S OFFICE: After the dinner, Neil drops by to tell Olivia how happy he and Dru are. Things are finally back on track. After Neil leaves, Olivia rushes home to Dru's apartment and tells her about Neil's visit. She is happy things are back on track. Dru explains that she is making her family her first priority, but she can't help but think about her modeling career. She tells her about Sid's call, but assures Olivia that she isn't going to let herself get sucked back into the past life.

JOSH'S BEDROOM: Josh can't believe that Veronica is alive. Dressed in the maid's uniform, but without the wig and glasses, Veronica comes back into the room. "I thought you were packing to leave," he tells her. "You need to be packing and finding a place to stay. You can't stay here. Leave now."

"I cannot leave now," Veronica tells him. "You are the reason I came back in the first place."

"You need psychiatric help," Josh tells her.

"No!" she answers. "I will not talk to anyone. You are the one with a problem. How can you say you never loved me? It isn't true. I gave my love to you completely; I have never forgotten it for a moment."

"It was never a marriage. We spend so little time together. You have to remember how it really was. You are just clinging to the past. It won't work. You have to move on."

"No, Joshua," she says, shaking her head. "I want you so much. I need you, how could you turn your back on me? I have always loved you."

"I am married, Veronica. I have a new life."

"What about our life? We could have it all again. It would be like it was before. You don't love Nikki; Nikki is just a diversion."

Josh tells her that she has five minutes to pack and leave the house or he will call the police. Sobbing, Veronica leaves the room. Standing in the hallway, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the gun. She walks back into the room where Josh is standing with his back to her. As the room is lit up by another flash of lightening and the sound of thunder reverberates, she points the gun at Josh.

PAUL calls Danny and asks him to come to his office to talk. Even though he is busy, Danny agrees to make time to see him if it is important. Paul says it has to do with the woman he claims to love. I'm on my way, Danny says.

Once he reaches the office, Danny wants to know what this has to do with Chris. "That was some stunt you pulled at Gina's," Paul begins. "How could you have the nerve to perform to my wife like you did? And I saw that little kiss you gave her at the office." Danny doesn't apologize; instead he claims that Gina's was a "lucky coincidence." Paul shouts that just because he has asked his wife to move out that doesn't mean he is giving up on his marriage.

Danny is surprised to hear that Chris has moved out, even though Paul thought she would have called him right away. However, Danny tells Paul that he and Chris deserve a chance to get back all that they have lost. Paul reminds him that he, Danny, is the reason he lost Chris. Danny tries to blame it on Phyllis, but Paul will not allow him to abdicate his responsibility in the affair. Still Danny says, leaving you means she is one step farther from you and one step closer to me!

JOSH turns around and sees Veronica with the gun. What are you thinking? Don't do something you will regret.

But Veronica tells him that she has enough regrets to last a lifetime. "You are contemptible, Joshua. How could you do this?"

"Put the gun down and leave. Leave now!"

"No, you are the one leaving." Lighting flashes and thunder rolls very close together. At the same time, Veronica pulls the trigger. When it is over, Josh looks at Veronica with an incredulous look on his face. He rushes toward Veronica, but she shoots again and he falls back on the floor. Veronica looks surprised at what she has done.

The phone rings and Veronica answers it. It is Miguel calling to see how things are at the ranch. She tells him that it is peaceful, but Miguel warns her that the storm is headed her way. It won't be peaceful for long. He tells her that he is staying in town over night; will she tell Dr. and Mrs. Landers?

NIKKI calls the ranch and Veronica answers. Nikki wants to talk to her husband, but Veronica tells her that she can't. When asked why not, Veronica tells her that he is asleep. Nikki tells her she is on her way to the ranch, but would Sara put a note by the bed so that if her husband wakes up, he will know that she is on her way. After hanging up, Veronica says aloud, "He will never get your note, Nikki. Your husband will be asleep for a long, long time.

Nikki tells Nick that they should go home, but Nick says he is going to crash at the office for the night.

Later, Nikki arrives home. Is my husband still asleep? She asks the maid. I don't think he will be awake any time soon, Veronica tells her boss. She then informs her that they are all alone. Nikki tells her that she is tired of her insubordinate attitude.

"And I am tired of yours," Veronica responds. "And I don't intend to take it any longer. You took him away from me."

"Have you been drinking?" Nikki asks, astonished at the tone Veronica has taken with her.

"Funny, your husband asked me the same thing." Nikki demands that she go upstairs and pack her bags and leave or she would call the police. Veronica tells her flat out that she is not leaving. She is through taking orders from Nikki.

Nikki begins calling out for Miguel, but Veronica only laughs at her, telling her that Miguel is staying overnight in town. It is just you and me, she says. Nikki orders her to leave the ranch, but Veronica tells her she won't leave. "I am his wife," she announces. "You took him from me. You ruined everything for me, but no more. You will never screw up my life again."

A bewildered Nikki doesn't know what she is talking about. She goes to the phone, telling Veronica one more time to leave her home. As Nikki dials the phone, Veronica pulls out the gun and aims it at Nikki. There is a loud crash of thunder mingled with the sound of the gunshot. The camera goes to the phone. It is hanging down from the table. Beneath the dangling phone, Nikki lies face down in a pool of blood.

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