The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on Y&R
Dru left town to take a modeling job. Diane reluctantly agreed to divorce Victor so he could remarry Nikki on her deathbed. Nikki went into cardiac arrest, and she had a near-death experience. Nikki accepted Victor's marriage proposal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 30, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday March 30, 1998

At the hospital, Nikki was off the respirator and on nasal oxygen. The family continued to stand at the bedside. Victor said that there wasn't any change, and no one knew the whereabouts of "that damn maid," but he would see that she was caught and punished. He moved to the bedside and began to whisper to Nikki. He told her that everyone was there. They all loved her.

Slowly, Nikki picked up her hand. As Victor took her hand, he whispered her name. "Victor, are you here?" she asked. "Yes we are all here. We will never leave your side," he replied.

Ashley told Cole that she was walking around in a daze. She couldn't believe that Joshua was dead and that Nikki was fighting for her life. Cole thought that if he had been at the ranch that night, it wouldn't have happened, but she told him that either he couldn't have stopped anything or he could have been shot himself. Cole encouraged her to call Victor and find out how things were going.

The nurse at the hospital summoned Victor to the phone for Ashley's call. He told her that the doctors didn't give Nikki much of a chance. He thanked her for calling and hung up. Ashley told Cole what Victor had said. She then thought he should be there to give support to Victoria.

John Silva entered Christine's office in response to her call. She told him that she was agonizing over something. She asked if he thought that bad people ever changed. John told her that the world and everything in was constantly changing so there was no reason the people in it wouldn't. She explained that Michael Baldwin had asked for her help in getting reinstated to the bar.

Christine asked if a man like Michael Baldwin could ever be rehabilitated or if he would always be a threat to society. She explained that so far, he had been a model citizen and hadn't been any trouble. "You are one in a million," John told her, clarifying, "This man ruined your life; now you are about to help him get his life back." They decided that that was what their judicial system was all about -- if only she could be sure.

Phyllis asked Michael to stop pacing. He reminded her that Christine was the one person who could make or break his career. Phyllis told him that Christine would never forgive and forget. Although she wouldn't admit it, Christine was too much like Phyllis was to forgive. She suggested he get another lawyer to represent him, but he explained that he didn't need representing; he needed someone to speak for him.

Michael went on about being a different person from back then. He had been in a dark place, a place of sexual deviancy. Phyllis made the crack that she wished she had known him back then. That angered Michael. "No, you don't! This is not fun and games we are talking about," he insisted. Phyllis assured him that Christine Williams would hate him until the day she died.

Paul was dictating a letter, but Lynn was in another world. When he finally got her attention, Paul wondered if something was wrong. "Yes!" Lynn exclaimed loudly, "you screwed up big time, boss. The way you have treated your wife! How could you be so foolish? I thought I knew you."

Paul reminded Lynn that his wife had a decision to make, but Lynn told him that he had made that decision for her. "It took courage for Christine to come to you and admit her feelings. You were supposed to stand by your wife. You were wrong, and you know it. You can fire me if you want to, but I think I know you better than you know yourself," Lynn said. She exited the office.

Veronica paced about her motel room, saying, "So, you are still alive, Nikki. For how much longer, I wonder." She looked up the number for the hospital and called. She asked for Nikki Landers' room, and the nurse answered. When the nurse explained that only family members could get information on the patient's condition, Veronica became abusive.

Finally, Victor took the phone. Veronica identified herself as a volunteer at the women's shelter. Victor told her that Nikki wasn't expected to live. Hanging up the phone, Veronica said, "You got what you deserve for stealing my man, Nikki. You took Joshua away from me. It is all your fault!"

At the hospital, Victor remembered a New Year's Eve with Nikki. He had given her a diamond bracelet and a new coat. "Have I forgotten anything?" Victor asked. In the memory, she told him that she wanted one more thing, which he said would have to wait for her birthday. She told him it was too far away; she wanted it right away. If she didn't get it then, she wouldn't keep any of the gifts.

In his memory, Victor recalled Nikki saying that what she wanted was a kiss. Finally, Victor gave in, and they kissed for the first time. "You dirty stinker!" she told him. "You can kiss like that, and you've been holding out on me?" She made him kiss her again. Once for the coat, she said, and once for the bracelet.

After Victor emerged from his reverie, he approached the bed. Victoria was saying that she didn't want to let her mother go. She kept remembering when she had been young and they had been a real family. She said it never would have happened if they had stayed married. She realized what she had said and apologized. Victor told them to watch after their mommy; he had something he had to do. As he left the room, both Victoria and Nick were shocked that he would leave at that moment.

Diane was telling Jack that he was a wonderful friend to look after her that way. She told him that Victor had said there was no change; Nikki hadn't much hope of remaining alive. She answered the phone when it rang. Victor told her that he was on his way home. There was something that he wanted to discuss with her. He said maybe it was a way that she could help.

Victor hung up the phone at the hospital. "Do I dare ask this of you, my darling?" he wondered.

Doris told Sharon that it was time for her to tell Nick about Cassie when the phone rang. It was one of her friends who was offering her sympathy on what had happened. Doris was puzzled, but the woman went on to tell her about Nikki and Dr. Landers. Shocked, she told Sharon what had happened. Sharon asked her mom to take care of the kids; she had to be with Nick at the hospital.

Neil told Dru that he had heard her tell Olivia that there was something Neil would be better off not knowing. He wanted to know what that was. It seemed that keeping something from him was a way of life for her, and he insisted on her being truthful for a change. When Dru began to hem and haw, he told her to stop playing games. She told him that she'd had an opportunity presented to her; it would mean a big step in her career.

"Oh, I get it. It has to do with your modeling, right? They want you to visit the top capitals of the world. They promise international exposure. Were you going to just disappear? Just make up a story? That is exactly what you were going to do, wasn't it? Were you ever going to tell me at all? No, I don't think you would ever have told me," Neil said.

"But I haven't accepted the job," Dru cried. "But you will. You want it so bad, you can taste it. It is like a drug to you. The promise you made to me and Lily doesn't mean a thing up against an offer of a big modeling assignment," Neil said. "Don't be so hard on me," Dru begged, stating, "It is love that matters most."

"Love cannot survive without trust," Neil told Dru, demanding, "How many other things have you hidden from me? How many times have you lied to my face? Everything is always a surprise with you. A promise to you is only good as long as it is convenient." "Wanting a career doesn't make me a terrible person," Dru said.

"No, but I cannot live like this. I have tried, and I can't. Many women have successful careers and manage to have a family, but your career is different. You want the spotlight. You want the fame so bad it is killing you. If I try to tie you down, it would kill you. I don't want to do that to you, and it hurts me to say this, but you will never be content in this little town, being a wife and mother. You want too much more. You are the most beautiful, talented woman I have ever known, but I am not the right man for you," Neil said.

Dru told Neil that her heart was breaking, but Neil grabbed his keys and walked out the door, leaving Dru in tears.

Tuesday, March 31, 1998

Sharon was rushing out the door when Cassie awakened and entered the room. Sharon explained that she was going to the hospital because Nick's mother was very ill. Cassie asked if, since Sharon was going to be so busy, Cassie could go to Grace's. Sharon told her that Grace was at work; Cassie would stay there with Doris.

Nick called the ranch and talked to Miguel. He asked about Sharon. Miguel told him that Sharon had left the ranch before the shooting, taking the children with her. She had left a note saying that they both needed some breathing room. After hanging up, Nick wondered "what the hell" was going on with Sharon.

Jack was comforting Diane, but he wondered why Victor would leave Nikki's side at a time like that to go home. Diane wondered what he had meant when he had said she could help. Maybe Nikki had already died, and he needed her support. No, Jack told her. He knew Victor, and he would have told her on the phone so that he could stay with his children.

Diane told Jack that no matter what it was that Victor asked of her, she would do it. She had hated leaving him at the hospital, but she had known he had needed to be with his other family. Jack left, reminding her that all she had to do was call him if she needed anything. After he was gone, Diane said that she had a feeling Victor was on his way there to tell her something, and she was afraid to hear what it was.

Victor was heading home in the limousine. "My darling," he said, "I want you to understand so badly. It is going to be so difficult to tell you what I am asking for." He placed a call to Diane and told her he would be there in ten to fifteen minutes. She wanted to fix him something to eat, maybe some strawberries; she knew how he loved them. Victor told her that he had no appetite.

After hanging up, Victor remembered the first time he and Nikki had made love. Afterward, he had delivered her a bowl of strawberries. He had told her that she was every man's fantasy of what every woman should be in bed. He hadn't been fool enough to think that the relationship would last, even though it had been so delightful and perfect.

"You don't want to marry me?" Nikki asked in Victor's memory, continuing, "All I want is to have your love and be the only woman in your life. A wedding ring won't make it any better. Just promise me you won't introduce me to any more eligible young men. We belong to each other, and no one -- nothing -- can change that."

Cole visited Victoria at Brash & Sassy. She told him that she hadn't been doing any good at the hospital. She didn't want to remember her mother like that. As he was leaving, he tried to hug Victoria, but she turned away.

Later, Neil visited Victoria. He told her that he had a feeling that Nikki would be all right. They talked about their personal lives. Victoria wondered when Neil was going to give Lily a new playmate with the same last name. He told her that he and Dru had talked about it. They made a date for the day they knew that Nikki was going to survive; he could take Dru, and Victoria would take whatever lucky guy was available. Neil explained that Dru was very busy with her career, so they decided it would just be the two of them at dinner.

Casey encouraged Nick to take a break. He began to complain about his personal life and told Casey that his wife hadn't even gone to the hospital to see how his mother was doing. She could at least go for Nikki's sake, he moaned. Casey said that maybe she hadn't heard yet, but Nick wouldn't listen. He decided to take that break after all.

Sharon entered the room while Casey talked to Nikki. She was surprised to see Nikki looking so bad. Cassie told her how bad it really was. Sharon approached the bedside with tears in her eyes. Nick entered and saw her there. He stopped just inside the door; Sharon rushed to him, crying, and took him in her arms.

"I'm sorry," Sharon told Nick. "For what? For my mother, or for moving out on me?" Nick asked coldly.

Sharon told Nick that it was not the time to get into that; they should wait to have that conversation. "If you want to move out, fine!" Nick told her, stating, "I don't know what is going on with you, Sharon, and haven't for months. I am not even sure we have a marriage any longer. Thank you for dropping by, but I think you should leave. There is nothing you can do for me here." He turned his back on her. There was nothing left for her to do but slowly and sadly leave the room.

Just then, Nikki stirred and groaned. Nick approached the bed and told her that she could not die. "I need you," he told her. "We all need you."

Dru walked aimlessly around the room. She picked up a picture of her and Neil and gazed longingly at it. She remembered her last conversation with Sid. He needed an answer by the end of the day. He had reminded her that she wasn't getting any younger.

Olivia entered, wondering if Neil was there. Dru said that the fireworks were over; everything was over, according to Neil. "We see the world differently, according to Neil. He is not willing to live with my version of that world. Neil says, 'It is my way or no way,' and right now, my way is looking pretty damn good," Dru explained.

"Oh, I get it," Olivia said, "You have been offered another opportunity, and you cannot pass on it. You just have to get your picture taken. You can't make the choice between your six weeks on the road and a lifetime marriage."

"My marriage is over, according to Neil," Dru said. "He made that crystal clear. I am getting the feeling you care more about my husband than you do me. What about my wants? What about my self-esteem? What if Malcolm asked you to give up your career to stay home with Nate and make babies? It is okay for you to be a doctor 365 days of the year, 24/7, but it is not okay for me to take the occasional trip for only a few days at a time. Why can't I have the satisfaction from my career if you can?"

Olivia told Dru it wasn't the same thing. All Dru was interested in was the spotlight. Dru reminded Olivia that she should know how that felt, since she had been in the spotlight all her life. Dru said that her marriage was over, and she was going to call Sid and take the gig. "I always saw your marriage as the 'opportunity of a lifetime,'" Olivia said. She turned and slowly sashayed out the door.

Sid visited Malcolm at his studio and asked for his help with Dru. He said that if Dru turned down the job, just to keep Neil happy, she would not be happy herself. All he wanted was what was best for Dru. Malcolm said that all Sid wanted was what was best for Sid: his ten percent -- and Malcolm would not help to end his brother's marriage.

Victor entered his apartment, and Diane greeted him with a hug. She asked how Nikki was doing. Victor told her that the doctors didn't hold out any hope. She might live one more day or one more week, but they thought she would die. He was thinking that he could do one last thing for Nikki and the children. Ironically, it depended as much on Diane as it did on him. Diane looked worried as she asked what she could do.

"Nikki is dying. We could see that she leaves this world a happy woman. Her greatest dream was to be reunited with her family. I can make her dream come true with your help and cooperation. I was thinking of marrying Nikki now," Victor said. As he turned to face his wife, there was pain on both of their faces.

Wednesday, April 1, 1998

Casey, Victoria, and Nick remained at Nikki's bedside. Nikki tried to wake up. She moaned in her sleep, and Nick thought she was asking for his father. He told her that Dad wasn't there at that moment, but he would be there soon.

Victor told Diane that he had a chance to fulfill Nikki's dream to have a reunited family, but he wouldn't be able to do it without her help and cooperation. "You want to marry her?" Diane asked, incredulously.

"Only to fulfill the wish of a dying woman," Victor assured her, explaining, "Nikki is dying. Afterwards, we will remarry and continue our lives as before." "You want to divorce me and remarry your former wife? How can you ask this?" Diane asked.

Christine, dressed in a low-cut gown, arrived at Gina's with Danny. Gina showed them to their special table near the dance floor and left them alone.

Mary dropped by to check on Paul. She guessed that he was having second thoughts about Christine. Paul agreed and said that he never should have asked her to move out. "Of course, you should have," Mary told him, asking, "Where is your pride?" Paul told her that pride kept him company every night when he was home alone watching television.

Paul then told his mother to stay out of his life. She was only making matters worse. When Mary told him that she would do anything for him, he told her to get out of his office. He didn't need the aggravation.

Mary left, and Lynn entered. She informed Paul that Christine and Danny were having dinner at Gina's at that moment. Lynn said that maybe that was the right time for Paul to swallow his pride and muster up the courage to tell Christine that he had been wrong.

Olivia was remembering her conversation with Dru when Neil stopped by to talk. He told her that his marriage was over. Olivia told him that she knew that her sister loved him, but he said she loved her career more. He said he had tried and tried to work things out with Dru, but she wanted the world. Olivia told him that Dru didn't understand why she had to choose between marriage and career.

Dru had been offered an amazing opportunity, Olivia told Neil, but Neil answered that the amazing opportunity had an amazing cost for his family. Olivia told him that Dru wondered why his attitude was the only one that was right. Neil said that Dru felt that her way was the only way. "You are both so bull-headed!" Olivia exclaimed.

Neil said that he had "fought like hell" to save his marriage, but Dru wanted -- no, needed -- to be a celebrity. He thanked Olivia for all of her support and for trying to talk sense into Dru, but it was over. He wasn't even angry anymore. Olivia said that it broke her heart that the two of them were turning magic into ashes. She predicted there would be a time when both of them would regret it.

Dru received a visit from Malcolm. She told him right up front that she was making changes in her life and didn't have much time for him. He told her that he was there to make her an offer that he hoped she couldn't refuse. He told her first that Sid had paid a visit to him, and he had some serious nerve. Sid wanted Malcolm to persuade her to take his job offer and leave her husband. Dru told him that Sid wasn't like that, but Malcolm wasn't buying that.

Malcolm told Dru that if she stayed there in Genoa City, she would be able to work without traveling all over the world. There was a big summer project approaching, and if he asked, he felt sure he could get the budget enlarged enough to have shoots in Florida and maybe even Nassau. He was sure he could convince Neil to go along with it. She could have the best of both worlds. Definitely it was better than what Sid offered.

Dru told Malcolm that she had accepted Sid's offer already. She was going on the tour. "Then you can kiss your marriage goodbye," Malcolm told her. Dru said that she was tired of doing everything for Neil; she wanted to do something for herself. She also felt that when she returned, Neil might have changed his mind. Maybe he would be willing to meet her halfway.

It would never happen, Malcolm told Dru. He begged her to call Sid and tell him she had changed her mind. Dru wouldn't do that, but she wished that Malcolm would wish her well. "Well, if you are going to do this anyway, then all I can say is, you go, girl!" Malcolm gathered her in a tight embrace.

At the hospital, Nikki woke up again. She struggled to speak, but she slowly got out the words, " Where husband?"

Victor continued speaking to Diane, "I know I am asking the impossible. But Nikki is dying. This is the last thing I can do for her so she can die in peace. I implore you, help me make her wish a reality." "We have only been married such a short time now," Diane whispered through her tears, "and now you want to divorce me. How can you ask me to give up my husband and my marriage?"

"I ask you to do this for a dying woman," Victor answered. Diane wondered how it could even be done, and Victor told her that there were ways. He would have to leave the country, and he would need her permission. "Will you do this? If you won't do it for Nikki or for me, will you do it for Victoria and Nick? If you do this one unselfish act, I promise you that I will never forget it."

At Gina's, Christine and Danny finished their dinner and talked about old times. They had been great times, they both agreed. She admitted that she had never thought a big rock star like him would ever look twice at her. He told her that he had fallen head over heels in love with her -- even though she had been underage, he had stalked her until he'd had her. He asked her if she would dance with him, and she agreed.

Christine and Danny were still dancing when Paul entered. Danny was telling her she felt wonderful in his arms when Paul tapped him on the back and announced that it was his turn. Danny turned to Christine and asked if she had told him they would be there. Christine couldn't hide her joy at seeing her husband and told Danny that Paul was a detective; she was sure he had known how to track them down. She began dancing with Paul while Danny returned to the table and fumed while making faces at the couple on the dance floor.

On the dance floor, Paul held Christine tightly and told her that it felt good to have her back in his arms again.

Nick told Nikki that Joshua wasn't there. "Soon?" she asked. Casey drew close and told her to hang on. She was doing fine, but she needed to be strong and fight. "I'll try," Nikki whispered. " tired." Nick stepped up and told her that they needed her. She had to hang on. As Nikki slipped away again, Victoria observed that it was a good sign. When she saw Casey's face, she became afraid. "Isn't it?" she pleaded.

Casey pulled Nick and Victoria over to the far side of the room. "Your mother is extremely critical," she reminded the kids, explaining, "She has lost a tremendous amount of blood, and her vital signs still aren't stable. You have to be prepared."

"How do we tell her that Joshua is dead?" wondered Nick, clarifying, "We can't do that, can we? If we do, there is no telling how she will react. She may not even want to live." Victoria admitted she was scared and asked where their father was. Nick furrowed his brow and said that Dad should be there. He wondered what could have pulled him away from Mom at a time like that. From across the room, Nikki whispered Joshua's name.

Diane looked longingly at her husband. "If this is something you are determined to do, what can I say?" she asked.

"I will forever be indebted to you," Victor said as he pulled Diane into his arms. The phone rang, and it was Wally. Victor told him to prepare the plane. They were going to fly to the Dominican Republic that night. They would be there for a few hours then they would fly home. "Do you want to come along?" Victor asked his wife.

"No!" Diane replied. "I am uncomfortable with this enough. How can I go along with you?" Victor said, "How can I reassure you? It is so wonderful of you to do this for that woman who is dying and for my children. These will be the loneliest hours I have ever had to face in my life."

Paul and Christine returned to the table, laughing. Paul sat down with Christine and Danny. He told Danny that they had been having so much fun that they couldn't have returned any earlier. Paul said they were sorry to have left Danny sitting all alone. Danny reluctantly offered Paul some wine, and Paul happily accepted.

Paul made a toast to his beautiful wife; he didn't remember ever seeing her so lovely as that night. When Paul admitted that he hadn't eaten yet, Danny generously offered to have his sister make Paul something and serve it at his table. Paul thanked Danny, but he would stay at the table with Danny and Christine.

Christine was ready to leave. There ensued an argument about who would escort her home. As the argument escalated, Christine told Danny and Paul that she was going to the ladies' room while they fought it out. After she left, Danny told Paul that he was way out of line. Paul innocently asked why. He was just offering to take his wife home.

As Danny and Paul were wondering what was keeping Christine so long, Gina arrived to tell them that Christine had gone home by taxi. However, she had ordered a round of drinks for them. Gina asked what they wanted to order. Paul ordered arsenic. Danny said to make his a double.

Diane told Victor that she understood his reasons. He was doing a compassionate thing, but it didn't make it easy for her. "To know that you are the person that is making this possible means so much," Victor told her. "I cannot stop you, Victor, but I have to tell you that it is tearing my soul out. You know how much I love you. I won't stand in your way if you are determined to do this," Diane said.

Thursday, April 2, 1998

Jill was dressed in eveningwear when Keith suggested they go out to the movies. Jill reminded him that they had an invitation already; Tricia had invited them to her first dinner party. Keith said he hadn't forgotten -- he just didn't want to go. He began to rant about Ryan having all the benefits of marriage without the responsibilities. He would just have to miss the party.

Jill was annoyed that Keith would disappoint Tricia like that. He told her that she could go and make his excuses. "I am going," Jill told him, "but I refuse to make your excuses. Do what you want to do, but handle it yourself." Jill picked up her coat and was headed out the door when she turned back. "You know, for a man still in his prime, you sure are an old fogy," she said.

Ryan and Tricia were busy getting the apartment in order for their dinner party. Tricia was nervous and thought that maybe she should have had the dinner catered instead of cooking it herself. She worried what could happen if she burned it or overseasoned or something. Ryan promised her that everything would be perfect; he had even ordered some special wine for the occasion.

Keith called and told Tricia that he was feeling a little under the weather and wouldn't be able to attend her dinner party. "I hope that is okay with you," he said. "No, it is not okay, Dad," Tricia said sadly. "I don't believe you are ill. You just don't want to come to my party. No matter what you say, you can't deal with Ryan and I living together. I hope you change your mind, but I will be disappointed if you don't."

Everyone gathered for the party -- Megan and Alec were already there when Jill made her arrival. She admitted that Keith might not attend. Tricia held the food for a few minutes in case he made it.

Finally, it looked as if Keith wasn't attending, so everyone took his or her seat at a beautiful table. When the doorbell sounded, Ryan answered, expecting it to be the wine he had ordered. However, it was Keith with a large bouquet of flowers for the "lady of the house."

Dru visited her sister to say goodbye. When Olivia began to harp at her about making the biggest mistake of her life, letting an incredible man like Neil get away, Dru said that she would appreciate it if Olivia would just drop it. She was leaving that night and would like to spend her final hours just saying goodbye. Olivia agreed and said that she would miss her sister. They agreed to keep in touch by phone often.

Dru told Olivia that once she was gone, Neil would be in that apartment all alone and vulnerable. "I know you have feelings for my husband," Dru said. When Olivia objected, Dru told her to be honest with herself. Olivia wanted to end the "off the wall" subject and get back to saying goodbye. She promised that she and Malcolm would be there when Dru left for the airport.

Malcolm returned home, calling for his "hot mama." He admitted that he knew that Dru was leaving that night. He felt it was a shame that it had to happen because those two shared something special. He hoped their bond was strong enough to survive. Taking Olivia in his arms, he told her, "Olivia, you, our marriage, our family mean everything to me!"

In Dru's apartment, Neil was reading a book to Lily while Dru watched. When the story was over, Lily begged for another. Dru told her that they didn't have enough time. She sent her to her room to finish putting her things in the take-on bag.

Dru told Neil that part of her was not happy, but she felt that it was the best thing for them at that moment. She wished she could be different. She wished she could be a stay-at-home wife and mother -- she had tried, "God knows" she had tried -- but through it all, she had never stopped loving him. That was what made it so hard.

Neil told Dru that he understood, but when she returned home again, his life might be different. He was even having second thoughts about her taking Lily. That upset Dru. She reminded him that they had discussed it. It would be an exciting time for Lily, and it will be good for her. "But I will miss my baby girl," Neil told her.

It was getting late. Everyone had gathered to tell Dru and Lily goodbye. Amidst tears and hugs, the final goodbyes were said. The phone rang. It was the doorman letting them know that the limo was waiting for them. Neil hugged and kissed Lily with tears in his eyes while reminding her that Daddy loved her very much.

Lily hugged Nate and took her mother's hand. Dru and Neil exchanged a long kiss. Dru and Lily were all the way to the door when suddenly Dru rushed back and gave Neil one last kiss. As he walked out the door, Neil was crying.

Jack returned to the Newman apartment and found Diane very upset. Even though she told him over and over that she didn't want to get into it, he pushed her until she gave in. "You are never going to believe what I agreed to do for my husband," she exclaimed.

Diane told Jack of Victor's request. Jack was astonished. "He actually asked you for a quickie divorce?" Jack asked. "He said it would mean everything to his children and to Nikki if the family is reunited when Nikki dies," Diane answered.

"I would have liked to see his face when you told him to shove it," Jack said with a laugh. When Diane didn't answer, he went on, "Please tell me you are not considering this!" Diane admitted, "Victor is on the way to the Dominican Republic as we speak." Jack wanted to know why she would agree to the plan. Diane told him that if she had refused, he would have resented her.

"That is just like the man. Always has to make the grand gesture. He is the King of Gaul!" Jack said. Jack then ranted about the apartment. Suddenly, he stopped. "I just realized something. This means you are no longer married -- or won't be in a few hours. You are a free woman. This is the best news I have heard in a month!" He grabbed her roughly and pulled her to him. He gave her a big kiss then with a huge grin on his face, he danced out of the apartment.

Victor sat on the plane in midair, thinking about his last conversation with Diane. "Thank God for your understanding," he whispered. "Now it is up to you, my darling Nikki," he said.

In the Dominican Republic, Victor met with a lawyer and an administrator. He told them of his special circumstances. Once he finished, he took an oath that everything in the document was the truth. The administrator told him that he would grant the divorce. He signed both documents, one in English and one in Spanish, then affixed the seal. "Mr. Newman, you are now a divorced man," he announced as he handed Victor the documents. "Thank you," Victor replied, "I assure you that I do not take this matter lightly."

Back in the air, Victor told Wally to get them back to Genoa City as quickly as possible; time was critical. "God willing, we will be together before the day is out. Husband and wife again," he said. He took a jewelry box out of his pocket and opened it. He looked at the diamond eternity ring inside. He began to recall the first time he and Nikki had gotten married and the vows that they had exchanged. Afterward, he whispered, "I pray to God that I get there in time."

At the hospital, Nikki became restless. "We are losing her, aren't we?" Victoria asked. "Where is Dad?" Nick screamed as he headed over to the bed. He continued, "He should be here. What if she..."

Nikki called for her husband, Joshua. She wanted to know where he was, but Casey told her that he couldn't be there. "Something terrible happened, sweetheart, and Joshua was killed. Joshua is dead," Casey explained.

Nikki couldn't believe what she was hearing. She wanted to know what had happened. "Joshua is dead? My husband is dead?" Nikki began to cry, and her heartbeat accelerated. Nikki continued to groan and ask why and how. Casey said that it shouldn't have happened; it had been a horrible accident.

Nikki opened her eyes and saw Nick. She thought it was Joshua and began reaching for him as she called out his name. Casey tried to get her to lie back down and calm herself, but she wouldn't. Suddenly, she coded; her heart rate flatlined.

The children rushed to the bedside and called out Nikki's name. The nurses had to push them aside to get to Nikki. CPR was started while Nick held back a hysterical Victoria, who was calling for her mother.

Friday, April 3, 1998

Victor called Diane from the jet to tell her that he had the divorce. Diane assured Victor that she understood and also understood what he was trying to do. "You are an incredible woman, Mrs. Newman," he told her softly. "I'm not Mrs. Newman at the moment," she answered sadly.

"My darling, you are my wife in every way that counts; a piece of paper cannot change that. It won't be long, and we can be remarried," Victor said. He told her that they were losing the signal. He asked if she would call the hospital and tell the children that he was on his way there. Diane called the hospital, and a nurse answered. She couldn't talk because Nikki was in cardiac arrest. In the background, Diane heard the orders and the urgency of the medical team. Diane hung up the phone in shock.

Sharon paced around the apartment. Doris told her that she should go back. She understood that it was unpleasant, but she should remember that she had an obligation to be there for her mother-in-law. Sharon agreed, but waffled back and forth. She could make it worse for Nick. Doris told her that no matter what Nick said or did, later he would remember that she had been there for him.

As Sharon thought everything over, Cassie entered the room. She wanted to know how Nick's mother was doing. She would like to go to the hospital with Sharon to see her. Sharon patiently explained that she couldn't go to see Nikki. Nikki was very sick and was in a room where only the immediate family could visit. "Too bad," Cassie said, explaining that when she was sick, she liked having company. Sharon suddenly decided that she would go to the hospital, after all, and she would give Cassie's best wishes to Nikki. "Will you say hi to Nick for me?" Cassie asked.

Tricia and Ryan's first dinner party was almost over. She was receiving compliments from everyone gathered around the table. Jill told her that it had been a "rousing success," while Keith told her that she was a fabulous chef.

After all the guests were gone, Tricia told Ryan that she was very happy; their first party had been successful, and she believed that her dad was finally accepting their relationship. Ryan saw things differently. He thought Keith was just playing it smart -- after all, he didn't want to lose his daughter. "He doesn't like me," Ryan pointed out, and Keith certainly didn't accept him. But no matter what happened, he wouldn't let it get between the two of them.

Jill told Keith that she was proud of him for showing up at the dinner party and for being such a good sport all through dinner. He told her not to pin any medals on him; his jaw ached from biting his tongue all night. He said that the entire night had been about Tricia playing house without a commitment from Ryan. Ryan was a loser with two failed marriages under his belt!

As Keith continued to rant, Jill tried to show him Tricia's side. She pointed out that to play it safe was to sit on the sidelines and lose all the joy and adventure life had to offer. She wouldn't wish that emptiness on anyone.

Victor arrived at the courthouse and met with Dr. Hunt, John Silva, and Tom Prescott, the attorney for the county clerk. The judge arrived, and they began by swearing in both Victor and Dr. Hunt. They explained to the judge that they were asking that the state statute requiring a six-month wait after a divorce before remarriage be waived in the case. Victor explained the situation in detail, swearing that if his ex-wife could testify, she would tell them that her dearest wish was to reunite the family. The doctor swore that he had reviewed the medical records and talked to the attending physician, and everything Victor said was true.

Mr. Prescott said that the county clerk would like to see the statute upheld, but he was standing by to go along with whatever the judge decided.

Diane opened the door to Jack. She told him that she had called the hospital, and they had told her that Nikki had gone into cardiac arrest; she had even heard them working on her in the background. "Dear God," gasped Jack, and he said, "They told us to be prepared, but how can you ever be prepared for something like this. I feel like part of me just died. Even after the divorce, we remained friends. She was my confidante. I don't believe I ever stopped loving her. I can't believe she is gone!"

Diane said that it was obvious that Victor hadn't made it there in time. Jack said that there were some things that even the great man could not pull off. "It breaks my heart that Victor wasn't able to do this one last thing for Nikki. It was his one chance to make some good come out of this horrible, senseless crime. My husband can move mountains, but he wasn't able to save Nikki. He is unique and wonderful -- more -- but he is still just a man," Diane said.

"Lucky man, at least he still has you to comfort him. I hope to God he realizes what a wonderful, selfless woman he is married to." Jack told Diane. "We aren't married at the moment," she told him, "but I assume we will straighten that out right away." Jack observed that they would probably be having a funeral before another wedding.

Victoria and Nick watched through the window as the medical team worked to save Nikki's life. "She is gonna make it. She has to," Nick said.

In the room, Nikki received yet another shock to her heart. Suddenly, a blinding, white light enveloped Nikki. Time began to move slowly and was represented in black and white. Nikki was in her home at the ranch. As she walked into the room, she saw her family standing there. Slowly, she approached her waiting family.

First, Nikki went to Casey, and the two sisters embraced. Next, she went to Sharon. She brushed hair back from Sharon's face and put her arms around Sharon. They shared a long embrace. She then kissed her grandson on the face and looked down upon him for a long interval. Nick, dressed in a suit and tie, waited. There were tears in his eyes as his mother approached. They embraced. Tears streamed down Victoria's face. Nikki lovingly brushed her hair, then pulled her daughter into her arms.

As the vision continued, the family disappeared. In the blinding light, Nikki saw her husband, Josh. He reached out his hand for her, and with a smile, she walked toward him. Just as their hands were about to meet, she heard her name called in a loud and commanding manner. She turned. Victor stood there, looking at her. He was dressed completely in black.

Nikki was back in her hospital room. The doctors had given up and were about to call the time of death when suddenly the monitor began to beep again. Surprised, the nurse told the doctor that they had a heart rate.

One of the doctors had to hurry downstairs. As he rushed out the door, Nick shouted, "Where the hell are you going? You can't quit on my mother!" Casey told the kids that Nikki was fine for the moment, but they still had to be prepared They had only bought a little time. Nick said he would never be prepared. He couldn't imagine where his dad was and wondered what might have happened if she hadn't made it. Casey went for coffee. Victoria suggested that Nick call Sharon, but he responded that that was the last thing he needed.

Sharon arrived to be with Nick, but he was out for the moment. She was talking with Victoria when Nick returned. When he saw Sharon, he stopped and got one of his "mad" looks on his face. Sharon went to him and spoke. "You look tired," she said. "Gee, thanks," Nick replied. She told him she was very sorry about his mother, but all he would say was "me too."

"I am trying to meet you halfway," Sharon pleaded, but Nick coldly told her to just go and be with the kids. He walked away. Seeing what was going on, Victoria walked over and tried to make excuses for her brother. "Maybe I should just go," Sharon said, "Nick clearly would rather I were not here." With shoulders slumped, Sharon left.

Victor finally arrived. The children told him about Nikki's heart attack. Victor told them he had gotten there just in time. As he headed for Nikki's room, Nick asked what Victor had gotten there in time for. Victor didn't answer but just went into the room.

Victor sat by Nikki's bed until she opened her eyes and saw him there. "Am I dreaming," she asked. She was glad that he was there. She told him that Joshua was dead. She asked Victor if he would make the arrangements for Joshua's funeral, and Victor told her that he would. "I could always count on you," she weakly whispered, "Joshua is dead, and I am all alone now."

"No, my darling, you will never be alone again. I will always be there for you. You never need to be alone again," Victor said. Victor told Nikki that he wanted them to be a family again. "How can that be?" Nikki asked, "Am I still dreaming?" Victor answered that it was very real. He wanted the four of them to be a real family. He wanted to marry her. She told him that she could not marry him; she could not understand. She asked if everyone thought she was dying.

Victor explained that was not why he was asking to marry Nikki. "It is what I want; it is what the children want. Do you want this, Nikki?" he asked. "This is all that I ever wanted," she told him, "Oh, Victor, I feel so at peace now. Victor, I have always loved you."

"I have always loved you too, my darling," Victor said as he kissed Nikki's hand. "Do you want to marry me now?" he asked. "Oh, yes," she sighed, "Yes, I do." Victor leaned over and kissed her gently on the lips.

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