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After Victor married Nikki so that she could die in peace, Nikki improved and was taken off life support. Grace asked Tony to forgive her. Neil and Victoria got close. Nick demanded that Sharon tell him the truth.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 6, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday April 6, 1998

NINA is surprised to hear the doorbell when the doorman has announced no one. Opening the door, she finds a grinning Ryan. He has some good news for her. Having some clout with the publishers of Readers Journal, with whom Jabot advertises heavily, he has obtained the latest issue of the magazine. Look at page 63, he tells Nina. Opening the magazine, Nina is wonderfully surprised to find her story!

"My name in print!" She exclaims. "I am a writer!" Ryan is sure that there will be many more. The phone rings and the doorman tells her that she has a visitor; send him up, she says. She tells Ryan that Cole is on his way up. "Does he come by a lot?" Ryan asks. Nina tells him that Cole is her friend. "You have your friends, and I have my friends, okay?"

JACK calls Doctor Riley, his urologist, who is now home from his vacation. After much questioning, the doctor tells Jack that a vasectomy can many times be reversed.

Diane comes back in the room. Jack says he cannot believe that Nikki is gone. Diane is sorry that her husband wasn't able to give her this last generous gift. Jack reminds her that Victor isn't the only person that did something remarkable; it wouldn't have been possible without her. "And in the end, Victor got there too late," Diane says. Jack wonders why Victor hasn't called, but Diane tells him that he will call when he can. He is probably busy now with his children and all the arrangements.

Jack mentions the animosity between Nikki and Diane. Diane says that she couldn't stand sharing that aspect of her life with Nikki who wanted to be the only mother of Victor's children, but she never wished Nikki dead.

Jack tells her about the possibility of reversing the vasectomy. Diane is beside herself knowing that there is a chance that she and Victor could one day have a child together.

BEFORE TAKING CASSIE to the bookstore for story hour, Doris warns Sharon that if she doesn't tell Nick about Cassie now, she could lose her marriage for good. Sharon is so frightened that she has already lost her marriage that she is thinking of taking Doris and the children and moving away. Maybe Nick needs to see what life is like without her and the children, but Doris warns her that it could backfire on her. At least she would know where she stands, she says.

TONY arrives to find Sharon alone with Noah. He tells her that things are not going well with him and Grace. So much has changed and now they are strangers sharing the same space. He encourages Sharon to tell him her fears about her marriage. She admits that she is scared; she doesn't know if she really has the perfect marriage that she thought she had. What if she is alone again? How will she be able to start her life over as a single woman with two children? Tony tells her not to sell herself short. She is a beautiful, intelligent woman with a heart of gold; she will make it. He leans over and kisses her. Later, he apologizes for doing that, but Sharon tells him that it felt good. It is the first time she has been kissed since Nick walked out on her.

COLE arrives just as Ryan is leaving. Nina shows him the magazine with her story. He tells her that she had better have another story ready because the publisher will be calling for more. She asks him what he will be doing next and he begins to tell her how the shooting out at the ranch intrigues him. He can't see that mousy Sara as a killer; there has to be more to the story. He has never done a "who-dunit" but he is going to dig a little deeper on this one; it will probably turn out to be a psychological insight rather than a who-dunit anyway. Nina offers to do research for him any time he needs it.

VERONICA goes into a little Mexican restaurant and, taking a booth, she begins to read the paper. At the counter, Miguel is complimenting the chef on his meal. In the mirror behind the counter, he sees Veronica. He turns around and gives her the once over. Veronica notices and is terrified that he will recognize her. As Miguel continues to take quick peeks in her direction, Veronica is certain that he has recognized her, but how? When Miguel gets up to leave, he walks by her booth and, with a soft smile, he says hello. He keeps going out of the restaurant while Veronica smiles to herself and realizes that he was just checking her out!

AT THE HOSPITAL, Victor comes out of Nikki's room and tells the children that their mother is still weak. He has something to say and he doesn't want them to ask any questions. "I have asked your mother to marry me," he tells them. Shocked, Vicki says that that is impossible. "I am not joking," Victor replies. "Just go along with me."

He tells Nick that he will need a best man. Will you stand up with me? Nick still doesn't understand, but Victor once again tells him not to ask any questions. He gives him the jewelry box and tells him not to lose the ring. Showing the ring to Victoria, she says, "What an incredibly romantic way to say goodbye. Who cares if it is nothing but a put on?"

Victor returns to Nikki's bedside. Casey comes in and asks if that was a marriage license that was just delivered. Victor tells her that as soon as the chaplain arrives, there is going to be a wedding ceremony. Nikki will need a maid of honor; can Nikki count on her. Casey replies that she always has.

Victor goes to the phone and places a call.

KATHERINE answers the phone. Victor tells her to get over to the hospital immediately; it is important and will mean a great deal to Nikki. When Katherine begins to question the reason, Victor interrupts her and tells her not to ask any question; just hurry. Hanging up the phone, Katherine tells Esther to get the car immediately and hurry. Oh, my God, Nikki is dying!

DIANE decides to call Victor and extend her sympathy to him and the children. When she has him on the phone, she begins to offer her deepest sympathies. She feels badly about Nikki. She was so upset when she heard that Nikki has gone into cardiac arrest, but maybe her passing was the best thing since it shortened her suffering. Victor breaks in and tells her that Nikki was brought back; she is still alive and the ceremony will take place shortly. She tells him that this is wonderful news.

"What is wonderful news?" Jack asks. "Nikki is not dead," Diane tells him. "They are going ahead with the ceremony."

KATHERINE rushes into the hospital. As she is talking with Nick and Vicki, she sees the chaplain arrive and enter Nikki'' room. She thinks he is there for last rites, but Vicki tells her that he is there to marry her mom and dad.

In Nikki's room, the chaplain says that he has two versions of the ceremony. Victor tells him he wants the shortest version possible. The chaplain then examines the marriage license and says that it is in order.

With the family standing at the bedside, Victor calls to Nikki. When she awakens, he tells her that everyone is there. Is she ready? Nikki is confused; ready for what? Victor explains that she has agreed to marry him and they are ready. Do you still want to marry me?

"Oh, yessssss,"Nikki whispers. "We...are getting...married."

"Yes my darling, are you ready?" "I can' is happen..." Nikki says.

The chaplain begins the ceremony. When it is time to say "I will," Victor looks at Nikki and says, "My darling, even death will not part us; nothing ever will."

Next it is Nikki's turn to say "I will." She tries but she is unable to get the words out. Victor tells her to just nod her head. " always

The chaplain asks if there is a ring. Taking the ring from Nick, Victor places it on Nikki's finger. "With this ring, my darling, I make you my wife now and forever." "....and forever" Nikki repeats. The chaplain says that he now pronounces them man an wife. You may kiss your bride, he says. Victor leans over and kisses her. Caressing her hair, Victor freely sheds tears. Nikki looks up at Victor and tells him that she loves him and always will. She then slips into unconsciousness.

Tuesday, April 7, 1998

SHARON AND TONY are having dinner at Gina's. Tony tells Sharon that Grace has shut him out of her life and it is hurting his self-esteem. Tony tells her that he has finally had it with Grace and when he gets home tonight, he is telling her that it is over. "You know what they say, there are plenty of fish in the sea," Tony says.

DIANE is pacing the floor; she is wondering what is going on at the hospital. Jack tells her to call and find out. When she does place the call, the nurse tells her that Victor is in the middle of something and can't come to the phone. She also tells Diane that Nikki's condition is still grave.

Jack can see by the look on Diane's face that something is wrong. When she tells Jack that Nikki is still grave and that Victor has probably married her by now, Jack tells her to be patient. This is only for a short time; Victor will come back to her. And when he does, Jack says, things will never be the same. Because she allowed Victor to divorce her and marry Nikki, Victor will be forever indebted to her. For this reason, maybe Victor will decide to have the vasectomy reversed so that she can have his child after all.

"I almost didn't tell you about the reversal," Jack admits. "Down deep inside, a part of me wants your marriage to go up in smoke. There! I've said it! Not that it should come as any great surprise to you." Diane tells Jack that he is the most special friend that she has ever had. Jack says that he hates those words, but since Victor is not her husband at the moment, there may be a chance for them. He will send Nikki a get well card immediately. Jack leaves; he wants to go to the hospital, but he will call her if he learns anything.

RYAN AND TRICIA have obviously just made love. Tangled in the sheets, Ryan asks her if she feels like an old married woman. Later, Ryan asks about all the papers he has seen beside the bed, and she tells him that she is thinking of going to graduate school. Maybe she will get her teacher's certificate or maybe she will study child development. Ryan says that he learns something new about her every day. She hopes this will not be a problem for him. He tells her that he wants her to be all that she can be, but she must do it because it is what she wants, not to make him happy.

DORIS watches Cassie exit Noah's room. She tells Doris that she likes to sit with him when he wakes up and cries; she admits that she lives her little brother. Doris asks what she would like to do, but Cassie doesn't want to color. Maybe she will make something with play dough. As she is getting it ready, Doris asks what is bothering her. Cassie murmurs that she never sees Nick. He doesn't even stop by any longer and it makes Sharon so sad. "Is it my fault," she asks. "Am I the reason Nick is mad at Sharon? Doris doesn't know how to answer. Neither of them knows that Sharon has entered the apartment and has heard every word.

NIKKI AND VICTOR have finished saying their vows. The chaplain tells the gathering that the power of love can conquer all things. Even in the hour of darkness, the light of love shows us our way. He goes to Nikki and wishes her many happy days with her husband.

Katherine tells Nikki that she wouldn't have missed this wedding for the entire world. As she takes Nikki's hand, she tells her to take all her strength for herself; she then reminds her that she is the most important thing in her life and she loves her like a daughter. Next, Victoria and Nicholas tell Nikki that they are now a real family, to which Nikki weakly responds, "As it should be."

Casey suggests that they give the newlyweds some time alone. Once outside the room, Katherine tells the children that she is leaving but if there is anything she can do, just to call her.

Victor rouses Nikki and calls her his beautiful bride. I love you, he whispers. As Victor talks to Nikki, he notices that she isn't responding. Loudly, he tells her that he is not going to let her die. Not now! He shouts.

Nick and Vicki are talking about the marriage. Nick thinks that his dad had to have gotten a false marriage license somewhere. This makes our Dad a bigamist, he tells Vicki. Vicki says that it doesn't matter as long as it brings their mother some peace. "It will give her something to live for, even if it was all a big show," she says. Nick says that the emotion going on between his Mom and Dad is real—this was the most overwhelming experience of his life.

Casey suggests that Victor should go home and get some rest. After she promises that she will call him if there is any change, he leaves.

NEIL comes to the hospital to check on Nikki. Victoria tells him that there has been no change, but the most incredible thing has happened. She tells him about her parent's remarriage. They exchange a hug.

TONY arrives home and tells Grace that he needs to talk to her. Grace tells him that they do need to talk. She admits that she has been ignoring him recently, but that is all going to change. She tells him that she doesn't know what she would have done without him through this whole mess—the roughest time of her life. "From this moment forward," Grace declares, "I'm going to do whatever it takes
to show you how much I need you and how much I care about you. Starting tonight," she says as she begins to kiss him.

DIANE is alone when Victor enters the apartment. He stands at the door and gazes at her. Diane stands by the fireplace and gazes back, not knowing if she should go to him or not. Victor starts toward her and she meets him halfway. Victor reaches out and pulls her into his arms.

NIKKI'S PHYSICIAN enters the room with Olivia. He introduces Olivia to Casey and explains that he has brought her up to date with Nikki's case. Casey tells them that she hasn't seen any change in her sister's condition. As Olivia begins to read the newest EKG and compares it to an older one, she calls Dr Walker over. "Look at this!" she tells him. "What is it?" Casey asks. Dr. Walker announces that it is good news. There seems to have been a slight improvement! For the first time, Nikki is starting to hold her own!

Wednesday, April 8, 1998

CASEY looks at the doctor, speechless. The doctor explains that although Nikki isn't out of the woods yet, her vital signs are stabilizing. This is the first positive indicator that they have had. Olivia leaves to notify Mr. Newman. Casey goes to the bedside and says, "Thank you, God."

VICTOR walks to Diane and they embrace. She tells him how glad she is to see him. She also tells him that she has no regrets about what she did, because she would do anything for him. Victor tells her that he is deeply indebted to her and he thanks her from the bottom of his heart. She has proved to him that she would do anything for him.

Victor tells Diane that he and Nikki are married; he and his children appreciate what she has done. She offers to make him something to eat, but he tells her that he will be going back to the hospital soon. The doctors still don't expect Nikki to last the night.

LYNN enters Paul's office and warns him that Paul is outside. Paul thinks on it for a minute, then says to send him in and he will deal with him.

Walking in, Danny says that the two of them need to talk. They need to get a few things straight. Danny suggests that the two of them should leave Chris alone; give her the space she needs to come to her decision about who she wants to be with. He suggests that neither should see Chris unless she calls them. How about it? Danny asks as he stretches his hand out to Paul.

DORIS tells Cassie that her question is a very complicated one. Sharon says that she would like to answer it for Cassie. "Nick doesn't like me very much, does he?" Cassie asks.

Sharon begins to explain by reminding Cassie that Nick's mother has been very sick, but Cassie reminds her that even before that, Nick made her feel like she was in the way. "You had such a nice family before I came along," Cassie says. But you are now a part of that family, Sharon tells her. I love you very much and as soon as Nick gets to know you, he will love you just as I do. Doris reminds Cassie that Nick has a big job to do, but Cassie tells them that Tony always had time for her. "I just don't think that Nicholas has much use for me," Cassie quietly tells them. "That is what Millie would say." She tells them she is tired and wants to go to bed.

After Cassie leaves the room, Sharon wonders how she messed things up so badly. She feels that she is in the position where she has to choose between her husband and her child. Nick isn't ready for the truth, especially after what has happened to Nikki. She grabs her coat and rushes out of the house, telling Doris that she has to clear her head.

VICKI AND NICK are at the caretaker's cottage. Vicki tells Nick that after what happened at the main house, she would rather crash with him tonight. They talk about all that happened at the hospital and how incredible their dad is. Vicki says that at least their mother had some peace. Nick shouts at her to stop it! Don't eulogize Mom just yet; she is still alive!

Vicki encourages Nick to call Sharon; you need her now, she says. Nick tells her that he needs to be number-one on her priority list right now, and he hasn't been there in a long time. Besides, there is that Cassie girl always getting in the way. Victoria says that he has questions that need to be answered and if he will not call, then she will.

DORIS answers the phone and when she knows it is Vicki, she tells her how sorry she is to hear about her mother; she has been praying every day for her recovery. Vicki tells her that it has been really hard on them, especially Nick, and she would like to speak to Sharon. Doris explains that Sharon isn't in at the moment and doesn't know when she will be back. After hanging up, Nick says, "She wasn't there, was she? But Noah and Cassie was, right? Why doesn't that surprise me? Nothing about Sharon surprises me any more. What the hell is going on?"

CHRIS is lying on the couch. She tells Nina that she doesn't know how she is going to choose between the two men she is in love with.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Jack stops by to see Nikki. Casey tells him about the wedding; there wasn't a dry eye in the room, she tells him. She then shares the exciting news that Nikki is beginning to stabilize; for the first time, there is reason to hope. She leaves Jack to share a private moment with Nikki. He tells her she now has the best reason in the world to live—her family. He tells her that he is rooting for her. He tells her he is leaving; there is someone he needs to see, but he will be back.

AT GINA'S PLACE, Paul and Christine are having wine. Paul tells her that he misses her and wants her back. "I was a jerk to ask you to move out; it was foolish and impulsive and I could kick myself for it. Come home where you belong, Chris. I miss you and want you so bad." She thanks him for his apology, which was unnecessary, but she can't give him an answer right now. She is still so confused. She needs a little more time. "At least you didn't say no," Paul says.

VICTOR paces the apartment. Diane tells him that she is there for him; they will make it through this together. As Victor embraces her, the phone rings. It is Olivia calling with the news that there has been a change. She warns him that it doesn't mean Nikki is out of danger, but there are some positive signs. He tells her that he will be right there. He tells Diane that there is a change and he must go to the hospital right away.

Danny stops by Nina's apartment with a large bouquet of yellow roses just moments after Chris has returned from her date with Paul. He tells her that he has been thinking about something. He wants to help her make up her mind and he feels that proximity is the key. He wants her to move in with him! Chris is stunned and tells him that she can't do that. He reminds her that he has a spare bedroom. Come on, take a leap, he tells her. "You can't keep hiding out at Nina's place. You need to acknowledge what you feel for me. You need to find out if we still have all that fire and chemistry that we once had." But Chris tells him that she cannot rush into something. "At least you didn't say no," he responds. "Promise me that you will think about it." He grabs her and they kiss.

A SHORT TIME after Victor leaves, Jack returns to the penthouse. Diane tells him about the call Victor just received. Could it meant that Nikki has died? Jack tells her that he just came from Nikki's room and there is good news. "According to her doctors, there is cause for hope. Nikki's vital signs are improving. Nikki just may survive this terrible ordeal. Isn't that great?" He pulls Diane to him with joy, but Diane doesn't know what to think.

VICTOR arrives back at the hospital. Olivia is about to explain Nikki's condition when she is paged. Victor goes into the room and Casey explains that even though Nikki's condition hasn't changed, it is no longer hopeless. Victor tells Casey that he will not leave Nikki's bedside tonight just in case something happens. Looking around at the medical equipment and then down at Nikki, he sits and takes her hand.

Later, Casey returns to find Victor resting his head on the siderail of Nikki's bed. Nikki begins to stir, then she begins to try to talk in her sleep. Victor raises his head and calls to her. She awakens as Victor tells her that he is there. "I am so glad!" she whispers. Victor kisses her forehead.

Thursday, April 9, 1998

VICTOR wakes with a start! He is surprised that he has been sleeping. Casey isn't surprised since he must be exhausted. Victor returns to the bedside just as Nikki begins to awaken. She sees Victor and tells him that she is confused. She had the strangest dream. It doesn't make much sense, but the entire family was there and she had the feeling that there was a wedding. Then she remembers that it was she and Victor that were marrying and he put a ring on her finger. She looks down and sees her wedding ring and is even more confused until Victor explains that she wasn't dreaming. They are married. She smiles at him and says, "Yes, ‘til death do us part." She wonders at him making them a real family again.

The door opens and the doctors enter. They have good news. She is being taken off life support and her condition is being upgraded from critical to serious. It looks like she has turned the corner. "I am going to live?" Nikki asks. "I am not going to die?" They tell her to thank "the man upstairs" for her change.

For a moment, she glances upward, then she looks at Victor. Thank you for letting me live a while longer, and thank you for bringing Victor back to me, she says.

JACK is having breakfast with Diane. He is in one of his better moods today. He tells Diane that the doctors are encouraged by Nikki's improvement. He comments that Victor didn't think that she would live but she surprised them all. Now Victor is faced with one hell of a problem; wonder what he will do now? Diane gets angry at Jack for constantly undermining Victor's motives. Why can't you accept his compassionate act at face value? She asks. She tells him that she never wanted Nikki to die, but Jack wonders if she is trying to convince him or herself. He does admit that Nikki owes her life to Diane. Diane tells him that she has faith in her husband to come back to her. And when he does come back, it will be better than ever, especially after the wonderful news Jack has given them about the vasectomy. She can't wait until he comes home to give him the fantastic news.

AT THE HOSPITAL, two detectives come to talk to Nikki Landers about the shooting. The doctor will not let them speak to her yet as she is only now showing any improvement. They leave their card and are on their way out when Cole catches up with them. He asks how the investigation is coming. They tell him that they have found that Sara presented the hiring agency with false papers. They are at a dead end; she could be out of the state by now.

VERONICA is again in the diner reading the paper when Miguel comes in for coffee. He walks up to her table and asks to join her. During the conversation, he tells her that he works at the ranch. It is a great day because his employer, who was near death, is still alive and doing better. He tells her that if she had died, the world would have lost the most charming and gracious person. He finds it difficult to believe that the housekeeper could have done this terrible thing; she was a quiet young woman who was fond of both Dr. and Mrs. Landers. But you never know what darkness lies in someone's soul. Veronica doesn't think there is any darkness in his soul; not with that smile of his.

MICHAEL calls Legal Aid and gets Christine's answering machine. It gives a number to call if she isn't in. He calls the number and discovers that it is Nina's number. He tells Phyllis that it looks like Chris has moved out on Paul. She isn't surprised; Paul is such a fool. Suddenly she realizes the implications. She realizes that she is trying to put something together with her ex-husband. She is trying to get back with Danny! Phyllis goes into a tirade against Christine. Michael tries to calm her down, but finally gives up and leaves. All the time he is going out the door, she is screaming at him for walking out on her.

ASHLEY arrives at the hospital and finds Cole thinking about what the detectives have told him. They discuss the information, or lack thereof, and Cole tells her that there is more here than meets the eye and he is going to find out what it is.

MICHAEL goes to Legal Aid to see Christine. He is there about getting his law license back, but also wants to offer her his support and sympathy. Chris tells him that as far as she knows, no one has died. He is speaking of her marriage, which, when one ends, is just as painful. He tells her that he likes Paul, but anyone could see during the trial that she and Danny were bonding again. There is nothing like your first love and if he were in her shoes, he would go for it again. Chris tells him that he is jumping the gun. She and Paul are fine except for a few problems, which they are working out. She asks him to leave. As he leaves, he tells her that no matter who she chooses, he is always in her corner. If he can be any use to her in any way, he is just a phone call away.

PHYLLIS enters the living room to find Michael sitting there looking unhappy. "Well, did you see Prissy Chrissy? And did she welcome you with open arms?" She tells him that Christine will NEVER help him, but Michael says that never is a word not found in his vocabulary. He WILL find a way, with or without her help.

VICTOR is staring out the window of his office and thinking about his conversation with Diane when he persuaded her to give him the quickie divorce. There is a knock at the door and he comes back to the present. Nicholas and Victoria enter, saying that they are here at his request. He wants to tell them about their mother and talk to them about something else. He tells them that Nikki is better today and will probably live. He reminds them that he did this for her so that she would die at peace. Victoria tells him that is was a wonderful thing for him to do. Now they are a real family. Mother never stopped loving you, she says, and now they are all back together. Nick echoes his sisters feelings. Victor is overwhelmed by their words and can't go on to tell them what else he wanted to talk to them about.

After the children have gone, Victor sits at his desk staring at some business papers. When Jack comes into his office, he tells him that he doesn 't remember having an appointment with him. Jack says he just wanted to stop by and talk. Victor wants to talk to him about something also. He has heard that Jack has been spending a lot of time with his wife while he was on a mission of mercy. Jack says he was only offering the lady some support while Victor was riding in on his white horse to save the poor dying maiden. "Do you expect me to offer you my gratitude?" Victor asks. "Not from you," Jack replies. "I guess you have gotten yourself in quite a pickle!" Jack observes. "You didn't think that Nikki would make it, did you. You thought you could send her off to the great beyond with a smile on her face then trot back home to Diane and live happily ever after. So what are you going to do now?" Victor orders him out of his office and tells him to stop meddling in his personal life. As Jack starts to leave, he tells Victor that he doesn't have to meddle; you are doing a wonderful job of that all by yourself. "But, you didn't answer my question. How are you going to handle this situation? And, I just realized that Diane is no longer your wife." Victor reminds him that this situation is only temporary, but Jack says that Diane is now a free woman—a very free woman and that has created some very interesting possibilities.

Slowly and deliberately, Victor stands and squares off at Jack. "IF I WERE YOU, JACK, I WOULD GET OUT OF THIS OFFICE NOW!"

"Just thought I would give you something to think about. Have a nice day!"

Friday, April 10, 1998

JACK is sitting at Victor's desk when Jill walks into the office. She comments that she wonders how he finds to time to work; he is busy these days keeping the present Mrs. Newman company while Victor is taking care of the former Mrs. Newman. After taking care of business, Jack comments on Jill's distracted attitude. She tells him that Keith is pressuring her for an answer to his proposal. Jack advises Jill not to marry Keith; this is no way the Jill he knows would want to spend the rest of her life.

MALCOLM stops by to see Neil, who gives him five minutes by the clock to say what he has come to say. Neil admits that he hasn't heard from Dru and Lily, but didn't expect to hear so soon. Malcolm offers to set Neil up with one of his "cutie-pie" models for a night on the town, but Neil refuses. Malcolm laughs and tells his brother that it was just a test to see if he had forgotten about his marriage. Since he hasn't, he invites Neil to dinner with Olivia, Nate and himself. Neil tells him that it is too hard seeing Malcolm and his happy little family, but he promises to see them soon.

SHARON and her mother are talking. Doris wants her to be honest with her husband, but Sharon says she can't talk to her husband; it is like talking to a brick wall. Doris thinks she doesn't give Nick enough credit. Sharon reminds her mother that Nick doesn't want any other children now, especially a ready-made child. She thinks the best thing is to go away for a while; she isn't talking about running away, she tells Doris, she just wants to take a vacation from her problems.

Cassie is standing behind Sharon. She tells Sharon that if she is having problems with Nick, then maybe they shouldn't go away. She remembers when Sharon and Nick were so happy. Sharon reassures Cassie that none of this is her fault. She goes into the bedroom to take care of Noah.

While Sharon is with the children in the bedroom, Doris gives Nick a call. He warns him that he needs to get over here in a hurry before something happens that he doesn't want to happen.

LYNN observes the her boss is in an exceptional good mood today and wonders if it has anything to do with Chris. Paul says that he is hopeful that things are going to work out soon.

Lynn calls to ask Mary if she would like to have lunch with her. Mary says she doesn't think so; she isn't feeling up to it today. After hanging up, Lynn decides to drop by; Mary didn't sound like herself. Paul tells her that if anything is wrong with his mother, to give him a call.

MARY answers the door and tells Lynn that she isn't ill; she is just feeling a little unwanted and unneeded at the present time. It is just a part of getting older; maybe this is the way it is supposed to be, she tells Lynn.

Lynn returns to work and tries to avoid telling Paul about her visit with Mary, but Paul gets it out of her anyway. Paul becomes concerned about his mother and tells Lynn that he is going to see her himself.

NEIL is having lunch at an outdoor café when Vicki comes in and joins him. She tells him that her mother is doing better. She reminds him of the "date" they made to go out and celebrate her mother's recovery. Neil begins to make excuses, but finally, he tells Vicki that Dru is out of town on a modeling assignment. He then goes on to tell her that they are separated. He wanted what Dru could not give him and she wanted her career more than family. Vicki admits that her marriage is over and her problems were similar, so she knows what he is feeling.

PAUL arrives at his mother's house and tells her that "a little bird" told him that she was down in the dumps. He offers to help, but Mary doesn't want to burden him. She finally admits that she thinks that Paul doesn't want or need her in his life any more. He explains that she is important to him. He was upset with her before, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't need her. Mary tells him that she is feeling a little guilty; she thinks she is the cause of Paul and Christine's separation. Paul tells her that it was he, not her, that made that decision, but he feels that they are about to work that problem out.

Paul wonders if she is as involved with her church group as she used to be. She tells him that she doesn't go there any longer; someone else is the president of the women's club. Paul says it is time she runs for office again and he will be her campaign manager. He then calls Lynn and tells her that he won't be returning to the office today.

SHARON is packing a suitcase when Nick knocks at the door. She puts it behind the couch before letting him in. Nick stands there looking at her so harshly at her that she assumes that something has happened to his mother. "My mother is doing better," he replies. "But, I cannot imagine that is of any interest to you." He goes on to say that Doris called and told him to hurry over. "So, what is about to happen that I will not like."

Sharon explains that they can't communicate any longer; they are on different wavelengths. So she is going away. She needs some time and space to sort things out. "What things?" Nick wants to know. Sharon reminds him that she has asked him to be patient with her, but he has not given her that. So she is going to take her Mom, Noah, and Cassie and go away for a while.

"Take Cassie?" Nick shouts at her. "Why are you going to take Cassie? She is not yours. She belongs to Grace."

"You are wrong; totally wrong!" Sharon tells him. "You could not be more wrong."

"If you have something to say to me, then say it now or I am walking out that door!" Nick tells her.

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