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Nick left town on business to get away from the Cassie situation. Grace offered to go with him. Diane called an attorney. Tricia moved out of Ryan's apartment so Phillip could move in. Cole and Ashley met Veronica.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday April 27, 1998

THE HOMECOMING continues. It is now after lunch and dessert is being served. Victor tries to feed Nikki, but she tells him that she couldn't eat another bite. Everyone talks about how happy they are that the family is finally reunited. Victor interrupts the "happy talk" to tell Nikki that it is time for her to go up to bed. "Doctor's orders," he tells her when she objects. Nikki agrees, saying that it was enough of a miracle coming home to her family again, especially seeing you two so close again, she comments as she looks at Sharon and Nicholas.

After Victor helps Nikki up the stairs, Cole thanks Vicki for allowing him to be there. She tells him that her mom appreciated his presence. Looking at Sharon and Nick, she also says that she appreciates the effort everyone made to be there. Looking uncomfortable, Nick goes to call the office. Sharon sadly watches him walk out and says she will see if Miguel needs any help in the kitchen.

Vicki arranges the flowers that Cole brought and he tells her that she still has the touch. He says that he was pleased to be there because her family is his family; he thinks that they can coexist even though they are divorcing. She reminds him that he has already found someone to take her place; then she says that, by the way, she has found someone also. He wants to know who it is, but she won't say. He thinks it is Ryan, but she says, "Been there; done that. I've no interest in having my ex-husbands in her life." Cole says that in his mind, she will always be absolutely unforgettable. There will always be a place in his heart for her. "Even though you have already given your heart to Ashley Abbott?" Victoria asks. She tells him that she is confused by his totally unrealistic talk. Sooner or later, all she will be is a name on his Christmas card list. That is how it is when couples divorce.

JACK tells Diane that she needs to eat or drink something; this is unhealthy. She says that she doesn't give a damn about anything now! Why would Victor do this to her? Jack says that he would do it because that is Victor. That is the way he operates. Diane says that she has to start making plans for moving out of the apartment, but Jack tells her to stay there; the apartment is the very least that Victor owes her. He thinks she should make him pay! Diane says that all the money in the world will not bring back what she really wants---her husband. "All this time, I thought he loved me. He told me that his heart belonged to me, but all the time it belonged to Nikki. What a fool I was for not listening to you. Jack says where love is concerned, you don't listen to anyone who tells you to stop. It wasn't her fault; she was railroaded by the master---what a bastard! He has never seen this guy pull such a cold-bloodied stunt before. He thinks she should take him for all the money she can get; millions would do it, he thinks. Especially after the kind and compassionate thing she did for him. Diane thinks she was fortunate to find out now instead of going on worshiping a man she obviously never knew!

JILL calls Malcolm at his studio and tells him that he was right; she does need to have a new head shot done. He tells her he is free today is she wants to come right over. After hanging up, Jill says, "Only I won't be the one in front of the camera today."

MALCOLM is setting up for the shoot when Jill arrives. He tells her that he will show her to wardrobe as soon as he finishes the lighting, but she springs her surprise on him. He resists her sales pitch, but she tells him to just give it a try; just a few test shots, then if she was wrong, she will shut up. She also tells him that she has brought some Jabot consultants over for the shoot. Malcolm says that if they decide he isn't modeling material, will she take their word for it? Jill calls the consultants in and introduces them to Malcolm. He is nervous when they begin looking him over from head to toe. Jill has even brought her own cameraman to do the pictures. Once they begin taking pictures, Malcolm is stiff and self-conscious at first; later, he begins to go with it, especially when they put on the music, "I Want My Brownie." Malcolm takes his shirt off and begins to pose bare-chested. Everyone agrees that he is a natural and just what Jabot is looking for. Malcolm thinks that they are all crazy!

NINA returns home and asks if the men are gone. She didn't know how long she should be gone; they looked very serious when they shooed her out the door. Chris tells Nina that they gave her an ultimatum; she has one week to make up her mind. She isn't trying to prolong things, but she knows that no matter what she decides, someone is going to get hurt. And how can she choose between Prince Charming and Superman? Superman treats her like a queen; he is always there when she needs him. They have a good marriage together. On the other hand, Prince Charming is a famous rock star; her entire life with him was a fantasy. They have an incredible history together and they would still be married if it wasn't for Phyllis. She says that she knows she sounds spoiled, having two men wanting her, but she has no idea which one she will choose.

PHYLLIS drops by Danny's to see Daniel, but he is out. Danny is acting very nice; he even offers her coffee while she waits. Phyllis wonders where the Danny is that would be lecturing her on calling ahead of time. She guesses aloud that his relationship with Chris is going places. Danny warns her that she doesn't want to talk to him about Chris, but she continues by observing that Chris has him wrapped around her finger. She should know, he spent their entire married life pining away for that little twit; he was constantly comparing her to Chris. She tells him that she is real; she makes mistakes. What about his perfect Christine, she asks. She is married. Will she leave her husband to come back to him? Danny gets angry and reminds her that she was the reason he and Christine split up. But the entire time, he never stopped loving Chris and she never stopped loving him. Phyllis remarks that he is so confident. He is giving a lot of trust and faith to this woman. Don't come running to her when his dreams turn to ashes! He assures her that he would never come running to her for anything. She leaves, but at the door, she turns back and says, "Men can be such fools."

PAUL tells Lynn that he and Danny gave Chris a week to decide. He feels that he has the inside track. They are already married and he knows that Chris loves him. With Danny, she will only be recreating a past that ended in despair. They can never pretend that it never happened; they can't turn back the clock.

AS THEY ENTER THE BEDROOM, Victor makes Nikki close her eyes and he puts his hand over them. In the middle of the room, he tells her that she can open them. She looks around and is amazed. Victor has completely redecorated the room! He tells her that this is his welcome home gift to him. "I was wondering how I would feel walking in this room knowing . . . but as usual, you have thought of everything!" Nikki tells him.

Victor puts Nikki to bed then climbs in beside her. They cuddle. "I just want to be with you, my love," Nikki murmurs. "I am just enjoying this moment. It was so special having everyone here today, especially Nicholas and Sharon. You cannot know what that means to me. And I haven't given up on Vicki and Cole, either. I know you think that is a long shot, but we were a long shot also, weren't we? Now look at us. I am married to the man who means more to me than anyone in the world. I have never stopped loving you; never for a day, never for a moment."

Victor tells her that there is a buzzer by the phone in case she needs anything. There will always be someone in the house as well as outside security around the clock. He wants her to feel safe. She only wants him to stay with her until she falls asleep. He says, "I will protect you, my darling."

Downstairs, VICTOR tells Sharon that he is pleased that she came. She tells him that she cares for Nikki. When Victor begins to say that she and Nick are doing better, she asks him if he didn't see how his son was treating her. He was ignoring her, she says, but he says he only had eyes for his wife. He wants to know what is going on with them; what is the problem? She tells him that she isn't able to tell him the problem just as Nick walks in. Victor excuses himself and leaves.

Nick thanks Sharon for being there for his mother. He thinks that they will just have to pretend that everything is okay until she gets better. Sharon says that she was hoping that they could meet each other half way and come to some kind of understanding, but more and more, she thinks that there is no answer for them. Nick says that he is still angry that she kept the truth about Cassie from him. Why was the kid just thrown into his lap? Sharon tells him that she has admitted that she was wrong; what else can she do? She asks him to remember that there are two people in a marriage, but again brings up not knowing about Cassie. You know why I didn't tell you right away, she reminds him. How far off was I? She says that she is sick of defending herself. Nick says that having Cassie has changed and complicated everything for him; he had so many plans and she spoiled them. He tells her that she has no idea what she has done to him. "What I have don to you?" Sharon asks. "Nick, I didn't set out to ruin your life! You want me to choose between you and Cassie. What am I supposed to do, send her away? Pretend she doesn't exist? I can't do that!"

Nick says that he hasn't asked her to do that, but when she asks what he is asking her to do, he doesn't know. "So, I guess we are at an impasse." When Nick doesn't answer, she goes on, "I have no idea where to go from here. If that is how things stand, then I can't talk to you any more." She is crying when she leaves. Nick looks after her with his jaw clamped and a scowl on his face.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

JACK arrives in Victor's office where Victor begins to tell him his plans. He is planning to spend more time at the ranch with Nikki so Jack will be in charge here at Newman Enterprises. He gives Jack the standard lecture of do a good job or it is your neck on the line. Jack responds with his usual "I gotcha Boss!"

In an uncharacteristically generous gesture, Victor offers Jack two symphony tickets that he cannot use due to his spending time with Nikki. Jack asks about Nikki's health, saying that he is happy that Nikki survived. When Victor asks how Diane is doing, Jack answers with a question of his own: how do you think she is doing. With a sad expression on his face, Victor says that he never, never meant to hurt her. "But you did, and terribly," Jack responds, unsympathetically. "I know more about the situation than you may think. But then, this isn't about me. I wasn't the one who had my world turned upside down by promises made and never kept."

"You can go now, Jack," Victor tells him quietly. However, when Jack leaves, Victor looks both irritated at Jack, yet sad about his report on Diane.

KATHERINE visits Nikki and tells her how well she is looking. When Nikki says that she gets so impatient just sitting up there in her room, Katherine tells her that now is the time for her to be patient and let her body heal. Soon enough she will be ready for a marathon-shopping spree. Katherine then tells her that even when she was at her worse, she never believed that she would be leaving this world. Nikki admits that she came close, but she was lucky. Now she is not only alive, but she is married again, something she has wanted so badly for so long. Katherine reminds her that she and Victor would have had it sooner if they each hadn't been so stubborn.

Suddenly becoming serious, Nikki says that she has a favor to ask of her old friend. It is something that she has to do, but can't do alone. Will Katherine help her to plan a small memorial service for Joshua at the hospital so that his colleagues can honor him and say goodbye? She says that she never got to say goodbye. He was a wonderful man. Katherine tells her that Joshua loved her with a love that few men ever experienced and she was the one who was able to give that to him. Now, she continues, you need to say goodbye to the past and go on with her future---a future that contains her reunited family.

JACK calls Diane and invites her to the symphony, but she declines. She says that she wouldn't be much fun for him, but he says that he is willing to take that chance. He tells her that he is worried about her even though he knows that she is a strong woman. Just then, the front door opens and Victor walks right in. Diane says that she has to go and she hangs up the phone.

NINA notices Christine's distraction and says that it isn't easy to choose, is it? Why don't you just flip a coin? Heads it is Paul; tails it is Danny.

JACK calls Neil and offers him the tickets. Neil asks him to hold on to them until he can make a call. Hanging up, Neil calls Victoria who says that she would love a night at the symphony. It has been ages since she had a night out at the symphony. He also invites her to dinner first, but she says that she would prefer dinner after the symphony. She will meet him at the office later.

As he is finishing up the conversation, Ryan walks into the office. He hears enough to know that Neil is making a date with his former wife. Neil asks if this bothers him, but Ryan says no, not at all. But if he wouldn't mind some unsolicited advice, he would like to say that getting involved with the Newmans could be hazardous to your career. He advises that before he gets too involved with Vicki, he should access how the relationship will impact on his future. As Neil laughs his advice away, Ryan says that there is a price to pay for seeing Victor Newman's daughter. First, Neil says, he isn't "seeing" Vicki, and second, he reminds Ryan that he is still alive and employed. Ryan says that when he first started seeing Vicki, he went through hell. He was even thrown into jail by Victor. Neil understands and appreciates Ryan's interest, but he and Vicki are just friends. As Ryan leaves, he tells Neil to have fun, but remember that it isn't possible to become involved with only one Newman; when you get one, you get'em all!

JACK finds Nick in a slump and tells him that he looks like he has had a visit from the grim reaper. Nick says that he needs to get away from GC; he wants Jack to send him away on an assignment as soon as possible. Jack says he will check into the possibilities and get back with him.

PAUL invites Mary and Lynn to dinner. When Mary stops by, Paul tells her about the ultimatum that he and Danny gave Chris. Mary is not feeling as optimistic as Paul, who thinks that by the end of the week, Chris will be moving back into the apartment. When Mary tries to prepare him for just the opposite, he tells her that he doesn't want to hear about it. Do not berate my wife, he tells her. He wouldn't be surprised if she didn't call him anytime and give him her decision. Just then the phone rings and he says, maybe that is her calling now.

VICTORIA is dressed for the symphony when she stops by Neil's office. When she sees the tickets, she exclaims that they are very good seats. As a matter of fact, it is in the area where her dad has tickets. Neil sheepishly admits that they ARE her dad's seats. He hopes that she isn't uncomfortable with that and she isn't. They leave in high spirits.

CHRIS tells Nina that as much as she detested Phyllis for breaking up her marriage to Danny, she is so grateful for her life with Paul. Nina responds that that answers the question, doesn't it? She sees husband number two as her choice! Am I right, she asks. Paul has the inside track, doesn't he? The look on Christine's face says that she is right, but before she can answer, the phone rings.

It is a nurse from the hospital calling to let Chris know that Danny is in the ICU at the hospital and he is asking for her. Hanging up the phone, Chris rushes out of the apartment giving the news to Nina on the fly.

GRACE comes into Nick's office and finds him packing his briefcase. He tells her about his assignment. He makes the comment that he wishes she was going with him, but he wouldn't be good company. She thinks it is a good idea and is sure that Jack could make the arrangements. But Nick tells her no, she has to stay and hold down the fort.

As he is headed out the door, he turns around and tells her that he needs to say something to her. "Remember last summer when we slept together? You could have messed things up for me, but you didn't. You said I could trust you and you have proved that. It is good to know that there is someone in my life that I can trust!" He leaves the office. Grace is left alone with an enigmatic smile on her face.

NEIL AND VICTORIA enter a fine restaurant after the concert. Vicki is amazed that her music from her three favorite composers were on the same program. Neil remarks that they are his favorite also. Vicki is heavily flirting with Neil and he is responding in kind. She tells him that he is lucky because she doesn't usually accept an invitation at the last minute, but she is a sucker for a man with symphony tickets---especially when that man is such a cool guy!

They begin to compare the things that they each have in common. They both like Chopin and Brahms dry white wine; unfortunately, she likes tennis and he likes golf. Also, they are both in competition as to who will end up running the company one day. Also, they are both workaholics with failed marriages. He says that he will always care for Dru and they share a beautiful daughter, but somewhere along the way, they drifted apart. He thought that their marriage would last forever. She says that she felt the same way about her marriage to Cole. It is something else that they have in common which makes them either incredibly romantic or terribly na´ve.

After they dance, she tells him that she loves to dance; he answers that he does also, just one more thing that they have in common. He wonders if she is ready to order, but she wants to wait. She doesn't want the night to end. He agrees and reaches for her hand. You are a terrific lady to be with, he tells her. You are smart and unpredictable. She tells him that he is totally different outside the office---outgoing and charming. They hold hands and gaze into each other's eyes.

VICTOR AND DIANE gaze at each other for a long moment, the she rushes to him and holds him in her arms. He tells her that he is only there to see how she is and to pick up some of his things. Breaking apart and walking away from him, Diane says, "Of course. Why else would you be here? Are you here to tell me that it is all a bad dream? If not, then we have nothing more to talk about." Victor tells he that she has to listen to him; he will not leave until she does.

"When I went to the Dominican Republic, I did it because I thought it would help Nikki survive. I thought it was only temporary, but I got all engulfed with Nikki and the children. I hope one day that you will begin to understand how I feel. I care for you very deeply, Diane."

"Stop!" She shouts. "You held me in your arms and promised me that your feelings were deeper than ever. I believed you because I trusted you. Now you tell me that you are engulfed in unanticipated feelings for Nikki and your children. I was a fool to believe you. I don't believe that you ever loved me!"

Victor tells her that he does care for her and he hopes that one day she will find it in her heart to forgive him. Diane tells him that she does NOT forgive him. He took advantage of her and now she has nothing. Victor promises hat she will have anything she wants, a home, money, anything! "Possessions!" Diane shouts at him. "What I need is your love. I don't believe I ever had it!"

Victor says that if she could just see the look on his children's faces, she would understand. Someday, he hopes that she will understand why he did what he did. Just go! Diane tells him. Victor turns and leaves. Just as he gets to the door, he stops and returns. He hands her the deed to the apartment. You own it outright, he says. You will never have to worry about a thing. He says he will be in touch and leaves. Crying, Diane crushes the deed in her hands.

PAUL answers the phone, but it is a wrong number. After hanging up, he dials a number. As Lynn wonders who he is calling, Nina answers and he asks to speak to Chris. She tells him that Chris got a call from the hospital where Danny is a patient. Apparently he was mugged. "How convenient!" Paul mutters. After hanging up, he says he doesn't believe it! Danny is making the ultimate ploy for Christine's sympathy. Chris will see through his little charade, he says, but his face doesn't register belief in what he has just said.

DANNY is lying in the bed with fluids and blood running into his badly bruised body. Chris is shocked when she rushes into the room. Olivia explains that Danny was mugged; the police are looking for the suspect now. Meanwhile, she says, Danny is unconscious from multiple stab wounds and loss of blood. Chris runs to the bed in tears. "Oh, Danny, I'm here. I'm right here with you!"

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

DIANE is alone in a dark apartment, drinking. Jack arrives and rings the doorbell. When she doesn't answer, he calls out, but she yells at him to go away and leave her alone. He tries the door and when he finds it unlocked, he enters. He is surprised to find her drinking, but she tells him that she hopes that it will make her numb. He tries to get some kind of reaction from her---yell, scream, throw something---just do something! Maybe it will make her feel better! But she says that it won't solve anything.

Diane apologizes for attacking Jack, but he tells her he has thick skin. Jack starts asking specifics about the divorce. He realizes that Victor has clout, but he fails to understand how Victor could divorce Diane so and marry Nikki so quickly. Diane says she doesn't know exactly how he did it, just that Victor did it. When Diane tells him she signed nothing in this agreement, he is appalled. He cannot believe that Victor carried all of this off on a verbal agreement. Jack tells Diane to call if she needs anything. She tells him she doesn't know what she'd do without him. "Well that, little darlin' is one worry you will never have," he assures her. He embraces Diane.

NEIL AND VICKI have finished dinner and are now enjoying after dinner coffee. They have had a lot of fun together and want to see more of each other. Even though she lives "out in the boonies," Vicki allows Neil to drive her home, because in Neil Winters "How to Treat a Lady Handbook," a gentleman takes his lady home after a date.

LYNN asks Paul if he was serious when he said he thought Danny's attack was a hoax. It is something he would pull, Paul responds. Lynn thinks that Paul should check it out. Paul says that she is right; he heads out to the hospital right away.

OLIVIA explains that Danny has sustained damage to both kidneys. The knife punctured the left kidney; his right kidney only has minimal function. As Olivia leaves the room, Nina comes in and is very upset at how Danny looks. Chris tells her that she is really scared! Chris tells Nina that she has no idea what could have provoked this attack on Danny. When Olivia returns to the room, she tells Chris that she still doesn't know if the damage is permanent; they are still running tests.

AT THE RANCH, Victoria invites Neil in. While they are talking, Victor walks in. He seems surprised to see Neil there, but Neil explains how he got Victor's symphony tickets. "I have an entire box," Victor tells him. "Anytime you and your lovely wife want to avail yourselves of them, just let me know." As Victor walks away, Neil, looking a little embarrassed, says that he should have explained that he and Dru were separated. When he is ready to leave, Vicki tells him again that she had a wonderful time and that the next time, she will pick up the check---you don't have anything against a woman picking up the check, do you, she asks. Neil warns that he has expensive tastes. Vicki walks him to the door where they share a short embrace.

DIANE finds a law firm from the yellow page; it is listed as handling divorce and family problems. She calls and talks first with the receptionist and later, to Michael Baldwin. When he learns that he is talking to Mrs. Victor Newman, he tells her that he has a few moments this evening and will come right over. As he puts on his jacket, he murmurs, "Mrs. Victor Newman. Well, I'll be damned!"

PAUL arrives at the hospital and is shocked at Danny's condition. He sees right away that this isn't a hoax. Chris is glad to see Paul there, and they hug. They step outside the room and Paul admits that when he first heard, he thought that Danny had staged the whole thing. He asks for her forgiveness and she gives it at once. He offers to stay at the hospital with her, but when he calls the office to tell Lynn that Danny is really hurt, she tells him that he has to come back to the office. Paul tells Chris that he has to take care of business, but he will return as soon as he can.

NIKKI is reclining on the chaise when Jack sticks his head in. "Well, it looks like the Mistress of the Manor is back in her domain," he says. She is delighted to see him. She tells him how lucky she is; she has Victor back again. You of all people should know how I have always loved him, she tells Jack. She asks if he is keeping busy, adding that she hopes he isn't letting Diane back into his life. Jack laughs at her and says she must be feeling better as her claws are showing. Nikki explains that she cares for him and wants him to be happy. Now that Victor has divorced Diane, she will probably set her sights on Jack. She doesn't want him to fall into the same trap that Victor did. What either of them ever saw in Diane is beyond her, but she must be a clever woman to manipulate men the way she does. I'm just curious, she tells him. "Curious or catty?" Jack asks. Just then, Victor walks into the bedroom and asks what Jack is doing there.

After Jack explains that he came to check on Nikki, Victor politely thanks him for his concern. Jack tells Nikki goodbye and leaves. After helping Nikki to the bathroom, Victor rushes out of the room and down the stairs. He catches Jack just as he is walking out the door. I want to talk to you, he rudely announces.

In a friendly voice, Victor thanks Jack for his visit and his concern for Nikki. His voice hardens as he tells him that his concern is no longer needed. He will take care of Nikki from now own; he will give her anything that she needs. "You got that?" he asks in a voice cold as ice. Jack compliments Victor on his concern for his present wife, but what about the wife he left behind. Victor says that it is none of his business; he then changes and asks how Diane is doing. "How do you think she is doing," Jack answers. "She is living in Hell. She is reeling from the devastating blow that you dealt her." Victor hopes that in time she will accept it and not think too unkindly of him. Jack can't believe what he is hearing! She was head over heels in love with you and after what you did, you think she should wish you well! Enough! Victor orders. Get out and do not come back. As Jack is leaving, he asks if Victor has a message for the wife he left behind. Victor slams the door. He turns and there is Nikki standing in the doorway smiling at him. He crosses to her and they embrace.

MICHAEL arrives at the apartment and Diane lets him in. She has been thinking about it and doesn't know if she should have called or not. Michael tells her to go over the facts and Diane begins to tell him the history of her and Victor.

Michael asks if she still loves Victor and Diane tells him that once you have loved a man like Victor Newman, it is hard to stop. Michael begins to ask some pertinent questions, one of which is did she sign anything. Diane says that, no, she didn't sign any papers. Did he give you much time to make up your mind? Michael asks. Diane explains that there wasn't any time to waste; Nikki's life was hanging by a thread. Did Victor deliberately mislead you? He asks. Diane says that he didn't deliberately mislead her, but he definitely did mislead her. She only gave him the divorce because he promised that he would remarry her and love her even more for doing this for him.

Michael asks what she wants from this case. She can have money, property, Victor's humiliation or she can get on with her life and put this all behind her. This is what she has to decide before he can tell her whether she has a case or not. He warns her that if she goes after Victor, she could become a wealthy but notorious woman. Diane asks what is the point; it will not bring Victor back. "Perhaps that is how you feel now, but in the days ahead when your pain lessens and the anger takes over you may have a different attitude." Michael then hands her his card and tells her to think it over and call him when she decides what she wants to do.

CHRIS is crying at Danny's bedside when he regains consciousness. He asks where he is and she tells him that he is in the hospital. She assures him that he is receiving the best of care. He tells her that he doesn't remember anything. "You won't leave me, will you?" He asks in a hoarse whisper. Chris assures him that she will be there for as long as he needs her.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

CHRIS is busy in her office when Michael drops by. He is excited and can't hide it. Christine says that she thought he wasn't going to pressure her again. He says that something has happened that will put him on the map as a lawyer. He needs to get his license back and NOW! Chris tells him that he hasn't changed; he is still the opportunist that he always was. Michael says that he has been a model citizen; ask anyone, he tells her. While I am proud of you, Chris says, you are going to have to do more---much more.

COLE comes to the lab and announces that he has a message for Mrs. Ashley Howard. Aren't you jumping the gun a little? She asks. He wants to take her to a great new restaurant that he has found. As they are leaving, he tells her the name of the place is the Coyote Grill.

PHYLLIS sits in front of her "focal point" while burning incense and playing new-age music. When Michael enters the room, she tells him that she is trying to find her center. He tells Phyllis that he has a client that wants him to be her attorney, but she reminds him that he has one little problem---he isn't a lawyer any longer.

Phyllis tells him that Christine Williams is not the type to forgive and forget, but he tells her that he will find some way to prove to Christine that he has changed.

JACK goes to the penthouse to check up on Diane. As they talk, he asks her about the divorce and Diane admits that she called a lawyer. Jack is impressed and tells her that she has done the right thing. She is hurt and angry and wants Victor to pay. However, Diane believes that Victor has too much money and power to fight, but Jack tells her that Victor is not God! Don't forget that, he says. He wants to know what happened while the lawyer was there. Diane tells him that he asked a lot of questions, including asking if she signed any papers. I knew it! Jack says. He knows that there is something screwy about that divorce.

TRICIA notices that Ryan is deep in thought; she asks him what is wrong but he tells her that it is personal. However, she finally gets him to open up and he is missing his son. He believes that every day that goes by the relationship is deteriorating more and more. Tricia tries to take the blame but he won't allow her to. Tricia tells him that she has to leave; walking out the door, she gives him one last empathetic look.

MIGUEL is at the Coyote Grill for lunch when Veronica enters. She sits at the booth with him and they order. As he is telling her about his family, Cole and Ashley enter. They stop by for a word and Miguel introduces Veronica. Miguel invites Cole and Ash to sit with them, but Cole declines. After they leave, Veronica gives the couple a speculative look.

COLE isn't sure what kind of book he is planning about the murder at the ranch, but it still intrigues him. He can't understand how this woman, Sara, could just disappear. The detectives, whom he talks to frequently, are surprised that the case wasn't solved quicker. Either Sara was very lucky or very clever. He does say that the police have run Sara's fingerprints through every law enforcement agency in the country and they have come up clean every time.

It is obvious to Cole, who is watching Miguel and Veronica closely, that Miguel has a romantic interest in Veronica. Ashley hopes that she is the right woman for Miguel; she seems too sophisticated for him. Cole mentions that his divorce will be final soon---but not soon enough for them it seems.

MIGUEL wants Veronica to come out to the ranch so he can show her around. He would like to introduce her to Mrs. Newman. Veronica is puzzled; she thought he worked for Mrs. Landers. Miguel explains that it is a long story, but essentially, she remarried her former husband after she recovered from her wounds. But how did you know she used to be Mrs. Landers? Veronica says that he must have told her and he says that maybe he did; anyway, it was listed in all the papers.

NINA opens the door and is surprised to see Tricia. She refuses to talk to her at first, but Tricia tells her that she needs to talk to her about her son and his father. Nina invites her in and they begin talking about the reason Phillip doesn't spend more time with Ryan. Tricia asks Nina to help her get to know her son better.

While they are talking, Phillip comes home. Tricia begins to talk to Phillip. She asks what would make him spend more time with his dad and he says that the only reason he would go to the apartment more is if she moved out. She makes a deal with Phillip. Since he has a couple of free days coming, she will move to her father's house if he will go stay with Ryan those days. She leaves Phillip to think about it. After she is gone, Phillip tells Nina that she doesn't mean what she said, but Nina disagrees with him. Now it is up to Phillip, she says.

MEG AND ALEC are going hot and heavy in the living room when she thinks she hears someone in the kitchen. She doesn't want her father coming home and finding her this way, so she calls a halt. This is always happening, Alec says. He thinks that she should move in with him for the summer. Meg is taken aback by this suggestion and tells him that she can't do that; it would be a big mistake. This is not the kind of life-style she is comfortable with. Alec asks if she told her sister this, and Meg tells him that, as a matter of fact, she did. When Alec reminds her of the many times she defended Tricia's choice to her dad. Meg says that she couldn't control what Tricia did with her life, but she had a right to make that decision. She just hopes Tricia's world doesn't come crashing down around her one day. She then makes it plain to Alec that she won't go to bed with him unless they are married.

TRICIA returns to Ryan's place and tells him that she offered to move out for a couple of days so that Phillip could stay with him for a while. Ryan says that he can't believe that she would be willing to sacrifice for him; she is absolutely incredible.

MIGUEL finishes with his lunch and has to leave. He is looking forward to their next meeting, he tells her. He isn't out the door when the "Sara" side of Veronica slips out. "Joshua's body isn't even cold yet and you are already in bed with your former husband!" she snarls. "BITCH! What kind of tramp are you, Nikki?

Friday, May 1, 1998

NIKKI is going stir crazy locked up in her bedroom. She tells Victor that she wants to get on with their marriage---you know, we are husband and wife, she tells him flirtatiously. Victor tells her that it is too soon to do this.

Nikki will not take no for an answer even though Victor says that he is only following doctor's orders. The more she keeps trying to get Victor into bed, the more Victor objects. He just wants to keep her safe!

Victor does bring up one painful subject. The police want to talk to her, but he will stop them if she just says the word. She really doesn't want to talk to them, but neither does she want that awful woman to do this to someone else. So, she agrees to talk to them.

ASHLEY is jumping for joy at the news that Jack gives her; her new perfume is a definite GO! She then wants to share a secret with him. She tells him that he is the first to know that she is engaged to Cole. Jack offers congratulations and says that he is glad that at least one Abbott is happy.

JACK tells Ashley about what Victor has done to Diane. Diane is a wreck! Victor is something else! He thinks he is the center of his own universe and he creates his own morals! But this time, he doesn't think Victor will get away with it. This seems to worry Ashley. Jack goes on. I don't know how he pulled it off, but you should see what it is doing to Diane. It is criminal what he has done; it is wrong, just plain wrong. Ashley tells him that he is scaring her, but he tells her not to worry; he isn't going to do anything crazy. But, no one should get away with stuff like this and if he has anything to say about ti, he won't.

PHYLLIS is feeling seductive and puts the make on Michael. However, Michael has too much on his mind to respond. He has to take some decisive action. Well, if you don't want to play, Phyllis tells him cheerfully, I'm going to take a bubble bath. Don't let me spoil your little pipe dream, but enjoy your delusions.

The phone rings and it is Diane. She wants to see Michael today if possible. He tells her that he has to clear his calendar, but he will be there right away. After he hangs up, Michael says that he has to find a way to delay this case until he gets his license back.

RYAN stops by Nina's eager to find out what Phillip will do about Tricia's invitation. When Nina tells him that she doesn't know what Phillip has decided, he acts like he doesn't believe her. He even accuses her of not trying to get him and Phillip back on track. She is getting her back up and about to tell him off when Phillip comes home. Ryan asks him what he has decided about them spending some time together. Who is "we?" Phillip wants to know. "You and me and Mom?"

Ryan explains that he is speaking of Phillip and himself alone at his apartment. If Tricia won't be dropping by, then okay he will go to Ryan's place!

TRICIA explains to Megan that she wants Phillip to learn to trust and like her because she feels that he is the key to Ryan and her being together.

DIANE welcomes Michael to the penthouse. He tells her that he is very anxious to represent her and he will accommodate her every need. The Newman name is a high profile name and if any lawyer says he is not enticed to go up against that name, run, do not walk away as fast as you can. He want is one of those lawyers---and there are some out there---who like to redress injustice. He says that she has a good case, but he has to proceed very carefully and research the law completely. He knows that she is angry, hurt and feels betrayed---and she has been---but he feels that she should not be too quick to throw a lawsuit at Victor Newman. He likes a good fight as well as anyone, but he must be prepared---fully prepared.

Diane feels that the lawsuit will be a wake up call for Victor. It will be all that it takes for him to realize that he still loves her and that going back to Nikki was only out of sympathy and nostalgia. But if it isn't, Michael warns, are you prepared to go after money? She agrees to give it more thought and Michael leaves satisfied.

PHYLLIS calls Danny's and gets Joanie. Joanie is very cold to her and Phyllis calls her someone who was once a loyal friend. She wants to speak to Danny, but Joanie says that she can't. She eventually tells Phyllis that Danny has been mugged and is in the hospital. Phyllis is shocked and tells Joanie that she will be right over. Joanie tells her in no uncertain terms that she and Daniel will be just fine!

PHYLLIS makes it over to Danny's place in two shakes of a lamb's tail. Joanie doesn't want to let her in, but Phyllis barges in like a tank. I am uncomfortable with you here, Joanie tells Phyllis. This is Mr. Romalotti's home. Phyllis ignores the hired help and calls out to Daniel, telling him that Mommie is here. He runs into her arms. How would you like to go home with me for a day or two, Phyllis asks. Daniel is excited about this; Phyllis sends him in to pack his backpack. Joanie threatens to call the police. Phyllis says to go ahead; she is Daniel's mother and she is going to help her son pack.

As they are leaving the apartment, the police arrive. The two women began talking at once and get louder and louder. Finally the policeman has them both shut up while he gets to the bottom of it. Now, he tells Joanie, you talk first. Joanie explains that "THIS WOMAN" has been declared unfit by a judge. Danny R. has complete custody of the child and she is the housekeeper and baby sitter. Phyllis explains that Danny does have custody but she has visitation rights (supervised, Joanie says). Since Danny is in the hospital, she just wants to look after her son; she is sure that the judge would agree that these were extenuating circumstances. However, the policeman cannot let Phyllis leave with Daniel since he is confined to the custodial home. Phyllis offers a compromise. She will move in for the duration and look after her son; Joanie finally agrees that she can live with that arrangement.

"Guess what, Daniel," Phyllis shouts as she rushes up the stairs. "Mommy is going to stay here with you for a few days! Won't that be fun?"

RYAN AND PHILLIP are bonding by playing a little indoor catch. While they are in the middle of this, Phillip gives his dad a big hug. I have missed you, Dad! I have wanted this for so long---just the two of us. I love you, Dad. I wish there was some way we could be a family again.

"So do I," Ryan answers. "You mean everything to me!"

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