The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on Y&R
Danny's kidneys shut down; he needed a kidney transplant. Veronica met Nikki. Phyllis moved into Danny's place to be with Daniel. Danny received a kidney from an anonymous live donor, and Christine learned that Michael was the donor.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of May 4, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday May 4, 1998

CHRIS paces the floor by Danny's bed, but she can't take her eyes off Danny. Paul brings her a bottle of water and massages her shoulders while she is drinking it. He tells her that she needs to get some rest, but she can't leave. A nurse comes in and tells Paul that he has a call at the nurses' station. Chris encourages him to go on and take the call; she will be okay.

MALCOLM shows up in Neil's office to find out what is going on with his big brother. For one thing, where were you last night? Neil tells him that he went to the symphony with a friend. Malcolm wants to know who this friend was, but he has a pretty good idea who it was. We are only good friends, Neil assures his brother. But how good is good? You are supposed to be a smart guy, Neil, so use your brains! This is Victoria Newman, Victor Newman's little girl. This is the man who made you and he could just as easily unmake you! Neil insists that he is not involved and does not plan to be involved with Vicki. Malcolm says that he has seen the way they look at each other and if they call that being only friends, then they are only fooling themselves.

"Am I interrupting anything?" Vicki says from the doorway.

VICTOR calls the police and tells him that his wife is now ready to be interviewed.

JACK arrives to check up on Diane again because he is worried about her, but he knows she is better off without "what's his name." She says that she is doing all right, but she still loves Victor. Jack wonders what Victor has that causes woman to fall in love with him and stay in love with them no matter how badly he treats them. Diane doesn't want to hear any of this talk. If that is all he has to say, then THERE IS THE DOOR! She then proceeds to tell Jack that Victor still loves her. All this with Nikki is only based on nostalgia, sympathy and his obligations to his children. He will soon realize that and come back to her. Jack wonders who has been feeding her all this drivel. She tell him that she has talked to an attorney, which makes Jack glad unless it is this attorney who is filling her head with this nonsense. He reminds her how Victor just tossed her aside; she should go for all his money for the hell she has been through. He still loves me, Diane insists. It is only a matter of time before he comes back to me.

Jack says that Victor never got over Nikki, not in all these years! You may not want to hear this but it is true. Diane reminds him that not so long ago, he told her that he was convinced that Victor loved her. You said that I was his true love, that Victor loved me in a way he has never loved anyone else. You said you believed he was committed to me like he has been committed to no other woman. Jack just shakes his head in disbelief as Diane tries to convince him that Victor will be back.

COLE stops by Nina's to check up on her and to tell her that he has received his advance copy of his latest novel. Has she been burning up the laptop? She tells him that she has sent in two more short stories and now she is just waiting to hear about them. How is the novel coming? She is ready to step up to the challenge. Nina says that she tried, but it just didn't happen. She is more comfortable with her short stories. But you can do more, Cole insists. Nina says that it isn't that easy. It is best to accept your limitations. Not everyone can be a best selling novelist!

"Maybe you are right," Cole says. "Writing takes courage, dedication and the ability to believe in yourself. If you don't have that, then it is better to just give up. What the heck! You gave it a shot but when you found it a little tough, you just folded your tent. I thought you had guts, but I guess I was wrong." He then tells her that he has to go. Once alone, Nina looks devastated by his words and she covers her face with her hands.

VERONICA is counting her money, which isn't much, when Miguel joins her. He offers to buy a large dinner if she will help him eat it. He senses that she is troubled today. She tells him that she has been drifting for some time; she doesn't know why she is still in GC, but things can't go on like this. Miguel says that maybe she is still here because she has found a new friend; a friend who would hat to see her go. He wants to help her find a job. He really cares for her and he would like for her to have a decent job so she can stay in GC.

CHRIS pleads with Danny to start coming out of this; she needs some hope that he will be okay. Danny opens his eyes and calls out to her. He wonders what happened and Chris asks doesn't he remember. He says that he was in the parking lot and it was dark. Someone was there; they wanted his wallet but he wouldn't give it to them. When he turned his back, he felt a sharp pain. As he drifts off to sleep again, Paul comes in and Chris says that he was lucid. She is crying. Paul says she can't go on like this. He wants her to go to the waiting room, which is empty, and stretch out for a while.

MICHAEL is thinking on the great opportunity that fate has presented to him. Mrs. Diane Newman! She needs a good lawyer; she needs him. He has GOT to get his law license back and Chris is the only one that can help him! He calls Legal Aid and asks to talk to Christine, but he is told that she is at Memorial Hospital. Michael is concerned for Christine, but he is told that it isn't Chris, it is her ex-husband who is in the hospital. Under these circumstances, he tells her, he won't leave a message to bother her.

COLE is busy working on ideas for a new book when Ashley comes over. He tells her how fascinated he is with this whole shooting thing. Ashley feels that his next novel will be a mystery, but he says it will take a lot of research and he doesn't have a research assistant any longer.

PAUL is alone in Danny's room while Chris rests in the waiting room. He remembers the night when Chris told him that she still had feelings for Danny. Danny wakes up again and calls for Christine. Paul tells him that she is resting. Danny is glad that he is taking care of her. Just as Danny says that he needs to tell Paul something, Olivia and two other doctors come into the room and begin examining Danny. One of the doctors notices how little output he has in his urine bag. The lab work isn't very good either. Olivia announces that he has to be dialyzed or they are going to lose him.

Chris walks in just at that moment and grows hysterical. The doctors explain that one kidney isn't working at all and the other is almost shut down. They have to dialyze him to take the poisons out of his blood stream, but they must begin to think about a kidney transplant. First, they have to test family members, they say. Chris says that Gina is Danny's only family and they haven't been able to get in touch with her.

VICKI asks Neil out for dinner, but there is a condition: she will pick up the bill. Neil says that they could go Dutch treat, but she won't hear of it. He promises he will be ready in an hour. Neil wonders if Victor said anything to her the other night, but Vicki says no. Why should he? They were just two friends who went to a concert together, right?

As Vicki leaves the office, she turns to Neil and says, "Daring, isn't it?"

THE DETECTIVES arrive at the ranch to interview a frightened Nikki. She is afraid that she can't help them much, but they say that any little thing could mean a lot to them. They ask her about the housekeeper. Nikki tells them that at first she liked the woman. But later, Sara became surly and insubordinate, not to mention careless. She even broke one of her most prized crystal vases. She was going to fire her, but Josh talked her into giving her a second chance. In the end, it was Joshua's incredible kindness that killed him. When they ask her about that night, all she can remember is that there was a terrible storm. But you were shot at close range, they remind her. Didn't she say anything? Nikki is getting more and more upset as she tells them that it is all a blur; she is telling them everything that she remembers. Victor stops the interview. The detectives apologize if the were insensitive, but they want to find this woman and get her off the streets. Victor shows the detectives out.

When he returns, he finds Nikki in tears. He gathers her in his arms and comforts her. How could she just disappear without a trace? Nikki asks. Victor tells her not to worry; she is safe here. They will find her and make her pay for what she did. In the meantime, he will stay with her all the time. He will never leave her side. She has nothing to worry about.

Tuesday, May 5, 1998

VICTORIA has heard through the grapevine that Mr. Victor Newman is in his office today. She says she expected him to be at the ranch with Mom, but he says that there are some business matters that only he can handle. She tells him how happy she is that he is now married to her mother again. He remarks that she seems happy; is there any special reason for that? Can't a daughter have a few secrets? Victoria asks with a smile. Victor then invites her to dinner at the ranch with him and Nikki, but Vicki already has a date. She tells him that she is having dinner with Neil Winters, an intelligent, wonderful guy. Victor smiles and sends her on her way.

SHARON is helping her mother with the housework. Doris tells her that he is happy to have her there, but her place is in her own home. Nikki will be wondering why she isn't home. Sharon says that she can't go home without Cassie and she will not live away from her little girl again. She just prays that this time away from GC will make Nick reconsider his stand. When he comes home, she hopes he will want to live with her and her children again; if not, then her marriage is doomed.

The phone rings and Doris answers it to find Nikki calling. She tells her how happy she is that she is on the mend; you were in our prayers every day, she says. Sharon talks to Nikki and finds that Nikki is now allowed downstairs, but she is bored. It has been ages since she saw Noah. Could Sharon bring him over this afternoon? Sharon says she would be delighted to visit.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Gina finally arrives. When she sees Danny, she becomes hysterical and rushes over to the bed. Crying, "Oh, God, Danny," she throws herself on the bed with her brother. Christine pulls her off and tries to console her. Gina wants to know who did this to her brother.

PHYLLIS is painting her toenails while Joani folds the laundry. She wants a cup of coffee and Joani tells her to get up and get it herself; don't expect me to wait on you hand and foot, she tells her. She also says that Danny would be upset if he knew she was staying there, but Phyllis replies that she is Daniel's mother and she knows what is best for hem. Daniel enters the room and asks when his Daddy will be coming home. He misses him. Phyllis gives him a big hug and assures him that she will stay with him until his daddy gets back.

AT THE RANCH Miguel tells Nikki that he is going into town to pick up a few things. She remarks that he is pretty dressed up for a man running errands. Is there a lady involved, perhaps? A man doesn't change his clothes in the middle of the day without a reason. Miguel only responds that he just may meet the woman of his dreams.

SHARON is brushing Cassie's hair and counting the strokes. "Ninety-seven and a half," she says. Cassie laughs at her and Sharon says she is only testing to see if she is listening. "Ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred. There! The secret to long beautiful hair is one hundred strokes a day," she says. She just happens to have a yellow ribbon, yellow being Cassie's favorite color, with which to tie up her hair. She tells Cassie that she is beautiful. When Cassie doesn't believe this, Sharon tells her that she is the most beautiful girl in the world. She explains that she is taking Noah to the ranch to see Nikki. Cassie wants to go with her, but Doris suggests that she stay and keep her company.

PAUL explains to Gina that until Danny can tell the police what happened, they might not find the person who did this thing. The doctors explain that Danny is going to need a kidney transplant. Gina says that she stopped by the lab and had her blood drawn. They will bring the results up as soon as they get them. She is ready to go into surgery right now, but Olivia says that they must first see if the blood matches. Of course it will, Gina says, he is my brother. They explain that this isn't necessarily so.

DANNY wakes up and Gina rushes to his side. He wants to speak to Christine. He asks Chris to call the apartment and as Joani about Daniel. I'll do it right away, Chris says. Gina remains at the beside praying.

JOANI answers the phone and speaks to Christine in ambiguous terms. Christine guesses that Phyllis is there and asks to speak to her. Phyllis wants to know how serious Danny's condition is. When she learns the seriousness, she becomes almost hysterical and says she will be right down there. Chris tries to stop her, but it is no use: nothing can stop her from going to the hospital.

RYAN AND PHILLIP continue to bond. They are on their way to the park when Phillip becomes sad. Ryan explains that he realizes that things are strange for him right now, but soon he will be more comfortable here.

Instead of going to the park, Ryan teaches Phillip to play chess. In the middle of the game, Tricia calls to see how things are going.

After the call, Phillip guesses that it was "her" on the phone. Ryan says that maybe next time, Tricia will be able to join them. "Why would I want her around?" Phillip asks. "You aren't going to marry her are you Dad? Because if you do, I don't think I could handle it."

AT THE COYOTE GRILL, Miguel joins Veronica; he would like to lift her spirits. He suggests a drive in the country and a visit to the ranch. She thinks it is too soon to be visiting the ranch; his employer is recovering from serious surgery. Miguel says that Nikki is almost recovered. He just wants to do something for Veronica. He tells her that he thinks he is falling in love with her. Before she knows what happens, he kisses her.

SHARON arrives at the ranch with Noah. Nikki is overjoyed at seeing her grandson who has really grown. Later, while Noah sleeps, Sharon and Nikki talk. Nikki is under the impression that Sharon and Nick has patched things up. She talks about how important family is and how since the shooting she appreciates her family in a new way. As she goes on and on, she suddenly sees that Sharon is sad. "You are troubled about something," she says. "What is it? What is wrong?" Sharon says that she doesn't want to talk about her problems; she just misses Nick.

VICTOR is talking to some anonymous person on the phone. He learns that Dru has left GC and that she has taken the child with her. So they are separated? He asks.

MICHAEL is at his job at the hospital. He pulls up Danny's admission information on the computer, but he doesn't learn all that he needs to know. He calls the ICU and speaks to Danny's nurse in an "official" capacity. He learns all about Danny's condition. "Both kidneys, huh?" he says as he hangs up.

CHRISTINE tells Paul and Gina that Phyllis is coming over. Everyone rolls their eyes heavenward. The doctors tell Gina that he isn't a match. "What are we going to do?" she asks, visibly upset. "I'm all the family he has left." The doctors say that they will have to look outside the family. Paul volunteers to be tested. Olivia tells the nurse to call the lab and tell them that Paul is on his way. "You are incredible," Chris tells her husband.

NEIL arrives at Victor's office and begins explaining why the report was late. Victor tells him that he wanted him here for a personal reason. He understands that Neil is having dinner with his daughter. He wonders if it is business related. Neil says that it is more than business. "Victoria is a fascinating and talented woman and we enjoy each other's company," Neil explains. "It is surprising how you can work with someone on a daily basis and never know that person. Then suddenly, you find out that you have a lot in common. Vicki and I are very good friends."

Victor asks about his home situation. Neil admits that he and Dru couldn't come to an agreement. She had her career and he had his. They are now separated. Not even for their daughter's sake could they reach any common ground.

Victor is curious about the nature of the relationship between Neil and Victoria. Neil can't speak for Vicki, but for himself, he feels himself becoming very involved with Vicki. Victor dismisses Neil by telling him to enjoy his dinner date.

PHYLLIS rushes into the room and is shocked at Danny's appearance. She rushes to his side and tells him that she is there. Chris tells her that he can't hear her, but Phyllis only tells her that she can run along now; she will take over. "Over my dead body!" Christine says. "You are the last person Danny would want with him."

"You don't know anything, Miss Torn-between-two lovers," Phyllis says. "Danny, you can hear me, can't you? It's Phyllis; I'm here for you." Chris tells her to keep her distance or she will not be held responsible . . .

Wednesday, May 6, 1998

AT THE HOSPITAL Chris and Paul learn that he isn't a match for Danny. Phyllis has gone to be tested. Wouldn't it be something if Phyllis were to be compatible? Chris asks.

TONY stops by Grace's office. "Put down those reports and let me take you out on the town," he says. "You work too hard." Grace tells him that she cannot leave; with Nick gone, she has to take up the slack. When Tony tries to get her to change her mind, she tells him to back off! "When will Newman be back?" Tony asks. "I ask because he seems to be the third party in our relationship. You know, it is a good thing you don't have to worry about Cassie since you are never home." Grace orders him to leave her office.

MICHAEL AND DIANE have another meeting; she wants to know her options. Michael says that that depends on what she wants. If it is to humiliate Victor Newman, then there are a lot of options, like going on the talk show circuit and gaining notoriety. Or, she can keep a low profile and take him for all she can get. What she really wants is to have her husband come back to her. In the meantime, she doesn't want to be taken advantage of if she cannot put her marriage back together.

She accuses him of stalling. Michael is offended that she would think that. In an impassioned plea, he tells her that no one else will approach this situation with the commitment that he will. Diane tells him that she will expect to hear from him soon; she wants him to bring her some positive information, not just talk. Outside the penthouse, Michael is jubilant. "I've got the case! Now all I need is the law license and time is running out.

VICTOR arrives home and Nikki tells him that it is dull there at the ranch, but that is all right; she has had enough excitement to last a lifetime, except for the rush he feels when she is close to him. As they cuddle, she tells him that being back together is what she has always wanted. "You have kept that a well guarded secret, then," Victor responds. Nikki says that through the years she has often thought that if only she were still married to Victor. Victor reminds her that she was never free when he was and when she was free, he wasn't. Nikki reminds him of when she flew to Las Vegas to marry Joshua, he was on a mysterious trip. Was he flying to Las Vegas to stop her from marrying Joshua? Let me just say that I wish the timing could have been different, Victor replies. If it had, then there would have been no Josh. And no Diane, Nikki reminds him. I wonder how she is doing, Victor says. "Don't worry about Diane," Nikki says. "She is one woman who knows how to keep herself afloat. She will be fine, I assure you." Victor says that they shouldn't talk about Diane; Nikki's claws are showing.

JACK complains to Jill that everyone has to take up a lot of the slack at work because their fearless leader is home playing nursemaid. He tells Jill that Diane is coping, but no thanks to Newman. And I suppose you are spending every waking minute at her side hoping she will wake up and realize it was you she wanted all the time, Jill says. Jack says that Diane is going through a difficult time right now and needs someone to lean on. He wouldn't take advantage of her at a time like this. I know you, Jill laughs. You are a shark circling your victim. Maybe I should pay Diane a visit and warn her she is about to be ambushed. Jack continues to protest, but Jill only laughs at him. He gets a call from Diane. He tells her that he will be right over. When he finishes the conversation, Jill says, "Tell me again how you aren't involved with the lady, because I'm not buying it." As Jill walks to the door, Jack tells her that she is too fine a woman to waste herself.

SHARON tells Doris about her trip to the ranch. I had to keep up the charade that Nick and I were back together, she tells her mother. She appreciates all the love and support that she is getting from Doris, but more and more she feels that her world is falling apart. She is going crazy sitting around worrying about what is going to happen. What she wouldn't give to be able to go out, meet some friends, have some fun for a change. Just then, the phone rings and it is Tony asking if she would like to go out on the town. She tells him that she can be ready in fifteen minutes. She goes to change her clothes leaving Doris with a worried expression on her face.

AT THE HOSPITAL, Olivia explains that dialysis will keep Danny alive indefinitely, but a transplant is the best option. However, finding a donor will take a long time. Phyllis enters the room saying that she came back for her jacket. Did you get tested, Chris demands. Phyllis says that she didn't get tested and Christine erupts. Why in hell not? She asks. Well, did you get tested? Phyllis asks Chris. Chris says that she didn't get tested because she has the wrong blood type. "Well, so is mine," Phyllis sneers at her. "How dare you assume that I would deliberately not be tested. I would give both of my kidneys to Danny is I could. Why do all of you only think the worse of me?" She grabs her jacket and walks out of the room.

JACK stops by to see Diane. He encourages her to light a fire under her lawyer and get things moving. If that doesn't work, then get another attorney. He says that Baldwin is stringing this out just to rack up high-priced hours.

MICHAEL walks into his darkened office and is startled when Phyllis says it is about time he showed up. She has a legal problem. Somehow she is going to put Little Miss Perfect in her place once and for all! She thinks she is the only person concerned about Danny. She is so possessive; she is acting like she is his wife while all the time her real husband stands there and watches. She wants to strangle her chicken neck for the way she is treating her. And forget about asking her for her help; Danny Romalotti is the only thing she is thinking about; he is all that matters. As she rants, Michael seems lost in serious thought.

AT THE HOSPITAL, the lab results are getting worse. Katherine Chancellor stops by. She has the same blood type as Danny, so what does she do now? The doctors exchange looks, then tell her that there is nothing she should be doing as they will not be using her kidney. They explain that there are age limitations. Kay is insulted that they would think she was too old to give her kidney to her stepson. They explain that as a person ages, the kidney loses some of its function. There would be too many short and long term complications if they used her kidney.

More lab results come in and now it is time that the patient is taken for his first dialysis treatment. He is now in total renal failure. They are now going to put his name on the National Transplant List. But that will take months---years, screams Gina. The doctor impatiently says that there is nothing they can do about that now. A stretcher is brought in for Danny.

In his office, Michael realizes that there is no way to get through to Christine while she is totally concerned about Danny. He calls to check on Danny's condition and finds that Danny is now on the recipient list. As he sits there, hopeless, he suddenly brightens. "This could be the answer---it could be the answer to so many things."

Thursday, May 7, 1998

OLIVIA finds flowers with a card that reads, "To my amazing wife," as well as Malcolm waiting for her in her office. No, she tells him, you are the amazing one. He asks about her celebrity patient, and she tells him that he is not doing well at all. He has one thing going for him, Malcolm tells her, You! Malcolm tells her how much he and his son miss her when she gets caught up in a case. But, he has a remedy; he has three passes to the State Fair tonight. That means that they will be able to have all the rides, all the cotton candy, and everything else that they want. She thinks that would be fun, but she doesn't know if she can get away. He is disappointed, but asks her to try. He gives her one ticket and says that he and Nate will look for her at the merry-go-round. Before he can say anything else, she is paged and has to leave.

GINA is angry because Danny has to go on dialysis because of some vicious criminal. It is so unfair that he has to go on a waiting list with thousands of other desperate patients, Chris says.

MICHAEL is on the phone. "So it is a definite go?" He asks. "Yes, I want to do this. I will be right there." Hanging up, he wonders if he is losing his mind. What alternative do I have, he says. He places a call to Ted, his attorney. He tells him that the time is now! He will be occupied for a few days and, therefore, out of touch, but he wants him to get moving on this.

"What are you up to now?" Phyllis asks from the doorway. "I can tell you are up to something so don't try to hide it from me." Michael says that he is going ahead with the petition to renew his law license. He has a new attitude and it has nothing to do with Christine. No, answers Phyllis, I don't believe it. You are up to something; I am certain of it and I'll find out. I always do! Don't you know that you can tell me anything? Suddenly, Michael grabs her and kisses her with enthusiasm. What was that for? Phyllis asks, surprised. He tells her that he is going away for a few days on business. Don't worry about me; I'll be back before you know it.

RYAN tells Nina that he will be bringing Phillip home soon. It has been a great visit; he is making progress with his son. At first he was a little reserved, but then he began to loosen up and now he feels like he is finally getting his son back. When Phillip comes into the room, he says he is ready to go home but he wishes he didn't have to. He hates to say goodbye; he wishes it didn't have to be this way. Being here has been awesome. Ryan reminds him that he can come over anytime he wants to. He tells him that he loves him and feels like he is getting his son back. There is nothing more important in my life than you.

Phillip begs him to stop seeing "that girl." He wants it to be just Ryan and him and Mom just like it used to be. Think about it, he says.

DORIS is reading "Hope in a Bottle" when Sharon enters the room obviously in a better mood than yesterday. She tells her mother that she had a wonderful time with Tony last night. Doris tells her that she should be careful; don't do anything you will regret. Tony calls and invites Sharon to lunch.

After the dialysis, CHRISTINE asks Danny how he is feeling. He is feeling a little better. Don't worry, he tells her, I'm hanging in; I have too much to live for. Christine kisses his hand while Paul watches from the doorway.

Paul opens the door and asks if she would rather he not be here, but Chris tells him of course not! Why would he ask that? You are here for Danny. Paul tells her that although he is there for Danny, that is not all he is there for. Well it should be! Chris snaps at him. What do you mean? Paul asks, confused. Just drop it! Christine says and turns her back on him. Olivia comes in to check Danny's levels. Christine tears into her. "Are you sure you are doing everything you can for Danny? There must be more that you can do. He is getting worse!" Paul pulls her outside the room so Olivia can do her job.

Not long after they go outside, Olivia rushes out. "They have a donor!" she exclaims.

SHARON AND TONY meet at the Crimson Lights where Tony has ordered her a cherry cola. They try to keep the conversation up-beat, but they keep sinking into conversations about their respective mates. Grace won't give him the time of day; Nick and Sharon can't be in the same room without arguing.

Tony tells her that Nick will see the light; how can he turn his back on such a sweet child as Cassie for long? Sharon realizes that she hasn't been fair to him about Cassie. She has been so involved in seeing how Cassie being her daughter could complicate things for her, Nick and Grace that she has forgotten that he lived with her and was her caretaker for a long long time. Tony recalls a fishing trip he took Cassie on. She was such an animal lover that she wouldn't use the worms as bait. Instead, she took a big wad of bubble gum out of her mouth and used that. She got a bite on the first throw but she made him throw the fish back into the lake.

Sharon thanks Tony for showing her a good time. She tells him that her mom is worried that they will become more than friends. As she leaves, she offers to pay for her soda. But Nick says he will pay for it; the next time they can go to the Colonnade room and she can pick up the tab there.

TRICIA returns home with all her bags. She realizes that Ryan is torn; it isn't fair for him to have to choose. She asks if he wants to go back and try again with Nina. Ryan tells her that he loves her and soon Phillip will come to love her too.

Phillip returns home and tells his mother all the great things he did with his Dad. He then tells her that if they work at it, he believes that they can get Ryan to come back. He throws himself into her arms. Nina is totally flabbergasted!

Sharon returns home to learn that Nick called while she was out. He is coming home today. Sharon hopes that things will be different this time; it is all up to Nick now.

Danny is ready to leave his room for the OR. Everyone is saying good bye. Paul tells him to hang in there; one thing he knows about Danny is that he is a fighter. As Christine approaches the bed, Gina suggests that she and Paul wait in the hallway and give Danny and Christine a chance to be alone. It may be the last moment they have together. Reluctantly, Paul leaves with Gina.

Chris tells him that it will be over soon. When he returns, he will have a new lease on life. God is with you, she says, and so am I. I will be the first person you see when you wake up. "I love you," Danny says as he is pushed out of the room.

In another room, MICHAEL wonders if he is out of his mind. No, he says, it is my life, my future. This is the only answer I've got. I have to go through with it; there is no turning back now.

"Are you ready, Mr. Baldwin?" a nurse asks.

"Yes, I am!" Michael answers in a strong determined voice. As they push the bed out of the room and down the hallway, his vision slowly blurs until his eyes close.

Friday, May 8, 1998

VICTOR visits Grace in her office to tell her that he is pleased with all the extra work she has done in his son's absence. He has more work for her to do, but since Nick is coming home today, she should have a little help with it. After Victor leaves, Grace gets a happy look on her face and thinks, "He is coming back! Nick, I have missed you so much!"

SHARON stands looking out the window, lost in thought. You are thinking about Nicholas coming home, aren't you? Doris asks. Sharon admits that she should be overjoyed at his return, but all she can feel is terrified. It would help if you just let go of your anger and be at your best when he comes home. What if he still won't accept Cassie and I have to make a choice? What am I going to do? Doris tells her that she didn't start this problem, but she can end it. Just tell him that you love him, Doris advises. Since Nick called to say he was coming home, maybe he is trying to establish communications with her. The phone rings and it is Victor. He wants her to come by his office; he wants to talk to her. Doris wonders what Victor wants to see Sharon about. Sharon says that he wants to grill her about her marriage. He isn't exactly the kind of man you can lie to, but how can she tell him the truth?

GINA AND CHRIS are nervously waiting for word about Danny. Gina can't believe that there are people out there who would stab someone for a few dollars. Chris reminds her that there are also people who are willing to donate precious organs so that others can live. Gina agrees; she wonders if they will ever be able to thank this person for donating the kidney of a loved one.

KATHERINE gets off the elevator and sees Olivia at the nurse's station. Is there any news? She asks. Olivia replies that she was just going to give the others an update; come along and I can tell the others at the same time. In the waiting area, Olivia tells them that the surgery is proceeding normally. As she is explaining that they have to be alert for signs of rejection, Phyllis walks in. "Where is Danny?" she asks, obviously frightened by the empty room. Chris tells her that Danny is in surgery; they found a kidney for him. Gina then tells her harshly that they will call her at her home when there is news. Phyllis says that Danny is her former husband and the father of her son, so she has a right to be there---more than Chris, she adds. She says she is leaving, but first she wonders if they have seen Michael. Chris hotly tells her that even Michael wouldn't come to the hospital to plead for her help in getting his precious law license back. If you see him, will you tell him I am looking for him? Phyllis asks. Christine coldly tells her that she has more important things on her mind at the moment to worry about whether Michael gets her message or not. "You know, for some reason Michael thinks of you as a compassionate person, but you and I know that is not so, especially where Michael is concerned," Phyllis tells her and leaves.

PAUL is in his office. He tells Lynn that he is thinking about Chris and Danny. He can't blame her for being at the hospital so much, but he can't help but wonder how much longer she will be his wife.

VICTOR calls the ranch and Nikki tells him that she is being good; she isn't overdoing it because she doesn't want to strain anything. She reminds him that she isn't an invalid but she is happy that he cares. She tells him that Miguel has taken off for a couple of hours. Victor says that he will be home as soon as possible. After hanging up the phone, Nikki stands and looks toward the bar; She is stunned to see a vision of Sara standing there. Visually shaken, she drops back down on the sofa as the vision disappears. Nikki picks up a magazine but she appears nervous and unsettled.

VICTOR greets Sharon with a warm smile; it is obvious that he is fond of her. He wants her to move back to the ranch, but Sharon doesn't know if that is what Nick wants. Victor is surprised when she tells him that Nick hasn't even called her while he has been away. Not called? Victor asks. She tells him that he didn't call until today when he called to say he was coming back. She says that she isn't going to put herself in a vulnerable position again; she has no idea where his son's head is concerning her. Victor observes that if neither of them is willing to give an inch, then they are going to lose everything that they have. I just want to help, he tells her. Please be at home when Nick comes home. Sharon kindly tells him that he doesn't know the differences between her and Nick. She loves him, but she doesn't know how he feels about her. He loves you, Victor says. Has he told you that lately? She asks. No, admits Victor, but I know he does. Then talk to your son! Sharon says as she leaves. Victor releases a deep sigh.

MIGUEL AND VERONICA are having lunch at the Coyote Grill. She tells him again that she needs to find a job. What have you done before? He asks. She tells him that she has done many things. Once she was a librarian---a research librarian---and she enjoyed it. Miguel wants her to come to the ranch and meet his employers. They may be able to help her. He mentions that she is a lonely woman; Veronica says that she doesn't know what she is going to do with her life now, but she has been terribly hurt in the past. Sensitive people are so easily hurt, she says. When he asks her again to come to the ranch, she agrees since it means so much to him. Anyway, she adds, it might be interesting meeting this woman.

TONY walks into Grace's office and finds her in a good mood. Hi, Tony, she says cheerfully. That's a point in my favor, Tony says. You remembered my name. He mentions that they never see each other any more. She uses work as an excuse and he wonders when Newman would be coming back. She says that Nick will be back today. Tony says that that explains why she is so happy; she still has the hots for Newman. I don't know why I bother, she says as he walks out of the office.

Katherine hurries back into the waiting area and says that she just over heard some doctors talking. The kidney came from a live donor.

PAUL says that he is losing Chris. She is so drawn to Danny, especially now. He doesn't even think it is just the crisis; she would want to take care of him no matter what; she wouldn't be their Chris if she didn't care as much as she does. But, he has become her entire focus. Until Danny gets better, he will be uppermost in Christine's mind. He wishes there were something he could do for Danny---something more than being tested as a donor. He has said some awful things about the guy, regardless of the fact that they were in competition for the same woman. Right now, Danny has the inside track. He decides to go to the hospital and find out what is going on.

CHRISTINE doesn't believe it. A live donor! Who would have donated one of his or her own kidneys for a stranger? Maybe it was a fan, Gina suggests, but Katherine says it would have to be one hell of a fan. Just then they are told that Danny is out of surgery and they are bringing him to his room. The doctor says that it is a big plus having a freshly harvested kidney. Danny is wheeled back to his room while they watch.

MIGUEL and VERONICA arrive at the ranch but Nikki is nowhere in sight. He leaves her in the living room while he goes looking for her. Looking around, Veronica wonders if Nikki will recognize her; will she see that she was Sara? No, she is completely different now. Aloud, she remarks that it is exactly the same. "The same as what?" Miguel wants to know as he comes back into the room. Its the same as you described it, she answers. Just then, Nikki comes into the room. She introduces herself to Veronica and they sit and talk for a while. She mentions her trauma and Veronica says that she is a lucky woman. After a short conversation full of double entendre, then Miguel and Veronica leave. Meeting you means more than you could possibly know, Veronica says as she leaves.

CHRISTINE, GINA AND KATHERINE stand by Danny's bed. The doctor tells them that he will be awake soon, but he will be groggy. Katherine heads for home after telling them to give Danny her love. If they find out who gave the kidney, let her know because she wants to thank them personally. The surgeon tells them that Danny's official condition is guarded, but between them, he couldn't foresee anything except a good recovery. They will have to watch for rejection, of course, but getting a fresh kidney was a stroke of luck. They want to know whom the donor was, but he says that the donor requested that his identity be kept completely secret. But as long as it takes, who cares? He says as he leaves the room.

NICHOLAS comes to his father's office and talks excitedly about his trip. It was busy but rewarding, he says. Too busy to call your wife? Victor asks. You didn't call not once all the time you were away. Nicholas seems to think that Sharon "told" on him, but Victor tells him that he wants them to get their act together and patch up their differences. Nick says that he was in love with Sharon. "Was" Victor asks. He wants to get one thing straight. He is concerned about his grandson. He wants Noah to have a real family with a mother and father married to each other. You do remember that you have a son, don't you? Nick whines that he can't talk about this right now; he is trying to keep his head above water as it is. "I've got a son, but that's not all," Nick angrily shouts. What does that mean, Victor asks. Nick tells him to stay out of his marriage. Victor encourages him to go home and see his wife and son. Get things worked out, he tells him because from what I can see, your marriage is hanging by a thread.

CHRISTINE just can't get over the anonymous donor; it seems that for every jerk like Phyllis there is some selfless person out there willing to help someone out. She asks Olivia who the donor was. Olivia calls the transplant office and asks. When she returns, she tells them that the orders were very clear. There is to be complete anonymity. Gina invites her for coffee and they leave. Looking down at Danny, Christine says, "Whoever you are, thank you. Thank you for what you did for Danny!"

As Chris steps out of Danny's room, she overhears the surgeon asking one of the nurses to check on the transplant donor. As the nurse walks down the hall, Christine follows her. The nurse goes into a patient's room and Chris watches from outside the door. When the nurse finishes, Chris is standing down the hall a way. When the coast is clear, Christine pushes her way into the room. "Excuse me," she says. "I don't mean to bother you, but I wanted to thank you for what you did for Danny. It was an incredible gesture of compassion." In slow motion, a groggy Michael turns toward her. "My God!" exclaims a shocked Christine. There is a look of total disbelief on her face.

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