The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on Y&R
Victor asked Christine to help Sharon get legal custody of Cassie. Christine discovered that Alice was back. Victoria experienced spotting. Christine and Paul had a romantic evening. Victor offered Diane a generous settlement.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, June 8, 1998

NICK walks into his office and is surprised to find his dad waiting for him. Victor tells him that he knows about Cassie; Sharon told him, but don't give her a hard time about it. But he has a question, why in hell did it take you so long to tell the family about this? Nick looks a little ashamed, but explains that a lot was going on with the family and he didn't want to drop a bombshell on them. He says that Cassie is a sweet little girl but he never expected to be stepfather to a seven-year-old girl. Victor tells him that life is full of what ifs, but you have to deal with reality and learn to live with the what is. Victor is also concerned about the legal issues, but Nick only knows that Sharon has seen Chris Williams a couple of times. Victor leaves with the comment that he is glad that he and Sharon are working on their marriage; keep trying, he advises. What choice do I have? Nick responds.

MIGUEL tells Nikki that he is going into town but he will be back in time to make dinner. Although Nikki had some things she wanted him to do, she tells him to go and have a good time with Veronica. Just as Miguel opens the door, Jack is beginning to knock. He wonders if he should add psychic to Miguel's long list of talents, but Miguel barely speaks as he brushes by him. Nikki tells Jack not to worry about Miguel; the love bug has bitten him hard. Also, he is a little miffed at them because Victor would not hire his ladylove as the new housekeeper. Jack comments that Victor doesn't have a romantic bone in his body, but Nikki says he couldn't be more wrong. Nikki wonders if he is still pursuing his relationship with Diane, but Jack says that Diane isn't ready to move on yet, but they are still good friends. "Don't tell me she is still hung up on Victor," Nikki says. "So there is more to this visit than you are saying. She sent you here to find out how much moola Victor is going to give her. Well, Victor is drawing up an appropriate settlement. She won't be living like Ivana Trupm, but she will do fine. Personally, I wouldn't give her a thing." She wonders why Jack isn't saying anything, but he says he learned a long time ago not to disagree with her. She begins to look suspicious, so he tells her that he has to leave; he has an appointment that he has to keep. After he leaves, you can see that Nikki's mind is working overtime.

NICK is working at the computer, talking about how a report can be changed to have more impact. Grace is hanging over his shoulder and agreeing with him. Suddenly, Nick says that he is going home; he promised Sharon that he would spend time with her and the children this afternoon. Looking disappointed, Grace tells him to go be with his family; she will finish the report.

As Grace works on the report, Tony walks in. He wants to take her to a new bistro that has opened up, but she doesn't want to go. I'll have to do it here then, he says. Do what? Grace asks. He tells aher that they have always been good together. He has thought about looking for someone else the past few weeks, but he knows that if he found someone, she would only be second best. He reminds her that he once gave her an engagement ring; when they began having problems, she gave it back to him. Now he would like to give it to her again. "Will you marry me, Grace?" Grace whispers yes; Tony says he couldn't hear her. Loudly, Grace says, yes, she will marry him.

VICKI holds her hands over her lower abdomen as she thinks about her condition, but that soon passes leaving her with a bewildered expression. Just then, Cole bursts into the office and shouts that he cannot believe she is trying to pull this. What does she mean, making up this ridiculous pregnancy story? Rumor has it that I am the father! He tells her that he is on to her and her games. Vicki guesses that his loud-mouthed girlfriend went straight to him even though she told her not to. Don't lay it on Ashley, Cole tells her. This isn't for real, he declares. And how did you reach this brilliant conclusion, Dr. Howard? Vicki asks. He tells her that if there was a baby, there is no way she would have let the divorce go through. Now he wants her to stop playing these stupid games trying to come between him and Ashley. "You are right, Cole," Vicki says. "There is no baby. It was just a stupid lie. Now there is nothing to come between you and your precious Ashley." Cole wonders if she resents his happiness so much that she will play these games. Vicki says that the games are over.

VERONICA opens a drawer and pulls out a newspaper account of the shooting. She has a flashback to the night that she shot Nikki. "How could I have been that person?" she asks herself. "How could I have done those terrible things? I am not that person any more; now I am Veronica. Sara is gone for good." She is surprised to hear a knock at the door. Putting the newspaper away, she goes to the door and lets Miguel in. She tells him that she is running out of money. She has to have a job soon. When Miguel offers to go back to the ranch and give the Newman's an ultimatum, she tells him not to do that. Miguel tells her to wait for him here. He leaves. When he returns he has good news. He spoke to his friend Jorge in the diner. One of his waitresses is leaving and he will replace her with Veronica. This makes Veronica happy. She says it is the perfect solution.

ASHLEY is working in the lab when Cole storms in. He says he is so mad he is about to explode. He knows about the pregnancy, but he doesn't believe a word of it. He brags that he got her to admit that she wasn't pregnant, that she made the whole thing up. "I busted her big time!" he says. Ashley wonders why Vicki would make up something like this, but Cole is sure that she is freaking out because now she is alone again. She is as smart as a whip, but she can be her own worse enemy. After he leaves, Ashley isn't convinced that that is all there is to this. "What is really going on with you, Victoria?" she asks. "I think I know one person that will give me an honest answer."

VICTOR goes to Legal Aid and questions Christine about the Cassie business. She tells him that she can't get into it very much with him because Sharon is her client, but she will tell him what she can. She explains that the grandmother gave up Cassie so she could have a better life. The adoptive mother had abandoned Cassie years ago. She admits that Sharon is vulnerable should someone come to claim Cassie. Victor swears that he will defend Cassie's rights as he would defend any Newman. He would stop at nothing---and I mean nothing---to protect the rights of that child.

MICHAEL is busy researching the law when Phyllis walks in. She thinks he needs to take a break and she does everything she can to seduce him. Michael resists but she gets the better of him. As he pushes her down on the desk and begins to make love to her, the door opens and Jack walks in. "I thought this was a law office, not a bedroom," he says loudly. Michael sends Phyllis out of the room so he can deal with Jack. He tells him that if he had entered just five minutes before this, he would have seen him busy researching the law. Jack says that if he had entered just five minutes later, he would have seen more of Michael than he cared to see. He tells Michael that Diane is his top priority; she is all he is concerned about. Michael had better get his ducks in a row, because he has just learned that Victor Newman is putting together a settlement agreement of his own. "Are you ready to lowball his offer today, if necessary, or are you too busy chasing redheads around your desk?" Michael assures him that when and if Victor Newman submits a settlement agreement, he is ready to counter it. He then tells Jack that he has spent three times as long with him as he would have spent kissing his girlfriend goodbye. So he shouldn't stay underfoot if he wants him to get on the ball.

After Michael leaves, Phyllis comes back in and asks who was that man. He is someone very important, Michael says. I don't intend to let him mess it all up. No way that is going to happen. I will see you in hell first, Jack Abbott!

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

Even though she tells Victor that she is busy, he tells CHRIS that he is coming over to see her anyway.

RYAN convinces Tricia that the four of them---Nina, Phillip, he and Tricia---should have dinner tonight at Gina's to announce their engagement. He is sure that this is just what Phillip needs to come around, but Tricia isn't so sure. She tells him that she has some things to do so she may be a little late. After Tricia leaves the office, Ryan calls Phillip at home and invites him and his mom for dinner. Phillip is very excited, but he gets the idea that the dinner is for the three of them.

NINA pops in to see Chris and says that she is positively glowing! Things are back on track with Paul she guesses. Chris says that it is like being on a second honeymoon. She asks how Phillip is doing and Nina says that he is still convinced that she and Ryan will get back together. The phone rings and it is Phillip. He tells his mother about the invitation and Nina agrees, somewhat reluctantly, to have dinner with him and Ryan.

GRACE and NICK are working when she finishes his sentence for him. She tells him that she can read his mind; that is why they do such good work together. Just then, Sharon bursts in with a large box saying that dinner has arrived. Grace's mood is spoiled but she hides it well enough. Nick tells her to "get lost" in a friendly way and she leaves. Out in the hallway, she reaches into her pocket and pulls out the engagement ring and slips it onto her finger. Going to her office, she calls Tony and asks him to come down.

ASHLEY calls Neil and tells him that she needs to come over and speak to him about something. She doesn't want to get into it over the phone; she will be there in about fifteen minutes.

Just after he hangs up, VICKI stops by to warn Neil that he may be having a visitor. Ashley---that witch---heard their earlier conversation and knows that she is pregnant. She confronted her in the office and told her to either tell Cole or she would. However, Ashley went straight to Cole and told him. Can you believe the audacity of that woman? She didn't even give me a chance to talk to Cole.

"It wasn't Ashley; it was me," Neil tells her. "What!" Vicki can't believe this! "You told Cole? How could you do that to me? I told you that I didn't want him to know." Neil says that he was only acting in her best interest. What they do about the baby has to be a mutual decision. "Well, what you said didn't change anything," Vicki informs him. "I managed to undo the damage you caused. I convinced Cole that I wasn't pregnant; that it was only a sick joke. He thought I was making it up anyway, the jerk! Why should I be honest with him? After all these years, I don't need this kind of garbage from him." Neil asks her what about the baby? Doesn't this life growing inside her deserve to have a relationship with its father? Vicki says she told Cole what he wanted to hear and she really hopes he will respect her decision. Ashley will be here soon, she says. Please let this alone!

TONY comes by Grace's office and notices that she is still wearing the ring. She tells him that she is just a little down and hopes that he will cheer her up. He diagnoses "burn out" and prescribes that she go to the bistro with him. A little vino, a little food and him and her spirits should be lifted. Perfect she tells him. As they are leaving, Grace remembers something that has to go out in the mail tonight. They walk down the hall to Nick's secretary and Grace asks her to see that the envelope gets out. Meanwhile, Nick looks into Nick's office and sees Sharon and Nick having an intimate picnic with champagne. Now he knows why Grace was feeling down!

NICK is so pleased that Sharon would think of doing this; this is just what he needed. Is she a mind reader? She tells him that she is more than a mine reader, she is working on a wife's intuition. She gets up and closes and locks his door; she closes the shutters on the window. As she comes back to him and sits on his lap, she tells him that the two of them are together on all sorts of wavelengths.

VICTOR arrives at Christine's office. He has been thinking about their conversation of yesterday and if he was hearing Chris right, she believes that Sharon is in a vulnerable position. Chris agrees that Sharon is afraid to take any decisive action. This adoptive mother is scum, Victor says. Worse than scum. How could a mother just abandon a child like that? He wants to know what they have to do to assume custody of Cassie. Chris says that Mildred Johnson is the only link to Cassie's adoptive mother; she is the one they should see about signing papers relinquishing custody of Cassie to Sharon. They should do this as soon as possible; she has been uncomfortable about the situation ever since Sharon told her not to do anything. Then it is time to bring Nick and Sharon into this, Victor says. Chris thinks that first, they need to find out if Mildred will help them. She just happens to have her phone number and she thinks she should call her.

NINA arrives at Gina's and is told that two handsome men are waiting for her. She joins Ryan and Phillip; she tells him that his invitation was a surprise. They make small talk; Ryan gets around to talking baseball with Phillip. They are having an animated conversation when Tricia arrives. Both Nina and Phillip are shocked to see her there. Nina is able to cover her surprise but Phillip becomes very quiet. As Tricia whispers to Ryan that this was a mistake, Phillip sees her engagement ring. Tricia has her left hand over her mouth as she tells Ryan that this isn't a good time to tell him, but Ryan mentions that Phillip is looking at the ring. That is the purpose of this dinner, he says. We want to announce our engagement. We haven't any plans yet, but we want the two of you to be part of it. Nina offers her congratulation. As she sees that Phillip won't respond, she suggests that she should take Phillip home. Phillip says that he doesn't want to be here.

After Nina and Phillip leave, Tricia tries to console Ryan, but he says that the whole thing was a fiasco. He couldn't have handled it any worse if he had tried. He has to believe that Phillip will learn to accept them. Time is the answer, Tricia tells him.

ASHLEY arrives at Neil's office. She tells him that she overheard his conversation with Vicki; then she tells him that Cole came to the lab and told her that the pregnancy was just a hoax. She needs to know the truth. Neil won't tell her anything, so Ashley says that he is saying a lot by his silence. She says that she is glad that Vicki has such a good friend and she hopes that he will stand by her; she really needs somebody.

PHILLIP is crying when they get home; he thanks his mother for bringing him home. "Why did he do this?" he asks. "Why did he buy her a ring? I begged him not to marry her and it didn't make any difference. I hate her and I won't see her again. I don't want to see Dad if she is with him, so don't tell me he cares about me, because I won't believe you."

Later, NICK tells Sharon that this was an awesome picnic. She tells him that she has a confession to make. It wasn't really intuition that caused her to bring the food; she called his secretary and found out that he had been swamped all day and had not eaten. Since he came home early last night to be with her and the children, it was only fair that she do something for him.

CHRISTINE calls Millie and explains that she is calling about Cassie. She assures her that Cassie is well and happy, but they would like to get some legal document that gives custody to Sharon. Millie tells her that she shouldn't have called and don't ever call here again. Just then, Alice yells at Millie about something. Is that your daughter? Chris asks Millie. Millie tells her that she is right; don't ever call again.

After she hangs up, Alice comes in and wants to know who was on the phone. Millie tries to tell her that it was only a salesman, but Alice doesn't believe her.

Her daughter is back! Chris warns Victor. I think she is still on our side, but she sounds intimidated by her daughter. I am afraid I have to give this more thought before I can advise you what we should do. Victor says that they should keep this between themselves for now. There isn't the remotest possibility that Alice will ever come to GC, but if she should get the drift that money is involved, there is no telling what will happen. He leaves, telling her that he will be in touch.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

JACK stops by Diane's just before her attorney shows up. Once again, he starts in on Michael, making all kinds of snide comments. He wants to know why she trusts this man and she wonders why he doesn't trust him. Diane tells him that this is MY lawyer and I am going on MY instincts. When Michael rings the doorbell, Diane warns Jack that he had better be good.

MICHAEL comes in and is unhappy to see Jack there, but he begins by making the best of the situation. Before he can get very far, Jack starts asking all kinds of questions and making more of his snide remarks. Finally, when Michael is unable to conduct business in a proper manner, he tells Diane that either Jack must leave or he will leave; he cannot properly inform his client under these conditions. Diane asks Jack to leave and he does reluctantly go. Michael explains to Diane that even though Victor usually covers all his bases, he had to act too quickly in this case. He never expected anyone to second-guess him. However, he warns Diane that she has to STAND FIRM in whatever she decides. I have nothing more to lose, Diane says. Let's do it!

NEIL and MAL are working out in the gym. Neil takes a break and thinks back to when he told Vicki that he wanted this child to be his. He comes back to the present just as Mal leaves the treadmill. It is a good time for both of them to take a break, he tells his brother. I want to talk to you about Victoria. Neil doesn't want to talk but Mal tells him to chill; he isn't going to rag on him but apologize for getting out of line in the past. What you two put together is up to you and more power to you, Mal says. As a matter of fact, just think about what it will be like to have Mr. Mo Money for a father-in-law! Neil says that he likes Victoria for herself, however, she has a lot on her mind these days, so he doesn't know how it will turn out.

TRICIA is home alone when Megan and Alec drop by to take the newly engaged couple out to celebrate. When they see that she is alone and in poor spirits, Alec leaves to give the girls time to talk. Tricia tells her sis about the fiasco at Gina's. Tricia says that she can't help feeling sorry for Phillip; all he wants is for his family to be reunited. She doesn't know if he will ever come around and that could be very bad for Ryan. Megan says that they will just have to live their lives and hope that in time, Phillip will adjust to the marriage.

RYAN arrives at Nina's in a terrible mood. He apologizes to Nina for the mix-up, but didn't know that Phillip had assumed that the dinner was only for the three of them. Nina accuses him of deliberately keeping that from Phillip because he knew Phillip wouldn't go if he knew. Ryan gets angry and begins to shout at her. She stops him and tells him that this is her home and he is not going to come in and start ordering her around. Ryan backs off, but he insists that Phillip wants everything on his terms and it is wrong to give that much power to a child. All I know, Nina says, is my son is in his room right now and he thinks, right or wrong that you tricked him. Just then, Phillip comes in with a book and is asking for help from his mom when he sees Ryan. "What are you doing here?" he asks, coldly. As he turns to leave, Ryan stops him. I didn't mean to hurt you, he says. I love you. Tricia and I are going to be married; she is going to be my wife. We want you in our family. I love you, son, and I will do anything to help you. Okay? Phillip just turns and walks out of the room.

PAUL has the apartment all set for a celebration. He is just lighting the candles when Chris comes in asking what is going on. We are celebrating our two week anniversary, he reminds her. Just then the doorbell rings. It is the florist delivering flowers. What is an anniversary without flowers? He asks. Chris surprises him by saying it is nothing without gifts, so she presents him with a festively wrapped gift. It is a gorgeous watch that he has been eyeing in Fenmore's. She tells him that it is engraved. Looking at the back, he sees the word FOREVER. A little later, after a lot of kissing, the doorbell rings again. It is Mary this time. She has brought over a berry pie for the celebration. She says that she has a few things she wants to say. She tells Chris that she is sorry for the trouble she caused in the marriage; she was jealous because Chris had her son while she had no one. That was wrong. She is truly happy that they are back together where they belong. She asks for their forgiveness.

RYAN returns home in a depressed mood. Tricia tries to comfort him. He tells her that Phillip is still upset; he would barely look at him. Tricia tells him that she has been thinking about something for a long time. She thinks that he would be better off if she got out of his life. She will freely give him up if that is what it takes for him to get his son back. While moved by the offer, Ryan turns her down.

ASHLEY goes to Vicki and tells her that she is there for some straight answers; she wants the truth and she wants it now. Vicki talks in circles, neither admitting nor denying anything. Ashley says that she believes that Vicki is really pregnant and the lie is in the denial. Victoria says that most women would be thrilled to have the "ex" out of their way. Vicki says that the best advice she can give is to just leave. "If you want Cole, you can have him, but if you keep messing with this, you will end up with nothing."

Thursday, June 11, 1998

DIANE is looking at a picture of Victor when she says, "You want a divorce? You will pay and pay dearly. Mr. Baldwin will see to that!" The door bell rings and it is Victor. They are uncomfortable with one another. He asks how she is; she says fine under the circumstances. Finally, he ways he came to give this to her. He hands her an envelope and tells her to read it and then they will talk.

Diane looks the paper over briefly, then tells him that if it has to do with the divorce, she isn't in the mood to deal with legalities. He tells her that it is a settlement offer.

MALCOLM is pitching a new campaign for the Jabot skin line to Jack and Ashley. Once he has finished, Jack gives him the go ahead with the campaign; Ashley agrees, but she does so with much less enthusiasm than Jack. After Mal leaves, Jack wants to know what is wrong with her. Before she can answer, the phone rings and it is John calling to let them know that he and Billy are back from their vacation early. He will be in the office very soon. This cheers Ashley immensely; he is just whom she needs to talk to. "Just like Daddy," she says. "When I need him, there he is!"

TRICIA arrives at Ryan's office still worried about Phillip. He has his heart set on getting Ryan and Nina back together. She thinks it is time to get help from outside the family and suggests a family counselor who is experienced with children. Ryan doesn't know why he didn't think about this himself.

MICHAEL calls Chris and asks if he can come over to see her. She says that she was on the verge of calling him. He says that he is on his way.

VICTORIA calls Dr. Winter's office but only gets the secretary. Olivia is unavailable right now, but she will let her know that Victoria is looking for her and wants an appointment today. Vicki will only tell her that she wants to discuss her options---the doctor will know what she is talking about. After hanging up, she asks herself what she is going to do. Time is running out!

JOHN arrives to find Ashley waiting for him. She gets right to the point and tells him all about what is going on with her, Cole and Vicki. This is the first he has heard about the engagement. John says there doesn't seem much that she can do but wait. Ashley admits that she doesn't trust Vicki at all. Just then, Olivia calls and invites her to lunch at Yves.

ALEC drops by Vicki's office with a completed report and she gives him a new project. As he is leaving, Neil comes in. She guesses that he is there to see if she has made a decision. He warns her that she cannot run from it much longer; soon her body will betray her secret. She has some serious decisions to make. Vicki says that all this assumes that there will even be a baby. He tells her that she is about to make a decision that she could regret for the rest of her life. Vicki says that her life is already a disaster. The timing for this pregnancy is all wrong. She feels like she is standing at the edge of a cliff and the only way to go is down and she feels so alone. Neil tells her that she is not alone; he will be there for her all the way. "Let this baby be mine," he says. "I will be the father of your child." When she starts to say something, he asks her not to say anything right now, but to add it to her list of options.

MICHAEL arrives at Christine's office and she reminds him that she has to file a report on him with the bar association. She asks if he is still living with Phyllis and he tells her that she is a friend. She warns him that this friend can quickly turn into a barracuda, but he reminds her that sharks are not afraid of barracudas. He then tells her that he needs some inside information of a friend of hers---Victor Newman. Chris wonders what he has gotten himself in to and he says that the relationship will be that of adversaries. He wants some insight on the man since great power brings greater flexibility, especially where rules are concerned---they can be bent or broken by men of power. Chris warns that a lot of people have tried to go after Victor Newman and none have even come close. She thinks that he is making a mistake if he thinks that this famous man is a good target; Victor Newman plays to win. As Michael is leaving, she warns him to never underestimate Victor Newman; to do so would be a HUGH mistake!

RYAN goes to Nina's and asks how Phillip is doing. He has an idea that might help him to adjust. Nina is open to any suggestion that he may have, but she isn't expecting what he has in mind. He has made an appointment for the three of them with a child psychologist for today at 3:30 PM. Nina explodes! She tells Ryan that she is Phillip's mother and that he can't just go around making decisions like this without her input. Phillip doesn't need a shrink, she shouts at him. He wants to know the problem? HE is the problem. HE is the one who moved in with his Barbie twenty minutes after the divorce was final. He hasn't given Phillip enough time to adjust to the divorce and already he thinks Phillip should accept his engagement.

Ryan disagrees; he thinks that Phillip has had enough time. He refuses to take all the blame in this situation; he says that Nina is also to blame for not insisting that their marriage is over. He says he has bent over backward to assure Phillip that he loves him. Nina disagrees. She says that Phillip feels that Ryan has abandoned him for Tricia; that is exactly what Phillip has told her. Ryan warns Nina that Phillip is out of control and if something isn't done soon, Phillip is going to suffer permanent damage.

ASHLEY and OLIVIA meet at Yves and order lunch. They talk about their sorority reunion for later in Bolder and try to decide whether or not to attend. While Ashley is in the Ladies room, Olivia's office calls and tells her about the call from Victoria. Ashley overhears the end of the conversation when Olivia tells her that she can see Ms. Newman later this afternoon. Ashley fishes for information about "women's issues," and the advice she gives. Olivia tells her that she likes to talk about other things when she gets away from the office.

VICTORIA is still talking with Neil when she gets a funny look on her face. What is wrong? Neil asks. Instead of answering, Vicki excuses herself and leaves the office. Later, she returns to a worried Neil. "The decision may have been taken out of my hands," she tells Neil. "I am spotting."

DIANE is taking her time reading the papers and it is obvious that Victor is getting a little antsy. "Interesting," Diane murmurs. Victor asks if there is anything he can explain, and she tells him that she believes she understands it fully. Is there anything you want to add? Victor asks. He is surprised when Diane tells him that she wants to show it to her attorney. Just at that moment, the phone rings. Diane answers and finds that it is Michael. She tells him that she has something for him to look at. Now? Michael asks and she says that would be perfect. He asks if she is alone. When she says no, he warns her to watch herself.

"So you have a lawyer?" Victor says. Diane says that she needs one to get her through all the legalese found in contracts and such. He again asks her if she is satisfied with the agreement and she tells him that she imagines that her attorney will be contacting his attorney. She would just like a second opinion; she is sure that he understands. He tells her that it is a generous settlement and she says, "We will see." Victor gives her a funny look as he lets himself out the door.

Once the door closes, Diane says, "Now we'll see just what you think our marriage was worth."

Friday, June 12, 1998

NIKKI comes home from shopping; she is wearing a short black sundress and a black hat. She is surprised when she sees that Victor is home. He wonders what is the matter with her saying that she is acting strange. He finally asks her to take that funny-looking hat off. When she does, he sees that she has a new hairstyle. "You hate it don't you?" she asks. "I knew you would hate it. Don't worry, my hair grows fast." Laughing, Victor tells her that it is gorgeous; she is gorgeous.

Diane is looking over the settlement papers when Michael arrives. "Are those what I think they are? Let's have a look---a very close look---at them!" After he has checked them over, Diane wants to know what he thinks. He says that they are garbage; they are totally unacceptable. Diane thought they were extremely generous, but Michael says that they are---on the surface. If she were an ordinary woman, she would think that she had died and gone to heaven. But she was put through hell and this isn't enough to pay for that! Diane is aghast that he is thinking of asking for more; what if by asking for more they risk everything? He agrees that it is always a risk, but she has to understand that SHE has all the power and leverage and shouldn't be grateful for crumbs. If she accepts this settlement, she accepts that she is a divorced woman. He doesn't think that she should accept the divorce as a fait accompleit.

SHARON is helping Cassie with a picture while Nick works hard at his desk. She suggests that when they are finished, Cassie should give the picture to Nick, but Cassie doesn't think that Nick would like it very much. She mentions that Nick doesn't talk to her very much, but Sharon says that he is wrapped up in work, but if she just went over and said hi, he would talk to her. Cassie looks in Nick's direction but she isn't convinced.

Sharon has to go check on Noah. Slowly, reluctantly, Cassie gets up and walks over to Nick. She stands there looking at him and when he notices her, she asks if she can watch him work. He tells her that there isn't much to see and she wouldn't understand it anyway. I guess not, whispers Cassie. Nick turns back to his work but when Cassie doesn't leave, he asks if there is anything else. She just wondered if he would like to have a cookie. He takes the cookie and says it is good; chocolate chip is his favorite. Mine too, Cassie says. She wonders if he will talk to her later when he isn't busy with work. Sure he says and her face brightens up. "I love you," she says as she walks away. "Wait a minute," Nick says. "Come back here. What did you say?" Coming back, Cassie hesitantly tells him that she loves him. "How do you know that you love me?" Nick asks. Cassie says she just knows she loves him. He doesn't say much, but that's okay. Sharon comes out of the baby's room and wonders if she is about to have some competition. Nick smiles at Cassie and says that it is possible. "Now, Sweetie," Nick says. When both girls look at him expectantly, he says, "Big Sweetie and Little Sweetie, I have to get back to work!" As he begins to work, there is a wide grin on his face and he is glowing. Back at the play table, a glowing Cassie says, "Did you hear that? He called me Sweetie!"

RYAN gets an unexpected visit from Jill who is worried about her grandson. He tells her that this is a complicated situation and doesn't need her input. She tells him that he isn't doing so well with Phillip. She called him last night and he is totally shut down. He has built up a wall and before they know it, that wall will be too high to breach. She reminds him of her son and all that happened to him. She sees the same thing happening to her grandson, but Phillip doesn't believe that Phillip's case is as bad as her son's was. He is just a little boy; he is still functioning and flexible. She says that Phillip is worse today than he was a couple of weeks ago; has something else happened? Ryan admits that he told Phillip about his engagement to Tricia and this just sets Jill off again. This is a child in crisis, she tells him. He needs to feel that he is your top priority but instead, he feels that Tricia is more important. She thinks that he should move back in with Nina and Phillip, but Ryan says that that would set them up for a worse disaster. Jill says that she made the same mistakes with her son that he is making and she paid for it. Ryan says that this is his son and he knows what is best for him; he doesn't believe that Phillip's problems are as bad as his father's were. I hope you don't have to eat those words later, Jill says. I can tell you that they leave a bitter taste in the mouth.

NINA opens her door and is surprised to find Tricia there. She says she is concerned about Phillip and wants to help. Nina says that she doesn't need her help. Tricia says, "Then I have to ask myself if you are really interested in your son's welfare." HOW DARE YOU! Nina shouts at her. Tricia says that she has a sincere desire to help; she wants what is best for everyone. If Phillip is happy, then she and Ryan can move on with their lives. She suggests counseling before it is too late.

After Jill leaves, Ms. Alcott arrives at Ryan's office for her appointment. She is Phillip's teacher and she isn't pleased with him recently. He has changed; he is uncommunicative, apathetic and doesn't do his homework. When he does, he doesn't do it well. She gives Ryan a lecture on what divorce does to children. She ends by telling Ryan that he has a deeply troubled little boy and she is very concerned about him.

OLIVIA gets another call from Victoria. She tells her that she has been spotting but now it seems to have stopped. Olivia says that she will meet her in the office right away.

Once she gets to the office, she talks with Vicki about her pregnancy. She tells her that she is referring her to an OB/GYN specialist and she would advise her to make an appoint ASAP. For right now, she should eat well, get plenty of rest and avoid stress. Vicki tells her that that is funny. How can she avoid stress about her pregnancy when the pregnancy is what is stressing her out? The idea of being maternal is totally foreign to her. She says that she is just going to wait and see what happens. Since she is spotting, maybe she will just have a miscarriage. Olivia advises her not to wait too long or she will be out of options.

RYAN shows up on Nina's doorstep again, much to Nina's dismay. He tells her that he is there again to talk about his son and about the two of them as parents. We have to do something! Nina says Phillip is just going through a hard time right now, but Ryan wonders what if he goes into this and never comes out? We have to do something now---today! We can't put it off any longer.

VICTOR tells Nikki that he took the settlement papers over to Diane. He was shocked that she had hired a lawyer, but he isn't concerned; any lawyer worth his salt will see that it is a very generous offer. Nikki says that he shouldn't have given her anything. It won't be long and she will have found another man to latch onto. Diane doesn't have much staying power; look at how easily Victor took her away from Jack. Victor says that this is a subject that they will never agree upon. Victor says that he feels guilty where Diane is concerned. All that happened was pretty traumatic to her. Nikki tells him that he is too good; he shouldn't worry about Diane. She is a woman who goes from man to man with amazing speed. Victor can't understand why Nikki keeps insisting that Diane has an agenda; she was hurt by what he did. Without her generosity, they wouldn't be able to go on with their marriage. Nikki says that there are some women that another woman can read like a book and Diane is one of them. Victor says that Diane is the injured party here; they would still be married if not for the tragedy that happened to Nikki. But he is happy that she decided to live. He picks her up in his arms and carries her up the stairs.

DIANE says that she doesn't like the image of herself as the greedy ex-wife out to get all that she can. Michael wonders what has happened to her. The last time they talked, she was out for blood and he figures Victor owes her a couple of gallons. I am out for blood, Diane says. I want to make him pay. You really want to take Victor to court, don't you? Diane asks. Michael says that if it comes to that, he will be as happy as a pig in mud, but either way, he wins. Good lawyering is about reaching the best compromise you can for your client. He says that he wants to do a little more research; meantime, let Victor stew in his own juices. Diane says that Victor will want answers; she doesn't know if she can stall him for long. Michael says that he won't keep Victor waiting for long. He may even have the answers he needs today.

"One thing you should remember, something you should never forget, YOU, Diane, you are still Mrs. Victor Newman! Don't forget that for one minute."

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