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Jill searched the attic, but Katherine stopped her. Mary held a memorial service for Carl. Victoria lied to Cole that she had lost the baby. Nikki accused Diane of only being interested in Victor's money.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, June 15, 1998

"At least you aren't using your desk as a bed today, Baldwin," Jack says as he walks into Michael's office. Michael is busy researching law, but allows Jack to spout off anyway. Jack warns that if you are going to take on Victor Newman, you have to know your stuff. Jack wants to be brought up to date on where they are right now. Michael calls Diane. I am coming right over, he tells her. Is it okay if I bring your friend, Jack Abbott? RYAN tells Nina that they cannot just sit around wringing their hands over Phillip; they have to do something before it is too late. Nina wonders why he is suddenly so panic-stricken. He tells her about the visit from Phillip's teacher. Nina is shocked to hear that Phillip is doing so poorly at school; he hasn't given her any indication that he is having problems. "Now do you understand why I am in such a panic?" Ryan asks. Just as Nina wonders what they can do, Phillip comes into the room. He wants to know what Ryan is doing there. Ryan tells him that he is worried about him. Phillip tells his father that he doesn't want to be there; he wants to be with "her," so go back to her. "We don't need you here," he says. "Just leave us alone; leave me alone!" Phillip runs back to his room. What are we going to do? Nina asks. Ryan says that he has an idea. He says that Jill planted the seed, but it is his decision to move back in so that he can be with Phillip full time. He says that it isn't about caving in to Phillip's wishes and it isn't reconciliation. Nina agrees and says she will make up the spare room while he goes home to pack. VERONICA is hard at work when the manager of the restaurant comes over and pinches her bottom. He wants her to go out with him tonight and have some fun, but she tells him that she is busy. He says that a lot of girls would see it as an opportunity to get ahead. Just then, a customer asks him for a cup of coffee. As he leaves, he tells Veronica to think about it; it is only a matter of time---tick, tick, tick.

NIKKI comes down the stairs and sees Miguel preparing to leave the house. She begins teasing him about going to see his ladylove, but Miguel doesn't see any humor. He asks if she has a problem with him going out with Veronica. Nikki says that she doesn't have a problem with that, but she does have a problem that he is still angry that they didn't give Veronica a job. Miguel says that after all that he has done over the years for this family, they would not want him to bring her to the ranch. Nikki replies that she will never understand why he can't see her side after all that happened. Miguel tells her that Veronica isn't Sara, so get over it!

TONY arrives at the ranch to visit Sharon and share some good news with her. Just then, Cassie sails out of the kitchen and into his arms. Hey, Peanut! Now I can tell both of you my good news. He has given Grace a ring; now they are officially engaged! Cassie is excited by the news. This is what she always wanted! Grace and Tony are perfect together. Now they can have their own baby. Sharon tells her that she has to run; Chuck just called before Tony arrived and he is ready for her. Who is Chuck? Tony asks. Excitedly, Cassie explains that Chuck is in charge of the stables and he is going to fit her for a saddle so she can ride this summer.

When Cassie is leaving for the stables, she kisses Sharon and tells her that she loves her. Tony guesses that things are going well for her and Cassie, but he is more interested in her reaction to his news. Sharon admits that she feels a little possessive about him since they were such good friends and confidants while she and Nick were separated. She admits that there were times when she was tempted and had to take care; he admits the same for her. But, she adds, our near miss was just that; however, he says that you never know about the future.

GRACE puts the ring on her finger just before Nick comes into her office. When she hands him some papers, she makes sure that he sees the ring. So you are engaged again, he remarks. To Tony again? She wonders if he isn't going to offer congratulations. Half-heartedly, he tells her that she has his congratulations if that is what she wants, but he has a hard time picturing her with someone like that guy---he can see her doing a lot better than Tony Viscardi! What are you talking about? Grace asks. Nick says that she interacts with a lot of sharp people on a daily basis. She never knows when she will meet someone here who will change her life. "Are you talking from experience?" Grace asks. Nick doesn't understand, so she points out that he has been saying that he married too young. Nick says that he and Sharon are a completely different story; she knows how much he loves Sharon. Grace says that Tony is a wonderful man who loves her with all his heart. They have tons of chemistry together. "Okay," Nick says before he walks out of the office. "I wish you and your mechanic all the best. See ya'." Left alone, Grace plays with her ring. "Why, Nick Newman, I think you are jealous. Mission accomplished!" She says with a smirk.

MIGUEL arrives at the restaurant and sneaks up behind Veronica. When he puts his hands on her, she swirls around ready to fight. He wonders if she is okay, but she says that it was just a hard day at work. The manager watches them from across the room. They sit to talk, but before long, the manager tells her to get up and wait on the tables.

DIANE admits Jack and Michael to the apartment, noting that they both arrived in one piece. Michael tells her that her friend has a huge chip on his shoulder, but Jack says that all he wants is for Diane to get what she deserves. "I am not sure that Baldwin packs the gear to pull this off!" Diane says that she believes in Michael. Michael says that he is an unknown quantity and that is the reason why he is the best attorney for Diane. He says that Jack could hire any number of high-powered attorneys, but they would have anywhere from 10 to 20 cases going at one time. Victor's attorneys would know exactly who they were and what their strategies would be. "I am an unknown quantity," he says. "They won't know what to expect from me. While they are picking themselves up off the floor and dusting their selves off, we will be out the door and they will never know what hit them?" Jack still doesn't looks satisfied. Michael tells Diane that when Victor arrives, she should just sit back and look confident; he will do all the talking. Jack tells him that he doesn't know Victor Newman and what he is capable of. It isn't good to get over-confident. Michael says the puts his confidence in the law. Jack decides he had better leave before Victor arrives.

JILL is standing by the window staring out at Phillip's grave when Katherine walks in. "Jill, do you think that by delving into the past you will recreate it? I pity you. You are still a young, attractive, vibrant woman; you can have a full life of you. Yet here you are living with a woman you detest, staring out at the grave of a man who has been dead for twenty years, obsessed over what could have been.

Later, Esther brings in some herbal tea. Jill says that Katherine still doesn't get it. It is because of her that she has never been happy except for those few days when Phillip loved her. She says that Phillip did love her but he came to a tragic death. Later, her own son could not live with what had been taken away from him and he died a tragic death. Katherine says that she tried to make that right; in the end, she gave him back the Chancellor name. Jill said it was too little too late. Katherine says that this subject is closed. "I know the pain you feel; I feel it too, but no good will result from opening this subject up." She admits that when she picked Phillip up from the airport, she was drunk, but she never meant to kill Phillip. Living was her punishment for surviving while Phillip died. She begs Jill to leave the past alone and let Phillip rest in peace. Jill says that sometimes the past becomes the present. She doesn't know what she is talking about, but when she does, Katherine will be the first to know. After Jill leaves the room, Katherine says, "You are up to something, Jill. What are you after?"

DIANE opens the door to Victor and invites him in. Victor tells her that she looks wonderful and he really means that. You wanted to talk? He asks. Michael enters the room and said that he would do all the talking. Who are you? Victor asks. I am Michael Baldwin, Diane's attorney. Pleased to meet you, sir. Victor wants to know what is going on here and Diane says that it is best to let her attorney explain. Michael says that he has spent a lot of time with Diane, listening to her account of this whole bizarre situation. "Diane was a happily married woman who did nothing wrong. Suddenly she is totally devastated and all her happiness turns to unhappiness. Can you even imagine what that must have been like for her? Do you even care?"

"Don't even suggest that I did not care for Diane; I still do. But remember this, my marriage to Diane was short-lived, but I mean to compensate her for that." Michael asks, "You are going to compensate her for all the trust he had in you---for all the love she had? This wasn't some kind of business arrangement. You can't come in and compensate someone after you have destroyed their life. We regard this offer as totally unexceptable."

Slowly Victor walks up to Michael and says, "Listen to me, you punk. I know what you are up to. You heard the name Newman and saw dollar signs in your eyes. You thought you would take advantage of this situation for your personal promotion and financial gain." This has nothing to do with me, Michael says. It is about getting Diane what she deserves. Don't take me for a fool! Victor says. "I would never take you for a fool, sir. But if you are honest, you will acknowledge that Diane went into this marriage thinking that it was going to be a long and prosperous relationship. That is, until you totally ripped her world apart. However, and here is the capper, Diane is legally still very much Mrs. Victor Newman! How about that one?"

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

RYAN returns home to Tricia and tells her that he is still worried about Phillip. Tricia tells him that she went to see Nina and he thinks that he is the luckiest guy in the world to have someone as understanding as she is. But she may not be so understanding when she hears what he has to say. He tells her that he is moving back with Nina because Phillip is in more trouble than they realized. Once Phillip learns to trust him again, he will learn to accept the changes in his life. Right now, he needs his Dad on a full time basis. Tricia is very understanding and tells Ryan that of course he has to do everything he can for Phillip.

PAUL and CHRIS have invited Mary over to the apartment. While waiting for her to arrive, Chris wonders if Paul is having second thoughts; but Paul says that when his Dad disappeared, he did everything he could to find him. Having him declared legally dead will be the closure that the family needs. Once Mary arrives, she realizes that this is more than a family gathering; she wants to know what is going on. As gently as possible, Chris and Paul tell her their thoughts about Carl. At first, Mary resists, but finally, she admits that somewhere deep down inside of her, she has always known that Carl has to be dead. She remembers, and shares with Chris and Paul, the night that Carl proposed to her. She then agrees to have Carl declared legally dead, but with one condition: she does not want this to be a cold and legal thing; she wants a proper memorial service for him.

MALCOLM makes a plea for help to Olivia; his model has called in sick and it is too late to call the modeling agency. He is on a rush job and needs her to drop everything and come down and do the shoot with him. After reminding him that she is not a model, Olivia gives in. Malcolm tells her that she is the most beautiful person he knows---prettier than any model---and if she will do this for him, he will reward her tonight.

Once Olivia arrives, Malcolm puts her at ease and says that they are about to enjoy some "sexy chocolate." They do a delightful shoot. There are even scenes with Olivia in an itsy bitsy, teensy, weensy, red and white polka dot bikini---something that Olivia told him he would NOT get her into!

RYAN arrives at Nina's apartment with a couple of suitcases. Nina hopes that they are doing the right thing for Phillip. Ryan says that this has to make a difference. They call Phillip out of his room and he is angry to see Ryan there again. He doesn't have to talk to him and nobody can make him! Ryan insists on talking to him; he is concerned about Phillip. I love you so much, he tells his son. He says that he is going to be there more from now on. What difference does it make? Phillip asks. You will go home to HER every night. No, Nina says. Your Dad is moving back in with us. When Phillip finally understands that Ryan is really moving back in, he runs into his arms. The three of them are in tears.

MEGAN goes to visit Tricia and is shocked to learn that Ryan has moved back in with Nina. Tricia tells her that Ryan doesn't believe that he will have to choose between his fiancée and his son, but she believes that he will have to do just that. Little by little, I may be losing him, she tells her sister.

RUTH is busy in the kitchen when Jim enters. She is shocked when she turns around. Jim has shaved his beard! This is the first time she has seen him without a beard and she thinks that he is more sexy clean-shaven. She thinks he shaved so that he could look at his face to see if it brought back any memories of the man he was, but Jim says that he is satisfied with the life he has. He loves her and he is happy; why go looking for anything else? They relive the day when they both realized that they had fallen in love.

JACK goes out to the ranch to visit Nikki. He tells her that she looks totally content. She answers that she is happy; it is Destiny that she and Victor is to be together. Jack says that Destiny took a long time to figure that out---Destiny and a tragedy! Nikki soberly tells Jack that not a day goes by that she doesn't think about Josh and what a sweet man he was. His death was so tragic . . . Suddenly, Nikki has a flashback to the last time when she saw Sara. Jack is worried about her. He sits her down and goes and gets her a glass of water.

What happened? He asked. She tells him that she just had a flashback to that night when Sara shot her. The things she said to me! Nikki says. Wait a minute, Jack says. I thought you told the police you couldn't remember anything. That is right! Nikki agrees. She will call them right away and tell them that she is starting to remember. She wants that dreadful woman caught.

Coming back to herself, Nikki tells Jack that Victor is offering Diane a generous settlement. "What makes you think that Diane will accept this generous offer?" Jack asks. If she is smart she will take it, Nikki says. The offer may not be on the table forever. She says that Jack is doing it again; he is acting like he knows something that she doesn't. Jack has no idea what she is talking about. She tells Jack that she and Victor couldn't be any happier; nothing will ever separate them now.

VICTOR wants to know what the Hell Michael is talking about. Michael repeats that at this point there is nothing to settle since there has been no divorce. When he first began looking into Diane's case, he found that Victor had gotten a quick foreign divorce and remarried his ex-wife---all of this happened within twenty-four hours. This just couldn't happen. "But it did happen," Victor says. I have done my research, Mr. Newman, and you have a problem---a very big problem---and it will be fascinating to see how you resolve it. Victor hopes that the two of them are enjoying this farce, but Michael tells him that this is not fun and games for them. Victor insists that his divorce is legal, but Diane asks him if his lawyers have told him this. Victor says that he doesn't need a damned lawyer to tell him when he is being hoodwinked.

Victor asks Diane if she knew Michael was going to pull this ridiculous stunt and she answers that Michael has informed her of all the implications. Victor wonders where she found this ridiculous person---whoever he is. "His name is Michael Baldwin and he is an excellent attorney," Diane tells Victor. Victor is becoming angrier and angrier. He says that he has made Diane a generous offer and if she knows what is good for her---or you, he says as he turns to Michael---they will accept that offer now and drop this nonsense.

Victor goes to the bar and slowly pours himself a glass of water. He slowly drinks the water as he pulls himself together. "Why are you trying my patience, Mr. Balding?" Victor asks. Michael walks over to him and looks him in the eye. "It is Baldwin, and you do not intimidate me, Mr. Newman." Then you are not as smart as Diane thinks you are, Victor smiles at him. "Where did you get this stupid excuse for a lawyer?" Victor asks Diane. "Do you really want a sleaze like this representing your interests?" Michael says that that is enough. Victor looks at him and says, "I WILL TELL YOU WHEN IT IS ENOUGH!" Diane interrupts and tells Victor that she thinks she has an excellent lawyer; if he doesn't like it, that is his problem. This is not about money. "Don't give me that nonsense," Victor coldly says. "This entire charade is about money. I made you a generous offer, but obviously it wasn't enough. I think that the "lady" is getting greedy. LET ME INFORM YOU THAT YOU WILL GET NOTHING! I WILL FIGHT YOU EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. My offer is withdrawn; I will see that you get nothing." He turns and walks to the door. As he is leaving, Diane tells him that this was never about money; it is about being his wife! That is all she ever wanted. However, Victor slams the door without turning back. Diane breaks down and cries while Michael comforts her.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

NIKKI stops by Victor's office; she wants to invite her handsome, sexy husband to lunch. Victor tells her that he can't today; he has just come from Diane's and the meeting didn't go very well. As a matter of fact, it went very badly; Diane would not accept his generous settlement offer. She had some punk lawyer advising her; he doesn't know who he was, but he was definitely someone she picked up in an alley somewhere. They will both be sorry, he promises, because he is rescinding the offer. They picked the wrong man to fool with. He made an offer worth millions and millions to Diane and she turned it down; now she will get nothing---neither her nor her attorney will get one cent from him. Nikki just stands there shaking her head at Diane's stupidity!

NEIL and VICTORIA are having lunch together. When she catches Neil staring at her, Vicki asks why. "Beauty has that effect on me," he tells her. Neil then explains that he went looking for her so that he could see how she was doing. Have you given any further thought to your options? He asks. She answers that she is still thinking about them, but she hasn't made a decision yet. Neil wonders if she is considering an abortion and she says that that is an option. She once again bemoans all that has happened to her. Neil again tells her that Cole has a right to know about the pregnancy, but she again doesn't want him to know about it. He can believe what he wants to believe, she says.

PAUL and CHRIS are talking about how hard the memorial service will be for both them and Mary, when Mary arrives. She tells them that she has already talked to the minister, Father Davies, and he thinks that the memorial service is a good idea. Since he has a free hour today, the plans are already made. The women from the church are providing flowers and she has called Lynn. The service will be in an hour. Paul and Chris go to change so that they can join her.

PHYLLIS is trying to get into Michael's briefcase but it is locked. When she hears him coming, she rushes to a nearby chair. Michael comes in and tells her that she shouldn't do that---but he is talking about her biting her nails. Phyllis begins working on Michael and finally he gives in and tells her that if she can keep a secret, he will tell her who his client is. With imaginary drum rolls in the background, he tells her that his new client is Mrs. Victor Newman! Phyllis is duly impressed, but she warns him that Victor Newman is a powerful man, someone used to getting anything he wants. Michael brags that he went eye to eye with one of the richest, most influential men in the country and he didn't even flinch. Phyllis warns him not to get over-confident. Michael says that he is confident---very confident---but he is never over-confident. Phyllis wants to go out and celebrate, but he wants to stay in. What he wants to do with her cannot be done out of doors.

ASHLEY tells her father that after lunch with Olivia, she is more sure than ever that Victoria is pregnant. John advises her to tell Cole everything. If she keeps this a secret, Cole would resent her when he does find out.

PAUL, CHRIS, MARY and LYNN arrive at the chapel where a picture of Carl is centered among the flowers. Mary tells them that they shouldn't think of this as a funeral; it is a memorial and she is looking for closure at long last. Father Davies comes in and agrees with Mary. Since they are all here, he suggests that they begin. He begins the service by telling some personal stories about his friendship with Carl. Later, Paul speaks; he tells them what his Dad meant to him. When Paul finishes, Mary speaks. It was right here in this very spot where she and Carl promised to love each other until death parted them. Because of the work that he was in, she often thought about Carl's dying. She loved him so much; finally, he will rest in peace. The minister ends the service by leading everyone through the Twenty-third Psalm.

As they read the 23rd Psalm, the scene is juxtapositioned with the scene in Jim and Ruth's kitchen where Jim is repairing a cabinet. Ruth says that maybe he was a carpenter in his past life because he is so good at it. He tells her that he has a new job. One of their friends needs a shed built behind his house and he is going to do it. As he is ready to leave, he asks, "Can I borrow your car today, Mary?" What! Ruth asks. You called me Mary. Did you ever know a Mary? Jim says that he doesn't remember a Mary. It must be just one of those things! He takes her keys and leaves, totally unconcerned about his slip of the tongue.

COLE calls Ashley from town saying that he wants to see her. She tells him to come right on over.

JOHN SILVA arrives at Victor's office assuming that Victor called about the settlement. He is surprised and puzzled when Victor tells him that Diane turned the settlement down and he is rescinding the offer altogether. It seems that Diane has developed a greedy streak, he tells John. She has hired some sleaze of a lawyer who had advised her that his offer was not good enough. Well, he will see that they don't get a dime! He wants this lawyer investigated; he wants to know everything there is to know about him. He says that his name was Balding . . . Baldwin . . . something like that. John gets a shocked look on his face. "Michael Baldwin?" Victor tells him that that is the name; does John know him? John says that he does indeed know Michael Baldwin. He is a brilliant lawyer. He has had some personal problems recently, but that has not diminished his ability as a lawyer. Well, Victor declares, this time Mr. Baldwin has bitten off more than he can chew. Before leaving, John advises that if he wants to know the personal history of the man, he should call Christine Williams; she is the one who knows Michael the best. After he is gone, Victor looks up Christine's number and dials it. He leaves a message that he needs to see her as soon as possible on an urgent matter.

JACK can't wait to return to Diane's apartment. He wants a blow by blow description of everything that happened. Diane is happy to fill him in. She tells him that she thought that Victor would lose it when Michael told him that they were not accepting his offer because there was no divorce. "I can feel the earth shake!" Jack croons. Diane says that unless she misses her guess, Victor is in total denial right now. My husband didn't believe one word that Michael said, she says. I told him that if he would let me be his wife, I would drop the whole thing. "God! I hope you didn't mean that!" Jack says.

Diane admits that she still loves Victor. Jack wonders what this addiction women have to Victor that they can't get over him; it is like reaching out for a cancer by choice! Diane says that once a man like Victor loves you, it is hard to get over him. But, no, she doesn't want him back. It wouldn't do her any good anyway since he has chosen the woman he wants to be with. But she will never let Victor hurt her again! She feels that she has won the first round even though Victor threatened to give them the fight of their lives. Jack looks worried. "You know that now Victor will be coming at you with everything he has got. Are you ready for that?"

Yes! Diane replies. This time, I hold all the cards.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

VICTOR arrives at Legal Aid to see Chris and she agrees to help him with anything that she can. He tells her that he needs some information on Michael Baldwin, the lawyer who is representing his ex-wife. Chris is surprised; she thought that Michael was handling a business case. She admits that he came to her looking for information and she told him to think twice before going up against Victor Newman. Chris is careful how she puts her words together; she wants to stay within the bounds of what is ethical, but she does tell Victor that she used to work for Michael. She learned a lot from him about the law; Michael is a brilliant attorney and would not get involved in anything unethical. Victor wonders if she had a romantic relationship with the man, but Chris says that wasn't what went on between them, but what did go on has no bearing on this case. She says that this is the best honest evaluation that she can give him. Victor says that Michael should indeed think twice before going up against him; if he wants to polish up his reputation, she should do it on someone else's coattails.

CASSIE says she has never had eggs for lunch before, but Nick tells her that it was an omelet, not scrambled eggs. Didn't she see the spinach and mushrooms? Yuk! Is that what was in it? Cassie and Nick both get a laugh about the omelet. But, lunch is soon over and Nick has to rush back to work. He and Grace have this really big project that he wants to finish. However, he promises that he will be home for dinner with his two sweeties. As he is leaving, a smiling Cassie says, "See ya, Nick." "Not if I see you first," Nick says with a smile and a wink. He is so funny, Cassie tells Sharon. Do you think he is starting to like me more?

NEIL escorts Vicki back to her office after lunch, but offers to take her to the ranch so that she can rest. She tells him that she is not sick; she is only pregnant. He just wants t help, he tells her. She replies that she is counting on him being there for her. Before he leaves, Neil says one more time that she should tell Cole about the pregnancy. It is his baby and he has a right to be a part of any decision she makes. Vicki doesn't want to rehash this again. This is her decision, her pregnancy; it has nothing to do with Cole. You aren't going to tell him, are you? She asks. Neil promises that he will not go to Cole, but Cole will eventually know that she is pregnant. Suddenly, Vicki doubles over in pain. "I have to get to the hospital right away!" she tells Neil.

COLE wants to take Ashley to lunch and she thinks that is a fine idea, but first she has to talk to him. She tells him that she knows he doesn't believe it and he doesn't want to believe it, but she thinks that Victoria really is pregnant---in fact, she is 99% sure of it. Then why deny it? Cole asks. Ashley doesn't know why but she is sure that Vicki has her reasons. Cole becomes angry. He has a right to be in on any decision she makes if this is his child! He tells Ashley that it won't make a difference between the two of them (to which Ashley reacts with great relief), but he has to see Vicki right away and get this out in the open.

MICHAEL pops into Christine's office and guesses that the Big Man himself has been there asking about him. Well, Chris, what did you tell him about me? Chris mentions that she thought he was just doing some corporate law things; she didn't know he was representing Victor's ex-wife. Michael says that the ex-wife was treated poorly by Victor and deserves to be compensated. Chris says that he is full of self-confidence---almost like before---but she warns him that he has NEVER tackled anyone of Victor Newman's caliber. Michael admits that Victor will be a formidable adversary. Michael says that he knows his stuff; he won't get over-confident, but if he does, she will be there to bring him down.

NICK and GRACE can't seem to get to the bottom of their work problem. Nick really wanted to get this report on Jack's desk by tomorrow. Well, Nick says as he puts on his coat, it will just have to wait. Grace is surprised that he is leaving, but he tells her that he promised Sharon that he would have dinner with the family. She tells him that she is going to stay and work on the report; maybe she can come up with the answer. He suggests that she go home to her fiancée, but she isn't ready to give up. As Nick says he really wanted that report to be ready for Jack, Grace smiles and asks if he is going or staying. He says that he is going; a promise is a promise.

COLE calls Vicki's office, but her secretary tells him that she left in a hurry and she doesn't know when she will be back.

CASSIE yells out that Nick is home and he asks her if she is the town crier. She doesn't know what a town crier is, but after he tells her that the town crier used to walk down the street shouting out all the news, she decides that she wants to be the town crier. Sharon says that dinner is ready; she will put it on the table if the two of them will sit and get their napkins ready.

After they are eating, Nick compliments Sharon on the roast pork; he helps Cassie with more potatoes. Sharon asks about Grace. She thinks it is great news that Grace and Tony are finally engaged. Cassie agrees, but Nick's mind is somewhere else. He tells her about the problem he has at work. He really wanted this on Jack's desk first thing in the morning. Just then, the phone rings and it is Grace. Grace tells him that she has discovered the problem with the numbers. I'll be right there! Nick says. He tries to explain to Sharon but she says that she doesn't understand why he has to go back to work. However, if he feels he has to go, then go. Cassie calls out that he is going to miss dessert, but he tells her to keep it warm for him.

After she clears the table, Sharon goes to the phone and calls Grace. Coldly, she tells Grace that she didn't appreciate her calling Nick while he was spending time at home with his family. She accuses Grace of knowing that once she told Nick about finding a solution he would want to go back. She should be at home spending time with Tony. Grace says that Tony understands about work and how important it is; too bad Sharon can't understand also.

NICK shows up at the office and Grace tells him about the problem. He calls her a genius and she throws herself into his arms. He is excited to get right to work. As he sits down at the computer, Grace drapes herself all over him.

DIANE answers the door and is surprised to find Nikki standing there. She says that she was expecting a grocery delivery. Nikki tells her that the doorman knows her; that is why she could just come on up. However, it is such a beautiful day, she recommends that Diane get out of the apartment and enjoy it. Diane says that she will keep it in mind; now why are you really here? Nikki says that she came to give her some friendly advice. "Don't push Victor too hard or you will lose," she says. Diane replies that according to some people she has already lost. Nikki tells her that Victor is furious with her for turning down his generous settlement. Victor won't be manipulated, Nikki purrs. Diane surmises that there are three possible reasons that Nikki is here. Number one, Victor is so angry that she isn't eating out of his hand that it is spoiling Nikki's honeymoon. Number two, Victor is genuinely afraid of her and he has sent Nikki over to warn her to play fair or else. Nikki interrupts and says that Diane is batting zero. Or number three, Nikki is here gathering information for the great Victor Newman so that she can go back and get a little pat on the head. "Oh why do I bother?" Nikki asks, disgusted. "If you want to put your head in a noose, go ahead. It makes no difference to me. Just remember this, you cannot force Victor Newman to do anything. You cannot win, Diane, you will only lose."

Diane says that she must be doing something right if Nikki is there with this garbage, pretending to give her some friendly advice. She walks over and opens the door and tells Nikki that she can GET OUT NOW! Nikki slowly walks to the door. She tells Diane that she has had Diane's number for a long time but finally Victor realizes that she was right. Victor knows now that he is better off without Diane. "No," Diane says. "I am the one that is better off without Victor Newman. Victor is a USER OF WOMEN; he uses them then throws them out. Right now he is using you, but when he gets tired of you----as he did in the past---he will leave you and then you will be the one trying to get all you can from him." Nikki says that she actually feels sorry for Diane, but Diane tells her to save her pity. When her lawyer gets through with Victor Newman, she will be the one sitting on top of the world. Nikki says that she is living in a dream world and she will end up with nothing. Diane slams the door as hard as she can. Coming back into the room, she says, "You had better come through for me, Michael Baldwin!"

Friday, June 19, 1998

JACK wants to discuss the fall forecast when he comes into Jill's office but she tells him that she isn't in the mood thanks to Katherine. She can't stop thinking about the past and all that should have been hers. Jack tells her that she is too consumed with the past. Get out of that house now; it isn't healthy to be this obsessed! Jill says that she isn't obsessed; she is just fighting for what was stolen from her twenty years ago. She wants what she deserved---everything that Phillip wanted her to have. Jack gets disgusted and tells her to call him when she is ready to get back to work.

SHARON is pacing the floor and grumbling to herself about Grace ruining her family evening when suddenly, Nick is home! He says that Grace worked out the problem at work so he is back to spend some quality time with his beautiful wife. Sharon is happy to see Nick in such a good mood; why wouldn't he be in a good mood? He gets to spend the rest of his night with his perfect little family. He tells her that he is hungry so she offers to warm up the supper. He has a better idea; he wants a barbecue. When Sharon is hesitant, he yells out for Cassie. He tells her that he wants to grill hamburgers and hot dogs down by the pool and all it will take is convincing Sharon. Jumping for joy, Cassie begs, "Can we? Can we, Sharon?" Sharon sends her to change into her swimsuit while she gives Nick a kiss. He then sends her up to put on her teeny tiny bikini.

COLE makes another call to Vicki's office, but the secretary still hasn't heard anything from Vicki. "Where are you Vicki?" he mutters. "I have got to find you."

VICTORIA is a patient in the hospital and Neil is sitting by her side. She says that she could easily lose this baby, but he tells her to stay strong and keep a positive attitude. "Thanks for your support," she tells Neil. Neil says that he will always be there for her---never forget that! Vicki says that this should be the greatest moment in a woman's life, being pregnant. Part of her is glad, but the other part of her is confused. He tells her not to put so much stress on herself. He asks if she is in pain and she says that she isn't. But they both know that if she starts cramping, it will mean she is losing the baby. She tells him that she is all right; he has a ton of work that needs getting done. She wants him to leave. He says that work can wait, but he will respect her wishes and leave. Just remember that I am only a phone call away if you need me.

After Neil leaves, Vicki's doctor enters. He tells her that rest and trying not to worry is the best medicine for her at this time. He wonders if there is anyone she would like notified. She tells him that the father of this baby is to know nothing about this pregnancy. Is that understood? Reluctantly he agrees and leaves, telling her that he will be back later.

MALCOLM is sadly looking at a picture when the doorbell rings. It is a young woman who says that she is a volunteer for Aids Awareness. She is collecting donations and passing out literature on Aids. By the look on her face, Malcolm gives her a generous donation. She asks if he knows anyone who had Aids; Mal says that he lost a very special person to Aids---Keesha. The girl gives him a ribbon and leaves.

JILL is moping around her office when her secretary announces a visitor. Even though the name isn't familiar to her, Jill has her sent in. An elderly woman comes in and introduces herself as Beatrice Tucker, former laundry maid for the Chancellors. She has something that she thinks Jill will be very interested in! Beatrice reaches into he purse and pulls out an envelope. When she opens it, Jill is astonished to find a picture of her and Phillip. She is overjoyed; she doesn't have a picture of Phillip. As she thanks the woman for thinking of her, Beatrice happens to mention how sad it was the day when Mrs. Chancellor had them pack up all of Mr. Chancellor's things and store them in the attic. Jill is intrigued and asks her a few questions. It seems that not only his clothing but his jewelry, keys, and everything else was packed up and stored in the attic.

Holding the red ribbon, MALCOLM remembers his time with Keesha. She tells him that being close to death made her see how much she loved life and all the small things that are free. She would be a fool to focus on the bad stuff; she is now convinced that she has to focus on all that is good in her life. While Malcolm is remembering, Nate and Olivia come into the room. Olivia sends Nate to his room while she finds out what is wrong with Daddy. As she comforts Mal, Olivia guesses that he is remembering Keesha; she encourages him to talk about her while she cries along with him.

COLE calls Vicki's secretary once again. She still hasn't heard from Vicki. Cole asks if she left alone and the secretary tells him that she left with Neil Winters. Hanging up, Cole calls Neil's office. His secretary says that she got a call from Neil about twenty minutes ago and he said that he was at Memorial Hospital. Cole hangs up and rushes out the door.

ESTHER is cleaning when Jill arrives home. After exchanging a few insults, Jill asks where the entrance to the attic is. Esther tells her that it is off the servant's quarters. Jill is practically running up the stairs, leaving Esther with a confused look on her face.

VICKI is resting when Cole bursts through the door. What is going on? He asks. He says that he has been busy tracking her down because they need to talk. At least he asks her why she is in the hospital. Does it have anything to do with the baby? What baby? Vicki asks. He tells her to drop it; for once in your life, try to be straight with me. Vicki tells him that she knows how he feels about her---or more accurately, how he doesn't feel about her. She didn't want to stand in his way. Cole says that he knows that their lives are going in two different directions, but they have a baby to consider. He wants to play a role in his/her life. "Too late," Vicki says. "I have already lost the baby. That is why I am in the hospital. There is no baby any more."

Cole is stunned; he knew there were complications, but he didn't know that they were so serious. He is sorry that she had to go through this alone. He wonders if there is anything he can do and he is holding her hand. Vicki tells him that there is nothing he can do for her.

As Cole slowly walks out of Vicki's room, he wonders if he can believe her. Just as the doctor is going into Vicki's room, Cole stops him. He tells him that he is the father of Vicki's baby. He asks about Vicki's condition. The doctor tells him that he isn't at liberty to answer any of his questions, but Cole insists on knowing if Vicki lost the baby. The doctor says that he will have to ask Vicki that. Cole says that that is what Vicki told him. Then you have your answer, don't you? The doctor says.

KATHERINE comes home after a brisk horseback ride. She wonders if their "boarder" is in her room, but Esther says that she is in the servant's quarters. "Why do you keep her here?" Esther asks. "She is so rude!" Katherine says that the time is getting short. Jill will not be there for much longer; she is going to rectify this situation and soon. She realizes what Esther has said and asks what in the world is Jill doing in the servant's quarters. She is going to find that out for herself.

SHARON comes downstairs in her tiny little blue bikini. Nick says that she looks great and she responds that she isn't bad for an old married woman. Nick says that she is aging gracefully. She tells him how happy she is that he wants to spend time with Noah, Cassie and her. They kiss passionately as Cassie, with a big smile on her face, stands there in her bathing suit watching.

JILL is walking down the hallway opening one door after the other until she finally finds the door to the attic stairs. Just then she hears someone coming and she quickly closes the door. She meets Katherine who wants to know what she is doing here. Jill says that she is just stretching her legs, but Katherine says that is what you do in the gym. Katherine tells Jill in no uncertain terms that she is to stay out of the servant's quarters. She is to stay in her room and her room only. Jill asks if she is under house arrest, but Katherine says that she has no need to be wandering all over her house. This area is off limits; she will respect her privacy or get out!

VICKI is resting when her doctor enters the room. He tells her about his encounter with Cole in the hallway. "Your secret it safe," he tells her. However, he wonders if Vicki really believes that she is acting in the best interest of her child. Does she really think she is being fair in depriving her child of a father? Is that what she really wants if this baby does survive this crises? He leaves Vicki to think on his words.

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