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Katherine gave Jill 28 days to pack her things and move out. Victoria decided to keep the baby. Neil wanted Victoria to move in with him. Victor offered Diane a larger settlement, but she tore up the check.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, June 22, 1999

RYAN is sitting alone looking morose when Nina finds him. She guesses that he is thinking about Tricia. Ryan says that he was thinking about slipping out tonight and going to see her. He would be back before Phillip wakes up in the morning. Nina thinks he should call; Tricia will like that. When Nina leaves, Ryan gives Tricia a call. She is thrilled that he may be able to see her tonight. After hanging up the phone, Phillip comes into the room. He seems surprised to find Ryan there, but Ryan reminds him that he promised he would be there for him. They sit down and begin doing homework together.

NICK is starting the fire for the barbecue while the rest of the family enjoys the pool. After Miguel comes out and offers to do the cooking, Nick joins his two girls at poolside. He tells Cassie that by the end of summer she will be as brown as a football, but she says that she just gets freckles and burns. Sharon promises to keep her and Noah supplied with plenty of sunscreen. Miguel announces that the food is ready, so Nick says to Cassie, "What say we eat, Babe?" Cassie is thrilled that he called her "Babe." She dances over and allows him to help her with her hotdog. (Side note: Methinks that Cassie is getting a little crush on Nick!)

COLE arrives at the Jabot lab to see Ashley. He looks shaken as he tells Ash that Vicki is no longer pregnant. He found her in the hospital and she miscarried. Ashley says that they will be there for Victoria if she needs them; she is a strong woman and will get through this even though losing a baby is like losing a little bit of yourself.

NEIL returns to the hospital and notices that Vicki seems to have something on her mind. She tells him that Cole tracked her down and she told him that she was in the hospital because she miscarried. Neil wonders why she would tell him that. She says that she realizes that she isn't the role model for the expectant mother, but this is her decision. This is what she wants to do. She accuses Neil of having this macho man's view of things. She is the one who is carrying the baby so she wants him to give her a break and leave her alone. Neil asks what her secrecy will accomplish. She says that it leaves her free to make her own decisions without interference. She doesn't know if she wants to carry this baby to term or not. Neil points out that she has to make her decision soon. Neil wonders if she isn't being a little selfish by not allowing Cole to have a say in this, but Vicki says that it isn't selfish to take all the responsibility on her shoulders. Maybe you just like to play the martyr, Neil suggests.

RYAN, PHILLIP AND NINA are finishing up with dinner. Phillip is happy and Ryan complements Nina on her cooking. Phillip mentions that he has more homework and Ryan sends him to get it. Nina reminds him that he had plans, but Ryan tells her that he can not run out on his son.

TRICIA opens the door to her sister. Megan and Alec have plans and they want her to go along with them. She needs to get out and enjoy life. However, Tricia says that Ryan might come by later. Megan talks like Ryan might be sleeping with Nina, but Tricia sets her straight. Tricia gets very angry; she is having enough to deal with without her coming over and trying to make her doubt Ryan. Upset, she goes out for a walk.

ALEC arrives. Megan sounds off about her sister. Just as they are about to leave, Ryan calls. He leaves a message for Tricia; he cannot get away tonight. Megan writes the note on a pad and leaves it by the phone.

TONY calls the office and asks how long Grace and Nick will be working. The secretary says that Nick left a long time ago, but she doesn't know about Grace. Just as he hangs up, Grace arrives home. He wants to take her out, but at first, she says that she is too tired. She begins talking about this wonderful job she has just finished; she can't wait until Victor Newman gets a look at it! Later, she tells Tony that she is going to take a shower, slip into a sexy dress and they are going out to celebrate! TRICIA arrives home and finds the note. She wonders how long it will be before he does come---IF he comes.

At Crimson Lights, Tony and Grace are in a great mood. When the music changes, they get up to dance. As they begin, the other dancers are so impressed that they stop dancing. They begin to clap to the beat of the music while Grace and Tony boogie-woogie on down! Toward the end of the dance, Megan and Alec arrive. She mentions what a fun couple the two dancers are and Alec offers to introduce them later. As the music ends, Tony picks up Grace and throws her over his shoulder. He brings her back to the table where she tells him that he is wonderful.

NICK and SHARON, along with Cassie and Noah are at the end of their meal. Cassie says that she can't wait to do this again. You are so much fun, Nick. Miguel asks if they would like for him to take the children to the house while they spend a little time alone. Cassie doesn't want to go, but she is very sleepy. Nick tells her to go watch a little TV; if she falls asleep, he will see that she gets to her own bed. Left alone, Sharon and Nick cuddle on the chaise lounge and talk about how happy they are now. They get up to slow dance but it isn't long before Nick decides they have too many clothes on for a midnight swim. He triple dares her to get undressed. Since she can't run from a dare, she lets her top fall to the ground. The next thing you see is the two of them up to their shoulders in the pool.

RYAN finishes quizzing Phillip on his geography and tells him that he is going to ace the test tomorrow. A happy Phillip tells his parents that it feels like old times tonight. Ryan agrees, but Nina has a look that says she isn't sure how this is going to end.

KATHERINE, still in her riding habit, enters the living room and asks Jill why she is wasting her time here in her home since she is obviously unhappy. On the contrary, Jill answers, she is very happy here. She says that the house holds fond memories for her. With this, the two women once again rehash the past and their parts in each other's lives. Katherine asks Jill if she honestly believes that she would deliberately drive the car off the cliff when she could kill herself as well as Phillip. "Yes," Jill answers. "You would do anything to keep Phillip away from me. If you couldn't have him, you were determined that no one would have him." Trying to hold on to her temper, Katherine tells Jill that she has one month to pack her things and move out! You are kicking me out? Jill asks. She reminds Katherine that she promised she could live there. Katherine tells her that she has her limits. She goes to the door and shouts for Esther. When Esther enters, Katherine says that she is giving her a new assignment. She is to remind Jill on a daily basis how many days she has left at the estate. Starting today, she has four weeks to find her own place. Happily, Esther turns to Jill and says, "Twenty-eight days and counting."

Left alone in the living room, Jill says to her self that she only has four weeks to find something that will prove that Phillip wanted her to have this house.

Tuesday, June 23, 1999

A new day has dawned in GC. PAUL is busy in his office when suddenly he is attacked . . . by Chris. She gives him a big kiss then tells him that she is mad at him because she doesn't like waking up in a big lonely bed alone. He says that he was letting her rest after waking her up at four AM, but if it were up to him, he would wake her up every hour on the hour. He tells her that he talked to his mother this morning; she is handling things the best that she can, but the world is a very empty place for her right now. He is thinking about offering her a job in the office.

Laughingly, Chris reminds Paul what life would be like with Mary always in the office. "Sauerkraut and ribs every day, all that unsolicited advice, and think how she would charm every single one of your clients." But, she has a better idea; they need to find Mary a man. Paul is shocked at the thought! "Shocked at what?" Lynn asks as she enters the office. When Chris tells her about her plan, Lynn knows the perfect man! He worked with Mary about a year ago and Mary really liked him. Also, Mary often commented that he needed "fattening up." The only thing is, she can't remember his name right now, but, don't worry, it will come to her!

NIKKI walks downstairs just as Miguel finishes setting up the coffee and juice for the family. She asks him if he has any idea where Victoria is; Miguel tells her that she called late last night saying that she had a lot of work to do and would be staying in town. Since she and Mr. Newman had already gone to bed, Miguel says that he withheld the message.

Nikki is offering Miguel and Veronica the use of the ranch, the grounds and the pool on his free time but Miguel coldly tells her that they will make their own plans. "We wouldn't want to inconvenience the family," he says just as Victor comes into the room. Nikki asks Victor is he is doing okay; he tossed and turned all night. Victor says that he had a lot on his mind and Nikki guesses that it was Diane he was thinking about. Don't worry, Nikki tells him. I had a little talk with her yesterday. I think I may have done you some good. I told her that she would only hurt herself in the pocketbook where it really hurts if she refused your generous offer. Nikki says that she feels that if Victor presents the offer again today, he will get the settlement to his liking.

MICHAEL is in a good mood as he gets ready for work. Phyllis guesses that he has an important meeting today. This case really has your juices going, doesn't it? She asks. Michael says that it is a little scary but then he thrives on fear. When this is all over, he will be known as the man who stood up to Victor Newman and won! Their conversation is interrupted by a call from an old friend, Marty, with fabulous news. He tells Phyllis that this will be the final nail in Victor Newman's coffin. His mood changes as he wonders why he hasn't heard from Diane this morning; she was supposed to call. He has a bad feeling about this; he hopes she isn't losing her nerve. If she accepts that offer . . . He decides that he has to get right over there. This is too important to leave to chance.

RYAN and PHILLIP are playing checkers and Phillip is concentrating hard on his next move. While he gives it some thought, Ryan remembers the call he made to Tricia last night. Finally, Phillip interrupts his reverie and tells him that it is his move. You were thinking of her, weren't you? Phillip accuses. Ryan wonders if Phillip thinks he only thinks of women; he was actually planning his next move---the perfect strategy to beat the pants off of him and he makes his move with flare. "Think again, Dad," Phillip announces as he jumps all of Ryan's men. "I win! That is four out of four for me." Nina reminds the men that one of them has to get to work and one has to get to summer school. Phillip says he will get his books, then he will wait and ride down the elevator with Dad. While Phillip is out of the room, Ryan mentions how much better Phillip is doing, but Nina says that it is only because he is there. She can't help but wonder what will happen if he leaves. He promises her that he won't leave while Phillip needs him.

VICTOR stands at the window in his office and stares hard out the window. He recalls the conversation he had with Michael when Michael turned down the divorce settlement and announced that Diane was still Mrs. Victor Newman. Jack comes into the office to see what Victor wanted to see him about. Victor tells him that he is to take a message to Diane. "Tell her that if she knows what is good for her she will get her head on straight, because I am about to withdraw my very generous settlement offer and she will end up with nothing. Tell her that she has two options. One, she can sign the damn papers and live a comfortable future, or, two, she can follow the advice of her shyster lawyer and end up in the fight of her life---a fight in which I can assure you, she will lose. Now, get that message to her, Jack."

Angrily, Jack leaves the office.

NICK enters and tells Victor that he is waiting for Grace; he wants to explain the problems they had with the test market. When Grace arrives, Nick gives her all the credit for finding the mistake in the data. He calls her a genius. He is happy to say that they are now in the black on this little experiment. Victor says that he is impressed, but never let that happen again. The phone interrupts them. It is John Silva; he wants to talk with Victor about his problem with Diane. It is important enough that John asks if he should come to Victor or will Victor come to him. Victor gives in and says he will be right there. He tells Nick and Grace that they did a good job, but he has to leave on an important matter. After he is gone, Nick wonders what is going on. Oh, well, his father is a smart man; whatever is going on, he can handle it.

DIANE admits a somber Jack to her apartment and tries to kid him into a smile. He reminds her that he is the second in command at Newman Enterprises and as such, a lot of the dirtier jobs fall to him. He is there with an unpleasant message from Victor. "You have to accept his offer quickly or you will wind up penniless," Jack tells her. Diane wonders if it will be Jack's job to toss her out of the apartment. He tells her he is serious. It is time to take the settlement and cut her losses. As much as he would like to see her come out with a bigger chunk of Victor's assets, fighting Victor will not be fun and games. A lot of people have come up against Victor and a lot of people have lost. Besides, he doesn't have the faith in Michael Baldwin that Diane does. If you are going to go up against Victor Newman, you have to be sure of yourself because you will be in for the fight of your life! Diane says that when she first looked at the settlement, she thought it was pretty generous. Jack tells her not to let her lawyer sing sweet songs in her ear. And if he guarantees her that she will win, then he is a liar. If Michael is planning on playing in the big leagues, he had better have a 90-MPH fast ball! If she accepts Victor's offer, she will still be a winner and have the last laugh. She will be a woman of means; she will have security. Just forget about getting revenge on Victor and accept the offer. Diane sits and thinks about what he has said.

VICTOR tells John angrily that he is FED up with this situation. That woman had better accept his offer or else. John is surprised that Victor has this attitude simply because Diane hired an attorney. Not only that, but he suspects that Michael Baldwin has a case. Victor is outraged! He pays John a big salary to make these problems go away; so start earning your salary. I don't want to hear that Diane has a case. John asks Victor to tell him all that Michael said. When Victor mentions that he went to the Dominican Republic for the divorce, John understands. Those divorces are always suspected! But a judge granted him a license to marry Nikki, Victor reminds John. However, John also reminds Victor that when he got the marriage license, permission was based on his assertion that Nikki was dying. The divorce and the marriage can be legally challenged, especially by an attorney as relentless as Michael Baldwin is. He thinks that Michael has found the loophole for a case and he is going to exploit it. "Then you had better find a remedy!" Victor orders. John thinks that the best thing to do is to go to Diane and raise the offer. "NO!" Victor shouts. "That woman is not getting a damn cent from me. Do you hear me? Not a damn cent!" John says that Victor has to sweeten the deal. Once Diane accepts the settlement, then that is tantamount to accepting the divorce. There is no other way. If it goes to court, any judge will pick that divorce apart. Victor finally gets the point and leaves, telling John that he will talk to him soon.

RYAN uses his key to enter the apartment. He calls out for Tricia just as she comes out of the bedroom. He apologizes for not coming over last night, but she tells him that she expected that he wouldn't come. She asks about Phillip and how he is doing with Ryan there. She tells him that she knows that he is doing the right thing. I just wanted to be with you, he says as he tries to kiss her. She stops him. "I am a big girl and can take care of myself," Tricia says. "I think we should leave things as they are until you have your house in order." She grabs her books and leaves. Ryan wonders what just happened to him.

VICTOR slowly walks back into his office as if he had the world on his shoulders. The phone rings and it is Diane. He is very cold to her.

Diane asks how Victor is doing and he coldly says he is fine. Why did you call, Victor asks. Did Jack give you my message? Putting her hand over the mouthpiece, Diane tells Jack that Victor is very cold. Just tell him you accept his offer and get it over with, Jack advises. Just as she is about to accept the offer, there is a loud banging at the door. Michael calls out to Diane to open the door; he has to talk to her. I have the answer to your entire future, he yells. Diane tells Victor that she has to put him on hold. What is going on over there? Victor demands of an empty phone. "Ignore him!" Jack tells Diane frantically. "Don't shut me out now, Diane!" Michael shouts as he bangs on the door. "You have no idea how critical this is to your future!" Diane holds the phone and looks from Jack to the door and back again, undecided.

Wednesday, June 24, 1999

As strange as it may seem, VICTOR has allowed himself to be put on hold. As he sits holding the phone, Connie comes in and asks if something is wrong with the phone. He tells her that he has been put on hold.

At the penthouse, JACK warns Diane that she doesn't want to let Michael in; she has to deal with Victor. But Diane goes to the door. Bursting in, Michael guesses that Diane was about to accept the settlement. When she tells him that she is tired of this and wants to settle, he tells Diane that she can win! If she gives in to Victor, she will be making the worse mistake of her life. After thinking about it, Diane goes to the phone and tells Victor that she wants to discuss the settlement further with her attorney.

VICTOR sits staring at the phone. Finally, he picks it up and calls John Silva. He tells him to cancel all appointments that he may have and get over there right away. He will tell him what it is all about when he gets here.

Back at the penthouse, MICHAEL explains that he has consulted with one of the top divorce attorneys in the country and he agrees that if the divorce is challenged, it will not hold up in any American court. Jack doesn't believe him; his faith is in Victor Newman and less than an hour ago, Victor said that he was ready to cancel the offer. "Let him," Michael says. He explains that in the end, Victor will pay more than he is offering; if his attorney is worth his salt, he will be advising Victor to sweeten the deal. He then tells them that if Diane is still Mrs. Victor Newman, then Nikki is NOT married. If the marriage to Nikki means what he says it means, then Victor will pay plenty for the divorce. Diane holds all the trump cards in this little game. She has power over all that Victor possesses---both personal and business assets. Now, Michael tells her, I need to know what you want to do. Jack has to leave but he warns Diane to give this a great deal of thought.

JOHN arrives at the office and asks Victor what is going on. Victor tells him to set up a meeting with the opposition. He says that he is sure that Diane was on the verge of accepting his settlement when someone got to her. Even though it irks him, he has to buy Diane off. He wants this finished and finished now!

When MALCOLM enters Neil's office, he can tell right away that Neil is not happy. Even though Neil reminds Mal that he is a busy executive, Malcolm doesn't buy it. He knows it has something to do with Victoria Newman. He reminds Neil that he has stopped making judgments, but he wants to know what is going on. Neil resists but Malcolm keeps digging and poking until Neil tells him that Victoria is pregnant. Malcolm's jaw drops. When he finds his voice, Malcolm asks if he knows how much trouble he is going to be in when Victor Newman learns what he did to his daughter. "If I were you, I'd think long and hard about getting the hell outta Dodge, because your boss is going to come gunning for you!" Without setting Malcolm straight about the baby being Cole's, Neil tells him that he has to leave. As he walks out of the office, Neil warns his brother to keep his mouth shut about this.

NIKKI and KATHERINE are having an afternoon of "girl talk." Nikki tells Katherine that Victor is dealing with the troublemaker, Diane, but she doesn't know what it is like to face the full brunt of her husband's wrath. She almost feels sorry for her. Apparently Victor is just now learning what she knew all along---that Diane is only interested in how much she can get. Katherine tells Nikki all about her troubles with Jill. She says that Jill is driving her crazy with her incessant digging into the past.

JILL tries her best to sneak into the house but Esther catches her. Jill sends her on an errand after Esther informs her that she now has twenty-seven days before eviction. While Jill fumes about having so little time to find the proof that she needs that Phillip wanted her to have this house, Esther prepares iced tea. When she brings it she also brings the newspaper folded open to the real estate section. Esther tells Jill that Mrs. Chancellor is out for the afternoon. After once again getting rid of Esther, Jill rushes up to the attic to search for Phillip's papers.

NEIL arrives at the hospital with a lovely bouquet of spring flowers. Vicki tells him that she is feeling better; she has had no more spotting. It looks like this pregnancy is going to be okay. She also tells him that she has made her decision. She explains that once the spotting started, she didn't think she would have to make a decision; the decision would be made for her. However, once the spotting stopped, he began to think that maybe she and her baby had come through this for a reason. She thinks that the pregnancy was meant to be, so if she can carry this baby to term that is what she wants to do. Neil is proud of her; he feels she has made the right decision. He wants to be with her every step of the way; he wants to be a father to her child. He tells her that she can move into his apartment; this will get her far from the ranch and Cole. He promises not to put any pressure on her, but he wants to prove his love to her. He tells her that she is going to make a good mommy and he wants to be with both of them now and always.

OLIVIA is busy when Malcolm bursts in and tells her to clear her desk. He tells her that he has just come from Neil's office. He is upset that Olivia knew Victoria was pregnant and didn't tell him. She reminds him that she couldn't break patient confidentiality, however, she tells him that Neil isn't the father of this child. Malcolm says that he gave Neil every opportunity to deny that the baby wasn't his but he didn't. Why wouldn't he correct him? Olivia admits that now she doesn't know what to believe. Malcolm tells her that this could ruin his brother's career. He is concerned that his brother is going to pay a high price for his involvement with Victoria Newman!

JILL is busy in the attic but she isn't finding much beyond dust, cobwebs and mice. Most of the boxes aren't even labeled, but every one that she opens contains only Katherine's things. She finally finds some boxes with Phillip's name on them. She opens one after the other only to find clothing. Finally, she opens one with books, files and ledgers. Going through them, she finds nothing of use to her. Not knowing what to do next, she looks around for a new starting place when she hears Esther calling for her. She hurries out of the attic and is in the servant's quarters, dusty and with cobwebs in her hair, when Esther finds her. "You have been up in the attic!" Esther accuses. Jill threatens her not to tell Katherine where she has been. After Esther leaves looking afraid, Jill looks around. "I don't think it will be me who'll be moving out in four weeks, Katherine," Jill says with a smirk. "If I have to search every hour of every day, I'll find what I need and it'll be you getting kicked out."

MICHAEL tells Diane that she has to be sure that this is what she wants. He wants them to be completely clear on their strategy. Once they face Victor, she has to be strong and not back down. Diane says she has a problem being in the same room with Victor. He tells her to leave but it is too late; the doorbell rings. "Answer the door," Michael tells her. "And, please, don't mess this up!" Diane lets Victor and John into the apartment. Without preamble, Victor hands Diane the new settlement agreement. Looking it over, Diane tells him that this is . . . overwhelming. "We are still not interested," Michael announces without looking at the papers. "Whatever the offer is, it is not enough." Victor looks at Diane and tells her to get that man out of here because he will not be responsible . . .

Michael tells Victor that if anyone is going to leave, it will be him. He says that this will be going to trial and we will win. Victor raises his finger and comes at Michael. "Now you listen, you pip squeak! Diane steps between the two of them. She pulls Michael aside and he warns that if she gives in now, they will lose the battle. She says that Victor is about to lose it. From the other side of the room, Victor shouts, "Lay it on the line! What is it you want?" Diane comes back and tells Victor that he knows what she wants. "You have no idea how much I value being married to you. I would stop all of this if we could go on with our lives as husband and wife." She rips apart the settlement papers and throws them at him. In a voice that can barely be heard, Victor speaks to Diane. "Now you listen to me. We will never, never, never live as husband and wife, now will we ever be friends again. Not after you hired that shyster lawyer. If some day you want to respond to my offer, you can call John Silva. I warn you, do not play games with me!" He turns and, accompanied by John Silva, they leave the apartment.

"Good show, Michael," Diane says. Michael breathes out a sign of relief and tells her that he was afraid she was caving in. She says that she was afraid that he would push Victor too far. Michael says that Victor is not used to people standing up to him, but he knows just how hard to push and be pushed. She tells him that he is incredible. He tells her that she is a beautiful and gutsy lady as he kisses her hand. Almost skipping, he leaves the apartment. Outside, he takes a deep breath and smiles.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

NEIL is trying to find the doctor so he can release Vicki, but he always seems to be out of reach. Vicki tells Neil that she can't believe it! She is going to be a mom. Her face radiates happiness, but the happiness is quickly erased when Neil brings up Cole again. He still believes that she should tell Cole, but Vicki says she is having this baby for her, not for Cole. Vicki wants Neil to respect her wishes and not talk about Cole. He says that although he doesn't agree with her, he will respect her wishes. The doctor comes in and questions her symptoms. She is feeling so good that the doctor tells her that he is going to release her but with a warning to avoid stress. Both of them are excited about the news.

Neil wonders where he will be taking Vicki---to his home or to the ranch---but Vicki says she is going to the office. He reminds her that she has to avoid stress but she says that if she doesn't get some work done, she will be under more stress. Her cell phone rings and it is Nikki. She misses her daughter and is worried because she didn't come home last night. Even though Vicki reminds her that she called and left a message, she still worries because she never hears from her any more. She asks Vicki to come home early for dinner tonight. She misses her and won't take "no" for an answer. Sulkily, Vicki tells Neil that he will be taking her home after all. She dreads talking to her mother. She wants to hide this "condition" for as long as possible. For now, it is just their little secret.

PHILLIP asks Dad if he can go play with a friend; all of his homework has been done. Ryan gives him permission to be gone for an hour. As he heads out for his friends, he turns back and asks if Dad will still be there when he gets back. Ryan reassures Phillip. After he leaves, Nina tells Ryan that Phillip's tutor called and Phillip is catching up with his work. It is all thanks to you, Ryan, she tells him. Ryan wonders what will happen when he moves out and Nina wonders if they are doing the right thing or just buying time. Phillip feels like he is losing Ryan even though Ryan insists that he isn't losing him. Nina asks how Tricia feels about all of this and admits that she wouldn't have been as understanding if the roles were reversed. Ryan says that when he does leave, he hopes that Phillip will be able to understand better. Nina wonders where they would be today if they had only worked half this hard on their relationship.

TRICIA is studying at Crimson Lights when Megan comes to her table. She is sorry for upsetting Tricia the other night and Tricia forgives her. She can understand that Ryan wants to do everything he can for his son, but she just can't understand why Ryan has to stay at the apartment with Phillip and Nina. Tricia says that Ryan is just more conscientious than most other fathers are. As Alec joins them, Tricia is getting the "eye" from a good-looking guy at another table.

MEGAN and ALEC get up to dance while Tricia is stuck with her book. The interested guy comes over and speaks to her. "Would you like to dance?" Todd asks. When she says that she needs to study, he tells her that too much studying in the summer isn't good for you. Todd isn't to be discouraged; he insists on a dance and she finally gives in. After the dance, Tricia thanks Todd and tells him that she enjoyed the dance. He wants to see her again if she isn't taken. "You know what? I am not sure," Tricia answers. He tells her that he will be back to Crimson Lights and he hopes that she will be there.

JACK wants to know how the big meeting went and is he now talking to the wealthiest single woman in Genoa City. Diane is in such a good mood that she begins teasing Jack about the big check Victor wrote. Turning serious, she begins to contemplate what she could have done with all that money, and she tells Jack that she was tempted to take it right up to the moment when she tore the check up into tiny pieces and sprinkled them at Victor's feet. Jack's jaw drops. He can't believe she would do that. She says she got in touch with her anger; Victor is going to pay for what he did to her. Jack says that this is turning into revenge but she doesn't see the difference between vengeance and compensation. Victor thinks he is invulnerable; she just wants to show him that he is not and she wands to rub Nikki's nose in it. Diane blames Nikki for everything that has happened to her and she wants to make her pay! "Why are you bringing Nikki into this?" Jack asks. "The woman didn't steal your husband; the woman was unconscious. It was Victor who went trotting over to her. I warn you, you don't want to mix it up with Nikki. She is a tough lady; you wouldn't want to tangle with her. You don't need anymore hate in your life; you need love." Diane admits that Jack is right about needing love. She hasn't had that for a long time; she thought she had that with Victor but it was only a sham. He tells her that she will find love again and maybe a lots closer than she imagines. He tries to kiss her. She stops him and he understands her feelings; she is going through a tough time right now. He will try again later, he promises. When he is gone, Diane spits out Nikki's name with hatred.

CHRIS arrives to pick up Paul for lunch. They are planning to meet Mary and Charley at the restaurant. Lynn says that everything is arranged for Charley to meet them "accidentally" at the restaurant. Paul insists that Mary has to believe that this is all a coincident. His mom really needs someone in her life.

PHYLLIS wonders if Michael is thinking of another woman and he admits that he is. She is charming, captivating, and soon to be the most wealthy woman in GC. That, I can deal with, Phyllis says. Phyllis just hopes that this Diane Newman, who is filthy rich, is not tempting Michael. Michael says that there is such a thing as ethics; he would be out of his mind to do anything that would jeopardize his ability to practice law. He is going back to the top and nothing will get in his way. Phyllis says that she will be right there with him when he reaches the top! He reminds her of all the times she tried to make him give up on ever practicing law again. She offers to eat a little crow if he will stop reminding her of that! But from watching, she intends to eat Michael instead of crow.

VICTOR wants to see movement in this case. If John thinks that Baldwin is ducking his calls then go to the damn office and break down the damn door. As he hangs up, Neil comes to the door. "You wanted to see me?" He asks. Victor wants to ask him about his daughter. He is wondering why he never sees her anymore. Victor wonders why both Neil and Victoria were both out of the office at the time and where do things stand between you and Victoria? Neil begins to hem-haw around about his reason for not telling Victor what was going on when Victor reminds him that he and Victoria have an assignment. He has a life to plan even if Neil and Vicki don't. So, he asks impatiently. What about the assignment? Neil says that it slipped his mind; it won't happen again. As he starts to leave, Victor asks how Vicki is doing these days. Ever since the divorce, Vicki hasn't been the same. Neil says that he thinks Vicki is handling the divorce very well. Outside, Neil straightens his tie and breathes a sigh of relief.

AT THE RESTAURANT, Chris and Paul are nervously waiting for Mary. She arrives looking very lovely in a light colored spring suit. She is so happy that they invited her to lunch; they haven't done something like this in too long. She tells them that since they had the memorial for Carl, she feels so different; she doesn't feel that she is waiting for him any longer. Paul spots Charlie across the room as he enters. He is able to catch his eye without Mary catching on.

CHARLIE just "happens" to see Mary and stops by their table. Mary remembers him and introduces him to Paul and Chris. Paul remembers him from the police force before Charlie retired. During dinner, they reminisce about the past and all the changes they have seen. Charlie mentions that he lost his wife to illness a few years ago and Mary mentions that she has let her church work slide recently. He tells her that she can't let that happen. He did that himself for a while after his wife died, but his friends rescued him. Now he knows that you have to keep busy to stay young. He tells them that he hates to eat and run, but he is meeting some of the guys and going on a fishing trip. As he is leaving, he mentions that it was nice seeing Mary and he would like to see her again soon. Mary is flabbergasted. Paul mentions that Charlie is a nice man and Mary agrees. Maybe you could give him a call sometimes, Chris suggests. Mary says she could NEVER do that! Smiling, Chris says she doesn't think that Mary will have to worry about calling Charlie; she thinks Mary will be hearing from Charlie very soon.

VICKI gets home and is enthusiastically greeted by her mother. When she asks Vicki what she wants for dinner, Vicki wants a steak, baked potato, salad . . . Nikki is surprised at Vicki's appetite. "Come to think of it, you are putting on a little weight," Nikki mentions to Vicki's horror. Nikki says that she meant it as a compliment; a little weight in the right places is good. She wonders if there is another reason Vicki is looking so well----maybe the person she has been seeing. Vicki tells her that romance isn't why she didn't come home last night. As Nikki continues to probe her romantic life, Vicki seems to get a little embarrassed. Blushing and smiling, she tries to put Nikki off. However, Nikki is not to be discouraged. She wants to know how Vicki is handling the divorce. Vicki assures her mother that even though she runs into Cole from time to time, she is not going to get back together with him. But, she adds, it is hard to talk about. She goes upstairs to shower and change before dinner. Once in her room, she leans against the door and begins to weep.

Friday, June 19, 1998

DIANE'S doorbell rings and rings. "Keep your pants on," she says as she comes down the stairs. Victor is there to get something off his chest. Her behavior is appalling. What could have been an amicable settlement has turned into war. She has become greedy since hooking up with that shyster lawyer, Victor tells her. "Do you have any idea what you are doing to my life?"

"Your life?" Diane asks. "What about my life. Do you honestly believe this is about money? And how about how you messed up MY life?"

"Most people would kill to be in your shoes," Victor declares. Diane tells him it isn't about money. "What is wrong with having a fabulous penthouse and wealth beyond dream?" Victor demands to know . Diane says that he made promises to her; he was the one who led her to believe that they'd always be together. Now she has to suppose that everything he ever told her was a lie. She gave him her life and he spit on it; is it any wonder she is bitter?

"You feel I owe you?" Victor asks incredulous. "Damn right you owe me," Diane tells him angrily. But she reiterates that she would gladly drop, if only . . . " Don't even think it," Victor tells her. "We will never be together again." Diane reminds him that they are still together; she is still his wife. "Nikki is my wife!" Victor shouts at her, but Diane says that she isn't as far as the law is concerned. "You will never get what you want from me; it is never, never, never going to happen! Do you hear me?" Victor declares angrily. Diane tells him that time is on her side. She has all the time in the world. Diane wonders how Nikki felt hearing the news, but Victor says he doesn't want Nikki dragged into this. Diane guesses that Nikki hasn't been told that she isn't Mrs. Victor Newman. "Now you listen to me," Victor tells her. "You are playing in the big leagues now. No one and I mean no one, pulls a stunt like this on me. If you and your punk lawyer take me on, you have no idea what you will be up against. You will lose big time, I promise you of that." As he turns to leave, Diane quietly says, "Victor, I have three words for you. GO TO HELL!"

ASHLEY is busy in John's office when Cole stops by. She wanted to have a private talk with him here instead of the lab, she explains. She knows that Cole can't stop thinking about Vicki's miscarriage; she asks if it would help to talk about it, but he doesn't know. It is like getting hit between the eyes twice. First, he finds out Vicki wasn't faking the pregnancy, while in the next breath he learns that it is too late. The baby is dead. He feels terrible about how he treated Vicki when he first heard about the baby. Ashley encourages him to go see Vicki; it will help him and, she feels it will also help Vicki.

PHILLIP rushes in to tell his dad that a Cub's game is on TV tonight. He half-heartedly invites his mom to watch with them, but she has to pass. Ryan has to pass also; he has plans to see Tricia tonight. "You are going to see her?"

Ryan patiently explains that Tricia has been alone lately, but that she hasn't complained. "You've been talking to her?" Phillip asks, surprised. "Every day," Ryan says. Phillip is confused. He thought that they were going to be a family again. We will always be a family no matter where I live, Ryan assures his son. It will just be a different kind of family. Do you understand? "No! That's not a real family," declares Phillip. He storms out of the room leaving Ryan and Nina exchanging confused glances.

Ryan tells Nina that he thought that after all the time he has been spending with Phillip, he thought it would be okay to spend a few hours with Tricia. "Am I digging a hole so deep that I will never get out of it? I have a life outside this home; I can't devote every waking minute to him. There is a whole new life out there waiting for me and I am eager to start living it." Nina warns Ryan that Tricia is not going to settle for just a few stolen moments now and then and she shouldn't have to. It is possible that Ryan will have to make a choice between Tricia and Phillip. Ryan will never give up on his son, but he loves Tricia. "I am only one person," Ryan says. "I can't be everywhere at once. There has to be some middle ground."

MEGAN and ALEC finish dancing and rejoin Tricia at her table. They tell her how much fun she seemed to be having dancing with "that hunk." Megan innocently says that she hasn't seen Tricia having that much fun since she met Ryan. There is a pregnant pause. Suddenly, Alec has to get back to work. Once he is gone, Tricia wonders why Megan always has to be so negative about her and Ryan. Every time she turns around, Megan is running him down. Megan tells her that Ryan is doing a rotten thing to her by going back to live with his son and ex-wife. He is not changing anything. If Ryan even looks like he is going to leave, this kid will start the same thing over again. Tricia is sure that Ryan will come back to her, but Megan thinks she is only playing house---pretending. How long is she going to allow this to go on? "It is my life!" Tricia reminds her. "Let me live it my way!"

NIKKI confronts Miguel about the distance between him and the family. He asks her if she has changed her mind about having Veronica work at the ranch. When Nikki tells him no, he says that there is nothing more to say.

VICKI wonders what she is going to do; she can't hide her pregnancy forever, but she has to. She can't let Cole learn the truth. Just then, Cole knocks and enters the office. He is surprised to see her back to work so soon. He wonders if she has told her mom. Vicki says that she hasn't and she doesn't want her mom to know anything about this. He tells her that she needs someone to help her through this; he wants her to know that he cares about her. He wonders if it would have made any difference if they had had a baby together. A baby might have saved our marriage. Do you ever think about that? He asks. She agrees and wonders if they would have made good parents. Cole says they would have made great parents to any child. If it were a girl, she would be as cute as a button. Vicki agrees that if it were a boy, he would have been a handsome son. Vicki asks if Cole has any regrets. I don't believe in regrets, Cole tells her. As he is leaving, he tells her to call him if she needs anything. After he leaves, Vicki wonders what would happen if Cole knew. "What would it mean if Cole knew the truth?"

NICK comes to Victor's office. He wants to talk about Grace and the terrific job she has been doing; he wants to give her a promotion. Even though Victor says to just give her a raise, Nick wants to give her a title and put out a memorandum to the rest of the company. The two of them are a team and she is 100 times more important to him now than she was in the beginning. Victor tells him to do what he thinks best; he has other things on his mind these days.

DIANE calls to see if Nikki is in. Miguel answers the phone and when he asks who is calling, Diane hangs up. Good, Diane says. You are there, Nikki. Just as she is rushing to leave, Jack shows up. When he sees how angry she is, he says that he has never seen her so steamed. Jack returned because he wants her to think more about what she is doing; does she really want to go to war with Victor Newman just to prove a point? No one would like to see VN hung up by his cojones as much as he would, but it's time to put all this behind her. Diane tells him that up until a few minutes ago, she might have agreed, but after Victor's visit, she has a different viewpoint. Jack is surprised that Victor came by, especially after she tells him that Victor was there without his attorney. She tells Jack the things that Victor said to her and now "it's not about money anymore. I want to bury the bastard! He warned me that no one goes up against the almighty, all-powerful Victor Newman! Well, if he wants to play hardball then that is the way it is going to be. If he had come here with just ONE kind word, one word of apology, I would have forgotten the whole thing. But no, he comes here calling me names and deploring what I am doing to HIM!" Diane says that Nikki should be shaking in her boots and Jack is shocked that Nikki doesn't know. Diane says she's like to take a pin and burst Nikki's balloon, but Jack tries to tell her that Nikki is not her problem. Diane doesn't agree, but she tells him that she isn't doing this purely out of spite; she is going to use Nikki to turn up the heat on Victor.

SHARON calls Nick and his secretary tells her that Nick has just left for Grace's office to let her know that she has been promoted.

NICK brings the memo to Grace and soberly tells her to read it. Grace is totally pleased; she could kiss him! She can't believe that she is now the "Associate Director of Product Development and Special Projects." Nick tells Grace that it also comes with a nice fat raise, but she shouldn't get all carried away because she still has to report to him, the "Director of Product Development and Special Projects." Grace tells Nick that he's great and she loves working for him.

Just as Grace says there must be something she can do to thank him, Sharon calls out from the doorway, "SURPRISE!" Sharon enters the room with a smile, a bottle of champagne and three glasses. Once the champagne is poured and everyone has a glass, Sharon congratulates Grace, saying that all the hard work and late hours have really paid off. Grace admits that she couldn't have done it without Nick. "You are a lucky woman, Sharon." Sharon tells her that she knows how lucky she is. After Nick leaves for a meeting, Grace asks why Sharon is really there. Sharon tells her that whatever fantasies Grace may have about her husband, Sharon is one step ahead of her. "I promise you, Grace, you will never get my husband," Sharon states. She slowly and deliberately finishes her champagne and sets the glass on the tray and walks out of the office. "We'll just see about that, Sharon," Grace declares.

NIKKI opens the door at the ranch and finds Diane standing there. She tells her that she doesn't belong there; she tells her to go away. However, Diane says that she came to say something and she won't leave until she does. She pushes her way into the house; Nikki warns that there is security all around. "Well, don't call them until I have had my say," Diane asks. "Once you've heard it, you will be stunned; stunned as you have never been stunned in your life!"

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