The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on Y&R
Diane told Michael to go after Victor with everything he had. Victoria finally admitted to Cole that she was still pregnant. Grace did her best to seduce Nick, but he resisted. Cole hired Veronica. Malcolm kept seeing a familiar face.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 20, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday, July 20, 1998

DIANE goes to Michael's office and tells him that she is seriously considering Victor offer to settle. "I want it to be over," she says. "Let Victor win! I am not angry any longer, I feel empty and tired of fighting." When Michael tries to make her see reality, she tells him to save it for the jury, some other jury. She tells him to get over it and accept it because she is ending this once and for all.

NICK arrives home with his arms loaded down with gifts and roses. Cassie is there with a smile and a welcome but she informs him that Sharon is out running errands. Nick begins to make suggestions as to where she, Noah, and Lisa could go and Cassie gets the message that he is trying to get rid of her. You are too smart for your own good! Nick tells her. She runs to tell Lisa that they have to be "OUTTA HERE" by the time Sharon gets home.

COLE asks Vicki once again to tell him the truth; did she lose the baby or not? Vicki evades the question as long as she can, but finally has to admit that she is still pregnant. When he asks if it is his baby, she becomes insulted and tells him that no matter what he thinks of her, she is not promiscuous. Of course it is his baby; it happened the night they were celebrating her promotion. When she tells Cole that she needs to leave he can't believe that she is still going to LA. He talks her into staying while he works this all out in his head. She owes him that much! "I will stay for the time being, but not because I owe you anything!" Vicki says. She reminds him of how he attacked her when he first learned that she was pregnant. He tells her that he has already apologized for that; still, this is a lot to absorb. He leaves after she promises her once again that she will remain in town. After he leaves, she drops down in her chair and begins to cry.

MALCOLM is waiting in Neil's office when Victor comes in. Victor explains that he is there to talk to Neil about his daughter, just as Neil walks into the office. Victor explains to Neil that his daughter is going to LA for a few weeks; until she returns, he wants Neil to take up the slack with Brass and Sassy. Neil is shocked to learn that Vicki is thinking about leaving, but he id even more shocked when Victor tells him that she is probably on her way as they speak.

After Victor leaves, Neil tells Malcolm what the meeting was about. Malcolm feels that putting some space between herself and her problems is a good move for Vicki, but Neil is disappointed once again at Malcolm's attitude. This is a woman he loves; he is ready to take it to the next level, to make a commitment to Vicki. Malcolm reminds him that he is still a married man and Neil says that he has been thinking about remedying that so that he can go to Victoria with a clean slate. He speaks of a call he got from Dru a few weeks ago in which he spoke to Lily. Dru doesn't even add a P.S. to Lily's letters. No, this marriage is over.

SHARON returns home and is surprised to find her workaholic husband at home in the middle of the day. He promises her that they have the entire afternoon together as he hands her a single red rose. Nick even has Sharon's favorite wine and after pouring it, he makes a toast to his gorgeous, amazing wife. As they kiss, Sharon asks what are the delicious aromas wafting from the kitchen and Nick tells her that he is making dinner for them---with a little help from Miguel. He says that he just needs to steam the asparagus, so while he is doing that, he wants her to go upstairs where she will find a gift on the bed. A little later, he walks out of the kitchen and sees Sharon standing on the stairs wearing the sheer black negligee that he bought for her. For a moment, he is speechless. He goes to her and they begin to kiss passionately. Sharon asks him about the dinner but he is content to let it burn as they fall to the couch.

NIKKI is paying a friendly visit with Katherine and telling her all about her trip. She was able to relax and enjoy herself until she came back home and was jolted back to reality by the facts. She hints that there is more trouble in the family besides Victor's supposed marriage to Diane. After eliminating everyone except Victoria, Katherine guesses that something is going on there. Nikki tells her that she can't talk about it; she took a vow of silence. As she is talking and moving about the living room, she suddenly becomes quiet. She sees the old newspaper lying there with the big headlines asking who is the real Mrs. Victor Newman. Even though Katherine is embarrassed and fluttering around apologizing, Nikki reads the entire article. "Didn't Victor tell you about this?" questions Kay. Nikki assumes that Diane had the article planted in the paper and she isn't going to let her get away with this. She marches out without a proper good bye to Katherine who is very upset.

TONY arrives home to find that Grace is home early. Now they have two things to celebrate; her arrival home at a decent hour and his new promotion. He is now the Assistant Service Manager at the garage. They are both happy. She tells him that there is more; she ran into Sharon at Crimson Lights and they had a good talk. She is going to do all she can to get back the relationship that she and Sharon once had.

VICTOR is working when Connie lets him know that Diane is there to see him. He tells her that his door will always be open to her. He goes on to tell her that he enjoyed their luncheon and hopes that they can do it again soon. She says that they will see, but don't count on it. She begins to tell him in a quiet reasonable voice how she felt when he left her. When Victor tells her once again that he regrets having hurt her, Diane wonders if he even knows or understands what he did to her. She talks about his betrayal of her and ends up by telling him that this is one ex-wife who will not stay close to him. Victor loses his patience and demands to know if this is Diane's round about way of telling him that she won't accept his offer. She hints that she is accepting his offer but she wants it in writing and in her words---not a lawyer's word. She will not sign anything that she doesn't trust and she doesn't trust him any longer. She says that he has proved to her that he isn't to be trusted. Once she signs the agreement, she wants to cut him totally out of her life. Victor hopes that someday she will come to forgive him. Diane says that she hopes that happens also, but not now; it is too soon and the hurt is too fresh. As Diane leaves, Victor asks if he will be hearing from her. With her hand on the door, Diane tells him to count on it.

MICHAEL is pacing his office wondering what he can do to change Diane's mind. Everything is falling apart and she is making a total mistake. He can't let everything slip away; he has to do something and fast!

DIANE opens her door to find a furious Nikki. Nikki pushes into the apartment and asks about Diane's health; she wants to be sure that she is in sound health both physically and mentally after planting this dirt in the papers. She dramatically whips the paper out of her purse and holds it aloft. "Now just wait a minute!" Diane begins, but Nikki will not listen. She begins to let Diane know that if she thought she would get a bigger reward by humiliating

Tuesday, July 21, 1998

NIKKI continues to explode at Diane. She accuses her of trying to make her husband look like a philanderer and a fool. Diane denies planting the story or giving anyone permission to plant it. However, she admits that it served a purpose; Victor was not doing anything to settle this thing, so she had to get his attention. "Well, you got it, didn't you?" Nikki asks. "You humiliated the man you claim to love. It just proves what I have said all along, that you didn't love Victor and I don't think he ever loved you." Nikki tells Diane that this was the most self-serving, hypocritical load of garbage she has ever seen. "You are so self-righteous saying you are the long suffering injured party when all the time you have just been waiting to drag Victor and his family through the mud!" When Diane asks who she thinks she is, Nikki draws herself up and tells Diane that she is THE REAL Mrs. Victor Newman. Diane says that they will see about that; she is the injured party here and they were going to prove it. "Who?" Nikki asks. "You and some unscrupulous attorney? Don't look so surprised! I know everything about him. My husband tells me everything." "Really?" Diane smiles. "Did he tell you what a wonderful marriage we had? Did he tell you about the passion and the excitement that we shared? Did he tell you how some days, we didn't get out of bed for hours and when we did, he kept dragging me back for more?" Nikki is stunned but she tells Diane that SHE is the one who shares Victor's bed now; he wants nothing to do with her any more. Diane says that Victor isn't going to get rid of her that easily. She doesn't care how much money and power Victor Newman has, he is not above the law; that is something that Nikki and Victor will learn the hard way and very soon. When Nikki asks if that is a threat, Diane says that she is just telling it like it is. "You are so deluded," Nikki says. "You listen to the ludicrous advice of some shyster lawyer and you think you are going to win?" Diane tells her that it is called justice but Nikki corrects her; it is called revenge. "You make me sick!" Diane tells her. "You walk around like you own Victor, but I can see right through you. You are nothing but a former stripper who clawed her way to the top of the social ladder, but deep down, you are nothing but an insecure little table dancer. You are a fraud and we both know it." If looks could kill, Diane would have dropped to the floor. "You are sick!" Nikki tells her. "You are truly sick! Well you just go ahead. You can try to hurt us all you want and it won't matter because we are Newmans and we will survive. Victor and I are truly man and wife and he doesn't love you. In fact, the way he dumped you and remarried me so quickly, I really have to wonder if he ever really loved you at all. With her head helt high, Nikki marches out of the door. Alone, Diane is shaking with rage. "You are such a fool, Nikki," she says aloud. "I was ready to accept Victor's offer and leave the two of you alone. But, no more! This isn't about Victor any longer; it about you and me and you are going to pay dearly for what you have done to me!"

ASHLEY is pacing the floor of the boardroom when Jack comes in. He guesses that she has told Cole about the pregnancy and wonders if she is worried about how he will take it. She assures him that she isn't worried about his commitment to her, but Victoria is another story. She is concerned that Victoria might want Cole back; at the very least, she would like to destroy her relationship with Cole. She says that Cole left hours ago to talk to Victoria and he hasn't returned since.

OLIVIA has invited Malcolm to lunch at Yves. He gives her the rundown on his earlier talk with Neil; Olivia is surprised that Vicki is going out of town. She is even more surprised that Neil is now talking about divorce. When Olivia's cell phone rings, Malcolm sees someone on the other side of the restaurant. The next moment, Olivia tells Malcolm that she has to go; a patient needs her. After saying goodbye to his wife, Malcolm looks back at the table but the girl is gone.

COLE is sitting in a bar, drinking, when Neil comes in and orders a Scotch. When he sees Cole, he joins him. They talk about life and how it can throw you a curve ball. Even though they don't share any information, they both learn a lot. Neil talks about how divorce will affect him and Dru because of Lily and from the conversation, Neil suspects that Cole knows about the pregnancy. Cole innocently tells Neil that he has asked Vicki to postpone her business trip.

JILL takes a spring bouquet of flowers to Phillip's grave and tells him how much she still misses him. She tells him that his dream of her living in the house is about to come true. As she imagines the life she would have had with Phillip, Katherine comes up and asks what she is doing there. Jill goes to a convenient park bench and sits while Katherine talks to Phillip. She wishes that she could have spend many more birthdays with him, but now she has to celebrate them alone. But she is never really alone; he is always with her---riding through the fields, in the house that they made into a home. Later she and Jill have some civilized words together instead of fighting.

When OLIVIA gets to Vicki's office, she learns that Cole now knows about the pregnancy. She tells Vicki that this is the best thing. She also thinks that Vicki should continue with her plan to transfer out to LA. When Vicki is shocked to hear this, Olivia asks what her plan for staying here is. Is she wants Cole back; has old feelings been stirred up. What is she planning?

MICHAEL arrives at Diane's apartment in response to her calls. He begins by apologizing for what he said earlier in the office. He tells her to ask herself one question and if she can answer that to her own satisfaction, and if the answer is still yes, he will do all he can to settle the divorce the way she wants it. The question: If she accepts Victor's offer, will she be absolutely certain she's going to get everything she deserves? Diane tells him that she has made up her mind and she is not going to change it again. She knows what she is going to do. She admits that during the meeting with Victor, she realized that she didn't want to make Victor suffer any longer; there is already enough pain and regret. However, she adds, it only took a few insults and mean spirited, heartless comments from Nikki to make her remember why she hired him in the first place. She tells him that she despises that woman; she has attacked and maligned her since day one. "I could make peace with Victor, but with Nikki? Never!" When Michael asks what exactly she is saying, Diane tells him to pull out all the stops and go after Victor with everything he has. It is just too bad that Victor has to be stuck in the middle, but he is the one who put himself there. She wants Nikki to hurt---to bleed; she wants her to pay! Michael tells her that apparently she has forgotten something. Where is your wedding ring, Mrs. Newman? That is easily remedied, Diane says as she puts her ring back on. "Too bad, Nikki. But I am the real Mrs. Victor Newman and don't you forget it."

NEIL enters Vicki's office, happy to see that she didn't go away after all. He asks what changed her mind? Was it something he said or was it something her ex-husband said?

VICTOR is on the phone with John Silva finalizing the new agreement when Hurricane Nikki blows in. He hangs up and asks Nikki what is going on. She flips out the paper and asks him how could he keep this from her. He says that he wanted to protect her; he hoped that she never had to read it. Why? She asks. Well look at how you are reacting, Victor says. He tells her that he has everything under control and it won't be long and this whole thing will be in the past. He and John Silva were just discussing his latest strategy to get Diane out of their lives once and for all. He thinks that they have worked out a mutual agreement. "You have been negotiation with that woman?" Nikki cries angrily. Victor says that he had no choice but to negotiate with her. Nikki shouts that that woman is trashing his name in public, but Victor tells her that it wasn't Diane who did that; it was her sleaze ball lawyer that planted the story in the paper. "How can you be so blind?" Nikki shouts. "That woman is 100% behind it. Maybe the attorney leaked the story, but not without her approval. That woman is dangerous; she is trying to destroy our family." Victor tells her that an opportunistic shark is only misleading Diane but he will soon be out of the picture. He realizes that Nikki has enormous antipathy for Diane, but he assures him that it will all soon be wrapped up. He also tells her that he has been seeing Diane and she isn't all that unreasonable. When he says that he has been reaching out to Diane, Nikki really loses it. She tells him that he has to do more than that. "What do you want me to do?" Victor demands. "You want me to go over there and make threats? And how far will that get me? All it will do is alienate her even more." Nikki just wants to be rid of her; she couldn't stand how she just stood there with this calm superior look on her face. "You went to see Diane?" Victor shouts at her. I told you to stay out of it. Why didn't you come to me after reading that trash?" Nikki says that she wanted to tell Diane to her face that they were playing hard ball and her ridiculous tactics wouldn't get her anywhere. "Why couldn't you have stayed out of it?" Victor asks angrily. "I had everything under control." Nikki says he only thinks he had it under control; there was no way that Diane would have accepted the new offer. Victor says that now she won't accept, not after Nikki's visit. He tells her that she doesn't understand the consequences of what she has done. Nikki is astonished. Victor told her that they had a case; that there was no way Diane could win. Victor says that now they are going to have to face a long drawn out court battle; they had a strong case until Nikki interfered. "Victor, am I Mrs. Victor Newman or not?"

Somewhere in the city, the papers hit the newsstand. The front page of the National Inquisitor is devoted to one story. There are blown up pictures of three people with the sensational headlines that read, "Victor Newman----Bigamist?

Wednesday, July 22, 1998

While a sudden summer storm brews outside, inside the caretaker's cottage, NICK and SHARON are comfortable and cozy on the living room floor with Sharon feeding grapes to Nick. He wonders how he could have a life like this every day. She tells him that if he retired, he could have days like this forever. Sharon thanks him for the delicious dinner he prepared; it was a little overdone, but for a good reason. Nick wants desert and asks when the babysitter will return with the kids. He thinks that they should move it upstairs for dessert. Just as they are leaving, Nick gets a call that he is needed at work. The electricity is out in the wing where his office is located and he needs to back up his computers in case the generators go out. "Don't move!" He commands. "I will be right back!"

The thunder rolls as NEIL tells Vicki that he didn't think that she was going to be straight with Cole. Not that he minds; he has wanted her to be honest from the beginning. He want s to know what Cole said that changed her mind about the LA trip. Since he begged her to stay and didn't get anywhere, he has to wonder what Cole could have said in five minutes that got through to her. Vicki can't see the problem at all. When Neil tries to explain it to her, she takes offense; she thinks he is saying that she is selfish. That isn't what he is trying to say, he tells her, but she is sending mixed messages. She told him once that she loves him; has that changed? He tells her that he is ready to divorce Dru to be free for her. Vicki gets more upset; she doesn't want him to pressure her like this. If he wants to divorce Dru, then by all means do it, but don't use her as an excuse. As Vicki begins to double talk about how she feels, Neil says, "SHUT UP, VICKI!" Vicki is dumbfounded that he would speak to her like this. He tells her that she knows how he feels. When she decides how she feels, she will know where to find him. He grabs her and really lays a passionate kiss on her before he walks out. Vicki looks like she wonders what just hit her.

ASHLEY is going crazy with worry about Cole. Jack wants to get back to business, but she can't concentrate on work. She asks Jack to call Vicki's office and see if Cole is still there. Jack says that that won't tell her anything; she will just have to wait for Cole to come by and give her an update. He tells her to trust in her man, but it isn't Cole she is unable to trust, it is Vicki. Her past is littered with immature and unpredictable shenanigans. She could be trying to manipulate Cole into some trap. Jack says that if she is able to manipulate Cole, then Cole isn't the man she thought he was. Just then, Cole enters the room and apologizes for taking so long to get back to Ashley. Jack leaves but not before he warns Cole not to hurt his sister. Alone, Cole gives Ashley an account of all that Vicki and he talked about. Since leaving her office, he has been thinking and he has come to the conclusion that Vicki's pregnancy was not an accident. He believes that she intended to get pregnant so that they could continue their marriage. Now, he doesn't know if her story of keeping the news from him was a ploy to get him back or a desperate back peddling on her part. He asks her to be patient with him for a while until he can get a handle on his feelings and what he wants to do. At this time, he can't make any plans. After he is gone, Reverend Clarington calls to set up their first premarital counseling session. Tearfully, Ashley tells him that she has to get back with him; she is unable to make any plans right now.

As the rain comes down, VICTOR arrives in the lobby of Newman Enterprises to find it full of news reporters. They begin to shout questions at him as he tries to make his way to the elevator. "Out of my way!" He shouts. "Get out of this building! You have no right to be here." Nikki enters and immediately is assailed by the reporters with one question after the other. Victor returns to the entrance to rescue her. As they make their way to the elevators, Vicki tries to answer the reporter's questions but the questions are coming faster than she can answer. Both video and flash cameras record her confusion. With Victor telling Nikki not to answer his questions, Nikki argues with him that they have to answer; they have to set the record straight. One of the reporters asks how many wives he has, an angry Victor goes after him. "Do you want to go one on one with me?" He asks. "Just because you believe what you write in your trashy publications doesn't make it true." Most of them are laughing at him.

The elevator finally comes and takes Nikki and Victor up to the office where he immediately calls John Silva and Miguel to make sure that security is tight at the ranch. Nikki says that this is getting completely out of hand; they cannot live life like this, afraid to go out into public. Just then, John arrives and Victor whips out the paper and asks what he is going to do about this. Victor call it libel because the papers called him a bigamist, but John says that even though to be a bigamist, he would have to marry two women knowingly, the papers have protected themselves by putting a question mark at the end. These papers operate in the gray areas with many lawyers to make sure they don't err. When Victor threatens to sue them, John says that will only add fuel to the fire. Victor decides to back off for the time, but he will find the person who did this and destroy them.

MICHAEL brings Diane a copy of the paper and she is delighted with it. He tells her that it falls a bit short for his liking---the reporters are afraid to slap Victor too hard up side the head---but overall, he approves of the article. He tells her that this is definitely going to court now. He leaves for his office to prepare for trial. Just as Michael is leaving, Diane gets a call from a reporter. She asks Michael what she should do and he tells her to go for it. Delighted, she begins talking to the reporter.

The thunder and lightening intensify as NICK walks into his dark office with a flashlight. He is surprised to find Grace busy at the computer. When she sees him, she tells him that there is something wrong with a questionnaire that they are working on. She wants him to come and look it over, but she tells him that he wants to back up the files and get back home to Sharon. After he does the back up, she continues to involve him in the problem until he finally sits down to see what he can do. He remarks that it is awfully hot in here without air conditioning. As the problem with the report continues, Nick hears the storm outside and suggests that they get home before the storm breaks. Grace says that it is just one of those little storms that come quickly and leave just as quickly. However as she looks out at the storm, Nick hears more thunder and says that he is afraid that this is going to be a big storm. Looking at him with lust, Grace agrees that this storm is going to be really big.

MICHAEL is dictating into a recorder when suddenly, Victor walks into his office. Michael warns him that being here is a breach of ethics and his attorney will not like it. Victor doesn't care what anyone thinks, he has something to talk to Michael about and he won't leave until he does. He tosses the magazine on Michael's desk and accuses him of planting the story with the papers. Even thought Michael denies it several times, Victor doesn't believe him. He says that Michael is hurting his wife and children as well as Diane and he will not stand for this. Several times Michael asks Victor to leave his office, but Victor refuses. As Victor makes a threatening gesture at Michael, Michael loudly tells him that it would be wise for him to even touch him. Victor in turn accuses Michael of being the sort of so-called man who would hide behind a lawsuit or behind a restraining order. Before he leaves, tells Michael that he will be sorry for coming up against him. Are you threatening me? Michael asks. "Mr. Baldwin, you don't know who you are dealing with," Victor says. You are threatening me, Michael says. "I'm telling you that you are going to pay for this story in the tabloids and you are going to pay with everything you hold dear. Now, you listen to me, you slimy little bastard and listen carefully; I know there is something you are trying to hide. Something in your past you don't want people to know about. I know that you were away from the practice of law & that you have only recently been readmitted to the bar. In other words, Mr Baldwin, you are a Nobody; you are skating on thin ice. Listen to me carefully, I am a powerful man with the power to effect many lives. I have friends in many places. Don't you ever forget that!" He goes to the door but before he leaves, he turns back and whispers, "Don't you ever forget that!"

Thursday, July 23, 1998

As the thunder grows louder and the heat intensifies in the office, NICK asks permission to loosen his shirt; Grace says that it is okay with her, as long as she can take off her blouse---don't worry, she says, I have a camisole underneath. Nick gives her a "what is this" look as she stands there in her bra-like camisole. Later, Nick says that it is too hot to work but the roads will be impassible if he tried to go home now. To herself, Grace says that it can storm all night for all she cares. She makes a brief call to Tony to let him know that she will be there a little longer, but she conveniently forgets to tell him that Nick is there also. Before long, Grace puts her foot upon a table and begins to take off her stockings. "What are you doing?" Nick asks, aghast. She tells him that she is just getting more comfortable.

Nick compliments her on the questions she has written up for the questionnaire. Leaning over him with and pushing her breast into his face, she asks in a sultry voice, "You don't think they are too provocative?" Nick goes out and finds that the ice machine is still working. As he prepares himself a glass of ice water, Grace grabs a handful of the ice and begins to sensually rub it all over the top of her breasts. She grabs another handful and begins to rub it all over Nick's chest. When he moves away, she gets more ice and rubs it on her midriff all the while talking about how goooood this feels. Giving her another hard look, Nick grabs his jacket and leaves the office. Grace smiles a self-satisfied smirk.

MICHAEL walks into John Silva's office and tells him that Victor paid him a visit. You need to reign him in, he tells him. His behavior was totally inappropriate and I want it stopped! John gives Michael a long look and says that Michael is afraid of Victor. Of course, I am, Michael admits. The man made threats; he is irrational and out of control. For now, he says, he is cutting Victor some slack and will not report this, but if it happens again, he will get an injunction so fast his head will spin. John tells him to go ahead and get his injunction. Victor is the kind of man who usually gets his way. He warns Michael that bringing the tabloids into this certainly didn't endear him to Victor and if he knows what is good for himself, he will do something to quiet that down.

There is a loud clap of thunder and the rain pounds down as NIKKI and VICTOR arrive home. Nikki says that she was totally insulted and humiliated by the press today. Victor offers to get her some tea, but she says that she gave Miguel the night off. Victor tells her that he knows how to boil water; he tells her to sit down and relax while he prepares her tea. As Nikki walks around the room, the sounds of the storm intrude. Suddenly, she is reliving the stormy night when she returned home to find Sara acting so strangely.

As Nikki is remembering back, SARA/VERONICA is also unnerved by the storm. As she picks up a copy of the tabloid with the question of bigamy on it, she also begins to flashback to that other storm. Between the two of them, Nikki and Veronica, they relive every second of that horrible night. As Veronica sees Nikki lying in a pool of blood, she comes back to herself. "No!" she cries. She is looking at herself in the mirror when suddenly her reflection morphs into that of Sara and back to Veronica. "That wasn't me! It was Sara! Not me. There is no more Sara."

NIKKI is stunned and trembling when Victor brings her the tea. What is wrong? Victor asks when he sees her. He gathers her up into his arms and asks her again what is wrong. "It is all coming back," She tells him. "I remember the night I got shot." Once Victor has Nikki calmed and under control, he calls the police and asks the detectives to come out and talk to her.

PHYLLIS is having a drink when Malcolm comes into the restaurant. He is soaked and complaining about the lousy weather. He joins Phyllis and she begins to tell him all about her new man---a keeper. As she talks, Mal's eye wanders to a table nearby. There sits the girl he saw earlier. Several times, as he and Phyllis chat, his eyes wander to the girl at the table. When Phyllis wonders who he is staring at, they both look and the table is empty. About that time, Michael joins them at the table. Phyllis introduces him to Malcolm; he is cordial but cold. As Mal is leaving, Phyllis asks him to take a picture of her and Michael. After taking the picture, Malcolm leaves, paying for their drinks on the way out.

Phyllis can tell that Michael is in a foul mood. As she tries to lighten him up a little, he tells her that Victor Newman came to his office today and threatened him. He isn't afraid of a physical attack, but he is afraid that Victor knows about his past and will use it against him. He is trying to make a fresh start; no way does he want these stories to come out. Phyllis tells him that if that is the case, he should go to Diane and tell her about his past before Victor can.

COLE tries to contact his editor, but isn't having any luck. As he wanders around the house, thinking, Miguel knocks and enters. He is about to visit Veronica and wonders if Cole has thought any more about using her as his research assistant. Cole says that with everything that is going on in his life, everything is piling up. Maybe it is time to interview Veronica. They make plans to bring her out in the morning.

THE POLICE detectives arrive at the ranch and Nikki tells them all that she remembered. They are interested in what Sara said about being Joshua's wife and Nikki taking her husband away from her. Nikki has no idea what she meant by that. The retelling of her memory of that night is too much for Nikki and she breaks down. Victor suggests that that is enough for tonight.

MIGUEL arrives at Veronica's place and tells her about the interview. She is hesitant at first, but since most of the work will be done in the library and she won't have to spend too much on the ranch, she decides to go to the interview.

TONY calls Sharon. He wants her to tell Nick to call the office and tell Grace to go home. Sharon says that Nick is also at the office; he got a call from someone saying that the power was off. Tony says that is why Grace went in also. Sharon says that they will just have to trust them. As Tony agrees, the door opens and Nicholas walks in.

Nick is soaked to the skin. He tells Sharon that he swerved in the driveway to avoid a deer and the car got stuck. He had to run the entire way home in the storm. As he begins to walk toward the stairs, Sharon stops him. He is dripping all over everything like a drowned rat. This hurts his feelings so Sharon has to kiss and make it well. As she undresses him he tells her that he needs another kiss. She tells him that he is cute when he pouts. As she starts to get close, he warns her that he is soaked but it doesn't matter to her.

TONY tries to call Grace but there is no answer. Just as he hangs up, the door opens and Grace comes in. She is soaked! She says that tonight has been a nightmare; she felt like she was working in a steam box. Tony suggests that she will feel better after a warm bath and a glass of wine. As he goes to draw the bath, Grace sits there with a smile on her face. "Oh, Nicholas," she whispers. "I know why you had to leave the office in such a hurry. You couldn't trust yourself to be alone with me."

Friday, July 24, 1998

JACK is working when Ashley pays him a visit. He mentions that she was quite during breakfast. Was she thinking about her "alleged fiancÚ? She admits that she has a lot on her mind, but so does Cole. She is sure the news that Vicki is pregnant with his child hit him like a ton of bricks. Jack suggests that now that he knows about the baby, he will back out of the wedding, but Ashley is sure about his commitment to her. "He is a caring and concerned man, so of course he is taking his time to figure things out.

RYAN is talking to someone on the phone when Tricia enters. She hears him say that she will see them later. Who were you talking to? Tricia asks. When Ryan evades the question, she playfully accuses him of being married for only a few days and already keeping secrets. When he refuses her offer of a huge breakfast, she shows him the pictures that Meg took of their wedding. Looking at the pictures spoils Tricia's good mood. She tells Ryan that she handled things with her father all wrong and she doesn't know how to fix it. She goes into the bedroom to get dressed.

When Tricia is dressed she returns to the living room just in time to answer a knock at the door. She is surprised to find her father there. They embrace and she welcomes him to her home. Keith wonders why he was asked to come here; what was so important? Ryan explains that things are a little strained between the two families and this is causing Tricia a lot of pain. He wants to explain the circumstances of why they were married the way they were. He tells Keith that he loves Tricia very much and wants her to be happy. However, she can't really be happy without her father in her life. Tricia needs the two of them to be truly happy. Ryan says that he will leave for the office and let the two of them talk. After he leaves, Tricia asks her father if Ryan isn't the most incredible man and Keith agrees that this was a wonderful gesture on Ryan's part. The two embrace.

PHYLLIS arrives at Malcolm's studio to see if Malcolm has developed the pictures that he took the night before. He hands her the small proof and tells her that if she likes it, he will make her an enlargement. As Phyllis gushes over how good it looks, Malcolm sees something---or someone---in the background. Looking closer, he can't tell for sure if it is someone. He tells Phyllis to wait until he has enlarged the picture. While Phyllis amuses herself with the studio props, Malcolm enlarges the picture and studies it through a magnifier. Phyllis joins him and she thinks it is a woman---maybe the woman he was distracted by last night. Malcolm says that she looks like someone he knew in high school, but he can't figure why she would be here in the Midwest. After giving Phyllis the 8 X 10 photograph to frame and put on Michael's desk, Malcolm goes into his dark room and progressively enlarges the section of the photo that contains the face. "What is going on?" Malcolm says as he looks at the face. "Is it really you?"

VICTOR opens the door to one of the detectives from the night before. He wants to ask a few more questions about the woman who did the shooting. He wonders if Nikki is sure that Miss Lindsey said that Joshua was her husband. Nikki confirms this, and recounts all that passed that night. She admits that Joshua had been married before, but his wife drowned years before she even met him. Victor says that the woman was obviously just delusional. When Nikki begins to get upset again, Victor calls a halt to the questions. As he shows the detective out, Victor tells him that if there is anything further, to call him personally. He emphasizes that they must find this woman so his wife will feel safe once again.

Back inside, Nikki weeps in his arms. "Thank God I have you!" she says over and over. He assures her that she will always have him and he is making it his personal mission to apprehend that woman; anything less would be unacceptable to him. Nikki answers that she knows that he will find her because he has always kept his promises to her. He tells her that she needs to go upstairs and rest for a while.

COLE comes in from working with the horses and to his disappointment, finds Jack waiting for him. The two men exchange a few insults but Jack tells him that he wants to know what he is going to do about Ashley and won't leave until he gets an answer. Cole tells him that it is none of Jack's business. In case Jack has forgotten, he is contemplating his future. Jack answers that in case Cole has forgotten, it is Ashley's future also. Cole tells Jack to get into his car and leave; stop sticking your nose into my business! Cole then leaves the room and Jack is left fuming.

Later while trying to work, Cole closes the computer and says that Jack is right; he has to do something. As he is leaving the Tack Room, Miguel and Veronica appear. Cole has forgotten his appointment with them, but maybe he has time for the interview. He says that his back is to the wall as far as his work is concerned and he has a lot of things going on in his personal life right now. After questioning Veronica about her former experience, he explains that his next book is also about the cosmetics industry---like Hope in a Bottle. In this one he wants to get more into the historical evolution of cosmetics and for this he needs a researcher. He asks if she thinks she can handle the job and she says it all depends on whether she decides she wants the job or not. Pulling her aside, Miguel asks what she means by that remark. She reminds Miguel that they won't be spending a lot of time together, as she would be doing the research at the library. Hearing this, Cole confirms the fact that she would be at the ranch only rarely. Veronica would get her information to him by fax, by phone or by messenger. Hearing this, Veronica says that she would like to give it a try. Cole gives her a list of subjects to research and she and Miguel leave.

ASHLEY goes to Victoria's office and tells her that she would like to have a serious conversation with her. Victoria is her usual flippant self. When Ashley says that she called the ranch and found out that she didn't go home last night, she wasn't sure whether or not she would find her in. Was it the weather that kept her in town? "What's it to you?" Victoria asks. "Are you afraid I was spending the night with Cole?" She then tells Ashley that she has nothing nice to say to her, but Ashley assures her that she has a lot to say. She begins to warn Victoria not to use her pregnancy to manipulate and trap Cole into something they both know he doesn't want. Vicki reminds Ashley that Cole wouldn't even know about this baby if it weren't for Ashley; not Ashley is here accusing her of using the baby. Make up your mind, she says. Ashley says that Cole would eventually have found out about the baby so what did Victoria hope to accomplish. Victoria is pleased to say that Ashley is really insecure about her relationship with Cole to be coming to her like this, but Ashley denies any insecurity. Just then, Cole comes in and asks Ashley to leave so that he can talk to Vicki. Outside, Ashley looks worried.

NIKKI comes down from her rest to find Victor working. He says that he is going into the office for a little while unless she needs him to stay. She says that she doesn't need a babysitter. Before he leaves, he tells her about Victoria's trip to LA. Wondering why she has gone to LA, Victor explains to her that since Cole and Ashley will be getting married in a couple of weeks and since she has legitimate business in LA, this was a convenient time for her. Nikki thinks that it will be a long time before they see their daughter again. "Why would you say that?" Victor asks. "Is there something you haven't told me?" Nikki denies knowing anything that Victor doesn't know.

BRAD is opening his mail when he comes across an overnight envelope from the United States. Opening it, he finds a copy of the National Inquisitor. He looks at the tabloid and wonders at the headline asking if Victor Newman is a bigamist. "Well, well, well," he muses. "A lot of fascinating things are happening in the old home town." Laying the tabloid aside, he wonders if it is time. Picking up the phone, he dials a number.

JACK answer the phone and Brad says, "Guess who?" Jack says that he wasn't expecting to hear from Brad. When Brad says that some thoughtful person overnighted him a copy of the Inquisitor, Jack tells him that he shouldn't read the tabloids. Jack wonders if the little seed he planted is taking root. "Is that the reason you tracked me down?" Brad asks. "Is this the reason for all the mysterious phone calls?" Jack says that maybe he just wanted some new pasta recipes, but Bradley knows that there is more here than Jack is admitting. "Apparently the guy wandered into some very bizarre territory. Do we have anything to talk about or not, Jack?" When Jack doesn't answer, Bradley hangs up. When Jack hangs up, he smiles. "He is interested," he says to himself. "The question is, am I interested in him?

BRAD studies the tabloid. He picks up the phone and tells a secretary to book him a flight to Genoa City, Wisconsin, USA. He ants a first class ticket leaving tonight.

MIGUEL brings Veronica back to her motel, excited that she took the job with Cole. The only thing that would make it even more perfect would be if she accepted his proposal and moved to the ranch with him. However, he tells her that he won't pressure her. He leaves and Veronica wonders if she could handle living at the ranch now. She gets the newspaper article about the shooting. "Could I handle it? Could I handle being around Nikki now?" She looks at the newspaper again. "She is gone!" she screams. "I am not Sara any more, so why can't I let it go? Why can't I forget you (speaking to Nikki's picture in the paper) and all the terrible things that your did?" She crumbles the newspaper and wrings it into a small ball, which she throws across the room. NO! she screams and her screams echo from every corner of the room.

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