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Christine remembered the man she'd seen in the Norfolk airport. Diane presented Victor with her list of demands, and he threw her out of his office. Neil asked Victoria to move in with him. Veronica decided that Nikki had to die.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday August 10, 1998

JACK stops by to give Diane a list of well-qualified attorneys that could replace Michael if she has decided to fire him. Diane isn't sure what to do. Jack tells her that he isn't a Baldwin fan, but he stood up to Newman and wasn't the least bit intimidated. When he learns that Diane is planning to meet with Victor later in the day without any attorneys present, he warns her that she could really be flowing her case. One thing for sure, she may not be able to trust Michael completely, but he was doing a brilliant job representing her interests.

GRACE remembers having a wonderful time at the concert last night. She is sure that Nick was sending her vibes; it won't be long before she gets what she wants. She calls Michael and invites him to lunch. Before she can leave, Tony comes to see her and lays down the law. Be home tonight at a decent hour! He won't tell her why, but insists that she not work late.

Once she meets Michael, she begins to tell him that her plans to get the boss are working out fine. She tells him that she even invited him to a concert. Michael isn't buying that the man just voluntarily went to the concert with her, especially since Grace has just told him that the man is married. Grace admits that she knew the wife would be busy with something else when she bought the tickets. Michael asks about the marriage and Grace tells him that the marriage has been in a lot of trouble; it is only a matter of time and it will be over. Michael tells her that she seems to have the matter well in control. Just at that moment, Michael's phone rings. It is Jack calling; he wants a meeting right away. Michael tells Grace that he has a very important person to see and he leaves.

NICHOLAS is spending some extra time at home with Sharon and Cassie. Sharon reads about the Smashing Pumpkins concert and promises that the next time they are in town, they have a date to see them. Cassie gives Nick a gift; it is a paperweight that she made at camp. Nick tells her that she is a special little girl and gives her a big hug.

COLE completes his call to his insurance person giving Veronica time to get herself under control. When Cole asks her opinion on the new project, she is less than enthusiastic. She says that the idea is interesting but different than what he usually does. When Cole asks if something is wrong, she tells him that she isn't feeling very well. When Malcolm stops by with pictures from the wedding, Veronica takes this opportunity to leave.

Up at the main house, Miguel tells her that he has told Nikki about the engagement and that he wants them to live at the ranch. He also has hired Malcolm to take a picture of them to put in the paper. Veronica isn't thrilled to hear this and suggests that they just elope. As a matter of fact, she would like to move away from the ranch and make a fresh start somewhere else. Miguel is shocked; Veronica says it is just nerves. He goes to make some tea for her, leaving her alone in the living room talking to herself. Nikki comes down stairs and hears her talking. She comes into the living room and when she only sees Veronica, she asks whom she was talking to. Veronica says that she was talking to Miguel before he went to make her some tea. She leaves for the kitchen. Looking after her, Nikki wonders why she looks so familiar.

NIKKI goes into town to run some errands and stops by to see Victor. She tells him bout Miguel and Veronica. Victor is uncomfortable with Miguel's plans to move his new bride to the ranch. Before she comes to live at the ranch, he intends to run a full background check on her. He can't have the same thing happen again that happened the last time a strange woman came to the ranch to live. As they are talking, John Silva arrives to find out how his meeting with Diane went. Nikki is surprised that he had another meeting with Diane but she is delighted when Victor says that it was very productive. He is expecting to hear from Diane later today and he is sure that this entire thing will be settled.

JACK is waiting in his office when Michael makes it back. He tells Michael that he has cleared the way for him to remain Diane's lawyer by using reverse psychology. He reminds Michael that he owes him. Michael thinks that Jack already knows what he wants from him and if he keeps Diane as a client, Jack can use him any way he wants!

When GRACE returns to the office after lunch, she finds Nicholas about to leave her a note. He wanted to speak to her about the report that she has finished. Grace wonders why he was so late getting home and he tells her that he wanted to spend some time with his family. He thanks her for keeping last night a secret.

Tony calls Sharon and tells her that they need to talk about Nick and Grace.

Michael arrives at Diane's door. He apologizes for not calling before coming, but what he has to say is too important for a phone call. "We need to talk," he tells Diane. "In all honesty, I believe your future could be at stake."

Tuesday, August 11, 1998

NEIL stops by Nick's office but only Grace is there. She asks if she can help him and he tells her that Nick is going to be sent out of town for an extended business trip where he will represent Newman Enterprises all across the country. He will end up in Colorado for their National convention. Since he will be gone for a long period of time, it will be up to Grace to carry the load at the office. Grace is sure that she is up to the job.

SHARON gets a call from Tony saying that she needs to come over to his place right now; just wait until I tell you what I just learned, he tells her. After arriving at his place and hearing what he has to say, Sharon agrees that they have their work cut out for them. She gets on the phone and calls Nick's office. She asks if Grace is there then tells Nick that he and Grace have to come to the house right now. She says in a serious tone of voice that she and Tony have something important to talk to the two of them about. Nick and Grace decide that somehow, Sharon and Tony have learned of their night out at the concert. They decide that they will just have to confess the truth. After all, they didn't do anything wrong. "I just wish I hadn't kept it a secret from Sharon," Nick laments.

VICTOR is meeting with John Silva. He is expecting Diane to come by his office in thirty minutes with her list of demands. He says that as long as they reasonable, fair and honest he will do everything he can to see that she gets everything she wants. He will do anything to keep that shyster lawyer out of the negotiations. He is sure that he will be wrapping this whole thing up today. John offers to stay in the building in case there is a snag and Victor needs him, but Victor assures him that he will not be needed.

MICHAEL is at Diane's door telling her that he has to talk to her; her entire future could depend on this talk. Although Diane accuses him of being melodramatic, she allows him to come into the apartment. She tells him that he is still on the case, provided that he never keeps anything like this from her again. If he ever tries to pull the wool over her eyes again, he will be out the door in no time flat. She informs Michael that Victor was by and had her draw up a "wish list" to present to him in about a half hour from now. Looking over the list that she has made up, Michael says that they don't have much time. He orders her to begin again and write down everything that he tells her to write; it has to be in her handwriting.

While TRICIA and MEGAN are having a little visit, the mail arrives and Tricia goes through it. Megan thinks she is looking for a message from Ryan but she says that she is hoping there is a letter from Phillip to Ryan. She is disappointed to find that there still isn't anything from Phillip. Megan reminds her that camp is for fun, not writing letters, but Tricia is sure that there is more to it than that. She can't stand the disappointment in Ryan's voice every night when he calls and discovers that there is no letter from his son. Megan says that there is nothing she can do about it, but Tricia thinks that there is. She asks Megan to wait for her; she has a little visit she needs to pay someone before they leave the house.

ASHLEY stops by the tack house with some bad news for Cole. She has an emergency meeting in Europe and she is on her way to the airport at the present time. She is going to miss him, but he is so busy with his books right now that he probably won't even know she is gone. They say their good-byes.

NICK and GRACE arrive at the apartment with guilty looks on their faces. However, they are surprised to find the apartment decorated for a party. Sharon and Tony come out of the kitchen and yell surprise and happy birthday to Grace. Sharon has a cake and there are gifts. From the looks on their faces, Tony tells Sharon that they really got to them. After she blows out the candles, Grace goes about opening the gifts. Tony says that there is a tradition in his family that you open the biggest gift first. In keeping with that, she open the largest---a gift from Sharon and Nick. It is a set of luggage. The next gift is also from Nick and Sharon and it is a CD of the latest Smashing Pumpkins release. When Sharon mentions that they were in town, Tony is sorry that he didn't know that or he would have taken Grace. Grace and Nick only exchange a look while Nick loosens his tie. The last gift is a pair of sapphire earrings from Tony. Nick says that he has to get back to the office but he gives Grace the rest of the day off for her birthday.

After Nick and Sharon leave, Grace thanks Tony for the earrings but she thinks that he paid too much for them. He tells her that he has been saving for them because from the moment he saw them in the window of the store, they had Grace written all over them. Grace tells him that he is too good to her; she doesn't know if she deserves someone like him. He tells her that he loves her so much. Grace allows him to embrace her but she has a guilty look on her face.

NINA is busy with her writing when there is a knock. It is Tricia and you can tell by her attitude that she is there for a fight. She tells Nina that they need to talk about something that is important to her and should be important to Nina. She wants to know if Nina has heard from Phillip since he has been at camp. Nina tells her that of course she hears several times a week. Tricia says that Ryan hasn't gotten the first letter. I didn't know that, Nina admits, but Tricia asks her if she is sure about that. Nina is insulted by what Tricia is implying and tells her so. She will tell her the same thing that she told Ryan and that is that she is doing everything she can to foster a good relationship between her son and his father. However, there is only so much she can do. Tricia doesn't believe her. If what she is saying is true, why would she send Phillip to camp. Nina reminds her that she has custody of Phillip and she has a right to do what ever she wants. Phillip came to her asking to go to camp and she sent him. She is sorry it messed up Tricia's plans for a family vacation. She can't help it that Phillip doesn't like Tricia and wants to stay away from that situation. Also, no matter how much Ryan insists that Phillip is a priority in his life, they both know that he isn't a priority at all. Given the situation, Nina asks, who would you expect Phillip to spend his time with, his friends or you, a woman he dislikes. Tricia says that things are fine between her and Phillip now as evidenced by Phillip's attending the wedding. Nina explains that Phillip wasn't at the wedding for Tricia, she was there for his father. She then tells Tricia that when they had returned home the night of the wedding, Phillip wished that it had been her, Nina, whom his dad married. "And that is the problem," Tricia says. "You also wish it were you that Ryan is married to. Tricia accuses Nina of being jealous of Ryan's love for her. "You want him for yourself!" Nina appears to count to ten before speaking. "I wish that Phillip was writing to his father," she says. "But that isn't my fault. Now I want you to take your asinine accusations and get out of here." You aren't going to try, are you? Tricia accuses. "You are the problem here, not me," Nina answers, getting angry. "Now get out before I say something I will really regret!"

DIANE arrives at Victor's office and after a short period of chitchat he asks to see her list. Going behind his desk, he begins to look it over. The first demand is for a job with Newman Enterprises. She will be given all the architectural jobs for the next 15 years. For this, she will receive an annual retainer of $300,000 per year. "I can live with that," Victor says. Demand number 2 is for the architectural services needed by Jabot over the next 15 years. Her salary will once again be $300,000 per year. "Can you handle both of these?" Victor asks. When Diane assures him that she can handle it, he says that this is something that he can approve of. Demand number three is for a seat on the board for both NE and Jabot for as long as Victor holds the controlling interest in both companies. "Impossible!" Victor tells her. "I cannot put you on a board with no experience." Diane tells him that she is a fast learner. Victor is not reading the demands in a tight voice. Demand number four is twenty-five percent of all outstanding stock in both companies. In other words, one quarter of all Victor Newman holdings will be transferred to Diane Jenkins Newman. Also, Diane will receive $25,000,000 over the next five years with all taxes paid by Victor Newman. In addition, Victor will have an insurance policy taken out insuring that Diane will receive the payments.

"CRAP!" Victor yells. "This is garbage. Go back and do it again!"

"Victor, these are not my needs," Diane tells him. "These are my demands. You start over." She heads for the door with him telling her that he has asked for her demands in good faith and she has made a mockery of his generosity. "I was willing to give you a generous settlement and you are being outrageous. Diane stops and turns back to him. "That is no less than I would have enjoyed as your wife." My wife doesn't sit on the board of my company! Victor objects, but Diane tells him to ask Nikki about that. Victor tells her that this isn't her words, these are the extortionist words of her ex-con lawyer. He will not negotiate anything with him---not so much as a laundry list. "Victor you can not dictate who will represent me," Diane tells him. "Like Hell I can't," Victor says. "Take this list to your lawyer and tell him to shove it up you-know-where. Now get out! I have nothing but disdain for you now." Diane walks out of the office obviously shaken but with her head high. Michael surprises her. He says that he wanted to be there in case she needed him. "Is everything okay?" No it is not! Diane says.

As DIANE walks into her apartment with Michael, she is devastated at the outcome of the meeting with Victor. However, Michael tells her that things couldn't have gone better. Victor has to know that if he had agreed to her demands, he would have gotten away cheap. Just wait until he tells his lawyer; John will set him straight. So what do we do now? Diane wants to know. Michael says that he has something in mind that will make it utterly impossible for Victor to ignore her.

Wednesday, August 12, 1998

DIANE is still worried about Victor's reaction to her wish list when she and Michael return to the penthouse. However, Michael has an idea as to what will bring Victor back to the bargaining table. "What do you have up your sleeve?" Diane asks. "Check this out," Michael says as he turns on her TV. The two of them sit down to watch the Leanna Love show. When the show is over, Michael tells her that this is the most popular show in this time slot and he wants her to think about going on it and telling her story. Her story is a natural, he tells her. Diane is reluctant to air her dirty laundry in public, especially on the talk show circuit; she compares them to a circus. Michael reminds her that Victor could hang this up for years to come. If she really wants to get it over with, she needs to give Victor a little nudge; hell, let's give him a great big shove! Going to the phone, he calls directly to Leanna Love. He tells her that he is representing Mrs. Victor Newman and would like to have her tell her story on the air. He offers her an exclusive interview, telling her that he thinks that it will benefit them both in terms of history and retribution. When Leanna appears interested, Michael gives her 24 hours to decide or he will go with another show.

JACK goes to Victor's office as he is talking to Nikki on the phone. When he hangs up, he asks what Jack is doing there. Jack says that he is bringing him a report, but Victor says he is only using the report as an excuse to quiz him about Diane's visit. He tells Jack that he should go to Diane and tell her that as long as Michael Baldwin is representing her, she will get nothing; there will be NO settlement! When Jack suggests that Victor let his attorney handle this, John Silva asks from the doorway, "Handle what?" Jack leaves and Victor tells John that since Diane still has that lawyer representing her, he will destroy her! He gives John a rundown of everything that Diane asked for. How dare she dictate the terms of this divorce! I will dictate the terms and if they do not like it, they can both go to Hell! I am declaring war and I love it! John tells him that in a war, no one wins but Victor tells him that when it is over and the dust settles, Victor Newman will be the only one left standing---I promise you this, he declares.

VERONICA returns to the tack room and calls out for Cole. He answers that he is in the shower and will be out soon. While she is nervously looking through all the notes that Cole has written down, Miguel comes by to tell her that he is going to town to pick up Malcolm. He can't take their picture in the studio due to an elecTricial problem but Nikki has given permission for him to take the photo at the ranch. Cole enters the room and they discuss how he is going to write the book from the maid's point of view. However, he has been a little premature in putting her to work on the book; he first has to talk to Nikki about it since he wouldn't want to cause her any pain. He is going up to the house now to see if she will give him permission to do the book. After he leaves, Veronica says, "Say no, Nikki. If you know what is good for you, you will say no! Don't let Cole write this book, Nikki!"

CHRIS and PAUL are at home enjoying a "nooner." Paul tells her to be home at a very reasonable hour tonight because he has plans. He tells her that she is to dress in her most fascinating dress and they will dine and dance until the band quits playing.

When Michael returns to his office, he finds Jack waiting for him. Michael says that Victor practically threw Diane out of his office but he has plans to move this thing along. Jack has a folder and tells Michael to take a look; this is what he wants added to Diane's list of demands. Looking it over, Michael laughs and hands Diane's list to Jack. Jack sees that the two men are on the same wavelength. As Michael is about to tell Jack his fabulous plans, someone from the doorway fabulous plans are her favorite subject. Both men look up to see Phyllis entering the room in a seductive manner. With her eyes never leaving Jack's, she flirts with both men. Jack leaves and Phyllis asks whom that man is. Michael tells her that he is one of the top men in the city where money and power are concerned and he has him right where he wants him. "Power and money, the two greatest aphrodisiacs," Phyllis says. Michael goes and locks the door while they both begin to undress.

CHRIS stops by Paul's office to pick him up. Since he is on a long distance conference call, she sits at the desk in the office with Lynn and looks over a file. However, she can't keep her mind on what she is doing. She tells Lynn that there is something about Carl's picture that is bothering her. When she picks up the travel folder from her trip, she remembers the man in the airport. "That is it!" she says.

JIM comes home all excited and calling for Ruth. He tells her that he has gotten a job. He shows her a uniform and tells her that he will be working as security guard for a manufacturing firm. He can almost dictate his own hours. Ruth isn't sure she likes him doing that job; it could be dangerous, she warns.

DIANE asks Marissa if she is familiar with the Leanna Love show. Marissa says that it is her favorite show. It isn't sensational like so many of those types of shows are. Ms. Love treats her guests with respect and she has a terrific sense of humor. The show also deals with real problems; problems that the everyday person could identify with.

COLE is greeted coolly by Nikki. "If this is about the tack house, Victoria has agreed that you can use it," she tells him. He tells her that Vicki called him on his honeymoon night to tell him that. "Way to go, Victoria," smiles Nikki. Cole tells her what he wants to see her about. At first, Nikki isn't interested but the more they talk, the more she realizes that it is time to explore the subject in more depth. Unknown to either of them, Veronica has entered the building and is listening outside the door to everything they say. Nikki admits that she is remembering more and more about that night. She tells him that with the last thunderstorm, she remembered what Sara had to say that night. She tells him that she accused her of stealing Joshua from her. She gives Cole permission to write the book. As Cole starts to leave, Nikki asks him if he is satisfied with Veronica's work. When he says that she is very good at what she does, Nikki thinks that there is something familiar about Veronica. She doesn't know what it is---her face, her voice, some vague quality---but she seems so familiar to her.

Thursday, August 13, 1998

When DIANE tells Jack that Michael has a new angle and that it is for her to go on the Leanna Love show, Jack finds it hard to swallow. Once he has gotten himself under control, he tells her that it is a brilliant idea. This startles Diane who asks why Leanna Love would want to hear her story anyway. Jack says that she is famous for telling people's stories on national TV in a dignified manner. Jack excitedly tells her that this is the perfect way to show Victor that he can't control people. Going after him on national TV will make it painful to keep stonewalling her; he will have to come to the bargaining table after that. Diane doesn't feel that she can bear her soul on TV. Just then, the phone rings. When she answers, it is Leanna Love. Leanna says that she has been following Diane's story in the press and she thinks that she would be perfect for her show. "This is Michael Baldwin's doing, isn't it?" Diane asks. Leanna informs her that she has more contacts than anyone knows; she is the one who decides whom to ask to appear on her show and she wants Diane. Dianne tells her no and hangs up. Jack tells her that that was a big mistake.

In the city, LEANNA LOVE slowly hangs up the phone. "So, you're not interested," she muses. "But I am sure that I could persuade you."

While NIKKI and COLE are talking about how Veronica looks familiar to Nikki, Miguel and Malcolm arrive with the photography equipment and begin to set up.

VERONICA rushes back to the tack room and she is falling apart. "What am I going to do? Nikki is on to me!" She picks up a mirror and looks at it. "I'm not that Sara any more; I don't even look like her. Sara was ugly inside and out. Why does Nikki have these feelings? How can I remind her of someone. The walls are closing in on me. I can't breathe!" Cole comes in and asks what is wrong with her. She says that the stomach flu is coming back. She asks to use his bathroom. As she washes her face, she tells herself that she has to get under control.

CHRIS pays Nina a visit on her way to Gina's to meet with Paul. She reminds Nina that she needs to be getting out more and meeting people. Nina tells her that she doesn't need a man to make her happy; contrary to what Chris thinks, she is happy with her life right now. When Chris doesn't believe her, she says that the reason she is upset is because Tricia paid her a visit. It took all she could do to keep from pulling the head off that Barbie Doll. She tells Chris about Tricia's accusations; when Chris wonders if Nina is doing everything she can to bring Phillip and Ryan together, Nina angrily asks her if she is suppose to force Phillip to write his dad a letter.

After Chris leaves, Nina paces the floor remembering what Chris said. She goes to the phone and picks it up, but then she slams it back down. "No!" She says. "I am not going to make him write to his dad. I gave him envelopes that were stamped and addressed. Now it is up to him."

TRICIA is surprised when Ryan arrives home two days early. After they have made love, he asks what has been going on in GC while he was away. She tells him that he didn't get a letter from Phillip. Seeing how disappointed Ryan is, she tells him that she believes that Nina is deliberately coming between him and Phillip. Ryan disagrees; Nina has gone out of her way to be supportive. Tricia tells him about her visit to Nina and Ryan is horrified and angered that she would accuse Nina to her face. Tricia insists that Nina is working against them but Ryan says that she was out of line. She should have stayed out of this! Tricia says that she is his wife; she was only trying to help. "I guess I know where I stand!" Tricia says. "You will marry me, you will make love to me when you return from a trip just as long as I stay out of your way!" She marches out of the room leaving Ryan with a stunned look on his face.

VICTORIA is lying on the bed feeling the baby move when Nikki comes in to see her. She says that feeling your baby move for the first time is something you will never forget. Vicki tells her that she felt her baby move at the wedding when it's father was marrying another woman. Nikki tells her that she needs the baby's father with her now; it isn't right that she should have to do it all alone. As Nikki goes on about Cole being in the tack room, Vicki becomes upset and walks out. "Neil, please be home," she whispers as she leaves the house.

VERONICA arrives at the ranch house and changes into the dress that she wore to the wedding. She is distracted but blames it on the flu. After taking several pictures of the two of them together, Miguel moves away and Malcolm begins taking head shots of Veronica. She panics and says that she doesn't want any close ups. She rushes out of the house much to the amazement of the two men.

VICKI arrives to find Neil at home. She says that she is upset because she is getting too much advice from her mother. Living at the ranch with the folks is just a little too claustrophobic for her. Neil says that he was just about to call her; he has something he wants to talk to her about. He tells her that he has filed for a divorce and shows her the papers. He tells her that he is doing this for himself because the marriage is over and he finally realizes it. He wants her to move into the apartment with him or they can rent a different apartment. Looking around, Vicki says that it would be a shame for both of them to move. She doesn't know why he would want her and all her excess baggage, but he tells her that he has never been happier than he is at this moment.

Friday, August 14, 1998

JACK chastises Diane for turning down the offer to go on TV with Leanna Love. The doorbell interrupts them. Opening the door Diane is surprised to find Leanna Love standing there. "I simply cannot take no for an answer," she smiles. Diane tells her that she just can't see herself talking about all her problems on national TV, but Leanna walks into the apartment with assurance. "What a wonderful penthouse," she observes looking around. Spying Jack, she observes that she likes even better what goes with the penthouse. Jack smiles as he accepts her compliment and tells her that it is nice to see her again. Diane is surprised that they know each other but Leanna tells her that her position allows her to meet all the movers and shakers. Getting down to business, Leanna tells Diane that there is a lot they need to talk about. Diane is a wronged woman and she needs to tell the world how she was taken unfair advantage of. Come on my show and tell your story, she pleads. Diane says that obviously her attorney put her up to this, but Leanna says that no one puts her up to anything; she is her own woman. She says that her guest for tonight fell through and she wants to put Diane in their place. Otherwise, she doesn't have a free night for over two months. Diane is shocked that she will be on the show tonight if she accepts the invitation but Jack warns that she doesn't want her story to get stale. Leanna guesses that Diane is afraid of pushing Victor too far. "You are afraid of what he might do," she says. "But all I ask you to do is tell the absolute truth. Victor has hurt you very much; he has changed your life and your future. He has not taken into account your needs and your feelings. You do have a right to air your grievances." Giving Diane her phone number, Leanna says that she has an hour to make up her mind. "Goodbye, Handsome," she purrs to Jack as she leaves. "Well, Handsome," Diane says when they are alone. "What do you think I should do?" Jack tells her that she knows his feelings but she has to make up her own mind. He leaves.

NEIL goes to the office and tells Nick about the trip he will soon be taking. He reminds Nick that he is the heir apparent---the future of the company. It is time that everyone begins to connect the name to the face. Nick says that he can be counted on. After Neil leaves, Nick tells Grace all about the coming trip; she pretends that she knows nothing about it. When he says that he isn't all that up on the manufacturing plants, she tells him that she is. She fills him in and he is amazed at her knowledge. She assures him that she is planning on becoming indispensable to him.

TONY takes yellow roses to Sharon and she asks him what he is buying from her. He tells her that he needs help in planning the honeymoon. Grace is still delaying the wedding and he needs the perfect exciting honeymoon to get her to get her to make her decision. After talking about some options and the amount of money Tony has to spend, Sharon says that she has the perfect carrot to dangle in front of Miss Picky. "Mexico!" Sharon tells him. When he objects because of the expense, she tells him that now is the off season so it is very inexpensive. She just yesterday got some brochures in the mail and you can plan a 7-day, six-night vacation with tours and a cruise with enough money left over to spend a night in the casino.

MALCOLM brings the proofs of the photo shoot to Cole at the tack house because he can't find Miguel anywhere at the house. He says that the pictures aren't very good so he feels that he will have to do the shoot over again. Looking through the pictures, Cole finds the head shots that Mal made. He finds one that he would like to keep. Looking at it, he wonders what there is about it that makes him want to keep it. After Mal leaves, Cole finds himself drawn to the photo over and over. Looking at the picture with a magnifying glass, he begins to hear Nikki's voice saying that there is something familiar about Veronica. "It is the eyes," Cole says. "They are so intense. Were you really sick, Veronica? Could Nikki be on to something?"

"The gall of that woman!" NIKKI says when Victor tells her about Diane's demands. She can't believe what that woman is capable of; she must be out of her mind! Victor tells her that they are not going to think about Diane anymore tonight. As far as he is concerned, Diane Jenkins and her sleazebag lawyer can both go to Hell! He reminds her that she promised him a night he wouldn't soon forget and he is there to collect. As they dance on the patio in the moonlight, Victor suddenly wonders what the music is that is playing. She tells him that it is the song from their wedding; they danced their first dance to this song as man and wife. As "Through the Eyes of Love" plays, Nikki is transported back to her first marriage to Victor when they danced to this very tune. When the music stops, there are tears in her eyes. Why are you crying, Victor asks. She tells him that sometimes she gets a little anxious about the future. Victor says that she has nothing to fear. Tonight Diane does not exist; tonight belongs only to the two of them. They are the only two people in the world. "I feel so safe and secure when I am in your arms," Nikki tells him. "Nothing and no one will part us again," promises Victor.

MICHAEL arrives at Diane's apartment excited about the prospect of Diane being on Leanna Love's show. When he sees that Diane is still undecided, he tells her that being on the show will have great impact on their case. It will create an enormous wave of sympathy for Diane and an equal backlash against Victor. Diane feels that it is still too extreme. Michael asks her where she thinks Victor is right this moment. It is a beautiful summer evening and he guesses that Victor is enjoying himself at that big plush ranch with the fair Nikki. "He is probably thinking about how ideal life would be if you would just take that bone he is tossing you and get out of his life. He is wishing that you would just go away and make the way clear for him and his new wife to begin their eternal honeymoon."

VERONICA is in her room at the motel and she is coming apart at the seams. "I can't do this anymore!" she screams. "I can't start a new life here; not with the house so close. I have to leave; I have to go!" She rushes to the closet and gets her satchel. She begins to put things into the bag. She picks up the clock by the bedside. Looking into the mirror, she sees herself morph into Sara. "What kind of person are you! What kind of fool are you?" Suddenly she throws the clock at the mirror and watches it shatter. Coming back to herself, she continues to pack her bag. When she is finished, there is a knock at the door and there is Miguel. Hiding the satchel and broken mirror in the closet, she lets him in. He is very worried about her. He knows that it isn't just the flu that is wrong and he thinks he knows what it is. She is still worrying about living at the ranch. While he would love to live at the ranch, they don't have to. He will live anywhere just as long as he can live there with her. He loves her so much that he will always put her first in his life. Crying, Veronica tells him that he is the sweetest man she has ever known. She wants him to remember that always. Miguel offers to stay with her, but she says she will be all right now. He leaves.

JACK tells Jill that a lot of work has fallen behind since she started dreaming of taking the house away from Katherine. She tells him that soon, she will be the owner of the house that Katherine stole from her. The only time in her life that she was happy was when she lived in that house. Once she is back in the house, she will be happy again.

Just after Jill leaves, KATHERINE enters Jack's office. She saw Jill leaving but Jill didn't see her. She can't understand why Jack has a soft spot in his heart for Jill but she reminds him that Jill always has an angle. She then tells him that she has fallen in love with her house all over again. To celebrate she is planning a wonderful gala celebration. She is hand delivering Jack's invitation; he is free to invite anyone he wishes as ling as it isn't Jill. She can sit home and eat her heart out.

DIANE and MICHAEL arrive back stage at the Leanna Love show. Leanna tells Diane that she is happy that Diane decided to appear; this will be a show that no one will soon forget. She introduces herself to Michael then takes Diane to makeup.

VERONICA grabs her bag and is about to leave the room. She stops at the door and thinks of Miguel. "We could have been happy," she says. "We could have had a good life. But I have to leave because of Nikki; it is always NIKKI! I almost had it all; I came so close to having it all. THAT BITCH, NIKKI TAKES EVERYTHING FROM ME! IF IT WEREN'T FOR NIKKI . . ."

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