The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on Y&R
Diane's interview on The Leanna Love Show aired. Victoria accepted Neil's proposal. Cassie's slumber party interrupted Nick and Sharon's 'night of love.' Jack and Brad had a secret meeting in the park.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday August 24, 1998

PAUL wonders if Chris has something on her mind since she tossed and turned all night. Chris insists that there is nothing wrong. Since she has a busy day, she has to leave but not before Paul gets his goodbye kiss. He tells her that he has a contract he would like her to look at for him and she tells him to send it over and she will do it.

MICHAEL calls Leanna Love and asks to preview the edited version of Diane's interview. However, Leanna is insulted that he would ask; she never allows anyone to preview her show! Michael thinks that he could tell her which parts to emphasize but Leanna says adamantly that she knows her business.

Nick is laying on the couch looking at the Fourth of July pictures when Sharon comes home from errands and wonders why he is home when he should be at the office. He says that since he began looking at the pictures, he has something on his mind besides work. She wonders what will happen if Noah wakes up but he tells her to take a chance. As they are kissing, the phone rings. Nick insists that she ignore it; she tries, but when the ring keeps insisting, she finally answers. It is Nikki; she insists that they come up to the main house. Nick tries to put her off but she will not take no for an answer. Hanging up, Nick says their fun is spoiled by "Mama's interruptus." He says that he loves his family but sometimes he wishes that the ranch were a lot bigger. Sharon goes to get Noah so that they can go to the house. When they arrive at the main house, they find Vicki wondering what is going on. Their questions are soon answered when Nikki arrives to tell them what happened the night before with Veronica. They are all shocked to learn that Veronica and Sara were the same, but Nick was more astonished and angry that he wasn't there to help her. Nikki says that she is glad he was away; she wouldn't have wanted any of them hurt. She mentions that this is the second time that Victor has saved her life. Vicki mentions that Miguel must be devastated and Nikki says that Victor told him to take as much time off as he needed.

In Norfolk, CARL is dressed in his new security guards uniform. Ruth still isn't comfortable with him taking this job; she doesn't feel that it is a safe profession and she doesn't understand why he has given up his safe carpenter's job. He tries to allay her fears by telling her he is nothing but a glorified scarecrow letting anyone who cares to look know that someone is watching. He also tells her that from the time he got the job, he felt "right" about it. Fingering the badge, he tells her that he doesn't understand it but he has a feeling down deep that this was meant to be.

JACK is in a foul mood when he comes looking for Nick. When Grace tells him that he isn't in the office yet, Jack says that he expects employees to have their butts in their seats at 8 AM. As he rants about Nick's upcoming business trip and all that is riding on it being a success, Grace tries to interrupt several times but can't get a word in. Finally she stops Jack and gives him a rundown on everything that she has ready. As soon as Nick and she can go over it and get it edited just right, she was planning to send everyone a copy. He wants to see what she has. As she begins to tell him about each campaign, Jack's expression changes; he is highly impressed and knows that Grace is responsible for all of this work. As a matter of fact, he says that he believes that she is the mastermind behind it all and he is willing to bet that Nick hasn't even seen this work as yet. He admits that she has made a big turnaround; he had considered her not up to snuff but she has proved him wrong. Grace is pleased.

"Is this the Christine Williams Dating Service?" Nina wants to know when she sticks her head in Christine's office door. Laughing, Chris says that she will do a better job next time; she is making it her personal mission to see that Nina has a social life. Nina tells her that a social life is fine but she doesn't want any help with dating. As Nina talks away, Chris loses her concentration. When Nina calls her on it, she admits that she saw a man at the airport in Norfolk that looks exactly like Paul's father; if you took Mary's picture and aged it fifteen years, it would be that man. Nina reminds her that many people look alike but Chris says that even knowing that, she can't get this man's face out of her mind; she even dreamed about him last night. Before they can go any further with the conversation, Lynn shows up with flowers. She explains that they were at the desk outside and she is only moving them from the desk to the office. They wonder who would send such lovely flowers. She opens the envelope and finds that they were sent in appreciation for a wonderful evening by Dean and Troy! After Nina leaves, Christine asks Lynn if Carl Williams has a brother. Lynn answers that she doesn't think so but isn't sure.

JACK is still in a foul mood when he arrives at Michael's office but we soon see why. He jumps on Michael right away asking if he ever does any work. He complains about calling the penthouse and finding out that Diane---your client---is lounging on a beach somewhere instead of going on the Leanna Love Show and sticking it to old Newman. Michael tells him that Diane did do the show and it is in the can ready for broadcast. Jack is impressed, not only with him talking Diane into doing the show, but by the list of demands that Michael gave to Diane to give to Victor. His only problem is whether or not, they can get their demands from him. Michael says that when Victor sees the show, there will be a tidal wave of sympathy for Diane; the public will be eating out of her hands and there will be nothing Victor can do but deal for three reasons. First of all, if he will only listen to his attorney, he will know that the list they gave to him pales in comparison to what a judge would award to Diane. Secondly, he gave room in the demands for Victor to bargain. He knew from the beginning that that he would not be able to get everything on that list. Last, the talk show is only the first missile in the upcoming barrage. When the tape hits the screen there will be a feeding frenzy like none Victor has ever seen. He will be begging to sit down and get this whole mess over and done with. Now Jack is really impressed.

While GRACE waits for Nick to come to the office, she remembers the time when she told Nick that she loved him and he rejected that love. She also remembers the talks she had with Michael Baldwin. She seems satisfied with her self when Nick arrives. He acts short with Grace and she asks him what is wrong. He doesn't want to talk about it, but she continues, telling him he can talk to her about anything. She wonders if he is having trouble with Sharon, but he tells her that his mother was almost murdered last night. Now he would rather forget it and get to work. Grace offers him her sympathy and goes on to tell him that Jack was by. She explains all that she has done for the trip and he thanks her. He asks if she is trying to become so invaluable to him that he will take her with him. Looking hopeful, Grace asks, "The trip?" Nick says, "Yes, the meteoric rise up the ladder at Newman's." Grace hides her disappointment but once outside the office, she says to herself that she plans on making herself so invaluable to him that he will have to take her along on his trip!

JACK, back in his office, calls Brad in Rome. Brad tells him that he has no time for Jack and his games; if he wants something from him, out with it or he is hanging up. Jack cryptically tells him that the time is near; he had better get himself back to town. Brad says that he was there and all he got was a lot of double-talk. Jack says that things are coming to a head and the proposal that he is going to make to him will make more and more sense. Brad wants to know exactly what this is about, but Jack says it isn't something you would talk about on the phone. Brad says to trust him but Brad says that isn't good enough. "If you want to ignore it, be my guest," Jack says and hangs up. They both looked intrigued.

LEANNA is on the phone when there is a knock and her door cracks open. All she sees is a huge bouquet of flower, roses intermixed with huge hydrangeas. Hanging up, she tells the flowers to come in. It is Michael. He apologizes to her for being out of line when he called before. He meant no offense and he promises that if she will forgive him, he will do the lawyering and leave the editing to her. It takes a while to bring her around but she does say that she will give him another chance but she will not allow him to preview the tape. She will tell him this, however; she is her own biggest critic and the show is one of the best she has ever done. As soon as the show airs, he will have Victor Newman on his knees! "Stay tuned, America. We have another Leanna Love first!"

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

CHRIS is on the phone with someone assuring them that the person they are talking about will be in prison for at least 25 years before he will be released. After she hangs up, the phone rings again and it is Victor. She tells him that she knows about what happened at the ranch and she hopes that all the bad stuff is behind him. He tells her that he has received copies of the newspaper articles on her work in Bucharest. He has had them translated and printed out. If she will stop by, he will give them to her. She has to make a delivery across from him so she will see him soon.

MICHAEL stands in John Silva's office reading the newspaper. He is especially interested in the article that announces that there will be a special mystery guest on the Leanna Love show for today. "Okay Victor," he mutters. "You want to play hardball? Let's see how it feels to lose." John comes in and Michael quickly puts on a contrite face. He wants to know if Victor has responded to the list of needs that Diane presented him with. "Needs?" John asks. "You mean that list of insults?" He says that Victor is not budging; he is not even making a counter proposal. With contempt, John gathers up some papers and tells Michael that he has an appointment; lock up when you leave. After he has gone, Michael smiles and says that today Victor will be stunned as never before.

SHARON stops by Nick's office because she knows that he was disappointed that his mother interrupted their morning. She is sorry but she promises that she will make it up to him tonight. She has been shopping for him and here is what she has bought. With her back turned to him, she whips something out of the bag and swirls around for him to see. It is a white lace teddy and Nick's eyes nearly pops out of his head. "Hot damn!" he exclaims. After a little sexual banter, Nick reminds her that he has an appointment with Neil but he will be home early for his present. Before she can leave, Sharon says that Vicki looked good today. Nick says that she does look good on the outside but he doesn't know what she is going through on the inside; she has a lot on her plate right now.

TONY drops by Grace's office and enthusiastically tells her about his plans for their honeymoon. He shows her some brochures on Mexico, which after looking them over, she agrees are fantastic. He even mentions that he has put a deposit down on the trip for the first week in October; all she has to do is decide between Acapulco and Cancun. "No!" Grace tells him without preamble. "You shouldn't have done that. I can't get away. That is when Nick is going on his trip and I have to stay here and hold down the fort. Your timing couldn't be worse!" Grace rants on and on about how Jack and Nick are counting on her and there is no one else to take her place. Tony angrily interrupts and tells her that he feels like he is spinning his wheels; she doesn't seem to be interested in having a honeymoon at all. She tells him that as soon as Nick gets back from his trip, they can go but he says she will only find another way to put him off. As she leaves the office, he says that he doesn't think she even cares if the ever get married.

At Crimson Lights, TRICIA berates Megan for breaking up with Alec after the good advice she gave her. Megan says that it was specifically because of that advice that she broke up with him; she realized that he was a special person and didn't deserve to hang around with someone who didn't return his live. "So you dumped one of the good guys because he was too good?" Tricia asks. She wants to know if this is about sex, but Megan tells her that that is only a part of it. She knows that she doesn't love Alec and never will. Tricia has to leave but Megan stays at her table.

When Megan goes back the coffeepot, she hears Tony when he goes to the counter and orders a very strong coffee. Approaching him, she invites him to her table. She notes that he seems to be in a bad mood and proceeds to tell him that when she feels down, she likes to listen to music or dance. He informs her rudely that he isn't interested in her advice. As she gets up to leave, insulted, he stops her and asks her to dance. He didn't mean to hurt her; he just has a lot on his mind and doesn't want to think about it. The two take the dance floor.

NICK and Neil have a good meeting but Nick is all business. As they finish and Nick is preparing to leave, Neil asks if he has something to say to him. Nick remains cool but tells him that if there is anything that changes about the plans for the trip, he will be in touch. Neil asks him if he has any problems with him seeing his sister. Nick says he only wants him to do right by his sister. Neil assures him that he will; he has asked Vicki to marry him.

JOHN goes to Victor's office and tells him that from the way Michael Baldwin was acting, he thinks that the other side is rattled. This is good news to Victor but John warns him that the other side is only weakening. Now would be a good time to draw up an answer to the last demand. "Absolutely not!" Victor says. "I want Diane to know that she will get nothing. Let her find out that she took her best shot and it failed."

OLIVIA pays Neil a visit and asks how things are going with Vicki. He tells her that he is expecting an answer to his proposal any day now. Olivia reminds him that he isn't divorced yet and Neil admits that he realizes that. Olivia then proceeds to tell him that Dru called her last night; she will be back in Genoa City next week.

NICK goes to Vicki's office and tells her that she is on his mind. Her pregnancy still just blows him away. "What is there to it?" Vicki jokes. "Breathe, push; breathe, push." He isn't amused at her attitude to flippancy. He says that he knows that Neil has asked her to marry him but he is still married. Vicki asks him how he feels about her marrying Neil and he says that all he wants is for her to be happy. She gets the idea from his attitude that he thinks that Neil is the baby's father and quickly sets him straight. When he finds out that Cole is the baby's father and that Cole knew it and got married anyway, he goes ballistic. Playing the martyr, Vicki tells him the whole story about how she tried to keep it from Cole but failed. She tells him that Cole wants to be a part of the baby's life. Things will work out, she tells him. They always do. She says that she cares a great deal for Neil and that she owes him an answer soon to his proposal.

PHYLLIS tells Michael that she has been downtown window shopping for the cruise he will take her on when he wins millions in his case for Diane. Michael says that they just might go on a cruise when he wins. He says that they will know more today. There is a big shock wave coming starting today and there will be such an uproar that will rock this town---the country. He only wishes he could see Victor's face when he sees who is on the Leanna Love show today. Phyllis brings up something that Michael hasn't thought about: who knows if Victor will even be watching? It doesn't matter if he watches, explains Michael, but it sure would be nice if he did. He tells Phyllis that she should do him a favor and give Victor a call anonymously, of course, and suggest that he watch. When she says that she would never get past his secretary, Michael whips out Victor's private number courtesy of his client. Going to the phone, and in a sexy southern drawl, she asks Victor if he has a television. To Victor's protests of who is this, she tells him that he should be sure and tune in to the Leanna Love's show today. "I don't know who you are, young lady," Victor says. "But I have more important things to do that watch that drivel!" He hung up on me Phyllis laughs.

NICK returns to his office and finding Grace in his chair he asks if she is trying to take his job. She tells him that the chair is too big for her. She talks about business but when she sees that Nick isn't all that interested, she says she will go back to her office and create. Outside the office, she stops and says that if Nick is finding it too hard to ask her to go on the trip with him, she will just have to find another way to make it happen.

CONNIE comes into Victor's office just as he is packing his briefcase to go home. "I don't think you should leave just yet," she tells him as she turns on the TV. "You need to watch this." She leaves and Victor stands watching Leanna introduce her next guest. "Our next guest will make you cry while at the same time make you angry at what she has gone through. Please welcome Diane Newman."

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

VICTORIA visits Cole in the tack house to thank him for all he did to save her mother from Veronica. They have a nice talk, mostly about the baby, and Cole again assures her that he intends to be a part of the child's life. He asks about her life and she tells him that she is getting on with life and having fun. When he tells her that his wish is that she find someone like he has found, she hints that she may already have found someone but she won't tell him about it just yet.

While TONY and MEGAN dance their cares away, Tricia slips back into Crimson Lights and asks if her sister is still there. The waiter points to the dance floor and Tricia mummers that it didn't take her sister too long to bounce back from her break up with Alec. When the dance is finished, Tricia joins the two, much to Megan's obvious displeasure. She says that she is meeting Ryan there for lunch. When Tony asks her to join them out on the patio, Megan tries to say that Tricia is there to be with her new husband but Tricia interrupts to say that she would be glad to join them----at least until Ryan arrived. When Tony goes to get drinks, Megan asks Tricia what she is trying to do to her. Tricia sweetly says that she is only trying to help but Megan says she is just butting in.

After acting the Grand Inquisitor for a while, Tony tells Tricia that he has to leave. Megan gets up and leaves with him. Sitting alone, Tricia seems pleased with herself and remains on the patio for another glass of iced tea.

Inside, an out-of-place looking Nina walks into Crimson Lights. Getting a coffee, she finds a table just as Ryan enters and looks around. Seeing Nina but no Tricia, he asks to join her. He wonders what she is doing here and she explains that she is meeting Cricket for lunch.

As Nina looks around the room and then hides her face, it becomes obvious that she doesn't feel comfortable there. Ryan asks her why she is so uncomfortable and she tells him to look around; it is obvious that she doesn't fit in here. Looking around at all the little hoochies having fun, Ryan tells her that she shouldn't be uncomfortable; she has it all over the girls here. "You are so out of their league," Ryan tells her. "These are just kids; they have no idea what life is all about, but you do. You are a great mom, a published author, a great conversationalist---you are so far above this college crowd!" Looking at him, Nina asks if he is aware of the irony in all that he is saying. When Ryan looks puzzled, she reminds him that he left her for one of these carefree college kids without a thought to call their own. Getting up, she tells Ryan that if he sees Christine he should tell her that she couldn't wait. Looking puzzled, Ryan watches her leave.

Someone else watches Nina leave---Tricia. When she is out the door, Tricia comes over to the table and joins her husband. She begins giving him the 4th degree about Nina but he convinces her that he only wants to be there with her. To convince her, he leans across the table and kisses her.

JILL bursts into John's office complaining about the party Katherine is throwing in HER house, inviting the whole town except for her. "I will not let her get away with it!" Jill declares. When John tells her to settle down, she says that he obviously still doesn't understand what this case means to her. She begins to rehash her history with Katherine from all those years ago when Katherine was nothing but an alcoholic recluse living in a cloud of cigarette smoke and alcoholic fumes. When she finishes, John tells her that he does know how important this is. That is the reason he refuses to make any hasty moves and that is the reason that it is imperative that she stay away from Katherine. She should especially NOT get caught up in the party. The thing that is important is getting the house back.

OLIVIA tells Neil that even though Dru called and said she would be back in town next week, she didn't say why she was returning. However, she is sure that it has something to do with being served the divorce papers. "After all this time, why is she coming back now?" Neil asks. He hopes that she is bringing his beautiful baby girl with her; it has been months since he has seen her and held her in his arms. He regrets that he let her go in the first place but Olivia assures him that he did the right thing. He saved his family from getting embroiled in a nasty custody fight. Seeing Neil's reaction to the news that Dru is returning, she asks him how he feels about Dru. He admits that he wouldn't admit this to anyone else but he really doesn't know his feelings; he probably won't know how he feels until he is face to face with her.

JILL, unfortunately, doesn't listen to the advice John has given her; she heads straight to Katherine's place. The two argue once again about who is to fault for the way that things turned out. Jill accuses Katherine of using this party only to insult her. Eventually, she tells Katherine to have her party; she doesn't care! When Jill leaves, Esther comes into the room and asks if that was Jill. Katherine says that she doesn't know what Jill was doing here, but she is definitely up to something!

VICTORIA calls Neil and gets his secretary who tells her that Neil has just left the office. She leaves a message for him. "Tell him that I have something very important to tell him," Vicki says. "This is important; he will know what I am calling about. Tell him that I have the answer he has been waiting for."

MICHAEL says that it is time for the show. He turns on the TV and the two of them settle down on the couch to watch as the show begins. Michael is as jittery as a little boy on Christmas morning waiting to open his presents! He talks about how every woman in town---every woman in the country---will be on Diane's side in this. As Diane is introduced, he mentions how elegant she is; she is an incredible woman. Phyllis suddenly loses interest in the broadcast and looks possessively at Michael. The green-eyed monster, jealousy, has reared its ugly head!

At Newman Enterprises, VICTOR is also watching the beginning of the show just as Chris arrives at this office. He invites her to come in and watch this with him. As Leanna introduces Diane, Victor asks, "What the devil is going on here?" They watch the broadcast in silence except for the occasional snort from Victor. At one point he asks Chris if there is anything he can do but she tells him that since all Diane has done is tell the truth, she hasn't really done anything wrong. As Leanna lets the audience know that she was once married to Victor (which comes as quite a surprise to Diane), Victor declares that there is the reason she is doing this. It is Leanna's way of settling an old score with him. He wants to fight this, but Christine says that it is too late now. "I hate having my life dragged out for public consumption!" Victor says.

As the interview progresses, Victor says that this is all distorted garbage and one sided. These women are trying to make him look like an insensitive bastard!" He asks Chris if she can help him. She tells him to let her think on it for a while and see what she can come up with.

As the show ends, MICHAEL is a happy camper but Phyllis is a little sullen. She says that Diane is much more attractive than she thought and Michael tells her that of course she is attractive; she is married to Victor Newman. But Phyllis insists that Diane's tabloid pictures didn't do her justice and Michael gets the picture. He tries to tease her about being jealous, but soon becomes serious. He tells her that she is his rock; she has been with him through this entire ordeal and he is doing this for both of them. He reminds her that they have big plans for when the case is finally settled; they will be living like royalty. Phyllis tells him not to forget that; what they have together is special and she doesn't want to lose it. Once Michael has Phyllis feeling secure again, she tells him that he should stay away from Victor Newman; he is probably one dangerous man about now.

MARISSA turns off the TV as soon as the show is over. Just at that moment, she gets a call from Victor. He demands to speak to Diane. When Marissa tells him that he can't because Diane isn't in, he demands to know where she is and when she will be home. Marissa tells him that she isn't at liberty to tell him that and hangs up. Back in his office, Victor says, "That little twit hung up on me." He then tells Chris that he has somewhere to go and leaves the office.

LEANNA LOVE is busy in her office when she hears loud voices coming from outside. Victor comes barging into the office with her assistant right behind. Terry apologizes for not being able to stop Victor but Leanna brushes it off. "I will be fine, won't I, Victor?" she asks. Terry says that he will be right outside. When they are alone, Leanna says, "So we meet again." Victor coldly stares at her and says, "What are you trying to prove?"

Thursday, August 27, 1998

RICK is waiting for his dad in his dad's office when Ryan comes in. It doesn't take long for Ryan to see that Nick is in a hurry and impatient for Victor to return. He says that he has a hot date tonight with Sharon and if his Dad doesn't return to the office soon, the plans will go right out the window. He can't just leave the report on the desk because there are some things that he has to explain about it so Ryan tells him to give him the oral report and he will fill Victor in. Great! Nick says. He and Sharon don't have that much time for romance any more between family and work.

MICHAEL is smiling smugly to himself when Christine bursts into the room ranting about how he is skirting the edges of ethical behavior with his latest stunt. "Did you even take Victor's feelings into consideration when you put Diane on that show?" Christine asks. Michael says that he did take Victor's feelings into consideration but Victor isn't his client, Diane is. As he takes pride in how he is handling the case, Christine begins to preach to him about his both his treatment of Victor and his ethical behavior. She reminds him that it is almost time that she make another report to the committee about him. When she reminds her that she warned him once before not to take on Victor Newman, Michael gets defensive and says that under all that bluster and all those threats is merely a man. What can he do to me? He tells Chris that he is tired of paying and paying over and over again for his sins. At some point people should be allowed to move on. He wants her to stop being so sanctimonious. "Okay," Christine says, throwing up her hands. "Don't say I didn't warn you and I will be keeping my eye on you and this situation."

SHARON is visiting with Doris; she says that with her busy life, she doesn't get the opportunity to visit as often as she wants. She tells Doris that Cassie has a sleepover after camp today so she and Nick have a date for a romantic evening. Doris offers to baby sit Noah and Sharon is happy to talk her up on her offer. Just then the phone rings. Answering it, Sharon is surprised to hear Cassie on the line.

VICKI and NIKKI cross paths at the ranch. Nikki mentions that she was looking for her daughter earlier but couldn't find her. Vicki says that she was at the tack house talking to Cole. Nikki takes the opportunity to begin another lecture about staying away from Cole. She thinks that Vicki is not over him even though she says that she is and this only proves it. Vicki says that she was only there to thank him for helping Nikki with the Veronica problem. When Nikki won't let it go, Vicki angrily stomps up the stairs to her room.

MALCOLM stops by the office to pick up Olivia for dinner. While she is getting ready to go, she tells him about Dru's call. She admits that she has told Neil about Dru's visit but she can't quite get a read on how it affected him. She can't help but remember that he is divorcing her sister because she wanted a career and now here he is taking up with Victoria Newman who is very much involved in her own career. Malcolm says that he only has two things to say about that. First of all, he reminds her that a lot of Neil's problem was with a wife who lied to him over and over. Olivia agrees, but says that it was only after Neil had put Dru in an impossible position. Second of all, Malcolm says, there is the question of love. Nobody can figure out love no matter how hard they try. They both agree that they will just have to wait and see what happens. As they are on their way out of the office, the phone rings. Ignoring it, Olivia hurries out of the office but a few seconds later comes back in saying that she just can't ignore the phone. Unfortunately, there is a sick doctor and Olivia is needed to make rounds on his patients. She puts her lab coat back on and leaves.

NEIL returns to his office and Joyce gives him all of his messages. He flips through them and finds the one from Vicki. Joyce tells him that she is at home and wants him to call right away. Alone, Neil excitedly dials the number and Vicki picks up. She tells him that she wants to talk to him but not over the phone. She is on her way to his office.

Going downstairs, Vicki tells Nikki that she is sorry for being so snippy earlier. She just wants her to know that she is truly and completely over Cole. She is excited and happy about the direction her life is headed. Now she has to go to see someone, she tells her mother as she leaves.

MICHAEL is alternating between anger and fear as he paces his office. Jack comes in to discuss the outcome of the Leanna Love Show. When Michael says that they have him on the run, Jack warns him not to get too comfortable. Michael says he is tired of people warning him about Victor Newman as if he were the boogie man. He is just a man. Jack tells him that there are a lot of bones baking in the sun from people who thought they could one-over Victor Newman. He is a man used to getting his own way. Michael says that Jack has his own agenda where Victor Newman is concerned; why isn't he afraid. Jack assures him that he is afraid and that is why he is being so careful. As a matter of fact, they should not be seen together again. If he needs to see Michael, he will get in touch and they will meet somewhere out of the way. Michael says that he will help Jack all that he can. Right now, Victor is probably at his angriest and most distracted; this would be a good time to make a move. Jack says that he has to be certain. In the meantime, he wants Michael to keep the pressure on; Victor can't hold out forever.

LEANNA tells Victor that she isn't playing any games with him but neither does he intimidate her. Victor says that her entire show was a lie, a bald-faced lie. Having Diane on the show was just a performance---a performance she is trying to pass off as the truth. Leanna tells him that there is a lot of truths out there; the "truth" that people see can't always be the "truth" that he chooses for them to see. "Welcome to the Information Age, Victor," she says. "More like the "Misinformation Age," Victor corrects her. "You are the perfect example of that." When Leanna says that she is what is happening now, Victor says that all of that can change in the blink of an eye. "I don't have to be afraid of people like you," Leanna confidently tells him. "I know how fickle the public tastes are and I prepared myself a long time ago for that change." Victor tells her that sometimes it is wise to have a little fear; fear is a healthy response. "What can you do to me, Victor?" Leanna asks. "Are you going to break my legs?"

Victor says that it she is going after him to settle some old forgotten score. She saw her opportunity for payback when Michael Baldwin came waltzing in with Diane Jenkins on his arm. Leanna says that that isn't how it happened, but what if it did? Diane had a story to tell and she had the vehicle for her to tell it. "News is whatever people are interested in," she says. "Have you ever heard of email or web pages? We have had a ton of feedback since Diane was on the show. People are taking her side in droves. You are here to blame me, to blame Diane or Michael Baldwin all because your ego will now let you admit that YOU SCREWED UP!"

"That is not what happened!" Victor insists. "You have made this your problem although it is not your problem. For that, you will regret it! Talk show hostesses are a dime a dozen; your success has gone to your head. Your actions are going to come back to haunt you. YOU WILL PAY, YOU MARK MY WORDS!"

VICTORIA is in a great mood when she enters Neil's office. She flirts with him and he flirts right back. He tells her that he has a girl that he cares about; in fact, he is head over heals in love with this girl. He is so in love that he has even asked her to marry him. He guesses that she is there to give him an answer. Instead, she tells him that she wants to take him to dinner. There is a little club that she wants to show him. Neil can't figure out what is going on until she tells him that they are going out to celebrate. "The answer is yes?" He asks. She tells him that he is the gentlest, most kind-hearted man she has ever known and it would be an honor to marry him and spend the rest her life with him.

At the CROW'S NEST, Callie and Rob are talking about advertising. Rob wants to put a larger ad in the paper but Callie is afraid to draw too much attention to herself. If her manager finds her here, it could really mess things up for her. "If that guy shows his face around here, I'll tie his face in a knot!" Rob promises. But Callie says that she can't take that chance no matter how tempting his plans for showcasing her are. Since it is time for her first set, she goes to get ready.

MALCOLM comes into the Crow's Nest and looks around at the crowd. He is about to leave when Rob announces Callie. Turning back, he watches as Callie walks up to the microphone. As she looks out, she sees Malcolm in the audience and her smile grows bigger.

Back in his office, VICTOR stands looking out the window when Nikki calls. She needs to speak to him but not at the office. Victor tells her that he will be home soon. As Jack walks into the office Victor tells him that he was just about to call him. He wants to know if Jack enjoyed himself watching Diane perform on Leanna's show but Jack emphatically tells him that he had nothing to do with that; he doesn't make a habit of biting the hand that feeds him. As a matter of fact, he thinks that Diane went over the line when she went on that show. Victor wonders why he is suddenly on his side and Jack sees that Victor is suspicious. He says that he has never denied that he thinks that Victor handled Diane abominably but what Michael Baldwin is doing is only making the problems worse. Victor agrees; he says that he is going to crush that SOB. "Michael Baldwin undid all the progress that Diane and I were making." Jack says that containing Michael Baldwin is the answer. Victor wonders if Nikki saw the show; maybe that is the reason she called.

JACK returns to his office and tries to get some work done. As he is about to call someone on a bad report, he realizes that there is someone on the line. Who is there, he asks. "Jack," Brad says. "I didn't hear the phone ring. Never mind, I'm at 38,000 feet headed west." Jack tells him to keep flapping his arms and he will find a car waiting for him at the airport. "Come with an open mind and ready to kick butt and your trip will be worthwhile; I guarantee it!" Jack tells him. When Brad makes a crack about getting a guarantee from Jack, Jack tells him that if he isn't interested to turn around right now and head back to spaghetti land now. He then hangs up with a wide grin on his face.

When NICK walks into the house, he is bearing all kinds of gifts for his bride. Sharon comes out and tries to tell him something but he won't let her. He presents her with a dozen red roses and then with a bottle of champagne. She again tries to tell him something but he is too busy telling her his romantic plans for the evening. First, they are going to drink champagne in a hot bubble bath then he is going to cook her a dinner that . . . Just then, a group of young girls go giggling through the house, Cassie in the lead. "Hi Nick!" she shouts as they head into the kitchen. "We're having a slumber party!"

"Sharon?" Nick asks. "I thought this was to be a special night with just you and me."

Friday, August 28, 1998

CHRIS and PAUL are about to go to dinner when Mary calls and asks them to dinner. Paul tries to tell her that tonight isn't a good night, but Mary tells him that she has invited Charlie; she wants them all to get to know each other better. Besides, she has already put the pot roast in the oven and Charlie is looking forward to dinner with them. Reluctantly, Paul agrees.

Paul and Chris arrive with a bottle of wine. Mary isn't pleased but when Paul insists on opening and pouring for everyone, she takes a glass. Paul and Charlie begin to talk baseball while Mary and Chris get ready to serve. During dinner, Paul observes that Mary and Charlie are getting closer and he seems okay with this. Both he and Chris actually have a good time.

After dinner, Charlie has to leave; he has a date with his grandchildren early in the morning. Before long, he returns and says his car won't start; he wants to use the phone but Paul offers to drive him home. Paul and Chris are about to leave but Mary asks Chris to stay a little longer. After the men are gone, Mary asks Chris if she thinks that Paul is okay with her seeing so much of Charlie. She wants an honest answer and Christ tells her honestly that Paul is growing used to the idea and he certainly likes Charlie. Mary says that it isn't serious; she will always love Carl; he was the love of her life!

Mary brings out the photo album and begins showing pictures of Carl and reminiscing. When she gets up to go start on the dishes, Chris remembers the man at the airport and slips one of the pictures out of the album and puts it into her purse.

NEIL is all smiles as he realizes that Vicki has accepted his proposal. He has to call Mal and Olivia and give them the good news, but when he calls, he finds out that Mal is out and Olivia is working. He asks if she would like to share the good news with her parents but she says that she would like to to that in person. They agree that Neil will accompany her when she tells her parents. Right now, they have a celebration to start!

NICHOLAS is not a happy man. As a matter of fact, he is looking angry when Sharon comes into the bedroom. She knows he is disappointed. "Why would I be disappointed?" Nick asks. "Just because I have five little girls in my kitchen?" Sharon understands but what could she do when Caitlin's mother became ill and she saw the disappointment on their little faces? As they kiss, the girls rush back into the living room with a Spice Girl's movie to watch. Holding hands and giving each other longing looks, Sharon and Nick suffer through the movie and the giggling girls. When the movie is over, Sharon tells them that it is time to gather up their sleeping bags and go to the tent for bedtime. Once again, Nick and Sharon get down to business; she is sitting on his lap and they are engaged in some heavy kissing when the girls run screaming back into the house. They are afraid; they heard a noise outside.

Nick is in bed alone punching at the pillows; he is not a happy camper and he is even a little angry. Sharon returns and tells him that all the little girls are asleep; putting on the outside light did the trick. Now she is his alone. As they begin to make love, Noah begins to cry (I thought Doris was going to babysit. Maybe she didn't because she knew the girls were coming to Sharon's house). Nick wants her to let Noah cry himself back to sleep, but Sharon can't bear to hear him crying, so she goes to see about him. "What about my time with you, Sharon?" Nick asks after Sharon leaves the room.

GRACE has invited Tony to Gina's as a way of making up to him for their earlier argument. Tony isn't buying her apology; he tells her that he is really ticked off and wonders if she really wants to marry him. Grace uses her body to convince him that he is the love of her life. She kisses him seductively then tells him that she has a little more work to do and then she will come home and finish what she started.

Back at the office, Grace goes to see Jack for some feedback on her proposals. Jack tells her that she is doing a very fine job. He tells her that he thinks that she should go on the trip with Nick. Grace hesitates; isn't she needed to hold down the office while Nick is away? Jack says that he will talk to Nick, but he thinks that the company will survive without them for a while. Leaving the office, Grace looks like the cat that swallowed the canary.

Seeing MALCOLM in the audience, CALLIE quickly changes the song that she wants to sing then dedicates it to anyone who has ever suffered a broken heart. As she sings "In My Solitude," Malcolm can't take his eyes off of her; he eventually walks over and takes as seat at the bar. Rob watches him watching Callie. After the song, Callie goes backstage after one last look in Malcolm's direction. Malcolm gets up and is about to leave when Neil and Victoria walk in. They tell Malcolm the good news and he congratulates them. They want him to stay and help them celebrate but Malcolm says that he has to leave.

JACK is in the park. Using his cell phone, he calls Jennifer and tells her to call him on the cell phone in thirty minutes; he cautions that she should keep this just between them. As he takes a seat on the park bench, Bradley arrives. Brad wants to get straight to business, but Jack talks in circles. Finally, Brad tells him to get to the point of this meeting or he is leaving. Jack tells him that there was nothing but positive responses to Diane's interview on the Leanna Love Show. Bradley mentions that only unimportant people watch that kind of television but Jack goes on to tell him that they are getting the same response on the company web site. At the company web site, 100% of the email is solidly behind Diane and against Victor. This is not your ordinary people; this is the heads of industry who are supporting Diane. Victor Newman's life is a royal mess and he is totally out of touch with the business. This problem isn't going anywhere any time soon. "Old Victor isn't minding the store," Jack says with a meaningful look. "This is a fact that I thought you would appreciate as much as I do." Bradley says that he might be interested if Jack could cough up a few more details, like, what he wants and how he, Brad, fits into this plan. When Jack begins to hem-haw around again, Brad gives him 10 seconds to start talking or he is leaving. As Jack begins to talk seriously, the phone interrupts. Shouting at Jennifer that he told her not to interrupt him, Jack pretends that she is calling with some bad news. Hanging up, he tells Brad that this is an emergency but asks him to meet him here tomorrow at 9 AM.

OLIVIA is in her office when the phone rings. Answering, she is delighted to hear Drucilla's voice over the wires. She hopes that Dru hasn't changed her mind about coming to GC next week, but Dru assure her that she hasn't. Olivia says that this would really be a good time for her to come but she won't say any more. After she hangs up, Dru wonders why this would be a good time?

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