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Jack suggested that Nick take Grace along on a business trip, and she planned a few days of rest and relaxation in Colorado in between obligations. Phyllis told Christine and Diane that she was engaged to Michael. Dru sent Lily home to Neil.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday August 31, 1998

GOT COFFEE? Nick steps outside for the morning paper just as Sharon comes into the living room. He tells her that there is still some fresh coffee. She apologizes for their misadventures the night before and Nick says that between the office and "kiddy land" they are going to have to take a vacation in order to get lost in each other. She reminds him that everyone but them are still asleep, but as he begins to get undressed, Cassie comes in and says that the other girls are right behind her. She wants Sharon to make pancakes for everyone and as Sharon leaves for the kitchen, Nick kisses her goodbye and whispers that she should make those vacation plans as soon as possible.

THE COFFEE IS READY! Grace brings Tony a cup of fresh coffee and he tells her that the coffee can't be as hot as he was last night. Sitting in his lap, she tells him what a wonderful night they had and tells him that there is such a thing as love in the morning. Tony says that he can't figure her out sometimes but whatever has come over her, he sure does like it. He says that he doesn't want to pressure her, but he hopes she will set the date for their marriage soon.

I'LL POUR THE COFFEE: Miguel brings the coffee service into the room and Victor is surprised; he thought Miguel was taking time off from the job for a while. Miguel says that he feels better keeping busy. Victor tells him that he is sorry for all that he suffered. He then asks a favor of Miguel; he doesn't want Nikki to hear anything about the Leanna Love show. Miguel agrees and begins to pour the coffee but Victor dismisses him by saying that he will pour the coffee himself. Miguel leaves and Nikki enters the room. She tells Victor that she heard about the LL show on the radio and she isn't concerned because no one ever watches that trash. She will be by his side against Diane no matter what she comes up with. The person she is concerned about is Vicki. They had words earlier and before she left the house, Vicki told her that she was happy and excited about life and that she was moving on. Victor is happy to hear that, but Nikki thinks that there has to be more to it. Victor says that they should let Vicki make her own decisions and mistakes without interference.

COFFEE AND BACON AND EGGS: Malcolm is making breakfast when Nate comes into the room with Mal's old duffel bag which he found in the back of the closet. Nate begins to unpack the bag and finds all of Malcolm's football gear. He puts on Mal's old football shirt and tosses the football to Malcolm. Later he asks if he can have the football and when Mal gives it to him, he says he will sleep with it every night! Something else he finds is a strange looking necklace. Malcolm explains that it is a Zodiac medallion for Aquarius that he used for good luck. As he holds the medallion, he remembers when Callie gave it to him. He hears her say, "For every streak of bad luck, there is a lot more good luck waiting around the corner." He comes back to the present as Nate asks him again if he can play football. When Malcolm tells him how he feels, Nate reminds him that it is Peewee football, not tackler football. He makes a deal with Nate; if Olivia agrees to the football, she won't fight it.

Olivia comes in just as Malcolm is about to serve breakfast and has a cup of morning coffee. After Nate leaves the room, Mal tells Olivia that Nate is still talking about football. "You know how I feel about it, but I told him that it was up to you," Malcolm explains. Olivia doesn't know what to do; she doesn't want him playing football either, especially when she sees so many kids coming into the ER with injuries.

GOOD MORNING! Vicki is still in bed when she calls Neil, who has just gotten out of the shower. She says that they had a wonderful night last night. He offers to go with her to tell her folks, but she wants to do it alone. Today, she is going to sound out her father.

COFFEE, WAKE ME UP! As Callie sips her coffee, Rob mentions that it was quite a night last night. He wonders if she is dreaming about her "mystery man," and he also wants to know who's heart was broken, his or hers. Callie tells him that it is a long story about something that happened a long time ago in another lifetime and is long past over. She had hoped that the song she sang to him last night would have stirred up the old feelings; Rob tells her that it did. Then why didn't he stay? Callie asks. She tells Rob that Malcolm is the friend that she counted on to help her out of this jam, but like all her other fair weather friends, he doesn't give a damn! Rob says that he will help her out with anything but she tells him that this is out of his league; still it means a lot to her that he offered.

CAN YOU CHECK? Jack calls Brad's hotel from Nick's office and finds out that Brad has checked out. He asks them to check and see if he left his luggage there. While they are checking, Nick comes in and asks if he is late or is Jack early. Jack says that it looks like he is late. He hangs up the phone and tells Nick that he has a few minutes to talk to him; he suggests that since Grace is such an invaluable asset to him, perhaps it would be a good idea if she went on the trip with him. Nick says he will think about it.

Olivia stops by Neil's apartment and he proudly tells her that he and Vicki are engaged. Olivia is surprised and Neil wonders why Malcolm didn't say anything to her; they ran into him at the Crow's Nest last night and told him. Olivia mentions that Mal has been pretty distracted lately and Neil says that he has noticed that also. Don't worry about it, he tells her, I will have a talk with my brother.

WHERE ARE YOU? Jack arrives in the park and calls the hotel again. While he is questioning them, Bradley shows up. He says that he is on his way to the airport but he stopped by to give Jack one more chance to come clean with him. He says that he is fed up to here with this runaround. Jack begins to explain then says that the reason he hasn't been open with him is because he doesn't know if he can trust Bradley or not. Insulted, Brad stands up and demands that Jack tells him the plan now or he is out of here. When Jack says that there isn't anything definite, Brad says to tell him now or he is out of hear, "capishe? I realize you like this cloak and dagger stuff but it is really beginning to get on my nerves." Again, Jack hesitates. He says that he is torn; he still doesn't know if he can trust him or not. He meant to tell him a lot but he wanted to be standing and looking into his face when he told him. Now that he is, he doesn't like the vibes he is getting. "Let me tell you something, pal," Brad says angrily. "You are the last person I'd want to team up with. You can take this top secret brainstorm of yours and you can shove it!"

WHAT'S OUT THERE? Victor is standing at his favorite place in the office---by the window and looking out---when Vicki walks in and tells him that he looks like a general plotting his next attack. She lets him know that her secretary, who obviously watches that kind of trash, was just telling her about the Leanna Love show. Victor tells her that Nikki knows but she didn't watch the show; she is much stronger than they give her credit for being. He asks about her life and she begins to tell him about her and Neil when John Silva bursts through the door. He says that they have to talk---privately---but Victor tells him that he can talk in front of his daughter. John says that they have big problems and Victor guesses that he is talking about the public response to the LL show and tells John not to bother; he is bored with that subject. It is bigger than that, John tells him. It isn't limited to the viewer's polls. "What do you mean," Vicki asks. John says that her father's legal staff just contacted him; NE is being bombarded with emails and faxes and all of them are negative; all of them are anti-Victor Newman. "They are sending mail to the company?" Victor asks outraged. "Why can't they mind their own damn business?" He sends Vicki out of the office, warning her that this is not to be talked about outside this office and especially not with her mother. After she is gone, John says that he doesn't want this thing to escalate; this is a public relations nightmare and these negative responses could affect business. It could affect his clients, his suppliers, and the stockholders. "Rubbish!" Victor replies. "It will all blow over in a couple of days. I am surprised at you, John, coming here and pushing all sorts of panic buttons." John says that the buttons have all been pushed already; the public is outraged at Victor's morals. Victor is also outraged; what right does anyone have to question his morals? John tells him that people are already reacting to the fact that even though Diane is still his legal wife, he is openly living with a woman he is not married to. Victor says that he is living with the woman he loves; Nikki is his wife as far as he is concerned. The public will not dictate how I live my life! When John says that the public can certainly make things difficult for him, Victor asks what he is suggesting. John feels that Victor should move out. "You can't be serious!" Victor shouts. John says that he is deadly serious; living openly with Nikki is fanning the flames. Victor's finger comes up. "Let me tell you something, I don't care if it turns into a raging inferno, I live with the woman I love and we are married in every way that matters. I will not move out and I am surprised that you even suggested it." John tells him that he is giving the best legal advice he is capable of; burying his head in the sand will get him nowhere and would be a grave mistake. Victor says that there has to be a better way but John says that if here is another way, he doesn't know what it is. "Won't you even consider moving out of the ranch?"

"No!" Victor says adamantly. "That is out of the question. I am going to stay with the woman I love. Do you get that? I am going to stay with Nikki and that is final!" John realizes that there is nothing more he can say so he leaves after telling Victor that if he needs to discuss this further to call him. Alone, Victor goes to the phone and calls Legal Aid for Christine. When he is told that she is out of the office on business, he leaves a message for her to call him immediately when she returns.

THOU DOEST PROTEST TOO MUCH! Grace arrives at work and is pleasantly "surprised" when Nick tells her of Jack's suggestion. She protests that she could be just as much help from the office. She could contact him immediately by email, fax and phone. Nick tells her that she has a point; maybe it would be better if she remained here. As he moves about the desk and sits down, Grace has a desperate look on her face; she realizes that she has protested too much. She turns back and brightly tells him that he is the boss and it is up to him. She just wants to be where she will be the most useful to him. He asks what Tony would say and she brags that she can handle Tony; whether she goes or stays is completely up to Nick. "Then it is settled then," Nick says. "You are going with me!" Grace leaves the office and there is a look of victory on her face.

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

(IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to Mr. Earl's threats, it is possible that I won't have Internet access at the end of the week. Just wanted to prepare you for the worse!)

WHAT SHOULD I DO? Christine is in her office wondering what she should do about her belief that Carl is alive. Should I tell Paul? I can't with so little to go on, she decides as Paul comes in and asks if something is wrong. Chris says that she does have something on her mind but it has nothing to do with them; when the time is right, she will tell him all about it. She mentions that she has to call Victor; he left a message for her to call. However, when she does call, Victor isn't in. Paul mentions that Victor is really being raked over the coals with this divorce case. She agrees and says she can't believe all that he is going through; Paul feels the same way about his mother. He says that he is feeling uncomfortable and disloyal to his father every time he sees his mother with Charlie. He should be happy to see her happy with someone but he isn't and he doesn't know why. He knows that his Dad would approve of Mary getting on with her life. While they are talking, Paul gets a call and makes an appointment to see someone.

CATS PLAY? Kay pays a visit to Nina and tells her about the big party; she wants Nina to come and to bring Phillip. Nina hedges but when Kay insists, she tells her that the party is no place for a child. Kay protests; she says that it will be a lovely party and it is time that Young Phillip----Phillip Chancellor the Fourth learns about his legacy. After all, all of her estate will one day belong to him. Nina says that Phillip doesn't even think of himself as a Chancellor; he is having problem enough getting over the loss of Ryan; this is hardly the time to bring up a father who died when he was an infant. No, she tells her, we will not be at your party. Kay accuses her of harboring negative thoughts of her; she and Phillip represent a link to the glorious Chancellor past. When Nina says that Jill was Phillip's mother, Kay wonders why she would want to advertise that fact. Suddenly the lights go on and Nina realizes that Katherine is using her in her ongoing battle with Jill. Just then, the doorbell rings and it is Jill. Nina wonders what else will happen to ruin her day.

Jill has dropped by with some gifts for Phillip and she is disappointed that he has extended his camp stay until the end of the week. She notices the invitation to the party and mentions it to Nina. Kay comes out of hiding to flaunt the fact that Nina is invited but she, Jill, isn't. She proceeds to tell Jill that Phillip is also invited; she rubs it in Jill's face that she was only Phillip's mother because of a biological accident. Phillip loved her, Kay, more than he loved his mother. When Nina reconsiders and thinks it is time for Phillip to learn about his past, Jill warns her not to let Kay lead her into her trap. Katherine is very pleased when Jill slams out of the house.

HONEY, I'M HOME: Ashley returns to the hotel room to find it full of welcome home flowers. Cole walks out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel and says that she is early; he was planning on picking her up and taking her out to dinner. She says that he is a little underdressed for dinner, but she can remedy that. She is willing to get undressed for him. Later, they walk around the living room with only their robes on. Somehow, the subject of Vicki comes up and Cole mentions that she is with Neil. Ashley thinks that this is a good thing, but Cole has reservations.

I DIDN'T HAVE A CHANCE: Vicki comes to Neil's office and right away, he can see that she is upset. She says that this Leanna Love show has her dad furious. She accuses Diane of slander and presenting a one-sided, unfair view of what happened. Neil tries to calm her down telling her that this anger isn't good for the baby; besides, her father will know how to deal with the problem. She tells him that she was just about to feel out her father about the two of them when his attorney burst in. She thinks that they should wait to tell her family about their engagement and let some of this storm calm down. He agrees that it is a good idea.

CEL-A-BRATE GOOD TIMES: Phyllis arrives at Michael's office with a bottle of champagne for celebrating. He thinks that if she is celebrating his court victory, she is celebrating too early. She wants to celebrate something more personal but Michael says that they have to do that tonight; he has a very important meeting. Before he can get Phyllis out of the office Diane pops in. She wonders if she is too early, but Phyllis smiles and tells her that she is right on time; it is about time that they met. She insists that Michael introduce them. After the introduction, Phyllis greets Diane in French, obviously trying to show off, but Diane answers back in fluent French. As they are talking (and Phyllis is showing Diane that Michael belongs to her) the phone rings and Michael has to go to an unscheduled meeting. He tries to get Phyllis to leave but she wants to stay and keep Diane company. Once they are alone, Phyllis explains that she met Michael when he was representing her; now they are together and they are going to be married. Diane is surprised; Michael never mentioned a word to her. Diane says that she wishes them all the best and Phyllis assures her that Michael is all hers and she is very territorial about him. Diane assures her that she won't have any problem. Phyllis observes that Diane seems to rely on Michael quite a bit and she knows that he is very devoted to her. No, answers Diane, he is devoted to the case, not me. Michael returns to the office and when Diane says that they can reschedule, he insists that Phyllis go home so that he can have his meeting with Diane. Once Phyllis leaves, Michael happily tells Diane that things are going better than he expected; everyone is on her side against Victor. They have started a firestorm that Victor will be unable to put out. Before long he will be on his knees. Diane isn't exactly overjoyed to hear this; she wonders if Victor is doing all right. Michael says that that is what he loves about her; the man was an arrogant man who wronged her, yet she is still worried about him. He wants Victor to realize that she is a good woman with a big heart and he wronged her. They hug and Diane leaves. As Michael settles back at his desk, Phyllis comes back in. Sitting on his lap, she asks him to marry her. Michael is taken aback; this is the last thing he expected to hear from her. He agrees that he would like to have a serious talk with her but he wants to do it tonight when he gets home. They kiss and Phyllis leaves.

WORK IT, BABY: Dressed, or undressed as the case may be, Neil spots for Malcolm as Mal lifts weights. They go on to do sit-ups. As Neil struggles with his, Malcolm easily does his over and over. Neil mentions that he has noticed that Malcolm is not himself lately. He reminds him that he can come to him with any problem he may have. Malcolm tells him that he doesn't have any problems; he just has something on his mind but it doesn't concern him or his family. After Neil leaves the gym, Malcolm calls Paul Williams and makes an appointment to go see him.

ALL IS WELL! Neil stops by Olivia's office and tells her that he talked to Mal and there is no problem for her to worry about; everything is fine with her husband. While they are talking, the secretary comes in and tells them that while they were out of the office, Dru called them both with her flight information; she wants one of them to meet her at the airport. Neil says he will meet her. He takes the information and notices that the plane will be coming in very soon. "Why didn't she call earlier?" Neil asks. "I've got to tell Vicki; she doesn't know that Dru is coming back." Olivia is shocked that he didn't tell Vicki but Neil says that he didn't see the point when he wasn't sure she would actually come. He uses her phone to call Vicki but finds that she is in a meeting. He has to rush to make it to the airport but he is going to be so glad to see his little girl again.

As he waits at the airport for the passengers to deplane, his cell phone rings. Answering, he is surprised to hear Dru's voice. She tells him that she got an important gig and couldn't go to GC. However, she didn't want to disappoint her baby girl so she sent her with her nanny. Just then, the passengers began to come into the airport. Suddenly there is Lily running into his arms. "I've missed you Daddy!"

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

NICK has obviously learned some of Victor Newman's lessons; he is giving some poor soul a taste of the Newman temper about not getting something that was guaranteed to be "next day" delivery. Along comes Ryan with the mail in question and, unlike his dad, Nick apologizes and takes the blame for the mix-up. Noticing how on edge Nick is, Ryan guesses that the romantic night didn't go anywhere. Nick explains the slumber party; he says the girls had a great time but he and Sharon didn't. He wonders if fate is trying to tell him something. Ryan tells him that if it is, fate is only trying to tell him to manage his time better. What time? Nick wonders. Between work and the kids, he hasn't any time left over. He loves his wife and he loves his children; he just isn't sure he loves his life. Ryan tells him that if that is the case, he should rearrange his priorities. He suggests a vacation with just the two of them. Nick says it is in the works but he will believe it when he sees it.

SHARON is packing up the sleeping bags from the party when Nikki drops by. Sharon tells her all about the sleepover and how much fun the kids had. Nikki says that she bets that the various parents were excited about the break; couples have to work at getting time to themselves. Sharon asks Nikki's advice on how to keep love alive and Nikki is more that happy to give her the benefit of her experience. She tells her that she has to do everything in her power to keep the romance alive. If necessary, she has to fight like a tiger for time with her husband. The moments will be rare but worth it. Always remember that she is in competition with her husband's work.

GRACE is dreaming about her plans with Nick. Aloud she says that if you have luck on your side, anything can happen. Just then, Tony comes in and wonders if she has an invisible friend. He says that he thinks it is a good idea to keep dropping by and reminding her to set the wedding date. Once again, she tells him that she can't have a wedding when there is so much going on at work. She has always dreamed of a fall wedding when the leaves are turning. Sounds good to Tony.

MALCOLM goes to Paul's office and tells him about his friend, Callie Rogers. She is a woman from his past who is in trouble. He doesn't know what kind of trouble but he is worried about her. She is beautiful and she has a voice that you wouldn't believe, but she is an accident just waiting to happen. He doesn't want to rekindle the relationship but he wants her to have some help. Paul agrees to look into it for him.

CHRISTINE walks into Michael's office and when she finds it empty, she makes herself at home. As she is sitting on the sofa going over something from her briefcase, Phyllis comes in with a vase of flowers. As she starts to set the flowers on the table, she sees Christine and is so startled that she drops the flowers, spilling water on the table and floor. She demands to know what Christine is doing there and Chris answers that it is time for another report to the board about Michael. Phyllis offers to have him call her but Chris remains seated. Phyllis says that it is Christine's fault that Michael has to report to the board and Chris wonders if that is the "sweet nothings" that he whispers in her ear at night; if so, she warns Phyllis not to believe everything he says. As Chris rudely and openly stares at Phyllis, Phyllis asks what she is staring at. "Not much, to tell you the truth," Chris answers. She goes on to throw a few darts at Phyllis about Danny and Daniel; Phyllis has to admit that she knows that they are both on tour in Europe and haven't written to her. She then blasts Chris for ruining her relationship with Danny when she didn't even want him for herself. She asks if that is what she is trying to do with Michael. Chris finds this funny.

CALLIE tells Rob that it is time for her to be moving on. Rob says that she is just getting started but Callie says that that is the problem; she can't afford to get too started. As she goes up to pack her things, Paul comes by looking for her. Rob becomes protective and denies that there is anyone there by that name. Paul gets insistent and Rob reaches for him to throw him out. Callie, who had been listening, gets between them and says that she will talk to Paul. She is pretty cagey; she lets Paul do all the talking without committing herself to anything. Paul tells her that her best chance is to let him help her because he is a professional. He gives her his card and she tells him that she will give it some thought.

NEIL arrives home with Lily. She tells him that her Mommy works all the time. The other day, she made a mistake and called Lucy, Mommy. Neil tells her that Lucy probably liked it. Lily yawns as Neil goes to get her something to eat. Before he can get to the kitchen, the doorbell rings and he opens the door to find Vicki there. He takes her hand and walks with her into the room with Lily. He introduces the two girls to each other and Vicki, looking very surprised, tells Lily that she has heard a lot about her. Lily goes to her daddy and grabs his hand; she whispers to him that he is holding that lady's hand. He explains that Vicki is a very important friend. When Lily asks if she is as important as Mommy, Neil takes her into his lap and explains that she is more important than Mommy in some ways. He asks if she knows about the divorce and she says that she does. Neil assures him that he will always be there for her and her Mommy. After Lily runs to the bedroom to find a toy she left behind, Vicki has a lot of questions about the visit. As a matter of fact, she wonders why Neil didn't tell her that Lily was coming. Where is Dru? Will she be coming in at any minute? Should she hide under the couch?

JACK comes to Grace's office to go over the itinerary for the trip but first he has something to say. He wonders if it is a good idea to send a beautiful young woman off on a long trip with a healthy man. Grace assures him that they will be doing nothing but business. He is married to her best friend and she is wearing an engagement ring. Jack is satisfied and they begin to go over the itinerary. Grace points out that about midway there is a four-day free period. By that time Nick will be tired and in need of a rest before going to the convention. She wants to take that time for some rest and relaxation. Then Nick will be fresh to go to the convention and meet everyone before the convention actually gets started. "You don't want him to show up at the last minute?" Jack asks. Grace tells him that that would be fine for Victor Newman, but he isn't ready to be emulating his father so soon. Jack agrees with her and okays the R and R. After he is gone, Grace smiles and says that with this break in the middle, she and Nick will get to know each other better---so much better!

Just to let you all know, Hurricane Earl is bearing down on us but so far it would rather sit in the Gulf of Mexico and gather speed and strenght!

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Diane stands in her apartment looking around when Marissa asks her if she is all right. She answers that she will be all right; this apartment reeks of Victor Newman and it is time to clean house. She tells Marissa to get a pad and pen and follow her from room to room as they are going to clean house; she is going to make this her home. She says that she is planning a complete exorcism. The doorbell interrupts them. Opening the door, she sees Michael standing there. He wants to know if she has heard from Victor; Diane answers no but tells him that she is planning to get rid of Victor in the most immediate way she can think of. Michael warns her to do what she must but do it discretely. Diane says that she won't completely do away with Victor; she has to continue showing the world that she isn't over Victor. Surprised that I am learning, counselor? After Michael leaves, Diane calls Jack and lets him know that she is back. He is polite but cool. She invites him to lunch but he tells her that it isn't possible today. Hanging up, Diane wonders why he was so distant. "Jack, are you trying to avoid me?" Asks a confused Diane.

CHRISTINE tells Phyllis that she and Michael are a perfect match and Phyllis says that she will take that as a compliment but she mentions that Chris does sound bitter. Chris says that she just can't believe that she and Michael are engaged. When Phyllis says that that isn't nice, Chris says that being nice to her isn't very high on her priorities. Phyllis tells her that she can leave a message for Michael; Chris answers that she could but would it get delivered? >u/u< us the question. "Don't you think I am the right woman for Michael?" Phyllis asks. Chris says that frankly, she thought there would be a constant stream of "right" women in Michael's life. Just then, Michael enters and wonders what BOTH of them are doing in his office. Phyllis says that this is her cue to leave, but not before she hears Chris congratulate Michael. Alone, he asks Chris why she is here, as if he didn't know. Chris wants to talk about Victor. She accuses Michael of coaching Diane and orchestrating that talk show. Michael denies it but his denial falls on deaf ears. He says that he is only trying to see that his client got a fair shake. Christine tells him that he isn't as confident as he pretends to be. You haven't heard from Victor, have you? Chris gloats. "You expected to hear from him by now and you are getting nervous, aren't you?" Looking pleased with herself, she grabs her purse and leaves telling him that she is watching him. "NEVER FORGET THAT!" she says.

PHYLLIS comes back into the room and tells him to go ahead and get it out of his system. She doesn't want to have their romantic evening spoiled. Michael doesn't know what she is talking about but he does want to know why Chris was offering her congratulations. She admits that she told Chris that they were engaged and Michael goes into a quiet rage. "How could you do that?" he asks. "I am in the biggest, most high profile case of my entire career and this is the worse time to have problems in my private life. You are a loose cannon and I don't want my private life discussed with anyone, especially not with the ONE person who could single handedly destroy me!" Phyllis isn't about to take this and lets him know it. "Don't push me, Michael!" She says. "I'm warning you." She marches out of the office with his head held high.

CALLIE isn't in a very good mood when Rob offers her lunch. She says that the detective got to her; she doesn't know what to do. Maybe it would be best for everyone if she just disappeared. Rob tells her that she can't run for the rest of her life. She grabs her purse and marches out of the club.

PAUL goes to Malcolm's studio and gives him a report on his talk with Callie. He admits that Callie didn't open up to him, but he doesn't believe that she is there to cause him trouble. As a matter of fact, he had the feeling that she was on the verge of leaving town. "Who is leaving town?" Olivia asks from the doorway. They cover as best they can and Paul leaves. Olivia says that she rearranged her schedule so that she could have an extra long lunch with her sexy husband. This is welcome news to Malcolm. Olivia asks if he still has a lock on the dark room door and Malcolm tells her that he sure does! They are kissing. He stops and tells her that she is the best thing that could ever happen to him. He loves her so very much. Unknown to them, Callie is standing at the doorway listening. She leaves without interrupting the loving couple.

KATHERINE tells Esther to prepare tea as Nikki is coming by. Esther, who obviously watched the Leanna Love show, is surprised that she would show her face outside the ranch. Katherine warns her that she isn't to bring that up while Nikki is there. Just then the doorbell rings and both women are surprised to find a beautiful all-together Nikki standing there. She knows that they thought she would be a mess, but she isn't going to let Diane and her smear tactics get to her. As they begin to work on the party plans, Kay tells Nikki that Nina won't come to the party. Nikki is surprised that Nina wouldn't take advantage of Kay's generosity. Kay blames it on Jill; she is always around to spoil her plans. Nikki suggests that she try again right now; Jill won't be there now, she says. Katherine calls Nina but once again Nina tells her no. She says that she has talked to Phillip about this and he isn't interested in going to a grown-ups party. Katherine hopes that Nina will remember her promise to talk to Phillip and tell him about his lineage.

CHUCK is in Jill's office going over some of the plans for the Chancellor mansion. Jill wonders how large the room would be if the walls between two certain rooms are eliminated. When Chuck knows the exact measurement, she wonders how he knows that. Sheepishly, Chuck admits that a couple of weeks ago, he went over to do some measurements. He did it before he knew that he was to wait until she gave the go-ahead. Jill loses her cool and begins to yell at him that he could ruin everything. She interrogates her as to what happened. He admits that Mrs. Chancellor was out; only the maid was home and she was too busy making him lemonade and trying to get him to ask her out to notice much.

Jill admits that Esther is a dim bulb just as Jack walks in; Chuck takes the opportunity to escape. Jack makes a remark about her hunk and Jill angrily tells him that the man is a contractor. "Since when did a contractor stop you, Jill?" Jack smiles. As Jill explains the situation to Jack, she wonders if she is being crazy to trust him. He tells her that he is just going to sit back and watch the fireworks.

CHRISTINE drops by to see Nina just after Katherine's call. When Nina explains how Phillip doesn't want to go to the party, Chris agrees that she did the right thing. She also agrees that Phillip is too young to be burdened down with what it means to be Phillip Chancellor IV. She then tells Nina that she is still caught up in the man she saw in Norfolk. Nina wonders if she is becoming obsessed with it; she says that it is possible that there is a man out there that looks a lot like Paul's dad. Chris thinks that she may be right.

JIM returns home with many gifts for Ruth. This was his first paycheck and he wanted to share it with her. Not only did he bring her a large bouquet of flowers, she has a large gift-wrapped package. When she opens it, she finds a beautiful dress. Jim wants her to try it on and then they can go dancing. She says it is too early; dance places won't be open yet. Going to the radio, he turns it on and says that they can dance to Jackie Gleason. Do you even know how to dance? Ruth asks. Looking undecided, Jim says he doesn't know but he is about to find out. He takes her in his arms and they begin to slow dance.

After Nikki leaves, KATHERINE welcomes the caterers to the house. While she is talking to one of them, Esther is busy asking the other one questions about Chuck. Katherine pulls her aside and begins going over what happened when Chuck came by. Esther remembers that he was driving a blue van with a yellow logo on it. "What is going on here?" Katherine asks.

BTW, Earl was just a blowhard that was intimidated when faced with Gladys, the writer. LOL

Friday, September 4, 1998

GRACE is busy patting herself on the back for managing to get set her plan into action. While she is day dreaming, Nick comes in and wants to get to work. She shows him the completed and approved itinerary for the trip. Looking it over, he sees where they have a rest stop programmed in. No way! Nick argues. There will be no time for resting on this trip. Grace explains that Jack has approved it; she also explains the benefits of the test time before the convention. Finally, Nick agrees and sends her to her own office so he can get to work.

SHARON is having coffee at Crimson Lights when Tony joins her. She shows him the travel brochures that she has just picked up for a romantic vacation with her husband after his business trip. She tells Tony that this is the perfect time for him and Grace to get married and go on their honeymoon; Tony says that Grace seems to think that they can't get along without her while Nick is gone; she has to hold down the fort all by her lonesome. Sharon offers to talk to Nick about finding someone to take Grace's place while he is gone. Nick doesn't think that it will work but decides that he has been patient long enough. He is going right over there and tell Grace to set the date today!

MALCOLM tells Olivia what she means to him; they are lucky to have found each other, Olivia tells him. He says that it isn't luck, it is fate. After they kiss again, Olivia says that she has to go back to the office. Malcolm wants her to stay for the trip to the darkroom but Olivia tells him to save his passion for tonight. After she leaves, Callie comes in. Malcolm tells her that whatever is going on with her, he doesn't want Olivia dragged into it. He then tells her that if she really is in trouble, he wants some straight answers. He remembers what happened with her old man when they were together and doesn't want any more trouble like that. She told him that she was eighteen when he first met her but it wasn't true. Callie says that the trouble she is having is with her manager. He sweet-talked her into signing an exclusive contract with him but he hasn't kept his part of the bargain. He isn't keeping his promise to promote her career and he won't let her out of the contract. Mal asks why she wouldn't let Paul Williams help her and she replied that she didn't know Paul Williams and whether she could trust him. Mal tells her that since he sent Paul to her, she should trust him.

CHRISTINE drapes herself seductively at Paul's door and asks, "Want a good time, Sailor?" As she and Paul kiss deeply, Katherine comes into the office. She tells them about the man who showed up and measured her rooms. Chris remembers Paul telling her that there were some robberies in the affluent neighborhoods and wonders if that is the problem. Katherine gets upset knowing that she has some very valuable antiques and much jewelry in the house. She hires Paul to look into the matter and give it top priority. She wants this Chuckie found and dealt with harshly.

JOHN SILVA arrives at Jill's office and is irritated that Jill has demanded that he drop everything and come there. Jill tells him about the crisis with Chuckie. John is surprised that Jill has already hired a contractor to do renovations since she doesn't even have the house yet. He tells her that if Esther or Katherine figure this out, she could be in danger of losing it all. Jill insists that they go after Kay immediately. John finally admits that the papers he plans to serve Katherine will be ready next week. Jill couldn't be any happier at this news.

NEIL drops by Olivia's office with a surprise, Lily. She wonders where Dru is but Neil tells her that she is still in Paris. If he had any doubts about her before, he doesn't now. She is still the spoiled career woman who left him months ago. He is just glad that she at least sent Lily. He wonders if he can leave Lily so that he can get some work done at the office. Olivia gets on the phone and calls Julia and Nate. She tells them to come to the office; she has a surprise for Nate.

When ASHLEY answers the knock at her door, she finds Victoria instead of the maid as she had expected. Vicki says she is there to see Cole and Ashley tells her that he is out at the moment but she is free to wait. In a catty manner, Vicki tells Ashley that she is enjoying her freedom and she is looking forward to having her baby. She thinks that she and Cole will be seeing a lot of each other because they are already bonding over the baby and will continue to do so for years to come. She mentions that Ashley can't do anything about it and thinks that this situation will work out better than anyone could have anticipated. Ashley doesn't take the bait; she prepares to leave and Nikki tells her, innocently, not to leave on her account. Ashley tells her that while Vicki may not know it, she does have a life outside of Vicki and Cole's situation. Are you sure you can trust me to wait here, Vicki asks when Ashley invites her to wait for Cole? "I definitely don't trust you, Victoria," Ashley replies. "But I trust my husband implicitly."

TONY shows up at Grace's office and demands she set a wedding date; he also thinks that she should find someone to fill in for her while Nick is gone so that they can go on their honeymoon right away. She informs him that she is going on the trip with Nick. Tony reminds her that she said she had to stay and hold down the fort, but she tells him that it wasn't her idea, it was Jack Abbott's idea. Using her sexuality, she convinces him that it will only be for a few days and they will fly by. She reminds him that they have a fall wedding planned.

As VICKI looks at Ashley and Cole's wedding picture, Cole returns home. He tells her that she looks great and she admits that she is enjoying her pregnancy but is worried about motherhood. He tells her not to worry; the baby won't have anyone to compare her to so she should just bluff her way through. Besides, she will have him and the rest of her family for moral support. As Vicki makes a couple of comments about Ashley, Cole reminds her that she is the Queen of ulterior motives; she enjoys pushing Ashley's buttons. When she objects and asks him for an example, he supplies her with the perfect one: the phone call on his honeymoon night. Smiling, Vicki proudly remembers that. Cole says that she has to give Ashley credit for how well she is handling the situation; not many women would be able to accept marrying a man whose ex-wife was having his baby. He only hopes that Vicki won't make it more difficult for her than it has to be. For some reason, this was the wrong thing to say. Vicki gets up in a huff and begins to rant at Cole about the situation. She then tells him that for his information, she is engaged to a wonderful man and Neil will be a perfect father. She turns and leaves as Cole's mouth drops at this news.

LILY talks excitedly about all the things that she did and saw on the trip with her mother. She looks at her father and tells him that it was so much fun and she wishes he could have been with them. He reminds her that daddy will always be with her no matter where she is. He touches her head and heart and tells her that he is always there with her. Nate arrives and is overjoyed to see his cousin until Olivia tells him to come give Lily a big hug. Julia rescues the situation and says she will take them to the park and later over ice cream, Lily can tell them all about her trip. As the start to leave, Nate tells Lily that he will hold her hand.

After they are gone, Neil is about to leave when Olivia tells him that she will go out with him. She is going to the studio and tell that husband of hers that he is going to take her out on a date.

MALCOLM promises Callie that if her manager shows up and starts any trouble, she can call him. "He will show up!" Callie assures him. "Well, who have we here?" Olivia says from the doorway.

SHARON is still in the coffee shop when Nick arrives and joins her. She shows him the brochures she has and he tells her to make all the plans; he will be back before she has time to miss her and they will leave right away.

GRACE walks into a Victoria's Secret shop and tells the saleslady that she wants something that will knock someone's socks off. She wants something HOT and PROVACATIVE! The saleslady guides her to the "blow away" section and shows her something to try on. Coming back out and looking at her self in the mirror, Grace looks pleased with what she sees. "Your man doesn't stand a chance," the saleslady says. "That is the idea," Grace tells her.

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