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Victor asked Christine to help him get Michael disbarred. Grace bought sexy lingerie for her trip. Nick planned to have Sharon join him on his free days in Colorado. Jill served Katherine with eviction papers.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday September 7, 1998

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's The Young and the Restless will be pre-empted.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

NICK and SHARON are cuddled up on the couch day dreaming about their upcoming vacation. Sharon wonders what he will be doing on his business trip. Nick begins to give her an enthusiastic run down of what he will be doing. Suddenly the light goes on; he has a brilliant idea! He then tells her about the culmination of the trip, that he will be representing Newman Enterprises all alone, giving a speech before everyone. Suddenly the light goes on; he thinks that it would be a wonderful idea if she would join him for his two days of rest and then she could go to the convention with him and hear his speech. He tells her that Nikki would be happy to watch the children. They become very excited at the prospect of being together. Nick wants to take it upstairs but first he has to go get the wine; he thinks that they are going to work up quite a thirst.

"Nick won't be able to keep his hands off me!" Grace says as she looks into the mirror. The sales lady hears her and asks if Nick is her fiancÚ. Grace dodges the question and asks if she has anything in red.

PAUL tells Christine that he has located a van that matches the description that Esther gave them. It belongs to a construction company and the owner of the company will be coming in to see him shortly. The phone rings and when Paul answers, he says that it is Victor's secretary calling for Chris. Taking the phone, Chris is told that Victor would like to have a meeting with her the next day. Hanging up, she tells Paul that she thinks that Victor is at the end of his rope where Michael Baldwin is concerned; she only hopes to God that Michael hasn't gone too far because she doesn't know what Victor will do.

MICHAEL is in his office doing some work. He pauses long enough to think about his predicament. He wonders if that talk show will still come back to haunt him. Victor now wants to talk to Christine. Christine is the key; she could have his law license revoked and Victor knows that. He gets back to business. He takes out his dictating machine and when he sees that it doesn't have a tape in it, he gets one out of the drawer. As he turns it on and begins to talk, he is surprised to hear Victor Newman's voice. Listening to the tape, he laughs out loud. He wonders if his bad luck is beginning to change.

OLIVIA walks in just as Callie is saying goodbye to Malcolm. Olivia thinks that Callie is a new model because she hasn't seen her there before. Neither Callie nor Malcolm deny it. Before leaning, Callie tells Olivia that she is a lucky woman who has found a really terrific guy. Alone, Olivia tells Mal that she has a free night; she has arranged for another doctor to take over her practice. Malcolm is overjoyed because this doesn't happen that often. Olivia wonders if her hours at the hospital bother him but he tells her again just how proud of her he is. He tells her that his life has changed since he got to know her, his brother and Dru. Seeing his mood, Olivia changes her mind about a date and tells Malcolm that they will be staying home; she feels like he needs his wife tonight.

TONY is having coffee on the patio at Crimson Lights when Megan comes in and sees him all alone. She asks to join him. He asks if she is waiting for her boyfriend but Megan tells him that they have broken up. She explains that she didn't feel the same way about him that he felt for her. Tony says that if that is true, she did the guy a real big favor by calling it off instead of stringing him along. He has a similar problem at the moment and she offers to listen. He explains that he has a married friend who really loves her husband, but there is someone she works with who is going after him in a big way. He is afraid that this other girl is getting closer and closer to having her way. He wonders if he should tell his friend or wait until he knows for sure that she is sleeping with the husband. Megan thinks about it for a few seconds then tells him that if he tells his friend prematurely, it might cause more problems that they have now, especially if he is wrong. He says that he is a smart man, he will make the right decision. After Megan leaves, Tony wonders if he should warn Sharon or not. After thinking it over, he calls the ranch. Sharon answers while Nick is getting the wine. Before Tony can tell her about Grace, she mentions that she will be going on the trip with Nick---at least for part of it. She is so happy! Nick says that is all he needs to know. Hanging up, he wonders if he has been wrong all along

KAY asks Esther if she has taken care of all the details for the party. Esther assures her that she has, but Kay doesn't know if she can trust Esther any longer. She thought she could trust her to protect the house but she let a stranger in to measure the rooms. No matter how much Esther says she is sorry, Kay keeps harping on it. She mentions that she has asked Paul Williams to look into it for her. She goes to the phone and calls Paul's office. Lynn tells her that they have a lead and Paul is talking to the man now. After she hangs up, she says that Paul is talking to a contractor. Why would a contractor come to measure her house. Unless......Unless....

While the music plays "Hot Bloodied," Grace puts on a fashion show by modeling various styles and colors of teddies.

PAUL meets with Hal from the Construction Company who says that he has been in business for 22 years. He asks if Paul needs any renovations. Paul tells him that he is talking on behalf of a client, Katherine Chancellor. Does that name ring a bell? Hal says that of course it does; everyone has heard of her. Paul asks if he sent a workman to her house a couple of months ago to measure the rooms. Hal denies it but Paul continues to ask and re-ask the questions. Paul then asks if he has anyone working for him named Chuck. When Hal says no, Paul reminds him that he can look up his employee records. Hal says that he does have a few new people on the payroll that he isn't familiar with, so he will check it out and get back to Paul. He leaves. Lynn comes in and Paul says that the man was lying but he can't figure out why.

Outside, Hal calls Ian and tells him that they will have to send Chuck out of town on vacation for a while, otherwise, it's going to hit the fan and Jill Abbott will be as mad as Hell.

JILL is in her office when she has a fantasy where she serves the eviction papers to Katherine and Esther. She kicks them out of the house, firing Esther from her job. Afterward, Jill is smiling with satisfaction when John comes in. He tells her that the papers weren't ready. Jill goes into orbit! She will not accept this. As John tries to calm her down, she continues going ballistic. She grabs her purse and, still telling him that that isn't acceptable, she rushes out of the office with John following trying to get her to stop.

MICHAEL goes by Christine's office to talk with her. She assumes that he is there to pick her brain about what Victor wanted with her. Michael says that he may know her well but maybe she doesn't know him as well as she thinks. She accuses him of being on a fishing expedition and tells him that he is wasting his time because she won't even see Victor until tomorrow. Michael reminds her that when she does go to see Victor and hear what he has to say that there are always two sides to every story. Christine says that he is the pot calling the kettle black but Michael tells her that he is a changed man. Taking out the tape, he asks her to play it. Getting a tape machine, Chris begins to listen to Victor. Her face changes to disbelieve as she hears Victor threatening Michael. When she turns off the tape, all she can asks is did he tape this without Victor's permission. Michael replies that it was without Victor's permission or his own. He didn't even realize he had recorded it until he found it this morning. Christine says that Victor was obviously upset when he made the threats. Michael says that he was livid but that didn't give him the right to threaten him, did it? Taking back the tape and standing, Michael tells her that he is trying his damnedest to play by the rules but she can't say the same thing of Victor. When she is alone, Christine is breathing hard and looking very upset.

After viewing herself in numerous negligees, Grace ends up in a black hi-thigh with garters attached to thigh hosiery. "This trip is only the beginning, Nicholas," she says. "I will show you what incredible chemistry we share." Just then, Ryan comes into the shop and sees her. Grace wonders aloud what he is doing there and the salesgirl says that he is there to pick up something for his wife. Handing him the bag, she tells him that his wife will be pleased with the choice and so will he. Ryan asks Grace is she has some similar plans for her evening and the salesgirl says that she is buying for her honeymoon. "I didn't know that you and Tony had set a wedding date!" Ryan says. The salesgirl realizes that the "Nick" that Grace has been buying the teddy for isn't the same man she is planning to marry. As she stands there listening to the conversation, it shows on her face what is going on. After she is alone again, Grace looks at herself in the mirror and says, "Ryan, no need to worry about Nick; he will be well taken care of. I'll see to that!"

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

On her way to keep her appointment with Victor, CHRIS stops by to see Nina. Nina, who was looking over a very special paper before the doorbell rang, wonders why Chris is here and not getting ready for the party. Chris explains that she is going to the party after she talks with Victor and she hopes that Nina will also be attending. Nina tells her that she is attending---just as soon as Hell freezes over. When Nina tells her that she doesn't even want to go to the party, Chris reminds her that there will be a lot of eligible men there. Nina strongly tells Chris to stop bugging her about going out, but Chris says that as her friend she will never stop pushing her toward a social life. Nina says that she has plans of her own about getting a social life. After Chris leaves, Nina picks up the paper and studies it. "How do these people know what is perfect for me?" She asks herself. However, she picks up the phone and calls the name that is circled on the paper, Kyle Warner. When he picks up the phone, she introduces herself, and says that she is someone the computer said was a perfect match for him.

GRACE walks into her office and is esthetic to find her desk littered with flowers. There is not only a bouquet of cut flowers, there is also a large, living plant. Nick walks in just as she is wondering who could have sent them. He tells her that it was he; he wanted to thank her for all the work she put into the business trip, especially the rest time before the convention. She brushes it off saying that it was just her job, but he won't take that. Getting those free days was perfect---it was genius and he is going to use those days to the best advantage. Grace smiles as she imagines what he is talking about. Nick says he is going to have plenty of free nights and Sharon thinks that it was a terrific idea also. Grace is confused; Sharon? Nick says that Sharon is coming along with him; at least, she is joining them in Colorado. He is going to spend those days and nights alone with his wife; the best part is that he can look into his wife's eyes when he is on that podium giving his speech. Grace gets all flustered and says that this isn't a good idea; Sharon will only be a distraction. Nick agrees that she will be a distraction but that is what he will need. She says that she has already made the arrangements; now she will have to try to get different accommodations at the hotel. Nick says that he and Sharon won't need a suite; a small room will do if it contains a bed. As he leaves, he suggests that she ask Tony to come along; then he won't have to feel guilty about her spending her days all alone while he is enjoying his wife's company.

After Nick leaves, Grace has a temper tantrum. "How did this happen?" She cries as she paces the floor. "Whoever heard of bringing your wife along on a business trip? What about all of my plans? What about all the things I was going to do for you, Nick? I would have been so beautiful." Striding to the desk, she picks up the plant and angrily throws it into the trash just as Tony comes in. He picks up the plant and asks her what is going on; he begins to tell her that the plant can easily be fixed. Picking up the plant, he puts it back on the desk and packs some of the soil around it. He mentions all of the flowers on her desk and wonders who sent them. She flatly tells him that they are from Nick. She says that the flowers are for all her hard work. She begins to rant and pace again about how she worked her butt off; she deserves those flowers and much more for all that she has done. This was an important trip! "Just how important is it?" Tony wants to know. "Is it more important than your health, than me?" Turning on him, Grace tells him that this is not the time to be asking that particular question. Why not? Tony wants to know the answer to that. All he wants is some time with his sweetheart! He wants to plan his wedding and honeymoon! They are not even in Nick Newman's league so why try to be? Again Grace tells him that this isn't the time so don't push her. She walks out leaving Tony with a puzzled look on his face.

JILL is in her office looking at her watch. "It is too late to stop the party," she murmurs as Ryan walks in with some papers she needs. She asks him if he is going to the party and he hesitantly says that he is; he just didn't want to bring it up before her. She tells him not to worry; she isn't that sensitive. She has known about the party for weeks now and that everyone was invited but her. If she had been invited, she would suspect a trap. Ryan says that he won't go if she asks him not to. Jill wants him to go; she needs someone there that can report back to her---like a secret agent. Ryan wonders if Nina will be there. Jill says that she doesn't think so, but so what? There will be so many people that that he and Tricia will enjoy themselves and probably never run into Nina. When Ryan says he wants Tricia to see the house because it is supposed to be so grand, Jill almost slips and says that it is her house, but she catches herself. Then Ryan begins going on about the happy days when Phillip was alive and he and Katherine were so happy. Jill snaps and tells him to shut up and get out!

DIANE asks Marisa's opinion of Jack Abbott. She says that he has always been so friendly and supportive, yet the last time she talked to him, he was cold and distant. Marisa advises her to give him a call. Doing so, Jack remains aloof and she wonders what is wrong. He agrees to stop by her apartment on his way home.

JOHN SILVA arrives in Jill's office and finds that she is still angry and disappointed that the papers couldn't be served before the party. Now it is too late as Katherine is going out of town tomorrow after the party. When she stops ranting about her disappointment, John tells her that the papers are ready. Jill says that it is too late....unless. Maybe it isn't too late after all, she says to John.

JACK arrives at Diane's dressed in his tux. When he tells her that he is on his way to a party, she tries to finagle a date with him to the party. However, Jack tells her that Katherine is a longtime and dear friend and he can't risk taking her with him. She wonders where is the Jack Abbott she remembers; he loved nothing more than to stir things up. When he tells her that he has to maintain a certain appearance, she wonders when she became persona non-gratis and Jack tells her that he became that when she began divorce proceedings against his boss. He explains that he cannot afford to antagonize Victor by being buddy-buddy with the woman who is suing for divorce. One thing he has learned is that he who laughs last had better do so discretely. Diane understands but needs something to hang onto. He gives her a long kiss; when she reaches for another, he pulls back and smiles at her. Outside the door, Jack gives one of his special smiles and says, "You handled that one very delicately, Jack. Not bad; not bad at all."

AT THE PARTY, Katherine is nervously making last minute preparations. She gives Esther orders and tells her to hurry; she has a million details for her to take care of. She tells Gina that she wants to fill her lovely house with all her lovely friends and make this a night to remember. When the doorbell rings, she looks at her watch and says that it is still too early for guests, but it is only Nikki. She arrived early in case she was needed for anything. Nikki asks Kay if she invited Diane to the party. Kay assures her friend that there was only two people who didn't get an invitation; she didn't invite Diane for Nikki's sake and she didn't invite Jill for everyone else's sake.

After Nikki, Sharon is the next guest to arrive looking lovely in her special gown. When she and Nikki are alone, she thanks Nikki for the good advice she gave her about fighting for her man. She tells Nikki that she is going to join Nick in Colorado for a few days then go with him to the convention. Nikki thinks that it is great that Sharon will be there by his side for his first big assignment.

NEIL and VICKI arrive and Vicki is a little self-conscious about her pregnancy showing. Neil tells her that she looks great but if she is uncomfortable, they can leave. She tells him that this is her social debut; she feels like she should wear a sign saying that Neil isn't a friend, he is her fiancÚ. Smiling, he tells her that she likes to stir things up, doesn't she? Paul arrives at the party with Lynn and takes a few moments to bring Katherine up to date on the investigation of Chuck. She wonders if Jill could somehow be connected and Paul says he will check that out. More and more guests are showing up by now. Nick comes in with Malcolm and Olivia. Finding Sharon, Nick thinks that she looks gorgeous. Katherine sees them together and tells them that they should have brought that beautiful Cassie along. Sharon tells her that the children are with her mother tonight. "So," Nick says. "Does that mean that we won't be having a slumber party later?" Sharon hopes he doesn't mind, but she told Nikki that she was going to Colorado with him. He asks how she took it and Sharon says that the next time Victor has a business trip, his mother will probably go along!

PAUL talks to Malcolm about Callie. Malcolm fills him in on what he learned about the manager from Callie. Looking on, Olivia is disturbed. When Neil joins her, she tells him that something is troubling her husband but he doesn't want to talk about it. Ashley and Cole arrive. Cole tells Ashley the bad news he heard from the contractor of their house. It appears that they will be in the hotel a lot longer than they had anticipated. When Ashley is disappointed, he tells her to look on it as an extended honeymoon. She catches a glimpse of Vicki and Neil but Cole says that he isn't going to let them get to him tonight; this is a party. A few minutes later, while Cole is at the buffet table, Vicki joins him and acts really catty; Cole just shrugs when she flounces off.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

GRACE walks into a bar and sees her old friend Michael having a drink. Joining him, she tells him that she is there to drink away a terrible day. She goes on to explain how she made all of these plans to make her business trip with her boss a fantastic time and he went and invited his wife along. "This was my last chance to get Nicholas Newman alone," she says. Michael's ears perk up. Would that be any relation to Victor Newman? Grace tells him that Nick is Victor's son. Michael gives Grace a shoulder to cry on unaware that Phyllis is watching.

PHYLLIS marches up to the table and gives Michael and Phyllis her best evil eye. Grace leaves and Michael, amused at Phyllis' reaction, tells her that she can stop staring at him now. He says that Grace was just a potential client. Phyllis tells him that she was looking for him in order to make up to him for all of her snippiness lately, but didn't expect to find him embracing another woman. Her voice gets downright evil as she issues Michael a warning. "Don't screw with me Michael. There are things about me that you cannot even imagine. Screw with me and you will regret it! I promise you that!"

NINA is dressed to go out. While checking herself in the mirror, she wonders if she has lost it; can she really be thinking of going on a date with a guy the computer chose for her? The doorbell rings and Ryan is there with some books that Phillip said that he wanted. He wonders why she is so dressed up; is she going out? He thinks that she is dressed for Katherine's big bash, but she tells him that she has no intention to go to the party. She wonders why she has to be going somewhere to be dressed nicely. "You are going out?" Ryan laughs. He wants to know whom she has a date with. Nina tells him that she hasn't time to go into it now but she will give him a written report in the morning, if necessary. Still laughing, Ryan leaves the apartment.

JOHN tells Jill that he has the papers and they will be served the next day. That will be too late, Jill insists. She decides that tonight during the party will be the perfect time. John tells her that they need a process server so Jill sends him to the courthouse to get one; she tells him that she will see about the invitation.

JACK, dressed in his tuxedo, brings a large folder of papers to Victor and tells him that this is only about half of what they are actually receiving; this is the fallout from the Leanna Love show and they are mostly negative. Victor says that he isn't going to read a single one of them; he has survived worse, he tells Jack in a bored voice. He also says that he has taken steps to gain control; Michael Baldwin is not the only one to have a surprise or two up his sleeve.

LEANNA'S secretary lets her know that Victor called and wanted to see her as soon as she can get to his office; he said it was urgent, Marcy tells her boss. Leanna says that she is curious as to what the Great man wants with her. She says that if Victor calls again, to tell him that she is on her way.

At Crimson Lights, TRICIA tells Megan that as soon as Ryan picks her up, they are going home to get dressed for the party at the Chancellor estate; it is like going to the palace to see the Queen, she says. Meg says that she is planning on going to the movies and hopes she can get Tony to take her. Tricia doesn't like the sound of this and begins to tell her so. Meg, however, tells her to live her life and she will live hers. Ryan arrives and they leave for home. Megan waits and sure enough, Tony walks in and joins her. He tells her that he only dates girls over a certain age and she is underage for him. However, when Megan says that she would like to see a new movie in town but doesn't have anyone to go with her, Tony offers to take her. She says that she will pay and he agrees under the condition that he buys the popcorn. Megan wonders what just happened to his age requirement and Tony smiles as he takes her hand across the table. From the entrance, Grace watches.

NINA impatiently opens the door when the bell rings and is surprised to find Jill there. Jill says that she has a new outfit for Phillip. She notices that Nina is all dressed up and asks her if she is going out. She tells her that she looks beautiful, but her hair needs a little spray on one side. As Nina goes to the mirror, Jill grabs the invitation and quickly hides it in her purse. She then tells Nina that she was wrong; her hair is perfect like it is. She hurries out wishing Nina a good time tonight.

CHRIS arrives for her appointment with Victor who gets straight to the point. He tells Chris that he knows that she was instrumental in getting Michael Baldwin's license to practice law reinstated. Now he wants her to do everything within her power to get him disbarred again. Before he can go any further, Chris asks him if he has made any threats to Michael; Victor denies making any threats and wants to know where she heard such a rumor. "Did you tell Michael that he would pay with everything that he holds dear for representing Diane?" Christine asks. Victor looks like the boy who has been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Before he can say anything, Chris tells him that he was recorded making just such a threat. Victor is outraged that Michael would record him without permission; that alone has taken him across ethical lines! Chris isn't so sure and tells him that this could mean trouble and she can't use this to get Victor disbarred. Victor then asks her to join his legal team and represent him. She tells him that he has one of the best lawyers in John Silva as it is. Victor says that he wants her because she knows how Michael's mind works. Chris says that she has to think about it, but if she agrees, he can't go off half-cocked without representation like he has done in the past. He agrees and says that he hopes he hears from her soon.

JILL is dressed and ready when the process server shows up in her office. She tells him that they are going to a party and he is about to have a night that he won't soon forget. Without question, the process server, Rick Munson, leaves with her.

VICTOR talks to Nikki by phone at Katherine's and tells her that he will try to make the party but he has something to take care of first. Just then, Leanna arrives at the office. She asks if he is still angry with her about having Diane on her show, but he tells her that he is all over that. "Good!" She says. "I have a proposition for you." Victor tells her that he also has some news for her.

NINA arrives at Gina's and the bartender tells her that her date has already arrived and is sitting at a table. He offers to escort her over but she says that she will have to do this herself. Walking with a confidence that she doesn't have, she goes to the table and introduces herself. A handsome man looks up at her, then rises. Nina is quite taken aback when he appears to stand at least a foot taller than she.

KATHERINE'S party is going well. People are mingling and wandering in and out of the house. Floating candles fill the pool while hundreds of candles and miniature lights sparkle both inside and out of the house. At one point, Nikki asks Katherine if she is going to make a speech and Kay says that when the moment arrives, she will know it. A little later, Katherine says to Nikki that the party is going so well that she feels that something will happen to spoil it. Nikki assures her that nothing will happen; forget it and enjoy your party, she advises.

JACK finally arrives at the party and greets both Katherine and Nikki with a kiss. Nikki follows Jack to the bar and asks if he can get Diane to settle with Victor. Jack tells her that he isn't that close with Diane anymore and Nikki is glad that he finally sees that Diane is not a good person. Just then, Jack looks over Nikki's shoulder and sees Jill arrive. He excuses himself and goes to where Jill is standing with her "date," and tries to talk with her. She tells him to "buzz off" and leaves him. As Jill is talking, Katherine's back is to her but she hears and recognizes Jill's voice. "Please tell me that this is someone's idea of a sick joke!" she says, unhappily. Turning, she is angry to see Jill and orders her out of the house. Jill refuses, flashing her invitation. There is little Katherine can do without causing a disturbance so she walks away and busies herself with other guests. Later, seeing that she is still upset, Nikki tells Katherine to pretend that she isn't there. Katherine thinks that is good advice, and she will do more than pretend. Grabbing champagne glass, she raps for attention. She tells everyone that she wants to take this opportunity to thank everyone for coming and sharing her celebration of her beautiful house. She talks about all the wonderful years that she has spent with her beloved husband, Phillip. He is gone, but she knows that his spirit fills the house. As everyone applauds, Jill walks up to Katherine and says that she also has an announcement. She introduces her date who then asks her if she is Katherine Chancellor. Puzzled, Katherine acknowledges that she Katherine Chancellor. Mr. Munson then hands her a paper. Katherine continues to be puzzled but she opens the paper and briefly looks at it. Tossing the paper aside as if it were nothing, Katherine tells Jill that this is what she thinks about her paper. Katherine tells her not to be so quick to throw away the paper. It is a summons to court, Jill announces so that everyone can hear. "I plan to show that this house and all the grounds are mine---everything is mine and there isn't a damn thing you can do about it!"

Friday, September 11, 1998

Due to CBS coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, today's The Young and the Restless will be pre-empted.

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