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Katherine learned from Mitchell that Jill's claim might be valid. Callie was surprised when Trey showed up at the Crow's Nest. Grace watched as Tony flirted, then left, with a young girl. Michael was kidnapped.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 14, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday September 14, 1998
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Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

LEANNA asks VICTOR who goes first, her proposition or his news? Victor lets her speak. She wants Victor to come on her show and have his say. She tells Victor this will be a guaranteed blockbuster show and Victor can slant the interview any way he wants to -- something she's never done for any other guest. He tells her that one of these days he may very well take to the airwaves, but not on her show. He informs her that he now owns Westmont Media. Leanna asks if he's her new boss. Victor laughs and tells her she's fired -- permanently, as of right now. Leanna is devastated.

She tells him that her show is the only reason that Production Company was afloat. He tells her that she's not concerned about the company. The only thing she's concerned about is ratings. She doesn't care who she hurts. This is about justice, Victor informs her. She hurt his family and now she's paying the price. Leanna tells him that he's never understood her or what she was about. He counters with, "I understand you too well." Then he tells her that this is going to hurt her where she lives.

She tells him that she thought he was a smart businessman. She gets offers everyday and that this won't stop her. Leanna then informs him that she's going to enjoy being a witness for Diane at their divorce trial. He thinks that's funny and asks her if he really thinks that as his former spouse she'll have any credibility. She reminds him that she has intimate details of his life. As she leaves, he tells her that he hopes she's saved her money because she won't ply her trade for a very long time.

GRACE comes into the Crimson Lights and spots Tony.... holding another girl's hand. So she slips over to a booth. MEGAN comments on his holding her hand and that he's probably always had his way with girls. TONY tells her all except one. "The one you don't want to talk about," adds Meg. Tony asks if she's still up for the movies. Megan tells him it depends on whether or not she has to let go of his hand.

Meg does release Tony's hand and he asks if his calluses are getting to her. She picks up her soda and tells him she's thirsty. Tony asks if they'll be going to see a "chick flick." Megan teases him and wonders if he has a problem with that. He tells her that he's a very sensitive guy. The only thing he draws the line at is subtitles. Tony's ready to go

Grace, watching from the booth, wonders if she should just surprise him, but before she can make a move, Tony and Meg are gone. She goes to the counter and is warmly greeted by JAY. It's clear something's wrong and Jay tells her that she looks like she just lost her best friend.

At the party, JILL insists that KATHERINE pick up the papers and read them. Katherine starts to tell her that they shouldn't do this, even as much as they dislike one another, but Jill interrupts and corrects her. "We HATE each other!" Jill exclaims. Katherine denies this, but offers Jill her pity. Jill calls her the "perfect saint." Katherine walks away to stand by NIKKI as PAUL picks up the papers. Jill is screaming that Katherine is out of there and calls her a sanctimonious hypocrite. CHRIS reads the papers aloud. Katherine is surprised at Jill's supposition that the house and grounds are hers. Jill tells her she has proof in black and white. Chris tells Jill that these papers are just one step down a long legal road and they don't transfer ownership of so much as one speck of dust, let alone the entire estate.

Jill rants that she'll have to go to court because Katherine won't let it go. She looks into the surprised group of guests and asks why they're all looking at her like she's mistreating an old woman. Then Jill goes into the saga of how yes, Phillip did love Katherine once, but her drinking and acid tongue destroyed her marriage. When Phillip found love again with Jill, Katherine was so eaten up with jealousy that she drove over a cliff when she was drunk and killed the only man Jill had ever loved. Jill continues her rant until Paul tells her that he'll call security and have her escorted out. Jill rebuffs his threats and tells him to stay out of it. "If anyone will be leaving," she yells. "It'll be Katherine. This is my house now!"

Katherine tells Paul to get Jill out now, while Chris reiterates that the papers mean nothing yet. Jill encourages the guests to lose their gloomy faces and start the party again. After all, she tells the crowd, this is Katherine's farewell party. Katherine tells Jill she'll burn it down before she allows Jill to have it. Jack and Ryan each take one of Jill's arms, and she finally concedes to leave. Katherine turns to everyone and asks that they do continue with the party, but she feels faint and Chris and Paul catch her, sitting her down easily.

OLIVIA comes back about this time and checks Katherine out. She tells Katherine her pulse is racing and she needs to lie down. Olivia asks where MALCOLM is and Nikki tells NEIL to look by the pool. (Unbeknownst to anyone, Malcolm has left the party long before.) Katherine is embarrassed by what Jill said to her guests. Neil comes back and tells Olivia that Malcolm must have left. Olivia sees Katherine to bed. The guests start to leave the party. Nikki tells Esther to get a move on things.

KYLE sees NINA'S surprise and he suggests that they sit so be on eye level. Nina says that the printout mentioned that he was five-six. Kyle tells her that's a definite misprint -- he's six-five. He tells her about himself. He's divorced with a daughter, Alisa, and it's hard because his ex-wife moved three hours north and it's hard to see his little girl. She tells him about Phillip and he tells her that she's lucky that she has custody.

By the end of the meal, it is apparent that divorce is the only thing they really have in common. He is a real civil war buff and that doesn't interest Nina and he doesn't understand the writing process and gets on the topic of screen writing. It's during this talk that Nina spots TRICIA and MEG at the bar. Kyle immediately notices Nina's facial expression. She tells him that her ex-husband's new wifette is across the room.

At the bar, Tricia asks Meg if she and Tony went to the movies. When Meg says yes, Tricia asks if he's going to call. Megan tells her that she definitely thinks that she'll be hearing from Tony. Tricia cautions Meg just to take things slowly. Megan tells Tricia to mind her own business. They also talk about what happened at Katherine's party. They both agree that they are glad their father was out of town. He would have been humiliated at Jill's antics.

Nina tells Kyle that it's been a nice evening, but she has to pick up her son. Kyle, sensing that Nina is just being polite, suggests that the computer didn't do such a great job of making a dating match for them, but there's no reason they can't be friends. Nina is relieved that Kyle understands and agrees.

Tricia happens to turn and see Nina and her date across the restaurant. She is definitely intrigued and murmurs, "Well, well, well."

CALLIE and ROB are talking. She tells Rob she's decided to stick around. Rob asks about her friend. She tells Rob that he has his own business and a beautiful wife. She's actually proud of Malcolm. He's got the perfect life and she'll probably never see him again. Rob tells her that he seemed ready to help her, send the private investigator and all. Callie explains to Rob that she is the one who can't be trusted, not her friend. Whether he will help her is a different story. Callie and Rob do not see him, but MALCOLM enters The Crow's Nest.

GRACE paces and TONY comes home. She asks if he's been working and he says yes. Then she tells him that she saw him earlier at the Crimson Lights picking up "jail bait." Tony replies that he didn't think she'd care where he'd been the way she treated him at work. Grace tells him lamely that she doesn't want to discuss their personal life at the office. Tony informs her that more and more he's questioning if she wants to marry him. He tells her to decide now before they both make a big mistake.

Angry, Tony says that things just aren't cutting it anymore. He needs to know if he can count on her. He presses on and tells her that she doesn't act like a woman who wants to build a life with him. He just can't take the roller coaster ride they're on. Tearfully, Grace apologizes. Tony says he needs some time alone and asks not to be bothered. Grace looks frantic.

Back at her office, JILL is reveling in her triumph. JACK and RYAN aren't so thrilled. In fact, Ryan tells her that after he's defended her on so many occasions, he thinks it's the rudest display of behavior he's ever seen. Jill may have a claim, he asserts, but there's a time and a place for everything. What she did made him sick to his stomach. He leaves. Jill turns to Jack, who is also less than thrilled with her. Jack tells her that what Ryan did was a preview to how society was going to treat her. Jill tells Jack not to start in on her, and Jack, in a rare moment, tells her he understands what it's like to have something that belongs to you denied. Jill breaks down into racking sobs and Jack takes her in his arms to comfort her.

Home from the party, CHRIS and PAUL are now discussing Chris' visit with Victor earlier. She tells him that Victor wanted Michael disbarred and when she wouldn't be a party to that, he offered her a job as part of his legal team, supposedly to neutralize Michael. Chris tells Paul she's thinking about it. Paul replies that he knows his wife and he's bet a week's worth of wages that Chris will take the case. With every fiber of her being, Chris wants to go head-to-head with Michael Baldwin. Victor knows that's the ultimate carrot. However, business hours are over for the day, and it doesn't take long for the business of business to give way to the business of romance.

In the darkness of the mansion, KATHERINE descends the stairs and walks over to the still-cluttered table of party foods and drinks. She reaches for a decanter of liquor and is startled when NIKKI calls to her from the armchair where she's been sleeping. Katherine immediately goes on the defensive and tells Nikki she would never break her sobriety over tonight's fiasco. Nikki softly says she'd never let her. Katherine is just so distraught over what happened. Nikki tries to comfort her. She tells her that for all the ugly words that Jill spewed tonight, what Katherine's guests will remember most is the eloquent memorial she gave about Phillip and the honor she gave the house and the estate by her dignity. With this in perspective, Katherine vows with renewed determination that she will fight Jill "She will never, ever, ever get me out of this house!" exclaims Katherine. "I swear it by the Almighty. Swear it! No! Never!"

Tuesday, September 15, 1998

VICTOR is home from the office and dressed in more casual clothing, when Nikki gets home. He is sorry that he didn't make it to the party but after Nikki tells him what happened there, he is glad that he couldn't make it. Nikki is furious at Jill for spoiling the party for Katherine. When she tells him that John Silva is her attorney, Victor wonders if John is that hard up for business. Now he wishes that he had been there to help Katherine. Nikki goes on to tell him that Neil and Vicki were there "making a statement." Victor wonders if it is getting serious between the two of them and notices that the thought of that displeases Nikki. He asks her about it but Nikki says that it is only that Vicki is on the rebound; now is not the time for her to be getting into a serious relationship. Victor says that if they say anything it will only push them closer together. Fine, Nikki says, I guess I will just start planning the wedding. On a lighter side, Nikki thinks she has some good news. She tells Victor that she had a word with Jack and he said that he and Diane are not as close as they used to be. Victor listens with interest and then he wonders why Jack would sty that to her. He thinks that Jack was saying exactly what he wanted Victor to hear. "That rat!" Nikki says. Victor says that they have to keep a careful eye on Jack. He is up to something; he doesn't know what, but he knows something isn't right.

NEIL and VICTORIA return to Neil's place after the party. Lucy leaves and Vicki says that she needs a hug. She feels so bad for Katherine, but Neil says that at least they weren't the focus of the evening. He really thinks that her parents should hear about the engagement from them and not from the gossips. Before she can answer, Olivia calls and asks if Malcolm is there. She has called everywhere she can think of but can't find him. She is getting worried. Neil reassures her but after hanging up, thinks he should go up and talk to her. Vicki says that she will make coffee while he is gone.

ROB sees Malcolm enter the club and advises Callie to talk to him. Malcolm's turning to leave when Callie walks up to him. "Well, well, well," she says. "The man cleans up mighty fine!" She guesses that he was at the Chancellor party and congratulates him for hanging around with the "Queen of Genoa City." Malcolm wants to get right to the point without this fooling around. He wants to know exactly what Callie wants from him; he still isn't sure that he can trust her. Callie tells him that she never should have come to him; she didn't think that he had cleaned up his life so well. There is nothing he can do for her. Malcolm says that doing a guilt trip on him will not work. He wants to know if she is really in trouble like she says; he also wonders why she hasn't gone to the police if she is so afraid of Trey. She says that this isn't a police kind of party but she also tells him that she doesn't want anything from him.

Olivia asks Neil if she is just a hysterical wife; she has been picking up strange vibes from Malcolm for a couple of weeks. She tells him about meeting the girl, Callie, at the studio the other day and she felt like she had interrupted something. Neil asks how that made her feel and she says that she felt like the fifth wheel. Neil assures her that if she is thinking that Malcolm is fooling around on her, she is wrong. He doesn't know what is going on with Malcolm but he knows it has nothing to do with his family. He leaves, but he assures Olivia that he will return if she needs him. After he leaves, Olivia thinks, "Malcolm tell me you aren't playing around with that girl. Why do I feel so strongly that there is something going on with the two of you?"

VICKI pours herself a cup of decaf coffee and sits quietly on the sofa. Suddenly, Lily comes bursting out of the bedroom screaming that a monster is after her; she wants her mommy. Vicki tries to help her but when she tells her that her mommy isn't here, (don't you remember?), Lily begins to scream for her daddy. She tells her that Daddy is up with Aunt Liv so Lily asks for Lucy. Vicki is at the end of her rope when Neil walks into the door and Lily jumps straight into his arms telling him about the monster that was after her. Neil calms her down and then takes her back to the bedroom to tuck her in. Vicki is a mass of doubts when Neil returns. She doesn't know if she will be able to handle these kinds of things once her baby comes; she doesn't even know if she will have any of those "maternal" feelings. Neil assures her that she has nothing to worry about; all this experience that he is exhibiting just comes with experience. He promises her that she will be a great mom and they will have a beautiful family; they will live happily ever after.

Meanwhile, at Gina's, Nina and Tricia can't keep their eyes off of each other. Nina is enjoying the date now that the two of them have agreed that they aren't compatible as anything more than friends. He even offers to kiss her if that would add to her "friends" drama. Nina laughs and tells him that that is going a bit beyond, but she likes his thinking. At the bar, Tricia is fascinated with the fact that Ryan's ex-wife is out on a date. She wonders who it could be and decides that she and Meg should go over to their table and say hello. Meg tries to stop her but she is adamant; Meg says that she will have no part of this and goes outside to wait for her sister. Tricia walks over to the table and with the sweetest smile you ever say, she says hello. Nina smiles up at her and introduces her date. When Kyle stands up to shake her hand, Tricia's eyes grow wide. "My, you are tall!" Tricia says. "You have a firm grasp of the obvious," Kyle says as he sits. Nina and Tricia exchange small talk; Nina asks if she has been to the Chancellor party. When she says she was there, Nina asks if she went with Ryan. Tricia says she wouldn't have gone alone. She begins to tell Nina that Ryan turned out to be quite the hero today. She tells about Jill's show at the estate and how Ryan and Jack pulled her out of the house. He is probably home by now, she tells Nina, so I should be getting home. When she leaves, Nina asks her new friend how he feels about her ex-husband's new wife. "I see her in a bikini, draped over a Harley selling beer and batteries," Kyle says with a straight face. Nina can't help but laugh.

MALCOLM arrives home just as Olivia is calling someone. He is surprised that she is home already. She wants to know where he has been and he said he was out getting a beer. "With a refrigerator full of beer?" Olivia asks. He tells her in all innocence that he didn't think that she would be home so he was just killing time. He wonders if there is a problem; Olivia says that there isn't.

RYAN is already home when Tricia arrives. Ryan tells her that he told Jill off when he got her to her office. She may have a claim, but to serve it like a stiletto in the back was uncalled for! He asks if she found Megan and she says that they went to Gina's for a drink. Guess who we saw there? Nina and a date! Ryan says that he knew it! He stopped by the apartment earlier and she was all dressed up. He wants the full scoop on the guy so Tricia tells him that he was very tall. They were holding hands, but she doesn't think it was serious, but it was kind of romantic. Also he was polite and handsome; he would have to be handsome, she says. After Ryan, Nina wouldn't go for a dog. Ryan accuses her of putting him on but she says she is only reporting what she saw.

JACK is home when Ashley and Cole come into the Abbott home. Jack isn't in a good mood, Ashley notices when he almost bites her head off. Ashley begins talking about poor Katherine and how embarrassed she must have been with Jill saying that she would take the house from her. "That house means a lot to Jill," Jack tells his sister. "There is a lot you don't know about. Jill has good cause to think Phillip left that house to her and she has a legitimate reason for feeling that she has been robbed of what is hers all these years. Kay has done her share to devastate Jill's life. Maybe if she'd been in that house all these years, her son would still be alive. The right home does make a difference in a kid's life." He goes on to remind Ashley that they had it good all their life; they have taken it all for granted. Ashley can't believe that Jack is defending Jill. She thinks it is time to find someone for Jack; he is getting soft in his alone years. Jack tells her that romance is the last thing that he is thinking about these days. He isn't hiding in work; he is working on something more important than anything he has ever done in his life. Ashley wants to know what it is, but he won't tell her. However, he assures him that he has one specific goal in mind. "And what is this mysterious goal?" Ashley asks again. "All in good time!" Jack answers. "All in good time!"

MICHAEL is working with Diane in the penthouse trying to come up with another offer to make to Victor but Diane's mind isn't on business. He tells her that they need to talk about what is on her mind. She tells him that it is Jack. Jack has always been a friend but now he feels that he has to distance himself from her. Michael says that this is a good idea. Since he is Victor's right hand man, he doesn't want Victor's hatred of Jack to be deflected on Diane. He tells her that if he knows anything about Victor, it is that he is a vindictive man. The doorbell rings and when Diane opens the door, she finds an angry Leanna Love standing there. She tells them that she has been fired. Victor bought the production company that produced her show just to fire her. She expected there to be some fallout, but she didn't think Victor would go this far. She is looking forward to bringing him down and anything she can do to help that along, she will gladly do. Diane is so sorry that she lost her job because of her but Diane says that she will get an offer soon. Meanwhile she will see that Victor gets roasted in the press over this. Victor will rue the day he ever decided to mess with Leanna Love! After she leaves, Diane is devastated; this case is becoming a nightmare. "It is impacting my life and other people's lives in ways I could never have imagined and there is no end in sight!" As Michael reminds her of what they are fighting for, her future, she says that she wishes Jack were here to see her through this. She really needs him!

Wednesday, September 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

Parent-Teacher Night is coming up and although SHARON is coming for sure, CASSIE wants NICK to come. She's afraid that Nick is too busy with work. Sharon still tries to persuade her to ask. Nick has overheard and when he enters the living room he picks up the flier with the announcement on it. He asks if he can come to, but tells Cassie tells him he's probably busy at work. He tell her that he knows he's not her real dad, so if she has any problems with him going...Cassie interrupts Nick by grabbing him around the neck and telling him he's the greatest. He tells her that some things are more important than work. He tells her to hurry because the bus will be here soon. Sharon is all smiles.

Sharon tells Nick that he made Cassie feel like she has a real family. Nick says that's probably something that she's never had before. Sharon thanks Nick for accepting Cassie. He tells her he shouldn't earn brownie points for loving Cassie because it's easy.

COLE is waiting for ASHLEY in the lab and calls the contractor for their house. He finds out the worst news possible -- it would be more financially feasible to tear the house down and start over again. JACK walks in on this and offers Cole and Ashley a place at the Abbott house. His dad and Billy are gone. Cole asks if he minds. Jack tells him it will do him some good not to be alone. He tells Cole to run it by Ashley and let Jack know.

Meanwhile, ASHLEY is upstairs in the boardroom preparing for a meeting. Victoria comes in and they get into an argument. Ashley tries to tell Victoria that she just wants what is best for the baby since she is going to be the baby's stepmother and Cole is going to take an active role in this baby's life. Victoria tells her that her baby will have a father -- Neil has proposed and they are getting married. Seeing that this is news to Ashley, Victoria wastes no time in telling her that Cole has known about their engagement for awhile and she's surprised that Cole hasn't told Ashley.

In the lab, COLE tells ASHLEY what the contractor said. She's very upset. She doesn't want to live in a hotel anymore. That's when Cole tells her of Jack's generous offer. Ashley tells Cole it doesn't sound like a bad idea. Then Ashley grows quiet and Cole asks what's wrong. Ashley tells him that she and Victoria had words and that she's upset because he knew about Neil and Vicki's engagement, but chose not to tell her. She wants to know if there's a reason why.

KATHERINE and MITCHELL SHERMAN are going over the papers that Jill had served on her. Mitchell was the executor of Phillip's estate and Katherine thinks that this is just ludicrous. Mitchell tells her that he might feel the same way if JOHN SILVA'S name wasn't on the papers. Mitchell says that he can't see John becoming involved in something that was less than above board.

Katherine is not taking this lightly, but doesn't understand what possible claim Jill has after all these years. Katherine wants to know what evidence Jill has. She swears that she will not allow Jill to embarrass her anymore than she already has. Mitchell tells her that he'll do some checking and for Katherine not to push the panic button. Then he warns her to stay away from Jill.

JILL, IAN, and TATE are going over the designs for the house. She tells them that money and time are no objects. She wants to restore the house to its proper grandeur and will turn it into the showplace that Phillip would have wanted her to have. Ian and Tate question a starting date and Jill tells them she's working on that. They remind her that until she owns it legally, they can't do any work on it. They also can't hire work crews and subcontractors on speculation. They need a firm date. Jill tells them they'll have a firm date as soon as she can "boot the old bat" out of "her" (meaning Jill's) home. The three of them are startled when KATHERINE'S voice rings from Jill's office doorway, "Over my dead body."

Jill introduces Katherine to Ian and Tate and tells Katherine that they're discussing a date they can start renovations. She asks Katherine if she's going to make this difficult for her and reminds Katherine that she has proof. Katherine tells Ian and Tate that Jill is wasting their time as well as her own. Katherine will NEVER be out of that home. Jill will have to kill her first. Ian and Tate excuse themselves.

Jill asks Katherine if she's rattled. Katherine tells her to give up her hoax. Jill wants to know if she's asked Mitchell Sherman for advice. Katherine says she has. Jill tells her to go ahead and drag things out -- it will just humiliate herself more. Jill's packed and waiting to move in. Katherine says she can't believe Jill is being so cruel. Jill tells her that Katherine wrote the book on cruelty. First killing Phillip and taking away her marriage to him; finally denying Jill the house that Phillip wanted her to have. Suddenly it dawns on Jill. "You knew, didn't you?" she accuses Katherine. "You knew that Phillip wanted me to have the house and you still kept it from me." Katherine reminds her that the estate and house are where she and Phillip spent their years as husband and wife, and although Phillip's death was tragic, she's been able to move on. Jill tells her that Katherine's going to lose this time because Jill has the law on her side. Katherine tells Jill that she will never have her home and she will do whatever she has to do to keep Jill's contemptible hands off it.

MICHAEL calls JACK and asks him to meet him at Eddie's Diner. When they meet, Michael informs Jack that Diane is restless over Jack's distancing himself from her. This surprises Jack, but Jack isn't worried about Diane right now. Michael tells him he has some news about "Mr. Friendly." He asks Jack if he knew that Victor had acquired Westmark Productions. Jack tells him yes. Then Michael tells him that Victor canceled "The Leanna Love Show." Jack is fascinated that Newman's personal battles have now crossed over into the business arena. Michael begs Jack to tell him what Jack's planning. Michael tells him that he could be a big help. Jack tells Michael the best way for him to help is to get Diane a big, fat settlement. Then he reminds Michael that what happened to Leanna just may happen to him. Victor might just buy the law firm where Michael works and before he knows it, Michael won't have a big fancy job anymore. "When Victor Newman is your enemy, anything can happen," warns Jack as he leaves Michael to contemplate his words.

VICTORIA tells NEIL about her argument with Ashley, especially about surprising Ashley with news of their engagement. She also asks about Lily. Neil tells her that she was fine this morning. Victoria tells Neil that they'd better tell her parents soon or else someone will beat them to it. Victoria wants to try to schedule a meeting with her parents tonight.

Neil tells Victoria that he doesn't know how much longer he has with Lily, but being with her these past few days has made him realize how much he missed her. He wonders if Dru will just come and get her one day after one of her modeling gigs. He tells Victoria that it would be okay with him if he never heard from Drucilla again. Victoria tries to be sympathetic, but the thoughts of having Lily full time are not something she's prepared to deal with and although the words aren't said, they are written across her face.

MILLIE is knitting and humming. ALICE is pacing. She wants to know if Millie's heard from Cassie. Millie laughs. Alice has barely thought of Cassie these last weeks since Alice has taken up with Clyde. Alice tells her that she'd dumped Clyde and intends to get her little girl back. She blames Raymond Becker for dying on her and she's not happy that Ray's old secretary won't help her. So, she picks up the phone and starts calling storage rental places to see if she can get a lead on where Ray left his papers.

Alice is striking out with every storage place. Millie tells her that Cassie is with her real mother. Alice reminds Millie that Cassie birth mother gave her up for adoption. She tells Millie that the more Millie protests, the more sure Alice is that she's doing the right thing.

Alice finally gets lucky and finds a place where Ray has some personal items stored. Millie asks her if she thinks that she's going to be able to make those people believe she's the next of kin. Alice says if she can't convince them, then she'll bribe them. When she comes back, she's going to have a name and she's going to track Cassie down. After Alice leaves, Millie pulls out a picture of Cassie and says softly, "I'm sorry honey. This isn't what I wanted for you."

Thursday, September 17, 1998

COLE can't understand why Ashley is angry; he didn't think that the subject of the engagement was any big deal! They were at a party and who wants to talk about their ex-wife at a party? Ashley can see his point but asks him please not to keep anything from her again. She tells him that when Vicki told her about the engagement, she felt so stupid and off-guard; it was like Vicki could see that she didn't know about it and zeroed in on that. While they are talking, Jack comes in and hopes that he isn't coming in at the wrong time. Cole tells him that they were just finishing up and he was leaving. He kisses his wife and leaves. Jack wants to know what was going on but Ashley doesn't want to talk about it. When he finds out that it wasn't about them moving into the house with them, he thinks it could be Vicki. By the look on her face, Jack knows that he has hit a bull's eye. He tells her that Vicki will always be in their lives because of the baby; she needs to learn how to ignore all her button pushing. After he gives her a little pep talk, she hugs him and says that it will be good living in the same house with him again. She has missed her big brother.

MALCOLM is working at the studio when Neil comes in to talk to him about Olivia. First he chides him for leaving in the middle of the party but Malcolm says that when it got heavy, he got out while the getting was good. Neil says that he didn't go straight home; he knows because Olivia was looking for him and she wasn't a happy camper. He warns Mal that his wife thinks he is having an affair. Malcolm is shocked, especially when Neil doesn't say that he didn't believe it. He would never do such a thing to his wife, he protests. Neil warns that there is a problem with communication and he should get it fixed soon; if it were his wife, he would have fixed it yesterday.

LYNN is reading the paper when Chris comes to Paul's office. She tells Chris about a man who got out of prison and two years later he tried to kill the cop that put him away. If some hunting dogs hadn't come upon him in time, he would be dead. Chris is thinking about this as Paul comes out and greets her. When they go into his office she begins to question him about the time that his father went missing. She wants to know if anyone investigated any of his past cases. Paul says that he investigated every case his father had worked on in his 25 years of service; he investigated every way from Sunday and didn't come up with a single lead. The only thing that he remembers that they didn't get an answer to was the anonymous letters that he began to receive about 6 months prior to his disappearance. The letters were threatening in nature but they stopped coming as quickly as they started.

VICTORIA calls her mother and sets up a dinner meeting for tonight. She tells her that she and Neil want to treat her parents and she hints that it is a special occasion. Nikki, of course, asks what the occasion is but Vicki tells her that she will find out when she gets there. After hanging up, Nikki wonders if Sharon knows anything about this. She leaves the house and shows up at Sharon's door a few minutes later. Sharon is busy getting Cassie off to school while Noah plays with his toes. Nikki asks if she knows if anything special is going on with Vicki but Sharon hasn't a clue. She guesses that Nikki will just have to wait and really be surprised. Cassie comes in and seeing Nikki, she is very surprised and happy that she is there. Nikki greets her with, "Hello, little sweet pea!" Cassie tells her that she is so happy because she is going to school. She guesses she isn't normal because she loves to go to school. She also has another reason to be happy; tonight is parents-teachers night. Nikki asks if Sharon is going with her and she says that she is but Nicholas is also going. That is what makes her the happiest because she knows that Nicholas has a lot of important work. After she leaves, Nikki comments that she is proud of her son for taking on the role of Cassie's father. Sharon agrees; she says that it was rocky at one point, but now her life is perfect. They have both learned; Nick has learned how important family is to her and she has learned to accept his work. They have a hug.

OLIVIA arrives at Malcolm's studio and tells him that she doesn't have much time. She wants to know what is going on with him. He tells her that he doesn't want to bore her with his little everyday problems any more than she wants to tell him about everything that goes on at the hospital. Olivia will not accept that. If he wants to keep some parts of his life behind doors, then don't crack the door and refuse to tell her what is going on when she asks. She says that she is tough enough to hear the worse news, but she isn't tough enough to live with his secrets.

CALLIE is rehearsing but her heart is not in it. She decides to take a break. At the bar, she and Rob talk about whether her friend will help her or not. Callie says that she isn't going to bother him any longer; she is out of this town. She will work tonight, but come tomorrow she is leaving. "It looks like I arrived just in time, then, doesn't it?" asks a voice from the doorway. Turning, Callie sees that her worst fears are realized; Trey has found her.

In Madison, MILLIE is looking at Cassie's picture and praying that she is happy and that her mother, Alice, doesn't find her. Suddenly, she begins to have some chest pain. She barely makes it to her medicine and takes it. As she is almost recovered, Alice comes back in and begins to harass her. She is angry that she went all the way down to the storage place and the computer made an error. Raymond did have his things stored there, but they were thrown out long ago for non-payment. But she will continue searching and she will find her daughter. She accuses Millie of knowing more than she is telling but Millie denies that.

VICTORIA is on the phone and in true Newman fashion, she is giving someone in the Art department a piece of her mind. Cole comes in just as she finishes and accuses her of stirring up trouble by telling Ashley about the engagement. He thought that she had grown beyond these juvenile stunts, if only for "our child," but he must have been wrong. "Our child?" Vicki asks. She tells him that he is off the hook; this will be her and Neil's child. She doesn't need him any more. Cole is aghast; he tells her that he is that baby's real father---it is his as much as it is hers---and he is going to play a big part in it's life. Vicki says that he is married and has no time for a baby; plus, he and his new wife will be having their own kids. Some day, when he has nothing better to do, he will stop by to see his son or daughter. That isn't what she calls a father. A father is the man who lives with the child in the same house. Neil comes in and asks if there is something wrong. Cole tells him that he should remind Vicki that he fully intends to be a father to this child. He congratulation them and leaves. Neil asks what that was all about and Vicki brushes it off. "How dare he come in here and say he will be a father to MY child? I don't need him," she says. Neil tells him that Cole isn't that far off the mark. He would feel the same way if he were in Cole's shoes. Vicki hurriedly changes the subject telling him that they will be having dinner with her parents and they can tell them that they are engaged.

Chris walks into the police station and tells the desk sergeant that she would like a favor. He says that he will do all he can for GC's "prettiest and most famous lawyer." She tells him that she wants to see the old files on a friend of his, Carl Williams.

Friday, September 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Sandy Rosser

NIKKI and VICTOR plan to meet Neil and Victoria for dinner at The Lodge around 6:30pm. When Nikki is confirming the time with Victoria, she tries to wrangle more information out of her daughter. Victoria promises that she'll find out tonight when they're all together.

SAM tells CHRIS much of what Paul has already told her. In fact, he assures Chris, the entire police force searched for Carl. She looks through Carl's file, expecting to find no leads. She finds one of the anonymous letters Paul mentioned. Sam mentions that all policemen get these sorts of letters at one time or another in their career. Chris notices that the postmark is from Virginia. In fact, it's a small town right outside of Norfolk. She remembers the encounter in the airport with the man who resembles Carl. Sam senses that Chris may have a hunch. She definitely thinks there's a connection. She asks SAM for a favor. She doesn't want anyone to know that she looked at this file.

PAUL shares his and CHRIS' conversation about his dad's disappearance with LYNNE. It's stirred some old memories and made Paul question himself. Did he really turn over every stone? Did he follow every lead? Did he look for any and all clues that could have led to finding his dad?

MARY interrupts their conversation. She is sporting a new red suit and sassy new attitude. She looks absolutely wonderful. She's got a new hairstyle and makeup to perfection. She's had a manicure and a facial. She's got a glow about her. She tells Paul and Lynne that she has dinner plans with Charlie. Lynne has to prod Paul into noticing his mother. When he does, he is astonished. He can't believe the change in her and can't remember when he's seen his mother this happy.

DIANE calls MICHAEL and wants to know if he's heard from Jack. She also tells Michael that Victor's silence is getting to be too much. She wishes that this whole ordeal were over. Michael tells her that nothing is more important to him than she is or their case. PHYLLIS overhears Michael. When Michael hangs up, Phyllis lets him have it with both barrels. Phyllis is not stupid. She tells him that no explanation is necessary about the phone call. She knows what Michael is up to where Diane Newman is concerned. Michael tells her that he is not "up to" anything with Diane. Phyllis informs him that she has come to accept that Michael flirts with women like Diane and "the blonde." Michael assures Phyllis that Diane and Grace are both clients. Phyllis says she's shared everything with Michael. Now she just wants a commitment from him. She's tired of the games and he will definitely be sorry if he jerks her around about this. Michael angrily slams out of the apartment and Phyllis watches him from with window with her "Evil Eye."

DIANE stops by Newman Enterprises to see JACK. He tells her he's busy. Diane wants to know why Jack's so distant. What has she done to upset him? She tells him that she knows he was bitter when she married Victor, but thought they were past that. Jack snidely remarks that they can't just pick up where they were before "the Black Knight swept her away." She opens up and tells Jack that she needs him so much and she was hoping that her future would be with him. Jack scoffs at her -- that's not what she wanted before. He goes on to remind her that he forewarned her that Victor would hurt her, use her, and then toss her aside. Diane admits to Jack that he's right and she was a fool to ever let Jack go. Jack doesn't buy her flattery. "And I don't like playing second fiddle," he states.

Now he must concentrate on his career. He reminds her that she has Michael to look after her. Jack also tells her that he doesn't want Victor linking the two of them together. Diane is visibly hurt. The phone rings and Jack has to take a phone call. Diane starts to leave. She tells him she is sorry for the way things are between them. She goes to him and touches him on the cheek. "I care about you," she says softly. "And I always will."

Malcolm comes clean to Olivia about who Callie is. They were together in the old days, he explains, but Callie lied to him and he broke it off with her. He apologizes for trying to hide the truth from her. He tells her that Callie is a singer and came to Genoa City because she's in some kind of trouble with her manager. She thought that Malcolm could help get her out of it. Olivia is upset and wants to know why Malcolm couldn't have told her this from the beginning, but at least now she knows the truth. She feels somewhat relieved over that.

COLE gets a call from his editor, STEVE CONNELLY. Cole is way behind in his book and Steve wants him in New York tomorrow -- no excuses. He can't give Cole any more extensions on his deadline.

Cole apologizes to Ashley for not telling her about Neil and Victoria's engagement. He tells her that the next time anymore of his ex-wives gets engaged, he'll tell her first thing. Ashley wants to know what that means, since he used "ex-wives" as in "more than one." Cole tells her that he was married briefly when he was at Oxford. The marriage was very short-lived. When Cole tells Ashley he has to go to New York on business he invites her to go along. Cole assures her, "A little business...a whole lot of pleasure." With a little convincing, Ashley agrees to accompany him.

JOHN SILVA had previously suggested that Victor move out of the ranch. Meeting with Victor at Newman Enterprises, he mentions it again, but Victor refuses. NIKKI wants to know, "What in the hell is going on?" She has walked in on their conversation. John leaves and Nikki demands answers from Victor. When he tells her why John suggested he move out, Nikki swears she could strangle Diane. Victor, however, blames Michael Baldwin. "He is a man with no scruples," states Victor. He assures Nikki that Michael Baldwin is going to pay dearly and will never cross Victor again. Nikki leaves. Victor is alone with his thoughts. Under his breath, he mutters that he is going to get Michael Baldwin. "No one does this to Victor Newman -- no one," he vows.

NEIL and VICTORIA wait for Nikki and Victor. Victor and Nikki aren't there yet, so Neil and Victoria dance. Neil tells Victoria that he loves her and that their future together will be incredible. She tells him that she has found a wonderful man who wants her and her baby. Wondering how to broach the subject of their engagement, they decide to be direct and to the point. Time passes and Victoria begins to worry. It's not like her parents to be this late, mentions Victoria. She wonders what could be keeping them.

CALLIE tells Trey that she's not happy to see him at all. Rob watches silently from behind the bar as Trey orders Callie to look at him. Callie does and tells him that she has friends in this town and he can't hurt her now. Trey reminds her of a certain contract that she signed. He tells her that he owns her -- or at least her voice. He decides to find himself a table and catch her act.

MICHAEL takes the elevator to the parking garage of his office building. He is about to get into his car and an unknown car comes careening up behind his. The trunk on this car pops open. Three men attack Michael. They throw a blanket over him and force him into the trunk of their car, all the while Michael is kicking and screaming. Two men get into the unknown car and drive away, while the third man gets into Michael's car and follows.

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