The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on Y&R
Alice learned the identity of Cassie's birth mother. Cassie begged Sharon not to make her leave another home. Malcolm and Olivia fought about Callie. Christine questioned Ruth about 'Jim.' Victoria needed emergency surgery. Brad and Ashley kissed.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 2, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday November 2, 1998

LISA watches Sharon as she sits staring into space. She asks her if there is anything that she can do to help her; she hates to see her so depressed. Before she can answer, the phone rings. When Sharon makes no move to answer it, Lisa does. It is Nick calling from Denver. He wants to speak with his wife but when Sharon shakes her head, Lisa tells him that Sharon is not available. Nick guesses that Sharon is there but won't talk to him. Lisa is caught between the two of them, not knowing what to say. Nick tells her that he understands but he wants her to give Sharon a message; he will be finishing up in Denver and on his way home tomorrow morning.

NIKKI is pacing in Victor's office when he returns to tell her that he wasn't able to find Neil. He is upset and disappointed with Neil for the way he handled things in the office earlier. He says that he is tired of talking about Neil. He asks Nikki if Sharon is still intent on leaving. He also informs her that Nick will be coming home in the morning. Nikki is afraid that it might be too late; Sharon is still intent on moving out. Victor hopes that Sharon will stay long enough so that the two of them can sit down and talk about whatever it was that went wrong in Denver. Nikki says that it has to be something pretty horrible for Sharon to want to leave. She is sure that Sharon still loves Nick as much as ever, just as she is sure that Nick still loves Sharon. Getting up, Victor comes to her and puts his hands on her shoulders. "I know these are difficult times," he tells her. "But, we will get through this. We are Newmans, don't forget. And I adore you.

VICKI tells Neil that she doesn't want anyone to know where she is. If anyone asks, he is to tell them that she has moved in with him. Neil thinks that she should call her parents and tell them that she is in the hospital; what if this happened while he was out of town? "As much as I love you, I cannot do it your way. Nikki and Victor need to know and this is not a secret that I can keep," He tells her. When she begins to get upset, he tries to calm her down. He tells her that being upset isn't good for her or the baby. He then tells her that he has to get back to the office for a short while; he has an overseas call he needs to make, but he will be back as soon as possible.

PAUL stops by Christine's office and tells her that he has some indecent plans for her tonight IF she will come home at a decent hour. Before she can answer, Gail comes in with her tickets to Norfolk. Paul wonders if he should be jealous of this guy that she keeps going to Norfolk to see. About that time, Nina walks in. Paul says that he has to go but he instructs Nina to find out if this guy in Norfolk is anyone he should be worried about. After Paul has gone, Nina wonders what is going on. Chris tells her that a lot has happened since Nina left on her trip. She has tracked down the woman from Norfolk and she has her address. She doesn't want to tell Paul in case this turns out to be nothing. If that happened, it would be like losing his father for a second time. She has to get down there and find out once and for all.

SHARON is contemplating all the family photos when Nikki arrives. She wants to know if things have changed for her and Nick. Sharon tells her that they haven't changed but she also asks Nikki to stop asking. Nikki says she can't help it; Nick is her son and she is worried that he will lose his wife and family. She then asks Sharon if she knows that Nick will be home in the morning. Sharon says she does know, "for all the good it will do him." Nikki accuses Sharon of leaving Nick without even trying to deal with whatever the problem is. Sharon says that some things just can't be worked out. Just then, Cassie runs into the room all excited because Lisa has told her that Nick will be home tomorrow. "Isn't that neat?" she asks as she hugs Sharon before rushing out of the room.

ALICE looks at the picture of Victor that she has taped to the mirror and says that all of her troubles would be over if she could find a man like him. Millie gets a glimpse of the letter from Ray in the box of mail and exclaims, "Oh my God!" Alice asks what is wrong with her; she has to ask several times before Millie answers. She tries to pass it off as muttering to herself but Alice doesn't believe her. When the phone rings and Alice answers it, Millie takes the box of mail to the trash basket. She throws the letter from Ray into the basket then begins to dump the rest of the mail in. But, Alice stops her, saying that she wants to go through it first. Instead, Millie dumps the mail in anyway. Taking the basket, Alice goes to the couch and begins sorting through the mail. She finds the letter from Ray. Opening it, she reads that he wrote the letter a few days prior to going to prison. In case she needed the adoption papers at some point in the future, he is sending them to her. Looking at the papers, Alice is triumphant! She has the name of the birth mother. Now all she has to do is find little Miss Sharon Collins!

MALCOLM walks in the door at home and in a loud voice asks if anyone is at home. Nate comes flying into his arms to welcome him home, but Olivia gives him a cool reception. Malcolm tells Nate that he has found the perfect place to go for Thanksgiving. He allows Nate to convince him to tell; he says that it is Disney World! Olivia sends Nate to his room so that she can welcome Malcolm. Malcolm tries to get a kiss and hug from her, but she isn't interested. She confronts him immediately for running off. She asks if he really had a photo shoot and he admits that he needed to get away to think. He explains that he and Callie had something special once, and the way that she dumped him was painful to him. And now, to find out that that wasn't the way it went down at all! But now he has it all in perspective. There was once a Callie and Malcolm but they are no longer; it was the right thing! It left him free to meet and love Olivia. Olivia says that it isn't as simple as that. She doesn't believe that Callie wants nothing more than to rewrite history. She believes that Callie has never stopped loving Malcolm "How do you think that makes me feel?" Olivia asks. "You should have sent her packing but instead, you leave town. And how do you explain this?" she asks as she holds up the Aquarius necklace. Malcolm tells her that it used to be his good luck charm. He tells Olivia that she isn't being fair; she is making more of this than she needs to. He thinks that she wants there to be something going on between him and Callie. Olivia tells him that she needs to get to the hospital but if he keeps acting the way he has been, he is really going to need the good luck charm.

RUTH is all dressed up and ready to go out when Jim tells her that she is beautiful. He wonders if she usually dresses up like this to have lunch with the girls. She tells him that she was hoping to have a special lunch with him. When he asks if he has forgotten some special occasion, she tells him that she just wants to have fun. Jim says that he could have a lot more fun with her here at the house. However, Ruth tells him that she won't be able to wear the dress for much longer now that the weather is changing.

NEIL comes to Victor's door and says that he got the message that Victor wanted to see him. Victor tells him to have a seat then deliberately takes his time putting away his work and turning to him. He asks if the call Neil got when he was in the office earlier from Vicki. Neil admits that it was and Victor demands to know if Neil knows where his daughter is. Neil admits that he knows where Vicki is and tries to tell him that he doesn't want to get into this with him but Victor interrupts and says that he knows what is going on. He says that he is angry and disappointed with Neil; Neil should have told him. Neil says that he would rather not discuss it with him. Victor accuses Neil and Victoria of living together. "I know what is going on and I think it is ill advised! Don't you realize that a pregnant woman doesn't make a major change in their life? And your divorce isn't even final!" When Neil tells him right out that he and Victoria are not living together, Victor wants to know where she is. "Tell me where my daughter is NOW!" Victor demands. Before Neil can formulate an answer, the phone rings. It is Vicki calling to tell her dad that she is out of town on business; she wanted to deal with some distributors directly. He wants to know why she didn't tell him before she left and she says that she thought she would be back before he even knew she was gone. After hanging up, it takes a lot of will power, but Victor finally apologizes for jumping all over Neil.

NICK seems to still be in the suite with Grace. He is working in the sitting area when Grace comes in asking what they are going to say when they get home. He says that enough has already been said. Again she tells him that she did not tells Sharon what happened. Nick says that Sharon is acting like she knows and he knows that he didn't tell her. Grace says that she didn't either but Nick says that they are the only people who know about it. When Grace asks again about what they will tell anyone, Nick says that they aren't going to say a damn thing about what happened. Grace agrees; she says that she doesn't want Tony to know either. Grace says that there could be another reason for how Sharon is acting. She was in a bad auto accident; perhaps it had some kind of psychological effect on her. However, she warns, he had better get himself under control before he goes home or one look at his face will give him away!

OLIVIA tells Vicki that she is expecting her latest lab results at any moment but she wants to keep her in the hospital for one more day. No! Vicki insists that she is fine and wants to go home now. Olivia thinks that Vicki should tell her parents that she is in the hospital but Vicki insists that they not be told. She wants out of the hospital now! As she tries to get out of bed, she bends over in pain.

SHARON continues to sit on the couch and stare out into space. When Cassie comes in, she says that she wants to talk to her for a while. She asks how she would feel if they went to Grandma Doris' house and lived for a while. Cassie begins to cry and throws herself into Sharon's arms. "Oh, no, Mommy," She sobs. "Please don't make me leave here! Please don't make me go somewhere else again!"

Tuesday, November 3, 1998

CHRISTINE arrives at the back door of Ruth and Jim's home. She knocks but when she gets no answer, she finds the door unlocked and goes inside. Looking around, she sees the mail on the table. She picks up the mail and goes through it. She wonders if she should leave a note for Ruth but decides that she needs to confront her face to face. She decides that she will go back to the airport and ask around again then she will return and hope that Ruth is home.

NEIL goes to Olivia's office and finds Malcolm there waiting for his wife. He tells Malcolm about Vicki and her problem. Afterward, he asks Malcolm why he left town. Malcolm tells him that he just needed some time, but Olivia doesn't understand. He says that Olivia is more suspicious than ever. When he returned home this morning, they got into a big argument about Callie.

Neil begins to cross-examine his brother, acting like he doesn't believe Malcolm. Malcolm tells him that it is over between him and Callie, but he is glad that he found out the reason Callie broke up with him all those years ago. He says that he feels that the weight of the world has been lifted from his shoulders. He has tried to tell Olivia this but she keeps pulling away. "I need her to hear me!" He says. "Things are fine with me. Callie is not a distraction and I need my wife to realize that!"

VICTORIA is in severe pain but it is localized in her left side. Olivia tells her that this is the reason she wanted to keep her for an extra day. Vicki asks if she is losing her baby but Olivia tells her that it is too early to speculate. She calls in an OB/GYN doctor to handle things. They hook her up to an external fetal monitor and do further blood work. When Dr. Cromwell tells her that things are okay now, Vicki gets further upset and says, "NOW? You mean it wasn't before?" Olivia tells her that that isn't what the doctor said. She has to stop reading meaning into words where there is no meaning. As Dr. Cromwell leaves, Vicki says she needs Neil. Olivia calls Neil's office but he isn't in. She tells Vicki to rest; she will find Neil.

Going to her office, Olivia is surprised to find both Neil and Malcolm there. She tells Neil that Vicki needs him now. She cautions him that it is important that Vicki stay calm and reassured. Neil leaves right away to see her. Olivia begins office work, ignoring Malcolm. Malcolm asks about Vicki and Olivia says that she has no time for him. He says that he came to talk about their marriage but she refuses to talk about it in the office. He tells her that she is over reacting; she and Nate are his entire world! She turns to him and asks him why he left is that is true. He tells her that he needed some space to make sure his head was on straight. The phone interrupts them. It is the lab, calling to tell Olivia that Vicki's blood work is ready. She says that she will be right down. She tells Malcolm that she has to go; people need her. As she is leaving, he tells her that he just hopes that she will remember that her husband is one of those people who need her too.

BRAD is at Gina's sitting at a corner table. Using his cell phone, he calls Jack, who is in Victor's office waiting for the "Great Man." Brad feels that another rendezvous in the park is in order, but Jack doesn't think so. Brad warns him not to try making an end run; he feels like they need to talk before Jack has a talk with Victor. "Too late," jack says. "I'm in his office right now." He hangs up just as Victor comes into the office.

Brad watches as Diane and Marissa are greeted warmly by Gina and shown to the table next to him. However, a panel with flowers separates the two tables. Gina is glad to see that Diane is getting out more and that she is becoming a regular at Gina's. She says that she will bring them a couple of glasses of her favorite Chianti. When she leaves, Marissa says that she is also glad that Diane is ready to resume her life again. Diane isn't sure how ready she is but she is ready to try. She talks about the hole in her heart since Victor left her. She tells Marissa how hurt she has been, especially since Victor has been resisting settling. Then there is Jack. She can't figure out what is wrong with him. Marissa is also wondering what happened. He was so close and supportive for a while then dropped her without warning. Diane says she doesn't know if she can trust again.

Brad gets up and comes over to the table, asking if he can join them. Marissa remembers a call she has to make and leaves the table. Brad admits that he overheard her talking about Jack and Victor and tells her that he isn't exactly on their A list either. However, he is surprised as he has never seen Jack or Victor be so blind to such a beautiful woman. She wonders if she would fare better if she was in his hands and he assures her that she would. He tells her that he hates to see someone squander time, the most precious commodity. Time, not money? Diane asks. He says that money can be lost and earned again, but once time is gone, there is no getting it back. Diane sends Marissa a silent "come rescue me" sign but Brad notices. He tells her that he is going, for now, but she should remember that time has a way of marching on. When Marissa gets back, Diane admits that she finds Brad a very attractive man, maybe the perfect medicine for her, but she is afraid she might OD on him. She doesn't think she is ready for an involvement.

Across the room, GINA has a talk with Callie, who wants to sing. She explains again that she doesn't want trouble with her manager. She demands that Callie tell her about Trey, but all Callie will admit is that he is a very controlling person---a real control freak.

TREY yells "come in" when his detective knocks at the door. He learns from him that Callie is still waitressing at Gina's. Trey says that Gina is one smart broad hiring her to waitress then letting her sing for free. The detective offers to go back and send her a message. He can have a little talk with Gina and Callie and put them in line. Trey tells him to leave them alone. The detective wonders what kind of hold Callie has on him since he has never been this patient with anyone before.

JIM and RUTH return home, happy after their afternoon tea dance. Jim says that he has never been so happy. The phone rings and on his way to answer it, he finds a button on the floor and gives it to Ruth. Ruth looks at the button and knows that it isn't hers. When Jim returns, he tells her that someone from the church clothing drive for the homeless will be by soon to pick up their contribution. He has to go and get ready for work, but before he goes, he proposes to her once again. He is encouraged that she doesn't say no right away and tells her that he will stop while he is ahead. But he wants her to think about it.

At the airport, CHRISTINE is showing Carl's picture around and asking if they have seen this man. No one can remember ever seeing him. She looks over at the counter and decides to try the counterman again. He claims not to know the man and since he doesn't know her either, he wants nothing to do with whatever she is trying to do. She tells him that when she was here before, she gave out all of her business cards. He was the only person that she wrote her name and phone number on a piece of paper. She says that a woman called her and that woman didn't know what city or state she was calling. Therefore, the woman had to get the number from him. As he goes to walk away, she tells him that a family is counting on finding this man and she assures him that she isn't going to cause him any trouble.

NEIL walks into the room and Vicki holds out her arms to him. When he puts his arms around her, she holds on to him as if her life depends on him. She tells him that she is scared. He tells his "baby girl" that he is scared also, but Olivia told him that everything was stable for the moment. He promises to stay with her. He asks if she wants him to call Cole, but she tells him no. "He doesn't need to know yet, does he?" When Neil doesn't answer, Vicki asks if their baby is in trouble. Neither can speak but they hold each other while tears slide down their faces.

VICTOR hopes that he didn't interrupt an important call. Jack assures him that it was not important; just business. Victor wants to know what Jack is there for. Jack tells him that it is a rather sensitive matter that he wants to talk to him about. He begins to tell Victor that after he left Denver, he, Jack, was able to talk to many of the people in key positions. He believes that they are having a serious problem; the divorce is taking its toll on the company. Victor is surprised that people at the convention would actually put this into words. Jack tells him that it was all they were talking about. Jack says that the ugly circumstances surrounding the divorce have people up in arms. Victor can't believe that they are talking about the divorce. Jack says that the company has a serious image problem and they are starting to question Victor's leadership. He reminds Victor that they have the finest staff in the world; that is why they are a top-notch company. But many of these important and invaluable employees are jumping ship. Victor says that this is ridiculous. Besides, he adds, his divorce problems are almost over since Diane has agreed to the divorce. Jack wonders if Diane has actually presented him with a settlement offer; he also tells him that even if the worse is over, the press will milk the divorce for every drop of print that they can get. Victor asks if Jack has a solution to this problem. Jack says that there is something that he has been thinking about but he hesitates to mention it. What is it? Victor demands. Jack thinks that for a short time, Victor should step aside and let someone else take the helm. "And do you have a replacement in mind?" Victor asks. Jack says that he isn't thinking of a replacement, but he thinks that although he could never run Newman Enterprises, he is the logical person to temporarily run the company until Victor gets his private life straightened out. Victor angrily tells Jack that he has devoted his life to this company and he can't believe that Jack is telling him that he is dragging the company down. Jack tells him just to think about it. "Oh, Jack Abbott, I will give it some thought, but don't ever assume that I'll hand over the reins of this company to you." Just think about it, Jack tells him. He says that he wouldn't be doing his job if he didn't come to him with this information. Just then the phone rings and Victor answers.

OLIVIA is calling Victor. She tells him that she needs to see him in her office right away. Victor asks what it is all about but she says she will tell him when he arrives at her office. Victor hangs up the phone and tells Jack that he has to leave. He will get back to him later about this matter.

RUTH is still worrying about the button when there is a knock at the door. Chris is standing there and Ruth says that she has been expecting her. Chris is confused when she comes into the house and Ruth tells her that she will be right back. When Ruth returns, she is carrying a box and talking about the drive for the church. Chris tells her that she isn't from the church. Then who are you? Ruth asks. "I'm Christine Williams and I believe that you called me on the phone."

Wednesday, November 4, 1998

The park is dark when JACK arrives for his meeting with Brad. Brad chides him for being late and the two exchange some harsh words before they get down to business. When Brad tells Jack that he should have talked to him before going to Victor, Jack reminds him of the time that Brad went to Victor against his advice. Feeling that they are even, Jack goes on to tell Brad that he was brilliant; Brad would have been proud of him. He tells Brad about the conversation and how he presented it to Victor; he even suggested that he be the one who steps in and takes care of the business until Victor can get his personal life straightened out. Brad says that that had to take guts and Jack replies that if there is no guts, there is no glory. Brad wonders if it will work. Jack tells him that he has planted the seeds; now it is Brad's job to see that they grow. He reminds Brad that Victor started his company with just an idea; he has nurtured it as if it were his baby. If he sees that he is hurting his "baby," he will step aside to save it. He warns Brad not to come on too strong; they want Victor to think that this is his idea. He will hire Brad knowing that he and Jack hate each other. He will think that the two of them are keeping the other in check when they will actually be pushing him out the door permanently. "You know," Brad begins. "I believe this can work." He then tells Jack that he has run into an old friend of his: Diane Jenkins. Jack isn't happy with this news, but says that Victor is the target, not Diane. Brad says that she is quite a lady and he thinks he can handle both of them. You never know when we'll need the lady's good will on our side.

VICTOR arrives at Olivia's office and Olivia tells him that she is walking an ethical tightrope talking to him, but she thought he had a right to know that Victoria is a patient in the hospital. Victor is puzzled; his daughter is on a business trip. Olivia explains that his daughter was in some discomfort so she was admitted to the hospital for tests. She hasn't any definitive word to give Victor but explains that it may not even have anything to do with the pregnancy. Victor tells her that she did the right thing in calling him and he is grateful. Olivia says that Vicki will be upset at her for calling him, but all Victor wants is to see his daughter.

PAUL tells Lynn that it looks like he is going to have to chain his wife to the bed in order to keep her from going out of town so much. "Kinky, but she may enjoy it," Lynn laughs. Mary comes in and asks what they are talking about and Paul tells her that he was telling Lynn to get chains for the tires as this is going to be a bad winter. Mary says that Charlie has said the same thing. Mary says that she stopped by to invite Paul and Chris to dinner tomorrow night. She says that she thinks that Charlie is about ready to pop the question. Then why do you want Chris and I to be there? Paul asks. Mary says that she isn't sure that she is ready and if they are there, maybe he will hold off. Paul says that he and Chris can't be there all the time. Mary says that she is fond of Charlie but she isn't sure about marriage just yet. When Paul tells her that he is expecting Chris back in time but she may not make it, Mary tells him to bring Lynn instead if Chris isn't back.

MALCOLM stops by for an update about Trey. Paul tells him that he has nothing new on the man but he thinks that if he could talk to Callie, she could give him more information to go on. Malcolm asks if Olivia is still interested in what Paul finds out. When Paul answers yes, Malcolm can't understand why his wife keeps saying that he and Callie are involved in extra curricular activity; he has told her over and over that she is his life and Callie is the past.

CALLIE asks Gina if she has gotten the thumbs up or thumbs down concerning her job; Gina says that so far, she has the job, but only as a waitress. She reminds Callie of Trey and that she takes his threats seriously. When it is time for Callie to sing, she does a good rendition of "When Sunny Gets Blue" with the help of her piano player, Kip. As she is singing, she notices that Malcolm has come into the club. When she finishes, she tries to rush out but he catches her and asks what the hurry is. She tells him that she knows where he stands and she gets tired of him rubbing her face in it. What are you talking about? Malcolm asks. She says that it would only take one little wiggle from his wife's little finger and she would be out of here. She is close to losing her job as it is since Trey has been here and tried to cause trouble. Malcolm wants her to talk to the detective but she refuses. She says that what she needs is a lawyer who will find a loophole in her contract so that she can get rid of Trey once and for all. Malcolm says that he will get her a lawyer; the sooner her problems are settled, the sooner everyone can get on with their lives. "The sooner you can get back to your new life," Callie corrects him.

TREY is having a conversation with his man who wants to know what he is going to do about Callie and when is he going to do it. Trey assures him that Callie will be back; he wants her to come back on her own and she will. She will soon realize that he is the best friend that she has. He goes on to say that women are like dogs. You have to let them run free just so much then you have to remind them with a little tug on the leash that you are the boss. You can let them be frisky and free for a while, but then you have to yank them back in. He says that Callie has a friend in GC, Malcolm Winters. The man says that he has seen them together and he thinks that they have something going on.

CHRISTINE is interrogating Ruth on the person she is looking for but Ruth won't even admit she is the one who called her. When Christine tells her that she called her cell phone so she got her number from her bill, she tries to say that she was only calling to satisfy her and Pete's curiosity. She finally says that she once knew someone who looked a little like the picture she was showing around, but she hasn't seen him lately. Chris wants her to look at the picture but she turns her back and tells Chris goodbye. When Chris doesn't move to leave, she tells her good bye again. Finally, she whirls around saying that she wants her gone; however, when she turns, she is facing the picture of Carl. From her expression, Chris can see that Ruth knows the man. However, Ruth will not answer her. Christine finally gives up and leaves. After she is gone, Ruth says, "It is really you that she is looking for. What can she want with you?"

Meanwhile, JIM goes for a cup of coffee. Pete tells him that the woman was back with his picture. Did you tell her anything? Jim asks. Pete says that he didn't but he may want to meet her; she is a real looker. Jim says that he is happy with Ruth; she is all he wants. Thanks, but no thanks, he tells Pete.

CHRIS calls Paul and tells him that she isn't going to make it home tonight after all but she hopes that she will be back by tomorrow night.

NEIL is trying to assure Vicki that he doesn't know any more about her condition than she does. He tells her that they shouldn't expect it to be serious until the doctor tells them that it is. While he is comforting her, the door opens and Victor walks in. Vicki is surprised to see her dad and looks at Neil. Victor tells her that Neil didn't tell him that she was there. When asked, he says that he has his ways. He goes to her and kisses her. He tells her that she should have told him that she was here. She asks if he is angry with her and he says that he can't be angry with his little girl. Olivia comes in and checks Vicki's blood pressure. She says that her fever is up a little and she has given her something for it; it will also help her to sleep as she needs her rest. She leaves and Victor says he wants to talk to her outside. After Olivia leaves, Victor goes to Vicki and kisses her goodbye. Neil then goes to Vicki and kisses her. He says that he will be right back. He follows Victor out the door. Outside, Victor is asking Olivia if she knows anything more and she tells him that she doesn't. He reminds her that this is his daughter and he doesn't want anything to happen to her. Olivia leaves and Neil asks if there is anything new. Victor says that there isn't. He wonders if they should call Cole. Neil says that he asked Vicki that earlier and she didn't think he needed to know anything just yet. Victor says that he is glad that Neil is there for Vicki.

Neil goes back into the room and finds Vicki sleeping. He takes her hand and sits by the bedside. Vicki turns in her sleep and murmurs, "Cole? My baby . . . my baby."

Thursday, November 5, 1998

On her way to visit Vicki in the hospital NIKKI stops by to see Victor, who is putting out a Paris fire. She says that with so much going on in their lives right now, it is impossible not to be worried. He tells her that he has got a few punches left.

In the hospital, VICTORIA has a disturbing dream in which Cole takes the baby away from her and Neil. When she awakens she tells him about the dream. He thinks it would be good for her if Cole was told, but she insists that she doesn't want him to know. Neil kisses her and says that he will make her bad dreams go away.

NIKKI comes in and is glad to learn that Victoria is feeling better. Nikki thanks Neil for staying with Victoria. She and Victor both are very grateful. Neil tells her that he did it because he loves her daughter -- not for gratitude. Nikki immediately starts "mothering" and asks Victoria is she want something to eat. All she wants is a glass of water. Neil goes out for coffee and to check in with Olivia. After he's gone, Victoria tells her mother she's very lucky to have a man like Neil in her life.

COLE and ASHLEY share strawberries and cream after a bouquet of flowers arrive from Brad. She's going away on a business trip and she will miss him so much. She'd like to stay a little longer, but there are some things she needs to finish up some things at the lab before she goes. JACK comes in and tells them to break it up. Ashley thinks that Jack is extremely chipper. He tells them that he thinks this is going to be an especially good day. Intrigued, Ashley wants to know what Jack has cooking. Jack say, "All in good time." Ashley's curiosity is really piqued now. After Ashley leaves, Jack tells him that he can't trust Brad. Cole says that he knows that but he can trust Ashley.

CHRIS calls NINA from Norfolk. She admits to Nina that things are not going as well as she'd hoped. Chris says she showed Ruth the picture and she's sure Ruth recognized Carl. Chris plans to go back later today. Nina tells her that she shouldn't keep Paul in the dark. Chris should tell him. Chris has got to see Carl first. Otherwise it would be a terrible thing to do to Paul if it were not his father. She tells Nina she'll keep her posted.

PAUL also phones Nina. He wants to come by. Nina asks if everything's okay. He tells her he wants to talk about Chris. Since she is just leaving the apartment, she says that she will stop by his office.

When NINA gets to Paul's office, he begins questioning her about what she knows about Christine's trip to Virginia. Nina doesn't know much about it, but tells Paul that he shouldn't worry; Chris will be home as soon as she finishes whatever she went to Norfolk to accomplish. Paul doesn't remember her talking about a big case. Nina says that sometimes the little stuff is tougher than the big stuff. Speaking of little things, he wonders if Chris has mentioned when she will be ready for a baby; he explains Mary's theory of Christine's interest in Carl. Paul then tells Nina that he's going to be doing some entertaining -- or rather his mother is. He explains that Mary's throwing a dinner party. Chris won't be back in time, so Lynne is going with him. The problem is his friend Ray is coming to town and Paul would like to for Nina to join them. He tells Nina that Ray's terrific. Nina agrees, just as long as it doesn't get weird, remembering Paul's last party. What the occasion, Nina wonders.

CARL/JIM is having his morning coffee and reading the travel section of the paper. He thinks that Martinique would be a good place to go, but changes his mind when he realizes he would need a passport. Ruth wonders if he is trying to run away from the woman who is looking for him. He tells her that she can look all she wants to, it doesn't bother him. He plans to ignore her.

Later, Chris knocks on Ruth's door. She talks to Ruth through the door, but Ruth will not respond. Chris tells her that she intends to stay there until Ruth talks to her. Ruth finally gives in and tells her that Chris has some nerve. Chris tells her that in her profession, that would be a compliment. Chris informs Ruth that she's a lawyer, but she's not here on business. This is a very personal matter. Ruth tells her to leave. Chris tells her that she reacted strongly to the picture of Carl. Ruth tells her that she was wrong. She again tells Chris to leave. That man looks nothing like "her Jim!" She refuses to talk about it anymore. Chris tells her she didn't mean to upset her, but she needs to find out the truth.

Ruth tells her that whatever the "truth" is, she's sure it doesn't involve her or "Jim." Chris asks to meet "Jim." Ruth tells her he's out of town. Chris asks how long he'll be gone. Chris see travel brochures and asks if Ruth is planning a trip as well. "What are you afraid of?" asks Chris. Ruth orders Chris to leave. Chris wants to know if Ruth will have her friend call her. Ruth tells her again to leave. She asks Ruth if she's married and Ruth tells her she's been married for twenty years. Chris notices that there's not wedding band. Ruth tells her that's a personal choice. Chris asks her to talk to "Jim." She stresses that it will mean so much to so many people -- especially Carl/Jim. Ruth forcefully tells her to leave her house and never come back. Finally, Chris leaves.

MICHAEL and DIANE are discussing the settlement. Diane wants Michael to listen to her when she talks to him and not make a lot of unreasonable demands. Michael tells her that he only wants justice for her. Diane wants a fair settlement so she can move on. She wants to settle out of court if possible, but retains her demand for a seat on Victor's board of directors. That will be her sense of justice. Michael tells her he will try. He expects Victor to fight that one down to the bitter end. The phone rings and it's a call for Michael. He takes it the other room.

MARISSA learns that Diane's divorce settlement is still up in the air. She suggests that she get some input from Jack. Jack knows Victor better than anyone. Besides, this would be a perfect way to reach out to him. Diane's not so sure. Marissa tells her that he used to advise her all the time. What has she got to lose? Diane gets some gumption and calls Jack. Although he's not in, she tells Jennifer that she'd like to leave a message on voice mail. At the end of the message, she begs Jack not to blow her off. Michael is finished with his phone call and Diane informs him that she wants Jack on her side.

ASHLEY is in the lab and Brad comes in. She thanks him for the flowers. Brad couldn't resist. He wants to know how Cole reacted. She disappoints him when she tells Brad that Cole wasn't jealous in the least. The truth is, he declares, he's there to break up her marriage. She doesn't believe him and she is ready to leave when he kisses her. She doesn't resist; in fact she opens her mouth to his kiss. Jack walks by and sees them, but steps out of sight. When Ashley leaves, Jack steps into the lab and Brad turns to find him glaring at him with utter disgust.

NEIL is looking at the ultrasound picture when Nikki comes to Olivia's office. He is having trouble making out the picture and Nikki tells him that it puzzles her also. She wants to talk about Cole. Does Cole need to be told? Neil says Victor doesn't want him told, but Neil really feels he should be. Nikki doesn't care about Cole. It's Victoria who is the most important. Neil thinks that maybe Cole could ease her mind. Nikki tells Neil that perhaps he should just make a decision and not inform Victoria. When Nikki leaves the office, Neil calls Cole and tells him that Victoria is in Memorial. Cole says that he will be right there.

In the room, DR. CROMWELL is listening to the baby's heartbeat. He tells her that the good news is that he sees no signs of labor. Victoria wants to go home, but Dr. Cromwell tells her that they will be keeping her to monitor the baby.

NINA calls Chris and tells her she needs to come home. However, Chris says that she is too close to a breakthrough to leave now. Nina warns her that Paul is asking a lot of questions.

COLE enters the hospital room. Nikki sees him and he stares at her until she leaves. Cole goes to Victoria's side. She rouses and guesses that Neil called him. Cole tells her that Neil is a good man with a heart. He assures her that he wants to be there for her and the baby. As she cries over and over that she will not lose this baby, he comforts her and wipes the tears from her face.

PHYLLIS prances into Victor's office unannounced and he jumps all over her, telling her that she better never just walks into his office again without an invitation. He abruptly asks her what she wants. She tells him that she's been thinking about his mentioning of the common interest they share. Victor asks her what she means. Phyllis says she is close to Michael Baldwin. She implies that she could find out things for him, such as...and she pauses. "Like what?" asks Victor. Phyllis tells Victor he won't get anything without an agreement first.

Victor guesses that she is after money, but she sets him straight and asks if they have a deal. Victor says that he knows exactly why she is here; she and Michael are having problems and she doesn't want to give up the good life. Phyllis laughs. She wonders why people say such vicious things about him. Victor shows Phyllis to the door. She stops and tells him she could be his eyes and ears in the enemy camp. Victor warns her never to pressure him and tells her to get out. Phyllis asks if he'll be in touch with her. "Or maybe not," she concludes from his expression. She leaves. Victor smiles. He sees Michael's friends betraying him and he says he's going to enjoy watching him crash and burn.

Friday, November 6, 1998

VICTOR arrives at Memorial to find Cole with Victoria. He wants to know what he's doing in there. He's afraid Cole will upset Victoria. Victoria made it quite clear to Victor before that she did not want to see Cole. NIKKI tells him to let them have their privacy. Victor wonders if there's something Nikki knows about that he doesn't.

COLE gets up from VICTORIA'S beside. She asks if he's leaving. He tells her that he's just tells her he isn't going anywhere. She tells him she appreciates him coming. Victoria is in pain stretching his legs. Victoria tells Cole she knows that he's busy and he doesn't need to stay. Cole but she tells Cole it's okay. Cole tells Victoria to let people help her; she doesn't have to put on the brave front. Victoria reminds him he's not her husband anymore. Suddenly Victoria starts writhing and screaming in unbearable pain. A nurse rushes in to check on her.

In his office, OLIVIA and DR. CROMWELL discuss Victoria's case. The baby seems to be under some stress, but something else is causing Victoria's distress. Olivia suggests appendicitis. Dr. Cromwell tells her she's stretching. She lists the factors from the test results and tells him that pregnancy can mask a lot of things. She doesn't like the test results and is afraid that they need to make a move soon.

In Pittsburgh, NICK recalls his life experiences with Sharon: proposing to her, their wedding day, carrying her across the threshold into their new home, their first Christmas together, Noah's chancy birth and survival, Cassie becoming a member of the family, and Sharon coming to Denver. Then his remembers his fiasco with Grace. He calls Sharon to tell her he's coming home today. Sharon is less than enthusiastic. It's a very one-sided conversation. Nick tells her he misses her and can't wait to see her. He asks if Sharon will be there. She tells him thanks for letting her know. Nick promises to wrap things up and hurry home. Sharon tells him to do what he has to do. They hang up.

GRACE knocks on Nick's door. He lets her in and asks her what she wants. She tells him she knows he's taking the jet back early and she wants to discuss the meetings that she will be covering by herself. Grace rambles on about business, but Nick interrupts and asks if she plans to "blow them out of the water" when she gets home. Nick wonders if he can trust Grace. Grace asks if he thinks she's an idiot. Nick tells her not to say anything to anyone. Grace reminds Nick that she has Tony and a job to deal with too. Grace tells Nick that she and Tony are getting married two weeks after she gets home. Nick utters, "Hallelujah." Nick tells her the best answer for both of them is for Grace to get married as soon as possible. Nick's limousine arrives, and he tells Grace good luck with the meetings, and he'll see her when he sees her. After he leaves, an angry, tearful Grace says Nick can't run her life and tell her what to do. Grace isn't through with him yet.

In the Jabot lab, BRAD tells JACK to move. Jack's not going anywhere after what he just saw. Brad tells him he's out of line. The kiss he saw was just friendly. They almost come to blows. Jack wonders if Brad is capable of pulling things off. Brad asks him why he can't say "take over the company from Victor." Jack tells Brad that he remembers where he is at and advises Brad to find some restraint. In fact, Jack figures Brad's lost his mind, sending flowers so openly to a married woman, and then coming on to her. Brad denies coming onto Ashley. They are old friends.

Brad tells him if the timing has had been right, he'd have been married to Ashley. Jack reminds him about his "near marriage" to Nikki. Brad says he has a lot of "close friends" in Genoa City. Besides, Brad figures Jack needs him more than he needs Jack. Brad tells Jack they need Diane Newman in their corner, which will be next to impossible Jack after what Jack did by pulling away from her.

Jack tells Brad Diane is dangerous turf. Brad knows Diane is not happy with Jack. Jack tells him it was his strategy to distance himself from Diane because Jack didn't want to alienate Victor. Brad wants Diane on their side, and figures it's one bit of "dirty work" he won't mind Jack delegating to him. Jack gets a call from Jennifer, who lets him know that Diane wants to see him and it's important. Jack tells Brad "duty calls" and heads out.

CHRIS is back at Legal Aide. She remembers her conversation with Ruth. Nina comes by and she's dying to hear about Chris' trip, but tells her that there's "somebody" who needs her more than she does. Chris says the woman in Norfolk knows more that she's letting on. The question is -- how does Chris get Ruth to admit it. Chris tells Nina that Ruth doesn't trust her. Chris never got a look at "Jim" and has no address on him. She doesn't even know his last name. Chris doubts "Jim" even knows anyone is looking for him. Nina adds that if he did, things might be different. Chris is going to have to find "Jim" without help from Ruth. Paul walks in and guesses they are talking about Norfolk. Nina leaves.

Paul fills Chris in on dinner with Charlie and Mary. Paul tells Chris that his mother thinks that Charlie may propose tonight, and has asked Paul to pop over at a critical time and save her. They discuss marriage being a big step for Mary this soon after Mary finally let go of Paul's father. Chris feels Mary will make the right decision. Paul hopes that this was Chris's last trip to Norfolk. If it isn't then he plans to go with her on the next trip to see if he can help. They embrace. Paul is happy. Chris looks nervous.

NEIL, VICTOR, and NIKKI are in Olivia's office. Victor asks about Cole's presence with Victoria.. Olivia feels it was in Victoria's best interest. She tells them she's concerned about Victoria and may need to take some action soon, possibly exploratory surgery. Olivia doesn't want to do this, but Victoria is developing a very serious infection. Olivia needs answers. The tests aren't giving them to her. She tells them all that if they do the surgery, they may have may all have some quick decisions to make. Olivia gets called from the third floor about Victoria. She rushes out of her office without answering anyone's questions.

JACK visits Diane. She tells Jack she wasn't sure he'd respond to her message. Jack asks her what's going on. He finds it interesting that Diane wants his advice. She's trying to figure out where to go with the divorce. Diane wants to end this with dignity, "and a modicum of financial security," adds Jack. Diane admits that Michael has influenced her a great deal; maybe a little too much. Diane wants an objective opinion and asks Jack if she should go after everything she can get, or just settle. Jack tells her that she has lawyer for this. It strikes Jack that Diane may no longer trust Michael's opinion.

Diane knows Michael's goal is to make her a wealthy woman. She just wants everything to be over. Jack senses she doesn't know what she wants. Diane reminds Jack he was the one who told her to go after Victor's company and everything she could get. Diane just wonders what would be the best thing. Jack tells her a seat on the board of any major company would be "gold." He tells her to go for a seat on the board of Newman Enterprises, as opposed to Jabot. Diane wonders if she fights for this, will she be doing it for Jack or for her.

OLIVIA finds Victoria in excruciating pain and calls up OR, telling them to get prepared. She issuing orders like a general and orders a team in room 304 STAT. She goes to Victoria and tells her to try to calm down. Cole stands to the side in awe.

When Nikki, Victor and Neil arrive they all want to know what happened. Cole explains that suddenly Victoria was overcome with this awful pain and that she's on her way to the OR. Olivia is at the nurse's stations looking at the most recent test results and learns the white cell count is through the roof. Dr. Cromwell leaves immediately, stating he's going in. She tells them that Victoria's appendix has ruptured. Neil wants to know if they're going to take it out. Olivia tells him it's too late for that. Victoria and the baby are in crisis and they're trying to save their lives.

TONY comes to see Sharon. He tells her about his conversation with Grace, who was very loving and says she can't wait to get married to him. Tony asks Sharon if she's absolutely sure she heard Nick and Grace correctly. Sharon is absolutely sure she did and she won't forget ever forget it. Tony is having a hard time dealing with it, since his conversation with Grace. Sharon will never trust "that woman" again. She tells Tony that Grace has been after Nick since the day she met him, and fell in love with him, despite the fact that Nick was already married to her. Sharon tells Tony that Grace doesn't deserve him and will break his heart over and over again.

Tony tells Sharon he hears her. Sharon is sorry, but she has to be honest. Cassie runs in and tells Tony she tried on her flower girl dress and can't wait for the wedding. Cassie wants to try the dress on for him, but Sharon tells her that Tony is in a hurry. Cassie says she hopes the wedding is soon because Tony and Grace belong together

Cassie tells Sharon it was neat to see Tony. Cassie asks Sharon why she's still sad. She's worried and she knows something bad is going on because Sharon came home early from her trip with Nick. Sharon assures her that she, Noah, and Cassie will stick together. Cassie heads to the kitchen to finish her homework. Sharon will be in to help her in a few minutes. The door opens and Nick comes in. Sharon stares him down.

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