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Sharon told Nick that she was leaving him. Grace admitted to Tony that she had slept with Nick in Denver. Tony walked out on Grace. Victoria delivered a critically ill child. Victor offered Brad a position at Newman Enterprises.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 9, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday November 9, 1998

AT THE HOSPITAL, the family awaits word from the doctors about Vicki. Nikki says that she is worried sick and Victor can't help but wonder what this is doing to the baby. Cole tells Nikki that the last conversation he had with Vicki was the best he ever had; he feels that they finally came to a mutual understanding. A nurse comes out of the OR but when Victor stops her, she tells him that she has no information for them. Neil says that they will just have to hope and pray that everything is alright.

KATHERINE goes to Michael Baldwin's office and finds him looking over the documents pertaining to her case that Mitchell Sherman sent over. He is glad she is there because he has some questions. Specifically, he would like to know about Beatrice Tucker. Kay is confused; she doesn't know who this person could be but Michael tells her that she is on Jill's witness list. Thinking about it, Kay remembers that many, many years ago Beatrice was a laundry maid in her mansion. Michael wants as many details about her that she can give him, but Katherine says that most things from that time of her life are a bit fuzzy. She appears embarrassed to say anything; he tells her that he isn't her clergy and doesn't expect her to tell him anything that she doesn't feel comfortable telling her. She tells him that if he is to represent her fully, he has to know all the facts. Gathering her courage, she tells him that in those days she was---still is---an alcoholic. Although she has been in recovery for many years, she isn't proud of how she lived her life back then. It is all fuzzy, but she also thinks that because things were so bad, she has repressed it all. "We have all made mistakes," Michael gently tells Kay. "It takes courage to admit them and rise above them. You have given me a place to start and I promise I'll find out about this woman and why she is going to testify."

VICTOR tells Neil that he is pleased that Neil has been there with Vicki every step of the way and Neil assures him that he loves her. He says that he isn't sure how Victor feels about that. Victor says that he knows that love is a very powerful thing; it is possible that Neil's love will be what gets Vicki and the baby through this. Victor also tells Neil that he did the right think by contacting Cole. Olivia comes by and they stop her and ask her what is going on. She says that they will have to make the decision soon whether or not to do a C-section.

JILL is going on to Jack again about "her" house and how the judge believes, like she does, that Katherine tried to burn it down. John Silva walks in unexpectedly and is shocked that Jill would be talking this way to someone besides him. He warns her about being too sure of herself. The phone rings and Jill answers it. It is Katherine calling from Michael's office. "I just wanted to tell you that the gloves are off," Katherine says brightly. "You wanted a fight, you are going to get a fight. I have hired myself a brand new attorney; his name is Michael Baldwin and it is a whole new ballgame. See you in court!" Jill says that Katherine has really lost it now. He just wanted to gloat about hiring some new attorney---someone by the name of Michael Baldwin. From the sick look on John's face and the gloating look on Jack's Jill realizes that something is wrong. "Well, well, well," Jack muses. "That should liven things up!"

MEGAN comes into Crimson Lights and sees Tony sitting alone looking down. She asks if she can join him, then sits down at his table, asking if anything is wrong. He tells her that he is in a rotten mood; maybe she shouldn't be anywhere near him. She asks if this has anything to do with Grace. When Tony doesn't answer right away, she says that she doesn't get it. Every time she finds him thinking about his soon to be wife, he should be elated but he is depressed. Something is wrong. Tony asks her about Alec. He remembers that when she broke it off, she said that it didn't work when one person loved more than the other did. She says that since she really didn't love Alec, she felt like she would just be stringing him along. Tony says that Alec was a lucky guy and she did the right thing.

DR. CROMWELL is called to the OR and Olivia says that she has to go. She rushes out as Cole asks who Dr. Cromwell is. Neil tells him that he is Vicki's OB/GYN doctor. Cole realizes aloud that this means that something is going on to do with the baby. A nurse comes out of the OR and Victor stops her. She informs them that the baby has been delivered by C-section. She says that it is a baby girl and she is on her way to the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. "Well, Cole, you are the father of a daughter," Nikki says.

TRICIA joins Ryan in Crimson Lights and gives him a long and sexy kiss across the table. While they are kissing, Nina and Phillip walk by. Ryan sees them and asks what they are doing here. Nina says that they are meeting Phillip's soccer coach. She also says that Phillip's team is playing in the playoffs this weekend. Ryan is excited, but Phillip is cold to him. Nina takes him to find a table. Ryan tells Tricia that he is losing his son; he didn't even invite him to the finals. He says that he loves that little boy and he will do everything he can to win him over.

BRETT NELSON arrives and grabs Phillip's shoulder affectionately before sitting down. Phillip goes for a hot chocolate and Nina and Brett talk. Brett tells her that he went to the library and looked up all of her articles and short stories and read them all. He tells her that she has talent! He mentions one particular story about a little girl who is lost. He says it is a good metaphor for growing up and not knowing your way around. "You got it!" Nina exclaims. He tells her that he isn't entirely dense; he does know what a metaphor is. "You are a talented lady," he says. "Phillip is lucky to have you for a mother." Phillip rejoins them and as they sit and laugh, Ryan watches. He is so involved with that table that Tricia can hardly get his attention. When he again wonders what they can do to win him over, she makes it perfectly clear that she has done everything that she can. From now on, you are on your own, she tells Ryan. Ryan can't believe that she would say that to him. She says that she doesn't want to get into it, especially now. She gives him a quick kiss and leaves.

Ryan gets up and joins the other table. Bending down, he tells Phillip that he wants to come to his game and he will be there. At first Phillip tells him that he doesn't have to come, but eventually, Ryan convinces him that he will be there. Brett says that it is time to leave; they don't want to be late for practice. When they leave, Ryan joins Nina. He wants to know how the writer's symposium went. She tells him that she really enjoyed it; she tells him that Phillip's coach liked her work. He tells her that he likes her work also; he admits that he has read everything she has written and thinks that she is very talented. She says that she has to leave and she says that she will see him at the game. You can count on it! He tells her.

OLIVIA says that Vicki is in recovery at the moment; they are hopeful that they have the infection under control and at the moment they are looking at her with guarded optimism. Cole asks about the baby. She tells him that it is too early to tell. The neonatalogist will give him more details as soon as he is finished examining the baby and complete their tests, but the next few hours are critical.

NICK and SHARON stand looking at each other from across the room. Nick comes into the house and asks if she is all right. He mentions the sling and the bruised head. She tells him that she is fine but he says she doesn't look fine. He wants to call the doctor and have him come out to the ranch and examine her, but she stops him. He says that he can't understand it; they were so happy when she got to Denver, then she was hit by a car and checked herself out of the hospital and flew home. Why did she do that?

Cassie comes into the room and as soon as she sees Nick, she rushes into his arms. She is so excited to see him and she knows that her mommy is also. She has been so sad since she came back from Denver. She gives Nick a few kisses then goes to her room to do her homework.

Nick tells her that he doesn't understand what happened in Denver. She says that since he brought it up, she will tell him. She reminds him of how they woke up the next morning so happy. She tried her best to get him back into bed but he wouldn't. He said he had other important things to do. Being a loyal and trusting wife, she went along with him. She didn't realize until later that . . . Realize what? Nick asks. "I know what happened in Denver, Nick," Sharon cries. "Yes, I know what happened in Denver with you and my best friend, Grace!" Nick looks sick.

Tuesday, November 10, 1998

AT THE HOSPITAL everyone is anxiously awaiting word on Victoria and when she will be moved from recovery to her own room. Neil is worried about the baby; he will go to the nursery to see the baby as soon as he can spend a little time with Victoria. Nikki is impatient for Vicki to come to her room and begins imagining something is wrong. The surgeon comes in and tells her that barring complications, Vicki will be fine; she should make a full recovery. When asked about the baby, he tells them that they will have to talk to the neonatologist. He tells them that Vicki is in her room now but she will probably sleep for a long time. When Neil goes into the room to sit vigil by her bed, Victor advises Nikki to go home and get some rest. She decides that it is a good idea and leaves.

SHARON tells Nick that she knows what happened in Denver between her loving husband and her "best friend." He asks how she found out and if Grace told her; she says that indirectly she did. She tells him that she was standing at the door when her dear friend Grace told him how she couldn't believe that they spent the night making love together and it was incredible. She mimics Grace saying that it was the most incredible night she has ever had and she will never forget it. Nick says that he won't deny it, but it wasn't making love; it was just sex. He is sorry that it ever happened but obviously she didn't stay outside the door long enough to hear him tell Grace that what they did was wrong and should never have happened!

GRACE is back in GC and her first stop is Michael Baldwin's office. "I got my wish," she tells him. "I made love to Nick in Denver." He attempts to congratulate her but she tells him that he isn't interested in her and wants nothing more to do with her. The only thing on his mind is to protect his wife from finding out about it. Michael says that that could work in her favor; if the wife found out, she would leave him and he would come back to her. Grace says that that would be the worse thing to happen. He would be sure she had something to do with it. Now all he wants is for her to marry her fiancé as soon as possible and get out of his life. Michael takes her by the shoulders and tries to comfort her. "You've been playing a high stakes game of poker with a married man and you have lost," Michael tells her gently. "Take it from me, Grace. I've played in enough high stakes games to know. There comes a time when you have to fold the cards and move on." Grace says that she came to him for support and that is all that he can offer her? He tells her that he wouldn't be a very good friend if he lied to her. She thinks on this for a second then walks out of the office.

TONY looks at Megan and tells her that she is a wise young woman with a good head on her shoulders. She could have kept stringing Alec along letting him fall more and more in love with her, but she ended it so that he wouldn't be hurt any more. Megan says that he also deserves a woman who will put him and his happiness before anything else. She asks if he has that because she doesn't think that he does. She wants to help him; she begs him to open up to her and let her help. Tony stands up and tells Megan that his life is all messed up and she shouldn't get mixed up with him. He leaves; Megan sighs with frustration.

MALCOLM stops by Olivia's office and finds out that Vicki has had surgery and that her baby daughter has been born. After Olivia fills him in on their condition, he says that he came to talk about something else with her. She guesses it is about Callie and she isn't happy. She tells him that if it is a new way of getting her out of their lives, she doesn't want to hear about it. As a matter of fact, she would prefer that he deal with it in any way he thinks best and just keep her out of it entirely. She gets a page and has to leave the office. Malcolm touches her cheek and looks into her eyes. She reaches up and caresses his hand for a few seconds then pushes it away and leaves. When she is gone, Malcolm calls Paul's office and finds out that he is having lunch with Chris at Gina's.

At Gina's, GINA and CALLIE are talking. When Callie appears nervous, Gina asks her if something is wrong with her. Callie says that Gina is the one who may be in trouble. Why, Gina asks. Callie says that a PI has just walked into her place and one of them has to be in trouble and she can guess who it is!

Just after Paul sits down at a table, Malcolm comes in and asks to speak with him. He tells Paul that he wants him to stop concentrating on Trey and see if he can find some way to get Callie out of her contract. Paul says that he is lucky; his wife knows a lot about entertainment law as she was Danny Romalotti's lawyer for a lot of years. Callie comes up to the table and wants to know what they are doing to her private life now? She doesn't like people digging around in her personal life. Mal tells her that if she would act more like a human being, he would have told her that he was speaking to Paul about getting her out of her contract. Callie walks away. Paul says that Callie is definitely hiding something. He will be discrete but he feels that it is imperative to find out what it is.

OLIVIA tells Victor and Cole that Victoria is making good progress but the baby is still in serious danger. She gets another page and leaves. Neil leaves Vicki's room and Victor goes in to see his daughter. Neil asks Cole about the baby and Cole gives him a short answer. Neil asks about Ashley and Cole tells him that she is out of town on business. When Neil asks if she knows about the baby, Cole says there is nothing she could do if she did know. Neil says that they are all concerned about the baby and Cole comments, "Even me?" Neil says he didn't mean it that way. Cole says that he is more than a casual observer here; he is the baby's father. He excuses himself, coldly, so that he can go see his daughter. When Olivia comes back, Neil asks her about the baby. She is surprised that Cole didn't tell him. He says that he doesn't want to hear about the baby from Cole; he wants to hear it from her. Olivia gives him an update then tells him that as a doctor, she has had to emotionally distance her from these things. Neil asks what she is trying to say and she tells him that no matter what happens, life goes on. "In other words, I should hope for the best and expect the worse," Neil says. She tells him that she will be there for him and puts her arms around him.

GRACE lets herself into the apartment and calls out for Tony. Tony comes out of another room, surprised that she is home; she wasn't expected until tomorrow. She embraces him and tells him that she missed him so much. After they hug and kiss, and she tells him that she has missed him so much! She can hardly wait until she is Mrs. Antonio Viscardi! Suddenly, she get an idea. Why should they wait two weeks? They already have the license; they could find a JP today and get married. Then they could honeymoon at the house by the lake in front of a big fire. Tony is confused. Grace sees that she has caught him off guard but she grabs him by the arms and begins pulling him out of the apartment. He stops her. "Wait!" He tells her. "I need to know something first. Grace, while you were in Denver did anything happen between you and Nick?"

VICTOR sits by Victoria's bedside and caresses her hair. When she wakes up, she is confused and he tells her that she is in the hospital; she has had surgery for her appendix. She is relieved that the problem was with her and not the baby. All that worry for nothing, she murmurs. Victor tells her to sleep; he says that she needs to gain her strength. Happy that her baby is okay, Vicki caresses her abdomen. She realizes that the baby is gone and asks her father what happened to her baby. Victor tells her that the baby was born by C-section; she has a daughter. She wants her baby; bring the baby to me! She demands. Victor tells her that the baby is in a special nursery. The doctor will explain it to her when she is better. No, Victoria insists. If they can't bring her daughter to her, she wants to go to see her daughter!

NICK says that he cannot excuse what he did but there was a reason. He talks about how all he could think of was getting to Denver and seeing her. Then when Noah got sick and she couldn't come, he was angry and frustrated. For weeks, Grace had been there constantly making herself available to him. "I was a jerk!" He admits. "I know that I hurt you and I will regret it for the rest of my life. I love you so much. Can't you forgive me and understand?" Sharon says that the only thing she understands is that she can't continue to stay here with him. "NO!" Nick cries. "I can't let that happen. We will work it out." As he goes to her and reaches for her, she steps back. "DO NOT TOUCH ME!" Sharon says. "Don't you ever put your hands on me again. I mean it, not ever again!"

Wednesday, November 11, 1998

VICTOR is watching Vicki sleep. She awakens and asks if it is really true; does she have a daughter? She wants to go see her but Victor says that she can't. She asks if Cole has seen her yet and Victor says that he has. She is glad that Cole is there. Again she asks if Victor can wheel her into the nursery. Just then, Nikki comes in and gives her daughter a kiss. Victor tells Nikki that he needs to get to the office; Nikki says that she will be there with their daughter. Victor wants to speak to her outside. Once they are in the hallway, Nikki tells him that she stopped by the nursery first and things don't look good for the baby. Victor tells her that she should be honest with Vicki but try to be as positive as possible. When she goes back inside, Vicki wants to know about her baby. Nikki describes her as "tiny feet and tiny hands, red and wrinkled but with a lot of hair." Vicki can tell by Nikki's attitude that something is wrong; she tells her mother to tell her the truth. When Nikki tells her that there is danger for the baby, Vicki says, "Mother, you always told me that I was a fighter. Now it is time for my baby to be a fighter too." Nikki tells her that as long as there is life, there is hope. She embraces her daughter and comforts her, telling her that she will always be there for her.

CHRISTINE shows up for her dinner with Paul to find that Malcolm has also joined them. Paul explains that Malcolm's friend is in need of some counseling. Malcolm says that his friend is trying to get out of her contract. Chris says that first of all, she needs to see the contract. Mal goes to find Callie. When he returns, they sit down at the table and Callie looks uncomfortable. She tells Chris that she doesn't have a copy of her contract with her and she isn't sure if she can get a copy. She says she has to get back to work. Malcolm is surprised and leaves to see what is up with her. Paul says that Callie is a little hard to get to know, but Chris says that she is afraid of something. They decide to leave for Mary's house instead of eating.

MALCOLM finds Callie and when she has a short break, he confronts her about her behavior. He tells her that this is her chance to get free of Trey. "You do want to get free of him, don't you?" Callie says that all she wants to do is be free to sing. Then think about it, Malcolm tells her. He says that no one can help her unless she cooperates---and this offer isn't good forever.

CHARLIE tells Mary to sit down with him for a while; he tells her that dinner smells so good that if he lived there, he would weigh 300 pounds. Mary is nervous, especially when he asks her if she is doing anything the Saturday before Thanksgiving. He wants them to do something special together. He takes a jewelry box out of his pocket and Mary almost panics. Just then the doorbell rings. Mary is so happy that Chris and Paul are there, but Charlie isn't pleased and says so. He tells Paul straight out that he and Mary had plans and he wishes that he had not dropped by like this. Mary is aghast that he would talk that way to her son. She finally admits that she asked them to stop by as a distraction. Charlie is puzzled; why would she need a distraction? As she fumbles with words, Chris steps in and says that Mary was afraid that he was going to "pop the question." Charlie opens the box and says that he was going to pop the question but not the one they are talking about. He only wanted to know if the tie clip he bought would be a good match with the cuff links Mary gave him for his birthday. He wanted to wear it to the fall social, which he was just asking Mary to, and he wanted to know if it went well with his white silk shirt. Embarrassed, Chris and Paul decide to leave even though Mary asks them to stay for dinner. After they leave, Mary asks him to forgive her for jumping to conclusions. Charlie says that he isn't sure that he can. He has been enjoying her company and he even thought that they might be headed for a serious relationship down the road. But if this is any indication of how she feels, then they should end it right now. Mary says that she doesn't know if she can ever love anyone the way she loved Carl. Charlie only wants to know if there is a chance---that she isn't ruling out any possibilities. Mary agrees that she isn't ruling it out and Charlie smiles at her.

BRAD arrives at Gina's and she tells him that Diane isn't there. He says that he only came in to wait for a phone call but when she is curious, he tells her that he doesn't want to jinx himself by telling her about it. Gina gets a disgusting look on her face and says that her least favorite person just came in. She tells Brad that it is Michael Baldwin and she advises him to stay clear of him. On the contrary, Brad says. I think I'll introduce myself.

MICHAEL is sitting at the bar with a drink and his work spread out before him when Brad comes up and orders a drink. He then begins small talk with Michael, introducing himself. Michael is surprised that Brad knows that he is an attorney and that he is handling Diane Newman's divorce. He admires him for taking on the great Victor Newman, something that few people would ever do. He excuses himself as he has a call to make and leaves. Michael watches him leave and wonders what he is up to.

RYAN brings Victor some good news. He and Jack were able to cover for him at the labor meeting yesterday. Victor realizes that he forgot all about the meeting but says that he will be there for the next one. He tells Ryan that Vicki is in the hospital and has had the baby. He says that Vicki will be okay but it is touch and go for the baby. Ryan is ready to rush right over there, but Victor suggests that he wait a while because Vicki has a lot to handle right now. As Ryan agrees and leaves, Victor gets a call from Brad. He wants to know when Victor will have time to see him. Victor tells him that if he can come right over, he can see him now.

It isn't long before Brad shows up in Victor's office. He tells Victor that he would be an asset for him in the business and offers him a few compliments. Victor wants to cut to the chase, so Brad asks if he has made a decision about hiring him. Victor tells him that if he had made that decision, he would have called Brad. "Now, please leave and close the door behind you." Victor doesn't even look up as Brad, surprised at the brush off, walks out of the office.

GRACE wonders what Tony is talking about. He asks her again. "Did anything happen between you and Nick in Colorado?" She tells him that a lot of things happened. They worked their buns off, they walked for miles, they took a lot of taxis, they took a lot of planes, and they ate a lot of pizzas and drank a lot of root beer. "What if someone had come up to me and told me that my fiancée was getting it on with her boss in Denver; would it be a lie? Grace doesn't know what he is talking about and wonders why he is grilling her like this. Who told you this? Tony says that he is only trying to get to the truth. "Does this sound familiar to you?" Tony asks. "'What happened last night was incredible. We made love. It was amazing.' Does any of this ring a bell?" He can see by the look on her face that it is true. She says that they did make love, but it wasn't her fault. "He raped you?" Tony cries out. "Let's go to the police. Let's put that bastard in jail!" She tells him that it wasn't rape but she can't explain why it happened. Tony says that he can't understand her. He has loved her since Madison. He has known that she had a crush on Nick, a married man, but he thought she would get over it when she married him. If this had been a one-time thing between two lonely people, he might be able to forgive her. But she is totally obsessed over Nick, who will never leave his wife. "This is just nuts," he exclaims. "You are nuts. I'm gone!" He grabs his coat and leaves the apartment with Grace in tears.

NICK pleads with Sharon for one more chance. He tells her that he made a bad mistake and he wishes that he could just erase it. He loves her and he will spend the rest of his life trying to make it up to her. Sharon says that she hates to say this, but like father, like son. He is shocked at the comparison and asks what she means. She tells him that commitment has never been Victor's strong suit; that marriage has never been a permanent thing for him. Nick tells her that he isn't like his father, but she doesn't believe it. She tells him that commitment means a different thing to her; it means till death do us part. He tries to tell her that he feels the same way about their marriage. Sharon says that she cannot trust him and she will take the kids and leave. NO, he says. He tells her that he will be the one to leave. He doesn't want to upset the kids any more than they have been upset. "Now you think of the kids," Sharon throws at him. She turns and walks up the stairs leaving Nick alone with a desolate look on his face.

Thursday, November 12, 1998

GRACE calls MICHAEL, who comes over to comfort her. She tells him that Sharon blabbed to Tony and she's lost him. Michael tells her she's lost her fantasy too. Grace wanted a Newman, reasons Michael. "But I would have settled for a Viscardi. I really would have," she says lamely. Michael tells her that losing Tony may be a blessing in disguise. Grace deserves someone better than a blue collar Joe that would hold her back. He tells her to bury herself in work and soon it won't hurt as badly. Then he points to his shoulder and tells her that it will always be available to her, day or night. They embrace. He advises her to get dressed and go into the office. When she's ready, he walks her down to her car.

NICK spends the night at the main house, but asks MIGUEL not to tell his mother. NIKKI comes out, hearing Nick's voice. Miguel is evasive and it gives Nicholas time to leave without speaking to Nikki. Before she can get further answers out of him, KATHERINE arrives on cloud nine. She is extremely pleased with Michael Baldwin as a lawyer, but of course he's the devil incarnate personally, she quickly adds. Katherine says that he's a bulldog and he's going after Jill from every direction. As a matter of fact, he is intrigued already by one of Jill's witnesses.

Katherine asks Nikki why she seems sad and she tells Katherine about Victoria's emergency surgery and the delivery. She's called the hospital and none of the doctors can give her any re-assurance. Katherine embraces her and tells her that she will be there for her.

CASSIE worries that they will have to move. She doesn't understand what's going on. SHARON tells her that it is a grown-up problem and it has nothing to do with her. The doorbell rings and Cassie shouts, "Maybe it's Nick."

TONY is at the door and Cassie is happy to see him. Sharon sends her to get Tony some juice. She can tell by his weary expression that he's confronted Grace. Tony fumes that Grace tried to lie her way out of it while praying that he didn't know all the facts. He tells Sharon that at least Nick is copping to it. He had to pull it out of Grace.

Sharon asks if Tony quoted what Sharon overheard outside the suite and gloats when Tony says that yes, he did and Grace remembered her own words. Sharon speculates if she had not overheard their conversation, the two of them would be kidding themselves for the rest of their lives. Tony has the unpleasant task of telling Cassie that he and Grace aren't getting married when she comes out with the juice. She's upset and says she doesn't like not understanding. She's tried to help, but everyone is so sad. Tony tells her she'll understand all too soon. She asks if she'll see him again and he assures her she will. Tony says he must be on his way. After he leaves, Sharon tells Cassie that they will get through this because they are family. No one can ever take that away from them.

ALICE is moving a flu-ridden MILLIE to the couch and grumbling all the way. Alice has been calling every Collins in the phone directory. She gets Millie situated and starts dialing again. She is having no luck and Millie remembers Christine's idea for Millie to write to her at the secure post office box. She pens out a letter shakily, warning Chris that Alice is getting close, while Alice is occupied. Once, Alice asks her what's she's doing and Millie tells her she's writing a note to herself as a reminder of something. On the very next phone call, Alice hits pay dirt. The young woman on the phone has a second cousin named Sharon Collins. Alice tells her that Sharon has fallen into an inheritance. The girl tells Alice that Sharon moved away and she thinks she got married. She'll have to ask her mother. Alice asks her to please call her when she gets the information. Alice hangs up and tells Millie that she's going to get "her Cassidy" back because Cassie belongs to her. Alice adopted the child and that makes Cassie hers. Millie cringes in fear.

VICTOR summons BRAD. They play a game of cat and mouse before Victor finally admits that he has decided to hire Brad. He and Jack will work as equals, running Newman Enterprises. Victor hopes to rebuild confidence in the company, which will bring in profit. He asks Brad to put aside his differences with Jack and do this. In fact, one of Brad's main jobs is to watch Jack. Victor doesn't trust him and he wants Brad to report any suspicious behavior directly to him.

From New York, ASHLEY calls COLE. She misses him. She can't wait to get home. He admits that it's lonely without her as well. She asks if things are okay and he lies to her and says, "Yes." Ashley has to rush out to a meeting. Cole tells her he understands and that he loves her. After he hangs up, he questions why he couldn't bring himself to tell Ashley what has happened.

JOHN tells JILL that they have a court date. Jill is sure he pulled some strings, but John says that this is the week he originally applied for. Jill dreams that she'll be living at the estate by the holidays. However, Michael's actions have distracted John. He thought that Michael, coming into the case at this late date, would ask for a continuance of at least a month. "Michael is quick and meticulous," warns John. Jill asks if he's scared of this Michael Baldwin. John tells her no, but he's had experience with him and this is no time to let their guard down. Jill tells him that they have an iron clad case. John explains that sometimes evidence is not enough to win a trial. That's why he's warning her not to get too comfortable. He receives a phone call from Michael asking for the correct address information on Beatrice Tucker. He plans to depose her. John tells him he'll fax him the correct information. Michael replies that he hopes he hears from him soon.

VICTORIA is waking and NEIL comes out of the bathroom wiping his face with a towel. He greets her and asks her if she's hungry. She tells him no. She wants to know something about her daughter. Neil tells her that if there had been a change, someone would have come to let them know. She worries that eight hours have passed with no change. Cole comes in. Victoria tells Neil she is hungry, but she doesn't want hospital food. Neil offers to go to their favorite bakery and bring back some goodies. He asks Cole is he wants anything. Cole declines politely.

When Neil is gone, Victoria corners Cole and demands to know what's going on with the baby. Cole tells her that she was in great distress and the baby wasn't doing well. The doctors didn't want to take the baby by Cesarean, but it was necessary. Victoria asks if she's in the regular nursery. Cole tells her no. This upsets Victoria. She tells him the worst part of it is the not knowing. She asks Cole if the baby is going to die. Cole honestly and meekly replies, "I don't know. I just don't know." Cole takes Victoria in his arms and they embrace fiercely. Victoria cries the tears of a soul that cannot be comforted.

NICK checks in with his father. Victor is impressed with the job he did in Denver and tells Nick he's gotten rave reviews. Then Victor drops the bombshell and tells Nick that the reason he left the conference early was to come back to Genoa City and keep Sharon from leaving the ranch. He wants to know what's wrong. Nick tells him he doesn't want him to interfere. He tells him he had no right leaving Denver without telling him why. Nick wants to handle this. Victor asks if Nicholas and Sharon are living together and Nicholas admits they are not. Victor tells him that the situation must be bad.

Victor wants to know if this has anything to do with Grace Turner. He reminds Nicholas that he interrupted an argument that sounded like it had nothing to do with business. Nick doesn't want to discuss it any further and leaves. Victor sits on the edge of his desk with a furrowed brow. "I know I'm right about Grace Turner," he utters confidently. "I know I am. That's who he's involved with." Victor's disappointment in Nicholas cuts him to the core.

GRACE rounds the corner by the elevators and goes straight to her office at Newman Enterprises. When she opens the office door, all the furniture and wall hangings have been removed. It's a cold and bare room. Grace walks around, mouth gaping and tears welling in her eyes. She is in utter disbelief.

Friday, November 13, 1998

VICTORIA begs COLE to take her to see the baby but Cole reasons that the doctors know that their daughter needs to feel her mother's arms around her, but she's just had major surgery. Victoria admits that she got pregnant on purpose. She explains that before the business trip, Cole had been talking about having children and she couldn't handle it, so she stayed away longer than she had to. When she came back, she found that she'd alienated Cole completely and pushed him into the arms of another woman. Cole is stunned at first, but says that it makes sense to him now.

The nurse comes in to check Victoria's vitals. She finds that the stitches look good and her blood pressure is fine. Victoria begs the nurse to let her go to the nursery. She tells Victoria that she must follow doctor's orders. Not knowing how insensitive she's being, she tells Victoria that, after all, she'll have a lifetime with her baby. Victoria realizes that she doesn't know the situation, but she gets very emotional with Cole. She asks him if he could live with it if she didn't get to see their baby alive. Victoria doesn't care if there are tubes sticking out of her, she just needs to see her. Cole looks torn.

NEIL goes to the door of Victoria's room with the pastries (later handing them to a nurse to deliver) and sees Cole holding Victoria's hand and stroking it. He walks away and goes up to the nursery. He is watching Victoria and Cole's daughter. OLIVIA sees him and tells him that it looks like the baby is not going to make it. She says she could tell Victoria, but asks Neil if he could. She thinks it would be better coming from him. Neil looks up toward Heaven and softly asks why, and agrees he should tell Victoria. He can't do it immediately. He has to take some time to compose himself.

CASSIE is home from school with a sore throat. SHARON tells her she's going out for awhile and Lisa will stay with her. Cassie asks if she's going to eat lunch with Nick. When Sharon tells her that's she's not, Cassie sadly murmurs that she wishes she was. Lisa arrives and Sharon is on her way out when Cassie stands up and firmly states, "Mommy, I want you and Nick to stay together." Sharon acknowledges that and just outside the door, Sharon pauses as if she's contemplating Cassie's request.

Sharon drops by Legal Aide to see CHRIS. She tells Chris that things are not going well. She also requests that Chris be her lawyer if there's a divorce. Chris tells her to think long and hard about the impact of this on the children. Sharon is well aware of this, but can't get past the fact that Nicholas was unfaithful with Grace. Chris reminds her that Sharon and she understands that Nick broke their marriage vows, but the children don't. She also tells Sharon that Noah is a Newman and she will not be out on the street. Chris asks Sharon to realize that the infidelity was not an overt act to hurt her. If Nick can admit it was a mistake and Sharon can see it as a mistake, perhaps they can move past this. Sharon won't commit to anything, but says that she'll try.

NICK strides into his father's office, finding JACK there. He angrily announces that he's just fired someone. When he tells Jack that it is Grace, Jack asks bluntly if the word "sex" has anything to do with it. Nick admits that it does and Jack asks how long it's been going on. Nick tells Jack that it's not "going on." It was one unfortunate incident in Denver. Jack questions him to discover if he's actually told Grace she's fired. An insolent Nick tells him that he's written her a memo, short and to the point. Jack tells him to destroy the memo. He explains to Nick that there are laws that apply here and this has to be handled delicately. He tells him to leave and visit Victoria. "And not a word to your father about this," he demands. This is the first Nick has heard of Victoria's situation. Jack warns him to leave now before he runs into Grace.

Nick shows up at Memorial and Victoria gets emotional. They discuss her surgery and how the baby is doing. Victoria tells him to think positive thoughts and he says he can handle that. Victoria appreciates him coming, but she knows he's busy. He admits he does have to handle a few things but he'll be back.

Later, Sharon runs into Nick at the hospital. She asks about the baby and Nick tells her it looks like Victoria's child isn't going to be as lucky as Noah was. Victoria is not in her room and Sharon looks uncomfortable. Nick tells her he can leave. She declines his offer. Nick again takes this opportunity to plead his case. He tells her that they've survived a lot of things against the odds and if Sharon would give them the chance he knows they can survive this as well. Sharon tells him that she'll come back later to check on Victoria.

GRACE, angered by her empty office, tries to call Nick, but there is no answer. She tells herself that if Nick thinks she can just erase her, he's got another think coming. Jack comes in and tells Grace that the building maintenance people never get anything right. Then he informs her that she's going to be part of a lateral transfer program to give assistants more experience in different areas. Grace tells Jack that this is just Nick trying to get her as far away from him as possible. She asks what he knows. "I know that you'll be happy in your new position," Jack states evasively.

She gets hostile and tells Jack that she could file a sexual harassment case. Jack informs her that she'd be taking on this entire corporation plus the Newman family. Besides, from what he understands, the sex was consensual. He asks her if she wants to air her dirty laundry like that. She hangs her head and Jack softly says, "I didn't think so." She tells him that Nick took advantage of her and she could "sue this company in the ground." Jack says that she's not suffering loss of station, income, or job security. He also reminds her that she has no college diploma, much less a graduate degree. Why doesn't she just accept the transfer and not make waves? Grace sulks and says nothing. Jack warns Grace not to mess with him. He'll give her time to think about it. "Don't do anything foolish," Jack advises as he walks out of her office.

CARL/JIM comes home with cruise brochures. Ruth is silent and he asks what's wrong. Ruth just says she just wonders if fourteen days on a cruise is enough time to get away from their problems. She looks around and he guesses that she's contemplating selling the house. She asks if he's sure that he doesn't want to know about his life before. He tells her that he wouldn't want that because he might have to give him to give up what he has now. He's touched that she would pull up stakes and move away just for him. They embrace.

NINA comes to see Chris while she is checking some information in the Norfolk Bureau of Records and Deeds. There are major discrepancies in what Chris is finding and what Ruth told her. She calls Paul's contact at the credit card company and finds that the only name on the card is Ruth's. Nina asks why Ruth wouldn't want Chris to meet her friend and Chris tells her that she suspects that "Jim" is more than just "a friend." Nina asks her what she plans to do. Chris assures her that she will continue to investigate. When she knocks on Ruth's door next time, her "friend" better be there.

ALICE gets a call back from the relatives of the "Sharon Collins" and they give her a phone number. She calls the number and pretends that her "little girl" plays with Sharon's daughter. This Sharon Collins only has a son. Alice is angry and devastated. She informs MILLIE that you don't have to be Dick Traci. All it takes is persistence. Millie tells Alice she's going to mail her letter to her sister in Milwaukee. Almost to the door, an ailing Millie collapses and loses consciousness. Alice is frantic, trying to get her mother to respond.

Through the doors of the nursery viewing room, Cole carries Victoria. They stand together in front of their daughter's incubator. Victoria touches the glass, as if to reach through to her little girl. Neil happens to see the two of them from the hallway. As Cole holds an agonizing Victoria, the steady rhythms of two things abide: the beep of the baby's heart monitor and tears streaming from the heart on the face of an agonizing mother.

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Y&R EDITORIAL: Mommy who?


Y&R EDITORIAL: Mommy who?
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