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Brad celebrated with Diane. Paul recognized his father, but 'Jim' didn't know who Paul was. Victoria, Neil, and Cole grieved the loss of Eve. Malcolm tried to get Callie's contract, but Trey would only hand it over to Callie in person.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 16, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday November 16, 1998

CHRIS tells Nina that she has to go back to Norfolk. She feels that Ruth Perkins is lying about being married in order to protect the man she is living with---the man who matches the photograph. The only thing is, it is like waving a red flag in front of Paul but she cannot let it go. She decides that she will leave early tomorrow morning without even telling Paul and hopefully she will be back by evening.

The next morning, Chris shows up at Paul's office and tells him that she is going out of town again for another deposition; this time she is going to New York and hopes to be home by afternoon. However, if she has to stay overnight, she will let him know where she is staying.

At the hospital, COLE holds Vicki in his arms while she gazes into the special care nursery at her baby. Slowly, Cole stands her at the viewing window. With tears running down her cheeks, she tells Cole that she wants to name her baby; she wants her to know that she is somebody. Cole asks her what she wants to name her and Vicki says that she likes Eve, after his mother. Cole thinks that is a perfect name for her. She says that she wants the baby baptized as soon as possible and he tells her that he will make the arrangements. He gets a wheelchair and helps her back to her room.

JACK is busy in his office when Victor knocks at the door and says that he needs to speak to him. He says that he has some news for him; he has hired someone new. Without consulting with me? Jack asks angrily. Victor says that he was afraid that his dislike of this person would cloud his judgment. He then announces that he has hired Bradley Carlton and he will have equal status with jack. Jack is livid but he has no alternative but to accept it. As Victor leaves, he tells Jack that he should be aware that he is watching him and every move he makes. Alone in the office, Jack smiles. "You took the bait, Victor, old boy! You took the bait!"

DIANE and MARISSA are talking about Brad when who should knock at the door but Bradley himself. He continues to knock and shout through the door that he knows that they are in there and he wants to celebrate. Coming into the apartment carrying a large arrangement of flowers he immediately pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and pours three glasses. He tells them that he is celebrating finding a new job. Tongues are going to wag when word of this gets out. After drinking an entire glass of champagne at once, he talks Diane into going to Gina's to celebrate with him in style.

In Norfolk, RUTH has good news for Jim. She has just spoken to a realtor and found that the house should be easily sold at this time. Jim objects; he knows how much she loves this house. Just because his past is catching up with him, is no reason to run. But Ruth tells him that it is better if they leave now before his past catches up with him. But where will they go? Every time she suggests a place, he has a reason against it. Florida? Hurricanes. Alaska? Too cold. California? Earthquakes. Finally Jim tells her that he will go anywhere with her. "So go call the realtor," Jim says with a smile. "And we will start packing for our move to Oklahoma." "Tornado!" Ruth says as she heads out of the room.

JACK wonders why Bradski hasn't called him to let him know that he has a job with Victor now. He calls his number but there is no answer. Nikki comes in and wants to talk with him. She gives him the latest on Victoria, telling him that she is improving; but she tells him that they don't believe that the baby will make it. Jack is saddened and asks Nikki if she would like to go somewhere and have some coffee with him.

Jack and Nikki arrive at Gina's and Jack asks for an out of the way table for them. He explains to Nikki that he has to keep his "bad boy" image polished, but really he wants a place where she can cry if she wants to without embarrassment.

In another place in Gina's, BRAD and DIANE are celebrating. She asks him how he liked living in Europe. He says it was romantic and he loved his stay in Italy, but Genoa City has always been his home and he is glad to be back to stay. He says that there are just so many more opportunities here and he has been dying for a big challenge for a long time. "You never did tell me whom you will be working for," Diane reminds him. "Or is there some reason you don't want to tell me?"

COLE has taken Vicki back to her room and returned to the nursery. Neil is there and he walks up to Cole, telling him that he was out of line putting Vicki in jeopardy by bringing her up here earlier. Cole says that he couldn't deny her the one chance she may have to see her baby alive and he doesn't think Neil could have either. As they are arguing, the doctor comes up and tells Cole that he needs to talk to him. Neil leaves for Vicki's room. The doctor tells Cole that the baby hasn't much more time to live. Cole tells him that they want the baby baptized, but the doctor doesn't believe that there will be enough time. However, he tells the nurse to get in touch with the hospital chaplain and tell him that it is an emergency. "What about the mother?" The doctor asks. Cole tells him that she has had about all that she can handle. She just came down and saw the baby; maybe it would be best if she remembers the baby alive.

NIKKI tells Jack that this emergency with Vicki's baby brings back the memories of the birth of their son. Jack says that that was the saddest moment in their lives and because of that, they have a bond between them that will be there forever. He tells her that Victoria is strong like her mother and she will get through this and move on with her future. He also reminds her that the baby is still alive; they can't give up hope. Nikki is feeling much better after talking to Jack; she says that she has to go to Vicki now. They stand and Nikki gives him a long hug for making her feel better. As she walks away, Jack watches her leave and suddenly, he spies Brad and Diane drinking champagne and having a good time.

MARY is in Paul's office telling Lynn about her most embarrassing moment, the moment she learned that Charlie wasn't there to pop the question as she had thought. She tells Paul and Lynn that they went on to have a really good heart-to-heart talk after Paul and Chris left. Paul thinks that Charlie was telling her good bye, so he tries to make her feel better. But Mary interrupts and tells him that that wasn't it at all. Charlie wanted to know if at some point in the future, things might get more serious. She wonders how Paul feels about that. When he says that he is okay with it, she asks how he thinks his dad would feel. He tells her that his dad would only want her to be happy. After Mary leaves, Paul tells Lynn that he is upset that Chris has gone out of town again and there is something that he is going to do about it. He leaves and goes to Legal Aid. Once there, Paul asks Gale if he knows which hotel in New York Chris will be staying. Gale says that she didn't know that Chris was in New York; all she told her was to save her messages since she wouldn't be in today. Paul says that she must have gone back to Norfolk for more depositions. Innocently, Gale tells him that she doesn't know of any cases Chris is working on in Norfolk.

RUTH brings an armload of boxes into the kitchen and begins to wrap china. Suddenly there is a knock at the door. She is exasperated to find that Christine is back. Chris walks into the kitchen and wonders if she is going somewhere. Ruth says that it isn't any of her business but she is only going to store some things in the garage. Chris says that she knows that Ruth isn't married and she is living with a man. "So you lied to me," Ruth says. "You are from the police." Chris says she isn't from the police but she has come to find someone and she isn't leaving until she accomplishes that.

NEIL enters Vicki's room and sits down quietly. Vicki tells him that she isn't asleep. She tells him that she went to see the baby. She tells Neil that she is happy that she got to see her baby. She says that she named her Eve after Cole's mother. Neil says that that is a perfect name for the little girl. "She is so beautiful," Vicki says. "Of course she is beautiful," Neil answers. "Look at her mother." Vicki says that she has been thinking about life and how it starts from such a tiny speck, growing inside you until it is big enough to be born. It grows up and soon you are sending them off to college. Will I be sending Eve to college? She wants to know. Just then, the door opens and Cole walks in. Vicki can tell by the look on his face that the baby is gone. Neil gives Vicki a hug and a kiss. He rises and starts out the door, giving Cole a pat on the shoulder as she passes him. Cole walks over to the bed, sits and takes Vicki's hand. He tells her that Eve is gone. She died peacefully; she just couldn't fight any more. She wasn't alone when she died; he was there with her. The minister came and baptized her and said some beautiful words. Cole says that he told her that he loved her and that her mother loved her and then she was gone. "Thank God you were there with her," Vicki cries. "Oh God! Please hold me Cole!" Cole climbs upon the bed beside her and pulls a sobbing Vicki to his breast.

Tuesday, November 17, 1998

JACK watches from across Gina's as Brad and Diane enjoy champagne and he is fuming! Taking out his cell phone, he calls Bradley and tells him that they need to get together. Brad has fun with Jack; he tells him that he is all tied up right now with an important meeting. He says he will get with him later and hangs up. Jack continues to seethe but he keeps an eye on them. Finally, he gets up and puts on his coat. As he is leaving, he stops by Brad's table and greets the two with sarcasm. He then congratulates Brad on getting a new job at Newman Enterprises. Without blinking, Brad invites him to join them in the celebration but Jack says that with him it is business before pleasure. When he walks off, Diane says that she gets the idea that a person could catch cold if they got between the two men. She also wonders why she had to hear from Jack that he would be working at NE. Brad says that since she is going through the divorce with Victor, he didn't want to spoil his celebration with her. She wonders how he and Jack can work together productively if there are such bad blood between them. Bradley says that with him and Jack, it is like the cobra and the mongoose. And which one are you? Diane asks.

PAUL is in the office thinking on what Gail told him about Christine not having any legal aide work in either New York or Norfolk. When Lynn comes in to get her paycheck signed, he questions her about where Chris might be. Chris says that she has no idea. Grabbing his coat, he says that he has some place to go.

Paul goes straight to Nina's apartment and begins to question her. Nina is torn! She doesn't want to break Christine's confidence but she doesn't want to lie to Paul either. Paul accuses Nina of knowing where Chris is anyway, so Nina tells him that if Chris didn't tell him where she was going, he shouldn't blame her. You know more than you are telling me, Paul says. The phone rings, preventing her from answering. Answering the phone, she finds Ryan asking to meet her at Crimson Lights in a half-hour. Pretending that someone is calling to let her know that she is late for an appointment, she tells him that she will be right there. Ryan is puzzled but says that he will be there when he can.

RUTH demands that Christine tell her why she is in her house. Chris tells her that she will stay as long as necessary to find the man that she lives with. As a matter of fact, she walks around calling out for anyone who happens to be there. Ruth tells her that even the police can't just walk into someone's house and start searching it. She tells Chris that if she doesn't tell her what she is doing there and why, she is going to call the police. Chris STILL won't explain herself; she simply says that it is a personal matter and she will explain it to her friend. She also warns Ruth not to leave as she would track her down and find her anywhere she goes. Ruth wilts at this threat. She agrees to let Chris talk with Jim but she asks that she be allowed to prepare him first. Chris agrees and leaves with the promise that I WILL BE BACK!

A little later, Jim arrives home with more boxes for packing. Ruth tells him that the sale of the house and the move is all off. She tells him that the woman is back; they can't get away from her. Jim tells her that he isn't afraid of the woman but Ruth admits that she is. She loves him and she wants them to get on with their lives but they can't do it as long as this woman is a threat to them.

NINA arrives at Crimson Lights and whom does she see at a table alone but Kyle of the computer date! She joins him and they banter back and forth about their date and the time since. As they are laughing and having a good time, Ryan comes in and goes up to the table. Nina introduces them and when Kyle stands to shake Ryan's hand, Ryan finds himself craning his neck to look up at him. Once Kyle leaves for the bar to talk with a friend, Ryan has a million questions about Kyle. To stop him, Nina has to tell him that it is none of his business, especially when Ryan wants to know the intimate details about their one date. When Nina gets him to tell her why he wanted to meet her, he says that he wants Phillip to spend some time with him during the Thanksgiving holidays. Nina says that except for Thanksgiving Day, he can have Phillip any time that Phillip is willing. She does tell him that it would be better if he made it a father/son day. GINA has a chat with Callie about Trey. She says that Callie reminds her of herself when she was younger. She admires Callie's ability to take care of herself without taking any guff from anyone. However, why is it that every time that Trey walks in, she becomes intimidated? She wants to know what Trey has over her. Callie says that Trey is dangerous. He isn't dangerous in the way that he would hurt her, but he has his ways of getting what he wants. He isn't all bad, but his bad side is really bad. She says that he didn't get her under contract by threatening her; he stroked her with promises that he wouldn't keep. She has learned from bitter experience not to cross him. Gina looks worried.

When Paul returns to his office, he finds MALCOLM waiting for him. Malcolm wants to get off the dime and take care of this Callie problem. He asks for Trey's address in Detroit so that he can go and have a man to man talk with him. He wants to lay it all out on the table and have a look at the contract. Paul tells him that in seven years the contract will be void anyway. He offers to go with Malcolm but Mal says no. Paul gives him the address with the warning to watch his back.

TREY'S man is giving him an update on what he has found out about Malcolm. He is a successful fashion photographer married to a doctor with a young boy. He can't figure out why he is messing around with a no body like Callie. Trey isn't happy with this; he says that he is making suppositions without evidence and warns him to be careful. The man asks if it isn't time for Malcolm to have a little "persuasion?" Trey says yes, but of another kind.

JILL is waiting in Jack's office when he returns. She can tell right away that he is in a rage. She only came to tell him that she has a court date but when he blasts her about not wanting to hear about the Jill/Katherine vendetta, she asks him what is wrong. She tells him that he can trust her; whatever is going on will not leave these four walls. He tells her that Victor has hired someone without his approval and he has made a colossal mistake. He tells her that it is Brad and Jill can't see the problem except that the two of them have always been in competition. She thinks that things will get interesting around here. Jack drops the hint that Victor isn't making the right decisions these days.

When LYNN reports to Paul that Victor's secretary doesn't know of any law business that would take Chris out of town, Paul is really stumped, especially when he receives a phone call from Chris telling him that she has to stay overnight. When he wants a phone number, she hesitated then tells him just to use her cell phone. When the conversation is over, Paul makes a call of his own. He says that he wants his wife's credit card checked for any and all charges made today. That would be hotels, restaurants, car rentals etc. He needs this information as soon as possible.

Wednesday, November 18, 1998

VICKI thinks that she is responsible for her baby's death but her parents tell her that she shouldn't be thinking like this. Nikki says that she should let herself grieve instead of thinking about what can't be changed. Vicki tells her that she just can't make these thoughts go away. She tells them that she wants to go home. Victor tells her to wait and see what the doctor has to say about that. He also would like to take her back to the ranch for her recuperation. She says that she is moving in with Neil but Victor doesn't think that now is the time to think about that. She should come to the ranch and let Miguel and her mother pamper her. When she is stronger, then they can talk about moving. Cole comes in about that time. Nikki tells him that they were just leaving so Vicki could get some rest, and he offers to leave also. However, Vicki wants Cole to stay. Nikki and Victor leave. Outside the door, Nikki says that she feels better now that Cole is with Vicki. She says that it is difficult to lose your first child but Vicki needs to grieve. Victor says that she is strong like her mother, but now that Cole is with her, she will be able to let this go; Cole will help her.

NEIL is waiting for Olivia in her office. He tells her that Victor and Nikki are with Vicki; he will visit her when they are gone. That is, if Cole doesn't show up. Olivia reminds him that he has suffered the loss of a child as well and he needs to be with the child's mother just as much as the others. He agrees that he had formed a bond with this child; he felt about it almost as if it were his own. He has been with Vicki since she first learned that she was pregnant. He was there for the first ultra sound picture, he felt it move, and he even played music for her. Yes, he does have a strong connection and he is grieving just as much as this was his own daughter. Neil thanks Olivia for being with him throughout all of this and for supporting him even though there were probably times when she had many unanswered questions. Olivia says that being in his corner is the only place she would want to be. She says that fate does work in strange ways.

CALLIE mentions to Gina that she is becoming a better waitress than she ever wanted to be. Gina reminds her that she has a lot of friends in her corner working to help her out. She asks if she is doing all that she could do to help them. She admits that maybe she hasn't been the biggest help. Gina tells her that when she is able to get out of her contract, she can have a full time job singing for her and many people in the music industry drop in all the time. Callie goes to the phone and calls Trey. She asks him to send her a copy of her contract but he refuses. He tells her if she wants a copy of the contract, she will have to go and get it. "Don't hold your breath!" she shouts as she slams down the phone. Malcolm is standing behind her and overhears. "How is it going, Shorty?" he asks. They begin a friendly conversation. In the middle of it, a song comes on over the radio and it happens to be their song. They talk about all the times they requested the band play this song so that they could dance to it. They get up and begin dancing until Gina tells them that she needs her waitress back.

PAUL learns that Chris is in Norfolk and the hotel where she is staying. He tells Lynn to check with Danny's manager and find out where he is at the moment. As Lynn is calling to find out his whereabouts, Nina comes in and overhears. Lynn tries to evade her questions until Paul comes out of the office asking if she has found out were Danny is at. When he sees Nina, he is angry because she knows something and won't tell him. He drags her into his office and demands that she tell him why his wife is in Norfolk and who is she with. He believes that she is with Danny Romalotti. She tells him that he is crazy to think that of Cricket. Cricket would never do that to him. She is surprised that he would have so little faith in his wife. She will not tell him anything except that Cricket is not seeing Danny or any other man.

TREY picks up a picture of Callie and remembers back to when he first went to see her sing. He gave her one of his business cards. When she went by his office, he told her that he didn't give his business card to just anyone. He told her that he could make her a star but it would take a lot of time to do it correctly. He promised to take care of her and she told him that she could take care of herself. She said that she would be back as soon as she decided whether or not she could trust him. Back in the present, he tells the picture that they could have had it all. "I could have done it for you and I still can. All you have to do is come back to me. I will never let you go, girl, never!"

RUTH tells Jim that no matter how rude Christine Williams is, they will never be able to get away from her. They will have to meet with her and convince her that Jim is not the man that she is looking for. Jim refuses to see her and when Ruth says that she just drove up, he goes into the other room. Ruth goes to the door and allows Chris to come in. Ruth tells her that her friend, Jim, is not ready to meet with her. Chris reminds her that she promised to have him there to meet her. Ruth tells her that Jim wasn't interested so would she please leave. Leaving is not an option, Chris tells her. Ruth becomes angry and tells her that she is the rudest person she has ever met! She asks if Chris is married. She then asks how she would feel if some stranger came into her home and tried to cause problems between her and her husband. Chris says that that is not what she is doing. Ruth asks how she is supposed to trust her when she will not tell her anything about what she is doing there. Ruth asks what will happen if Jim is the man in the picture. Chris says that she doesn't know. "You are ready to disrupt our lives and you don't know the answer? No wonder lawyers have such a bad name!" Chris tells her that is she doesn't like her answers to call the police. Hearing this, Jim comes out of the next room and orders her out of the house. If anyone is going to call the police, it is he. He says that he doesn't owe her anything. Instead of leaving, Chris begins firing off a barrage of questions. When is your birthday? Where were you born? Do you have a driver's license? Do you have a birth certificate? How long have you lived in Norfolk? Jim does his best to answer with anything that comes into his head until he finally tells her that this inquisition is over! Chris tells him that she is going to check out the information that he has given to her. If it is true, they will never see her again. If it isn't true, she will be back first thing in the morning. After Chris leaves, Jim says that more than ever, they have to leave. He tells her to hurry up and help him pack. They will pack only enough to put in the pickup and then they will leave.

TREY replaces the picture on his desk and is about to leave the office when there is a knock at his open door. Looking up he sees Malcolm. "Well, well!" he says. "If it isn't Callie's new best friend, Malcolm Winters, right? Tell me, what can I do for you?"

CHRISTINE rushes into her room to catch the ringing phone. It is Nina calling to tell her that things are heating up in Genoa City. She says that Paul has been interrogating her again. She says that he knows that she is in Norfolk. "HOW?" Christine asks, shocked. Nina reminds her that Paul is a detective. She goes on to tell Chris that Paul thinks that she is in Norfolk to be with Danny. She advises her to get home as quickly as possible and take care of this mess. Chris says that she can't; she saw the man and she is sure that he is Carl. She has to go out there just one more time! Nina tells her not to say that she didn't warn her.

COLE sits on the side of Vicki's bed and tells her that she needs to get some rest. She says that she is okay now that he is there but she couldn't have stood one more minute of her parent's concern for her. Vicki tells him that she never really knew if she wanted to be a mom or not. She wondered all through this pregnancy if she had it in her; could she love that much? But when she saw that beautiful tiny face she knew that she could do it! But now she feels like such a failure; she feels like the baby's death is all her fault. Cole tells her that it isn't her fault but she says that the baby was her responsibility. She was supposed to protect it and make sure that nothing went wrong. But she never got to hold her; she never heard her say 'I love you.' "I don't understand," she cries. "How did this happen? How could God let this happen? Why did God take her away from me, Cole?" Cole gathers her in his arms and rocks her gently on the bed while she cries an ocean of tears.

Thursday, November 19, 1998

MIGUEL greets NIKKI and VICTOR upon their return to the ranch. He sympathizes with their loss of Eve. He tells them that NICHOLAS is upstairs in his old room and plans to spend the night at the main house. Both Nikki and Victor wonder why he's there and Nikki laments on the status of her family. Victor says that Victoria's grief is beyond their reach, but they have a chance to help Nicholas and Sharon save their marriage. Nikki knows that Sharon is completely devastated and wants nothing to do with Nicholas. She believes that Nicholas committed adultery. She reminds Victor of the argument he overheard between Nicholas and Grace in Denver and surmises that it could have been a lover's spat. Victor will talk with Nicholas but Nikki wants Victor to fire Grace. Nikki says Grace has been after Nicholas since the day she laid eyes on him and she's sure Grace took advantage of Nicholas. Victor reminds her that Grace wasn't alone in that hotel room. Nikki wants Grace to suffer just like Sharon and the children have. She won't rest until that's accomplished.

NINA calls CHRIS again. When she learns that Chris hasn't called Paul, she can't understand why. Chris just can't talk to him yet. She knows that Ruth and "Jim" are not telling her everything. Nina advises her to go back to Ruth's now because they might try to skip town on her. Unbeknownst to Chris, when she leaves her hotel room, PAUL is waiting outside in a car. He follows her as she leaves.

KATHERINE and MICHAEL discuss the strategy behind taking depositions. He tells her there is hidden gold in the words he deposes. Katherine wonders if there is any gold here. Michael assures her he will find it if there is any.

JOHN advises JILL not to be present during the deposition of BEATRICE TUCKER, but Jill will not listen. Jill doesn't want John to turn over anything to Michael. He tries to explain to her that the law requires him to. Jill is angry. Beatrice arrives and asks if they were arguing. They both reassure Beatrice and tell her not to let Katherine's lawyer intimidate her. During the deposition, Michael asks Beatrice several questions, and some of the answers are hurtful to Katherine's case. When Michael asks John for a copy of the notes he took during his initial interview with Beatrice, John tells Michael that they are a by-product of his work and doesn't want to give him a copy. Jill tells John not to give him anything. Michael promises that if he doesn't get a copy willingly, he will take this matter before a judge.

John and Jill leave the deposition momentarily. He warns Jill that Michael isn't playing games and if Michael takes this to a judge, the judge will rule against them. Jill isn't happy, but they return to the deposition and John gives Michael a copy of his notes. Katherine and Michael pore over them. Michael continues to ask Beatrice questions about her relationship with Katherine and Jill during her employment. She admits that she never saw either of them much and only became friendly with Jill when Beatrice took her a photograph. Michael asks to see it. Jill gladly shows him, knowing it will hurt Katherine. Michael continues the deposition. He asks Beatrice if she was offered anything monetarily or of any value to testify. Beatrice tells him no and he excuses her.

Jill tells Beatrice she was absolutely perfect. Beatrice didn't like Michael's suggestion that Jill paid her to tell her story. She tells Jill she's worn out and she's going home. When she is alone she wonders if she can really trust Jill to take care of her like Jill promised. She pulls out the photocopy of the check Jill first gave her from her purse and wonders what it would be worth to Michael.

Katherine tells Michael that she's disappointed with the deposition. Beatrice could damage their case. Michael tells her that something's not right and tells Katherine to have faith. "Jill Abbott has no idea what she's getting herself into," he assures her.

CALLIE informs GINA that she talked to Trey, but he won't give her a copy of the contract unless she comes and gets it herself. Gina still wonders if there's more to the relationship that Callie is willing to tell. Callie tells Gina that she was young and she thought Trey could help with her career. Gina tells her that she'll have to get a copy of the contract or be a waitress for the next couple of years. Gina mentions that it was cute seeing Callie and Malcolm dancing. Callie says it was just a blast from the past. There was something there a long time ago, but not anymore. Gina hopes that Callie and Malcolm can remain friends. Callie asks if she can sing tonight.

Callie's pianist arrives and Gina introduces her to the crowd. OLIVIA comes into the restaurant during the song. Callie is remembering Malcolm and how much he meant to her and misses her cue during the song. Getting a grip on herself, she finishes. After she's done, she spots Olivia.

MALCOLM wants to know what TREY is holding over Callie's head and wonders if Callie signed the contract of her own free will. Trey assures him that she did. He didn't hold a gun to her head. Trey tells Malcolm to leave, but Malcolm's not going without a copy of the contract. Trey isn't giving Malcolm anything. Malcolm tells Trey that Callie's lawyer wants a copy of the contract. This angers Trey and he assures Malcolm that even Callie's lawyer will see that she's in breach of contract. Trey tells Malcolm to go back to his life and let him take care of Callie. Malcolm informs him that Callie doesn't want his services anymore. Trey insists that he will only give a copy of the contract to Callie personally. Malcolm leaves but tells Trey he'll be seeing him again.

CARL/JIM is on the phone when Ruth breaks a piece of china during packing. She tells him that there are just too many memories in this house. Jim tells her when they're settled, he'll send for everything else. He knows that they have to leave or Chris will destroy their lives and Ruth agrees with him. He promises that no one will separate them. On her way out with luggage, Ruth runs into Chris.

Chris enters the house and tells "Jim" she knows that's not his name. She finally tells them her story. She's looking for Carl Williams, a man who disappeared years ago without a trace, leaving behind a devastated family. "Jim" sympathizes with Chris and her story but tells her she's not looking for him. For the first time, Chris sees that Carl doesn't remember who he is. There are tears in her eyes as she looks at Ruth.

Outside, Paul is wondering whom Chris is inside with. He speculates that it could be Danny. He waits awhile longer and then realizes that Chris loves him. She wouldn't have an affair. He gets out of the car to find out just what's happening here.

Inside, Carl is telling Chris that all of this is just nonsense. He's not the man she's looking for. Chris tells him she thinks he is. Carl tells her that he doesn't want to remember any other life because he loves his life with Ruth. He tells her she has no business there. They're moving and she'd better not follow them. He starts out of the kitchen when Paul bursts through the back door asking, "What the hell is going on here?" Carl turns around and Paul is in awe of who he sees in front of him. For a moment, there is a glimmer of recognition for Carl and then only a look of bewilderment.

Friday, November 20, 1998

MALCOLM visits NEIL, who is now clean-shaven, and they grieve over Neil and Victoria's loss. Neil tells Malcolm that Cole has been there for Victoria, and he has to admire him for that. Now, he just can't wait for the day that he can bring Vicki home, move past this tragedy, and get on to their new life together as man and wife. Neil sees by Malcolm's actions that he's got something he needs to get off his chest. He asks if it has anything to do with Callie. Malcolm tells Neil about his trip to Detroit to try to lay his hands on a copy of Callie's contract for Chris. Neil expresses his disbelief, telling Malcolm how foolish it is for him to entangle himself in his ex-girlfriend's problems. Malcolm lets Neil know that he's talked this over with Olivia and she's accepted that Malcolm wants to help Callie. Neil heads out for the hospital, leaving Malcolm behind to make a phone call.

Things are hopping at GINA'S. MARY and CHARLIE have reservations for dinner. They get settled and Charlie orders a bottle of champagne, to celebrate the moment. They dance and it's evident that Mary is enjoying herself. After dinner, Gina sends them dessert on the house. Charlie seems to glow in Mary's presence -- until she calls him Carl. Taking it on the chin, he makes a production of introducing himself to Mary as Charlie Ockwell. Mary is extremely embarrassed by her slip of the tongue and begs Charlie not to be angry or take it the wrong way. She explains that it's been a long time since she's felt this way -- not since Carl. She hopes Charlie will understand. Charlie, being the good-natured soul that he is, lets her off the hook and their wonderful evening continues.

Across the room, Gina asks OLIVIA if Malcolm will be joining her and Olivia tells her she has no idea. Callie has just finished singing and comments to Gina about Callie's talent. Callie greets Olivia. Making conversation, Olivia tells Callie it sounded as if the song she sang was a song from her heart. Olivia questions Callie, wanting to know how significant the words were to her. Callie becomes defensive and asks Olivia if she's accusing her of something. Olivia says she's just curious, but she continues to probe further. Getting even more personal, she asks Callie if she had anyone particular in mind when she was singing. Callie dodges the questions and tells her that Olivia was right -- the song did come from her heart. Olivia just can't leave it alone and asks Callie who holds that place in her heart. Annoyed and embarrassed that she was so transparent with her feelings, she curtly tells Olivia that she thinks they both know who holds a place there. Callie turns and walks away from her.

PHYLLIS visits JACK and is impressed that he remembers her name. Her presence there has Jack's curiosity piqued. Phyllis is looking for a job and asks Jack if there are any openings at Newman Enterprises. Jack inquires about her job skills and she tells him she's hardworking, resourceful, and a fast learner. Jack wryly tells her that he has trouble believing her; otherwise, she wouldn't be browbeating herself over the likes of Michael Baldwin. Jack is sure Phyllis would like to know if Michael has been unfaithful to her. Phyllis confirms that Michael is distant with her and she most certainly blames Diane Newman for this. Jack says that he doesn't stay apprised of Diane's love life, so he can't give an update. At any rate, Phyllis assures Jack she isn't jealous anymore. The conversation turns more personal and they discuss the difference between "wanderlust" and "lust." They talk about many things in general with several double entendres passed between them. Jack comments on the fact that he believes Phyllis is flirting with him. Phyllis reminds Jack that it was he who started it. Jack continues to flirt and asks about dinner, to which Phyllis responds huskily that she's sure that they can come up with quite an interesting menu. Jack locks his door and asks, "Shall we start with dessert?" Their sexuality is taut and dessert is where they indeed start.

COLE comes into VICTORIA'S room. She looks at rest, so he turns to leave. She opens her eyes and asks him to come back. She offers her apologies for the hysterical outburst when he was with her earlier. Cole tells her he knows it's not been easy for her. There's no need for apologies. She thanks him for being so incredible, even after she admitted to him that she got pregnant on purpose. She continues, telling him that she tried to make amends by insisting that Cole move on with his life. She tried to move on as well. Cole's brow furrows and he asks seriously, "Have you Vic?"

Vicki explains what an incredible man Neil is. He's one of the two greatest men she's ever known. Cole asks who the other man is, but before Vicki can answer, Cole's cell phone rings. It's Ashley, calling from New York. She dying to be with him and misses him. Sensing something, she asks if everything is okay. Is something wrong? Cole tells her they can talk about it when she gets home.

After the call, Vicki comments that she's sure Ashley is eager to be home with him. Cole informs Vicki that Ashley doesn't know anything yet -- he just couldn't bring himself to tell her over the phone. Victoria admits that this is selfish of her, but she's glad that Ashley hasn't been around. She's needed Cole so desperately. Cole assures Vicki that no matter what, he'd have been here for her. Victoria tells him she's just so grateful to him. He wonders why she keeps telling him that. Victoria tells him she needs to say it because it's true.

With a bouquet of the most exquisite tulips, NEIL enters Vicki's room and finds Cole there. He asks if he's interrupting them. Vicki welcomes him in. He tells Vicki that she's looking better. He thanks Cole for keeping Vicki company. Cole tells them that he's arranging a small memorial service for Eve and will give them the final details. Cole tells Vicki to take care and leaves. Neil still feels like he interrupted something. Vicki assures him his timing was perfect. She can't wait to leave this hospital. Neil proposes that he go to the ranch and pick up some of her things. He promises just as soon as they let her leave, he'll take her home and wait on her hand and foot. He asks her specifically what she needs, but she tells him she doesn't care. Victoria is emotionally and physically worn. Neil sees this and tells her to rest. He'll return later.

Meanwhile, Olivia finds Malcolm in Neil's apartment. She wonders where he was earlier. Malcolm tells her that he went to Detroit to see Callie's manager and try to get a copy of her contract for Chris. Olivia is upset. Malcolm tries to explain that yes, he's putting a lot of time into helping Callie, but the bottom line is to get this whole thing over with so they can put it behind them. On edge, Olivia tells him to get things done -- the sooner, the better.

TREY calls Gina's. He informs Callie that her friend Malcolm came by asking questions on her behalf and wanted a copy of her contract. He reminds her that the only person he's going to hand over a copy of that contract to is her -- in person. When the call is over, Gina looks concerned. She asks Callie if the call was bad news. Callie sighs, "I don't know."

Having burst into RUTH'S home, PAUL is shocked to see his father. "Who the hell are you?" CARL/JIM asks. CHRIS explains that Paul is husband. Carl/Jim threatens to call the police if they don't leave immediately. "You 're alive," Paul whispers, in shock. "You're alive." Paul's eyes brim with tears and Carl/Jim asks him if he's crazy. Paul moves toward his father slightly but Carl/Jim warns him to keep his distance. Paul doesn't understand. Chris asks Paul if this man is his father. Carl/Jim feels threatens and informs them he has a gun. He will use it if they don't leave this instant. Chris drags Paul out of the house and tells him they'll come back later. After they've gone, Ruth looks at tells Carl/Jim that the young man knows him and wonders what their connection is. Carl/Jim tells Ruth that he was on drugs or just plain nuts. Ruth tells Carl/Jim that she believes they need to listen to whatever Chris and Paul have to say to them. Carl/Jim doesn't care what they have to say. Ruth tells him that she believes the young man is part of his family. Carl/Jim denies this and tells Ruth that she is his family. Ruth wisely tells Carl/Jim that a door has been opened that will never be closed. They will never be able to get away from Chris and Paul.

Back at Chris' hotel room, Paul asks how long she's known about his dad. Chris tells him that until she saw him today, she didn't know. But the look on Carl's face spoke volumes. Paul is still in shock -- his father is alive. Even though he's older, Paul knows it's him and he's alive. There is no doubt in his mind. "That man is my father," he declares firmly. Chris shares how she simply stumbled upon him at that chance meeting in the Norfolk airport. She explains she didn't want to get his hopes up and that's why she kept the whole investigation a secret. Before she dropped this bombshell on Paul and his mother, she had to be sure. That's why she made so many trips to Norfolk. She promises that she was simply protecting him. Now, she's opened up something to him -- the whereabouts of his long, lost father.

Chris keeps reminding Paul that Carl doesn't remember who he is. It was evident tonight when he saw Paul. The only life he remembers is the life he 's made with Ruth. "What about my mother?" asks Paul. Chris tells him that she never expected him to track her down. She was going to prepare him for all of this. Paul is afraid of what this will do to his mother. He wants to go back and talk to Carl. Chris warns him that both he and his father are in shock. They must let this unfold gradually. Paul has a really strong urge to go back to Ruth's. Chris promises that they'll go back. In the meantime, Paul needs to think about his dad. The slower they go, the easier this will be. They can't overwhelm him. Paul insists, "You found my father. Somehow...some way, he HAS to remember me. I am his SON. I love him. He's going to remember!"

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