The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on Y&R
Grace found her office had been cleared out. The Newmans had a memorial service for Eve. Alice visited Sharon's old high school. Phyllis attempted to seduce Michael. Brad and Diane shared a passionate kiss.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of November 23, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday November 23, 1998

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GRACE stops by Michael's office to give him an update about what has been happening since she last saw him. She tells him about finding her office cleared out but that Jack told her it was only a transfer to another division. Michael thinks someone was very smart and when he finds out that it was jack, he says that Jack is a smart man. He says that a sexual harassment suit could have netted her a pile of money. Michael tells her that it probably isn't over so he has a little present for her. He hands her a tape recorder and tells her to protect herself. You never know when something like this will come in handy.

BRAD pays a visit to Victor at Victor's request. Victor wants to let him know that he is in for a rocky relationship with Jack but Brad assures him that neither of them will let personal differences get in the way of business. Victor reminds him that he is to keep his eye on Jack. Brad asks what he should be looking for and Victor says that he will know when he sees it. He is sure that jack Abbott is up to something and he isn't sure he can trust him any longer.

JACK is semi-dressed and shaving while Phyllis lies on the couch discretely covered. Her underwear is strewn all over the office, a leopard print bra on a pizza box, and other assorted apparel amid the large fried chicken bucket and the "dead soldier" in the ice bucket. When Jennifer knocks on the door, Phyllis bounces up and grabs for her clothing while Jack calls out that he is in conference. Jack wonders if she has any regrets because if there is one thing he hates it is regret. She says it would be a real waste if they didn't see each other again. As she leaves, Jack tells her to speak to his secretary and block out about 8 hours for them some other time; Phyllis smiles and tells him that they will need at least a 12 hour block. After she is gone, Jack has a satisfied smile on his face, especially when he finds one of her stockings and stuffs it inside his jacket pocket.

At the hospital, COLE asks Vicki if she is ready for the service. She isn't sure that she can go through with it but knows that she must for Eve's sake. Her mother brought her a dress so Cole helps her to change.

GRACE is confused that Michael would give her the tape recorder, but he only wants her to be prepared. She says that she doesn't have anyone in her life right now and he wishes that it could be he. Grace thinks that he is kidding when he tells her that he can't represent her and get personally involved with her, but then he says that he has never really taken her on as a client. So they can be together and his advice can be coming from a friend. Grace tells him to be serious and he says that one day, she will realize that he is serious. At that moment, Michael's secretary calls to announce Phyllis. He is trying to tell her to tell Phyllis that he is in conference when Phyllis bursts into the room. She was sure he wouldn't mind if she came in. He tells her that she has to stop doing that; he is in private conference with clients. She tells him that if he hasn't gotten his things out of her apartment by noon tomorrow, he will find them in the street. Grace is called to Jack's office and has to leave. Phyllis tells her to give Jack her regards; Jack will know who she is.

Everyone is waiting in the chapel for Vicki to arrive. Victor asks Nick if Sharon is coming. When Nick says that he told Sharon about it and left it up to her, Victor states that she damn well better show up; this is a family time when they have to be there for Vicki. Nick tells him to go easy on her because he is sure that this reminds her of the time when they almost lost Noah. Cole pushes Vicki into the chapel in a wheel chair just as Sharon arrives. Victor says that he is glad she could make it and she says that she wanted to be there for Vicki since she has an idea of what she is going through. Nick thanks her for coming just as Ryan announces that the minister is ready to begin.

MILLIE is in a hospital bed looking like death washed over, attached to a monitor and I.V. fluids. Alice is talking to her, telling her that she had a stroke and can't talk but the damage doesn't have to be permanent. She thinks that she will ask Al to move in with her while Millie is in the hospital---to save money, she says. She tells Millie that she is turning into quite the detective; she is going to the local high school and get a yearbook and look up Sharon Collins. As she leaves for home (after telling Millie that she likes this---her doing all the talking and Millie doing all the listening), Alice grabs Millie's old robe to take home and laundry. As she grabs it, Millie's letter to Christine falls unnoticed to the floor.

When the service is over, everyone congregates near the nursing station to say their good-byes before taking Vicki back to her room. Victor tells her how brave she has been; he and Nikki kiss her and they leave. Nick and Sharon kiss her and Sharon tells her to call her for anything she may need. Cole is ready to take Vicki to her room but Neil steps in and says that he will do it. Vicki gives a panicked look to Cole but doesn't say anything. Nick tries to talk to Sharon but at first she brushes him off. Then she tells him that she isn't ready to go home yet. She suggests coffee together and he says he will take her to Gina's.

NIKKI and VICTOR return to his office and talk about their morning. Nikki hopes that they never have another morning like this one. She then wants to know what Victor is going to do about Nick's problem. Victor says that they have both learned their lesson about giving unsolicited help and advice to their children, but this is one time when he has to step in. He knows that Nick wishes he had never met that young woman. Nikki says that she is glad she is married to the Big Boss---the one who makes the decision. Victor says that he can't bring Vicki's baby back but he can get rid of Grace Turner. He is going to fire her today.

Nikki leaves the office as just as she gets to the elevator, the doors open and Grace steps out. Nikki wants to talk with her. Grabbing her arm, she pulls her to Victor's empty office. As she lays into her about Nick, Grace says that she didn't force her son into bed with her. Nikki tells her that she has been suspicious of her since she first met Nick, but she put those suspicions aside because Sharon trusted her. She reminds Grace of all the things that Sharon did for her. She also reminds her of how she claimed to love Cassie and want the best for that little girl. Grace is not moved; she tells Nikki that she didn't hole a gun to her son's head to get him into bed. "He was a willing participant," she gloats. Nikki tells her that she is contemptible. "I can't stay here for one more minute or I will have to strangle you! YOU LITTLE BITCH!" As Nikki leaves, Grace ponders the idea that Sharon hasn't forgiven Nicholas.

At Gina's, SHARON doesn't want to talk about anything serious. Nick agrees but hopes that they will be able to settle things. He asks about Noah and Cassie and hopes that she will let him see them. Sharon says that they miss him too and they will work something out. "I'll do anything to make things better," Nick tells her. She says that they just can't sweep it under the carpet for the sake of the kids. Nick agrees, but says that mistakes are to be learned from, not carried around on your back for the rest of your life.

MALCOLM is also having coffee at Gina's when Olivia comes in. She thanks him for going to see Nate's presentation at school and hopes he understands why she couldn't be there. He wants to talk about their holiday trip; he has just bought tickets. However, Olivia tells him that she doesn't want to go away. She thinks that they should be around for Neil---to help him through this tough time. Malcolm says that he was looking forward to the trip and so was Nate. Olivia firmly tells him that they won't have fun if she is there against her will. There will be other trips, she says. I hope so, Malcolm says, disappointed.

BRAD goes to Jack's office to let him know that so far the plan is working just fine. Jack berates him for not letting him know that he had been rehired, but Brad thinks that it would have sent up a flare if Jack had known before Victor made the announcement. Jack wants to know everything that Victor said to Brad and he gives him a rundown except for telling him that he is to keep an eye on Jack. As Brad goes to leave, Jack tells him that they need to talk about their next step. Just as he says that, Victor walks into the office.

NEIL helps Vicki back into bed. He tells her that he knows that she had a rough morning but he was proud of her. He reminds her that before long they will be exchanging their vows and he wants to feel everything that she feels. He wants her to call him anytime that she needs him. She tells him that she is tired and wants to be alone. He kisses her and leaves. It isn't long before Cole comes into the room. He says that he had the feeling that she wanted him to come to the room. Vicki tells him that she is sorry that he had to put his life on hold for her. He says that Eve was his daughter too. Vicki tells him how much she appreciated him being there for her but now it is time for him to go back to his wife. Just kiss me right here, she says, pointing to her cheek, then go. After kissing her cheek, Cole leaves the room. Vicki turns over on her side and cries.

Tuesday, November 24, 1998

Special thanks to Sandy Rosser who allowed me to use her recap so that I could go see my doctor today!

NICK asks SHARON about Cassie's science project. Sharon tells him that Cassie's become quite the little researcher. Nick says that he really wanted to help Cassie and asks when the project is due. Sharon tells him it 's due Friday. He asks about Noah. Sharon gets defensive and tells Nick he can't blame her for not being able to see his children. She asks to be driven to her car because Cassie only has a half-day of school and needs to be picked up. Nick tells her that he doesn't blame her -- he blames himself. He's sorry and wishes that this had never happened but breaking up their family isn't the answer. Sharon tells him that she just doesn't know if they can get past it; at least not the way she feels now. Nick firmly tells her that he's not giving up on her because he loves her too much.

NIKKI sees Sharon's car pull into the ranch and comes to see her. She expresses her happiness at seeing Nick and Sharon leave the memorial service together. Sharon tells Nikki not to read too much into it. They just went for coffee. She informs Nikki that Nick keeps saying all the right words but the wounds may be too deep to heal, no matter what Nick, Nikki, or Victor say or do. Nikki asks her if there's anything that she can do to help and Sharon asks for some time and space. Then Nikki tells her that, even as they speak, Grace Turner may be gone from all of their lives. She sympathizes with Sharon, telling her they were all deceived by Grace. But Nick wants nothing to do with Grace and Victor plans to fire her. Sharon looks a tad bewildered, but her body language softens slightly. CASSIE, who has been reading to Noah, comes out and tells Sharon that he's asleep. She speaks to Nikki, but is very somber. Sharon asks what's wrong. Cassie tells her that she was hoping that Nick would come back with Sharon after the service. Sharon informs Cassie that she and Nick went out for coffee, but he had to go back to work. Cassie sadly replies that she misses Nick a lot. Sharon tells her that Nick misses her too. Nikki is touched and before her emotions get the best of her, she must leave. "See you later, cutie," she says to Cassie on her way out.

Sharon tells Cassie that it seems like more than just missing Nick is on her mind. Cassie tells her that she's been thinking about Vicki's baby. Sharon explains that sometimes babies get sick, and tells her that they nearly lost Noah when he was born, but the doctors saved his life. Cassie questions Sharon about the doctors and Eve's death. Sharon further explains that sometimes doctors do all they can, but it's just not enough. "That's scary," states Cassie. Sharon embraces her and tells her that no harm will ever come to her. She will see to that.

MEGAN and TRICIA are at Crimson Lights waiting for Ryan to return from the memorial service. Megan comments that Ryan's ex-wives seem to have lots of problems. Tricia assures her that she and Ryan are soul mates and she understands. They are totally committed to one another. They sit down. Megan sees TONY come in. Tricia notices a change in Meg's facial expression, then turns around and sees Tony. Tony sits at a table on the other side of the coffeehouse. She tells Megan she's glad Meg's taking Tony's advice to keep her distant. He admits to being trouble. Since Ryan hasn't shown, Tricia asks Meg to tell him that she had to go to class.

After Tricia is gone, Tony refills his coffee and gets an invitation to sit from Meg. He asks her if she's feeling brave. She can tell he's still in a lot of pain. She tells him that as a friend, she hates to see him suffer in silence. He doesn't want to talk about his problems. Tony wants to leave town and start over. He's not happy in his job since they made him a supervisor. He'd rather be working on the cars. He knows that a guy with his skills can get a job anywhere. Meg asks him to stay. He tells her that he can't stay for her. He begins to describe the kind of life he sees Megan having and she stops him. She doesn't want him to write her life for her. Tony can't see any other alternative than leaving Genoa City. Meg asks if this is good-bye and Tony tells her it is. He tells her he'll send her a post card or maybe one of those boxes of fruit at Christmas. Megan doesn't know how to reply.

NINA finds RYAN on her doorstep. He's upset, having just left the memorial service. Nina offers him some coffee and he accepts. She tells him that Cole called her last night, but she thought it best that she not go. She didn't know how Victoria would take it. Ryan tells her that she sent flowers. Nina is surprised that he knows. She didn't send a card. Ryan tells her he knows she loves sunflowers best and when he saw them, he knew they were from her. "I guess I don't have any secrets from you," she states. They discuss Phillip's schoolwork and the fact that the tutor seems to be helping, although Phillip still seems distracted. The best thing is that Phillip seems to be giving at school.

A distracted Ryan causes Nina to ask if there's more on his mind than coffee and chitchat. Ryan tells her that the service made him think about how fleeting life is and reminded him that there are things that shouldn't go unsaid. He asks her to listen. He has something to tell her from his heart. Even though it seems that they have both moved on with their lives, he still feels connected to her on many levels. His greatest wish is that they remain friends. Nina tells him that as far as she's concerned, his wish is granted. They embrace. He thanks her for listening and she tells him that she'll listen anytime. "I'm going to hold you to that," he says before he goes. She tells him to take care.

MILLIE'S nurse is encouraging her to hang in there. She's seen many stroke victims pull through. Just as she's about to take Millie's blood pressure, she finds the letter. She asks Millie if she wants her to mail it for her, but the nurse is concerned since it's not addressed to anyone, just a post office box. She tells Millie she'll put it in the drawer and let Alice take care of it. When the nurse finally take Millie's blood pressure, it's greatly elevated. Concerned, the nurse tells Millie she has to calm down.

At Central High School in Madison, and impatient ALICE waits for the school secretary to help her. She is quite rude, but the secretary, Mrs. Folgerman, keeps working on the attendance records until she's completed them. Alice tells her that she needs a list of the graduates from 1992 because she's searching for Sharon Collins, a relative of hers. She stresses that it's very important. However, the computer files show no Sharon Collins in the class of 1992. Maniacally, Alice demands that Mrs. Folgerman look at the same class records for the previous year. Alice again stresses how important it is. "So you say," replies a doubtful Mrs. Folgerman. She tells Alice she'll see what she can find.

COLE meets ASHLEY at Gina's. She's just come back into town. She immediately sees that sees that something is wrong and guesses that Victoria had the baby. When Cole tells her that things aren't good, Ashley breaks down in tears. Cole tells her about Vicki's appendix rupturing. The baby got an infection and although the doctors did all they could, she just wasn't strong enough to fight it. Ashley is heartbroken. Through her tears, she whispers, "You had a daughter." He tells her about the memorial service, stating that it's one of the hardest things he's ever had to go through. Ashley is glad that Victoria had Neil and she's sure that he was by Vicki's side every minute. She asks if he's seen Victoria, and he tells her that he has. He omits that he spent much of his time by Vicki's side. Now, he just wants to go home. Ashley suggests that she might take his mind off of things. Cole tells her that it's going to take some time to get over this. Ashley just wants to be there for him.

GRACE bumps into VICTOR outside of JACK'S office. He wants to know what she 's doing there. She tells him that Jack wanted to see her. He abruptly sends her on her way and tells her that she can wait to see Jack.

Hearing Victor outside, BRAD and Jack go into "battle mode" and Victor finds them bickering. The first thing he does is ream Jack for not firing Grace. Jack explains that they can't fire her because of the chance of a sexual harassment suit, since Nicholas was in a position of power over Grace. Victor asks if Jack is going to ignore his wishes. Victor informs him that Grace's presence is a constant reminder to his family of the damage she's caused. Jack implies that Nicholas was just as much to blame. Victor tells Jack he knows it takes two to tango. He just wants to give her a hefty severance package and let her go.

Outside Jack's office, Grace nervously paces. Nick is surprised to find her there. She asks if it would do any good to say she's sorry. Nick tells her no. She asks if there's anything she can do and Nick tells her she's done quite enough. Grace tells him she knows he blames her. Nick corrects her and tells her that he blames himself. "You're never going to forgive me, are you?" she asks. Nick tells her that he'll never forgive himself for what happened; because of his stupidity it may cost him the woman he loves. A tearful Grace tells him that she really is sorry and leaves.

Just as Nick is about to enter Jack's office, Brad comes out and asks him if he really wants to go in there. After all, Nick is not the chosen one of the hour. Brad informs Nick that his father is furious with Jack for not firing Grace. Nick tells Brad he should be the one getting yelled at. Brad tells him that his daddy is the head honcho and if he wants Grace gone, then he'll fire her. But even Brad admits that there could be some serious repercussions.

Jack tells Victor that they just can't fire someone who has had such glowing performance evaluations as Grace has had. Victor hints to Jack that perhaps Grace's job performance could suddenly diminish. Jack tells Victor that Grace could claim that she was pressured on the job because of what happened with Nicholas. Jack wants to wash his hands of this for the record, but Victor is the boss and he can do whatever he pleases. Nick enters and Jack leaves them alone to discuss matters.

Victor can't believe that the family might be embroiled in another scandal so soon. He tells Nicholas that he's being groomed to run one of the largest conglomerates in the world. He advises Nick that he must learn to exercise self-control with beautiful, tempting women. Anyone in today's society can sue for sexual harassment. Nick assures his father that he's learned his lesson. Victor questions Nick about why he would involve himself with Grace when he's married to one of the most beautiful women around. Nick gets upset and tells him he doesn't know. Nick turns and leaves Jack's office.

In his office, Victor meets with Brad. He tells him that more than ever, he feels that he can't trust Jack. He didn't carry out his order to fire Grace and wants to wash his hands of any decision to fire her. Brad tells Victor that sounds like Jack -- always looking out for number one. He suggests to Brad that since it is not feasible to fire Grace, he wants Brad to work her hard and if her performance isn't up to par, then perhaps they've misjudged her abilities. Brad has a suggestion of his own. He mentions that Victor might want to send out a memo to all of the companies about his decision to step back for awhile. Victor looks at him squarely and tells him he will do that only when he is sure that Brad and Jack can work together, and not before.

Later, Grace turns on her tape recorder, slips it into her suit pocket, and enters Victor's office. He asks her to sit. Smiling politely at her, Victor tells Grace that she's come a long way in a short time at Newman Enterprises. He thinks they should discuss her future to see where she's going from there.

Wednesday, November 25, 1998

PAUL is sleeping. Suddenly, he begins tossing around on the bed and Chris goes over to him and comforts him. You were just having a bad dream, she tells him. He says that he was fishing with his dad; as he reached out to touch him, he disappeared and he couldn't find him again. "Tell me it is true," he begs. "Tell me we have found my dad and I'm not dreaming that." Chris tells him that it is true and they are going to see him again in just a little while. But first, she has to tell him something. Paul doesn't want to listen; he is anxious to get going. He tells her that she can tell him on the way. She tells him that she can't do that; she needs to talk to him now while she has his full attention. Chris tells him that he may not want to hear this, but his father doesn't remember anything about his past and doesn't want to know anything about his past. Paul won't believe her. He will talk to his dad and help him to remember. Chris tells him that she can understand his father's reaction; he is happy in his life now and he loves Ruth. He feels like they are there to rip apart his life. Paul says that his dad can't stay with "that woman," he is married to his mom. Besides, look how my own life has been ripped apart! He disappeared fifteen years ago and my mother's live has never been the same. Paul wonders if he really has amnesia and he is going to find out right now! Chris follows him as he races out of the door.

CARL is ranting about those people who are there to ruin their lives; he wants to get in the truck now and leave before they come back. Ruth tells him that it is too late. There is no point in running now. If they do, they will always wonder what it was that Chris had to tell them about his former life. Carl doesn't agree; he storms out of the house saying that he will leave alone. Ruth calls for him to come back but he will not listen.

ALICE and her attitude aren't appreciated by the school secretary who refuses to look any further for Sharon Collins. Angry, Alice screams that she is damn well going to track down Sharon Collins with or without her help. Sharon has something of hers and she is going to get it back. Going out into the hallway, she asks a student the way to the library.

"GOODBYE?" Megan asks Tony. Tony tells her that the two of them will never work. He isn't the kind of guy she is looking for. She has it all; she will graduate from college, find a wonderful job and then marry a doctor or lawyer. She tells him not to be writing her life for her; she is capable of doing that herself. She tells him that running away and being rebellious isn't going to help anything. She understands that he is hurt but leaving will only erase any hope he has for a good life. When he insists that he is going, she tells him that she can't force him to accept help, but when he gets somewhere else and finds himself all alone, remember he had a friend who could have helped but he turned his back on her. She leaves Tony sitting in his self pity.

GRACE, dressed in her red power suit, stops outside Victor's office. She takes the tape recorder out of her pocket, turns it on "record" and puts it back into her pocket before knocking on the door. Victor invites her in and has her sit down. When he is ready to give her his full attention, he tells her that he wants to talk to her about her future and it is time for a change. "A change?" Grace innocently asks. He tells her that at Newman Enterprises, they reward their employees for their hard work and accomplishments and she is no exception. "Then I'm not fired?" Grace asks. "Why on earth would I fire you?" Victor asks in wide-eyed innocence. Grace asks him what kind of a game he is playing with her but Victor says that she is talking to a man who doesn't play games; he will leave the game playing to her. He tells her that he is only looking out for her future. She is a very ambitious young woman and he is going to see that she gets everything that she deserves. He will be overseeing everything to do with her career at Newman Enterprises personally from now on. Any question? When Grace says that she has none, Victor tells her that he is glad that they understand each other. Grace leaves. As soon as she is out the door, Grace takes the suitcase out of her pocket and smiles triumphantly.

SHARON is helping Cassie with her math homework when Tony knocks at the door. Sharon tells Tony about Vicki's child. He is upset and tells her to tell Victoria that he wishes her the best. "Why don't you tell her yourself?" Sharon asks. He tells her that he is thinking about leaving town. Cassie becomes upset and begs him not to leave. She is depressed; first Nick doesn't come home and now Tony is leaving. Sharon comforts Cassie and sends her to her room to practice her math. Sharon tells Tony that his leaving will not solve anything and it will mean that Grace is still dictating his life. As Sharon talks about what a good person he is and how Grace is the fool for not seeing that, he explodes and tells her that the man she sees before her is not the real Tony. This isn't how he was when he lived in Madison; this is what he became in order to get Grace to marry him. Sharon begs to differ with him; she has seen him with Cassie and you just can't fool a child like that. Cassie comes back into the room in time to say good bye to Tony and to ask him one more time not to leave. He can only promise that he won't leave GC without saying goodbye to her. When they are alone, Cassie says sadly that Tony really is going away. Sharon tells her not to worry about it. "I'm not worried, Mommy," Cassie says softly. "I know you will always be here." Sharon wraps her arms around her daughter and assures her that she will always be there, always.

ALICE arrives at the hospital and is her usual sweet self. "Still here, I see," She says. "I thought you'd be in the morgue by now." She goes on to relate to Millie that she finally hit pay dirt. She pulls a book out of a bag and goes to the senior class. She looks but there isn't a Sharon Collins listed. Maybe she was a junior. Looking through the cast list for the juniors, she still doesn't find a Sharon Collins. Going to the index she looks and finds a picture of Sharon listed for page 69. Turning to that page, she sees a group picture of those in the art class. "I can't believe that I am looking at a picture of Sharon Collins, the woman who took my little Cassie away from me."

GRACE has made a beeline for Michael's office. As she enters, he is giving someone a hard time on the telephone. She tells him that thanks to him, she won't have to keep working at Newman Enterprises. She says that Victor Newman is blaming her for Denver and he is harassing the hell out of her. She says that she caught it all on the tape. Michael takes the tape from her and listens to it. When he is finished, he is very disappointed. He tells Grace that Victor is a brilliant businessman; there is nothing on the tape that they can use in a lawsuit against him. Grace can't believe it; can't he hear the threats on that tape? Michael agrees that if you listen between the lines, you hear threats, but that won't work in court. "I can't go back there!" Grace cries. "Victor is gunning for me. He will make my life a living hell!" Michael tells her that she is going to go back there and she is going to "kick butt!" She is going to complete every assignment that they throw her way and she is going to do it better than they ever hoped. As long as she does that, there is nothing they can do. If anyone does bother her, she should just let him know and he will deal with it. Grace throws her arms around Michael and thanks him generously. "I don't know what I would do without you," she purrs.

VICTOR is working in his office when his secretary calls to let him know that someone is there to see him. Send her in, he says. The door opens and in walks Phyllis. She reminds him that the last time she was there, he wanted to make a deal with her for information about Michael Baldwin; now she is ready to firm up that deal. Victor toys with her, asking her why she would betray the man she is sleeping with. Phyllis only says that she is the one person who knows Michael Baldwin inside and out. Victor works out that she and Michael are on the outs and in order to help him, she will have to worm her way back into Michael's good graces. When Phyllis asks if they have a deal or not, he tells her to close the door on her way out of the office. However, he adds that if she ever has anything to deal with, she can come back and he will decide if then if it is worth anything. After Phyllis slams the door behind her, Victor walks to the window and stares out. So, you've turned your back on Michael Baldwin and now you want to get information on him for me. To do that, you have to return to the man's bed. How can you do that? How will you be able to worm your way back into his good graces? I know one thing, I'll wager that you will try.

MICHAEL is busy when a contrite Phyllis walks into his office. She wants to make up and put the past behind. She is SO VERY SORRY for what happened and all she wants is his forgiveness. The one thing she never wanted to be was a jealous wife and here she was, being a jealous wife and they aren't even married. She promises it will never happen again. When Michael asks if she really expects him to believe this act, she agrees that he is a man of action. She begins to undress as she says that maybe another method will convince him.

RUTH is setting the table when Chris and Paul arrive. She tells them that Jim has left. They don't believe her but she tells them that he didn't want to see them again and when she wouldn't go with him, he went alone. Paul angrily asks why the table is set for two if she isn't expecting him back. She explains that she is going about her normal routine hoping that things will come back to normal. She tells them that she is hanging by a thread since they came and disrupted their lives. She is terrified that she will lose Jim, the man she loves with all her heart. Paul gets really nasty and tells her that she isn't the only person involved here. As she continues to say that she doesn't know where Jim is, Paul shouts at her that she is going to tell him right now; he is going to get the answer out of her one way or the other. Chris is trying to hold him back when Carl walks through the door and says that he is right here. He tells Paul that he had better not ever talk to Ruth like that again. He says that he was on his way out of town hoping that he could get Ruth to join him on the road, but he came back because she had finally convinced him that he couldn't run away from the past. Paul is sputtering angrily and trying to get a word in when Carl finally stops and demands to know what connection Paul has to him. For a moment Paul is speechless. Then he shouts, "YOU ARE MY FATHER! I AM YOUR SON!" Now it is Carl who is speechless.

Thursday, November 26, 1998

Due to the Thanksgiving holiday, The Young and The Restless did not air.

Friday, November 27, 1998

NIKKI visits VICTOR at the office. She's brought him some Thanksgiving leftovers. He's not hungry. He's worried about their children. Victoria's just lost her first child and Nicholas is separated from his family. Nikki informs Victor that Nicholas spent Thanksgiving at the office. He asks Nikki if he knows what Victoria is planning to do when she's released from the hospital and Nikki tells him she hasn't been able to read Victoria yet. Victor sends get well wishes and his love to his daughter.

DORIS loses again to CASSIE at checkers. SHARON finds that Noah is still sleeping. Listless, she goes to the kitchen to bake. Doris and Cassie talk about why Sharon is so sad, in generalities. Cassie understands that Nick did something to hurt Sharon and is afraid that Sharon doesn't love Nick anymore. Doris tells Cassie that she believes Sharon loves Nick in her heart and soul, but she can't see that for the pain. Sharon walks in and tries to further explain that sometimes adults make terrible mistakes. Cassie reminds Sharon what she's always told her about mistakes -- you learn from them so that "you don't do the same dumb thing over again." Sharon and Doris exchange looks. Doris suggests that they go down to Gina's and help out with her annual feast for the homeless and needy of Genoa City. Enthusiastically, all of them go and leave Noah with the sitter.

NICHOLAS comes to see his father, who is extremely displeased with him. He blasts Nicholas for not even trying to see Sharon on Thanksgiving. Nicholas tells him that Sharon made it clear she needed some space and he's respecting her wishes. Victor yells, "You may be respecting her wishes right into divorce court!" He tells Nicholas that his judgment leaves a lot to be desired lately. He instructs him to go by and visit his family to let them know that he's thinking of them. It could make a difference. However, when Nick goes by the house, everyone is gone. He looks at all the family pictures and realizes just how much he misses his family. He sees Cassie's hand-drawn picture of their family and asks, "What have I done to you, Cassie? What have I done to us?"

DIANE is working on her calendar. MARISSA sees that she's depressed and reminds her by this time next year, she'll be a rich woman. Diane reminisces that last year it was Jack who brightened her day with a bouquet of flowers. She's wondering if anyone will ever do that for her ever again when BRAD pops by and with a huge bouquet of white and fuchsia daylilies and white bougainvillea for her. He also has a smaller bouquet of lavender roses for Marissa, which totally surprises her. Marissa puts the flowers in vases and goes upstairs.

Brad and Diane talk about Diane's previous Thanksgiving, where she was forced to sit in the presence of Nikki. She tells Brad it was always "Nikki's wishes." Her marriage to Victor was a farce from the beginning because it's quite clear that Victor can never commit to any woman except Nikki. Nikki will always come first. Brad tells Diane that Victor does have weaknesses. Diane says if she didn't know better, she would think that Brad planned on finding a "chink in Victor's armor" and doing something about it. Brad covers well by telling her that Victor just gave him a great job. Why would he want to do that? Diane asks again about his relationship with Jack. Brad tells her that in a nutshell, he and Jack mix like oil and water because he used to be married to Jack's younger sister. Then, things heat up. Diane and Brad end up in a passionate kiss. Marissa watches from upstairs, either uncertain of what she's seeing blossom or wishing it could be her.

VICTORIA is sitting on the couch in her room when NINA comes to visit. Nina wondered how Victoria was. She was going to come to the memorial service but thought she'd be in the way. At first, they start with chitchat, but then Nina honestly expresses her sorrow as she remembers the loss of her and Ryan's child. She wasn't that far along, but she has some idea of what Victoria is going through. A tearful Victoria thanks her and asks her when it stops hurting so much. Nina tells her she doesn't know but that one day, Victoria will wake up and it will hurt a little less. Nina tells her if there's anything she can do for Victoria, all she need do is call.

A bewildered Nikki sees Nina leaving Victoria's room. She's worried that it was a stressful visit, but when Victoria tells Nikki why Nina came, Nikki is touched that Nina shared Victoria's heartache. Victoria talks about all the wonderful cards and flowers she's gotten. She tells Nikki that she hopes that something good comes from all of this because right now, Eve's death seems so pointless.

MARY and CHARLIE are having coffee. Mary's worried about Paul because he and Chris didn't call until the last minute to tell her they would be out of town for Thanksgiving. Charlie tells her that they're young and in love. They probably needed some time of their own. Mary tells him that something just isn't right.

LYNNE drops by and Mary interrogates her about Paul's plans. Lynne tells Mary that he probably went to meet Chris, since she's been doing so much traveling. Charlie then reads the ad from the paper about Gina's annual dinner. Gina needs volunteers and food donations. Mary says they can provide both. Lynne tells them that she'll stop by the office, check the messages, and join them at Gina's.

KATHERINE and GINA are rushing around making last minute preparation for the buffet. ESTHER finally makes it and mentions the people lining up. She tells Katherine that she had a terrible time getting the hotel to let her use one of the ovens. However, when it is uncovered, Esther's bird is magnificent. Suddenly Esther realizes that she and Katherine are homeless, just like many of those outside are. Katherine tells her to stop thinking like that, but it's evident that Katherine is bothered.

Sharon, Doris, and Cassie arrive to help, much to Gina's delight. Doris has brought an apple pie. Gina puts them all to work.

JILL and JOHN come looking for a bite to eat, but find that Gina is closed for her annual dinner. John commends her. Then Jill sees Katherine and wants to know what she's doing wearing an apron. Gina comments that Katherine is helping serve. Jill decides she wants to help to. She asks for an apron and tells John and Gina that Katherine doesn't have the market cornered on virtue. Gina asks John if he'll watch everything to make sure things run smoothly; this is her baby and she doesn't want to see it ruined.

As the homeless and needy pour in to get a bite to eat, Jill sidles up to Katherine who is serving on the line. She tells Katherine she hopes she likes the "soup kitchen" atmosphere because Katherine will be eating in many after Jill gets the estate. Katherine, with much grace and dignity, totally ignores Jill.

Cassie comes eye to eye with a young girl about her own age who is clearly not as fortunate as Cassie is. She offers her a roll and the girl's mother tells the girl it's okay to take it. Cassie looks thoughtful and a bit disturbed.

Esther takes over for Katherine on the serving line to give her a break. A needy woman approaches Katherine, calling her by name. The woman commends Katherine for her efforts at Gina's today. She didn't expect to see a woman of Katherine's stature at such an event. Katherine tells her that they could easily be in each other's shoes were it not for luck. "Bad and good," replies the woman. Before leaving Katherine, the nameless woman tells Katherine she'll remember what she said.

At the end of the meal, Katherine asks the guest to applaud Gina and also to give praise to "a Higher Power." She leads the guests in "The Lord's Prayer." Afterward, she closes her eyes, and silently her lips continue to lift her own personal prayers.

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