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Beatrice took the stand, and she admitted that she had received money from Jill in exchange for her testimony. Paul tried in vain to help Carl remember who he was. Charlie proposed to Mary. Alice tracked down Grace in Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 14, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday December 14, 1998

GRACE goes to Michael's office and begins whining about her life at Newman Enterprises. She needs a career change, she says. Her boss is spying on her, no one will talk to her, and she is treated like absolute dirt and she doesn't even know what she has done wrong! Michael says that they could use someone like her at this partnership, but he thinks it would be a mistake for her to leave Newman's. He suggests that she hang in there, take what they dish out but keep a record of anything and everything that they do or say; he says to write down her even own thoughts. When the time comes, they will be able to use all of that in their case against Newman. Grace says that there is nothing she wants more than to bring Victor Newman and his son to their knees. Victor, she says, is so cold and calculating. When Michael assures her that that is what they are going to do, she suggests that he has his own agenda where it comes to taking Victor down. He says that he will do anything for his clients. She asks what she owes him so far and he tells her that she could pay for it with one dinner date. She says she is looking forward to it. He ushers her out of the office because he is expecting one of his other clients.

MEGAN and TONY are dancing and kissing. When they finish, Megan says that she isn't the little girl everybody thinks she is. She wants to leave but Tony says that there is somewhere he has to be but he will call her. Megan sits with her head in the clouds as Ryan comes into the room and spots her. He joins her and she asks him why men are so weird. He guesses that she is taking about Tony and asks her if he blows her away. She answers that with Tony she has fireworks, bells and whistles. He reminds her that she is a special person and she shouldn't forget that ever; he also warns her about letting some guy take that away from her. Meg says that she intends to take her time. Ryan has to leave; he has an appointment to meet Nina and Phillip at Gina's.

JOHN is talking with his private detective about Beatrice. He has no new information and time is running out. Jill tells him to hire more detectives but John says that wouldn't help any; this one is doing all that can be done. When John mentions that he should have subpoenaed her, Jill goes ballistic and calls him stupid. He turns on her and tells her that if she knows of another lawyer who can handle this case better, to go hire him. There is just so much abuse he is willing to take from her. Jill realizes that she has gone too far and apologizes. She says that she is going to the courthouse to wait; he has more work to do and stays in her office.

COLE stops by to see Sharon. She tells him that she is sorry about Vicki and the baby. She asks how he is doing and he says that he is getting through it; things happen and you have to move on. He tells her that he has heard about the separation and asks how she is feeling. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it; she says that she is under so much pressure from the Newman's. He can understand where they are coming from but she asks him how he would feel if everyone told him to stop grieving for his little girl. He admits that he would be angry. But then again, he adds, he wishes the world was perfect and everyone in it was perfect. She asks if Nick sent him to plead his case. Cole can't deny that Nick has talked to him and Sharon is angry that once again, the Newman's are interfering. Before she has a chance to say much more, there is a knock at the door. Opening it, she finds Tony. She gives him a welcoming hug. He comes in and speaks to Cole then asks where Peanut is. Before Sharon can tell him, Cassie rushes into the room and jumps in Tony's arms. Cole says good bye to them and leaves.

MICHAEL wants Katherine to read over the transcripts of the case but she finds it boring and useless. He tells her that they have to be up on everything; they have to get into everyone's head. She wants him to pretend that she is Beatrice so that he can practice on her. She has several suggestions for how he can do a better job, but Michael finally gets across to her that he is the attorney and she is the client. He does have one question about Beatrice. How is it that she was too broke to pay her rent in a senior's retirement home but now she has money for a nice apartment? Kay doesn't know but she hopes they never see Beatrice again. Michael, on the other hand, is looking forward to seeing her again.

PHYLLIS complains to Gina about the cold coffee. Gina says that like the coffee, Phyllis has just been sitting there all day growing roots. Standing, Phyllis says that she has been thrown out of better places than this. However, when Bradley comes in with Ashley, she changes her mind and decides to stay. She orders more coffee.

BRAD wants to know what Ashley is running away from---or is she running to something or someone? Ashley sticks with her story of trouble in the Paris office, but Brad tells her that he doesn't buy it. She says that he will have to trust her; she can't talk about it now. When he tells her that he will always be there, she thanks him. They kiss and she leaves.

Gina brings back a pot of coffee to Phyllis and when Phyllis asks who Brad is, Gina tells her that he is Brad Carlton and he is way out of her league. Phyllis says that it is intriguing that he has been in there three times today and with three different women. Gina guesses that she is going to make it four.

Getting up, Phyllis goes to Brad's table just as he gets up to leave. She just wants a word with him and sits down as if he will naturally sit with her---which he does. She claims to be a writer and she is wondering what he was doing with three different women today. He must be a terrific friend or an amazing Don Juan or a shrink. Brad admits that he isn't a shrink. When he tries to question Phyllis about who she is, she slips around the question. She finally has to admit that she isn't a writer but she won't tell him what she does for a living. When she learns that he works at Newman, she comments that he was out with one of Victor Newman's ex-wives. He corrects her and says that he was there with two of Victor's former wives. Phyllis is taken by surprise, as she didn't know that Ashley was once married to Victor. Brad gets up to leave and says, "Ciao, bella!" Phyllis answers in perfect Italian.

PHILLIP is about to jump out of his skin waiting for Ryan to arrive at Gina's. When Ryan finally does arrive, he gets right down to the Christmas plans. He wants Ryan to spend Christmas Eve with his mother and him. Ryan agrees. Phillip asks about the weekend before Christmas and Ryan says that he is free to do what ever Phillip wants to do. Phillip is jumping for joy! Ryan asks how he would like to go on a skiing trip. Phillip loves the idea, saying that his mom loves to cross country ski. Ryan says that it would be him, Tricia and Phillip. Phillip says that he wants his mom to go. Nina says that she can't make it. Ryan begins to describe all the amenities of the resort and all the different things that they could do, but Phillip tells him that the idea stinks!

ALICEis excited about finding out about Sharon and Grace but wonders how she is going to find Grace in Genoa City if even her mother doesn't know how to reach her. Al sarcastically asks why she just doesn't call information and see if she has a phone. Alice thinks this is a good idea and she makes the call. She is lucky; Grace has a phone in Genoa City after all. Picking up the phone, she dials the number. Back in Genoa City, Grace answers the phone. Alice gives her a false name and says that she is trying to get in touch with Sharon Collins. "You do remember who she is, don't you?" Grace has a stunned look on her face.

JILLting in the hallway looking forlorn when Beatrice walks in. When she sees her, she jumps up and drags her into an empty room. "Beatrice, where have you been?" Jill asks.

Tuesday, December 15, 1998

COLE stops by Nick's office to let him know that he has seen Sharon. When Nick looks at him, she surmises correctly that it didn't go too good, but Cole tells him that he is doing the right thing by now pressuring her. He only wishes he could keep his parents from pressuring her; he is so afraid that she will take the kids and move away. Cole assures him that he will keep talking to Sharon for him. Cole mentions that Tony stopped by while he was there and Nick becomes very angry. Cole says that Sharon needs someone to talk to and the two of them are in the same boat. Nick sarcastically asks if they have formed their own support group. Cole tells him not to read too much into this. He leaves, telling him that he will be seeing Sharon again soon. "Just what I need," Nick murmurs angrily after Cole has gone. "Tony!"

GRACE is on the phone With Alice, a.k.a. Tammy Haggart. Alice is telling her that she is on the alumni committee and she is preparing a directory. However, she is having trouble finding any information on Sharon Collins. Grace hesitates to tell her that she knows Sharon and where she is located, but tells her that if she will leave her name and number, she will let her know if she hears anything. Telling Alice to keep her name out of the directory, she hangs up. As she goes about her work, she can't help but continue to think os the conversation. Finally, she decides that something is up and it hasn't anything to do with the alumni directory. "Maybe I'd better tell Nick about this," she smiles as she takes out her compact to check her makeup.

NICK is busy when Grace comes into the office asking to talk to him. He asks her if it is business, because that is the only reason he wants to talk to her. When she tells him it isn't business, he sends her away. Just as Grace gets to the door, Nick calls her back. There is something he wants to talk to her about. Grace looks hopeful until Nick asks her why she hasn't made up with Tony and married him. Grace is taken aback. It isn't that easy, she tells him. He remarks that with all her charm and talent, she should have been able to reel him in by now. Grace tells him to GO TO HELL and storms out of the office.

CHRISTINE enters the office and asks Lynn if it is save to enter the inner sanctum. Lynn tells her that it is every man for himself. Just then there is the sound of loud laughter from the inner office. Both ladies go into the office with their mouths hanging open to find Paul laughing at a client's joke. Once he hangs up the phone, he is back to his usual grumpy self. When he is alone with Chris, he tells her that he is still in a quandary as to what to do about his dad. Should he tell his mother or just leave him to his life with Ruth? He says that it is ironic that this has come up just when his mother is ready to move on with Charlie. Chris says that they shouldn't give up without even trying but she doesn't know how to go about getting his memory back for him. As they talk about it, Chris has an idea. What if they took him some things to give his memory a jog? They can start with the photo album but what about other things around the house. They decide to stop by Mary's for a drink later with her and Charlie. While they are there, they will look around for some things to take to Norfolk.

JILL drags Beatrice into an empty room and demands to know where she has been and why she left. Beatrice says that she went to visit a friend because she was nervous about testifying. She begins her song about "once I'm through testifying, there will be no need for you to help me." Jill tries to convince her that her word is good. Beatrice says that she is two months behind in her rent right now, but Jill once again explains that it would be wrongly construed if she were to pay her rent before she testifies. Finally, she plays on Beatrice's respect for Phillip. This was the last thing that Phillip asked of her. It would allow him to rest in peace, finally, if he could know that Jill was finally in the house he wanted her to have. Beatrice agrees to testify. Leaving, Jill tells her to wait right there in that room and she will tell John Silva where she is. Unknown to Jill, Michael is taking an aspirin at the water fountain and overhears.

Once Jill has gone into the courtroom, Michael goes into the room and has a little talk with Beatrice. He tells her that he is doing her a favor by letting her know ahead of time what he is going to ask her; he wouldn't want her to worry about what he will ask. He mentions that she is living in a very fancy neighborhood now---much better than that retirement home she once called home. How was she able to improve her circumstances so much in just a few months? He leaves and goes back into the courtroom. Sitting beside Katherine, he tells her to play it cool no matter what happens.

RYAN looks at his son with disappointment and tells him that he is not being fair to him and he didn't deserve that remark. Nina tells Phillip that she thinks that it was nice of his dad to invite him on the trip. Ryan says he didn't do it to be nice; he did it because he wants to share Phillip's company in Aspen. He says that Phillip needs to understand that he is married now and he will be spending time with his wife---who, by the way, suggested the trip in the first place. Phillip says that he doesn't like Tricia and Tricia doesn't like him. Ryan says that he hasn't made any effort to get to know Tricia. He says that this is what his life is about and he wants Phillip to make an effort and have an open mind and give his wife a chance. Phillip doesn't back down and asks if the rest of the deal is off now. Ryan says that he will still spend Christmas Eve with him and his mom and they will still go to the Winter Carnival, but with or without Phillip, he is still going to Aspen with his wife the day after Christmas. Things are quiet for a while but Phillip tells his mom that he needs to talk to his dad. Nina finally gets the hint and excuses herself. Phillip says that he needs help with his mother's Christmas present. He saw something down the street that he thinks she would like but needs help with it. When Nina returns, they tell her to wait for them there; they are going to do a little shopping.

While Nina waits for the men to return, Tricia joins her at the table. Nina reports to her that she will be happy to know that Phillip passed on the ski trip---she even tells her that Phillip thinks that a trip with Ryan and Tricia stinks. Tricia wonders if Nina sits around badmouthing her all the time. Nina says she is more responsible than that. "Look into my eyes," Tricia tells her. "Look into my eyes and tell me if you have ever said one positive thing about me to your son." Nina looks at Tricia then looks away without speaking. Tricia says that she wouldn't call that being responsible. Nina says that her only concern is Phillip who is not handling the divorce well. She says that he is the one who has suffered the most. Tricia asks if Nina is saying that it is all her fault. Nina says that it is the fault of all of them; they all share the blame equally. "That is the first fair thing you've said to me, Nina," Tricia says. She leaves for the restroom. While she is gone, Phillip and Ryan return with a festive bag. Tricia returns to find the three of them laughing as Nina begs to shake the box and make a guess.

Court is called to order and Beatrice is called to the stand. John takes her through her testimony. She says that she and another maid were called into Mr. Chancellor's office and asked to witness his signature. One of the papers was a power of attorney; the others were the deeds to the house. She mentions that she also saw another document lying on the desk. What she noticed about it was that one paragraph was crossed out and there was some writing in the margin. John shows her the divorce agreement with the paragraph crossed out and she identifies it as the one she saw. She says that after she witnessed the signature, she went with Mr. Chancellor into the room with Mrs. Chancellor and she witnessed Mr. Chancellor explaining to his wife what the papers were. She testifies that Katherine told Mr. Chancellor that she understood what the papers were.

Michael begins to ask questions of Beatrice. He reminds her of making the deposition earlier in his office. Bea remembers doing the deposition. Michael reminds her that during that deposition he asked her about other papers. "Do you remember that?" Michael asks, gently. Yes, Beatrice remembers. "Then why didn't you mention the document with the paragraph marked through?" Michael asks. Beatrice's eyes widen but she doesn't say a word.

Wednesday, December 16, 1998

BRAD meets JACK in Gina's. Apparently Jack has been visiting all the other companies gathering support for their "takeover." He wants to know how Brad is doing getting Victor to make the announcement that he is stepping aside. Jack has to wonder if Brad is up to the game when he says that he hasn't been able to accomplish that feat as yet, because the timing is off. He explains that this is a sensitive area and they can't over play their hands. Jack says he brought Brad in because he was a high stakes gambler. Was he wrong? Brad says that he is a good gambler; he knows when to show his hand and when to fold. Now isn't the time to show the hand. When Jack wonders if he should boot Brad out of the equation all together, Brad says that there is one problem; they have too much on each other. Before Jack can answer this, Phyllis comes to the table and greets Jack. Brad greets her by name and Jack realizes that they know each other; a fact that Brad makes clear. As Brad gets up to leave, he tells Phyllis that if she gets bored---and she will---he will be around. Jack looks unhappy at this but doesn't say anything. Jack and Phyllis exchange some flirting and sexual innuendoes. She tells him that she hasn't gotten over Michael yet, but she is hoping that she can get him back. However that doesn't seem to prevent her from making plans with Jack for a renewal of their last date.

CHRIS and PAUL plan their "caper" at Mother Mary's house when they stop by for drinks. They already have the photo album but Paul would like to pick up a few more things. He would like his Dad's old fishing hat that is in the hall closet. Then his dad received a commendation that he was especially proud of and he also has a baseball that he caught for Paul at Wrigley Field when Paul was a boy. When Chris worries about their little "heist," he assures her that they will only get 3 to 4 years for pilfering.

CARL is looking out the window when Ruth comes into the room and asks who he is looking at. He tells her that he isn't certain who he is seeing these days. She tells him that "those people" won't be back again; she is certain of that. He says that he wants to sell right now and leave as soon as possible. He realizes that she is very fond of the house but a house doesn't make a home. Anywhere they are that will be home he tells her. There is a knock at the door and it is the realtor with good news. When the other couple didn't hear back about their offer, they made a new one. They went up $10,000 on their offer, something that is almost unheard of. Ruth and Carl are both speechless.

MARY is entertaining Charlie when Paul and Chris arrive. Paul takes their coats and goes to the hall closet to hang them up. While there, he starts looking for the hat. In the process, he knocks some boxes off the shelf. Mary calls out to him asking what he is searching for. When he comes back into the room, Paul sheepishly says that he was looking for his dad's old fishing hat. Mary says she has it packed up with a lot of his dad's other things in the basement. Paul offers to go get it, but Mary quickly says she will do it. Paul takes this opportunity to "powder his nose," and rushes up to his old room where the commendation and the baseball are located. When he comes back down, Mary is there with the hat. Paul distracts her by saying something is burning. He takes the opportunity to put the commendation in Chris's large handbag. After a short conversation, Paul and Chris get up to leave. As he hugs Mary, she feels the ball in his jacket and asks what it is. He tells her it is his cell phone---never leave home without it. After they leave, Mary wonders why Paul was acting so strangely. Charlie says it is because he is finally comfortable with having a man in his mother's life.

BEATRICE is till on the witness stand and Michael has just asked her why she didn't tell him about the other document at the deposition hearing. She goes into a rambling explanation about how she is old and forgetful. That is also the reason she didn't tell him that Katherine was drunk or not. Michael asks her about her "vested interest" in the outcome of the trial. She says that she doesn't have any. Michael talks about her move from the Elms Retirement Center to Patricia drive and seems to accept her explanation that she had not paid her rent at the retirement center because of a dispute. Michael gives her a long look then announces that he is finished. Jill and John look delighted but Kay has a puzzled look on her face. The judge calls for a ten-minute recess. John is surprised at Michael and goes off to make a call. Michael tells Katherine, who has stood and moved to the other side of the table, to keep an eye on Jill and Beatrice and let him know when Beatrice leaves. When Kay says she has left, he asks if Jill went with her. Katherine says no and he tells her to make sure that Jill does not leave while he is gone. Why? He tells her to JUST DO IT!

MICHAEL finds Beatrice out in the hallway and invites her to join him in one of the empty rooms. He brings up the subject of perjury and warns her about live in prison. He tells her that he doesn't believe her story of a dispute at the retirement home and as soon as he gets evidence of her lies, he will take it to the judge whether this case is over or not. He tells her, however, that when a person does commit perjury but goes back on the stand while the case is still going on and recant her story, the judge doesn't consider that perjury. Just then, the bailiff comes in and says that Michael is wanted in Judges Chambers. Michael gives Beatrice one long look and tells her that he doesn't want to hurt her. He tells her to think about what he has said as it will be the most important decision she will ever have to make.

JILL saunters over to Kay's table and begins to gloat about how well her case is going. She predicts that soon, Kay will be out on the street without a home of her own. Katherine says that the case isn't over yet but Jill tells her that her lawyer is a marshmallow. He didn't even touch Beatrice's testimony. When Jill says that she can already see Kay out on the street panhandling for enough money to buy her booze, Katherine gets very angry and calls her the lowest excuse for a human being she has ever know. She says that she hasn't had a drink in years and Jill knows it. Jill says that that is only because she has been able to hide behind her house and position in society. Kay tells her that even if she does get the house and everything that she owns, she will still be a lady with class but Jill will be what she has always been, a tramp. Jill doesn't let it phase her. She tells Kay that she might as well hand over the keys to the house now because she has lost. When Kay leaves the table without answering, Jill shouts at her that nobody likes a sore loser.

VICTOR is busy when his secretary calls to tell him that someone is there to see him. He tells her to send "her" in but he keeps on with his paperwork. Phyllis saunters in full of confidence. He tells her to take a seat and he will be with her soon. She tells him to take his time; she will use that time to savor the information she has for him. When Victor has stalled long enough, he asks her what she has. Phyllis tells him that one of his top executives is squiring Diane around town. "Brad Carlton?" Victor responds. Phyllis is surprised that he knows and disappointed when he tells her that he is encouraging the liaison. He says he wants information on Michael Baldwin, pillow talk, not something that the gossip columns would enjoy having. He wants information that will bring Michael Baldwin down and anything else is a waste of his time. GOT THAT! DON'T COME BACK UNTIL YOU HAVE WHAT I WANT!

CHARLIE compliments Mary on her dinner and tells her that he couldn't hold dessert right now. While she is out of the room, he takes a small box from his pocket and opens it. It is an engagement ring. He hurriedly puts it away when Mary returns. She sees that he is hiding something but she knows better to ask at this time of the year.

The REALTOR tells Ruth and Carl that the couple who have looked at the house have just sold their home in California and have plenty of money. She feels that this is a good deal for them. Ruth and Carl talk it over. He feels that they can't afford to turn the deal down. Just then the phone rings. It is Chris. She says that she and Paul want to have one more meeting with him. If after that meeting he doesn't want to see them again, then they will honor his wishes. He agrees to see them one last time. She says that they will fly down tomorrow and see him about ten in the morning. Carl tells Ruth that the Williams will be there at ten in the morning. The realtor says couple wants the house so much that they are willing to close the deal right away. She says that she will handle everything for them, even the packing and moving. It would be a big mistake to let this offer pass by. How soon could we leave? Carl wants to know. She assures him that he could be out of the house and on their way tonight.

Thursday, December 17, 1998

A bedraggled JACK comes down the stairs of the Abbott home to find PHYLLIS dressed and refreshing her makeup. It's obvious that he doesn't feel well and admits that the second bottle of champagne did him in. Phyllis is rather seductive and Jack comments on her energy. He doesn't know quite how to approach a delicate subject, but Phyllis is already one step ahead. She realizes that he doesn't want anyone to know she spent the night there and she's called a cab. When it arrives, she tells him she hopes to see him soon. Jack shakes his painful head after she's gone but smile graces his lips.

COLE and ASHLEY say their good-byes early because Cole needs to go out to the ranch to work on his book. Cole blows her a kiss on his way out. Jack watches from the kitchen doorway and just has to remark on the huge send-off that Ashley gave Cole. Ashley tells him she's leaving for Paris and Jack's upset that she may not be there for Christmas. She tells him it's something she has to take care of now.

NEIL and VICTORIA discuss the fact that she's going back to work today, just for awhile. Neil wishes she would wait awhile longer, but Victoria is determined. She promises not to push herself too hard if he promises not to worry so much. In discussing their Christmas plans, Victoria tells him that since he's her fiancé, he'll be expected at the ranch for Christmas. She assures him he won't be intruding. Neil's cell phone rings. It's Ashley and she wants to speak with him before she leaves. Neil tells her he's on his way. When Victoria asks if it's something important at the office, Neil is evasive. Cole bursts through the door to greet Victoria; Neil becomes somber, barely speaking to Cole as he leaves.

Cole asks how she's doing. Victoria tells him that she's surviving and Cole tells her that she's one of the strongest women he knows, if not the strongest. Victoria asks him about his new book. He's hoping to wrap up chapter eleven today. He tells her that he's not moving his office in the middle of the book. Victoria makes a comment that the ranch stirs his creative juices. Cole tells her that it's nice that he can check on her as well, considering what's happened. Cole tells her that he's off to work and she mentions going in to Brash and Sassy herself. Cole won't hear of it. He tells her that the company can do without her for a few more days -- doctor's orders. Victoria finally agrees not to go in and Cole leaves. She smiles after he's gone.

Neil meets with Ashley, who is concerned about what might possibly be transpiring between Cole and Victoria since the loss of their daughter. Neil agrees that the timing of this trip is bad in more ways than one. He even suggests that Cole go with her. Ashley tells Neil that it's not possible. Neil says he hopes she knows what she's doing. Ashley hopes so as well.

CALLIE is marveling over her contract. GINA asks if she's made up her mind. Callie is going to see Trey. She wants more information. Gina tells her that she doesn't trust Trey and Callie agrees. She has to warn Callie that if she leaves for this gig, Gina will have to fill her position as soon as possible. That means her room and her job won't be waiting for her if it doesn't work out. Callie tells Gina that if this deal is legitimate, she'll have to do it. Before Callie leaves, Gina gives her a hug.

In Detroit, TREY is more than glad to see Callie. She tells him she wants the truth. The offer looks good, but is he doing a number on her again? He asks why she sent Malcolm to see her. Callie tells him that she didn't send Malcolm, but that Malcolm could mop up the floor with Trey. Trey assumes that Callie and Malcolm are seeing each other and Callie tells him it's none of his business. Callie warns him that if the offer is a bunch of hot air, she's gone forever. She doesn't think that even he would fake something this big, but she wants to know what strings are attached. He tells her there are no strings. She tells him that he wants something, but she's not some possession he lost. He tells her she's a beautiful woman and he wants her back in every way. His eyes sweep over her seductively.

PHYLLIS comes to see MICHAEL. She tells him she's on a mission and she's not leaving until it's accomplished. She wants to whisk him away on a sunny Christmas trip to Aruba. She hands him a gold-wrapped ticket with a red bow. She feels it's just the thing they need to resuscitate their relationship. She begs him to come with her. He tells her that he's in the middle of a big case right now and he's not going to sun himself on some beach when he has so much work to do. Phyllis tells him that if he's thinking of spending time with Diane, she's got a new man. Michael tells her he has no idea what his holiday plans are and walks out on her. "I can't believe that when I had you kidnapped," Phyllis hisses. "That I didn't have them break your legs, too!"

OLIVIA, MALCOLM, and NATE come into Gina's on their way to an ice skating excursion. Malcolm and Nate are acting like children, playing with the salt and peppershakers. Olivia looks around for Callie, but Gina tells her Callie's not around. Gina invites Nate to come to the kitchen and help her make hot chocolate for everyone. Olivia wonders if Neil is going to spend any time with them this Christmas or if Victoria will monopolize his time. Malcolm asks if she's considered that he might want to spend the holidays with his fiancée. He becomes sarcastic and tells her that perhaps Neil should move in with them and then he could ring in the New Year all the way to Easter. Olivia tells him he always has to take it one step too far.

Nate re-joins them and tells them he also helped decorate Christmas cookies. Malcolm is absorbed in Nate and Olivia seethes. Gina has read over Callie's new offer and shows the contract to Malcolm. This makes Olivia even more unhappy. Malcolm doesn't trust Trey, but Gina tells him from what she can tell the contract is truly legitimate. She tells him it's a major career-maker and if Callie takes it, she doesn't think they'll see Callie Rogers again. Olivia softens and a slight smiles forms on her lips, as if she'd like nothing better than for Callie to be gone for good.

CHARLIE makes an early morning visit to MARY. She's appalled because she's in her bed robe with no makeup. She makes Charlie wait for her while she freshens up and chides him for coming over so early. While she's upstairs, he steals a glance at the engagement ring that's nestled in his pocket and smiles. Once they sit down together, he tells her how much she means to him and how his life has changed. He tells her he tried to tell her this last night, but chickened out. He pulls out the box and opens it, asking Mary if she'll be his wife. She is completely stunned and doesn't answer him.

CARL and RUTH are packing up the house. He's worried about Ruth. He wants to be gone before Chris and Paul come. Ruth tells him she's fine, but she'll miss the house. He promises that they'll make some incredible memories wherever they go. There's knock at the door and Ruth assumes it is the realtor, but CHRIS and PAUL have arrived two hours early. Neither Carl nor Ruth is happy to see them. Paul refers to Carl as "Dad" and Carl tells Paul not to call him that. When Paul and Chris tell Carl that they've brought him some things that might jog his memory, Carl wants nothing to do with it. He's afraid that it will jeopardize his life with Ruth. Ruth agrees. "You just want to take my Jim away from me," she cries. Carl comforts her.

Paul finds the real estate papers and realizes that they were just going to leave. Carl orders them out and Paul refuses to go. He cries hot tears of anger and yells that Carl owes him a look at what they've brought -- he owes him a chance to look through the photo album and see the life that was once his. He also owes Mary, his wife, who has mourned him every single day since he disappeared ten years ago. Paul even tells Carl he owes it to himself. He shouts that if he doesn't look at the memories in the photo album they brought, he promises Carl he will never have another day of peace as long as he lives. Paul pulls the photo album from Chris and stands before an emotionally struggling Carl.

Friday, December 18, 1998

CARL doesn't want to look at PAUL'S pictures. RUTH and CHRIS stand in the background as the two men talk. Paul tells Carl that he's his son and he must look at the pictures. Ruth doesn't want Carl to look, but Carl agrees to do it, as long as Chris and Paul will leave afterward. Paul begins to show him things in the photo album and Carl softens. He asks questions. Paul shows him the fishing hat and asks him to try it on. He declines. When Paul points out a picture of Mary, Carl lingers a moment. Paul shows him the baseball pictures and Carl asks if Paul was any good as a baseball player. Paul smiles and tells Carl that he was All-City in high school. Carl sees the picture of himself in his police uniform. Paul tells him about the day it was taken. He tries to jog his memory by telling Carl how he went undercover to break up an extortion ring which was terrorizing senior citizens. Carl holds the commendation award in his hands but nothing seems familiar to him, even though it looks as if he is trying to remember some glimmer of the past.

Then Paul poignantly tells him the story of how Carl caught the ball at Wrigley field the day he took Paul to see the Cubs on Paul's tenth birthday. In vivid detail, as if it had happened yesterday, Paul tells Carl that Ron Santo, of the Cubs, was at the plate with Billy Williams on first base. Santo hit the ball out of the park and Paul was the proudest kid there because his dad caught the ball and then tossed it to Paul. Still, Carl remembers nothing. Paul begs him to come to Genoa City. He tells him he has to remember. Carl tells him the things Paul described sound like a wonderful life, but it's not his life. He kept his end of the bargain and he expects Chris and Paul to do the same. Paul completely falls apart. Sobbing uncontrollably, Paul grabs Carl and hugs him. Carl responds, by gut instinct, by putting his arms around Paul and hugging him back. He sadly tells Paul he's sorry. Paul tells him he's sorry too -- sorry that Carl doesn't remember how much Paul loves him and how much Carl's family all loved him. Paul and Chris are both crying as they leave. Ruth grabs Carl, telling him it's finally all over. She embraces him and smiles with relief. Carl stares at the door with a sad and uncertain look.

KATHERINE is pacing and MICHAEL tells her to stop and relax. Michael is confident that Jill bribed Beatrice for her testimony. JOHN and JILL enter the courtroom and Jill throws a barb at Katherine. "I hope you're ready to vacate the premises," she says cockily. Before Katherine can answer, court is called into session and Michael calls Katherine to the stand. Katherine's version of what happened varies from Beatrice's. She tells the judge that she never told Phillip she didn't want the house. She admits to telling him she didn't want to live there without him, but explains that she was hoping he'd see the error of his ways and they could reconcile. She tells him under NO circumstances did she ever give the house to Phillip because she knew what was going on between him and Jill (she had seen them in the stables) and she knew it would be like handing the house over to her. She'd never given Jill a penny, much less her home!

John cross-examines her and zeroes in on the fact that she gave Phillip her power of attorney without reservation. She explains that he ran her companies for her and she indeed trusted his business judgment, but his choice of lovers left something to be desired. She doesn't think that Phillip was thinking clearly in his personal dealings, but dealt with the financial and business situations in sound mind. John reminds her that Katherine's testimony and Beatrice's testimony is much different. Katherine tells John that her version is the truth. John says that none of the evidence backs Katherine's version.

Michael calls BEATRICE for rebuttal. They discuss the fact that they had a talk after her court appearance the precious day. When he questions her about being offered, promised, or given anything of value to testify, Beatrice recants her statement and tells the judge that she was offered, promised, and given money for testifying for Jill. This statement brings an outraged Jill to her feet, screaming that Beatrice is lying. "Why? Why are you doing this to me?" Jill bellows. The judge bangs the gavel for order and as John is trying to control Jill, Katherine simply smiles.

RYAN comes to visit VICTORIA and she tells him she's putting in a few office hours. Ryan tells her the company gossip, including Brad's appointment to work with Jack and Grace working as his assistant. Victoria is surprised that Grace is still around and Ryan explains the legal ramifications. Victoria understands why her father couldn't fire Grace, but she doesn't like it.

Victoria summons Grace to her office at Brash & Sassy. Grace tells Victoria that she knows the transfer was a way to try to trip her up so Victor could fire her. Victoria reams Grace for what happened between Nick and her. She tells Grace that she'd better stay as far away from Nick as possible. Grace tells her to save her breath. Victoria asks her if she thought she'd get ahead by sleeping with Nick. Grace says that she knows that what she and Nick did was wrong because he was married. Victoria responds, "So you DO remember?" Grace tells her that everyone seems to have forgotten that Nick was part of it too. Grace says she's suffering too; she's in pain as well. Victoria tells her not to look to her for sympathy. Grace defends herself by reminding Victoria that SHE was the one who wanted to see Grace, not the other way around. Victoria tells her that Grace's feelings for Nick are to be put out of her mind. If Victoria gets even the slightest hint that Grace is sniffing around Nick, Victoria will make Grace's life a living hell. She sends her away, telling Grace she's sick of looking at her.

TREY very honestly tells CALLIE that he wants her back. She tells him that the relationship they had has been over a long time ago. When they talk about the amazing gig with Aretha Franklin, Callie realizes that unless she resumes her relationship with Trey, the gig is off. Trey self-righteously forgives Callie for making her mistakes and admits that he made mistakes too. "Can you believe I'm admitting I was wrong?" asks Trey smugly. Trey accuses Callie of sleeping with Malcolm, which she can truthfully deny. Trey tells her that he can deal with Malcolm. "Messing around is one thing," Trey boasts. "But messing with me is something else." Trey tells her that she wants to blow her entire future on some married guy who takes pretty pictures. He tells her that he can put an end to any relationship Callie has with Malcolm.

GINA, OLIVIA, and MALCOLM discuss Callie's trip to Detroit. Gina feels like this is the real deal and Callie's probably finalizing things as they speak. Malcolm still doesn't trust Trey and is not happy at all. Olivia tells Gina that it looks like she might be losing a "singing waitress." NATE comes back and finds his mug filled with hot chocolate. Gina sends him to the bar for Robert to put some cherries on top for him. Olivia tells Malcolm that obviously Trey has come through for Callie, unless that's not the problem. She asks if the problem is that Malcolm's "old girlfriend" left without saying good-bye.

Gina looks very uncomfortable. Olivia is angered. She tells Malcolm that ever since Callie came to town, she's put a strain on their marriage and now he's doesn't seem happy to see her go. Malcolm tells Olivia he just doesn't trust Trey. Olivia tells him that this time, it looks like he's come through for her. Olivia wants to know why he's holding on to this. She hopes that's true because while he's getting worked up over his ex-girlfriend's problems, she wants him to remember he does have family. She walks away from their table. Malcolm fidgets with Callie's new contract.

CHARLIE again asks MARY if she'll marry him. He admits he had to practice in front of the mirror to work up his courage. He's hoping the time they spent together in the last few months will make her say yes. Mary's eyes go to Carl's picture on the mantel and Charlie's eyes follow. He tells Mary he's never thought that he'd be asking the wife of Carl Williams to be his bride. Mary corrects him by saying, "The widow of Carl Williams." She wonders for a moment if she should talk to Paul. Charlie asks if she needs permission. Mary tells him no, but there are other issues involved. Then she smiles and says that she never expected to be accepting a proposal from Charlie Ockwell. Charlie asks if he can take that as a yes and Mary smiles lovingly and tells Charlie that she'd be honored to be his wife. They embrace. They both look truly happy.

At her apartment, GRACE is trying to get in touch with Michael. She finds that he's in court. Enraged at Victoria's arrogance she says that the Newmans are all so high and mighty. She wishes she could find a way to push them off their pedestals and rub their faces in the mud. But how does she do it? She answers a knock at the door to find ALICE, although Grace has no idea that is who she is. "Grace Turner?" questions Alice. Grace asks what she can do for her. Alice tells her that she's looking for someone and she believes Grace can help Alice find her.

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