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Nick's gift to Sharon was the picture Cassie had drawn of her family; Nick had gotten it framed. Nick and Sharon kissed on New Year's Eve. Jack and Brad disagreed about the Forrester deal.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 28, 1998 on Y&R
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Monday December 28, 1998

MIGUEL still has dinner on hold while Neil stands at the window staring down toward the tack house wondering why Vicki and Cole haven't returned. Nick returns from Sharon's and tells his dad that she won't be there for dinner. Neil tries to cheer him up but he is wondering if it is too late. At the tack house, Vicki and Cole share their grief over Eve's death. Seeing the ornament and learning that Cole bought it months ago, Vicki says that she didn't know that he felt that deeply about the baby all that time. He tells her that the baby will always be a part of their lives. She admits that with everyone else, she can put on a brave front but with Cole, she is able to share her most innermost feelings. At the cottage, Cassie is thrilled that Nick framed her picture. Sharon asks if she wants to put it in her room but Cassie says that she wants it to stay in the living room where they can see it and remember that they are a family. Finding one last gift under the tree, Cassie asks if she can open it. Sharon tells her that she can. Cassie says that it is from Nick. Opening it, she is delighted to find a book. "He remembered!" she exclaims. Sharon mentions that the book is too young for her; it is more appropriate for Noah. "That is the idea," Cassie says. "I told Nick to buy it so I could read it to Noah." She wants to read it to him now, but Sharon reminds her that Noah is asleep.

Back at the ranch, Vicki and Cole finally arrive, explaining that Neil had a little accident on the way and they had to patch him up. Cole has a small bandage on his nose. As they are ready to go in to dinner, Nick says that he isn't in the mood for dinner. He leaves the house while everyone else sits down at the table. Victor says grace, reminding them that there are many people who are less fortunate than they are. He is thankful for the food, his family and friends and to be surrounded by those he loves. He gives Nikki and Vicki a kiss.

MARY, CHARLIE, CHRIS and PAUL are preparing for Christmas dinner. Charlie has a toast to the present---his wife to be---and to the past---to the memory of a man who was dear to them all, Paul's dad, Mary's husband and his best friend. Paul seems distracted so when Mary and Chris go in to the kitchen, Charlie tells him that he would never try to take Carl's place. Paul says that he knows that and he realizes that they should just look to the future. As they sit at the table Charlie notices a new Christmas card and asks about it. Getting the card, Mary says that it is from her daughter, Patty. Every year she sends a card form somewhere but there is never a return address. This is the one sadness of her life, that she hasn't had any contact with her daughter all these years. She just couldn't handle it when her father disappeared.

AT THE NORFOLK AIRPORT, Jim arrives home and remembers the vision he had in GC. Ruth is there to pick him up but instead of going straight home, they have a cup of coffee and talk. He tells her that he walked all the streets of Genoa City without remembering anything. He then tells her the experience he had in the church. Ruth suggests that instead of having a memory, he was remembering what someone told him. He says that he needs to find out one way or the other. While flying home, he made a decision. He is going back to Genoa City to see if he can figure this out. Ruth tells him that if he goes back, she is going with him. Her life is with him and his life is back here with her and it always will be so.

MICHAEL and GRACE are having dinner at Gina's. Grace has been telling Michael about a "friend of a friend" who took and adopted baby and returned it to her birth mother. She is hoping that Michael will tell her that this friend did the right thing, but Michael says that if this friend didn't have the adoptive mother's permission to take the child, then her friend could go to jail for life---kidnapping is a crime. Grace is frightened until he laughs and tells her that he is only teasing. However, he does tell her that if the adoptive mother knocks on her door asking where her child is, then she could be in trouble if she doesn't come clean with the woman. "Even if my friend took the child with all good intentions?" Grace asks. Michael reminds her that the road to you-know-where is also paved with good intentions, as is the road to jail.

NATE is trying to stay awake, but his yawns give him away. Olivia sends him to bed after he tells them it was the best Christmas ever. Malcolm and Olivia sit cozily on the couch and remember the day. She asks if he thinks that Callie is gone for good. He says that he thinks that they will never see that girl again. He tells her that now they can get on with their lives. He remembers another present and gets it from under the tree. It is very small and when she opens it, Olivia finds a gold camera charm for her favorite bracelet. He says that this will remind her of her sexy husband.

AFTER DINNER, Neil asks what took so long at the tack house and Vicki tells him about the ornament that Cole had bought for the baby. Neil is sorry for her pain. He says that it is time for him to go home. He tells her to take care of herself. She sees him to the door and they kiss goodnight.

SHARON sends Cassie to bed, promising to go and tuck her in soon. As she walks around the living room, she looks at the picture that Cassie has drawn and at the photograph of her and Nick. She goes to the phone and calls the main house. Nikki answers the phone and tells Sharon that Nick was feeling low and went for a walk. Sharon says that she only wanted to thank him for the Christmas presents. After hanging up, Nikki says that it is a shame that the first time Sharon reaches out to Nick, he is no where around. Victor says that at least she called. Nikki tells him that she has been thinking of what he said at dinner about their blessings. She is so thankful for life with him and if there was hope for them, then there is hope for anyone.

WHEN CALLIE RETURNS TO GINA'S, Gina is excited to see her. She is also very proud of her. She tells Callie that since she left the contract on the counter, she took a peek. This is a chance of a lifetime, opening for Aretha Franklin, and she just hopes that when she is a big star, she hopes Callie will remember "all us little people." When Gina is called to sing, Callie says that the reality is that she isn't going anywhere.

Gina sings "Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas" and the audience listens appreciatively. While she is singing, Michael casually puts his arm around Grace. She notices but doesn't say anything. Afterward, Callie tells her how beautiful the song was. She asks if she can hang around for a while. When Gina says she can, she says that a part of her feels at home here in Genoa City.

ALICE and AL stop by the hospital to see Millie. Al grumbles because the party is already starting and he doesn't want to be here. A nurse asks Alice to sign some insurance papers. While she does, Al tries without success to pick up the nurse. Once the nurse has left their room, Alice takes great joy in telling her mother that she has met someone who will help her find Cassie, Grace Turner. She sees that Millie reacts to the name and goes on to say that Cassie is her daughter and she is going to get her back and this Grace Turner will lead her to Cassie. Al asks Alice not to yell at her mother like that; he even calls her a vegetable. With only one more snipe---I wish you could talk so I could pry the truth out of you---Alice leaves with Al.

Tuesday, December 29, 1998

COLE is working when Nick stops by. Nick says that it was a weird Christmas; he was surprised that Vicki brought Cole up to the ranch house for dinner. He says that he felt something between the two of them and wonders if something is going on. Cole tells him that his sister could see that he was having a hard time letting go and invited---no, insisted---that he have dinner with them. That is all that it was, he says. He tells Nick that they missed him at dinner. Nick says that he just had to get out of there so he went for a walk for a couple of hours. Cole says that Nick has to work to get his marriage back on track. Nick isn't so sure that there is anything he can do. He made a special gift for her but she didn't even open it. He feels like he has to walk around on eggshells. Cole tells him not to be so hard on himself; he messed up, yes, but he is trying to clean it up. Welcome to the human race, he says.

AT THE RANCH, Vicki is looking at a picture of Cole and herself. She remembers the kiss that they shared on Christmas Eve. I have to move on with my life, she tells herself. She picks up the phone and calls Neil. She asks him to come out to the ranch because there is something she wants to discuss with him. He asks her what it is about but she wants to wait until he is there so that they can talk about it face to face. Neil looks worried when he hangs up the phone.

MALCOLM walks into a deserted Gina's calling out for someone, anyone. He says that he is looking for Nate's gloves. When he gets no answer, he begins to look around himself. He is behind the bar when Callie comes into the room. When he tells her what he is looking for, she goes to a special place and gets them for him. He asks her about the gig and she tells him that she isn't starting rehearsals for a few days; she came back to get her stuff. He says that that sounds like the old Callie, a girl who only thinks about herself. When she looks puzzled, he says that she is the kind who would leave all the people who tried to help her without a thank you or a goodbye. Callie says that she though he would like it if she just disappeared and she sure wouldn't want to upset the "good lady doctor." Malcolm tells her not to blame Olivia for anything; Olivia gave her more space than she deserved. She is sorry for saying it. Anyway, she didn't say goodbye because she didn't know how. He asks if Trey is out of the picture and she assures him that he is; everyone is happy. She says that she means it when she says that she is sorry for causing him any hassles. "No hard feelings?" she asks with a small kiss.

JIM is in disguise as he and Ruth sit in a dinner in Genoa City. He tells Ruth that he doesn't want to stir things up; he is only there to see for himself if the thing that happened to him was a memory coming back or not. Ruth says that he has done a complete 180 since the beginning. At first, she says, he didn't want anything to do with finding out about his past. Now he seems to want to find out all that he can. He tries to explain that he needs to put this behind him so that they can get back to what they had. When the waitress comes by, he asks her if there is a park nearby, a place with trees and a baseball diamond. She says that there is a park about a mile to the east but she doesn't know what is there. They decide to take a walk to the park and check it out.

NEIL stops by the Winter's apartment to see Olivia and Nate. Nate is appreciative for all the gifts that he got for Christmas. When he leaves for his room, Neil asks where Malcolm is. Not with Callie! Olivia says smugly. She has left town for good. Neil tells Olivia that he is on his way to see Victoria and he is worried about what she wants to talk to him about. He relates the Christmas dinner from the night before. He feels that he is losing Vicki. He doesn't feel comfortable in her company any more. He says that he feels like a leaf blowing in the wind with no control. She encourages him to go easy on Vicki and take it slowly. He says that when he left the ranch the night before, he just couldn't bring himself to go home where he would see the new carpeting and wallpaper that he had installed for Vicki so he just drove for hours.

LYNN stops by Chris and Paul's apartment to thank them for their Christmas gifts and finds the couple still in their robes. She tells Paul not to get too comfortable; remember the date. Paul looks puzzled and she reminds him that today is the date for his annual shopping spree with Mary. Paul doubts that she will want to go shopping today; she has so much on her mind with the engagement. They make a bet. Just then the phone rings and it is Mary wondering if he is going to take all day; she is eager to get out to the stores. When Paul leaves, Lynn says that she doesn't want to pry but she knows that Chris and Paul have been going through something heavy lately. Chris assures her that she thinks that the worse is behind them now. Lynn says that she really hopes so and she means that.

DORIS stops by to see Sharon. She wants to hear every detail of their Christmas. She asks if Nick came over at all. Sharon says that he stopped by to leave some presents. She shows the picture that Nick had framed for her. Doris loves the picture and the idea of framing it but she especially loves the note that came with it. Sharon tells her to stop pressuring her; she is aware of how her mother feels about the situation. She says that she cannot think of Nick without seeing him with Grace. Doris says she will never be able to get over that if she doesn't start trying. She encourages Sharon to call Nick again.

VICKI wonders where Neil is and what is taking him so long. When she calls his number, all she gets is the answering machine. Nick walks in the front door and Vicki's face lights up but it is only Nick coming back from the tack house. He says that he has felt something between her and Cole. She tells him that the two of them shared a loss but now they are moving on with their lives. She tells her that she is going to move in with Neil today. As she goes up to pack, he says that when she is finished, he will bring her bags down. Before she goes, she tells him that Sharon called for him last night while he was out. Sitting alone, he is suddenly transformed by joy that Sharon called. He wonders if he should call her, but decides to wait. He doesn't want to pressure her. But as he sits there he can't resist the temptation. He picks up the phone and calls. He thanks her for calling the previous night and asks how their Christmas was. She tells him that the kids loved their presents. He says that he has a couple more that he would like to drop by. She says that what the kids need now isn't more presents. However, she says that Cassie wants to thank him for the presents that they got. He wants to come right now, but she says that Cassie isn't home. She says that he can drop by this evening if he wants to.

CALLIE is wiping the glasses when Gina walks in. She tries to tell her to let the hired help do it, but Callie says that she needed something to do. Gina goes on and on about Callie's big break, even wishing that she had has that kind of break when she was young. She wouldn't be here slinging pasta if she had had a break! Callie says that her band is in California for a gig right now so she won't be able to rehearse with them for a while. She wonders if she can wait tables until then. Gina says that she could get an advance but she doesn't want people to know that she is broke; it isn't good for the image. Gina wants to front her some cash, but Callie says that she would rather work for the money. Anyway, she likes it here and maybe Gina would let her sing once in a while. Gina nods okay then asks if Trey will come and bust her place up. Callie says that things are cool with Trey.

MALCOLM arrives home and wants Nate and Olivia to join him outside making a snowman. Olivia sends Nate out but says she wants to talk to Malcolm first. She tells him that she wants to apologize for the way she handled the Callie situation. She was jealous and he was only trying to help a friend. Malcolm says that she has nothing to be sorry for.

NEIL finally arrives at the ranch. When Vicki starts to talk to him about leaving the ranch, he tells her that he doesn't want to pressure her in any way. If she isn't ready, he will understand. She says that she was planning on moving after the New Year but she was wondering why she should wait. How does today sound? She asks him. His mouth drops. You're ready? He asks.

JIM and RUTH arrive back at the café. He tells the waitress that the park wasn't the one he was thinking about. She says that there are several places in the vicinity that could be the place he is looking for. Jim decides that he wants to get out of there. They stand up to pay their bill. Just then, while Jim's back is turned, Mary and Paul enter with their arms full of packages. It is crowded and they are glad to get the booth that Jim and Ruth have just vacated.

Wednesday, December 30, 1998

Vicki and Neil have their first fight when she says that she is ready to move in with him and he tells her that he doesn't think that she is. He says that he has talked with Olivia and she has told him that it takes someone a long time to get over the death of a child. He wants to give her a few more days but she says that she is ready today. He asks what a few more days are going to matter? He only wants to wait until after the New Year.

Vicki went and had a little talk with Olivia about telling Neil how she, Victoria, feels. She tells her that she should have talked to her instead of Neal. She could have told her that she was fine. When Olivia says that she doesn't want to get into the middle of this, Vicki tells her that she has already put herself in the middle. She then wonders if Olivia has some personal reason for keeping Vicki from moving in with Neil. Before Olivia can answer, she gets a page, which she says that she has to take. As she is leaving, she tells Vicki that she should go to Neil and be completely honest with him. "And while you are at it," she adds, "be honest with yourself."

Malcolm tries to tell Neil that he should not have refused to let Vicki move in. He says that she is a free spirit and is probably smothering out at the ranch with someone waiting on her hand and foot. Neil says if he had wanted Malcolm's advice, he would have asked for it.

Tony goes to see Sharon and asks if she is weakening as far as Nick is concerned. He doesn't want her to forget what Nick and Grace did to them. He says that he is afraid that she is weakening. He is especially worried when Nick calls and she tells him he can come over anytime this evening that is convenient to him. She tells Tony that Nick is fond of the kids and they miss him. Tony says that Nick is just using the kids to soften her up.

Jim watches Paul and Mary and has another memory. As he watches the grown Paul and his mother talk in the diner, he suddenly sees himself as a young man, Mary and a very young Paul. He shivers as the memory becomes real to him. Ruth is worried about him and asks if he had another memory. They watch as Mary and Paul leaves the diner. Jim decides that he will not leave GC even though Ruth tries her best to get him to leave. He says that he will understand if she doesn't feel comfortable staying but he has to see this to the finish.

Alice and Al are still bickering. For a new boyfriend, she sure lets him talk badly to her and she sure isn't very loving. She calls Grace and asks if she knew Millie, her mother. Grace denies it but she is frightened and Alice senses it. Grace wonders what she has gotten herself into.

Earlier, Grace is on her way to the research department when she runs into Nick in the corridor. He shows his ass. He demands that she go the long way to research instead of taking the shorter route that brings her by his office. He then demands that she go into his office and call Tony. She refuses and tells him off.

Cassie is glad to see Tony but he notices that she isn't very happy. She wants him to see the new colt but she doesn't feel like taking him so Sharon takes him to the stables. She sits down with Lisa to play checkers and tells Lisa all about her grandma Millie. When Lisa goes to check on Noah, Cassie goes to the phone and dials Millie's number. Alice answers and hears her daughter ask for Millie.

Thursday, December 31, 1998

It is very festive at Crimson Lights where Megan is having coffee and looking around hoping that a certain someone will drop by. Tricia surprises her by stopping by saying that she knew she could find her here. Tricia is all dressed up in her red evening gown and shows it off to Megan. She says that she and Ryan are going to the Colonnade Room to see in the New Year and asks if Megan would like to join them. Megan says that she doesn't want to be a "third wheel" and Crimson Lights is more her style. After making sure that this is how Megan wants it, Tricia rushes off to meet Ryan. Tricia hasn't been gone long when Megan receives a kiss on the back of her neck. Turning she is delighted to see Tony. She asks if he has plans and he says that he doesn't much make plans anymore. She tells him that she knows of several parties around town if he would like to attend one of them. Or, she tells him, we can go to the Colonnade Room and party with Ryan and Tricia. Tony declines. Megan says that she feels like having fun and it looks like he is not in the mood for that. So she is going somewhere else. Oh, and by the way, happy New Year! She leaves Tony sitting there with his mouth open.

Katherine is adding the finishing touches as she dresses for a festive evening. Esther says that she has champagne on ice and ready for the celebration. They both hope that their evening won't be spoiled by their house guest. Just then, the doorbell rings and before Esther can get there, Jill walks in. She just loves the sound of the bell! Katherine complains that Jill has disappeared with out a word and now she just shows up without warning. It would be nice if she let someone know her comings and goings. Jill informs Katherine that the judge gave her half of the house but he did not make Katherine her baby sitter. She then explains that she was in New York with John and Billy. She wonders how they are celebrating the evening just as Victor and Nikki arrive. Jill makes it clear from the start that they plan on spending the evening with Katherine and Jill definitely is not welcome. Jill says that that is too bad because this is her home also. Victor calls her aside and quietly explains that he and Nikki haven't been able to spend much time with Katherine lately and he would appreciate it if she would give them some time alone; he is asking for a personal favor, he tells her. Jill suddenly remembers that she has a prior engagement and leaves the room. The evening has been spoiled for Kay and she urges Nikki and Victor to go out and have fun. Nikki insists that they are staying there with her no matter what she says. Victor says that he has a better idea; they will all go out to the Colonnade Room and enjoy the festivities. Kay is reluctant but Nikki drags her upstairs to change into formal dress.

Jack is alone in the Abbott mansion, looking through an old photo album. He surmises that a lot of things changed over the past year. As he looks at a picture of John, he tells him that by the end of the New Year, he will be able to give his father's company back to him. Before long, Brad drops by and asks him how the business trip to LA turned out. Jack tells him what Forrester wanted of them and Brad seems excited. Jack tells him that he isn 't too sure about this deal. When asked why, he tells Brad that they handled their latest press conference with the class of a Las Vegas extravaganza complete with showgirls wearing nothing but dental floss. Brad doesn't see anything wrong with this but Jack says that they have to be squeaky clean where the company is concerned, especially since sexual indiscretions is what got Victor thrown out. Brad reminds him that Forrester is an established company with an unquestionable reputation. Jack says that they do have today but what about tomorrow? This Brooke's Bedroom could backfire and ruin all the credibility that Forresters has earned over the years. Brad doesn't understand Jack being so conservative but Jack tells him that the plan is right on track.

Right after Brad leaves, Jack answers the door to find a glamorous Jill standing there. She wants to know if he is planning on celebrating the incoming New Year. She says that as usual they are all dressed up and have no where to go. He pours her a brandy and asks how her trip to New York was. She says that she had a wonderful time. Billy is thriving in that new school and he is growing and changing so much. He asks how her visit with his father went and Jill tells him that he won't believe this, but there are times when she doesn't just miss Billy; she misses John also. As they talk, Jill tells him that she knows that something is going on and he is up to something. Getting up, she tells him that she will pour them one more glass of truth serum and he will tell her all about it. He looks at her with a very contemplative look.

Paul and Christine arrive at the Colonnade Room and are seated as Jacque compliments Chris on her beautiful gown. When Chris tells him that it is thanks to her husband, he compliments Paul on his taste and he doesn't just mean in gowns. Across the room, Ryan and Tricia are being seated at their table. She is so happy to be out tonight; her only regret is that Megan isn 't with them; she is sure that her sister is headed for trouble with that Tony Viscardi. Ryan says that they are so blessed. His New Year's resolution is to be thankful for his blessings. She says that she has one but it is a secret for now. Victor, Nikki and Katherine are also seated at a table. Victor takes Katherine out on the dance floor and tries to cheer her up but she is too depressed. She says that the judge drew a line down the middle of her and gave half of her life away.

At the Newman ranch, Sharon and Tony return just in time to hang up the phone just as Cassie is asking Alice to put Millie on the phone. Sharon explains to Cassie that it isn't fair to call Millie since hearing from her will only make her miss Cassie more. Cassie understands but says that she misses Millie. After Cassie leaves the room Sharon wonders who she was talking to. She is worried and says that she doesn't want to open any door since she may not be prepared for what is on the other side. Tony tells her that she has nothing to worry about.

After Tony leaves, Nick walks into what seems like an empty house. As he calls out for someone, Cassie rushes out and jumps into his arms. He tells her that he has missed her. She says that she wants an extra hug and he says he is happy to give it to her. Just then Sharon comes in and watches. The three of them are talking when Cassie goes to check on Noah. She returns to tell Sharon that Noah is awake. Sharon brings him out and lets his dad hold and talk to him. While they are visiting, he tells Cassie that there is one more present for her and he left it by the door. She brings it over and compliments the wrapping. Nick tells her to just rip into it. She has a time opening it but it was worth it. She is thrilled to find a charm bracelet with a heart on it. She tells Nick how happy she is and gives him a kiss. He says that the good thing about it is that every year he can give her a new charm. Cassie goes over to the light to look at the bracelet better. Nick says that Noah appears to want his mommy. When she comes to take him, he looks at Sharon and says that he wants Noah's mommy also. When Sharon doesn't seem to object, he tells her how much he loves her and the family. He leans in and kisses her and she kisses him back. Cassie is watching and smiling. "Happy New Year!" she says.

Tony walks into the Colonnade Room and asks to be taken to the McNeil table. The maitre ‘d politely tells him that he would love to show him to the McNeil table but he isn't dressed properly. He says that their dress standards require a coat and tie. He even offers to provide a coat and tie but Tony says that he doesn't wear ties. The maitre ‘d shrugs. Across the room, Ryan and Tricia notice Tony. Megan turns and looks across the room. She gets up and walks over to Tony and asks what he is doing there. He says that he forgot to wish her a Happy New Year. He grabs her and kisses her. Megan responds eagerly while Tricia glares daggers across the room.

Back in Madison, Alice is sure that it was Cassie calling for Millie but Al could care less and tells her she's looking for a needle in a haystack. She wishes that she had caller ID; then she would know just where her Cassie was calling from. Just then, there is a knock at the door. Alice goes to the door and when she opens it she says, "I don't believe it!" Standing there is Grace. "May I come in?" Grace asks.

Friday, January    1, 1998

Due to the New Year's holiday, The Young and the Restless did not air today. The show will resume on Monday where Thursday's show concluded.

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