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Carl broke into Mary's house and began to remember things. Jack was angry that Victor had made the deal with Forrester. Nick wanted Victor to transfer Grace to another city. Malcolm lay near death in a forest.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of January 11, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday January 11, 1999

Paul finishes his toast to Charlie and Mary and they click glasses. As he turns to click glasses with Chris he sees Jim and Ruth in a far booth. He is so surprised that he drops his glass and cuts himself. Mary sees that his hand is bleeding heavily and wants to take care of him but he says that Gina will have something he can use. He encourages Chris to stay and finish the toast. He asks Gina if he can use her office for a little while. As he passes Jim on his way to the office, he grabs his father's arm and pulls him into the office. "What the hell are you up to!" Paul shouts at Jim. "If you'll just let me explain," Jim says, "you will understand." He tells Paul that back in Norfolk, he felt badly for the way he had treated him and decided that he should come back to see if he could remember anything of this life.

Back in the restaurant, Mary worries about Paul since he has been gone so long. She says that she promised the priest that she would bake some bread for the bake sale. If she is going to get it done, she has to go and get started. Chris tells her to go ahead; Paul has probably run into someone he knows and has forgotten the time. After Mary and Charlie leave Chris asks Gina where she can find Paul. Learning that he is using her office, she bursts in and is shocked to see Jim. Paul is afraid that she is bringing Mary with her but she assures him that Mary has left. Paul resumes his rant at Charlie, telling him that his mother has finally gotten on with her life after all this time. He says that she has fallen in love with his best friend and it would break her heart to see him and know that he didn't remember her. Jim says that he has had some flashes. He tells him that he sat in the overstuffed chair in his home and remembered reading "The Velveteen Rabbit" to him. He even remembers the stuffed rabbit that Paul had when he was a boy.

Grace continues to tell Michael about finding Cassie and bringing her to Sharon. She says that she doesn't care about Sharon but she is worried for Cassie and doesn't want to see her hurt. Michael thinks she made a mistake by going to Madison but Grace is adamant that Al and Alice are too stupid to catch on to anything. She is just sorry that they didn't make it plain that they wanted money. If they had, everyone could have been happy and the Newmans would have to pay. Michael warns her about wanting revenge so badly that she goes up against someone of Victor Newman's caliber. She points out that he is doing that by handling Diane's divorce but he points out that if he weren't doing it legally, Victor would be happy to have his legs broken. As he is leaving, he tells Grace to stay away from Madison and if either Al or Alice gets in touch with her again, to let him know right away. Outside the door, he smiles and tells himself that he has to stay on top of this one!

Al is looking over the bills; he says that they have been living high on the hog. When Alice doesn't answer him, he tells her that she has to either find the kid or drop it; they have a life too. When Alice says that she can't drop it, he says that he is sure that she is right about Grace Turner being the one who took Cassie back to her birth mother. He thinks that it is time to go and have another visit with her but this time, he will do the visiting. He is sure that Grace came to check them out to see if they were interested in the money or the kid. Alice makes sure that he understands that she is only interested in the kid.

Nikki calls Connie and asks to speak to Victor. Connie tells her that he is in conference at the moment. Nikki tells her not to interrupt; she is heading into town and doesn't know yet if she will stop by the office or not.

Jack shouts that Victor put him and Brad in charge but now he is trampling all over them. Victor reminds Jack that he owns the company and he can get involved with it in any way that he sees fit. Jack is blind with rage as he tells Victor that it is a matter of credibility. They cannot get anything accomplished if every time they make a decision, he vetoes them. When Brad tries to calm him down, he says that he needs to know right now where he stands so that he can run the company instead of just pretend to it. He is so angry that he rushes out of the office. Victor says that Jack Abbott is out of control and he wants to know if he is using his power in inappropriate ways. Brad says that Jack just lost it; it happens to the best of them. Victor says that he hired Brad to keep an eye on Jack; that was his main mission. He doesn't want Jack's ego to run amok. Brad says that Jack just went over the top but not without cause. He says that Victor pulled the rug right out from under them and in front of Brooke Logan. He is sending mixed signals and that makes it hard to make the tough decisions. Victor repeats that he hired him to keep a very close eye on Jack Abbott. Victor leaves the office and Brad stays to look over a report. Nikki walks in and greets Bradley as if he were a long lost friend. She wonders why they didn't see much of him over the holidays. She describes his life as the ever-sought-after bachelor. He wonders why he has never been caught if he is that sought after and she makes the tactless remark that she is sure that it is his choice to remain a bachelor. Brad only smiles and is saved from further comment by Victor's reappearance. Brad excuses himself and when they are alone, Nikki chastises her husband for working so hard. She states that he needs instructing on how to delegate responsibilities. Victor wonders if he hasn't given up the reins of the company too soon. Maybe he should come back and take over again. Nikki looks worried.

Mary is busy with the bread making, telling Charlie that he loves her nut bread so much that she is making two extra loafs. He mentions the back door needing repair. He leaves for the hardware store for some new hinges so that he can fix it. Right after he leaves, someone comes to the door. Mary opens the door to Ruth who asks if she is Mrs. Williams.

Jack is still in a rage in his office when Jill comes in. He tells her that Victor is a liar; his word means nothing. The first big decision he made for the company and Victor couldn't keep his nose out of it. He just left Victor's office where he was put through the meat grinder. He says that he gets less respect around here than the man who mops the floor. Jill is surprised that Jack believed that Victor was going to let him run the company even if it was in writing. That memo that he circulated was just so much hype. She wonders what planet he has been living on. Jack throws Jill out of the office but her parting words are for him to get real; Victor is just letting him keep the seat warm until he decides to take it back.

Tricia and Megan come into Gina's for a late lunch. Right away, Tricia starts in on Megan about Tony. She doesn't want her sister to be hurt again by this guy but Megan says that she thinks she is in love with Tony. He isn't just the leather jacket and mechanic that Tricia sees when she looks at him. Beneath the rough exterior he is a funny, sweet and caring guy. She wants Tricia to promise that she will give him a chance.

Tony is trying to straighten up his messy apartment when Sharon arrives with a plant for him while he is "between mansions." She wants to talk about Cassie because she is worried about her. She is becoming obsessed with getting in touch with Millie. Tony tells her that Millie is a nice old lady who wouldn't do anything to hurt Cassie. Sharon thinks that instead of Cassie having too much time to think about Millie, she should give her something else to think about. She thinks that Cassie is only concerned because she is feeling insecure right now because she misses Nick; she is only reaching for a time when she felt secure. Tony hopes that she isn't thinking about taking Nick back. He tells her that he saw Nick earlier and Nick wanted him to be a go-between. Sharon says that she is keeping him at arms length but Tony says she should keep him away with a 20-foot pole. He tells her that she doesn't need a jerk like Nick; she is a very special lady and any guy would be lucky to have her. He hugs her not noticing that Megan has come to the door, which is ajar. Megan looks in and is troubled by what she sees.

Grace is working at home when there is a knock at the door. She is surprised to find to find Al standing there. He reminds her of who he is and reaches out a hand but she ignores it and asks if Alice is with him. He says that he would like to come in and talk. As he comes into the apartment, he looks at her and says that he has a hunch that she knows where Cassie is. "Am I right or am I right?"

Tuesday, January 12, 1999

Jim explains to Paul and Chris that little scenes are coming back to him like scenes from a movie. He sees a young boy and a young girl and he is taking them to school. He explains that the scenes began occurring on Christmas Eve as he sat in the back of the church. When he finishes, he says that this is all that he has remembered so far. Paul isn't satisfied that Jim is remembering snippets of information. He wants to know what these memories mean to him. Jim tells Paul that these memories mean no more to him than watching them on a movie screen. This angers Paul even more and he berates his father for coming back and becoming a threat to his mom's happiness. Jim tells him that he is tortured by these memories; he doesn't want to hurt anyone. He really needs to know what it all means and to do that, he feels he must stay in Genoa City. However, he tells Paul that he will leave it up to him. If he feels that it is best for him and Ruth to return to Norfolk and remain dead, then he will do that. Paul has a difficult time telling him what to do so Jim tells him to think about it and let him know tomorrow.

While Jim has been in the office with Paul, Ruth has been visiting Mary. Mary assumes that the church has sent Ruth because she is on the welcoming committee. She invites Ruth in for tea and chitchat. She believes that Ruth is married (because she is such a pretty woman) and Ruth surprises herself when she tells Mary that she is married. Mary then explains that she is a widow who was married to a police officer who died in the line of duty. As Ruth leaves, Mary invites her to come back and bring her husband the next time.

Ruth returns to Gina's and Gina is concerned about her. She tells Ruth where Jim is but Ruth only needs a glass of water. Soon, Jim joins her and tells her that they will be there for one more day. She asks if he is sure that it will only be one more day. When he doesn't answer, Ruth says that they are never going to leave this town. She abruptly gets up and leaves the restaurant.

Megan peeks into Tony's apartment but when she sees Tony holding Sharon, she backs out with a very hurt look on her face. She stumbles down the stairs and out of the building.

Inside the apartment, Tony and Sharon pull apart. Tony asks if she every thought of the two of them getting together; after all, they are good friends and it is always best to be friends before falling in love. Sharon is surprised at his suggestion but lets him down easy by telling him that neither of them is ready to begin a new relationship---even though she is flattered by the offer. Tony says that coming from a class act like her, that does wonders for his ego.

Back at Crimson Lights, Tricia's study of Shakespeare is interrupted by her husband. He has just returned from seeing Phillip. He reports that Phillip is having problems in school again but this time it is with the other kids. It seems that the group of children he usually associates with has been snubbing him, especially one little girl that he happens to like a lot. Tricia suggests that Phillip invite the girl over to his home so that they can talk alone. Then maybe he will learn what the problem is. Ryan thinks that is a good idea and wants her to call Philip and tell him. She says that he would do the opposite if it came from "Step-Mommy Dearest." Ryan says that he will tell Phillip but he is going to let him that the idea came from her. Megan comes in and interrupts their coffee and chat. She tells them what she saw at Tony's. Tricia begins to say, "I told you so," but Megan says that she is going back to find out what is going on. Tricia tries to stop her but she is out the door without looking back. Once she leaves, Ryan tells Tricia that Tony really isn't a bad person. He says that Nina didn't know what to do about Phillip's problem but Tricia came right up with a plan. He wonders if she has secret talents. She tells him to take her home and find out for himself. He is more than happy to comply with her demands.

When Megan returns to Tony's apartment, she interrupts his workout with the weights. She looks around for someone else to be there but when she finds that he is alone, she tells him that she was there earlier---when he was embracing that pretty friend of his. Tony says that Sharon is a good friend who is going through a hard time right now. Not that it is any of her business, he adds. He says that he had a mother once and he doesn't need another and he doesn't need a hassle every time he comforts a friend. He says that he has been up front with her on several occasions and he doesn't want her to get hurt but she has to understand what kind of person he is. She apologizes for being jealous but tells him that she knows the kind of man she wants and he is standing right in front of her.

Nick is staring into the fireplace and remembering better times with Sharon when Cole comes in. Nick says that things will get better when he ships Grace to another area code. He says that on New Year's Eve, they were so close to reconciling. Cole says that he has to give Sharon time to heal and sending Grace to the end of the earth will now do a bit of good. If he tries anything like that, he warns, it just might blow up in his face because Grace is an angry young woman. Nick says that Cole doesn't understand; his father has been after him to do something and that is what he has to do. He leaves even though Cole tries to stop him.

Al tries to pump Grace for information but when he calls her sweetheart, he has gone too far. "I'm not your sweetheart," She tells him. "I don't know anything about Cassie, as I told you in Madison, so you wasted your time and gas by coming here." Al isn't phased by her rudeness and asks for something to drink. She says she doesn't have any beer. He says that he only wants water; he doesn't drink and drive. While she is getting the water, he looks at the papers on her coffee table and sees the Newman logo. So you work for Newman Enterprises? He calls out. She tells him to drink his water and leave. Al accuses her of being the one who came to Madison and took Cassie from Millie. He says that he and Alice really care about Cassie but Grace says that he doesn't even know the child. He says that both he and Alice know that all she was doing in Madison was checking them out and what he wants isn't that far from what Grace wants. He gives her his phone number and tells her that if she is smart, she will use it.

When Sharon returns home, Cassie is busy writing her letter to Millie. As Lisa leaves, she offers to mail it for her. However, Sharon quickly says that she will mail it when it is finished; she wouldn't want to rush Cassie. While Sharon is checking on Noah, the phone rings and Cassie answers. It is Grace. Cassie is happy to hear from her. Grace asks about school and Cassie says that she likes it when she doesn't have homework. Nick used to help her with her homework and that was fun, but now she hardly ever sees Nick. She says that her mother is still sad. "I miss you, Grace," Cassie says. Sharon comes into the room just at that time and takes the phone. She sends Cassie to Noah, telling her that Noah was asking for her. After Cassie leaves, Sharon coldly tells Grace not to be calling. Under the circumstances, there is no way that she will allow Grace to be a part of her daughter's life. She hands up. Grace picks up the paper with Al's number and says, "We'll see who is going to be a part of Cassie's life and who isn't!"

Wednesday, January 13, 1999

As Nick sees his dad come into the room dressed for the office, he expresses surprise. Victor says that he just may have to cut his holiday short and return to work. He doesn't trust Jack Abbott and furthermore, he doesn't like him. Nick points out that he has had these feelings about Jack for years and yet they are still working together. Victor says that the only reason he can work with Jack Abbott is because he maintains a firm control over him. He will spend some time there today so that Jack will know that his name is still on the door. Nick then tells his dad that he would like to tender an idea of his own. He wants to transfer Grace to some other city since he knows that she can't be fired. Victor tells him that that will not work because Grace is too smart. If they do anything like this, Grace will file a lawsuit against the company. Instead of trying to get rid of Grace, he suggests a more aggressive approach to Sharon. He says that the company jet is at his disposal. He should take his wife to Paris or Rome---anywhere---and get his marriage back on track. Nick tells him that it may work for him but this isn't going to work with Sharon. He feels that having Grace out of the picture will be his only chance.

Brad enters Jack's office and asks if he has slept it off. Jack is still fuming and "spitting nails" as he describes it. Brad gets tough with him telling him that if he keeps on like he was doing yesterday, he is going to blow the whole deal. Victor will be back in his seat so fast that Jack will not know what happened. Brad says that it is better to lose this battle but win the war. While Jack is thinking this over, Brad brings up business, telling Jack that the gains in business they were talking about yesterday had nothing to do with Victor; it was all at their credit. He also says that he is still working on their former customer, Olsen, and he almost has him talked into coming back. He wants to know how Jack is progressing with Diane. Jack smiles and tells him that he has Diane right where he wants her; she is begging for his advice on the divorce. It won't be long and they will have her on the board. Brad leaves, warning Jack not to screw up again.

At Gina's, Callie is busy with the breakfast crowd but tells Gina that she is still leaving today. Gina asks her to stay a little longer; she even admits that she promised Malcolm that she wouldn't let her leave just yet. Callie tells her that she has no intention of staying and getting between Malcolm and his wife---even though Miss Holier than Thou's attitude makes it tempting. But she knows how much Malcolm loves Olivia . If he didn't, she would give the lady doctor something to worry about.

Also at Gina's, Michael and Diane are discussing the divorce and settlement. She tells him that she wants to settle as soon as possible. She wants it so much that all she wants is enough money to live on and forget the perks. She is ready to get on with her life with Jack Abbott. Michael tries to tell her how important the seat on the board would be for her but it makes no difference. Michael's cell phone rings. It is Jack and he wants a meeting with Michael right away. He tells him to use the special parking space and come up the back stairs; Jennifer will help him. Michael says that he will be there when he is finished with his current meeting. When he has finished with his call, Diane emphatically tells him to get on with and SETTLE. Michael leaves Diane sipping her coffee.

Michael arrives in Jack's office and reports that he doesn't know what he did to Diane but he has done his job with her too well. She is dead set on settling now as soon as possible and SHE DOESN'T CARE ABOUT A SEAT ON THE BOARD! All she is interested in is the little house with the white picket fence and a life with Jack. Jack looks sick. He tells Michael NOT to do anything before he can get with Diane and change her thinking.

In Madison, Al gives Alice a full report on his visit with Grace. He had to do a lot of "reading between the lines," but he feels that they could easily get Grace on their side. She may have been Sharon's best friend at one time but there is no love lost there now. The only reason she isn't spilling all she knows is because she doesn't want to hurt Cassie. He also drops the news that Grace works for Alice's boyfriend---Victor Newman. When he suggests keeping in touch with Grace and sweet talking her, Alice wonders if his motives are all about their object or getting closer to Grace. Al says that he may even go to see Victor Newman and get things stirred up. "Oh, like he would be interested in you or me---or Sharon Collins for that matter!"

Jack rushes into his office and straight for his phone. He calls Diane who is still at Gina's. He asks her if she would like to have dinner; he has been thinking of her all day. She is indeed interested and they make a date for the Lodge at seven. Hanging up with a smile of "mission accomplished," Jack is brought back to reality by a voice from his couch. "Dinner, Jack? I'm not so sure you will have the time." Lounging on his couch with a bucket of champagne is Phyllis and she is ready to party!

Megan finds Tony at Crimson Lights and comes on strong with him for a date. He finally agrees to a move and a malt afterward. Megan says that they need to pick a love story in order to get him in the mood. She leaves for a class. Tony isn't alone for long. Grace comes in and wants to talk to him. He doesn't want to talk to her but she manages to get a few minutes of his time. When she tells him how Sharon treated her the day before when she called Cassie, Tony wonders what else she expected. He tells her that he doesn't want to be around her and he wants her to stay away from him and from Sharon. As a matter of fact, he tells her that if she sees him coming, she should turn and head in the other direction. He gets up and walks out.

Olivia makes a grand entrance to Neil's apartment and without preamble demands to know where her husband is. Neil is clueless and tells her so. She says that he didn't come home last night and she blames Callie. Neil tells her not to jump to conclusions, to give Callie the benefit of the doubt. She is shocked that he would be on Callie's side but she says that he is on her side. He knows one thing and that is that Malcolm loves Olivia. Olivia says that she knows where Callie is and she is going to pay her a little visit right now.

Acting as if Callie is deaf, Olivia arrives at Gina's and marches up to Callie and shouts at her, "Where is my husband?" Olivia will not listen nor believe her when Callie tries to tell her that the last time she saw Malcolm was the day before. As their voices rise, Gina intercedes. She says that the last time she saw Malcolm he mentioned that he needed to see somebody. Callie guesses that he has gone to see Trey. She and Olivia rush out to check on it.

Megan returns to Crimson Lights and looks around for Tony. She sees that he isn't there but Ryan is. She approaches him for some help in understanding men. She wants to know why men see sex different than women. She doesn't know but she has heard that sex can be good clean fun. Ryan says that that is true as long as both parties look at it the same way, but he warns her about pregnancy and disease. He makes her repeat the word protection several times. She tells him that this conversation is just between the two of them. Alone, Megan wonders where Tony is at this time and whether or not he is thinking of her.

Tony is at the door when Sharon goes to take mail to the mailbox. Earlier, on her way to school, Cassie has addressed and stamped her letter to Millie. She has given it to Sharon to mail for her but Sharon has the letter in her pocket. She has no intention of mailing the letter to Millie. Tony comes into the house and offers to drop the mail in the mailbox on his way out. He is only there to let her know that he is thinking of leaving town. He says that mostly it is to get away from Grace.

Grace looks up and doesn't believe what she sees. Nick is standing in her office. She wonders how long it will take this time before the yelling begins. He says that he is there to discuss something, partly business and partly personal. He begins by saying that he realizes that she has been having a hard time and that he shares the blame for that. But he thinks that he has a way to get past this, a solution that will be in everybody's best interests.

Somewhere in a wooded area amid piles of snow, there is a car. Behind the wheel is a man who is unconscious. His face appears to have received some serious trauma of some kind. The man groans and moves about but then slips into unconsciousness again. It is Malcolm.

Thursday, January 14, 1999

BRAD comes to see VICTOR, who wants to know if Jack has calmed down. Brad tells him he's under control, but feels that Jack was sort of justified in his anger because Jack felt like Victor was cutting the legs out from under them. Victor comments that Jack was acting as if Victor were working for him instead of Jack working for Victor. Besides, it's none of Jack's business what Victor does. Brad reasons that it does make running the company hard when you feel like you're being second-guessed. Victor asks Brad if he thinks Jack has higher ambitions than just being co-CEO of Newman Enterprises. Brad side steps the question by telling Victor they have all they can handle just running day to day business. Jack doesn't have time to pursue other things. Victor tells him he didn't answer the question. Is Brad getting tired of being Victor's spy? Brad tells him that Victor thinks he's going soft because he doesn't have any dirt to report on Jack. Victor warns Brad that his main job is to monitor Jack. Brad strokes Victor's ego by telling him he takes his hat off to Victor because he doesn't see how Victor runs the company alone. He assures Victor that his allegiance is to him. But he draws the line at "following Jack home." Victor turns Brad's words against Brad, telling Brad that HE draws the lines at this company. He advises Brad to watch Jack because he can't be trusted. He tells Brad to keep his eyes and ears open where Jack is concerned and curtly advises him that if he should tire of his "job," he should tell Victor. Victor then dismisses him.

JACK and PHYLLIS talk and she tells him that she flew back from Aruba to see him. She was expecting a friend, but he stood her up. Phyllis tries seducing Jack, but he turns her down. Phyllis promises not to make him late for his date. She is garbed in a burgundy velvet blazer, which she takes off to reveal a burgundy and floral camisole with spaghetti straps. While Jack protests, she kisses his face and neck. She tells him that all she wants is an uncomplicated "partnering" based on mutual lust. He tells her it sounds interesting. Jack is just at the point of weakening when BRAD interrupts them. Phyllis leaves, telling them to have a glass of champagne on her. Brad lectures Jack about fooling around on the job. Besides, Brad wants Diane to be Jack's main focus. Jack informs Brad that he has dinner plans with her. Jack tells Brad to mind his own business, then wants to know if Victor has calmed down. Brad lies to Jack and tells him he hasn't seen Victor. Jack leaves to meet Diane. Brad wonders aloud if "Jackie-boy" is worth all this trouble. "If I'm reading Victor right, you are soon to be yesterday's news," he reasons. Brad fills one of the champagne flutes and murmurs that it won't be long until he'll have the whole deal to himself. (Not knowing each other's plans, it looks like Jack and Brad are playing the double-cross!) He lifts the glass of champagne to his lips as if to celebrate. He smiles at his mastery of playing both sides of the fence.

SAM comes into TREY'S office and tells him that he took care of Trey's "problem," leading Trey to believe that he killed Malcolm. Trey is angry but Sam says he followed him to Genoa City and no one will trace it to him. OLIVIA and CALLIE come in and demand to know if Trey has seen Malcolm. Trey denies it, but when his secretary, ANNIE, comes in Olivia asks if Malcolm Winters left a package for her. Annie tells her that he was here yesterday but didn't mention a package of any kind. Trey catches Annie's eye and she is immediately flustered. Trey makes it sound as if Malcolm came to see him and Trey was out of the office. Annie, he tells Olivia, is just confused because she assumed Trey was in his office. Annie leaves hurriedly. Olivia tells Trey they are going to look for Malcolm and she swears that if he's done anything to Malcolm, she will make Trey regret the day he was born. Callie and Olivia leave and Trey tells Sam that Olivia is serious and she might cause them trouble.

NICK'S great "plan"is to promote Grace and have her move to Los Angeles, but Grace won't have anything to do with it. She tells him he can't just sweep her under the rug. AL unexpectedly drops by and Grace tells Nick he better go back to the drawing board and work out something "a little less egocentric." Al compliments her on her tough tactics. She wants to know how he knew where she worked and why he's there. He tells her that he saw the NE folders at her apartment and took a wild shot. He also knows she's looking out for number one, and probably trying to protect Cassie. Al explains that he thinks there's a way to compensate Alice for her "mental anguish" without taking Cassie from Sharon. Grace acts as if she doesn't know what he's implying and she tells him that all Alice wants is Cassie. Al tells her he'll give her a few days to think things over and he'll get back to her. Grace sits down after he leaves and looks scared. She calls Michael, but he's not in. She leaves him a message to call her on an urgent matter.

RYAN stops by to give NINA a computer game Phillip left in his car. They sit down and chat. Ryan tells her he feels old because a female acquaintance sat down and asked his advice about having sex. Nina asks if this acquaintance is thinking about having sex with him and he tells her it's a young girl who's gotten involved with a different type of guy than she's ever been attracted to before. PHILLIP and BRETT (the soccer coach) come in. Phillip tells Ryan he's the best dad for bringing his game because he wanted to show his coach. Phillip and Brett leave the room. Ryan comments that Phillip's friends have gotten bigger. "Or is he Mommy's friend?" he asks, showing a bit of jealousy. When Brett comes back out, he looks uncomfortable in front of Ryan, but asks Nina out to dinner. She thinks Brett means Phillip, her, and himself. He tells her shyly that he means just the two of them. She agrees to the date. When Brett is gone, Nina waits before turning around to Ryan because she is grinning from ear to ear. What a coup! Ryan witnessing a very buff, very handsome man asking her out! Ryan reacts to this in a joking matter, but there is an underlying current of jealousy there and Nina feels it. She finds his fascination with her love life amusing.

MEGAN is at Crimson Lights reading a cookbook. TRICIA joins her and figures out that she's planning on making dinner for Tony. She wants to know if their father has met Tony. Meg tells her that she's not going to cook dinner at home -- she'll be cooking at Tony's. Tricia gives her the big lecture about what almost happened last time Meg was at his apartment. Meg tells her not to cross the line or she'll have to tell her it's none of her business. Tricia switches topics, informing her sister that she's officially off the pill. Meg tells her Ryan must be thrilled. Tricia says Ryan doesn't know yet. If she were to tell him, he'd try to come up with a hundred reasons not to have a baby now. But once Tricia is pregnant, she just knows he'll be excited because he loves kids so much. Meg tells her she thinks it's time that she gave Tricia the big lecture but tells her it looks like they're both even in the area of having their own definite opinions. She shakes her head and lets out a long, heavy sigh.

TONY tells SHARON that he's not leaving for good -- he's just going for a little vacation to Daytona, Florida. He's going to catch a few NASCAR races and he'll also earn a little extra money on the side by bringing back a car his boss has bought. He asks Sharon to go with him and although it sounds like fun, she turns him down because of the kids. CASSIE comes in and greets Tony. She finds out that Tony's going on vacation, she makes him cross his heart that he'll come back. He does and she goes to feed the horses some sugar cubes. When Tony finally leaves, he tells Sharon that he's going to let it slide this time, but next time he won't take "no" for an answer. He bends down and gently kisses her on the lips. After he's gone, she presses her hand to her chest and gets this warm, fuzzy look on her face. She's quite flustered, but smiles.

The sounds of the owls and other forest creatures echo quietly in the snowy pines. MALCOLM moans and groans with intense pain. He tries to move, making an attempt to open the door of his Jeep Cherokee, but he collapses against the back of the driver's seat. He passes out from the pain and falls forward, his head landing on the car's horn. The scene fades as Malcolm is unconscious again the steering wheel. The continuous blaring of the horn overrides the sounds of the wildlife and its high-pitched annoyance echoes in the wooded area instead.

Friday, January 15, 1999

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