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Malcolm and Olivia made love. Traci had John's proxy but hesitated to vote her own shares. Sharon told Cassie that Alice wanted Cassie back. Katherine wandered the cold streets of Genoa City.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of March 1, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday March 1, 1999

#6576, Directed by Mike Denney

When RAFAEL enters the bar at the hotel, he immediately zeros in on VICTORIA, who is waiting for Cole to join her for drinks. He hears her order a glass of castilla red wine but he recommends the rojo instead. In Spanish, Victoria instructs the waiter to bring a glass for "mi amigo," which Rafael finds flattering. Victoria bruises Rafael's ego when she tells him that it was easier to refer to him as her friend rather than the "rude local hustler" because her Spanish isn't that good. Rafael offers to give her Spanish lessons and refers to her as "la senorita." Victoria tells him she's a more experienced woman than that. Intrigued by this saucy female, Rafael says that he's a painter and he'd love to show her some of his work. In fact, he'll be her personal tour guide but Victoria says she usually just wanders around when she visits a city. Not to be dissuaded, Rafael warns Victoria that it might take her a month to find the wonderful things that Rafael could show her in a day. Victoria tells him that he's really pushing the envelope on the "Latin lover" routine. He smiles and tells her that it's not a routine; it's a fact. Spanish men are old fashioned because they like their women to serve. In return, the men have much to offer their women. Victoria says that American women have a word for men like him. Rafael scoffs at American feminism, assuring Victoria that it is truly a waste.

COLE approaches, surprised to see them together. Even more surprised is Victoria to find that Cole knows Rafael. Rafael formally introduces himself to Victoria as Rafael Delgado, a longtime family friend of the Abbotts. Victoria explains that she is on vacation from her job as President of Brash 'N' Sassy, a division of Jabot Cosmetics, and that she just dropped off a disk to Cole on this leg of her trip. Should she allow Rafael to escort her in Madrid, Victoria asks Cole? Cole vouches for Rafael's expertise as a tour guide. Careful not to disclose that Rafael is Ashley's stepbrother, he explains that Rafael has been helping Ashley settle the business problems she came to oversee. At the mention of Ashley, Victoria probes for more information but Cole maintains that Ashley's business should remain private. Victoria implies that perhaps there is more going on between Ashley and Rafael than just business and Cole reprimands her. Rafael tells Victoria that he'd be honored if she joined them for dinner, insisting she must try the "tapas," tiny tidbits that are delicious. Victoria capitalizes on this opportunity to flirt with Rafael in Cole's presence by asking about Rafael's last name and what it means. Rafael tells her it means "thin" or "skinny" and that he maintains his figure by chasing beautiful women like her. Victoria smiles seductively.

When asked to submit her vote, DIANE tells JACK that she cannot in good faith vote against Victor without hearing his side of the story. Jack says there are things in business that Diane doesn't understand and BRAD interjects that NE could lose millions of dollars in profits. Jack is insistent that they work quickly to countermand the harm that Victor has done. NICK asks for one day to try to locate his father but Brad says that they don't have time. Diane agrees with Nicholas, telling Brad and Jack that she will wait 24 hours to see if Victor can be found because it's the only fair thing to do. When everyone has gone, Jack tells Diane that, despite what Neil and Jill may have her believe, this is not a personal vendetta against Victor; they're just trying to save the company. Diane assures Jack that she won't be in Victor's corner if he's done this on purpose but that she hopes that Jack isn't using her. Jack reminds her that he advised her to seek the Board seat months ago, long before Victor pulled this stunt. Still, Diane thinks that Victor deserves a chance to explain his motives. It's for sure that she won't be sleeping much tonight, Diane vows. When she's gone, Jack rubs his hands over his face and feels that defeat is more than likely imminent for them. Brad enters the Boardroom and starts a tirade on the bad luck of Nicholas' stumbling in and ruining the meeting. Jack certainly didn't foresee Diane opting to give Victor a chance to explain himself, given their history. Brad knows that Victor will cut them down fast. Picking up a picture of John from a side table, Jack laments that they were so close and he just can't allow Victor to win again.

NEIL, JILL, and Nicholas sit at Gina's, all furious at Jack and Brad. Nick tells Neil that he contacted the hotel at which his mother and father are staying, finding that they are out on a day trip but the hotel is trying to track them down. Neil asks if Nick has any idea where Victoria is because she can vote against Jack and Brad. When Nick doesn't know, Jill suggests that Neil contact Ryan. Tired, Jill tells them she's going home but wants an update when they find out further information.

ESTHER is frantic about Katherine, having called the hospital three times and finding no one that fits Katherine's description has been admitted. SHIRLEY listens in the background. Esther wonders if she has seen or heard anything but she tells Esther to get off her back. With that, Esther calls the police and OFFICER PENDLETON is dispatched to the Chancellor/Abbott estate. He talks to Esther, who doesn't want the media alerted to any potential problem because Katherine is such a private person. Shirley enters and Esther implies to Officer Pendleton that she feels that Shirley may be withholding pertinent information. Shirley says that she doesn't care if Katherine stays gone for good. When Jill comes home and finds the police there, she wonders what could be wrong. Jill remarks that she should be so lucky when she finds out that Officer Pendleton is there to take a missing persons report on Katherine. In fact it would make her day -- her life! Esther tearfully says that Jill shouldn't say those kinds of things and Jill wonders if Katherine is drinking again. Officer Pendleton tells Esther to give Katherine a little more time before filing a report and leaves. Esther's silence leads Jill to ask pointedly if Esther really thinks that Katherine's off throwing all her years of sobriety to the wind. Esther continues to evade the subject, stating that if Jill had half a heart, she'd be worried too as she runs out of the living room. Shirley tells Jill she never saw Katherine take a drink and Jill states she never thought it would come to this!

When CALLIE finds GINA humming a tune, Gina tells her that she has some crazy dreams once upon a time, but singing professionally just wasn't in the cards for her. She wants Callie to give career the best shot and Callie tells Gina that she accepts her offer to help. Gina says that she's already called some producers and set up interviews. Callie assures Gina that she's ready to leave and she feels that she must go because Malcolm and Olivia need to live in GC without her presence. Gina tells Callie that she's doing the right thing and they say their good-byes. Callie sees OLIVIA in Gina's but Olivia is rude to her. Callie tells Olivia she's leaving but Olivia says that she's already done the damage now. Callie states that she's not an issue but Olivia disagrees. Callie kept dragging Malcolm into her life wanting to rekindle an old flame. Callie says that Olivia is a fool is she doesn't let Malcolm come home to her and Olivia tells her she hopes Malcolm didn't ask Callie to speak to Olivia on his behalf. Callie says that she does love Malcolm but Malcolm's whole life is about Olivia and making her happy. Olivia does want to see Callie gone. Callie urges Olivia to allow Malcolm to come home before he decided that he does want to. The waiter comes to take Olivia's take-out order but she tells him that she's lost her appetite.

After a picnic lunch packed by the hotel, VICTOR and NIKKI are enjoying their private little island. Nikki wishes they didn't have to return and Victor asks JAMES, their pilot, to radio the hotel and advise them that the Newmans will be staying overnight. However, the radio in the plane isn't working and Victor wonders if they should return. Nikki pleads for them to stay and Victor gives in. When they hear the sound of a boat approaching, Nikki moans and Victor instructs James to tell whomever it is that they do not wish to be disturbed. However, James and the BOAT CAPTAIN approach Victor with an urgent message from Nicholas that reads: "Dad, Extremely critical business crisis; Must come home immediately."

Tuesday, March 2, 1999

Directed by Heather H. Hill

PAUL is on the phone with FRED about locating Millie in Madison. CHRIS arrives at his office just as the conversation concludes. Paul wonders if she's filed Sharon's custody papers yet but Chris hasn't because she's a bit nervous. The only alternative would be to wait on Alice, but Paul feels that Chris should go ahead and file. Paul is going back to Madison so he can check on what Alice is doing. Maybe Alice won't fight, although Chris believes she will. Chris asks how his mother is but Paul hasn't talked to Mary. He promises to call Chris when he finally does see his mother. When Paul does call Mary's, she doesn't answer and Paul is worried. LYNNE suggests that Mary's out shopping but Paul's not certain. In the middle of telling Lynne that Mary shared how well her visit with Paul's dad was going to turn out, CARL shows up to speak with Paul. Paul instructs Lynne to hold his calls and invites his dad into the office. Carl admits that he had to tell Mary about Ruth because there was so much of his life that was unexplained. It was inevitable that she'd find out the truth. Seeing that Paul is annoyed with him, Carl states the he didn't run out on Mary and Paul tells him he should just go back to Ruth. However, Ruth has left for Norfolk because she was in too much emotional pain. Carl reminds Paul that he lost his memory but he's trying so hard. Doesn't Paul understand that he just can't will the lost memories into existence? Carl will stay if that's what Paul wants him to do. Paul wonders how his mother handled the news about Ruth and Carl explains that she got upset and asked him to leave. After Carl expounds on how wonderful Ruth is, Paul reminds Carl that Ruth was so wonderful that she tricked him into meeting Mary at Gina's that day. Carl isn't going to leave until Paul decides if he wants him to stay and try to remember or leave to return to Norfolk.

Later when Paul visits, Mary tells him that she feels very foolish about things with his father. Paul warned her about how hard the situation with Carl would be but she wouldn't listen to him. She didn't want to see things for what they were and she never even thought that Carl would have found someone else, but of course he would because he's such a kind and sensitive man. Paul tells her that this is why they didn't tell her about finding his father right away. Mary realizes that they have to go on with their lives and Paul says if it will make things easier, Carl has offered to leave GC. Mary shares that the thing that hurt most was finding that Carl had another life, another family but she couldn't sleep if she didn't do everything she possibly could to help Carl remember. The vows say, "For better, for worse; in sickness and in health; till death do us part." Paul tells his mother that Carl doesn't even remember taking those vows but Mary says that she remembers and that's all that matters. His memory is in there somewhere, she insists, inside this "Jim person." She has to find a way to bring Carl back to life and she's going to use every fiber of her being to make that happen.

JACK is working up their case against Victor on paper when BRAD comes back into the Executive Boardroom. He thinks that Nicholas was able to get in touch with Victor and he is probably winging his way back to GC as they speak. Jack calls and speaks to WALLY, who tells him that the Newmans are off on another island. Trying to keep one step ahead of Victor, Jack orders Wally back to GC for an "emergency." At first, Wally balks but upon Jack's insistence Wally informs him that he'll schedule a flight plan and return as soon as possible. Jack tells Brad if they can't stop Victor then at least they can delay him because with the jet in GC, Victor will have to fight the commercial airlines for a flight back. Now, Jack is going to spend some time with Diane.

When Diane arrives at Gina's she asks if Jack is there to change her mind. Actually, he's there to apologize for not telling her about the vote before she got into the Board meeting. Is Diane testing him? "I would never do that!" Diane vows. Jack is curious as to why DIANE would defend Victor after he dumped her. Diane says that Victor has done a good job and she's been wondering if Jack is using her. This riles Jack slightly because he wants to know when he's ever used Diane. He treated her with nothing but respect when Diane ran off and married Victor and now she gives her loyalty to the man who has hurt her the most. Holding up Diane's engagement ring, he asks if she thinks they can try this again. He tells her that it's what he wants more than anything and he just wants her to consider it for now. Later at Jabot, Brad asks about the possibility of reconvening early but Jack said that he didn't mention it because he wanted to build trust with Diane. Brad knows that Victor is probably aware that the jet is gone by now and worries that if the Board doesn't meet soon, he and Jack will be out of time and luck.

Finding NICK folding up the sheets from the couch, CASSIE wonders why he isn't sleeping in his old room like before. Nick tells her that sometimes adults do stupid things and it takes a while for the hurt to go away. Afraid Nick will leave again, Cassie makes him promise that he will stay. SHARON comes into the living room, buttons up Cassie's coat, and sends her on her way as the school bus honks its horn sharply. Cassie turns and reminds Nick of his promise. After she leaves, there is a cool distance between Nick and Sharon. Over small talk, Nick speaks in a clipped tone as he recalls his irritation at Jack and Brad, telling Sharon that they are trying to sweep NE from underneath his father. Realizing he's taking his anger out on her, Nick apologizes to Sharon for the way he just spoke. He tells Sharon about the promise he made to Cassie and reassures Sharon that a judge couldn't possibly award custody to Alice. This time Sharon is a bit short with Nick, asking if Nick knows anything about the law. He says that they have to be careful because Cassie can pick up vibes from them. Sharon stresses that he'd better be aware of how real a threat Alice is; Nick just has no idea. The phone rings and it's Connie delivering the message that Victor is on his way home.

Chris and NINA meet at Crimson Lights. Chris is on her way to file custody papers for Sharon and tells Nina that Sharon winning custody of Cassie will be no "slam dunk."

For breakfast, AL pops open two beers and offers one to ALICE, which she declines. Al wants to return to Madison but Alice is staying in GC. Alice tells him he can go home if he wants and accuses Al of being afraid she'll talk to Michael Baldwin without him. Al denies this, stating that what he fears is that Alice will blow this deal wide open for them. Alice tells Al that she'd never do anything like that but he doesn't seem so sure. However, Alice confides, she's definitely not leaving without knowing where Cassie is. Al wants to know what happens then. Suddenly, Alice declares that she doesn't know why she didn't think of this before -- since Grace and Sharon are best friends, Alice will let Grace lead her to Cassie.

NIKKI and VICTOR'S star-gazing is interrupted by JAMES, the pilot of the "puddle jumper" they arrived in, and the BOAT CAPTAIN, who was sent by the hotel to deliver the message from Nicholas. With nothing other than Nick's simple, broken message of urgency, Victor automatically concludes that the hand of Jack Abbott has undermined his vacation. Victor instructs James to take him to the NE jet but the boat captain tells Victor that his jet has left the main island. James will take Victor back to the hotel and then to catch a commercial flight home. Nikki will take the six-hour boat ride to the main island and wait for Victor to return the following day. Nikki is doubtful that Victor will return from business in one day but Victor is adamant that their romantic holiday will resume in record time. When Nikki gets to the hotel she should call Nicholas and let him know that Victor is on his way. Before he hurries off into the night, he shares how precious these past few hours have been with her. Nikki cries as she watches him leave her with only lingering memories of their solitary interlude as Victor wings his way across the diamond-glittered ebony sky. High above the ocean, Victor focuses on what may lie ahead of him in GC, stating that he's coming home and Jack's days with NE will soon be over.

Wednesday, March 3, 1999

Directed by Kathryn Foster

SHARON arrives to meet with CHRIS at Crimson Lights and admits that she is nervous about filing the papers. Chris assures her that it was the best recourse Sharon had but this doesn't alleviate Sharon's fears of Alice descending upon them in Genoa City. Chris advises her to focus on Cassie and to use this time to let down her defenses where Nick is concerned. Who knows, Chris asks? Maybe this could be a time of healing and building up their family again. Sharon says she will try but won't promise Chris anything. Chris gets a call from the process server in Madison who was unable to get an answer at Millie's house. Hopeful, Sharon brightens and suggests that maybe Alice has disappeared again like she did when she abandoned Cassie the first time. Chris cautions her, saying that the server only tried once and Alice could have been at the store or simply out. Chris leaves to return to work and Sharon hopes that Alice is gone because this would be the miracle she's been praying for.

MICHAEL shows up at GRACE'S apartment with news that Victor is on vacation for the next week, which puts approaching him on hold. Grace suggests that they approach Sharon with their news since Michael is a thorn in Victor's side but Michael reasons that Sharon will still go to Victor and they'll just have shown Sharon their hand only to be at square one with Victor anyway. Instead, Michael wants to wait and in the meantime hints that he and Grace should occupy themselves with each other's company. Grace says that she'd like to keep their relationship strictly professional for now and Michael tells her that they both have reason for this matter to be settled succinctly. After Michael leaves the apartment, he stops in the hallway long enough to put on his overcoat. From the stairwell door ALICE watches him go and wonders when Grace is going to leave as well.

NICHOLAS finds JACK working in the Boardroom alone and proceeds to tell him what a weasel Jack is for trying to steal the company from Victor, adding that Victor is on his way to GC as they speak. He reams Jack, telling him that he used to wish that Jack was his father but now he wishes he didn't know him. Jack calmly says that Nick is allowed such loyalty because Victor is his father but the Board of Directors cannot afford such blind faith. Nick assures Jack that he and Brad will be sorry for what they've done when Victor returns. When BRAD enters the Boardroom, Jack shares the distressing news that Victor is returning from vacation according to Nick. DIANE drops by and hears the news as well. Brad discreetly leaves Jack and Diane to talk privately and Diane tells Jack she's done a great deal of soul-searching about Victor's actions as well as her and Jack's future. She can't understand why Jack would be willing to forgive her after she went against his warnings about Victor but now she sees that her allegiance should be to Jack. As far as she's concerned, Victor's time is up and Jack has her vote whenever he wants to call the other Board members in to meet.

MEGAN is ordering lunch for Tony and herself at Crimson Lights when TRICIA comes in with news that she's run into an old flame of hers, Bryce Murphy. She informs Meg that Bryce asked quite a few questions about Meg and invites her to come with them when she and Bryce get together again. JUD, the counter man at Crimson Lights, hands Megan her sandwiches and Tricia asks, "Lunch for two?" Meg blows off Tricia by turning her down, saying that Tricia can tell Bryce that Meg has a "really perfect boyfriend," leaving Tricia to wonder if she will ever be able to sideline Meg and Tony's budding romance before it blossoms.

At the garage, TONY comes into his JOE'S office while his boss is on the phone with a client. He asks Joe what happened to the car he drove back from Florida for him and Joe tells him he sold it because someone made him "an offer he couldn't refuse," which leads Joe to ask Tony if he'd be interested in more road trips like that. Tony hesitates, explaining that when he went to Florida he really wanted to get away because of a bad situation and now things are looking up for him. Joe can ask but there's every possibility that Tony will turn him down. Tony goes back to work inside the garage. Megan shows up a while later and Joe teases her, asking if there are three sandwiches in her bag. Tony enters Joe's office again and is surprised to find Meg there. He is abrupt with her and Joe takes this as a cue to leave. Meg gets her back up and tells Tony that she was trying to surprise him but Tony reminds Meg how he feels about surprises; besides, there are days when he doesn't even get lunch. Trying to salvage the moment, Megan tells him that he gets lunch today and asks if there's not some place they can sit and eat. Letting down his guard, Tony asks what she brought him and is not surprised to find she has his favorite ľ Italian beef with extra peppers. To Meg's astonishment, Tony suggests that they leave the garage and go back to his apartment.

MALCOLM lets himself into his and Olivia's apartment where JULIA greets him and expresses her sadness at his home situation. He says he waited until Nate was gone so that Olivia wouldn't be upset with him but NATE enters the living room thrilled to see his dad. He explains that he has a stomachache after breakfast but he feels better and Julia is taking him to school now. Nate just assumes that Malcolm was in the hospital an extra day and further assumes that he'll be home with him and Olivia for supper. Malcolm doesn't have the heart to tell him what's going on and sends him off to school with Julia. Before Nate walks out the door, Malcolm calls to him and they share the "Peace" sign.

NEIL and OLIVIA talk in her office at the hospital. Neil tells her that at first he agreed with her about Malcolm not coming home but now he doesn't see how she and Malcolm can work things out if the two of them are apart. Olivia emotionally tells Neil how helpless and betrayed she felt when she saw Malcolm so battered in the hospital. Sometimes she doesn't even know why she married Malcolm. Neil assures Olivia that his brother loves her but she tearfully tells Neil that Nathan loved her too. Olivia's just trying to protect herself and Neil reasons that she's doing it at her family's expense. A PHYSICIAN'S ASSISTANT interrupts them with news that Olivia is needed immediately at one by one of her patients. When Olivia leaves, Neil's cell phone rings. It's Brad summoning him back to NE because the Board is ready to reconvene. When Olivia is in the office later, Malcolm drops by to explain about seeing Nate earlier. He tries to talk to Olivia about Nate's feelings but she puts him off. Frustrated, Malcolm tells her that he must be straight with her -- he doesn't know what is going on in their marriage and it worries him.

GINA greets Nick and comments on his melancholy expression, stating that JILL looked the same way when she came in. She directs Nick to Jill's table and Nick joins her, expressing his thanks for Jill's loyalty and support for his father. Jill explains that she wasn't about to be a party to Jack and Brad's underhanded coupe. Jill hurrahs the fact that Victor is winging his way home and wonders if Nick reached Victoria. Nick has contacted every Jabot office in Europe leaving a message for her, sure that she is going to explode when she finds out what's going on. He shares his thorough disgust for Jack with Jill but is interrupted by the ringing of her cell phone. When Jack tells Jill that the Board is reconvening she protests, stating that Jack promised to give Victor twenty-four hours and Jack tells her bluntly that if she wishes to cast her vote she should come now. Nick is furious.

Grace orders an espresso to go at Crimson Lights but doesn't see Sharon sitting at a table. Alice enters the coffeehouse to find Grace but backs out when she sees Grace at the counter waiting to be served and watches from outside the doorway.

Jill, Neil, and Nick protest hotly when the Board reconvenes but Jack turns a deaf ear, stating that he never signed anything promising Victor time to return. Nick insists his father is coming and Jack asks for flight specifics, which Nick doesn't know and can't provide. Brad tells Nick that he doesn't belong here, with Jack adding that if he's going to stay the outbursts must cease. He calls for a final vote with Jill and Neil voting "Nay" and him and Brad voting "Aye." Once again, Diane's vote hangs in the balance but this time she votes with Jack and Brad. Nick goes berserk and it takes both Jill and Neil to keep Nick from pummeling Jack. Jack looks extremely satisfied with the outcome as Jill and Neil usher Nick out of the Boardroom. Jack and Brad congratulate each other and Diane says she'll leave them to celebrate. Jack thanks her, stating that he loves her and she doesn't know what she means to him. When Diane is gone, Brad mentions that they are going to have to face a real, live Victor when he returns. "That's when the real war begins," concludes Jack.

Thursday, March 4, 1999

#6578, Directed by Mike Denney

GRACE and SHARON meet face to face and they exchange bitter words. ALICE watches from the doorway of Crimson Lights and thinks that if Grace is talking to a friend, they don't act very chummy. After Sharon passes by Alice, she realizes that she is the Sharon Collins she remembers from the Central High School yearbook.

TRICIA enters Crimson Lights and invites herself to sit down with Grace. She probes, wondering if Grace is seeing anyone. Grace sees through her facade and tells Tricia that she and Tony are definitely over. Getting up to leave, Grace warns Tricia that she should be worried about Megan. This visibly upsets Tricia.

JACK and BRAD celebrate with glasses of champagne. Brad, nearly giddy, asks for a vote: all those in favor of throwing Victor to the wolves should howl. Both Brad and Jack raise their glasses and howl heartily at Brad's suggestion. DIANE joins them and congratulates them on their success. She interrupts the celebration long enough to ask Jack to make their engagement formal by slipping the engagement ring on her finger, which Jack does and seals the union with a kiss. After Diane finds that Jack must stay with Brad and finish some business as a result of the takeover, she asks Jack to stop by despite whatever late hour he and Brad may finish. Brad assumes that Jack is just pacifying Diane but Jack tells him that Diane's Board seat is only a fraction of her charm. They discuss the next measures they must take and Brad offers to write a press release for immediate distribution through multimedia channels. Jack tells Brad that they must engage the minority stockholders and win their votes. They discuss the fact that Neil and Jill are still up in the air as far as allying themselves with Jack and Brad. Victoria, of course, will be their mortal enemy and although Jack thinks Ashley is a shoe-in, Brad says that Ashley is independent enough not to vote along party lines. As an added measure, they should create a new Board seat. Jack suggests they add a lawyer to the Board and Brad, knowing that Jack means Michael Baldwin, thinks it's a brilliant strategy.

AL interrupts MICHAEL, who is perturbed to find that Al and Alice never went back to Madison and now Al doesn't even know where Alice is. "Greed can make a man careless," warns Michael. Realizing that he made a mistake in coming to Michael, Al explains that Alice is getting jumpy and probably went out for a walk. He apologizes for bothering Michael and they are interrupted by a phone call from Jack. He asks Michael to come to the Executive Boardroom at Jabot as soon as possible. When Al is gone, Michael mutters that he will keep a close eye on Al and Alice -- a very close eye.

When Michael arrives, Jack informs him of their successful takeover and Michael congratulates them, reminding them that he made Diane's Board seat a reality. They needn't expect him to take a paltry pittance and be satisfied with it. Jack wonders if a Board seat appointment would suffice and Michael, shocked at first, is quite pleased with the offer, knowing that he will once again be a thorn in Victor's side. "Whatever you say, boss," beams Michael.

MARISSA joins Diane at Gina's and tells her that news of the takeover is on the radio. Diane wonders if she did the right thing by siding with Jack over Victor. Suddenly, Marissa notices the engagement ring and tells Diane that she should not worry over the Board meeting. Rather, Diane should be happy that she and Jack were able to capture what they had before Diane married Victor. Diane brightens and says that at long last her dream is coming true and smiles at the thought of her and Jack's upcoming nuptials.

NICHOLAS, angered by the extraction of his father as CEO of NE, vows that Jack and Brad will pay for what they've done and tells NEIL and JILL that their loyalty to Victor will be rewarded. Jill tells Nick that even though Victor is hard to work for he didn't deserve what Jack and Brad pulled. She wants those two traitors to get exactly what they deserve and Nick assures her that they will when Victor gets back. Neil wonders where Victor is and Nick calls Wally, only to find out that Jack called Wally back on the premise of an emergency in GC that required use of the jet. Nick is livid to find that Jack knew all along that Victor wasn't coming back to GC anytime soon. When he hangs up the phone, Nick loses his composure, sweeping the desk supplies and telephone onto the floor in a fit of rage.

MEG teases TONY about the grease he was wearing when she first saw him at the garage. Tony is distraught and tells Meg that she showed up in "full girlfriend mode," which miffs Megan. They come from two different worlds, Tony further explains, and their futures don't match. Megan tells him that she is not a princess and she likes Tony just the way he is -- it's this Tony that she's fallen in love with. Tony succumbs to the innocence of Meg's revelation and they kiss passionately, eventually moving to the couch. Asking Meg if this is what she wants, and getting a positive response, Tony proceeds to engorge himself with Megan. Re-thinking her initial response to Tony's question of lovemaking, Meg begins to protest but Tony doesn't back off. Tricia arrives at Tony's apartment complex to check on Meg and hears her sister protesting loudly for Tony to stop. Tricia becomes frantic.

MALCOLM can't believe that OLIVIA refuses to change the way she feels. Doesn't she care about Nate's feelings? Malcolm tells her that when he was with Nate he almost cried with joy. Olivia is a selfish woman and his sins are in her imagination, Malcolm states. Olivia tells Malcolm not to bring Nate into their problems. They are interrupted when NATE and JULIA arrive for Olivia to check Nate, who is still having trouble with his stomach. Julia steps away to use the restroom and Nate begins to talk about their "spaghetti celebration" later on tonight. Olivia starts to make excuses for Malcolm's absence but Nate won't allow her a word edgewise. Before Olivia can burst Nate's bubble, Malcolm adds that all three of them will be together tonight, leaving Olivia no room to wriggle out of Nate's plans. Olivia appears to be defeated and shows her disgust for the idea in her facial expression.

GRACE visits NICK, asking if what she's heard is true. Nick accuses her of knowing about this treachery beforehand, since she works for Brad, and not saying a thing to anyone. Nick doesn't need her help, especially after their track record together. Grace tells Nick that she knew nothing and only came because she wanted to help Nick in any way that she could. Nick speaks sharply to Grace and shows her the door, stating that he doesn't want her to do anything for him, ever. Grace leaves in a huff. Outside Nick's office door, Grace gets her back up, muttering that "Big Daddy's" out. Will Nick still be the rising young star at NE, she wonders nastily?

Inside Crimson Lights, Alice orders a small coffee and asks JUDD if that was her "old friend" Sharon Collins who left earlier. Judd tells her that Sharon is now Sharon Newman and Alice wonders if there could be any connection to Victor Newman. There has to be, she reasons. Not waiting for her order, Alice leaves and finds a phone booth but has no luck finding a listing for Sharon. How does she find Sharon now?

Sharon comes home to find CASSIE reading alone on the couch and is startled to find that Lisa is upstairs with Noah when she promised not to let Cassie out of her sight. Cassie tells Sharon that she's reading the story of a lost kitten that is taken in by some very kind people. However, the boy that owns the kitten is sad and wants her back. Eventually, the boy finds the kitten and takes it back home even though the kitten was happy where it was living. The ironies of this story and Cassie's tenuous situation unnerve Sharon, causing Cassie to worry if something is wrong. Sharon tells Cassie she's fine and sends her to finish her homework. She answers a knock at her door only to find a strange woman, Alice, standing there. "Can I help you?" Sharon asks without an inkling of who this stranger is. "You sure can," states Alice bluntly. "I'm Alice Johnson and I want my kid back." Sharon's eyes widen with fear.

Friday, March 5, 1999

CHRIS enters PAUL'S office and wonders if he has time for his sweetie. Paul is glad to see her and immediately notices how tense Chris is. She tells him that the whole ordeal is a bothering her because they are dealing with the welfare of a child. Paul assures her that no one but she can convince a judge that Cassie needs to be with Sharon. Chris isn't so confident. They change topics of discussion and focus on Mary and Carl. Paul says that Mary has a more realistic view of the situation but she is putting on a front with good faith that things will turn out for the best. Chris acknowledges Mary's strength, admiring her ability to trust even when faced with the worst possible scenario. Chris asks about Millie and Paul says that he and Fred have called every nursing home in a 50-mile radius of Madison. Chris asks if he thinks that Al and Alice are capable of violence and Paul sadly admits that desperate people sometimes do desperate things. At any rate, he's thinking of going to Madison to see Grace but Chris nixes that idea, telling him that the process server has tried to serve the papers to Alice several times and she's just not there. Paul says that it would be wonderful is Alice just dropped out of the picture. Chris mentions that Sharon said the same thing earlier but Chris thinks that Alice is actively searching for Cassie and doesn't hold out much hope on Alice just moving on.

GRACE comes to MICHAEL expressing a desire to move on the Cassie issue. Michael tells her they're doing the best thing by waiting but Grace says that even though patience may be a virtue but she's tired of waiting and wants some peace about Cassie's permanent home with Sharon. Michael tells her that he's now one of Grace's bosses and Grace asks him if he was part of the takeover, but is not otherwise impressed with Michael's newly acquired BOD seat at NE. However, she is quite shaken when she finds out that Al visited Michael with news that Alice is missing at the present time.

ESTHER hangs a brand-new mirror and brandishes JILL for her attitude toward Katherine, explaining that Katherine still hasn't called. Jill explains that she and Katherine have their differences but she in no way wants Katherine to turn into a drunken lush. Esther doesn't buy it and SHIRLEY is confused over Jill's expression of concern. Isn't this what she wanted -- Katherine is gone? Jill tells her that she wants Katherine gone, but not because she's drinking again. If Katherine IS drinking then everyone will blame Jill and she won't have a friend left in GC.

JACK visits JILL at the estate to persuade her to "join the winning team." Jill accuses him of trying to strengthen his position for the hell that's going to break lose when Victor returns. Jack assures her that they have the power they need and the takeover was in the best interest of the company. Besides, it was hard for Jack to do. Jill buys none of this. Jack continues by telling Jill he's willing to forget all the nasty things she said because he understands why she did it but he wants her to know that he has always viewed her as a performer and he wants her energy on his side. Jill agrees to think about it and Jack accuses her of wanting to wait until Victor comes home to see which way the wind blows. He likens Jill's joining him to a view from the mountaintop, explaining that it's a hell of a view. Jill again says she'd like to think about it and wonders if Jack has talked to John. Jack is sure his father will read about it and Jill says that John is a man of integrity and won't be happy with Jack's underhanded methods. Jack tells her that John knows what it's like to have something snatched from him because Victor took Jabot in much the same manner. Jill realizes that Jack is doling out payback; that's what the takeover was all about. Jack tells her not to think too long and subtly threatens her by musing about all the bright young executives that are eager to find work. "Don't miss the brass ring that's coming at you," Jack warns. Jill ponders what Jack has said, understanding fully what Jack has implied.

TRICIA nearly beats down the door at TONY'S apartment and attacks him when Tony lets her in. Disgusted with Tricia's accusations and pompous attitude, Tony leaves for work. MEGAN is furious with Tricia, saying that she only made the situation worse and accusing her of spying on them, which Tricia does not deny. Meg explains that she was the aggressor; she thought she was ready to make love to Tony but when things heated up, she couldn't go through with it. Tricia tells Meg if she had been with the right man this wouldn't have happened. Besides, Meg shouldn't "know" Tony in that way. Megan explodes, telling Tricia that she is a hypocrite and asking Tricia where she got her pious attitude. "Who made you the Pope?" Meg asks with hostility before she turns and storms out of the apartment, leaving Tricia alone and worried.

Tony returns to work and takes some ribbing from JOE, who wants to know all the juicy details of lunch. Tony cuts him off, saying that he wants to get back to work. What should he start on. Joe tells him to start work on the convertible. After Tony leaves in a huff, Joe wonders what just transpired between them.

NICHOLAS arrives at the main house and is greeted by Miguel, who wonders if there has been any change at NE. Nick tells him that no, Jack and Brad haven't turned the company back over to his father. He is ticked that Victor hasn't called from the commercial flight with news of his impending arrival. Miguel tells Nick that he saw the police down at his and Sharon's residence. Nick leaves immediately to find out what is going on.

ALICE has brought a GC police officer with her and the officer tells Sharon that Alice has adoption papers and a copy of a missing person report on Cassidy Johnson. Alice brushes past Sharon, who protests Alice's invasion of her home, and finds a photo of Cassie on the mantle. She shows the officer a picture she has and says that it's the same child, only now she's older. She demands to know where Cassie is and doesn't believe Sharon when she says Cassie's not here. Sharon invites them to search the house and as soon as they are upstairs and out of hearing range, she calls Chris and gets and answering service. She leaves an urgent message for Chris to call her as soon as possible. Alice comes down and demands to know what Sharon has done with Cassie but Sharon refuses to tell her. At that time Nick comes in and asks what's going on. After learning what is happening, he asks the officer to take Alice and leave. Alice sits on the couch and says that she has no intention of leaving until her daughter returns home. Nick says that this is his home and she has no right to be there. He tells the officer that Miss Johnson is upset, his wife is upset and there is no reason for anyone else to be upset. The officer understands that he is talking about the child and tells Alice to leave until they can all talk this over in a reasonable manner. However, Alice seems to settle further into the couch as if she does not intend to move.

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