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Alice sent Al on his way. The social worker interviewed Grace. Cassie had a visit with Alice, and she begged Sharon to stay with her. Mamie returned to the Abbott household. Ryan was fired. Olivia admitted that she had lied to Malcolm.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of April 19, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday April 19

Christine and Sharon share a table at Gina's and talk about Alice's visit tomorrow as well as the social worker, Ted Morganstern. Chris knows Ted and says that he is a professional and caring man. Sharon worries because just as he came up, she was telling Grace to leave. Now she is afraid that he will want to question Grace. Chris says that he would naturally want to cover all the bases but she doesn't see how Grace could hurt them. Sharon doesn't trust her at all. She also asks Chris to get another judge to change Alice's visitation. Chris says that this would alienate the judge that will be overseeing their case. She thinks it would be best to leave it alone. Chris advises that she tell Cassie about the visit and prepare her well. Just then, they see Alice coming into the restaurant. They watch as she is shown to a table and Gina welcomes her. She orders a glass of wine then changes her mind. She tells Gina that she is going to be seeing her daughter tomorrow for the first time in several years. So to celebrate she orders sparkling cider and pretends that it is champagne. Sharon leaves the restaurant without being seen by Alice. As Chris sits there, she is surprised to hear a voice that she knows. It is al joining Alice. "Hi honey. Did you miss me?" Alice cannot find her voice.

When Tony says that he doesn't want to talk about Grace, Megan says that she doesn't understand why. She only wants to share his pain. Tony finally begins to talk, at first hesitantly, then willingly. He tells her about how he and Grace met, what she was like back in those days and her problems with her mother. He says that he knew all along that she was just playing with him, but for him it was serious. When she walked out and came to GC, he followed her; he just couldn't let go. At this point, Tony begins to break down and says that he can't talk about it any more. He leaves the room for a while to pull himself together. When he returns, Meg says that she is sorry; it is too soon for him to talk about it. As the two kiss, Tony pulls back. Meg wants to know why he stopped. Tony says that he has been giving this some thought and he thinks that she isn't ready for the relationship to go any further.

Nikki and Ashley are waging a war of words while Neil tries to play peacemaker. They are interrupted by one of the organizers of the search who is there with a report. He says that they are widening the search. He explains that because of the terrain it will take some time for the search. Ashley asks if they think that Victor is still alive and Nikki turns on her spewing vitriolic abuse. Once again, the battle is on while Mr. Mullen looks on uncomfortably. Finally, to stop the scene, Ashley leaves the office. As she leaves, Victoria enters. When she is told about the time it will take to search the broadened area, she wonders why it will take so long since there is nothing there but desert. Mr. Mullen explains that there is more to the desert than flat land. There are canyons, arroyos, and outcroppings of rock. He also explains that water is a problem; the human being can go for a long time without food but he needs water to survive. After he leaves, Nikki and Vicki fall apart. Neil tells then not to give up; he also tells them that they shouldn't alienate Ashley. Victoria can't believe that their success might depend on Ashley.

Mr. Morganstern arrives at Grace's office and begins questioning her. He mentions that from what he observed at the ranch earlier, Grace is an important part of Cassie's life. She explains that she and Tony brought her back to GC but didn't turn her over to Sharon for about a year. It was very hard to give her up, but it was time to do so. He then asks her about the relationship between Sharon and her husband. Grace says that she can't comment on that; she barely sees them anymore. Then Mr. Morganstern asks right out, "Is Sharon Newman fit to raise a child?"

When Ashley leaves Neil's office, she heads for Jack's office. But instead of Jack, she runs into Brad. She has a lot of questions for him and she says she doesn't want the party line. She wants to know how long he and Jack have been "best friends." Brad says that they both have the same interests, Newman Enterprises. Ashley doesn't believe him and wonders when the conspiracy began. Was it while he was still in Europe? Brad sticks by his guns that this isn't a long-term scheme and they didn't plan it from Europe. Ashley mentions that Bradley has his own ax to grind where Victor is concerned. Brad asks if she ever thinks about how it would have been for them if they could ever have gotten together. His nostalgia doesn't faze Ashley in the least; she says that the timing of the takeover stinks. She mentions that Jack has traded a diamond engagement ring for a vote. Brad says that Jack wouldn't marry just for a vote but Ashley doesn't accept it.

Although Nina insists on leaving, Jill is just as insistent that she stay. Jill tries to convince Ryan to change his viewpoint where the takeover is concerned. But, for every objection Jill raises, Ryan has a counter argument. Nina stands back and watches. When Jill throws up her hands and leaves the office, Nina says that she smells a rat and she doesn't believe a word that he has just said. Ryan doesn't know what to say so he asks what she is doing there. She tells him that she needs his signature on the permission slip for Phillip's field trip to Chicago. She then tells him that she answered the phone while he was away. She tells him about Megan and Tony.

Chet enters the lean-to to find Victor filling soda pop bottles with water. When asked what he is doing, he says that he is preparing to walk out of this "hellhole." Chet begins to enumerate all the hurdles that he will have to face, including a locked gate and a fence that he won't be able to get over. Victor doesn't believe him. Chet tells him to let him know when he is about to leave so he can go and set his other leg. Victor is about ready to leave when he looks up and sees a strange woman standing there.

Tuesday, April 20, 1999

CHRIS watches AL and ALICE from across the room at Gina's. Alice wants him to leave her alone but Al wants to explain what happened with his child molesting conviction nearly a decade ago. He says that he worked as a gardener for a rich couple who had a cute little girl. The little girl thought that Al was humorous so she'd follow him around as he worked. One day, he went into the bathroom beside the pool "to relieve himself" and he notices the child has followed him in. Without thinking, he screamed "Get the hell out of here!" The little girl ran to her mother crying and there was no disputing that Al had exposed himself, but the parents would not listen to his side of the story. He didn't have money to get a good lawyer so he pled to a lesser charge to avoid a trial. Alice softens slightly and tells him that she doesn't know if she believes but vehemently states that she wants him no where near Cassie. Al tells her she's not seen the last of him and goes to the bar to have a drink.

When MICHAEL arrives, Alice tells him about Al and he tells her to focus on her visit with Cassie tomorrow. Alice has been practicing in front of the mirror and is a bundle of nerves. Michael suggests that she not try to "right every wrong" on her first visit. Take an interest in what Cassie likes and talk about what Cassie wishes to discuss. Alice calms down a little.

PAUL joins Chris and they talk about Michael's drive behind this case. Chris is sure that he places "winning" above what's really best for Cassie and that alarms her. Paul states that it appears that Michael is trying to be her adversary in every case he can. Chris is unsure, but Paul tells her that as long as Sharon has her to represent Cassie's interests, Cassie and Sharon are in the best of hands. Al continues to eye Alice from the bar.

Meanwhile, GRACE is stumbling around the question of Sharon's fitness for MR. MORGENSTERN. Finally, she tells him that Sharon is a good mother and explains that her hesitation is because there is some tension between her and Sharon over the fact that, in Sharon's opinion, Grace didn't bring Cassie to her soon enough. Grace explains the situation of Noah's birth and tells Mr. Morgenstern that she made a judgment call. Grace is very complimentary of Sharon's fitness as a mother for Cassie but after the social worker leaves, she angrily spouts that Sharon owes her a great deal. In her frustration, she calls Michael on the cell phone and hears Alice in the background. Michael is curt with her and tells her that he'll call her in the morning. Grace is furious and wonders just what kind of game Michael is playing.

JOE receives a call from his annoyed customer. He wants the car and he wants it by tomorrow. Joe promises him that he will have his driver back with the car as promised. When he hangs up, he rubs his hand through his hair and shakes his head.

TONY and MEGAN are passionately kissing but Tony pulls away and tells Meg that he thinks she's not ready for to go this far in their relationship. He reminds her that she had to get drunk in order to face making love with him. Meg explains about her jitters again and says that Tony probably doesn't even want to make love to her. Tony assures her that's not the problem but he's sure that she and her mother used to talk about saving sex for marriage. Meg says that her mother died when Meg was young and when she discussed those things, she didn't know anything about life. She's sure now that she loves Tony and wants to make love to him. They begin a passionate kiss that is interrupted by a call from Joe, telling Tony to make the pick up now. Little does either of them realize that an unknown someone is monitoring every word Tony and Joe speak. Megan is extremely disappointed but goes to pack her things.

NINA tells RYAN that she's not buying his act with Jill. She knows he would never turn his back on the Newmans. They are interrupted by an abrupt VICTORIA, who waits while Nina draws out her visit purposely. Soon, Victoria bluntly tells Nina that she has more important business to discuss with Ryan that Phillip's latest soccer game. Nina leaves but reminds Ryan that she knows something is up. Victoria wonders if Ryan has told Nina anything but Ryan assures her that he's told no one. She hands Ryan his pink slip and explains that Nick forced her hand because she's on the Board and has the authority to fire Ryan. Ryan is speechless and can't believe that she's doing this to him. She tells him that it will work out for the best. If he goes to Jack and Brad to show them the letter of termination, she's sure they'll hire him back and his loyalty to them will be cemented. Ryan is worried that they will chose NOT to hire him at all.

CASSIE has beaten NICK at four hands of cards when SHARON comes home. All of Noah's things are now in Cassie's room so that Nick can sleep downstairs while his leg heals. Seeing Sharon's tension, Nick sends Cassie to get the hot chocolate ready. Sharon knows she must tell Cassie about Alice's visit tomorrow but she can't bear the thoughts of the pain it will cause Cassie. When Cassie returns she senses that something is wrong and asks her mother to tell her. When Sharon says that the judge has made provisions for Alice to see Cassie alone, Cassie says that she hates the judge and she refuses to see or talk to Alice. Nick and Sharon tell her that she has no choice and she runs upstairs. Sharon feels she must go to Cassie and comfort her and Nick agrees. After Sharon is gone, Nick closes his eyes and shakes his head with worry.

A young woman walks up on VICTOR, who is honing his traveling supplies. She tells him her name is RAMONA and that she walked here. She notices his broken leg and comments that Chet did a good job on the splint. He asks Ramona if there really is a fence with a locked gate and she tells him that there is and it's because Chet likes to protect his privacy. Victor informs her that Chet is holding him against his will and wonders if Ramona will help him get beyond the gate. CHET enters from the shadows and Victor asks Ramona again what Chet's problem is. He offers to pay Ramona whatever she'd like in return for her help. She states that she has everything she wants as she and Chet leave Victor alone.

In a much nicer abode than the shed Victor's staying in, Chet and Ramona ravish each other and Chet tells her that it drives him crazy not seeing her for weeks at a time. Ramona asks what is going on with Victor but Chet avoids the question by breaking out a bottle of wine. He promises to discuss the entire matter with her tomorrow. Ramona goes to get her bags. She looks uncomfortably at Victor as he whittles away on a walking stick but leaves without speaking.

Wednesday, April 21, 1999

Ashley is preparing for breakfast when a grumpy Jack enters the dining room. He complains about not being able to reach Brooke Logan and he is sick of the entire deal. He is ready to pull the plug on the entire mess. The two of them start getting into a heated discussion concerning the take over. Jack tells her to think about the benefits to the family---to Jabot---but before she can respond, Diane enters for her first breakfast in the Abbott home. While she isn't yet an Abbot, that is something that will be taken care of in time. Cole enters saying that he has his laptop set up in Traci's old room for the time being; it is better than the tack room. Diane speaks up and says that she just might run her business out of the house also. She could still use the condo, but why drive that distance every day? Cole says that just as long as she doesn't use the room above the garage. Jack stops the argument before it can get started and declares the kitchen table a business-free zone. Diane goes into the kitchen to make her boiled egg and Jack follows.

Cole wonders if Jack is just using Diane; Ashley says that she feels sorry for her. Cole brings up the painting, wondering why it is still in the packing crate. He thinks that it should be hung for their enjoyment. Ashley says that she is thinking about giving it to the museum so it can be enjoyed by all. Before they can discuss it further, she leaves for work. Cole also leaves so the dining room is empty when Jack and Diane return. She guesses that Ashley doesn't want her there but Jack tells her that she will come around. Diane says that she hates fighting with his sister but they are starting a future together and Ashley will just have to learn to accept it. Jack embraces her but his face doesn't appear sympathetic.

Neil is having breakfast at Gina's and has a flashback to the kiss he and Olivia almost shared. He is relieved that it didn't go any further. Olivia joins him and thanks him for meeting her. She tells him that Callie knows that she asked for the job at the hospital. She gives Neil a sullen look and he wonders how she found out. She just stares at him and he says, "You don't thin I told her, do you?" Olivia says that they are the only two who knows about it. She tells him that Callie threatened her. Callie said that if she didn't tell Malcolm the truth, she would do it herself. Neil says that she has to tell Malcolm the truth. Olivia says that she can't but Neil insists. Olivia accuses Neil of never being on her side. Neil says that he has and will stand by her in every way but he can not support her lying to his brother. Angrily, Olivia thanks him for the advice and promptly leaves the table. He calls out to her but she doesn't look back as she leaves.

Olivia arrives at Malcolm's studio and watches as he tries to concentrate on his shoot. Finally, after trying different techniques, Malcolm tells the model that he can't get it right and it will have to be rescheduled. As she leaves to change, Malcolm berates himself. He then sees Olivia and cheers up until she says that she came down to talk to him about something. He thinks she is going to ask him for a divorce. She ends up telling him about the job. Malcolm is stunned by what he hears.

Alice is in Michael's office worrying about the meeting with Cassie. Michael advises her to keep her cool and everything will go okay. Just as he is showing her out of the office, Grace walks up. Seeing Alice, she demands to know what she is doing there. Alice says that she was conferring with her lawyer. Now the question is, what is Grace's excuse? Grace prances into the office and tells Michael about the visit from the social worker. She says that she would have "deep sixed" Sharon and Nick in a New York minute if it hadn't been for Cassie. As it is, she told him that Sharon was a good mother. Michael asks if she told him about her one-night-stand with Nicholas and Grace tells him no. Michael thinks on that little tidbit of knowledge without comment. Grace wants to know why he is spending so much time with Alice Johnson. Michael says that she knows that he never goes to court without being completely prepared. Grace thinks on that for a while then decides that he is only making it look like he is doing all he can so that no one will catch on that he is really throwing the case. As she leaves, she tells him that that is fine just so long as Cassie stays with Sharon where she belongs.

Miguel answers the door and is stunned when Rafael just waltzes right past him and enters the house calling for Victoria. Miguel is about to stop him when Vicki comes in and says that it is okay; Rafael is using the tack room for the time being. After a few words in Spanish, Miguel leaves. Rafael is on a huge high saying that he loves the tack room and the ranch. He sees som many possibilities for his paintings. Unfortunately, he hasn't any paint supplies so he wants to hitch a ride into town to pick up some. He then wants to know when they are going to put the plan into motion. She says that normally she would keep him well hidden until jus the right time to "drop the bomb" but in this case, she thinks that the direct approach is best. She tells him to come with her and they head for town with Rafael shaking his head in confusion at the "bmb" comment.

When Nick comes into the living room, he finds Cassie asleep across Sharon's lap with Sharon stroking her hair. She explains to Nick that Cassie couldn't sleep because she was dreading Alice's visit; she was so hysterical that Sharon couldn't calm her down. Cassie wakes up and Nick sends her to get dressed for the visit. Sharon is a bundle of nerves and Nick does his best to calm her down. He says that the one thing that they can do for Cassie is keep their emotions in check.

Ashley is searching Jacks desk looking for some reference to the Forrester deal when Vicki comes in. She tells Ashley that she has an old friend of hers here who would like to see her. Raphael pops from around the corner, r ushes in and kisses Ashley on each cheek. Vicki watches Ashley's shocked expressions and smiles like the Cheshire cat.

There is a knock at the door and Nick lets Alice in. She looks uncomfortable but defiant. She demands to know where Cassie is and she is told that Cassie is getting dressed. Sharon warns Alice that Cassie is very nervous about the visit. She asks if she and Nick could stay but Alice will have none of that. Cassie is standing on the stairs watching it all. Nick tells her that they will be at the main house if she needs them. Cassie runs to Sharon and gives her a big hug before she leaves.

At first, Cassie won't talk or look at Alice. Alice says that she had brought her some cookies but Cassie says that she isn't hungry. Alice talks about when Cassie was born and how much she weighed; she talks about the first food that she ate. She talks about the first steps Cassie took. She didn't just take one step, she took off for the coffee table. Alice was able to catch her before she fell. Alice remembers when she called her "mama" for the first time. She wants to know if Cassie remembers any of this but Cassie says no. She only remembers that Alice yelled a lot. Cassie goes and picks up Cindy. "You still have Cindy doll?" Alice asks. Cassie wants to know how Alice knew her name. Alice says that she gave the doll to her.

At the main house Sharon is still a nervous wreck. Now she is worried that Alice will grab Cassie and run away. Nick reminds her that there are security guards everywhere. He tells her to trust Cassie; she can handle this.

Thursday, April 22, 1999

At the main house, Sharon and Nick are waiting for the visit to be over. Nikki comes in and wonders what they are doing there and whose "wreck" is parked in front of their house. They explain about Alice's visitation with Cassie. She is outraged that the judge would allow that woman to be with Cassie alone; at least there should be some neutral person there for Cassie's sake.

Meantime, down at the cottage, Alice begins using the Cindy doll to help trigger Cassie's memory. But all Cassie remembers is that Alice yelled a lot and she had to be quiet because Alice slept during the day. Alice pleads with Cassie; she reminds her that she never hurt her. Cassie says that she is sorry. She knows that Alice wants her to like her but she wants her mommy. As she continues to plead with Alice to allow her to call her mommy, Alice finally gives in and tells her to make the call.

Sharon asks if Cassie is okay and she says that she is. She says that Alice wants to talk to her. Alice tells Sharon that she needs to come back to the house. Sharon is worried but says she and Nick will be right there. Alice says she would rather only she came. Sharon rushes out of the house. Nick begins to tell Nikki that he has did all that he can do and now he feels useless. Nikki tells him that he hasn't done all he can do. He has to fight for his family. She predicts that this problem, this bump in the road, will only make the family stronger.

Sharon enters the house and Cassie rushes into her arms calling, "Mommy!' Alice says she would like to talk to Sharon alone so Sharon sends Cassie upstairs. Alice tells Sharon that she wants to work with her for Cassie's sake. Sharon reminds her that she offered before going up to the main house. Alice says that she wants to do what is best for the child but Sharon says that if that were true, she wouldn't be there. Alice gets angry and tells Sharon to go on back up to the house and let her finish her time with her daughter.

Jack isn't happy with the way things are at the moment; he has Diane at home pulling him one way and Brooke Logan in LA keeping him at arms length. Diane suggests that he ask Ashley and Cole to leave. Since she isn't Diane's biggest fan, they will get along better with some distance between them. Jack says that he can't do that. Diane tells him that she wants half the space over the garage. There is enough room for Cole to do his writing and for her to do her work. As Jack tries to talk her out of it, she says that she won't be treated like a second class citizen; not if they are getting married. She says that this is a small request and she expects him to support her. During this conversation, Cole has come down the stairs and listened. After Diane leaves, he lets his presence be known. He has a very pompous attitude as he laughs at jack for being between a rock and a hard place. He thinks that Jack has out maneuvered himself with this one. He needs Diane's vote but he also needs Ashley's vote. He says that he will not share the garage apartment with Diane so he had better make other arrangements. He says that he is working on a deadline but Jack reminds him that he is always working on a deadline yet he found time to spend months in Spain. And by the way, just what were they doing in Spain all that time. Cole tells him that if he wants to know, he should ask his sister. He turns to go and tells Jackie Boy that he doesn't envy his position at all. He is caught between two women who despise each other.

Jack mood has darkened considerably by now but as he opens the door to head out to work, he is surprised to find Mamie Johnson there. He tells her that she is a sight for sore eyes and invites her in. He thought she was off on a cruse with Trent but Mamie says that that turned into a nightmare and she would just as soon not talk about it. She wants to catch up with what is going on with the family. Jack fills her in and she is surprised that Diane---THAT Diane---is living at the house. She mentions the animosity between Diane and Ashley and Jack says that he is hoping that they will sign a peace treaty. He wonders what Mamie has planned for the future. When Mamie says that she hasn't any plans at the moment. Jack invites her to stay with them since she is like a member of the family. Mamie agrees saying that may be the right thing for right now.

Diane meets Marissa for lunch and they talk about moving the office to the Abbott home. She tells Marissa that although she won't have an ally there, she is not going to allow Ashley to dictate to her. She assures Marissa that she will still have her job and she will have her office. This time, Ashley has met her match.

Surprised to see Raphael, Ashley asks how he got there. He tells her that his paintings aren't selling right now but he had a benefactor who paid his plane ticket to GC. Vicki, still grinning impishly, says that he is living in the tack house now; Cole moved out just in time. Rafael think it would be a really good idea if the four of them went out some time and had some fun. Ashley says that she doesn't think the four of them will be hanging out together any time soon. She marches out of the office leaving Rafael amazed at how Cole can have so much influence over these two women. Vicki tells him that she overheard the conversation between him and Ashley back in Madrid and she knows that he has strong feelings for Ashley. Rafael says that Ashley is a married woman but this is a subject that needs to be explored further.

Callie returns to GC and visits Gina. She says that her big gig in Milwaukee was fantastic and she thanks Gina for turning her on to this new manager. Right now, she hasn't any plans but thinks that she might like to sing in Gina's for a while. Gina doesn't think it is a good idea for her to come back and stir things up. Callie says that she is so in love that nothing else matters. Gina warns that she is going down a dead end street.

As Callie is leaving, she sees Neil. She goes over to speak to him but he is very rude to her. Despite the fact that he tells her to beat it, she sits down at his table anyway. He lays into her for coming back to screw up his brother's marriage more than she already has. Callie says that she isn't the problem in Malcolm's life; Olivia is the problem. If she really loved Malcolm, she would be honest with him and trust him. She declares that Olivia doesn't love Malcolm any more and the sooner he figures that out, the better. Neil is disgusted and leaves the table.

Malcolm can't believe what he is hearing. Olivia went after this new job and then lied to him about it. Olivia says that she didn't mean it to be a problem but her feelings are tearing her apart. Malcolm says that if she is finally able to admit her guilt then they can work it from there. She says that it isn't guilt that is bringing her here to confess. Then what is it? She says that his "friend" Callie has threatened to tell him if she doesn't. So Callie pushed you to this confession? You wouldn't have told me otherwise? Olivia admits that she wouldn't have told him otherwise. She says that she needed space and Malcolm wouldn't give it to her. He tells her that this isn't fair to him or to Nate. But now, she can have all the space her little heart desires and he walks out.

Friday, April 23, 1999

Tricia is dressed seductively as Ryan prepares to go to work. She invites him back to bed but he says that he has to go to work. While she is seducing him into a "quickie" he gets a phone call from Victoria. She is cryptic as she tells him to meet her at a diner on the other side of town. He says that this isn't a good time but she insists. Later, he shows up angry at being fired and by her of all people. He says that he put his career and family on the line for her and she has sprung this on her. She says that she has been a little distant and short with him and for that she apologizes. Ryan says that if Brad and Jack want him gone, then he is gone since they are totally in charge. Victoria says that she will hire him back if that happens but he tells her that she won't be able to do that.

Olivia walks into Yves with a huge load of patient records. As she sits, she knocks something over from the table and has to be reseated. Everyone around her looks on at her bumbling. Just as she sits, Ashley, who is sitting nearby, sees her and walks over. Olivia tries to get rid of her but she insists on joining her for lunch. She says that she can see that something is wrong so she asks her about it. At first Olivia won't talk about it but eventually she tells her that her marriage is falling apart and she is to blame. Ashley reminds her that it takes two but Olivia says that in this case, that isn't true. She expects that any time now, she and Malcolm will separate. Ashley tells her to have faith in their love.

Malcolm is going over in his mind the announcement by Olivia and he is fuming when Callie walks in. He turns on her and says that it is her fault. Callie says that she didn't do anything but Malcolm says that she threatened Olivia. Did you want to go on in ignorance about what she did? Callie asks. He says that she should have come to him. Callie asks if he would have believed her. Anyway, she says, it was Olivia's place to tell him since it was her secret. Malcolm calms down and says that he guesses it isn't right to kill the messenger but he still wonders what is in this for her. She says that that is up to him. She will do whatever he tells her to do. If he wants her to leave town, she will leave. She would rather stay in town because she likes it here. She likes being able to sing in different clubs in the area instead of being out on the road all the time. If she is going to be a success, she wants to do it slowly. But, just say the word and she will go, she tells Malcolm. Malcolm says that he needs a friend; he wonders if she can be satisfied with just being a friend. She says that if a friend is what he wants and needs, then she will be there for him as a friend.

Tony and Megan stop in a small diner just north of Chattanooga, Tennessee. She mentions that this is the first road trip she has ever been on since her family always flew to where ever they were going. Tony is sorry that the trip is boring but she says that it isn't boring at all. She tells him that she has always fantasized about driving around the country, stopping when she wanted to and staying as long as she wanted to. This is fantastic! This is also Tony's dream. Tony goes to pay the check while Megan calls Tricia. Tricia is sure that something is wrong and insists that Megan tell her what it is. Megan tries to tell her that nothing is wrong; she is just bummed because the trip had to be cut short. This in turn gives Tricia something else to worry about but Megan says that the car had to be delivered earlier than originally planned. She says that they should be home by tomorrow.

Sharon and Alice discuss the problem with Alice insisting that she is only thinking of Cassie's welfare. When they can't come to a mutual agreement, Alice asks Sharon to leave and let her finish her visit with Cassie. Cassie rushes to Sharon and begs her not to leave. Sharon looks at Alice who tells her to stay. Sharon won't stay unless Alice puts it in writing. Alice reluctantly nods yes. Sharon and Cassie sit beside Alice on the sofa. Cassie remains quiet as Alice begins to make plans with Cassie for when she goes home. She is going to redecorate the room just for her and she would like Cassie to help her. Cassie asks Alice if she can see Millie but Alice says that she has been sick. Cassie says that Millie was sick a lot when she was there. She wants to see Millie but she wants her to come here without Alice. Alice lies and says that after Millie got better she went on a long trip and no one knows how to reach her. Sharon has a hard time hearing this and keeping quiet; you can see her lips press together. Alice sees this reaction and looks more belligerent than guilty. When Alice promises that when Cassie comes home with her, the two of them will go see Millie, Sharon calls an end to the visit.

Jack and Brad continue to worry about the takeover and hope that they can get their ducks in a row before Victor gets back. Neither of them feels that they can completely trust Ryan since he has strong ties to the Newman family. He could be playing one side against the other. Jack says that it is crucial that they get Ashley on their side. Brad doesn't see that happening so far but Jack is sure that she will come around. He says that they need to find out what happened in Madrid. Brad looks guilty but covers very nicely. He wonders what that has to do with the takeover. Jack says that what happened in Madrid may not be important to the takeover but it could be used to get her to their side. Brad is shocked that he wants to blackmail his own sister. Jack doesn't look at it as blackmail; he looks at it as leverage. Their discussion is interrupted by Ryan's appearance. Jack tells him that they are busy but Ryan only wants them to read the letter that he just received. Reading the letter, Jack is surprised that it is from Victoria and she is actually firing Ryan.

Sharon is berating herself for making so many mistakes with Alice and Cassie but Nick is comforting her and telling her that she has handled things just fine. First, Sharon was so upset that she forgot to have Alice sign the permission for her to stay. Now she is probably with her lawyer who will tell the judge that she disobeyed his order. Then she says that it was a mistake to stay because she feels that with her by her side, Cassie feels freer to respond to Alice. Just then, there is a knock at the door and the security guard says that there is a visitor there who is not on the list. Nick tells him that if he isn't on the list to get rid of him. Al pops his head around the corner and tells Nick that he is going to want to hear him out; he is there to help them get Cassie.

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