The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on Y&R
Victor and Nikki were reunited. Victor made a surprise appearance at a Newman board meeting, and the board voted for a new CEO. Christine learned that she was not pregnant. Callie and Malcolm made love. Brett wanted to move in with Nina.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of June 14, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday June 14, 1999

Cole and Ashley continue their romantic evening at Gina's. When the subject of their parting comes up and Cole makes a disparaging remark about Jack, Ashley says that they should agree to drop the conversation. Cole agrees but says he has one further thing to say. He says that he isn't comfortable with the portrait of Senora Desconsolada in the house and wants her to do something with it. When Ashley asks what she should do with it, he reminds her that she once proposed to donate it to the museum. Ashley says that she will make the arrangements in the morning.

Jack is upset that Brad has threatened to veto the sale of Jabot back to the Abbott family. He arrives home to Diane and Marissa working in the living room. Diane has just told Marissa that things are on the upswing for she and Jack. Jack rushes in biting nails and heads straight for the bar. Marissa is so embarrassed that she leaves. Diane wants to know what has happened but Jack doesn't want to talk about it. Diane insists and Jack finally tells her what has happened. She tries to talk him out of his anger but it doesn't work. Finally she attempts to seduce him saying that he will feel much better when she gets through with him. Jack then blows up a Diane, asking if that is all she has on her mind. He tells her that she is starting to get on his nerves.

Paul continues to make remarks about Christine's pregnancy but she warns him that she can't see her doctor to get it confirmed until next week. They are ready to go out to eat and Paul calls his mother to see if she is ready. She begs off saying she isn't in the mood to go out. Before long, Chris and Paul show up at Mary's door with the food saying that if she doesn't feel like going out, they will bring the food to her. She protests but they talk her into eating with them when they say that they have brought her favorite as well as chop sticks. As they are eating, Mary notices that Chris isn't drinking her wine. Chris says she isn't in the mood for wine tonight but Mary puts two and two together and guesses that she thinks she is pregnant. When Paul confirms it, Mary is very happy.

While dancing cheek to cheek with Nikki, Brad notices that Ashley and Cole are also at Gina's. He tells her that they need to sit down but when Nikki learns who is there, she suggests that they leave. Ashley gets up and goes to the powder room leaving Cole alone. As Brad and Nikki try to sneak out, he notices them and is stunned to see the two together. The wheels start to turn in his head but when Ashley returns to the table and asks what he is thinking about, he lies and says that he is only thinking about his book.

At the tack house, Vicki plies Raphael with champagne trying to get information out of him. When she tells him that Ashley's marriage isn't as strong as she would have him believe, he says that he will do nothing to hurt his friend. Vicki gives up and leaves.

At the ranch, Victor is in the bedroom gazing at the picture of Nikki and saying that he can't wait for "his darling" to get home. While he prowls around the bedroom, remembering other romantic times he has spent with Nikki (and the background music plays their song), Nikki and Brad arrive downstairs. Brad wants to know what Nikki wants to do and she says she wants to finish their dance. Brad puts on the music and the two begin to dance. As they get more intimate, she decides it is time for them to sit down and talk. Brad tells her that he has never stopped thinking about her. He wants to know about how she feels. Without saying one way or the other, Nikki gives him the impression that she feels the same. She tells him that it is time for him to leave. Moments later, Vicki comes into the room. Nikki is happy to see her but wonders what she is doing back home and what did she find out in New Mexico. Vicki feigns exhaustion and puts her off until the next morning. Nikki decides that it is time to go to bed.

Brad arrives at Gina's just as Cole is away paying the bill. He walks up to the table and sits down; he tells Ashley that he has put the kibosh on Jack's plans to acquire Jabot. Ashley suggests that he is angry because he isn't in control. He denies this and goes on and on about Jack's duplicity. Ashley tells him off. She says that he is pushing himself on her by sitting at her table without an invitation and bragging about what he has done to Jack. She asks him to leave and he does just as Cole returns.

Victor is ready to go downstairs to wait for Nikki; he wonders what is keeping Nikki out so late. Just as he steps into the hallway, he hears footsteps coming up the stairs. He quickly returns to the room and hide behind a screen. He watches as Nikki enters the room and begins to undress. After she is dressed in her nightgown, he softly calls out her name. Nikki thinks she is hearing things but Victor walks toward her. She looks frightened. "It can't be!' she says. Victor says that it is true; he is back. He takes her into his arms and kisses her.

Tuesday, June 15, 1999

Jack comes downstairs in the morning as angry as he was the night before. Ashley pays little attention to her brother since she is having trouble logging onto Jabot's web site. Jack looks over her shoulder and tells her that she forgot the backslash in the address. After logging on, Ashley tries to convince Jack not to confront Brad in the mood that he is in. Jack will not be talked out of the confrontation and says that he will not allow Bradley to intimidate him. Diane stands on the stairway and listens to the conversation. When Jack storms out of the house, Diane enters the living room. Ashley guesses that something is wrong. Diane admits that she tried to calm Jack down the night before but he wouldn't allow it. Ashley is shocked that Diane would take Brad's side in this but she insists that she was only trying to show Jack some perspective. Ashley angrily accuses Diane of not knowing anything about her brother and says that she can't be trusted.

Sharon tells Nick how she finally got Cassie to sleep the night before. She is worried about how the visit with Alice will go later that day. Nick says that he has to find out what has happened to his father. He assures Sharon that Cassie will be fine because of all her efforts. He says that if they don't hear something about Victor soon, he will go back to New Mexico. Sharon reminds him that he is needed here but he says that he can do nothing here that Sharon can not do. He promises to be home by the time the custody trial resumes. Victoria calls and when she says that she is next door at the ranch, Nick hits the ceiling. He is even more furious when she tells him that there is nothing more to be done in New Mexico. She invites him up to the ranch for coffee and he says he is coming but it is for answers, not coffee.

When Nick joins Vicki at the main house, he continues to jump on her about coming back and says that if she isn't going to see this through, he will just have to go back. She tells him it will don no good since the search has been called off. She finally lets him off the hook by saying that she brought his dad back with her. Victor and Nikki come down and join their children. Victor tells them all about his time with Chet and Ramona. When he tells them about his broken leg, Nick tells him he knows a good "bone man." Victor then wants to know what has been happening at NE. Nick and Vicki tell him about the takeover and Brad's part in it. Victor is disappointed in Brad but agrees with Vicki when she reminds him that Jack is the one who insisted that Brad should be hired back. Victor tells them not to worry. They are all Newman's in this room and they will get this injustice overturned!

Jill is once again nursing a hangover when Neil shows up for a meeting that she doesn't remember calling. He asks what she was celebrating and she says that it was anything but a celebration. She goes on to tell him about the deal she made with Jack but now Jack has backed out of their deal and will not help her by talking to John about Billy spending the summer with her. Neil says that Jack has only been manipulating her; she should go directly to John and ask him herself to allow Billy to spend the summer in GC.

Jack enters the office and jumps right in the middle of Brad. Brad says that he doesn't intend to change his mind at this time. He suggests that they wait until much later to buy Jabot back. Jack says it is now or never; the time is right. Jack reminds Brad that he owes John Abbott. When this doesn't seem to make any difference, Jack asks how much it will cost him to buy him out. Brad isn't interested but asks Jack what his price is to leave the company. Before Jack can say anything, new email is announced. Looking at it, Brad says that everyone is being notified of an emergency Jabot board meeting. Jack is just as surprised as Brad.

Paul breaks down and shares his news with Lynn who is happy for him and Chris. Meanwhile, Nina and Chris are talking. Chris says that she may soon have some good news for Nina. Right away Nina guesses that Chris may be having a baby. Chris says she doesn't want to jinx it but she hopes that she is pregnant. She says that Paul is walking on air at the prospect. She doesn't want to disappoint Paul. Chris goes to the ladies room but when she returns, the look on her face says it all. She tells Nina that now she knows that she is not pregnant. Nina comforts a crying Chris.

Wednesday, June 16, 1999

Nick bursts into the house, yelling for Sharon to come here. He has just been at the main house and found out that his father is home. He tells Sharon the good news. They hug and she asks him where Victor had been, how is he doing? Nick tells her the story about Chet. She is glad someone got good news. Alice is due for her visit with Cassie and Sharon is worried about it, as usual. Nick calms her down. He reminds her that they have to go along with the visit per the Judge's order. He wants Sharon to tell Cassie that Victor has been found to cheer her up. When Sharon calls up to Cassie's room, she gets no answer. Sharon goes up to check on her and discovers that Cassie and her doll are missing! Nick thinks he has an idea where she is and goes out the front door.

Vicki comes downstairs into the living room at the Ranch. She tells Victor, "done, piece of cake". Victor has had her send out email calling for an emergency board meeting. He is concerned about the search party still out in New Mexico looking for him. He tells Vicki to make the call canceling the search. She is to tell them that the family has given up all hope. He says that he knows this will hit some people hard while others will jump for joy!

Jack and Brad are at the office. They are wondering who called for the emergency board meeting. They argue about the Jabot deal and the meeting. They accuse each other of calling for the meeting until they are both convinced that neither one did it. Brad says "If we didn't do it, who did?" Jack thinks he knows...he will handle this!

Malcolm is working in his studio. He is thinking about making love to Callie last night when she walks into the studio carrying coffee and donuts. He takes a drink of the coffee and remarks how good it is. "Yea, just like last night" Callie replies. He thinks it would be best if she just leaves. As she turns to go, he calls her back. He forgot to ask how she's doing. She is fine, slept great! She claims that all she wanted to do was make Malcolm forget his problems for a little while...but it was incredible! She hopes they can have a repeat tonight! Malcolm tells her that before she gets the wrong idea, he wants to "set the record straight".

Michael Baldwin is at Gina's restaurant, waiting on Alice. He is looking at a sketch of Grace. Alice arrives, she has good news. She has some job interviews set up and she has bought a dress for Cassie. She says she is trying to get it together to make that good impression on the Judge. Michael practically bites her head off! He tells her that her efforts are not enough! She has to prove that she is responsible! He is very angry now. He tells Alice that she has no idea what he gave up for this case...referring to Grace. She asks him to tell her just what it was that he gave up. He tells her he doesn't want to talk about it, then calls her "Grace". Alice realizes that it is Grace that has him so upset. She figures out that Grace is still mad about the way Michael treated her on the witness stand in court. Michael apologizes and tells Alice that is visit with Cassie may be her last contact before the hearing and that she MUST make a good impression! He commands her to be on her best behavior! Alice has heard enough and gets up and walks out on him.

Ashley and Brad are in his office discussing Jack and the board meeting. She thought that Jack or Brad must have called for the meeting. She and Brad ponder just who is responsible. Ashley asks Brad to tell her just how bad things got between he and Jack over the Jabot deal. BAD! Brad tells her. She tells him how she thinks the deal makes sense.

Jack barges into Jill's office and accuses her of calling the board meeting. She tells him that she didn't and that Neil can confirm this since he was with her when the email arrived. Jack wonders just what is going on around here? Jill claims that this is all a mystery to her but she is enjoying seeing Jack sweat over it! She is still mad about the deal she made with Jack to get Billy for the summer and how Jack reneged on it. Jack flatly refuses to help her with this now. She tells Jack that he will be sorry...she will be his worst nightmare from now on! Jack asks her "so, what else is new?"

Vicki has called off the search for Victor. Nikki asks if everything is "going as planned?" Victor tells her that it is. As Vicki is leaving for the office, she calls back to Victor-"see you later, Dad". Victor tells her that he is looking forward to it! Nikki and Victor continue talking about the take over. She thanks him for spending time with her first. She tells Victor how she was upset when he left her on the island. She now realizes that she would rather share him with his work and lose him. Victor tells her that he realized that his wife and children are the most important things to him and promises her that he wont let business interfere with family again. Nikki presses him for details of his ordeal. He goes over details of the plane crash, his broken leg, and Chet. He tells her how he kept planning his escape, never mentioning Ramona in all of this. Nikki tells him about her dreams of him while he was away. Victor says that he and Nikki are "soul mates". She finally asks him about the woman involved.

Ashley and Brad are still discussing the Jabot deal. She thinks that Jack is right. Brad disagrees. She advises Brad that if he and Jack go to war over Jabot that it could destroy their alliance and when Victor returns, and he will, Victor will "eat you both alive!" Jack is outside the office listening to this. Jack barges in..."No way that will happen!" "Me and Brad won't let our differences destroy us!" Brad agrees with Jack on this. The phone rings...Jack takes the call and learns that the search for Victor has been called off. He tells this to Ashley and Brad. Vicki is listening outside the office door. Ashley asks why the search has been canceled? Jack tells her that the reason given was that the family has lost all hope of finding Victor. "Gone for good" Brad says disbelievingly. "We should be so lucky!" Jack remarks. "Bastards!" Vicki whispers outside the door.

Jill in her office makes a phone call to New York. Traci answers and informs Jill that John isn't there, in fact, he has left the country to go overseas and has taken Billy with him! Jill can't believe what she is hearing. She had no idea.

Nick is still out looking for Cassie when Sharon hears a knock at the door. Alice has arrived for her visit with Cassie. Sharon makes excuses for why Cassie isn't here yet. Says she must be out playing and that they all just lost track of time. Alice gets upset and threatens to call the Judge and report this! Sharon tries to calm her to no avail. Things get more tense and Alice demands to know "Where the hell is she!"

Thursday, June 17, 1999

Callie tells Malcolm that she is happy for anything she can get from Malcolm but he explains that he doesn't want to mislead her. He says that he isn't sure that they can or ever will have a real relationship. She asks if he didn't forget his problems for the short while that they were together the night before. He admits that he did but warns her that she could very well be hurt by this relationship. She says that that is her choice to make and she will take her chances. They kiss.

Diane arrives at Gina's late for a meeting with Marissa. Just as they start to talk about business, she spots Michael sitting alone. She leaves Marissa sitting alone and joins him. She notices that he is in a bad mood and questions him about it. He tells her that he has really messed up. He talks about how the law has always been his entire life and now it has cost him dearly. Diane is intrigued. He says that winning has always been important to him and when he had a chance to win AND beat an old rival, he took it and ran with it. Now he has lost the woman that he fell in love with. When Diane happens to mention the emergency board meeting, Michael doesn't know what she is talking about. Since he hasn't been to the office today, he missed the email calling the meeting. The two get up to leave. Marissa is now the one in the blue funk. She moves to the bar with her coffee just as Lynn arrives to pick up her take-out order. The two begin talking and Marissa tells her about her inconsiderate boss who calls a meeting then deserts her two minutes after arriving late. She asks about Lynn's boss and she says that she has the best boss in the world. Lynn's order arrives and she wishes Marissa luck and leaves.

Jill is talking with Tracey in New York and she is surprised to learn that John has gone to Europe without letting her know. She asks to speak to her son and Tracey has to tell her that Billy accompanied his father to the continent. Jill asks her to give John a message to call her when he returns. She then hangs up very discouraged. When she tells Neil about it, he tells her to hang in there. Neil then tells her that Victor's family has called off the search for him. Jill is disappointed and sorry that the search was called off but thinks that today is the day that the fighting within the company will stop. Neil warns her that it could also be the day that they receive their walking papers. They head out the door for the meeting.

Alice is fighting mad that Cassie isn't ready for her visit and threatens to go to see both the judge and the social worker. Sharon tries to reason with her and get her to have a cup of tea while they wait but Alice will have none of it. Meanwhile, Nick goes to the stables and begs Cassie to come out and talk to him. He finally finds her hiding behind some bales of hay and sits down with her. Gently he tells her that he understands her wanting to run away and hide, but in the long run, it will harm their case. "You don't want the judge to think that we are such bad parents that we haven't taught you to obey, do you?" He asks. Back at the Newman home, Alice is on a rant as she heads for the door. She is still ranting when she opens the door to find Nick and Cassie standing there. "It is about time!" she shouts at Nick. She asks to be alone with her girl so Nick and Sharon go up to the ranch house. Cassie and Alice sit on the couch but Cassie gives her "mother" the cold shoulder. Alice shows her the dress she bought for her but Cassie just looks at it then looks away. Alice keeps talking but Cassie won't say a word. Finally Alice says that she used to play this game when she was little. She explains the rules. The first one who speaks loses the game. They sit in silence for a long while. At one point when Cassie looks at Alice, Alice sticks our her tongue playfully. In the end, Alice gives up and proclaims Cassie the winner. Cassie then asks if she gave Millie her message. Angrily, Alice wants to know why she only wants to talk about Millie. She apologizes for her outburst and begins to talk about the room that she has fixed up for Cassie. She tells her about the job she may take at the supermarket where she will be decorating cakes. Still Cassie refuses to talk to her. When the door opens and Sharon steps in, Cassie's face lights up and she rushes to Mommy. Alice sees that her visit is up and gets up to leave. She tells Cassie to think about what they talked about then asks for a hug. Cassie looks to her Mommy and Sharon nods her head. Cassie gives Alice a hug then asks Sharon if they can make some lemonade. Sharon takes her hand and they walk to the kitchen. Alice says she knows her way out. Instead of leaving right away, Alice stands there looking around the room at the lifestyle that Cassie has grown accustomed to. When she hears the two laughing from the kitchen, Alice turns and slowly leaves the house with tears in her eyes.

While at the ranch house, Victor assures Sharon that he will do everything he can to help her to hold on to Cassie. He says that Cassie is a part of the family.

Vicki listens outside the door as Jack tells Ashley and Brad that he thinks that Victor is dead. Ashley is upset that he would say such a thing as if saying it would make it so. When he says that it isn't what he wanted but it makes things much easier for them, Vicki mutters, "You bastard!" under her breath.

Everyone is in place for the board meeting when Vicki and Nick walk into the room and begin passing out papers. Jack takes the time to extend his sympathies to the entire Newman family. Vicki and Nick accept his offer of sympathy. Jack wonders why they are here at this time. He asks wouldn't it be better to take a few days off to grieve for their loss. Victoria says that her father started this company for one reason: to succeed. Now, she says, they intend to see that the company continues to grow and prosper. She then announces that they are ready to expand Brash and Sassy to the European market. To that end, they want to acquire a good but obscure European company. When asked what the selling price will be, she announces that it will cost $100 million. Jill's lower lip drops to the table. She says she admires Vicki's chutzpa but.... Vicki interrupts to say that she wasn't asking. She says that the company has already been purchased. Jack angrily asks who gave her the authority to do this without board permission. Vicki looks over Jack's head to the doorway. Everyone turns and there stands Victor. "I did!" Victor announces.

Friday, June 18, 1999
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Dianna Burrows

In the board room everyone is shocked to see Victor. Jill is the first to jump up and give Victor a big hug and welcome him back. Neil shakes Victors hand and is glad to see him. Diane then says she seconds that and Victor says "Do you now." When Victor mentions that he has never seen Jack speechless before, Jack agrees that he was not planning to see Victor walk through the door. Then Michael Bladwin comes rushing through the door apologizing for being late. He stops short when he sees Victor and the two eye each other for a moment. When Victor asks what he is doing there Michael happily informs him that he is now a member of the board. Victoria, Nick and Victor all look stunned as Jack and Brad smirk in the background.

Christine arrives at the ranch to find Sharon upset about the visit between Alice and Cassie the day before. Sharon tells her that Cassie hid in the stables and how upset she is that she has to keep seeing Alice. Sharon tries to explain to Christine how it is tearing her apart to watch her daughter go through this. She begs Christine to ask the judge to have the temporary visitation rights removed from Alice. Chris says they really have no choice since Alice is the adoptive mother. The only thing that could change that is if Cassie were scared that Alice could harm her in any way. It comes out that Cassie was nervous because she thinks she made Alice mad and Chris asks to speak to Cassie. Cassie confesses that she thinks she made Alice mad because she asked about Millie. She also says that she thought Alice was going to start yelling again like she used to. After Cassie goes to the stables Chris tells Sharon that if Alice decides to contact Millie in order to make Cassie happy, they will be able to find out where she is because they have a tail on Alice 24 hours a day.

Nina goes to Gina's restaurant to meet Brett and discovers he is not there yet. She notices Ryan having coffee and joins him. He tells her he is on his way to a job interview and she thinks that is great and encourages him. He isn't as excited and tells her he would much rather be working for Newman Enterprises where he has put in a lot of time and energy. Brett shows up and he and Nina share a long kiss as Ryan watches. When Ryan finally clears his throat they laugh and decide they need to leave. Shortly after that Victoria comes in and spots Ryan at the table. She comes over and he tells her he is on the way to the interview and he is using her as a reference. She tells him not to expect her to give him any recommendations. He is beside himself and demands to know why not after all he has done for her. She starts to laugh and confesses that she can't keep a straight face with him. She then tells Ryan that things are going to change and he will have his old job back soon. When he looks at her questioningly she tells him Victor is back. Then she personally guarantees he will have the job back and scoots over and kisses him on the lips.

Alice is sitting in a coffee shop thinking about her visit with Cassie. She decides that Millie is the key to getting Cassie back and calls her on the phone. Millie immediately sees that Alice needs something and tells Alice she cannot believe the courts would ever give Cassie back to her. Alice gets mad and hangs up on her. Then she decides that she just needs to talk to her in person and Millie will come around.

Meanwhile in the boardroom Victor tells Jack and Brad that he is back and their game is over. They tell him it is not that simple and that they have the backing of the board and the minority shareholders. Victor then demands another vote since the board is all present. Jill, Neil, Victoria and Victor vote for Victor. Jack, Brad, Michael, and Diane vote for Jack and Brad. It is up to Ashley to make the deciding vote and she abstains. Then Jack says he won't accept that so the vote stands that they are in charge. Everyone leaves and Victor stays to speak with Ashley privately. He tells her that he thinks they have always been loyal to each other and that her decision to abstain shows her integrity. She says she doesn't want to be caught in the middle even though Jack is family. She then tells him how worried she was while he was gone and that she really is happy to see him back and well. She then kisses his cheek and leaves.

Kay is in the phone at the homeless shelter trying to locate Brock. She finds out he is in a remote village and cannot be reached. She decides that finding Mackenzie's mother is her only hope to locating Mackenzie. Birdie comes in and they talk about Mackenzie. Kay tells Birdie she's not giving up on her and Birdie wonders what could have happened to land her on the streets since she is not on drugs or messed up. She then realizes that Kay knows more than she is saying. When Birdie tries to get Kay to remember anything Mackenzie may have said about where she was from Kay remembers the letter. She remembers the name Amanda Browning in St. Louis and tries to call information for a number. She can't get a number and Birdie comments on how she has the guts to follow through and not give up trying. She tells Kay to keep the faith. Later Kay is sitting on the couch when Mackenzie walks in. She is surprised to see her and Mackenzie tells her she went home to find the same things going on and decided to leave again. She admits that she felt the need to come back to Kay, then tries to tell Kay t o forget she said that because she isn't her problem. Kay tells her she won't forget it.

In Jack's office he and Brad are arguing about what Ashley will do now that Victor is back. Jack says she is the soft spot in this whole thing and blames Brad for trying to convince her to go against Jack. They go back and forth and finally notice Victor in the doorway. Victor then tells them he isn't finished because he hasn't even started yet.

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