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Victor learned that Jill's vote had allowed Jack and Brad to pass the 'golden parachute' deal. Victor and Victoria accused Jill of being an Abbott spy. Nick and Sharon won custody of Cassie. Christine nearly collapsed at the end of the hearing.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 19, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday July 19, 1999

Victor and Neil are in a meeting. Victor says that something about the last board meeting doesn't feel right. If that Matheson deal was Jack's baby, why did he let it go so easily? That isn't Jack's style at all. He thinks Jack is trying to pull a fast one and he wants everyone to be ready to move when he gives the word. He sends Neil to tell Jill that if she has plans to go out of town, to cancel them. Neil leaves him in his office alone to ponder his next move.

Jill is in her office gazing at a picture of Billy and crying while sipping from a glass. When Neil knocks on the door she puts the glass out of sight and wipes her eyes. Neil comes in and tells her that Victor wants to be sure that she doesn't leave town any time soon. She wonders where she would go. Neil asks her what is wrong then he asks if she has been drinking. She tells him that she hasn't and he says he smells alcohol. She asks if he has ever heard of a business lunch. He says that a drink at lunch is one thing but she had better not be drinking in the office. Jill gets indignant and tells him that she knows how to conduct business without a lecture. When Neil continues to chastise her, she walks out on him. Neil goes around and examines her desk. When he sees the glass, he picks it up and smells and makes a face.

Jack and Grace have a business luncheon at the restaurant unaware that Diane is also meeting Marissa there. Jack is impressed with the suggestions that Grace makes but when she expresses concern over where her career is going, he assures her that she has backed the right man.

On the other side of the room, Diane spots Jack and Grace. She appears jealous but tells Marissa that she is so confused about her life. She is afraid that all Jack is interested in is her vote on the Newman board. Marissa wonders if he is exacting revenge for what she did to him for marrying Victor. Just then, Diane's phone rings and it is Victor. He would like to see and talk to her.

Michael is also in the restaurant drinking. He watches Jack and Grace. When Jack leaves to make a call, he saunters over to the table and speaks to Grace. She isn't very hospitable but he tells her the good news anyway. Sharon has won the case! Or rather, he adds, Alice gave up. He begins to tease her about setting her sights up too high. He threatens to tell Jack all about her. Just at that moment, Jack returns to the table and speaks to Michael but Jack can feel the tension at the table. He asks Grace about it but she passes it off as nothing. As they sit there talking, Jack notices that Diane and Victor are sitting together across the room.

Diane is surprised that she allowed Victor to join her for lunch. He thinks that maybe she isn't so bitter any more and wants the same thing that he wants, to bury the hatchet. He tells her that he is sorry for all that she went through and he would like for them to set about becoming friends again. She sits there and stares across the table at him for a while. Then she says that she thinks that another man is trying to use her. She gets up and leaves. Alone, Victor muses over her last statement. "So, you aren't as taken in by Jack as you once was," he says to himself. "Perhaps it is time for me to put my plan into action."

Ashley and Cole are having a late morning in bed. He is surprised that she would stay home from work to lay in bed with him. They order breakfast and eat it in their bedroom. They talk about their fantasy vacations. Later, the housekeeper brings some very important papers from the office. While Cole takes a shower, Ashley goes over the papers. As she gets to the part about the new contract with the present CEOs, she realizes what Jack and Brad have done and she says that they have gone to far this time!

The judge is ready to rule and it looks like she is going to rule against Sharon and Nick getting custody of Cassie when the social worker, Ms. Holiday enters with Cassie. She tells the judge that Cassie insists on being heard. The judge calls Ms. Holiday and Chris to the bench and allows Miriam to tell her that testifying will not adversely affect. Cassie. She says that if she isn't allowed to tell her how she feels, it will hurt her more. The judge calls Cassie up to the bench and allows her to give her feelings. Cassie explains that if she has to go to Madison to live with Alice, she will do so and she will try real hard to be happy. But if she has any choice at all, she wants the judge to let her live with her mommy, Nick and Noah. The judge asks if she knew there were problems with Sharon and Nick. Cassie said that she knew it but she always knew that they loved each other. She tells her that when she lived with Millie, she knew that Millie loved her but it wasn't the same as it is now. Now when the other kids talk about their families, she can tell them about hers. The judge excuses her and says that she won't keep her waiting long. Miriam Holiday takes Cassie outside while she rules. She grants custody of Cassie to Nick and Sharon. Presently they are to be her foster parents for six months while Ms. Holiday keeps a check on them. By the end of the six months, she hopes that Sharon and Nick will have filed for adoption. Cassie comes back in just as she hears Sharon say that they won. Nick says it is time to go home and celebrate. He tells Chris to call Paul and join them but Chris says that this is a family time. She says that she is very tired and just wants to go home and rest.

Paul is worried because he hasn't heard anything from Chris. She walks in and tells him that it is over and they have won. Paul is surprised when she breaks down and cries. She says that she is completely drained. Paul looks worried about his wife.

When the Newmans arrive home, they find the house all decorated with balloons and streamers. Before leaving the courthouse, Sharon has called Lisa and told her the good news. Lisa had decorated the house with supplies that Sharon had bought weeks ago. Nick says that they are going to have ice cream and chocolate sauce. Millie is feeling tired and goes up to bed.

Tuesday, July 20

Ashley is in Jack's office and she is boiling mad. She rants at both Jack and Brad, accusing them of being power-hungry. She says that the only reason they went after Newman Enterprises was their lust for power and no other reason. She says that she wouldn't believe anything that they told her now. As both Jack and Brad try to give her their reasons for the Golden Parachute, she tells them she doesn't want to hear it. Finally, Jack tells Brad that he wants to speak to his sister alone. Brad leaves. Jack tells Ashley that she is partly to blame for their actions at the board meeting. She can't believe that he would accuse her of participating in something this dishonest. He tells her that if he could have counted on her support----her family support----he wouldn't have had to do this. However, he says, she was too busy abstaining and sucking up to Victor to lend a little family support. For that reason, he had to do what he could to protect himself. He reminds her that Victor is more crooked than he'll ever be. Ashley tells him that she is so mad that if a vote were called for today, she would vote to oust him.

Tricia talks to Megan about her situation, saying that if Ryan can't accept her pregnancy, she might as well leave him. Megan tells her not to act hastily but to give Ryan some time to adjust to the pregnancy. Tricia says that he has had time and he obviously doesn't want the baby. Megan begins to lecture her about jumping to conclusions about how Ryan feels. She tells her to cool off and give Ryan some slack. Tricia tells her sister that she doesn't feel like a lecture and if she couldn't be supportive of her, then she should be quiet. Megan says that now she knows how she felt all the months that she was seeing Tony and Tricia was offering unwanted advice.

Callie is working at the coffee shop when Malcolm comes in and sprawls out at one of the tables. She takes a short break with him and they are kissing when Neil enters and sees them. Later, as he is leaving, Callie goes to him and asks him what has happened between him and his brother. Neil accuses her of knowing already and says that she is playing stupid games with him. Neil is being really hostile with Callie. Malcolm sees him and comes over and tells him to stop. Neil rebukes Malcolm for missing up with someone like Callie. Malcolm says that Callie has nothing to do with his attitude toward him but Neil doesn't believe him.

Ryan is also laid back at the coffee house. Nina comes in and joins him at his table. She notices that he is quiet and looks worried. She wants to know what is wrong and after questioning him for a long time, he finally tells her about Tricia's pregnancy. She reminds him that he promised to always be there for Phillip and he agrees that he does not intend to desert his son. Nina wonders at the timing of the pregnancy and he tells her that Tricia was on the pill. These things happen, she tells him. He frowns and looks away. As he begins to complain, she tells him to lose the attitude. She says that he is going to be a dad again and he should face that fact as soon as possible. After all, she tells him, it takes two to make a baby.

Victoria learns that her mother is not visiting her Aunt Casey. Victor comes to her office and says that he thinks that he has enough people on his side now to get his company back. He says that he is almost ready to pounce. He feels that Ashley is back on his side and now he thinks that he has Diane in his corner also. Victoria is happy at this news but when he picks up the phone to call her mother, she does her best to keep him from calling. She says that she just called and her mother is out. He says that he will talk to Casey or leave a message. Victoria is about to panic when Nikki walks in.

After a kiss and passionate embrace, Victor says that he has a meeting and has to leave. Vicki wants to know how her Aunt Casey is. Nikki says that she is fine but Vicki tells her that she knows that she wasn't at her aunt's house. She knows that her mother went to see Ramona. Nikki tells her daughter that she is glad that she did go to see Ramona. Now she knows that Victor was faithful to her. She says that Victor told Ramona all about his wife. Now she will continue with her plan Brad. Vicki begs her to leave it alone but Nikki is dead set on continuing, especially when Brad calls and asks her when he can see her. She says that now is the best time. She wants to see him also.

Neil goes back to Jill's office but it is empty. He goes behind her desk and picks up some papers. As he reads them, he is visibly shaken. Victor comes in and tells him that he believes that he has enough votes to retake the company. "That may not be enough," Neil tells him. He hands him the papers, the minutes from the last board meeting. Victor reads them and slowly looks up, his face becoming hard mean. "Those bastards!" he says.

Wednesday, July 21, 1999

Victoria is waiting in her father's office when Neil and Victor enter. She asks what's wrong? Neil hands her the minutes of the last board meeting. He tells her about the large severance package that Brad and Jack approved for themselves. To fire the two of them now would cost Newman Enterprises millions! Victor gets on the phone to consult with John Silva on the legalities of this. John informs him that the motion is valid, binding. They must prove malfeasance. Victor is sure that Michael Baldwin set this up! Now they can't afford to vote Jack and Brad out at the next meeting as they had planned. Vicki realizes that the motion passed before she and Neil showed up at the meeting. Victor remarks that they are dealing with snakes and the way to kill a snake is to cut off its head! This quorum included Jill. Neil thinks Jill's judgment was impaired due to her recent drinking and personal problems. This is news to Victor. He speculates as to whether Jill was ever on their side and raises the possibility that she may even be a spy for Jack and Brad! He decides to call her in immediately and ask her.

Nikki and Brad meet at the Lodge for lunch. He declares her "ravishing" as usual. She seems uneasy today so Brad presses her for the cause saying that she can "trust" him. He asks about her trip to New Mexico. Nikki tells him that her trip may have been a huge mistake. Brad picks up on this and asks for details on Ramona. Nikki describes her as young, beautiful, just Victor's type of woman. Brad comes right out and asks Nikki if she thinks that Victor and Ramona had an affair. She has no proof that they were romantically involved and Victor denies that they were, but she "senses things" due to her own experience. Nikki is sure that a "strong bond" still exists. Brad tries to fuel this fire by telling Nikki that he felt her suffering while Victor was missing and all the while he was romancing and "bonding" with Ramona! Nikki has every right to be upset!

Nina and Ryan sitting at Crimson Lights. She tells Ryan to "get over yourself!" "Get ready!" He is still moaning about the timing of this baby. Nina gives him a real lecture about supporting his wife at this time. She went through a pregnancy alone and wouldn't wish it on even "your darling wife." Ryan doesn't think Nina is very supportive of him. She reads him the riot act some more. Tells him that there is nothing like a baby! She finishes with "you're gonna be a daddy! Get your act together! Do what's right!" Phillip won't be the first to have to learn to deal with a new sibling, he will be fine. Nina says "Good bye, Daddy! Regards to the Mrs...go home!" After he leaves, she has a troubled look on her face.

Megan is about to leave Trish's apartment, but when she opens the door, surprise!, their father is standing at the door. He announces that they have some serious catching up to do and asks both girls to tell him what's new? They try to change the subject by asking about England, the Queen, and the weather. When he asks them again to tell him how they have been, Megan suddenly remembers that she has an important appointment and hurriedly leaves. At Keith's urging, Trish tells him the news of her pregnancy. He senses that something isn't quite right and guesses that Ryan isn't overjoyed with the baby. Keith tells Trish that this is a happy time and he won't let Ryan spoil things for Trish. As if on cue, Ryan comes through the door with flowers and announces "Honey, I'm home!"

Jill enters Crimson Lights and orders the strongest coffee they have for her hangover. As Nina is paying her bill, she spots Jill and goes over and sits down with her. She asks about Billy and Jill snaps at her. Nina gets up to leave and Jill apologizes and asks her to stay. She asks Nina to tell her what it is about her that drives people away? As Nina is about to answer, Jill's cell phone rings. It is Victor...he wants to see her NOW! Jill tells Nina they will have to continue this later.

Grace is walking around the apartment in her undies when Tony arrives home. As they chit chat about Grace's job, Tony doesn't let Grace's near-nude state faze him. She prances around the room reminiscing about their past together. When Tony brings up Nick's name, Grace frowns. She informs him that Nick is "ancient history." Their relationship was a big mistake and she is just lucky that it didn't ruin her career! She regrets losing she never meant to hurt him. Grace wants him to know that she cared for him then and still does. Megan is knocking at the door...Tony throws Grace a robe to put on before she goes to answer the door. She tries to send Megan away, but Megan insists that she has to speak to Tony and walks in. After Grace gets dressed and leaves for work, Megan tells Tony that her father is back in town and she is afraid of what will happen when he finds out about the arrest! Tony tells her she is just being dramatic. Megan tells him that she is scared of what her father will do when he finds out!

Callie is taking a break during work at Crimson Lights, still pressing Malcolm to tell her what is really bothering him. She thinks he should just "forgive and forget" whatever it was that Neil did to upset him. "Some things can't be forgotten!" He tells her. When she gets up to deliver an order, Malcolm takes off. When she notices, she tells the boss that she has to go! She takes off after Malcolm. Callie follows him back to his studio and continues to nag him for details. He tells her to "let it go!" But she keeps pressing him. She goes over the facts as she knows them concerning Neil and Olivia. She demands to know what it was that Neil did that was so bad? Malcolm finally gives in and tells Callie that Neil didn't help him, he "helped himself!" That Neil has feelings for Olivia and that he's not talking about only a friendship!

Thursday, July 22, 1999

Ryan returns home with all the makings for a romantic evening, including flowers, but finds a third party in his house, his father in law. He feels the coolness as Keith greets him. He congratulates him on the new baby. Tricia has a bout of sickness and leaves the room. While she is gone, Keith questions Ryan as to why he isn't being more supportive. Ryan tries to evade the question by saying that a lot is going on. He tells Keith that he has lost his job at NE because of politics. Keith sympathizes somewhat, saying that you have to be very smart if you are playing office politics. However, he tells Ryan that he has responsibilities and should be out looking for a job. Ryan says he has some leads but he is waiting for his job back at NE. Keith tells him that he should get whatever job he can until something opens up for him in NE. They are arguing when Tricia comes back in and separates them. Keith leaves and Ryan wants to know why she had to tell him that he wasn't happy about the pregnancy. She tells him she is sorry but she needs someone to talk to. Talk to me! Ryan says. She says that she has tried to talk to him but he has chosen not to listen. Ryan says that he was coming home to try to correct that. But what is the use now? He asks. She already has her "old man" on his back. He walks out of the apartment leaving her alone.

When Jill arrives at Victor's office she isn't prepared for the reception that she gets. Victor gives her the minutes of the board meeting and tells her to read it. She is surprised at the depths that Jack and Brad have sunk and calls them bastards. Victor and Vicki begin to grill her and before long she gets the idea that they are accusing her instead of trying to gain information. Both of them accuse her of being Jack's spy. She asks Neil to back her up here. Neil doesn't say a word and eventually Victor says that Neil has already spoken for her. She explains that she has had some personal problems and her mind hasn't been on business. She reminds them that she abstained on the vote until she could study the proposal. Victor demands to know why she didn't just get up and walk out of the meeting. Jill says that she didn't know that they were pulling something like this. Finally, sick of their accusations, she marches out of the office saying that she doesn't deserve this treatment. After Victoria leaves, Victor says that he thinks he may have thought of a way to handle these "bastards."

Brad is finishing up his lunch with Nikki. He infers that he has someplace important to be. She tries to get it out of him where he has to be and what is so important, but Brad quickly backs away and doesn't give her any information. Nikki is disappointed but she sees how close she has gotten and she is pleased with herself.

Megan and Tony argue about her father. She wants him to stay as far away from her father as he can but Tony says he isn't afraid of her father. He says that he will take all the blame for her problems and Megan says that that won't help. Now she has to tell her father that she has a police record. She bemoans the fact that what could have been so beautiful has been rendered ugly. It is such a waste, she says as she leaves the apartment.

Neil stops by to see Olivia, who is crying over her wedding picture with Malcolm. Neil offers to be there for her but she says that for the time being, she needs some time to herself. After he leaves, she has another visitor. Callie comes in and wants to talk to Olivia. She says that she heard something that she doesn't want to believe; she says that she wants to give Olivia the benefit of the doubt. Olivia is very belligerent with her and finally Callie tells her that she is the one who ruined her marriage by taking on another man. Callie says that she feels sorry for her and leaves.

There is another meeting today and it is in Jack's office. Before Brad arrives, he warns Michael not to let whatever is going on between him and Grace interfere with work. Michael says that he is back on track and nothing will interfere again. Jack says that he hopes so because he is just as much on the line as he and Brad are. When Brad arrives for the meeting, Michael assures them both that the plan is going to work. They ask if this is going to present any legal problems and Michael says that it is all legal from his end. He says that Victor could sue but he would only be tying everything up in court for years on end and that would cost more than the business could stand. Just as he says that they are about to bring Victor down, Victor appears in the doorway.

Friday, July 23, 1999
by Dianna Burrows

Jack, Brad, and Michael are discussing how to handle Victor. Michael comments that Victor is the loser just as Victor comes in the door. Victor says "Am I now?" and then tells Michael to leave the room. Mike leaves willingly. Victor confronts Jack and Brad about the incentive package and how they went about getting it passed by forming a quorum. He tells them that he knows all about the clause they put in there that would make it hard for him to fire them. Jack begins to act cocky and very sure of himself which infuriates Victor. Victor asks Brad to leave. Brad insists that whatever he has to say to Jack he should say to both of them. Jack tells Brad it is okay and that he does not mind talking to Victor himself. Brad reluctantly leaves. Jack confidently tells Victor that he has won and Vic cannot do anything about it. When Victor asks Jack what it is that he wants, Jack replies with a smug smile that he thinks he has everything already. Victor assures him that he does not have anything. He is going to surround himself with all the legal guns and then point them at Jack. Jack suggests Vic retire and buy a golf course or something. Victor is just about boiling at this point and he tells Jack that he will end up with nothing and out on the street. Jack has much ambition and no brains. That will cause him to fall from the top and it is a long way down.

Meanwhile, Michael finds an empty boardroom and goes inside. He uses his cell phone to call a clerk at the courthouse who owes him a favor. He wants the text to Judge Brainard's ruling. The clerk reads it to him and he records it on his tape recorder. When he leaves the room, he runs into Brad in the hallway. They discuss Victor and how they were both asked to leave the room. Mike says he does not care. He has more important things on his mind. Brad tells Mike that Victor had better be the most important thing or they will all go down. Mike says he has done his part and he does have a life outside of bringing Victor down. Brad has his number and if he needs him he can call. He ends with a cocky "Bye" and walks away.

Ashley is looking for Victor when she runs into Jill. Jill tells her how Jack and Brad have used her. She was a fool ever to trust any of the Abbotts. They have always screwed her over not only at work but with Billy also. Ashley could have tried to convince Billy to spend some time with his mother. Ashley suggests that Billy is reacting to a mother who has never had time for him. Jill says she loves Billy more than anything. Ash does not doubt her love for him but she has never been there for him as a mother. Ashley then points out that Jill is in no frame of mind to have Billy for the summer anyway.

Chris and Paul share a toast to Cassie. Chris is still teary eyed and emotional. Sharon and Nick call to invite them to a party at the ranch tomorrow to celebrate their victory. Chris accepts but tells Paul she really doesn't feel like celebrating. She isn't sure they would have won if Cassie hadn't shown up to speak to the judge. She worries that Michael will be out for payback time now. Paul assures her that Mike wouldn't do that. He leaves. Michael shows up a little while later and says he is there to congratulate her.

Nick and Sharon are cleaning up after the kids are asleep. They talk about what a great day this was. Now they have everything. They acknowledge that they have been able to overcome their problems because of Cassie. They talk about how much they love each other. Nick carries Sharon upstairs to bed.

The doorbell rings and Mac answers the door for Esther. Nikki is surprised to see her. Mac invites her in and offers lemonade. Nikki wants to know who she is. She remembers meeting her at the shelter when she dropped off a box of clothes. Kay comes in and Mac excuses herself. Kay tells Nikki Mac is her granddaughter. She tells her the whole story. Mac comes back in. Nikki tells her how wonderful Kay is and how glad she is they have found each other. At that moment Jill comes home and ruins everything with her bad mood. Jill goes off on Nikki and tells her what Victor accused her off. Nikki tells her she didn't know anything about it. She then excuses herself and leaves. Jill is giving Kay an earful when the doorbell rings. She throws open the door to find Billy standing there with his bags.

Malcolm comes home to find candle light and Callie waiting with a massage table set up. She begins to massage his back and he drifts off. He imagines that it is Olivia giving him the back rub. He comes around and starts talking to Callie again. She tells him she has to tell him about something. He guesses that it relates to Olivia. She tells him she went to see her and Olivia didn't deny anything about her and Neil. They talk about it for a minute and then she starts to massage his back again. He imagines Neil and Olivia making love in bed. He gets upset and jumps up and grabs Callie and starts kissing her passionately.

Olivia is in her office gazing at a picture of her and Malcolm when Neil shows up. She tells him she knows they have feelings for each other, but right now she needs a friend. He promises they can talk as friends. She tells him about Callie's visit and that Malcolm thinks they have something going on. That explains why he has been acting the way he has. They cannot figure out what gave him the idea though. Neil then tells her he is glad they have acknowledged their feeling s because now he won't have to go to his grave knowing what they could have had but never gave it the chance. Olivia says the timing is all wrong right now. She needs to focus on her career and her son right now.

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