The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on Y&R
Billy returned to Genoa City. Christine and Paul told Mary that Christine wasn't pregnant. Tony received his summons to court. Diane gave back her engagement ring. Nikki and Brad met for dinner. There was a special family celebration for Cassie. Jack made Victor an offer.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of July 26, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, July 26, 1999

Michael comes to Legal Aid bearing a gift of flowers and factitious congratulations on Christine's win against him in court. He lords over her the fact that he knows that before Alice flaked out on him and Cassie charmed Judge Brainard with her last minute appearance in the courtroom, the judge was actually going to rule in his favor. Chris says that if he needs to feels that he "beat" her, then by all means continue that line of thinking. However, he knows that this case was not about the well being of a child but about Michael besting her in the courtroom. Michael reiterates that the Newmans only have Cassie because of luck and tells Chris that they will meet in litigation again and he will prevail. Chris reminds him that she can't prove that he and Alice imprisoned Millie against her will but if she could find one shred of evidence to uphold her suspicions, Michael's law license would be gone in a heartbeat. Michael taunts her, telling her that the problem is she can't prove anything. Chris warns that he still is under her supervision and future unethical behavior could mean the end of his career. Sure that he's sufficiently ruffled Christine's feather's, Michael hands her the flowers adding that she needs to be sure to put them in water. As he turns to leave the office, Chris thrusts his tainted offering in the trashcan. However, Michael has churned Chris's feelings of inadequacy. Later, Paul finds Chris in tears at their apartment and offers to help in any way he can. Before she can share the day's events with him, they receive a visit from Mary, an early return from her trip to Rome and the Vatican City. She immediately tells Chris that she looks tired and that pregnant women need lots of rest. Without taking a breath, she unfolds a beautiful christening gown that she found on her trip and states that she's not going to wait for the baby to arrive before she begins to spoil it. Seeing Paul and Chris's troubled faces, she asks what's wrong and the two tell her that Chris's suspected pregnancy was just a false alarm. Mary holds Chris in her arms as Chris weeps openly and Mary comforts her, assuring Chris that she and Paul will become pregnant and soon. Sensing that Chris and Paul want to be alone, Mary leaves them with the cliché, "If at first you don't succeed, try, try, again." Paul smiles and tells her that's advice they'll be sure to follow. When Mary is gone, Chris collapses into Paul's arms and sobs. Ashley meets Cole at Gina's and wonders where the bottle of Merlot he promised her earlier is because Cole is drinking soda. He seductively tells her that they are going to need all their strength for the night so they are foregoing the wine. Ashley is intrigued and tells him that it's a good thing they drove two cars or else they might not make it home. They kiss and promise to meet at home as soon as possible. Once Ashley is gone, Cole sees Victoria and Rafael together across the restaurant. Coolness drapes Cole as he walks over to speak. Victoria and Rafael are in a melancholy mood. He has seen Ashley with her husband and Victoria encourages him to go after her but Rafael admits to Victoria that he doesn't stand a chance with his muse. Besides, she is evidently a very happily married woman. Cole joins them and intentionally announces that he and Ashley are leaving to spend the evening together and reminds Rafael that Ashley did him and his family such a tremendous favor. Rafael acknowledges this and his gratefulness to Ashley. Even more boldly, Cole outright tells Rafael that it's time for him to move on; perhaps move back to Spain or any other of the thousands of places he could paint -- just leave Genoa City. If Rafael stays, Cole promises, the two of them will have serious problems. Later, Victoria visits the tackhouse and finds Rafael packing. He tells her that in his life, he's had two great loves: "La Senora de Consolada" and Ashley. Since he knows he can never possess either and he must find a way to work and live without them. He is leaving but he invites Victoria to come with him and not spend her days working and thinking about Cole. Victoria tells him that perhaps she has moved on in her life as well but Rafael doesn't buy it. The one thing that Victoria asks from him as a parting gift is the sketch that he painted of Ashley and although Rafael finds it an unusual request, he grants Victoria her wish. Victoria approaches Rafael and they share a long, passionate kiss. Rafael breathlessly contemplates that perhaps he's been painting the wrong face all along. Victoria asks him to stay but he refuses, stating that his home will always be open to her. He picks up his bag and leaves. Victoria stands in the tackhouse alone and bemused. A promiscuous Nicholas and Sharon fairly tumble down the stairs barely able to keep their hands off one another. They end up on the couch kissing and sharing soft, sweet conversation about their love and their newfound peace and happiness. Cassie, too excited to sleep, interrupts and begs them to allow her to stay up awhile longer. She wants to make sure that this is not a dream and they assure her that they are forever a family now. They discuss the party they're throwing in Cassie's honor tomorrow and she states that she can't wait. Sharon offers Nick some lemonade but Cassie declines Sharon's offer to bring her water. When Sharon is gone, Cassie climbs into Nick's lap and asks him if he's going to be with them forever and he promises that he'll always be there for her because he's not going anywhere. When Sharon returns, she's moved as she sees her daughter asleep in Nick's arms. They huddle together on the couch and that's how Millie finds the trio. She came downstairs because she awoke and found that Cassie was missing from her bed. Watching Cassie sleep, Millie tells Nick and Sharon that Cassie gave her a special gift -- she taught Millie that she was capable of loving someone. She only wishes that she could have been the kind of mother that Alice needed and worries about Alice being all alone. Nick tries to comfort Millie by telling her she must have done something right or else Alice would never have been so selfless where Cassie's future was concerned. Billy surprises Jill by arriving at the mansion unannounced. When Billy enters the living room, Katherine re-introduces Mac and she and Billy exchange passing hellos. Jill offers Billy something to eat but he declines, stating that he ate on the flight. Perhaps some cookies and ice cream then, Jill asks? Although Billy declines, Katherine and Mac exit to forage in the kitchen themselves, giving Jill and her son a chance to be alone. Billy immediately tells Jill that he isn't here by choice and explains about his friend Dylan's appendectomy and John's plans to go to Australia with Traci and Steve. He is furious with his father for not trusting him enough to allow him to stay on his own in New York. Jill strikes an unpleasant chord with Billy when she upholds John's concerns. Billy is rude and refuses to speak to his mother. She quietly states that she doesn't care how he got there, she's just glad that he'll be with her this summer and exits. Katherine enters and tells Billy that she couldn't help but overhear his conversation with Jill. With complete disrespect, Billy tells Katherine that he blames HER for his visit to GC as much as his father. He knows that John called Katherine and asked if he could stay at the mansion. It was probably Katherine's open invitation that put the last nail in Billy's carefree summer coffin. However, Katherine takes no guff from the young upstart. Mac has overheard Billy ranting at Katherine and listens as Katherine advises Billy not to grouse about his summer plans. After all, it's not like he's imprisoned. As soon as Katherine departs, Mac enters the living room and tells Billy that he can speak to his mother any way he wants but he'd "better back off Mrs. C." Billy disdainfully wants to know who Mac is to Katherine and Mac replies that she's Katherine's friend. Billy blows past Mac and she decides that Billy and his mother are just alike. "What a creep!" Mac mutters as Billy storms upstairs. Ashley and Cole are having a romp in bed when they take time out to talk. Cole shares with her the events that took place at Gina's after she left and tells her that he knows that Rafael is totally enamored with her. Ashley finds that assessment surprising and is amused that Cole has warned Rafael off. Suddenly impassioned by her husband's show of possessiveness, the two begin blistering the bedsheets once again. In Madison, the Johnson house sits gloomy and silent. Alice huddles in a chair and it's obvious she's been crying for hours, her face tearstained and nose red from the excessive use of tissues. She stares across at the oversized teddy bear that sits on the couch and is reminded that she could not buy Cassie's affections. She slowly walks to the couch and curls on top of the bear as if it could absorb the pain and emptiness that now pours from her heart and soul. She gently embraces it, her body racked with sobs, perhaps hoping that its arms will magically enfold her and bring her some shred of comfort in her lonely solitude. /p>

Tuesday, July 27, 1999

Mac tells Kay that she wants to go into town to look for a job. Katherine tries to talk her into just hanging out and enjoying the summer, but Mac in adamant that she wants to earn her keep. Kay also gets the feeling that Mac doesn't want to be around Billy. Mac lets her know that she is correct. Kay says that she is disappointed in the young man's attitude. She was hoping that his presence in the house would be calming for Jill. Kay tells Mac that she will drive her into town for the job hunt. Mac thinks that it is funny that she will drive to a "minimum wage" interview in a limousine. Before they can leave, however, Billy asks to speak to Kay alone. Mac gladly leaves the room rather than be with Billy. Billy apologizes for his behavior the night before and promises it won't happen again. Kay tells him that the apology is accepted. Mac returns and the two decide to leave for town.

Billy finds his mother and apologizes to her for his behavior of the night before. Jill admits that he said some pretty hurtful things to her but she accepts his apology. Jill promises to make the summer fun even though she isn't prepared because she didn't know he would be coming back. She offers to call the kids that were there before and invite them over but Billy gets angry that she is trying to plan his time. He tells her that he is sixteen and can take care of himself. Jill backs off. Billy tells her that what he wants from her is the keys to the car. She tells him where to find the keys then asks him to call her at the office later.

While talking to Sharon, Tony is invited to the ranch for a party. Tony tells her that he was only invited because he just happened to call Sharon. However, Grace is very angry that she wasn't invited. After all she has done for them and they are still snubbing her! She says that if they think she is going to take this treatment, they had better think again. She will not take it any longer. Tony tries his best to calm her down, but it doesn't work. Tony checks the mail and finds a letter. It is from the court notifying him that he will have to stand trial for conspiracy and grant theft auto. Grace tells him how sorry she is for him.

At first, Megan thinks Keith is talking about knowing about her and Tony but before she can say too much, she learns that he is talking about Tricia's pregnancy. When he begins to run down Ryan and his attitude, Megan tries to defend him. Keith says that he is just happy that he still has his good little girl; he says that at least she has better judgment in men than her sister. Megan is uncomfortable with his comparison. When she tells him that there is someone special in her life, Keith wants to meet him. She finds one excuse after the other to keep her father from meeting Tony. Finally Keith says that he is going to do something about Tricia's situation.

Ryan offers Tricia something to eat but she tells him that dry toast is all she wants. He tells her that she must keep up her strength. He wants to know how long the morning sickness will last but she tells him that she doesn't know since this is her first time to be pregnant. While Ryan is having breakfast, the doorbell rings and when Ryan opens the door, Keith is there. He comes in and tells his daughter that she is a little green around the gills. She says that from all she is told, it goes with the territory. She wonders why he is there so early. He says that he is there to take care of her problem.

The entire Newman family along with Paul and Chris and Lisa gather at the ranch for a pool party to celebrate the court win. Also present are Doris and Millie. Victor congratulates Christine on her win. She says that now that this case is over, she can work on his problem. He wonders if she doesn't want to take some time off but she assures him that she doesn't need it. Later, Paul tells Victor that he is afraid that Chris is burning out from so much work. Victor sympathizes and makes a phone call.

Doris and Millie talk. Millie says that Cassie is under the impression that she is going to stay. She says that she wishes that she could. Doris says that Nick and Sharon would like for her to stay but Millie doesn't want to get in the way of the little family. Doris tells her that she is welcome to come and share her apartment.

Toward the end of the party, Nick wants to say a few words. First of all, he says how happy he is that he has returned safe from New Mexico. He then says that he is so happy that he and Sharon are back on track and happy that they have won custody of Cassie. Sharon adds that she has always heard that it is always darkest before the dawn and now she knows that is true. She says that she and Nick went through their darkest hour but they came through it and they are the better for it. Then Cassie announces that she wants to say a few words. She is so happy to finally be a member of a family. She has new grandparents, a brother and parents. This is the happiest day of her life. She wants to thank her mommy and her daddy for fighting for her. Nick is visibly touched that she has called him daddy for the first time.

Wednesday, July 28, 1999

Jack and Brad are discussing the company status, waiting on a late Michael Baldwin to arrive. They try to assure one another that there is no way that Victor can retake the company. Michael arrives and asks what is up? Jack tells him of Victor's claim that he can have Jack and Brad out in one year, even if it means crippling the company financially. Michael doesn't believe that Victor will do this. Brad announces that he has "places to go and people to see" and he leaves. Jack continues to press Michael for proof that all the "roadblocks" are in place. Michael tells him that where the law is concerned that "anything is possible, but highly unlikely" that Victor can retake Newman Enterprises. He reminds Jack that he "has the upper hand, use it!"

The pool party at the ranch is a huge success! Victor tells Nikki that "the most important thing in my life is family!" Nick and Sharon share a kiss as Cassie smiles at the scene before her. Millie and Doris watch the fun and Millie declares "Everything is as it should be." Chris gets a phone call, she must leave to take a deposition. When Paul goes to get their things, a tired Chris rubs her eyes. Victor stops Paul and asks about Chris being close to "burnout." He tells Paul that he has "something in the works" and will call him later. When Chris tells Cassie goodbye, Cassie tells her that one day when she is grown up she may become a lawyer like Chris so she can help people too! Chris is very touched by this remark and hugs Cassie.

Tony shows Grace the letter from the Grand Jury. They have returned an indictment against him for conspiracy and grand theft auto. He must appear in court for an arraignment. He expresses the possibility of serving time in jail. Grace won't believe that he will go to jail! Tony realizes that Megan will be getting a letter too. He has to warn her before her father finds out!

Keith offers job leads to Ryan. Ryan rejects them saying that he has his own "contacts." Keith reminds Ryan of his "obligations", wife, baby, etc. Ryan knows what his obligations are and says he must leave now before he says something that he will regret! As the door closes, Trish gives her dad a disgusted look for this new trouble he has caused. Keith tells her that he thought Ryan would be grateful! Trish says that he has upset everything and to stay out of it! The phone rings, it's Tony looking for Megan. Trish tells him that she doesn't know where Meg is and hangs up. Keith guesses that it was Tony on the phone and asks Trish to tell him about Tony. Trish makes an excuse about being tired and avoids saying anything.

While the party continues, Vicki takes her father aside to remind him of how Ryan put his neck on the line for them. Victor tells her that he will reward Ryan for his loyalty. Nikki is telling Sharon how she feels like Victor's "mistress" in a triangle with him and his company when Victor walks up to them and announces that he has business to attend to.

Ryan shows up at Gina's restaurant. He complains to Gina about his father-in-law being "a pain in the butt!" Gina listens and sympathizes as Ryan continues to moan about Trish's dad meddling in their lives. He tells Gina about the pregnancy and the bad timing. His cell phone rings, it's Victor wanting him to come to the ranch right now! Ryan leaves in a hurry.

Megan gets a call at home from Trish to come over right away. She doesn't see the letter from the court sitting on the coffee table. When Meg arrives at Trish's apartment, she learns that her dad was asking questions about Tony. Trish assures her that she told him nothing. Neither of them want him to find out about Meg's arrest. They agree that it would be best for both of their current situations if Keith went back to London.

Victor greets Ryan at the ranch. He tells him that he is aware of Ryan's loyalty and his family is grateful. Victor has decided to reward Ryan and makes him "assistant to the founder." He assures Ryan that the position is valid and declares that "Jack and Brad won't get rid of me!" After Victor leaves the room, Vicki arrives and asks Ryan why he is at the ranch. He plays coy with her at first then tells her of her father's job offer. She is happy for him! He tells Vicki that she "will have to get her act together, she has to answer to him now!" She gives him a congratulatory peck on the cheek. Ryan asks her if she had a hand in getting him the new job? "I owe you" he says. "No, we owe you! Vicki replies. He tells her that it is amazing that they are still friends. Vicki tells him that he will always be special, he's her first love! She moves in close and gives him several juicy kisses and he offers no resistance.

When Victor gets a call from John Silva and has to leave to take the call, Nikki pouts as she starts cleaning up from the party. Her cell phone rings, it's Brad.

Keith is at home, just about to pick up the mail when the doorbell rings. He opens the door to find Tony on the other side.

Thursday, July 29, 1999

Tony is surprised when Megan's dad answers the door. He asks for Meg and when Keith says that she isn't in, he thanks him and is about to leave. However, Keith guesses that he is Tony and he invites him in. A nervous Tony tries to get away by saying that he has things to do, but Keith is insistent. Inside the house, Keith begins to interrogate Tony about who he is, what he does, and how he met Megan. He thinks that it is good that Tony is a hard worker trying to start his own business. He is impressed when Tony says that Megan loves him and thinks that he is a great dad. Tony continues to edge toward the door but Keith is following right behind him. He asks to take him and Megan to dinner. When Tony agrees, he says that tonight is as good as any other. Tony says that he should ask Megan before making plans. He finally escapes.

Victor arrives at Legal Aid to see Chris. He comments that she looks tired. He thinks he has the perfect answer for her. He presents her with a brochure for a three-week legal conference in Hawaii. She is impressed with all the big name lawyers that will be attending but doesn't think that she can take the time off. He convinces her that this is important; she will come back with a new perspective and can do more to help him. Finally, she agrees to go. He gives her the tickets and tells her that after the three weeks are up, she is to stay for one more week, on him, as a resting period. After he leaves, Paul comes into the office and tells her that Victor has already asked him if it would be okay for Chris to be away. He then announces that he has cleared his desk and their plane leaves in three hours.

When Victor returns to his office, Ryan comes in and asks him about his office. Victor tells him that for now he will have the same office. Ryan is worried that Jack and Ryan will not accept him working back at Newman but Victor isn't worried at all. He says that they will just have to get used to it. He reminds Ryan of the importance of his new job. Ryan says how grateful he is and Victor says that he did this for his daughter, not Ryan. After Ryan leaves the office, Victor calls someone and tells them that he wants Michael Baldwin's phone tapped. He wants to learn all the dirty little secrets that he can so that he can get rid of him.

Megan is still with Tricia talking about their father. They both agree that it would be best for each of them if their dad went back to London as soon as possible. Megan doesn't want him to find out about her arrest and Tricia doesn't want him causing more problems with her husband. Ryan returns home as they are talking. He gives them the good news that he has a job and he is Assistant to the Founder, Victor Newman. Megan has to leave. Tricia is happy that he has such a prestigious job but wonders how it came about. Ryan lets it slip that Victoria had a lot to do with it. She calmly accepts this. When Ryan expresses his surprise, she says that she doesn't like or trust Victoria, but she really came through for him and she is grateful for that.

Nick and Sharon are all lovey-dovey, promising that nothing will ever come between them again when Millie comes out on the patio with them. She thanks the young couple for allowing her to live with them these few days. Nick says that she is welcome to stay as long as she wishes. She doesn't want to interfere. She is also grateful to Doris for inviting her to stay at her apartment. Sharon says that Doris means it so if she doesn't want to stay with them, she should consider taking her mother up on the offer. Millie explains more about how she raised Alice, trying to see to it that Alice grew up knowing that she had to be tough and know how to take care of herself. She mentions that the last few days before the trial ended, she had the feeling that Alice was reaching out to her and wanted to be a family. But now, she says, she doesn't feel like they have a chance. She says that she is afraid of going back to her house with Alice there. Sharon says that it is her house and she shouldn't allow Alice to put her out if going home is what she wants to do.

Brad calls Nikki and they make a date to meet for lunch. Vicki is listening to the conversation. When her mother comes back downstairs, dressed to go out, Vicki confronts her. She says that her father needs her and her support now more than ever. Nikki says that Victor isn't at home and she doesn't know when he will be home. She shares a secret with Vicki. She says that there are times when she hopes that Jack and Brad's plan works and Victor loses the company. Vicki is shocked. The company means the world to her father. Exactly, Nikki says. She has been competing with the company since before Vicki was born and she is tired of playing second fiddle. She would like to come first for a change.

Alice is sprawled on the sofa looking sad. The phone rings and she finally answers it. It is the temp agency calling to say that they have a "gig" for her. She says that she can't make it; she tells them that she is sick. A little later, there is a knock at the door and she ignores it. But the person at the door will not give up. Eventually Alice can't ignore it any longer and goes to the door. She is surprised to see Sharon standing there.

When Nikki meets Brad at the Lodge, she is surprised that he knows that there was a party for Cassie and that Victor was no longer at home. He plays on her insecurities about Victor. He tells her that if he were Victor, he wouldn't be spending all his time with business. She doesn't believe him. He goes on to tell her that he didn't come back for the takeover, which was just an excuse. He says that he really came back for her. He asks her what she would say if he told her that he would give up the entire takeover. She still doesn't believe that he would do that. He says that he didn't say he would; he asks her what she would say if he offered. He tells her that for her, he would give up everything. He would open a bookstore; run a restaurant, anything if it meant that he would have her. He gets up and leans over and kisses her passionately. It is a long kiss that Nikki can't help but respond to it.

Megan returns home but tells Keith that she is only there to pick up a book for her friend, Marnie. He tells her that he met her friend, Tony. He says that he isn't the man that he would want her to end up with but for now, he is a nice enough young man. Megan is nervous about what was said but also wants to leave the house. While she is getting the book, Keith picks up the mail and begins to go through it. Just as Megan returns to the living room, he finds the letter from the court. He begins to tease her about getting cited for failing to yield or speeding. She admits that that is what it is. He says he has had his share of tickets and he will help her get out of it. No! She says. She wants to be on her own and handle her own problems. He laughs and says that that is what Dad's are for. He tears in to the envelope as Megan stands there like a cornered deer.

Friday, July 30 Today's recap was provided by Dianna Burrows

Sharon arrives at Alice's house. Alice is really upset. Why can't they just leave her alone? She tells Sharon to say what she came to say and then get out. Sharon came to talk to her about Millie. She wants Alice to reach out to Millie. Millie has realized her mistakes with Alice and is so sorry about it all. Alice says no way. Millie doesn't deserve another chance. Sharon mentions that in court Alice proved that she has changed by giving up Cassie. Now is her chance to prove it again. Alice replies that it is too little too late and she doesn't need Millie. Sharon asks Alice if she wants to be all alone. She leaves asking Alice to think about what she said.

At the restaurant Brad kisses Nikki beside their table. The kiss lingers for a brief moment and they sit down. Nikki is livid and says he just embarrassed her and with all the people around what if Victor finds out? Brad says he will confess it all, but he'll leave out the part about how much he enjoyed it and how she let him kiss her for a little too long before pulling away. He says she let him kiss her and she says she didn't. She says he has crossed the line of their friendship and ruined everything now. They argue back and forth. Finally she suggests they forget it happened. He says he cannot forget it and neither can she. He claims it was chemistry that led to the kiss and she says it was his ego.

Victor is in his office when Ashley walks in. He asked to see her because he needs to know which side she intends to take. She admits that Jack acquired the company in a very bad way, but she doesn't want to go against her brother. She would like to remain neutral and not make that decision. She wishes they could make some kind of agreement between themselves but doubts that either of them would ever do that. She sees this as a long term battle and she can't put herself in the middle of it.

Ryan is looking over some papers when Jack comes in. Jack wants to know what the hell Ryan is doing and Ryan says he is working. Jack tells him to leave immediately or he will call security. Ryan tells him to check that with Victor first. About then a guy shows up to hang Ryans nameplate on the door. It says "Ryan McNeil Assistant to the Founder." Jack wants to know what that is and Ryan tells him he is Victors right hand man now. Jack remarks that all that kissing up has finally paid off for Ryan.

Keith finds out that there have been charges pressed against Meg. He tells her he will call the courthouse and get it cleared up right away. He is sure this is all a mistake. Meg confesses what happened and she was with Tony. He is very angry and wants her to tell him where Tony lives. She won't tell so he says he will find out one way or another.

Tony approaches Tricia at the coffee house. He tells her e just received news that the Grand Jury has indicted him and Meg. He needs to find Meg before their father finds out. Tricia will not help him and says her father will come after Tony. Tony doesn't care about that, he just wants to warn Meg. Tricia will not get involved. Tony leaves. Tricia's cell phone rings and it is Keith. He wants to know why she didn't tell him what happened. Then he wants to know where he can find Tony. After a moment of hesitation, Tricia tells him she won't tell. He hangs up furious.

Diane and Marissa enter the Abbott home to pick up Diane's things. Mamie comes in the room and comments that she hasn't seen Diane lately. Diane tells her that she and Jack are taking a breather for awhile. As she is getting ready to leave, Jack comes in. He says she doesn't have to go. She says because of him, she does have to go. He tells her he will not beg. She claims that he has no use for her without her vote and he says she is wrong. She doesn't think so, and gives him back the ring. He tries to tell her to keep it but she won't. They look at each other for a moment with tears in their eyes and she leaves. Mamie comes in awhile later to find Jack lost in thought. She thinks he is thinking about Diane but he tells her he is thinking about Victor. He says it was all for the best with Diane. What he wants now more than anything is to get Jabot back for his father. He has lived with the guilt ever since Victor took Jabot away and he has to get it back. Until he gets it back he will not be able to forgive himself for losing Jabot.

Nick is at the main house waiting for Sharon to return from her visit with Alice. He is wondering how it is going. Victoria comes in and they talk about the headway Victor is making with Newman Enterprises. Victoria is enthusiastic about how things will turn out and says once Nick comes back to work things should start to happen. She senses that Nick is reluctant to come back to work. He tells her that he doesn't want work to come between him and Sharon again and he is afraid that will happen. Victoria stresses to him that now is the time that the Newman have to stand together and they need him. Later when Sharon comes in, she tells him about her visit with Alice. He is amazed that she is even willing to try to help Alice after all they have been through. That is another thing that he loves about her so much. She comments that nothing will ever come between her and Nick again.

Jack walks into Victor's office and tells him he has a proposition that might enable both of them to walk away happy. Is Victor too stubborn to listen?

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