The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on Y&R
Ashley made an emotional plea to Victor, and he agreed to extend the terms of the deal. Victoria suggested that Cole return to the tack house to write. Tricia lost her baby. Nikki continued to press Victor for a child. Katherine and Paul arrived in India.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of September 6, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday September 6, 1999

Due to CBS coverage of The US Open tennis tournament, The Young and The Restless was not shown.

Tuesday, September 7, 1999

Victor told Ashley never to doubt what she meant to him. However, Ashley couldn't see how she meant anything to him if he would do that to her. He said it wasn't against her but against her "SOB" brother. She begged him not to let his hatred for Jack and his anger cause him to act against his and her best wishes. She reminded him that if he didn't go through with the deal, he would have years of litigation trying to get rid of Jack.

When Ashley saw that she was getting nowhere with Victor, she threw up her hands and started to walk out. Victor called her back and told her that he was giving her one more week to show him the money, and he was only doing it because she had asked him. However, if at the end of the week's extension she could not show him the money, he would begin legal action against Jack the next day. Ashley was overwhelmed. She went to him and gently kissed his cheek.

Nick, Sharon and Cassie discussed ways to draw in the high school and college crowd. They were planning on having local bands perform every chance they got. Also, they were going to open up the place so that there was a larger dance floor. By day, Crimson Lights would be a coffeehouse, but by night, it would be a dance hall.

Cassie wondered how the kids would get their homework done if they were spending all their time at CL. Sharon suggested that they clear out the storage room, fix it up with some soundproofing, and turn it into a place where kids could go and do homework. Nick mentioned that he would like to have beer for the college kids, but Sharon didn't want to get into handling alcohol. She suggested a juice bar instead. They could serve fruit smoothies and power meals.

At Gina's, Brad continued to put doubts in Nikki's mind about Victor. He told her that for Victor, it was the chase and the conquering that he loved. Once he had a woman, he lost interest. He hit a nerve when he told her that he didn't think Victor would have a baby with her. However, Nikki continued to insist that Victor would want to have another baby with her; he just had to get used to the idea. Brad reminded her that those who didn't learn from history were bound to repeat it.

Nikki defended Victor and told Brad that he was the selfish one. She strongly insisted that he leave her alone. Brad got up to leave but first he told Nikki that the ball was in her court; he would not bother her again. He would wait for her to make the next move but he didn't think that it would be long before he heard from her. After he left, Nikki was visibly shaken by all the doubts that Brad has instilled.

Nikki left the restaurant and went straight to Victor's office. She told him that she felt like their last conversation had been interrupted before they had said all they wanted to say. He was confused until she told him that she was talking about another baby. He told her that he thought that the conversation about a baby was over. He said she was the one who didn't understand.

Victor was very plain; he didn't want another baby, and he didn't intend to reverse the vasectomy. Even if it were possible, he wasn't interested in having another child at that stage of his life. "So it doesn't matter what I want?" Nikki asked. She told him that she was not having a midlife crisis, and she didn't want a child because she was insecure. She wanted a child because she wanted one and because she thought it would be good for them. When he again told her that he didn't want to have another baby, she stormed out of the office, saying that if he wouldn't give her what she wanted, she would find someone who would.

The party at the Chancellor estate was in full swing. Billy was growing nervous seeing so many people traipsing all over the house and getting drunker and drunker. He talked to J.T., but J.T. just told him not to get stressed out. Some of the kids had taken out their marijuana cigarettes and were getting high. Birdie was there, watching everything, and that was also making Billy nervous. He finally told J.T. that the party had to stop. He started trying to get the kids to leave.

At Crimson Lights, Mac and Raul stopped by after the movie, just in time for Birdie's call. Birdie told Mac that things were getting out of order there, and she wanted Mac to go home and help her straighten things out.

At the airport, Jill complained that the flight was still delayed. She had already been waiting for two hours and the attendant couldn't tell her how much longer the delay would be. She made a call to John's house in New York and found that he had changed his plans and it would be another couple of days before he arrived home. Jill then debated with herself whether to cancel the trip or not. She finally decided to go on to New York and wait for John.

Ashley arrived home and collapsed on the sofa. Mamie entered and asked how it had gone with Mr. Newman; Cole had revealed that was where Ashley had been. Ashley said that she had managed to get an extension for a week from Victor. After Mamie left the room, Ashley got a call from Jack. He was in the company plane. She told him that she had gone to Victor and managed to get an extension. Jack said that he owed her big time. "You sure do," Ashley said after she hung up.

Mac and Raul arrived home just in time to help Billy push the guests out the door but not in time to keep the police from seeing all the drunken underage kids staggering around. Mac tried to tell the police that they had everything under control, but the police said that they were going to arrest everyone there. It was illegal to serve alcohol to minors in Wisconsin. He also said that Mrs. Chancellor was ultimately responsible, since she owned the estate. They said that whether she was on the property or not, it was the same as serving the alcohol herself.

Mac told them that she was out of town and besides, she wasn't the only owner of the estate. One of the policemen said that it was doubtful that Mrs. Chancellor would allow that to go on at her house. They wanted to know who the other owner of the estate was, but Mac didn't want to say. Just then, Jill walked in the front door, confused at all the police cars. When she walked into the living room, she wanted to know "what the hell" was going on there.

When the technician looked worried about the ultrasound, Ryan wanted to know when they could see the baby. Finally, the technician said that she had to go somewhere, and she left. Ryan examined the machine and was about to try to work it himself when the doctor walked in with the technician. She began the ultrasound and looked worried.

Ryan kept asking if they could look, but the doctor said no. Finally, Ryan wanted to know if something was wrong. When he didn't get an answer, both he and Tricia became concerned. They demand to know what was wrong. The doctor finally told them that the heart wasn't beating.

The doctor told Ryan that they needed to admit Tricia to the hospital and do a D&C so that there would be no infection. She assured them that they would be able to have other babies. She said that she would go and make the arrangements. Tricia said that she would not be going to the hospital because there was nothing wrong with her baby. She cried out that they could not take away her baby. Ryan tried to console her, but she was inconsolable.

Wednesday, September 8, 1999

Victoria and Nick entered Victor's office and asked if the Jabot deal had gone through. Victor explained the deadline extension that he had granted to a pleading Ashley and got an unsupportive response from his children. Brad entered and agreed with Vicki and Nick regarding the extra time granted. Nick left disgusted by his father's decision and Brad's interference in Nick's advertising duties for Brash and Sassy. When Brad took note of Nick's "attitude," Vicki blasted him for his actions and shouted that she would never accept Brad but would "tolerate" him if he would respect her "whole" family -- a reference to Nikki.

Victor wanted to know what Victoria was referring to, and she told him she meant him, Victor. Brad realized what she really meant. She finished by telling Victor that Brad was "his worst nightmare," although she knew her father didn't believe it. After she stormed out of the office, Victor told Brad not to "cross the line" where his family was concerned and informed Brad that he was "useful" to him. Brad questioned what he "is being used for."

Ashley was on the phone, still trying to raise funds for the Jabot deal, when Cole walked downstairs. He was in a bad mood due to his writer's block and told Ashley they had problems. When she wanted to talk about what was bothering him, he decided he needed some air and left the house.

Jill arrived home from the airport and found the aftereffects of Billy's party -- and the police. She demanded to know who was responsible and immediately blamed Mac. Birdie jumped to Mac's defense, and Billy informed his mother that the party was his responsibility. Jill couldn't believe that he had let it happen. Billy accused her of just returning to "spy" on him.

Birdie advised Billy to show more respect for his mother, as Jill was at a loss for words at his remark. Jill tried to dismiss the police by promising to get all the kids home safely, but they told her that wasn't an option. They intended to round up all the kids and take them to the station because they were all under arrest for underage drinking, disturbing the peace, and other related charges. Mac and Raul, who had only recently arrived home, were included.

At Crimson Lights, Meg wanted to tell Tony about the dream she'd had about the two of them living together. She was interrupted when Marnie arrived, and Tony gratefully invited her to join them. Tony knew that Marnie reminded him of was Tara Lipinski, the gold medal-winning figure skater. Megan agreed and wondered how she had never noticed that before.

When Tony went to get drinks for all, Marnie shared her fantasy about being a figure skater; the scene faded to one of Marnie (Tara Lipinski) skating for a crowd. When Marnie returned from her daydream, Meg told her that there was nothing wrong with having a beautiful dream. Marnie took off as Tony returned, and she advised him to "catch that dream while you can." Tony asked Meg to tell him more about her dream, but Meg only smiled and winked at him.

Nick arrived homefrom the office tired and was frustrated by his father's business dealings. Cassie modeled some of her new school clothes for him before the babysitter, Lisa, took her and Noah out for ice cream. Sharon attempted to de-stress Nick with a shoulder massage. She played some demo tapes of bands she was considering hiring to play at Crimson Lights and began dancing and doing a mini striptease for Nick. This definitely had a positive effect on Nick; he took her into his arms, and they began to kiss.

As angry parents started to arrive at the police station, J.T. and a friend were still talking about what a cool party it had been. J.T. pulled the gold lighter from his pocket and realized he had forgotten he had it. He saw Mac's purse lying on a chair and dropped the lighter in it, reasoning that she wouldn't be searched. J.T.'s aunt demanded to know who had given permission for the party, and he pointed to Billy and Jill. She began to give Jill a piece of her mind, as did several other parents, ignoring Jill's excuses.

John Silva rushed in and ushered Jill and Billy to the door while trying to warn Jill to cool it, as there could be serious repercussions if any of these parents decided to press the issue. Billy hollered for Mac to "come on!" as they were leaving. She grabbed her purse and followed him out.

Brad went to see Ashley at home. He told her that he knew about the time extension and questioned how she had gotten Victor to agree to it. Brad implied that Ashley was trying to start something personal with Victor, which Ashley strongly denied. She couldn't convince him that she didn't have another motive and, in turn, questioned Brad's motive for going to see her.

When Brad claimed that he had just missed Ashley, she asked him how Nikki was doing. He claimed he wouldn't know. The two of them laughed about "kidding" with each other about any involvement with Victor or Nikki. Brad left and Ashley, deep in thought, recalled her conversation with Victor telling her not to question what she meant to him.

Cole arrived at Gina's for a drink and, on cue, Victoria arrived. She decided to join him, and they commiserated about their respective personal problems. When Cole admitted to "writer's block," Victoria suggested that he try working at the tack house again, "to get his juices flowing." He wasn't sure that was a good idea, but would think it over.

Back at the estate, Jill ordered Billy and Mac to go to their rooms and said they would talk in the morning. Mac left her purse, with the gold lighter in it, on a chair when they headed upstairs. Jill poured herself a strong drink and took a large gulp.

Thursday, September 9, 1999

Paul and Katherine arrived at the small village hospital in India and asked about Brock. They learned that he had been working there but at that moment, he was in the city, obtaining medical supplies. In a flashback, Katherine remembered a time when Brock had apologized for wishing that she had died instead of his father. Even though the driver couldn't wait indefinitely to return them to the city, Katherine and Paul decided to wait for Brock's return to the hospital.

Jill, Billy, and Mac returned from the police station. Jill told the kids to go to bed, and they would tackle the mess in the house in the morning. Mac left, but Billy remained behind and asked to be allowed to go to New York. The next morning, Billy again begged his mother to send him back to New York. They argued again, and while Jill looked for her gold lighter with which to light her cigarette, she discovered that it was missing.

Jill asked Billy what had happened to her lighter, but he had no idea. Mac walked downstairs just as Esther arrived home to find the house in a mess. Mac said that she was late for her bus and left the house, leaving her backpack on the sofa. When Billy decided to go into town, Jill stopped him and told him that he would be cleaning up the mess all day.

Malcolm and Callie woke up together. He told her how much he cared for her and said he wanted to be with her always. He told her that he had seen Olivia and had asked her for a divorce. Later, when Callie went to work at Crimson Lights, she told Mac how happy she was with Malcolm. Mac asked her if she was going to marry Malcolm, although, she didn't know why everyone thought so highly of the institution. Callie began dreaming of marrying Malcolm, but she realized that she had a problem, since she was still married to Trey. She called his office but found out that he wasn't in.

Ryan tried to comfort Tricia at the hospital. She wanted him to go home and get some rest, but he refused. Later, Megan went to the hospital and insisted that Ryan go home, shower, and get some rest. After he left, the two women had a good cry about the baby. Tricia confided to Megan that she was being punished for getting pregnant without letting Ryan know about it first.

There was a meeting at Brash and Sassy, and Victoria wondered why Ryan wasn't there. She said that it wasn't like him to be late for a meeting. Finally, they decided to go on with the meeting without him. The first ad agency did their presentation, and Nick was impressed. However, as he was saying how good the presentation was, Brad interrupted and told the agency representative that they did have a couple of others to interview.

Nina and Phillip were having a snack at Crimson Lights before Phillip left for his soccer practice with the new coach. He lamented Bret's departure. He also wondered why Ryan wasn't there when he had returned home the night before. Nina said that he probably had a good reason. Phillip's friend stopped by for him, and they left. Nina said that she would wait for him there.

Ryan went to Crimson Lights for a coffee to take home with him and saw Nina. She asked him why he hadn't been at her house the night before to meet Phillip. She also told him that he looked "like hell." He told her about being at the hospital all night with Tricia and said that she had lost the baby. Nina was upset at the news, remembering the time when she had lost her baby. However, when he mentioned needing to be at work, she told him that his place was by Tricia's side.

Friday, September 10, 1999

Due to CBS coverage of The US Open tennis tournament, The Young and The Restless was not shown.

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