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Victoria threatened to quit if Victor messed with Brash & Sassy. Victor told Nick that expanding the cosmetics line was part of his plan to get revenge on Jack. Victor made Nick a Newman board member. Brad visited Diane and found the letter from the laboratory.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of October 25, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday October 25, 1999

Ashley tells Cole that she thinks that they should have a baby but Cole is less than enthusiastic. He questions her time for a child considering her career. She assures him that things are on an even keel now so she would be able to devote her time to a baby. He reminds her that things don't always stay on an even keel and she tells him that if she has a baby, she will make it her number one priority. Cole says that this tells him a lot about where her head and her heart is concerning their marriage but he will have to think about it. Ashley is disappointed because she was hoping to hear the same thing from him; she would like to know where his head and heart is also. Steve calls Cole to tell him that they are adding more cities to the book tour. Cole leaves Ashley alone while he goes upstairs to put the new dates in his calendar.

Tricia finally gets the keys that she wants duplicated. She gives the man ten dollars and tells him to keep the change. She rushes back to Crimson Lights where Ryan is having difficulty stalling Megan. Megan is ready to leave but she can't find her keys. Tricia "finds" them under the table and Megan leaves none the wiser. Ryan asks where the surprise for Megan is and she doesn't know what he is talking about. He reminds her and she tells him that it didn't work out. She says that when she got back to the store, the item had been sold. He asks what it was and she snaps at him accusing him of cross-examining her. Ryan backs off but lets it slip that Megan is making dinner for Tony that night. Without warning, Tricia jumps up and walks out, leaving Ryan confused.

From outside Tony's flat, Tricia calls his number. When there is no answer, she uses the key to let herself into the apartment, taking out the bra once she is inside.

Victoria tells her father that Cole's marriage is finished but that doesn't matter to Victor. He doesn't want to see his daughter going down that road again. She tells him sharply that her eyes are wide open. Before she can say anything else, Brad comes into the office. She begins to walk out but Brad stops her and insists on an update on the meeting and the photo shoot of the past week. As she is giving him the update, George arrives and tells Victor that so far he hasn't been able to convince Ramona to come to GC to work. He thinks that she respects Victor so much that he could convince her to come.

Meanwhile, in New Mexico, Helena drops by the clinic to see Ramona. She asks if she has made up her mind about the job in GC. She suggests that her uncertainty about going has more to do with not trusting herself around Victor Newman than leaving New Mexico.

Jack is looking for a table at Gina's when he spots Nikki and decides to join her. She doesn't stop him but she begins ranting at him about all the damage he has caused to her family. She says that he has caused damage that can never be undone. Jack wonders what she is talking about. When she doesn't tell him, he surmises that something personal is involved. He suggests that it is time to bury the past but she retorts that she would rather bury him instead. Jack says that he had hoped that the wounds had healed but he guesses he was wrong. He says that he is sorry because his one regret is that he caused her pain. Nikki starts to cry and tells him that increasingly she wonders if she is just living in a dream world where her life with Victor is concerned. Jack tells her that Victor will always be Victor and nothing will ever change that. He says that he will not take the blame or punishment for Victor's personality and she just has to take it or leave it. But he warns her not to do anything in haste because as much as it galls him, he knows how much she loves Victor. Do you really want to walk away from it all? He asks.

As Jill is making herself a drink, John stops by to tell her that a meeting has been called regarding the teen line. Looking at her drink, he just shakes his head and frowns. She tosses the drink out to show that she doesn't need it. John tells her to take more time with Billy. Instead of relating to him as an authority figure, she should try relating as a friend. He says he will help her if she will only make the effort. After John leaves, Jill stares at the bottle but doesn't pour another drink.

Kay opens the door and when she sees Brock, she faints. Brock catches her before she falls and carries her into the living room. When she comes to, she thinks he is a ghost but he convinces her that he is real. He says that when he heard that she had gone to India to find him, he knew that it had to be important and that she needed him. That is why he came home instead of calling. Katherine tells him that she has some incredible news for him. he knew she needed him. Kay says she has some incredible news for him.

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

At Gina's, Jack and Nikki are talking. He feels that they have gone through too much to let a little business deal get in the way of their friendship. She says that because of him, other things happened. Before she can go on, her phone rings and she answers it. It is Victor wanting to know where she is. He tells her to stay right there; he is coming over to talk to her. Jack guesses that it was Victor and says he will leave before the big man gets there. Nikki tells him not to let Victor intimidate him. Jack says that he was only thinking of her; the last thing she needs is for Victor to see them together. As he leaves, he tells her to hang in there and not to let Victor intimidate her.

Kay wants to tell Brock about a woman in his life, one that he worked closely with in India several years ago. As she begins to give him details of his time with Amanda, he wonders how she found out about her. Kay says that everyone at the camp in India knew about the woman who broke his heart. Brock admits that he had high hopes of making a life with Amanda but it wasn't to be. He says that she still has too many facts; facts that Anna didn't know about. Kay begins to tell him about the young girl he met at the homeless shelter and finally tells him that she is her grand daughter, Brocks daughter. At first he thinks that she was just pulling a con but she convinces him that it is the truth.

Tricia sneaks into Tony's apartment but loses her nerve. She doesn't know where to put the bra where it will be inconspicuous yet easily found. She calls Grace and asks her. While they are talking she hears footsteps outside and panics. Grace tells her to calm down and hide. It is a false alarm, however, as she hears the footsteps walk on down the hall. She says that she is losing her nerve but Grace yells at her to hid the bra and get out of there. She then hangs up on her.

Gary and Ross arrive in Vicki's office for a meeting. Before Vicki arrives, Ross is reminiscing about the dance he had with her last night. Gary is about to warn him again about thinking about the boss but Vicki arrives before he can say anything. Ross tells Vicki that he enjoyed the dance with her last night and she says yes, it was nice. He says that he is going by CL again tonight and wonders if she will be there. She tells him no just as Nick arrives. He says that Neil is too busy to come to the meeting and Ryan will probably be late as he is doing something for his father. Vicki says that Gary and Ross are here to present new ideas on the Christmas campaign. "Good!" Brad announces from the doorway. "That is why I am here. I have some thoughts on that very subject." He asks that the ad guys leave while he talks to Vicki alone. Outside the office, Ross is angry at being dismissed like that by Brad of all people. Gary tells him that flirting with the client is bad business. Ross tells him he can take care of himself and he should drop the subject. You are the boss, Gary says and walks away.

Vicki tells Brad to have his say and then leave. Brad says that he has a very big idea, one that will kick Brash and Sassy into the next stratosphere. He wants to launch a full line of cosmetics in time for the Christmas season. Vicki tells him that it is impossible; they would be in direct competition with Jabot. Besides, she adds, it can't be done in that period. Brad says it can be done and they need to grab hold of the market before someone else does. Vicki says that this is a bad idea. Brad says that he is sorry she is taking that attitude. He came to her with this idea first but he can take it to her father if need be.

Jack arrives in the board room for a meeting at Jabot. Ashley is the only one there and he asks if she has heard from Victor lately. She asks why he asks because if he wants another favor from him, she won't ask for it. She is finished with corporate intrigue. Jack says it is nothing like that; he just wondered if she got a hint of trouble between him and Nikki. Ashley wonders what he is getting at but before he can answer, everyone arrives for the meeting. Jack announces that they need to discuss teen marketing. Jill says that they have nothing to offer. Jack says that they can have and they can have it by Christmas. It is of major importance that they have this line out by Christmas. Jill says that it is impossible to have a major product line out by Christmas and John tends to agree. However, Jack says that if they don't, they will be crushed. It is going to require all their resources and he wants to know who is in with him.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Raul learn that Mac called to say that she wouldn't be in to work. Billy is worried; he says that Mac won't be home because home is the last place she wants to be right now. He tells Raul about their talk and how she is coming down pretty hard on Mrs. Chancellor about going to India to find her father. They decide to go back to the school to see if she is still there. However, when they arrive at the school, there are hardly any students there. They talk the janitor into opening Mac's locker. They find her books still there, which could be a good sign, but her coat is gone.

Neil is on the phone playing "Victor" by yelling at someone when Ryan comes into the office. He is on his way to the B&S meeting. Neil can't attend because he is trying to buy a company on the West Coast for Victor. He asks how things are for Ryan and Tricia. Ryan says that he is worried about Tricia; she is acting strangely. Neil lays it to hormones and tells him that it takes a while to get over the loss of a child. They are interrupted when Tricia arrives. Neil leaves and tells them to use his office as long as they need. Tricia apologizes for walking out on him earlier. He tells her to stop worrying about everyone. They are all going to be okay.

Megan arrives home and looks around suspiciously. Seeing nothing wrong, she goes into the kitchen and begins dinner. When Tony arrives home, he compliments her on how good the dinner smells. They eat and Tony tells her she can make Italian for him anytime. After dinner they get cozy. They lay down on the couch but suddenly Megan straightens up with the bra in her hand. "What's this?" she wants to know.

Nikki is about to leave Gina's when Victor arrives. You were leaving? He asks her. She replies that he said he would be right over and he is late. She has better things to do than sit around and wait for him to find it convenient to join her. He wants to talk about their problems---if she will talk instead of fighting. She tells him that he should open the conversation since this is what he wants. He begins by telling her that she walked out on him last night and was conveniently asleep when he got home and he doesn't like that. She answers that she is tired of dealing with his ex-wives. He says that that isn't the problem. He has waited all day for her to call him and explain her behavior of last night. She tells him that she isn't at his beck and call. She goes on to say that this is the problem; he has to have everything on his terms. He tells her that he thinks she is having a mid-life crisis and she tells him that that statement is so demeaning. Victor says it has to be the answer since his feelings for her hasn't changed. He adds that it is she that has changed. He doesn't understand why she is suddenly criticizing his constancy. She says that it is more like inflexibility; he never listens to anyone and he is unwilling to even embrace what anyone else is saying. He asks if she is bringing up the baby business again. She tells him that there are only a few times in a woman's life when she feels that her life is totally intertwined with that of her husband. Having a baby is one of those times. She explains that when she was laying on her death bed and he gave her a reason to live, that was another time when their lives were totally intertwined. But now, she says, she is just an appendage to his life, not his passion. She is afraid she will never be his passion again. "Now you listen here," Victor begins. "When I invited you to the private dining room last night, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me. I had something in mind that---"

"What?" she asks. "Something that would sweep me off my feet? Something bigger than life; romantic? If that is what you were planning, I'm not that easy to dazzle anymore."

"So you feel empty inside in regard to me?" Victor asks. "That is interesting to know. I guess I'll see you later." He gets up and walks out while Nikki sits wiping the tears away from her eyes.

Brock is convinced that he has a daughter so now he wants to meet her. Kay tells him that she isn't home right now but she expects her at any time. The doorbell rings and Katherine thinks that it might be her. Brock says he will go into the other room while she prepares Mac for him. Kay goes to the door but it isn't Mac; it is Billy and Raul. They come inside and break the news to her that they think that Mac may have gone on the run again. Raul says that Mac needs some space because she is more upset about her dad's death than she was letting on. Brock walks into the room just then. Billy asks who he is and Katherine says that he is Brock Reynolds, her son and Mac's father. The boys are open-mouthed at that announcement. "You are Mac's father?" Billy asks.

Wednesday, October 27

Today's recap was provided by Audra McKenna

Victoria's Office
Brad Carlton crashed the meeting, much to Victoria's disapproval and asked Gary and Ross to wait outside so he could talk to Nick and Victoria. He is saying that in order to keep Brash N' Sassy ahead in the market that they are going to have to work their tails off to get new product out before Christmas. He says that he's certain that Jabot will be out to get a good share of the market and they need to move fast. Victoria emphatically says no, that they are not going to make any new products ... just get a really good advertising campaign going. Brad asks if that's because she doesn't like the idea or just him? Victoria says she's never hidden the way she feels about him. Nick agrees. Brad says he knows where they stand and Nick asks if that means he's going to back off. Brad says no ... he's a man who fights for what he wants, and leaves.

Jabot Boardroom
Jack and Grace are pushing to get new products out for the Christmas rush. Jill is very wary about sinking a lot of money into new products. Grace says they can't lose sight of the bottom line and Jill gets her nose out of joint ... she has no use for Grace (probably the only time her instincts about a person have been right!). Jack says they have to take risks in this business or they won't get anywhere ... he demands to know where Jill stands on this. Jill says she cares what happens to Jabot. Ashley reminds them that she was totally involved with Brash N' Sassy and knows their line inside and out. Jack says "you WERE Brash N' Sassy, they would have nothing without you." Ashley says she's been thinking of some new ways to take Jabot. People are very much interested in 'naturals' now and she's going to try some new lighter, natural alternatives. Jill asks what kind of alternatives. Grace says, body wash, soaps and lotions. Jill yells 4 NEW PRODUCTS by Christmas? Ashley says it's the perfect way to test the market. Their future is at stake here. They have to take the risk. John says whatever they do, they have to remember that they are a team and the team works together. John says he would like to speak to Grace now on the way out ... he wants to discuss her ideas. John and Grace leave the boardroom.

Victor's Office
Neil comes into Victor's office with a file. He says the acquisition is complete. They have acquired Sun Riser Bank. He says to Victor he has no idea why he wanted to buy the bank. Victor says, no? The Sun Riser Bank has Jack Abbott's loan, and now he controls Abbott's loan. Neil says they can't touch Jack if he makes his payments on time. Victor says Jack is a gambler and at some point in time, he will gamble on a late payment or a missed payment ... and then Victor will get his revenge. He says, "I will cut him off at the legs!." (I guess that's the German translation of "cut him off at the knees"?) Neil says Jack deserves what's coming to him. Vic says Jack "stole" his company ... Neil says he didn't do it alone. Looks like he wants to talk to Vic about Brad ... just then Brad waltzes in. Neil leaves and Victor asks Brad if he attended the Brash N' Sassy meeting. Brad says yes and that he made some suggestions. Vic asks if Victoria listened to those suggestions ... Brad doesn't say anything.

Chancellor Estate
Billy and Raul come in telling Katherine that they think maybe Mac has run away. They say she wasn't at school and she called in and said she wouldn't be at work. They see Brock and look questioningly at him. Katherine introduces them to Mac's father. Brock can't understand why she would run away and say's she probably went home to her mother. Katherine tells him that Mac was upset with her because she went looking for him and now she thinks he's dead. Katherine tells Brock the story she received from the people in India. She also tells him that Mac would not go home to her mother, because her husband is an alcoholic and that Mac ran away from that situation. She calls Paul Williams to come over.

Tony's Place
Meg holds up the bra she's found in the couch demanding to know where it came from. Tony says he has no idea ... maybe somebody put it there when the furniture was in storage ... everybody has a key to the storage room in the basement. Meg doesn't believe that and he tries to tell her it's no big deal. She can't believe he's not taking this seriously. He tells her again he doesn't know where it came from but it's obvious that she doesn't trust him. She says she wants to believe him, but she's having a hard time with it.

Crimson Lights
Nina is having coffee and Sharon comes up to her table to say hi. Nina says what are you doing here? Just then Cody comes over to Sharon and calls her boss. Nina says, boss? Do you own this place? Sharon says that when the place was going to close that she and Nick couldn't let it go because it was where they got engaged and they have a lot of good memories here. Nina says that's a good idea for a future story and Sharon asks her not to use real names because they haven't told everybody about it yet. Nina says she's cool with that and she'll keep the secret.

Back at Victoria's Office
Victoria is damning Brad Carlton. She's really pissed of with him. Nick asks what she thinks Brad will do now. And Victoria says if she knows Brad, he'll go straight to Victor and cry foul. Meanwhile, Ryan comes up to the office and finds Gary and Ross outside ... they come into the office. He asks how the campaign is coming and Victoria says she has seen Malcolm's proofs and they are great. Gary asks what kind of budget they are looking at and Ryan says they really need to splash the market. Victoria says they need ideas and Ross says they'll do a campaign around her in the office. She gets ticked off with this and says she's not about to do their work for them, she's paying them for ideas and expects to get them. Then she stomps out of the office saying she has other things to do. Ryan apologizes for her behavior, but Nick says she has a point. Gary says no problem, we'll get right on it and they leave. Outside the office Ross gets mad at Gary and says he's trying to move into his turf with Victoria. (me thinks Ross is the PRE-vert that has the shrine to Victoria in his dark little den ... no?)

Ryan & Tricia's Apartment
Tricia comes home after planting the bra in Tony's place. She's having a guilty conscience and wondering if she's done the right thing. (Duh ... NOT) There's a knock at the door and it's Grace. Tricia yells at her that she's not supposed to be there ... what if Ryan were there? Grace says he's not so what does it matter. They have to start on step two of their plan to break up Tony and Meg. Tricia says that Meg probably hasn't even found the bra by now and Grace says they have to have an accumulation of doubts in Meg's mind for the plan to work. Tricia says if Meg had found the bra, she would have called her all upset. Grace says, "You? You're the wicked sister, remember?"

Katherine Chancellor's
Paul comes in and is so happy to see Brock alive and well. He asks Katherine why she called him over. She tells him they think Mac has run away. They explain everything and Paul asks Billy and Raul if they can get into Mac's locker at school. They think they can, so he tells them to go and get her backpack. They take off. Paul wants to search her room. They find that none of her stuff is missing from her room. Billy and Raul come back with her packpack and Paul discovers her bus pass. Katherine says why is that important and Paul says if she ran away, she wouldn't need to take the bus pass. Katherine is so upset because now that Mac's real father is alive and here, she has run away.

Tony's Place
Tony asks again if Meg believes him. She says she would if he would just give her an explanation. He says there is no explanation. He says they've gone through a lot in their short time together...a lot of testing, and maybe this is just another test. She says she's just so thrown by this and he says he is too, but we can't let this come between us. He says she's cute when she's jealous. They hug each other. He says he's got to call it a day ... he's got a really big day ahead of him tomorrow. She says she's got to do the dishes first and he says no ... in this house, if you cook, I clean up. They kiss each other and she leaves. He's looking for the bra ... not there ... in Meg's purse ... she brings it out and stares at it with a frown on her face.

Crimson Lights
Sharon asks Nina if she's working on something new? She tells her that she's read some of her short stories. Nina says not only new, but "in the can." She says she can't talk about it yet, because it hasn't been accepted. Nina tells Sharon she met the author Tomas DelCerro here at Crimson Lights last week. Sharon tells her about the dancing and stuff at nights and Nina should come by at night ... maybe she'd run into him again. Nina smiles and goes into deep thought. The camera pans over to the door and Mac comes in. She goes to the bar and Cody tells her that Billy and Raul were looking for her and she should call them. She says she can't yet ... she can't face Kay right now. Cody says he promises not to tell anyone he saw her ... but Nina sees her ...

Jabot Boardroom
After John and Grace leave, Jack says to Jill, don't let us keep you. But Jill wants to stick around for a while and spout her doom and gloom. Jack says why didn't you bring all of this up at the meeting and she says she didn't want to upset John in his "delicate" condition. Jack scoffs that his dad is in better shape than he's seen him in a long time. But Jill says after all you've gone through to get Jabot back, what will happen to John if you lose it all over again? And she walks out.

Victor's Office ... one last time
Brad tells Victor that the situation with Victoria will be handled. Then Victoria storms in and in a very loud voice tells Victor not to listen to a word he says. Brad Carlton can't be trust for more than one reason! The camera pans to each of them as they stare at each other .... And the credits roll.

Thursday, October 28

Billy assures Kay that Mac really cares about her. Hearing her at the Crimson Lights, Nina learns that Mac is Kay's granddaughter and offers her a place to stay. Reluctant at first, Mac accepts the offer. Shocked to see he's alive, Jill drops her drink when Brock walks into the room. She quick'ly hugs him. Defending Michael's actions, Olivia boasts to Neil that she has to do what's right for her son and claims that Michael just pointed out her options. Meanwhile, John Silva warns Malcolm that he has two strikes against him including no legal right to the child and living with his girlfriend. Victor explains to Victoria that he is keeping Brad on at Newman for a special reason but can't tell her about it now. Victoria admits her concern that Brad could ruin her Brash & Sassy but Victor reminds her it is property of Newman Enterprises.

Friday, October 29

Victor asks Nick where he was when he called because he heard a lot of noise in the background. Nick answers that since it was after business hours, he was out relaxing with Sharon. Victor asks if he was there when Vicki and Brad got into the business discussion. He then asks what Vicki's reaction to Brad's suggestion was. Nick asks what does he think it was; she didn't like it. He tells his dad that she objects because it is a risky proposition. Victor says that he knows it is risky but he thinks it is a worthwhile risk. "It's a way to get even with Jack Abbott for taking your father's company," Victor tells Nick. "It will mean getting even with him in a way he will never forget!" He goes on to tell Nick that he is going to tell him exactly how he is going to get back at Jack but it is a highly confidential plan and he is not to mention a word to anyone. He tells Nick that he just bought the Sun River Bank in California; this is the bank that holds the note for 15% of the backing Jack borrowed for the purchase of Jabot. So now you own the bank, Nick says. "You are going to buy up all the notes, aren't you?" Nick asks with comprehension. "Yes," answers Victor, "but it is a big undertaking that will take time. We have to be especially careful not to arouse the suspicions of Jack Abbott or he will pressure those involved not to sell to me." Nick tells his dad that this is an amazing plan. He isn't sure how Brad is tied in here but he is sure that Victor has plans for him. He goes on to speculate how expanding Brash and Sassy will affect Jabot's bottom line and this could mean that Jack can't repay his debt. Jack and Jabot will be brought to their knees. "You are a smart boy," Victor proudly says. "My boy is just as smart as my daughter." He then drops another bombshell. He tells Nick that he has become such an astute businessman that he is making him a full member of the Newman Board of Directors. Nick wonders if Victor has filled Vicki in on his plan for revenge but Victor says that he could only fill her in somewhat. She is too emotional. All she can see is Brash and Sassy and she refuses to see the bigger picture. She even threatened to leave if he went along with Brad's suggestion. Nick says that she didn't mean that but victor isn't convinced.

Vicki stops by Nick's house but Sharon is the only one home. Sharon invites her in and tells her that Victor summoned Nick back to the office. Vicki hopes he isn't getting the fall out from her argument with her father. She doesn't want to stay because she isn't good company but Sharon insists on her staying and having some herbal tea. After Sharon brings her the herbal tea, she tells Sharon that she and Nick have a really good thing here. Sharon says that Crimson Lights has been really good for Nick; it allows him to get away from the pressures of work and enjoy an outside activity. Vicki is thrilled that things are working out for her brother even though she had her doubts in the beginning. However, she says that that wouldn't work for her. Brash and Sassy IS her passion and her only fulfilling activity. She decides that she will not wait for Nick but will go home and try to get a good night's sleep. As she leaves, she once again says that her brother is really lucky.

Leanna Love makes a surprise visit to Jack and they make a mad dash for the upstairs while undressing on their way. Later, Jack is downstairs getting a drink when she comes down the stairs fully dressed. He wants her to stay the night but she says she has a meeting in the morning and she has to have a full hours sleep in order to be ready for that meeting. She says that she will tell Jack all about it if he will promise to keep it a secret. When he gives the "Scouts honor" promise, she tells him that she is meeting with her publisher. He wants her to do an anniversary edition of Ruthless complete with updates on what the Black Knight has been up to the last few years. Jack couldn't be more delighted at the news.

Ashley is just leaving Gina's when Nikki enters and sits. The two women see each other. Ashley has to walk right past Nikki to get out of the restaurant. She speaks to Nikki who is cool to her and makes a comment about her being alone instead of with Victor. Ashley asks what she means by that and Nikki says that she should know that she saw her with Victor the other night. Ashley sits down and tells her that she was not with him; they just ran into each other. "So you would have me believe," answers Nikki. "You are the sly one and you know exactly what I mean. No matter how hard you try to make me believe you are over my husband, your actions prove otherwise." Ashley can't believe what she is hearing but as Nikki goes on and on about how Victor was holding Ashley's hands and being deep in conversation with her, Ashley comes to see that Nikki is very insecure about her relationship with Victor. When she tries to convince her otherwise, Nikki will not listen. She says that she isn't forgetting Ashley's history with Victor and knows that she has never gotten over her. "We both know I am right," she says. "So you think I've never gotten over Victor," Ashley says. "You are just projecting because you are the one who never got over him. You think because you haven't gotten over him that no other woman could. For your information, I am very committed to my marriage." Nikki asks her how she can be so committed when Cole is forever running after her daughter. She says that Cole only moved out to the ranch to be near Vicki, not because of his wayward muse. "Open your eyes," she commands. Ashley says that Nikki only sees what she wants to see but for her information, she and Cole were thinking of having a baby; that is how secure her marriage is. She gets up and leaves a speechless Nikki. "They are thinking of having a baby," she murmurs. "Why can't I get past this? What is wrong with me?"

Marissa is going through Diane's cluttered desk looking for a stamp when she finds the letter for Victor. She is about to open it when Diane comes up and tells her to leave it alone. Marissa mentions that she is curious about why it hasn't been forwarded to Victor and Diane tells her not to worry about that. She notices how Marissa is dressed and guesses that she is on her way to a Halloween party. Marissa says that Lynn is dropping by to pick her up. They are going to a Seventy's Disco party at the Depot. Lynn arrives in costume and the two girls invite Diane to go along with them.

Malcolm can't believe that he has no legal rights and he will be judged by the way he is leading his life. John tells him that since he isn't the biological father his life will come into question. He tries to tell him how Michael Baldwin will pick at him in court but Malcolm won't listen. He says that Callie will be good for Nate. He tells John to stop acting afraid of Michael Baldwin and do his job. After John leaves, Callie offers to move out so that she won't be a problem for him in the divorce but he refuses to allow this. When he goes to answer the phone, Callie worries that the time will come when Olivia will make him choose between her and Nate.

Neil tells Olivia that Michael Baldwin is just using Nate but Olivia says that she will not allow anyone to use her son. Neil says that she can prove that by giving Malcolm visitation rights on paper. She says this doesn't concern him and wants him to leave. He says that he loves Nate; Nate is his nephew so he isn't going to give up on this. He isn't leaving until he gets through to her. She wonders why he can't just support her. "Malcolm is my brother," Neil tells her. "Please don't make me choose between the two of you." With that said, she decides that he has already made up his mind. She can do without him, she says. She reminds him that she has a conscious. He says that Michael Baldwin doesn't have a conscious and he is afraid that he will cancel her out. He leaves.

Nick arrives home and Sharon tells him that Vicki was there and she was upset. Nick tells her that there was a confrontation at work today and she threatened to quit. Sharon wonders if Victor came down on him but he tells her about the wonderful news instead. She wonders what that will mean for them and Crimson Lights. He promises that his family comes first and he will not let his father's business interfere with his family or with CL.

Diane is dressed and the girls are all leaving for the party. As they open the door, Brad is standing there. He looks so forlorn that Diane sends the others on to the party and stays with Brad. "You seem so serious," she tells him. What is wrong, or maybe I know already?" After she changes her clothing, she questions him about what is wrong. He says that he is having second thoughts about his decision to stay with Victor. She reminds him that it was his intention to get back at Jack for the way he was treated but he says that that is the upside but the down side is that he has to be under Victor's thumb. Diane asks if that is it or is it that he is getting nowhere with Nikki. That is it! She declares when she sees his face. She goes for some wine while he wanders around the room. He picks up a magazine, thumbs through it and puts it back down. He sees a book, the book that Diane put the letter in. He picks it up and takes out the letter. He sees that it is addressed to Victor and that it is from a laboratory. He opens the letter and reads that it is from a reproductive lab. He looks up and wonders what a letter from a reproductive lab is doing at Diane's. She comes in at that moment and demands that he put the letter down. "It is none of your business!" She says.

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