The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on Y&R
Cole asked for a permanent separation from Ashley. Victoria decided to pull the ads that featured her. Nikki resolved to decide between Victor and Brad by New Year's Eve. Olivia worried that her cancer had returned.
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The Young and the Restless Recaps: The week of December 13, 1999 on Y&R
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Monday, December 13, 1999

Jack sees an upset Ashley reading a letter from Cole. In the letter Cole wants the separation to be permanent. Jack confides to John that he is worried Ashley will shut herself off from the rest of the world. Meanwhile, Ashley thinks of being a child playing with dolls and realizes her hopes for a family are gone. Nick advises Paul that Victoria unknowingly once did a centerfold layout for a men's magazine. Victoria explains that her father bought all the copies except a few. Another fan letter arrives and Nick opens it while wearing the gloves Paul left. With the letter is a collage of pictures of Victoria. Jill talks to Billy about the dance and admits that she's impressed with his choice of a date. Jill tells Kay that she is glad Mackenzie is going to the dance. Mackenzie eavesdrops when Jill mentions that Billy is crazy about Brittany. Nikki announces to Brad that she will make her choice by the New Year. A portrait of Victor is delivered to Nikki and she wonders if this is the sign she's been waiting for.

Tuesday, December 14, 1999

Diane dines out with Michael and calls to leave a message for Brad. Hearing from Ryan about the letters Victoria is receiving, Brad assures Victoria that if she needs help, he will be there for her. Neil wishes Malcolm a happy life with Callie. Waiting to be released from the hospital, Olivia learns that her blood work results have come in and now her doctor doesn't want her released. A frantic Nikki tells Ryan she needs to talk to Victor as soon as possible. Back at home Nikki tells Victor's picture that if she doesn't hear from him by New Years, it will be too late. Chris and Paul try to have a little romance in the office but are interrupted three times while making love. Nina and Chris then meet to talk about Tomas and her book. Victoria asks Nick not to tell Nikki about the letters because she has enough to worry about. Victoria calls Ross and Gary to kill the ads while Nick gives Paul the latest fan letter to check.

Wednesday, December 15, 1999

Nick arrives at home and is greeted by Sharon who is in a romantic mood. She urges him to relax and forget his troubles. Nina apologizes to Tomas for the way she reacted to his criticism earlier. He compliments her on her dedication to her work. Admitting that she's concerned about her son, Olivia talks Dr. Walker into letting her go home. When she finally arrives, Nate is happy to see her and admits he was starting to worry. Tricia sets up a dinner at the Colonnade Room where Tony had problems the last time. Tony again shows up in a leather jacket and is not allowed into the restaurant without a tie. Diane hears from Brad that Victor is gone and no one seems to know where he is. Nikki asks Victoria who sent Victor's picture from the office to the ranch but Victoria doesn't know. Nikki complains about the situation and claims that she can read between the lines with her father. Victoria wonders why her father is doing this.

Thursday, December 16, 1999

Brad arrives at Diane's place and faces off against Diane who is angry that he didn't tell her about Victor's trip out of town. He assures her that Nikki has yet to make a decision about her relationship with Victor and asks if she's still interested in getting back together with Victor. Olivia resists when Neil asks her about Dr. Walker's concerns for her health. She finally confesses that her cancer could be recurring but makes him promise not to tell anyone. As she worries about her son, Neil embraces her and comforts her. Ryan comes to the rescue at the Colonnade Room and convinces Tony to don a tie in order to join him, Megan and Tricia for dinner. As they dine, Tricia does her best to embarrass Tony but he successfully spoils her scheme. Later, alone with Tricia, Tony asks her what she's trying to do. Megan insists to Tony that she thinks Tricia is innocent but adds that she would choose him if she had to make a decision between him and her sister. Later, Ryan is very upset with Tricia and warns her if she ever pulls a stunt again, she'll will lose Megan. Tricia then calls her father for his help. Malcolm and Callie talk about having children after they get married. Callie thinks to herself that she has to cut ties with Trey. Nina shows Tomas the revisions and he talks about how hard it is to patch up work.

Friday, December 17, 1999

Sharon surprises Tony with Christmas presents. He reveals what Tricia has been up to in trying to ruin his relationship with Megan. Tony asserts that he is convinced that Tricia was involved with Grace's "bra scheme." Tony decides to call Grace and afterwards, runs to confront Tricia. Raul advises Billy that their ride to the dance fell through. Billy manages to find a ride for him and Brittany. Brittany suggests that he hurt Raul's feelings. Later, Billy pleases Raul when he offers him and Mac a ride. Mac is confused when Raul suggests that Brittany is a good influence on Billy. Victoria chats with Brad but they're interrupted by Ramona who wants to see Ryan alone. Victoria demands to know where her father is but Ryan arrives and Ramona asks them to leave. Ramona opens Victor's safe and removes a few papers which surprises Ryan. Later, Victoria argues with Ryan again about Victor. Jack offers Ashley a ticket for a holiday cruise but she's not sure she's ready for a trip. Diane embraces Michael when he hands her cruise tickets. Michael leaves when Brad arrives and comments on how he doesn't trust Michael. Ramona overhears Diane tell Brad she won't tell anyone about his desire for Nikki.

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